Sunday, April 14, 2019

Narrative Warfare Examined: The Good Fight TV Spot

It happened. Open calls for political violence by the Thralls of Empire happened. This came from the Leftist side.

Of course this is plausibly deniable as advertising for a television series. That's how this works; you use something as a cover for the actual objective, which in this case was to signal to fellow travelers that the time for violence has come. In addition, the continuing UnThinging of "white nationalism" as its own thing, instead deliberately confusing it with white supremacy, is another Narrative Warfare element found in this TV spot.

Now, let's take another element that some of you might have missed: the vests. The rioters are wearing red vests, like those worn by road crews at work, mimicking the Yellow Vest protests by the French in France against Macron. This is no accident; it's meant to co-opt an anti-Empire, pro-nationalist effort (that, to be fair, arose out of an anti-tax protest) against a nakedly treasonous state and use it as cover for the aforementioned violence.

In short, we're not talking about a signal to just repeat what happened to Richard Spencer. We're talking about inciting mobs to go after groups, swarming them as we see so often in Colin Flaherty's videos about American black violence; it's just going to start with increased episodes of high-profile sucker-punch attempts. Yes, "attempts", as we shall also see more incidents of attackers getting checked, injured, or killed doing so when they go after targets willing and able to defend themselves. The consequences of this escalation is intended.

This is intentional polarization. The reaction is intended, and not to sic the cops on those reacting, though that will happen. No, the objective is to destabilize further an already uneasy American public. The tells are in the turnovers in major city governments; SJWs assuming mayoral or prosecutor positions are changing policies and regulations to inhibit honest residents' ability to legally handle threats while protecting predators from reprisals. This is mirrored at the state and federal level whenever possible. Some of the Thralls think that it's time to signal to their pets that it's Hunting Season, hence this TV spot and similar recent things such as Representative Illhan Omar's remarks on 9/11 followed by a Somali man throwing a visiting white boy down to the ground from the 3rd floor at the Mall of America.

What this spot reveals is that someone's not reading the social mood to cynically draw eyeballs to a TV program, but rather attempting to program the social mood in order to begin the elimination of resistance to Empire. The Thralls, like their master, are prone to under-estimating the enemy as well as over-estimating themselves--classic Dunning-Kruger--so this isn't going to be the robotic roll-up they imagine. At best they duck out once the chaos kicks off and take over once it's passed, imposing order upon survivors too weak to resist.

They think they've run the gas long enough. Now they're looking for a spark to set it off and ignite an explosive inferno. I doubt they have it right. Empire must fall.

Sunday, April 7, 2019

Narrative Warfare: The Reboot Madness Didn't Stop In Hollywood

Today this came over my Twitter feed.

Jeff's not wrong. The rise of Hitler's Third Reich is a direct reaction to the degeneracy and failure of the Weimar Republic and the onerous surrender terms imposed at Versailles in 1918. In retrospect, the inevitability of this reaction is obvious. Furthermore, I posit that many observers at the time also concluded that this reaction had to happen if these conditions weren't removed.

The failure of the Republic is a direct result of the degeneracy fostered, and not just sexual degeneracy, despite that being the most notorious part. Every foul aspect we in the West ascribe to Hollywood specifically and to the entertainment business generally found its first contemporary flowering in Weimar. It's why "Weimar" is a by-word for "late stage degeneracy" in right-wing parlance. The sex trade, in all its depravity, flourished. Drugs, crime, corruption, and economic instability coupled with foreigners exploiting the native Germans--often with the aide of German elites, echoing the present--all combined to make the resentful reaction happen.

And we all know what happened after 1932. I won't repeat it here.

What's bugging me is that the Thralls of Empire are not, as a class, stupid or ignorant- not the ones that run the show. The generation that made our current condition are well aware of Weimar. They are sufficiently intelligent to figure out how Weimar led to Hitler, in large part due to having men like Carroll Quigley on their side to document affairs for their benefit. They have to know, and yet they're doing it again.

If it weren't for the fact that the preceding generation attempted to run Hitler for their benefit, I'd chalk this up to stupidity. Instead, I'm wondering if this isn't yet another case of Let's You And Him Fight with the Thralls waiting to see who's going to win before committing, only it went wrong. "You" went after the wrong target first, and the Thralls had to commit too early to "Him" to compensate.

Today we see the God-Emperor routinely framed as a would-be Hitler. We see today's media idiots routinely defaming the nationalists and other parties resenting the rampant degeneracy and its knock-on effects. We also see those same idiots framing a US-v-China conflict with Russia playing the foil, but so far it looks like shenanigans behind the scenes intended to push that into happening aren't working as intended. It's almost as if someone's trying to repeating the staging of a past episode with a new cast.

Nah, I'm skipping this political theater. I recommend that everyone else refuse also. They can't have a war if no one shows up to fight.

Sunday, March 31, 2019

Narrative Warfare: Vox Day Talks Weaponized Bureaucracy

This post follows up last night's Darkstream. Here's the video so you can see for yourself.

This thing with weaponizing bureaucracy against dissidents isn't just government wankers shitting on wrong-thinkers. This includes SJW-converged "private" organizations, corporate and otherwise, such as banks and payment processors. Even if there are regulations on the books forbidding it, this will continue. Even if it's done in a manner that omits plausible deniability, this will continue. Why? Because the time and effort required to fix these attacks is an order of magnitude more bothersome and tedious--if not difficult--than what it takes to make them.

Therefore the plan, if you get targeted, is to dogpile someone with bureaucratic bullshit until they're buried under the weight. Unpersoning is part of this, but not the whole of it; just having petty procedures pile on suddenly without reason, each of which needs to be addressed and handled, will be enough to hamstring most people into ineffectiveness. As more people get nailed by this shit, things will only get worse until someone like Trump comes in and cleans house from top to bottom.


Nevermind lawfare. The historical record shows clearly what happens when bureaucracy gets weaponized: bureaucrats get slaughtered. It starts with the petty wankers getting stalked and ambushed, having gone after someone either at the end of their rope or far too accustomed to direct methods, and as the exposures escalate so do the reprisals until the system collapses. This entire phenomenon is a sign of Empire in decline, and if the Thralls in charge don't think in terms of the long game and stop it then the process itself will result in Empire's fall.

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Narrative Warfare: Watch The Mueller Narrative Pivot

As expect, the Mueller Report turned out to be a nothingburger so vast it could fill the Grand Cannon. You all know what that means.

Pay close attention to today's morning shows on American mainstream media and you can see it happen in real time. Understanding Narrative Warfare requires observing it from time to time, and this is a good opportunity to do just that.

The pivot will be to discredit the investigation somehow, thereby creating liminal space for a shift to continue the circus by fellow travelers in Congress. The effort, in legal terms, will be to push this back into the House of Representatives where the Democrats are in the majority and attempt to re-enact the witch hunts of yesteryear there until they either get what they want or Trump otherwise leaves office.

Why? Because the Thralls of Empire have no other moves to play, and both they and the God-Emperor know it.

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Narrative Warfare: The Reasons For Tech-Driven Censorship Are Clear

Remember last week when I said that the censorship and manipulations over a feature film were dry runs? Guess what.

This week we saw why those runs were made: the narrative revolving around the New Zealand shooting began unraveling as it happened due to the Internet's ability to allow independent actors to investigate and gainsay in real time. Nick Monroe, by himself, broke the Narrative Warfare push intended by this event. Its intended effects are now localized to New Zealand, where the dhimmi Prime Minister already moved to do exactly as the shooter said and push for more gun control while other arms of that state now seek to memory hole the events via information control.

The global media establishment, exactly as the shooter warned, have used this event to push their censorship and target undesirables. The calls for more tech-dtriven schemes to deplatform and censor, to manipulate information and control users, will continue; meanwhile, the more capable dissidents will build more and more replacements for converged tech pillars such as Twitter and other necessary institutions such as payment processors. The "fake news" excuse will be used to justify the censorship:

The closing of the frontier is not organic. It's driven by the very parties that invented the Internet because they failed to comprehend what would happen when popular access to it opened up. They're trying to close Pandora's Box, and in doing what cannot be done they reveal themselves as Thralls of Empire. Fortunately, as a class they exhibit Gamma Male psychology and thus are not the Very Smrt People they think they are.

As the Supreme Dark Lord said, "Always doubt the Narrative.", because the one thing you can sure of is that the official story is always utter bullshit.

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Narrative Warfare: The Captain Marvel Reviews Are 2020 Dry Runs

It's been a while. I've been laid up; if you want more on that, my post at the main blog covers it.

Remember what I said about The Last Jedi? It's the same move at play here, for the same reason, and ultimately by the same actors. They just aren't bothering to give so much as a fig leaf of a pretense to this not being a Social Justice attack vector this time, thinking that they have--and shall always have--the cultural high ground.

While this is the sign that it's time to bail on the Marvel Cinematic Universe, taking one's leave after the upcoming Avengers: Endgame, the warning tells have been all over this franchise's Phase 3 films. All Captain Marvel did was stop being at all subtle about it. But that's not the big change this time around; this time it's in the attempts to control the narrative surrounding the film that sank The Last Jedi. Rotten Tomatoes blatantly cooking its books, and other sites getting pressure to do likewise, are the big part of it. Smaller ones include shadowbanning or deplatforming dissenting media outlets such as YouTube channels (e.g. The Quartering/Unsleeved Media) and blogs like this one so as to reduce or eliminate their power to influence audiences away from the film.

This technocratic pivot of control is going on not just to aide the pozzed culture conduits. This is all following up on culling Alex Jones from most of NormieNet, greatly reducing his ability to influence the masses and their opinions. That it's being rolled out and refined for culture offerings means that they're serious; they want to fail here so they succeed next year during the U.S. Presidential Election. President Trump won with a lot of Internet-based influencers wielding memes on his behalf to influence the people to vote for him over Sick Hillary.

Lots of reasons exist for Fake News to get Silicon Valley on board with doing this, the least of which being a fat government subsidy by whatever name they wish to mask it. (Which, of course, makes competition irrelevant; if you're funded by the state, who cares about serving the people?) Controlling the narrative requires not only locking people into the approved walled gardens, but also ensuring that those same people are unpersoned so they are not only trapped but also silenced. Nowhere to go and not able to act? As far as the Thralls of Empire are concerned that's almost ideal; sure, they'd rather that you were dead so that you couldn't innovate around them somehow, but this will be good enough until they can just kill you and be done with it.

That's what this is about, your power to gainsay their mythology narratives and replace them with your own. They can't keep control of the culture if they can't control what information circulates regarding that culture. Cooking the reviews, silencing opposition, and constraining those they can't destroy are all dry runs for the power grab they aim to make next year. This is all practice for Empire, and that means we've got to be on top of things lest we get swept up by their schemes and turned into Soylent Green for Empire's soyboys to sup up like the lapdogs they are.

Sunday, December 30, 2018

Vox Day: Are There Good Wizards?

In this podcast, Vox Day talks about persuasion, Rhetoric, and the nature of the hidden arts that make up "wizardry".

This isn't one of his easier podcasts to follow unless you're already conversant in the jargon he's using, a jargon shared by Owen Benjamin (who talks a lot about this in his livestreams), but it is worth your while.