Sunday, July 5, 2020

Turnabout Is Fair Play

You can see it now. This past week was one of open, blatant Narrative Warfare, and the God-Emperor's response at Mount Rushmore shows that he certainly gets that this is the case.

Watch that all turn around now that Kanye West has decided he wants to enter the ring.

With two opponents in the game, both of which understand Narrative and the Frame Game, we're going to see one of Empire's best scams being turned against it. It works like this:

  • Thralls infiltrate a targeted organization and attain shot-calling positions therein.
  • Thralls on the outside gin up an outrage mob and put pressure on the organization, amplified by organizations Empire controls (e.g. mainstream media).
  • Insiders point to their fellow travelers and use the mob to silence enemies and push through policies meant to bring the organization under Empire's control.
  • Outsiders savage purged enemy insiders and do their best to cripple or destroy their ability to recover.
  • Now in control, remaining resistance is purged and the organization turned to serve Empire.

Call them Social Justice Warriors, call it Corporate Cancer, you know exactly what I'm talking about because you've seen it done (however removed you were) before by now.

Now imagine Trump and Kanye doing the same thing to the Thralls in the Federal Government. Furthermore, Kanye doesn't need to win this time around; he can come back in 2024 and stand a far stronger chance of actually winning by then- maybe even with Trump's endorsement, depending on how the GOP is by then.

The faithful in other countries should take note and apply it to their own political cultures. It's neither fast nor easy, but it can be done- and make no mistake that it is being done here in the United States. All that's missing now is the cohort to come along and give the people at-large the words to express what they're experiencing.

And considering this chaos going on, a whole lot of people are finally seeing Empire for what it is. This is how it is when Empire takes a fall, folks. Get ready for the impact.

Sunday, June 28, 2020

Empire's Fallback Line: Banking

Internet Shitlord Dick Masterson, host of The Dick Show and founder of Patreon alternative New Project 2, got shut down Mastercard.

(Click to enlarge)

For some years now the issue with financial contribution to the enemies of Empire have been that the Thralls of Empire controlled companies like Patreon and Paypal. They would and have banned wrongthinkers, and once one of them did so a Preference Cascade would kick off and others would follow suit. This could destroy an ill-prepared target in short order.

New Project 2 was an attempt--and a far more substantial one than SubscribeStar--to give those so targeted a means to continue operating. At the time I remarked that "build your own" would eventually hit a hard wall of the banking system, since while neo-patronage exchanges could be put up easily what could not would be the means to process the payments. For that you need the massive titan that is the banking sector, and now we have proof that this is the case.

Empire controls banking, especially throughout the West. Without this power, you cannot sustain any resistance of consequence for long because you will not have the logistics required to do so. It's no different than having all of the fresh water in the hands of your enemy. There is path to victory for isolated lone wolves or small cells operating in an independent and uncoordinated manner here. You need a unified, disciplined army to beat a titan, and you need to sustain a grinding campaign filled with massive casualties to win.

Or you need to have a favorable man in power. Fortunately you have one.

The very media that lies to you on a daily basis also covers things up on a daily basis. One of them is what has happened to the banking system. The Federal Reserve Bank of the United States is no longer an independent entity. It has been seized by the Federal Government of the United States, placed under the Treasury (where it should have been all along, if permitted to exist at all), and therefore is now under the direct command and control of the President of the United States.

Why does this matter?

Remember that I said that banking is the fallback line for Empire? That's because the global central banking system is the global network from which Empire bases its power; globalism stems from the financial power. If you can take any node therein, you pose a threat of seizing the network entirely. Guess what Trump has done? How is he dealing with it? By deliberately crashing the entire system. This fake and gay global system is going down with no survivors. Once it crashes, the Federal Government will be ready to step in openly and restore the proper and historical American system of sovereign money and banking- a repeat of President Andrew Jackson killing the Second Central Bank.

Yes, that's why Trump has busts and paintings of Jackson all over the place, and savvy observers saw this coming.

You want to end the censorship? Then you have to break the banks and bring them to heel. Only state power can do this. That's why Empire uses the banks to control governments, openly using central banks to do just that. You want state power? Only well-disciplined mass movements can seize and hold state power. This too is something Empire knows very well; it's why their Thralls--from Soros to the street ops whipping BLM hordes forward--operate well-financed and organized political cults to achieve this end. Trump is the first man in generations to beat Empire at its own game; you're a fucking retard to not see this and therefore not stand with him- you have no other option, and both he and Empire knows it.

Masterson will get the last laugh when the banking power behind Mastercard is broken, and you'll know that when the impossibility of political reform or legal action disappears suddenly, at which time Dick can go all "Omae wa mo shinderu" to Mastercard in court and make it explode.

(Side note: For the meantime, I suggest (a) that Dick get up to speed with Vox Day's legal campaign against Patreon and (b) how Vox Day is about to drive Patreon into bankruptcy due to forcing the processor into being too stupid to live. The Supreme Dark Lord is proving to be very skilled at getting massive monsters to defeat themselves. More people need to learn from him when put into situations like Masterson's.)

Sunday, June 21, 2020

Conservatives Are Co-Conspirators In Corruption

The Supreme Dark Lord, Vox Day, posted that in its desperation to stop the God-Emperor Google revealed that they bankroll and therefore own most of the Cucks on the right. Quoting the article he linked:

Google reached out to nearly 100 conservative figures involved with the Heritage Foundation and with Koch-affiliated organizations to help with the company’s messaging after a dust-up with The Federalist this week, according to a new report.

“You may not have seen that NBC has corrected an inaccurate story they put out saying Google was no longer finding and running ads for The Federalist to profit from their content,” Google outreach manager Max Pappas wrote in a June 16 email to the group. “That is not accurate, we are, see Google public tweets below.”

NBC reported that day Google had pulled ads from The Federalist due to content in the site’s content section that Google found objectionable. NBC later clarified that Google had only given The Federalist a warning, but would not pull ads until the third policy violation.

Pappas directed his message to dozens of leaders or staffers affiliated with groups in the Koch network, according to The National Pulse’s Raheem Kassam and Natalie Winters, who obtained the email. The names included Americans for Tax Reform President Grover Norquist; R Street President Eli Lehrer; Competitive Enterprise Institute President Kent Lassman; Heritage Action Executive Director Tim Chapman; Cato Institute Executive Vice President David Boaz; and Reason Foundation editor Peter Suderman.

Some of the most prolific recipients included the American Enterprise Institute, where 13 staffers received the message; the Cato Institute (10); the R Street Institute (8); the Mercatus Institute (5); the Competitive Enterprise Institute (5); and the Charles Koch Institute (3).

The groups have all reportedly received financial contributions connected to Google in recent years. They are also members of the State Policy Network, a group of organizations historically backed by libertarian business magnates Charles and the late David Koch, who died in 2019.

To which the SDL said:

At this point, there is no meaningful difference between a cuckservative and a conservative. There simply aren't any conservatives who don't cuck on demand. Only genuine nationalists will ever stand up for the nation, and only those who openly oppose equality, tolerance, inclusion, and diversity are honest enough to be given even an initial modicum of the benefit of the doubt.

And given that the Enemy is not averse from maiming, crippling, or killing Americans to get its way we should be ready to shoot them dead and shove the corpses into the trash where they belong (and torch the corpse pile; we don't want movies to become real, and given 2020 so far we'd be foolish to dismiss it).

Sunday, June 14, 2020

Narrative Warfare: "Stop Hitting Yourself" Isn't Going To Work

Journalist Brian Cates (@drawandstrike on Twitter) said this the other day:

They've been PREPARING for this for over 3 years now. The huge blitz they'd unleash during the summer before the election. Careful positioning of all their resources since November of 2016.

Carefully preparing....for 3 1/2 years. In the news rooms. At the major networks. In the sports leagues. In all the big corporations. All the big chain restaurants. It's going to be ONE SMOTHERING MONOLITHIC VOICE telling you a 'vast cultural shift' is underway.

And it's **all** gaslighting. All of it. Very carefully prepared gaslighting. AS THEY DELIBERATELY MARGINALIZE & HIDE THE REAL AMERICA. (Ed: Quoting this Ace of Spades post below.)

We're supposed to drop to our knees with alacrity on command & enthusiastically apologize for our 'white privilege' & 'systemic racism' while masked thugs and goons literally beat the shit out of people on the street & loot & burn down stores & nobody stops them.

You know who needs to have their 'privilege' revoked? You know who needs to be forced to their knees and made to apologize for what they've been doing to this country & some of it's most vulnerable communities? BLM. Antifa.

GTFO here with your 'cultural transformation' psychobabble. I don't what to hear it.

ADDENDUM: Forgot the main point. I'm sleepy. The **purpose** of the endless gaslighting for the next 4 1/2 months is to try to BROWBEAT US ALL into 'proving' to these lunatics we don't suffer from the 'systemic racism' anymore & we've check our 'white privilege' by voting for this babbling dementia patient who's been a top DC establishment insider & corrupticrat for 50+ yrs because he's not a vile racist like that mean ol' Trump. Pay these pricks back for this in November. That is all.

He's right. You're watching Narrative Warfare being conducted in real time by Empire's Thralls. You're being told that this will continue unless Biden is elected, and it's your fault Because Reasons. As I said previously, this is being conducted from a position of weakness; this is all, in reality, a bluff and the thing to do is to Hold Frame and call it- exactly what the God-Emperor is doing. While the media shamelessly throws off their mask and openly propagandizes for the enemies of Civilization, the G-E acts quietly behind the scenes since he sees that even his enemies are distracted by their own gay op. Below is what this allows him to do.

I told you that the Feds were already on the ball, and now we have proof that this is indeed the case. As Brian has said, the G-E knows that decapitating Antifa's core cadre of operatives guts the ability of the organization to be effective terrorists. Since Antifa and Black Lives Matter overlap, this also leads to BLM also getting decapitated and thus defanged. What remains are very loud, very noisy, but ultimately containable protests easily handled by the local authorities if they bother to do so.

This is brilliant, because it continues to force the Thralls in those positions to act openly and not covertly thus revealing themselves to the local population while handing the G-E the favorable optics he knows only enhances his odds of winning.

But what's slowly dawning on people is that they've allowed this to go on, and that is distinctly uncomfortable. They ignored local and state politics, falling for the fraud that only Federal--even only the Presidency--matters when it does not, and this remedial civics lesson is making American citizens confront how their system of government actually works. They shirked their responsibility, and many will not want to accept this reality; if there is a danger here, it is in the freak-outs that this confrontation will provoke, as they want someone else to handle these things.

Count on most of these freak-outs coming from people who, traditionally, had no say in the affairs of state. My solution is to restore (and lock down) that tradition, but that is for another post, and for now the thing to do is to keep them from wrecking things for the common good. Empire is falling; we just need to let it go.

Sunday, June 7, 2020

The Mask Comes Off

It was never about "social justice". It was always about power.

Now that the rioting has been contained to the hardest of hard Left cities, we're seeing all of the masks come off. Thinking that they have the upper hand, the Thralls of Empire across Christendom shed their disguises one by one and reveal that they are the enemy of Civilization that I've said they were all along. Since they believe they can win by force, they are doubling-down on their symbolic attacks and humiliation rituals for all to see and in doing so reveal that they are in fact a Satanic death cult.

First, the revelation that indeed both "diversity" and "antiracist" are code for "Kill Whitey".

And it's spread throughout the West

Ritual humiliations are demanded.

But no forgiveness is rendered.

And instead they demand even more.

It's a Satanic inversion of Christianity across the board, all to destroy Christendom and Civilization by force since guile isn't working anymore.

And it's a very scary thing that's going on. Not idle talk from me, as I'm in a vulnerable position thanks to the City of Minneapolis revealing themselves to be Antifa in Offcialdom and using that position to sabotage law and order in Minnesota's largest city, and the state Attorney General is also. He's sabotaging the prosecution of the cop that touched this all off to give pretext to a later round of riots.

But I am not afraid.

In addition to not fearing death due to my belief in Christ, I have good reason to believe that the God-Emperor will repeat his established pattern for addressing these threats and is at present letting his enemy gas out swinging at him via us--his supporters--while preparing his counter-attack. He's already signaled what it will be. He's already shown he can do it--notice that the violence in Minneapolis stopped overnight and local officials only found evidence that the organizers were there at all--so all that's being done now is to wear them down prior to yet another telling blow.

Empire is falling. These riots and insurrections are the Thralls resorting to methods they ordinarily shun because it's too risky for them to use. Now we see why; the optics are going against them despite all the media control. It'll all be over soon, and those casualties we take will be mended. Tomorrow will be better, even if some of us don't live to see it.

Sunday, May 31, 2020

The Death Cult's Creation of an Inverted Moral Order

This was originally a Twitter thread posted on Thursday of this past week by academic James Lindsay starting here. Reproduced in its entirety without edits.

I haven't done an adequate job explaining to people that what the Critical Social Justice scholars and activists have been building isn't a new intellectual order, it's a new alternative moral order. The intellectual stuff just tries to make that project look serious.

When you intuit that Critical Social Justice is like a new religion, what you're intuiting is that it is a moral order. This is actually explicit in their literature at pretty much all levels going back as far into its historical roots as you might want to go.

The functional moral impulse (or axis) is "liberation from oppression," so it's a liberationist moral order/religion. One point of Critical Theory formally from the beginning was to bring moral analysis into the otherwise amoral sciences and "neutral" processes of law.

The objective from the start of the "Critical" project was to replace liberal democracy with "ideal democracy" where oppression didn't limit people's capacities to participate in the full measures of democratic society. This meant evaluating morally on what causes oppression.

One of the fundamental axioms of the Critical approach is that there are no neutral processes and there are no amoral methods. Therefore, everything must be analyzed according to some (meta)-moral standard, and they chose liberation from oppression. That's its faith.

Say whatever you want about the reasons people do things like get involved in looting (there are many reasons). The *feeling* for many of them and for nearly all the intelligentsia who will rationalize and justify it is that society is oppressive and thus needs dismantling.

People feel their morals. They intuit them and then rationalize them after the fact. When someone has been *programmed* (not just indoctrinated) into a particular moral order, they will feel and react according to those intuitions, and they will then rationalize them.

The set of rationalizations for the Critical Social Justice "liberation" moral order is called "Theory." In a faith system, that set of rationalizations gets written down and codified into doctrine or scripture. Theory is that scripture.

You can say that any society is the result of an underlying moral order. Sure, fine. This includes liberalism (with liberal ethics). The question is what kind of societies different orders produce. Theocracies tend not to be great ones, and we can judge on a lot of standards.

The "Critical" game is to point at the flaws in advanced liberal societies and say "well, no one would want to live in liberal societies because look how bad they are." This is what critical theory is, ultimately, doing this. Learning to do this. It's completely wrong. Most do.

Liberal societies are also fundamentally different than ones predicated on a particular moral order because they arrange a system of conflict management that can handle pluralism, which no particular moral order can accomplish (they have to use repression instead).

Liberal societies therefore open themselves up to means of self-reformation. Not just self-reform. Self-reformation. Remaking themselves continuously to better achieve the ideals of liberalism, which make room for literally any particular moral order including anti-liberal ones.

If you had to break it down to ONE observation that shows the superiority of liberal systems, it is that liberal societies tolerate explicitly anti-liberal moral orders within them. They let them exist, let them speak, let them agitate for reforms to the liberal order.

In liberal systems, you're allowed to be a fundamentalist religious person, you're allowed to be an anti-state libertarian, you're allowed to be an anti-liberal critical theorist, you're allowed to be an anarchist. Liberalism will take it all and glean the best from each.

n Critical Social Justice particularly, "tolerance" explicitly means "repressive tolerance," which is to say the kind of sectarian "tolerance" that exists in theocracies and polices blasphemies. It sells itself as being more tolerant but absolutely isn't.


  1. "Theory is that scripture" is linked to this article at New Discourses.
  2. "Tolerance" is expanded upon here.

Furthermore, an addendum:

That's a lot of language to say the following:

Cults Enforce Blasphemy Laws Based On Cult Dogma

And Empire's Thralls work via cult dynamics, so they are going to create and enforce an inverse of the proper moral order and use state power to do so.

Sunday, May 24, 2020

Narrative Warfare: Of Course It's An Inversion of a Godly Thing

Twitter's full of stupid and worse, but you get some gems if you curate your feed correctly and today I scored one.

Skull & Bones is exactly the sort of funnel front into the network Anonymous Conservative calls "Cabal" and I call "Empire" that gets talked about a lot. To join you have to submit yourself to ritual humiliation and voluntarily surrender blackmail material. Then you are required to adhere to a behavior code that includes the usual secrecy clauses as well as preferring your fellow Bonesmen over others for whatever organization you get into, which means that this is exactly the sort of nepotistic network of mediocre midwits you'd expect. The leaders are the genuinely brilliant bastards, who stay in the shadows, while the mediocre members take the more-or-less front-facing positions.

And being formed from and forged in perversion and predation, it should surprise no one that this continues to be the method of operation for both rewarding members as well as to recruit (compromise) more nodes into the network.

And it's all coming out, slowly, being dripped out so it can't be easily ignored. A lot of survivors, or their estates, will be owned apologies as will those who'd been blowing the whistle to no avail all these years. And you can bet it's tied into the surveillance network that the Flynn case is revealing in official documents.

Flynn lawyer Sydney Powell just revealed on Fox Business that Obama had a massive and widespread secret surveillance system called the Hammer. I’ve always said, surveillance rolls out as a package. If you get database pulls, you get tech deployment and monitoring. If you get tech deployment and monitoring, you get observation posts. If you get observation posts, you get physical coverage. If you get physical coverage, you get infiltration into your social circle. If she is right and the Hammer is getting revealed, it will be more than just a boring computer screen with meaningless databases amassed in one place. It will basically be a domestic CIA with operations divisions, tech divisions, logistics, direct action, data centers, slush funds, and all the parts of an intelligence outfit, times one hundred – and ultimately run by a foreign power, and present in almost every nation, cataloging everyone.

No, everyone involved is not a Bonesman. Everyone involved didn't go to Bohemian Grove. Everyone involved is compromised like Bonesmen and Grovesmen are, and how it works is often less about some dude threatening to release your nudes (as it were) and more about you deciding that letting someone have your nudes and do some favors for others in the network in return for whatever their network can provide that you want is worth it.

It's a perversion of the family dynamic, and it becomes an inversion. Instead of a father's loving governance of a family's resources, including its people, for the good of the entire family it's a predatory loan-shark sort of scam (like that of a central bank) whose beneficence is done at a usurous price and there is no loyalty by the boss to you and all the obligation to the boss from you. Those who take the deal benefit from the Network Effect in return for allowing those that run the network to have their way with anyone in the network on pain of death or worse, including allow them access to your children.

These people are sick. They are evil. They made their choice, and unless they repent they deserve the flames that await them. Empire is falling.