Sunday, December 30, 2018

Vox Day: Are There Good Wizards?

In this podcast, Vox Day talks about persuasion, Rhetoric, and the nature of the hidden arts that make up "wizardry".

This isn't one of his easier podcasts to follow unless you're already conversant in the jargon he's using, a jargon shared by Owen Benjamin (who talks a lot about this in his livestreams), but it is worth your while.

Sunday, December 23, 2018

Red Ice: The 3rd Annual Red Ice Yule Marathon

Red Ice held their 3rd annual Yule livestream a few days ago. This went for about 5 hours, and was mostly guest after guest talking about the year to pass and the year to come. A lot of regulars appeared, from a variety of positions; this included Ethan Ralph of The Ralph Retort and the return of Bre Faucheux after a lengthy hiatus. This cavalcade of those on the Right that are outside the mainstream differ greatly on their perspectives, but they agree on this: the infighting has to stop.

As I see a lot of the women who were single now getting married or engaged, I expect a tone shift as they move into marriage and motherhood; the edginess will fade, the seriousness will pick up, and a focus on doing practical politics to take and hold power will develop. The scene will change because now it has a significant percentage of its most visible set putting skin in the game via children and that will compel people to start doing what it takes to win instead of being ineffectual partisans.

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Vox Day: DARKSTREAM: 4th Generation Tekno-cultural Warfare

Today Vox Day talked deplatforming, 4th Generation Warfare, and how this plays out in practice.

Vox's comments regarding Amazon, specifically how its wholesale and retail ends compete against each other, is very important. The shift on the retail side to become more hostile to the wholesale side has consequences, and that retail side includes its publishing outlets. Being an author, that matters to me, but the similar comments coming out of other subsets should matter to you. That Bezos does nothing to rein this in is telling that he approves.

Yes, there's an obvious counter: build your own platforms. That takes time, money, and skill that everyone does not have. Furthermore, if you're on Google's shit list they'll screw your visibility in searches and tank your discoverability. Countering that is an additional effort that you'll have to do to stay viable. Fortunately Vox Day has the means to deal with all this; as I'm able, I'll follow suit.

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Vox Day: DARKSTREAM: Free Trade is Evil

This is the livestream wherein Vox Day laid out his position on Free Trade. If you want to focus upon the argument itself, watch until he takes questions.

There is an accompanying blog post which I recommend you to go. Read the Comments.

I'd been mulling this over, imagining how this plays out, and he's on to something here. The implications, if played out, justify the abolition of Free Trade policies of all kinds- including "internal" trade such as between the States. Turns out that Protectionism is Godly.

Sunday, December 2, 2018

Black Pigeon Speaks: #OrcPosting Returns

Black Pigeon Speaks did a video on the return of #orcposting, and the soyboy hack who swung at Tolkien to virtue-signal to the SJW Death Cult.

As I said previously, this is brilliant rhetoric that SJWs and the other Thralls of Empire can't counter. It lays bare the truth of their lies, from intention to conclusion. They see themselves as the Black Nuemenoreans like the Mouth of Sauron, or the traitor wizard Saruman, and not Grima Wormtongue at best. Far more likely is that they get eaten by the orcs.

If you can find rhetorical wins like this, hammer them good and hard. Empire must fall.

Sunday, November 25, 2018

The Supreme Dark Lord: The Moment of Truth

Tonight on the Darkstream Vox Day talked about how the God-Emperor needs to start delivering good and hard on things that matter to common Americans.

He's right. Shit that Trump ran on has not happened yet, and it needs to start happening soon, most important being The Wall and related border issues. Trump has to deliver results where people can see it; this behind-the-scenes shit has to stop and soon or he's going to lose his base of support. Yes, I've heard the excuses for not doing so; it's fucking retarded. Trump's no idiot. He knows that it's not enough to win, but you have to be seen winning for it to count in the eyes of your supporters.

Soon we'll see if the God-Emperor is at his limit or not. While he's able to act, the Nationalists will maintain control. Once he falters, the Ultras time will come, and that's when the mean season begins.

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Narrative Warfare: We're Going To See Open Dem-On-Dem Warfare Soon

The Democrat Party will not remain recognizable to those familiar with its post-WW2 coalition much longer. The internal conflicts are coming out into the open, with the "moderate" side being opposed by the "radicals". The former is the extant white/Jew liberals thinking they can turn the U.S. into another Latin American plantation; white elite over a divided brown/black underclass. The latter is the would-be underclass saying "Nuh-uh, cracker" and coming at them for all the marbles.

In short, the Identity Politics afflicting the United States as a whole are even worse within the party pushing it good and hard, and the outcome of this civil war will see how the Dems attempt to implement their overall strategy going forward. The side-effect is that more Dems are showing their ass publicly, as we saw a few days ago when some dumbass Dem in the House decided to use the "We'll nuke the country to own the gun nuts" argument in earnest.

Everyone's favorite anon is right; they really are that stupid. Cunning, but stupid, because they thought Hillary would never lose and even now the impact still reverberates through their thinking,.such as it is.

And I think they're going to get hoisted up their own petard soon. This election aftermath isn't going as the Dems would like, media bullshit to the contrary, so I'm willing to entertain the idea that the fraud going on really is being used to trap the rotters in the act. In short, I would not be surprised if some of those who won a seat in the election never make it to January because they're arrested by the Feds for disqualifying offenses- not just Congressmen, but governors and other offices inferior to that. It wouldn't take many to have a big impact, but it would take that to make one too big to ignore in the media; that's the problem with a lot of folks right now- they rely too much on seeing things in the media to accept that anything happens at all.

The infighting will kickoff good and hard once that hits as every side tries to pass the blame to someone else. The leadership fight in Congress, the influence positions in the media, and so on, will escalate to points we have not seen in a long time; yes, I do think we'll finally see some Dem-on-Dem violence, with Antifa getting the orders to (a) reorganize to conform to the new Narrative, and (b) doing to the "moderates" what they've been doing to GOP targets like Tucker Carlson with the bonus of being clear to draw blood and burn shit down.

The factions will roll on each other, turning State's Evidence to secure the others' conviction in the hopes that proxy violence will be sufficient to remove the competition where street action does not, and those with State power will wield it first and worst on internal targets. Meanwhile, the God-Emperor will roll them up piece by piece, until the criminal element within the party is entirely in custody or destroyed; first he lets them destroy themselves, and then he sweeps up their remains.

But that won't be the end of Identity Politics in America. It will instead be the point where its banishment becomes acknowledged as impossible.