Sunday, September 16, 2018

Narrative Warfare: And You Will Enforce This How?

The EU voted on something stupid. Razorfist has his take here.

The EU lacks legbreakers. This is very much a matter of "And how many divisions do you command?" followed by "We can make our own central bank, with blackjack and hookers." and finished off with "Fuck your agreements. I didn't sign shit, so fuck off if you don't want to get shivved."

It's literally just a bunch of fucktarded Boomer wankers thinking that words are magic. They haven't been ignored in their lives. Imagine how they'll freak out if they realize that they have to actually do something in meatspace to make it happen. Their predecessors got this; it's why Stalin and Mao and Hitler and many others all made certain to recruit a Praetorian Guard and keep them happy, because those were the legbreakers that did the wetwork when required to maintain compliance and restore it when broken.

Rules exist only when enforced.

If you can ignore an obnoxious rule, do so. If you can resist it, do so. Make them do their own wetwork to enforce shit like this. This is hardly a new idea; what the hell do you think "Stop Snitching" is about? The result of this, on the mass scale, is the end of any imperial overreach- be it by a formal empire or an informal one. Why? Because their claims of sovereignty are bullshit. "Consent" is meaningless when it is coerced; this applies to "society" as much as it does to sex.

I look forward to the collapse of the globe's empires, which is already happening, because the homogeneous nation-states that will come out of them will be far better for the future than any imperial regime ever could be. Empire is of Satan. That is why it must fall.

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Frame Game Radio: Never Forgive, Never Forget

Frame Game Radio had a fantastic livestream over this past week in the wake of the Alex Jones banning from Twitter. Before Infowars got banned from Apple's app store, this livestream happened and it's worth your time to put this on. Alas, it's not pure audio so you'll have to pay attention to the video, but that's fine; have your notepads ready to take down the key points he presents herein.

If American Football is not your thing, then this is something for you to watch instead. If it is, watch this instead of one of the other games you had on the calendar today because the SJWs are out for NFL loyalists--the folks for whom Capernick's antics are a kick to the face--and Jones is your canary in the coal mine.

It's all Identity Politics, folks, and that is inevitable no matter what you say, what you do, or what you believe. It's Natural Law, ordained by God, and you had better get used to it- or you will get wrecked by it. Heed the Supreme Dark Lord!

Sunday, September 2, 2018

Narrative Warfare: Weaponized Cult Psychology

This Twitter thread came over my feed yesterday. It explains a lot in clear and simple terms.

To which I said this:

And this:

Why would the Right turn intersectional? Because it wants to win, and once all of the Controlled Opposition gets run out of the scene the new leadership would adopt the strategy because it works and turn the Right into a weaponized cult that can go fight the Left and win. Once that polarization happens, civil war becomes inevitable--and I mean Hutus & Tutsis, Balkan Civil War, Breakup of Yugoslavia sort of war--and it won't be at all contained this time.

And yes, the threat of having to resort to that same weaponized cult mentality in order to continue existing is sufficiently distressing for me to want to find alternatives before it's too late. (And, I fear, it already is.) If nothing else, I dislike the single point of failure that such a centralized system imposes. (Hijack the controller's spot and you hijack the whole thing; it is a rabbit warren/hive mind paradigm.)

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Narrative Warfare: This Is What Human Sacrifice Looks Like

You'd think this was paranoid bullshit, until you start paying attention.

They'll do it. They have done it. This scenario that anon described is nothing compared to what has been done by Empire's Thralls to protect and expand its control. They have no problems committing horrific acts to use in Narrative Warfare schemes to gaslight people into slitting their own throats.

It's human sacrifice disguised as terrorism. Sacrifices have a purpose, and that purpose is to pay a blood price to gain the favor of a superhuman entity. The ritualistic aspect of how the Thralls treat the violence is the tell; it's not just a pattern, it's a script- a ritualized performance to carry out a ceremony in plain sight.

Watch. These slain people will be used to push evil ends, and once you see the ritualistic pattern you'll never unsee it. I'm not being hyperbolic when I describe this as human sacrifice; they are willing to kill to get their way, and gaslighting the aftermath is how they use these deaths.

Empire relies on human sacrifice to sustain itself. Civilization does not. That is the difference between the two. Empire must fall.

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Narrative Warfare: Vox Day's Darkstreams - Add To Your Blogroll

The Supreme Dark Lord's Darkstream channel is now coming forth as one to have in your blogroll for anything regarding politics or culture. This past week had several episodes of timely importance, yet had within them timeless wisdom. I'm embedding one of them.

This, in addition to the man's blog, is a great perspective to maintain in your stable of intellectual gladiators. Put both in the blogroll, and you won't regret it down the road; if you must only have one, put the blog in- his better Darkstreams get into the blog a day or so later as posts.

And if you're so interested, he uses the channel to talk commercial art and game design from time to time, so there's non-political content to cleanse the palette. Subscribe to the channel, bookmark the blog, put both in the blogroll/feed and you'll benefit from a thoroughly anti-Empire intellectual.

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Narrative Warfare: We Found Their Weak Spot, So They're Serious Now

This past week we saw a coordinated hit on Alex Jones and InfoWars intended to deplatform him so as to decrease his reach and give #FakeNews more room to shape the Narrative in the United States and elsewhere as many countries go into their election seasons with the turn of Summer into Autumn. It's not an accident that this came in the wake of the exposure of James Gunn as either a pedophile or an enabler of the same. Last night the Supreme Dark Lord, Vox Day, reminded us of this ongoing scandal in the Darkstream.

This reaction is not a coldly logical one on the part of the Thralls of Empire. This is a freakout reaction. The Dark Lord is correct; this is a display of weakness dressed up as a diaplay of might, and the anti-fragile reaction of Alex Jones shows that this is such a case. (The next step will be to banned the Apple and Android app stores, and be banned from Twitter.)

But the cooler heads behind this push know that it won't shut down Jones. Those heads will push to move against the payment processor, bank, and domain registrar; if Jones can't stay online and can't conduct commerce he's done and they know it- but that comes at a terrible risk. Even if they don't succeed, if they can shut him up through November, it may be enough.

Because that is what this is about: determining who gets to tell the tale of day, who shapes the Narrative, and thus informs the public on what to act upon and why. Frame Game Radio did a series of livestreams over this past week addressing this matter, "The Bastards" and I'll embed part one below.

He also did a big and long one about how the SJWs and their masters are attempting to do the Code of Conduct con on the big scale: to make it legally binding, as in "Comply Or Die" levels of coercion via state violence, upon the entire population in order to target and unperson entire population segments as a form of population control that is centrally controlled and coordinated- as we see in Communist Totalitarian states worldwide. This one is worth your time; there's nothing to watch, so put this on instead and brief yourself.

The take-away from this is that the Thralls realize that we found their weakspot, and as such they lost their grip on the Narrative. This assault on Free Speech and escalation of unpersoning, unthinging, and deplatforming is their "No more Mr. Nice Guy" reaction to getting caught out.

Rather than shrink back, we should hammer this weak point good and hard. The more we see how prevalent this abomination is in the mainstream institutions, the greater the urgency in wielding this as a Rhetorical hammer. This is roundabout Moloch worship, and it ought to be handled accordingly. Hammer the Pedos and Empire falls.

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Narrative Warfare: It Doesn't Matter Who #QAnon Is.

The Supreme Dark Lord, Vox Day, gets it with regard to #QAnon. I also don't care who Q really is; I care what Q does, and Q is doing good for the world by his efforts. Folks who fail to grasp this get tripped up on irrelevant details, and I'll let the smarter man do the talking here.

It's about getting the job done. Who does it, or why, is not relevant at this time; what matters is that someone does what needs to be done when, where, and how it needs to be done. So long as Q delivers--and he does--then Q can be a flying purple eater for all that it matters. You can concern yourself with those details after the fact, after the Deep State is done, and we begin recording all of this for the benefit of posterity. To worry about it now is a category error; stop sperging.