Sunday, October 15, 2017

Win The Moral Level & You Win The Culture

By now it is increasingly obvious that the high ground in conflicts is the moral level, and the moral level is found in the culture. Culture is the High Ground, from which all else derives its context, and those who fail to comprehend this will never succeed against those who do. The Thralls of Empire get this, and they always have; it's why they targeted priesthoods in eras past, any they are all over the media now- set the culture, and the politics will follow.

The Cuck Right is so because they don't want to admit that they failed to fight at the level of culture, and have too much invested--in terms of ego--to every admit that they are wrong so they can make the necessary changes. They refuse to adapt and overcome, so they are now the Washington Generals to the Thrall's Globterotters.

That's changing. The start was Gamergate, when a bunch of gamers pushed back--successfully--against the JV Squad of Thralls (the SJWs in that cesspit of suck that is "games journalism") pushing their invasion by concern-trolling via Muh Sexism, Muh Harassment, and all that bullshit. (They're still at it; they learned nothing.) Gamers, taking umbrage at bold-faced lies, told them to get out. They blunted the attack, and ended up wounding Gawker enough for Hulk Hogan to finish it off. Gamer culture endures, and those who witnessed and participated in what some (not seriously) call "The Great Meme War" would go on to apply what they know to follow-up events.

Those events included the Ascension of the God-Emperor (Trump's election) and Brexit. The post-election impact of the Thralls' loss, sourced in part to their losing control over a forced meme (#FakeNews) to their opposition (us), is the first large-scale recognition that the Right has a cohort that comprehends culture and its paramount importance. This is why the alt-media outlets are all under attack. The Thralls know that if they can re-establish media dominance, they can wrest back control of the culture, from which the political domination becomes inevitable.

It doesn't seem like the culture of the West is in play, but the reactions to YouTube channels such as Diversity & Comics, Capt Cummings, Stefan Molyneux, Mike Cernovich, Dave Cullen, The Honey Badgers, and Sargon of Akkad show by deed the acknowledgement of this being the case. But, from my perspective, the most effective for ordinary people is the man known as Vox Day. The reason is due to his creation of the publishing company known as Castalia House.

The purpose of the company was to publish books for audiences heretofore unserved or underserved as a deliberate political decision by those publishers, a decision made to deliberate shape the culture towards the Thralls' master: Empire. I call this "Fork and Replace", because that's what Vox Day did: create a fork in an existing niche (publishing) with the intention to overcome the rivals and replace them as the dominant party therein. It's a plan to build and supercede, not to infiltrate and hollow-out into a vector for spreading mind-poison (which is how Thralls operate, by whatever name).

As the Hard Right continues to follow this strategy, resistance grows; Castalia House's recent comic project, "Alt-Hero", has already raised four times the capital requested via its crowd-funding campaign. The reaction from the Thralls in the comics establishment in the pozzed West indicates that they see this as a very real threat, one that stands a good chance (now that it's gotten a prominent professional on board) of succeeding in publication as it did in fund-raising, so they want to kill this in its crib.

They will fail. They will fail for the same reason that the NFL will bend the knee to the God-Emperor and why Hollywood will throw one of its own after the next to the wolves; the culture slipped out of their grasp, and is now turning (ever so slowly) against them. Not just in the United States, but also elsewhere in the West, and the Thralls know it- hence the increasing political moves to institute thought-policing while unleashing their savage pets upon the West's nations.

It's desperation, but that doesn't mean victory is ours yet. Cornered animals are dangerous, even a frenzied warren of rabid rabbits. Nonetheless, Empire Must Fall. Its existence is defiance of Natural Law and the God that is its source, so fall it must, and the culture is the best option for a mostly-peaceful revival of the West. Civilization is the lawful consequence of obedience to God and his Natural Law.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Burn the Witches in Academia or Lose It Entirely

Sargon of Akkad, a YouTube user out of the United Kingdom, does a weekly video series called "This Week in Stupid". Below is the video for this past week. You will want to put this on as you read what I have to say as I am following on from this video.

What Sargon leads with is the confessed fact that faculty at American (and also at British, Canadian, Australian, etc.) universities are openly engaging in fraud in order to deceive students (and their parents, by proxy) into drinking the demon's blood and becoming Social Justice Warrior death cultists. They are using deception to push a political agenda, which is how and why this is fraud. They are committing criminal acts to advance their agenda!

This is hardly the only place where this criminal behavior carries on, but it is one of the most important examples because those successfully indoctrinated into this Satanic death cult (and not de-programmed out of it, by whatever means) will go on to become part of the cohort destroying Civilization in the decades to come.

This is not up for debate. The guilty have confessed to it. Deal with these mind-rapists accordingly, or deal with the consequences of their spreading of their meme-virus like the zombies that they are. They are Thralls of Empire. PUT. THEM. DOWN!

Sunday, October 1, 2017

The Invasion WILL End

The doomsaying about demographics in the West willfully ignore that these trends can, and have, been suddenly reversed through the use of force. That use of force is already being employed, first by the invaders and the the traitors allied to them, but the Men of the West are now using it themselves.

For now, this use of force in defense of the West is to arrest and deport. It's just putting them on The Bus and telling them to Get The Fuck Out. This is not the only option on the table. The Bullet is still there, waiting to be loaded and fired. Invaders have already resorted to The Bullet to augment their efforts, and their allies threaten to use it on their behalf, but the time for both parties being the only users runs short.

When the Men of the West open fire, it won't be lone wolves or small cells yelling Aloha Snackbar as they shoot up some soft target. It will be organized, autonomous groups using disciplined displays of force to clear out invaders one location at a time. Some will be government agents. Some will be private citizens. All of them will remove the hostile aliens from their presence; those that aren't killed will be thrown on to the bus and deported beyond the wall.

And when it's over, no one will have a damned thing to say about it. The traitors will go when the invaders go, as by then it will be blue-sky clear that they cannot be trusted and therefore must be dealt with as one deals with all traitors. They don't get the merciful option of the bus; they just get the bullet. The Men who survive will be rightly hailed as heroes, and even if they as an individual don't get remembered for generations to come, being part of the cohort that did the deporting will be enough.

Now, to the point: The Bus is the preferable, merciful option. The Bullet is the backup. You don't want The Bullet.

So which way, Alien Invader: The Bus or the Bullet? Because The Men of the West will remove you, one way or the other. You are Thralls of Empire, and Empire Must Fall.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Always Traitors Within Before Invaders Without

When the elites of a country openly denigrate the nation that created and sustains that country in favor of hostile aliens and foreigners, those elites are guilty of treason and sedition. They are criminals, and they are to be disposed of as criminals ought.

No, that doesn't need any further explanation. There is no nuance here. Either the leaders are loyal to their people, or they are not. If not, they are traitors and deserves to be exterminated and replaced by loyal people who can and will lead properly. The rest is details.

The elites of the West seek to replace the nations of the West with hostile aliens and foreigners. They are guilty. Replace them.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Of Course It's a Gang! (Or "Why Anarchy Fails, Pt. 1138")

There is one thing that the anarchists (the an-caps, if you most be specific) get right it is this: "government" is a gang.

Well fucking duh. The very reason that "legitimacy" is a thing is due to the very real perception of syndicates and governments only differing based on (a) access to Central Bank IOUs ("currency") backed by nothing and (b) the ability to nuke the fuck out of others as a tool of policy enforcement.

I've said it more than once: The only rules that exist are those that are enforced.

Gangs are very basic mechanisms for doing just that: setting rules upon a population within an area, and then enforcing those rules. It's one step up from the family as a model of government; you have an executive, a chain of command, revenue generation, and use of force to establish and maintain the dominant position therein. The "law" is what the shot-callers say it is, enforced by those who have sufficient power to make it so, and the people pay up because it's better than the alternative.

That is a government. Add recognizable turf, and you have a state.

And now you have the most fundamental reason for both how and why all forms of anarchy are nothing but shitshow failures. History records that, inevitably, someone becomes a shot-caller and forms a gang around them; they become the government if they are success in establishing and maintaining dominance in an area.

Every form of government builds off the Family or the Gang, and you're better off using the Family as your model if you have a choice. That, at the least, has a built-in justification for executive benevolence towards subordinates that--ideally--leads to Noblesse Oblige and a healthy regime of Patron-Client relationships, customized for the specifics of a given nation and country.

So, since the State is inevitable, the smart thing to do is to stop whining about it and instead to ensure that it remains a machine under your control and not a cancerous vampire sucking the blood out of one and all. Pick your own damn cotton, ignore rules that can't or won't be enforced, and kill everyone that tries to make you their bitch. That's as close to anarchy as Natural Law allows.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

A Free Man's Freedom Begins With a Free Mind

It's that time again, so all last week and through tomorrow there's been the retrospectives and commentaries on 9/11.

The most professional and prominent of them aires on History, and that's "The Road to 9/11". This miniseries has people on to give commentary as the voiceover recounts the official account of various elements leading from the death of Osama bin Ladin's father through to the act itself and its aftermath.

Recall last week's recommendation, Frame Game Radio, and what he focuses upon: the analysis of why something is what it is. In this case, the purpose of emphasizing documentaries and commentaries that present and focus upon only the government line of events serves to frame discussion of 9/11 solely as the establishment (via its media outlets) wishes that discussion take place. Per Noam Chomsky and Bernard Hermann, the ferverence within that frame can be quite significant but it is permitted to be seen and heard with ease. Go out of those boundaries? Out come the knives.

Now, you can take or leave the folks offering different explanations for that event. That's not the point; the point is that the party most desirous--as shown by their deeds, time and again--of shaping opinions regarding things they do have stepped forward yet again to do just that. You, not they, must be the arbiter of what is or is not true and factual.

That is the purpose of Narrative Warfare: to control what is allowed to be said about what is going on, or has gone on, by means of controlling the language used in discussion and disputation of those events. This is practical mind control. You can see this at work with any topic or issue of importance that you want to inquiry about- those with a stake in the outcome routinely attempt to shape the language used so the perspective permitted is one that benefits them. That's what "public relations", etc., are about.

Yes, that's why it is legal for the news to flat-out lie to you. (There is no Federal, state, or local statute forbidding it.)

It's also why, for all legal purposes, "news" is just entertainment. They're all Fake News, and they know it- which is why they resent that this Rhetorical killshot got turned against them. The networks give you Fake News, their cable holdings give you Fake Documentaries, and increasingly even the open entertainment is Fake (because they're replacing lawful narrative craft with political propaganda).

And it can't go on forever. That's what keeps me going- the knowledge of the certainty that this will stop, and when it does the reckoning will be terrible and glorious. As the Man in Black said before he died:

If you are not free between your ears, then no other form of freedom matters. Think! Especially if it's illegal.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Narrative Warfare: Recommendation - Frame Game Radio

I rarely do recommendations on this blog. I am about to do so. The reason is because the referrant offers a practical education on a vital skill that you do not get otherwise, often even if you work in the field, and once you see what's taught you will see why you did not get taught this previously.

I recommend that you find, follow, and study the messages of Frame Game Radio. Thread summaries can be found here. Twitter account is here, YouTube account is here, and Gab account is here.

You want to follow him on Twitter and Gab because of his Tweet/Gabstorms like this one, where he breaks down what "frame" is and how it is the superior tool for persuasion because it manipulates language itself to permit and forbid what is acceptable to think within a population. This is the sort of information you have to go to Mark Passio to get otherwise, and even he doesn't frame it this way- in plain English, for every man to see.

And then there's his videos, which are just as well-done presentations of the ideas he's getting across. This man knows what media is, how it works, and how each ones differs from the rest. Compare how he uses Gab and Twitter vs. how he uses YouTube and you shall see for yourself.

There are people who pay for university degrees, and graduate degrees, to get half of this taught to them and often without any sense of how or why it works. Before that you had to join secret societies and endure bizarre rituals to learn this stuff. You're now able to learn all of it, for free, and with proper context explaining the hows and whys behind it. Level up your Narrative Warfare game, shitlords. Learn from Frame Game Radio. Gaslighting is a thing; learn how to fight it.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Gamergate Turns Three: How It Turned the Tide of Narrative Warfare

Three years ago, the pushback against Empire began in earnest with the eruption of #Gamergate. Who would've thought that gamers would be the ones to break the inexorable tide? No one, yet we did just that, and with it began something that not even many involved appreciate to this day. Happy Birthday, Vivian James, you glorious virtual shitlady. The ride never ends.

The Thralls of Empire who survived the thrashing that gamers in the videogame sphere wrought unto them, and still do, now go about proclaiming that this was the event that lead to the ascension of the God-Emperor, Brexit, and the rise of "fascism" worldwide.

Not exactly.

What #Gamergate did was to provide everyone else seeking to oppose the Thralls--in our case, disposable SJWs--a viable and easily practiced playbook to deal with them. The Supreme Dark Lord, Vox Day, noted that #Gamergate was a 4th Generation War situation fought at the level of media and culture. He's since frequently referred to it when commenting on succeeding conflicts against the Death Cult that the SJWs serve, and furthermore notes that those who are effective tend to conform to the playbook and the ineffective do not.

Congratulations, fellow shitlords. We really were the vanguard. From a certain point of view, the accusation hysterically thrown at #Gamergate is accurate; others, seeing the success, observed independently and copied what worked. Where they get it wrong is thinking that, like Lefting indoctrination, this is deliberately passed on and not Monkey See Monkey Do. Furthermore, since Occam's Razor is lost to them they can't think their way to that conclusion even if they were inclined to do so.

What they have noticed, however, is that they lost Narrative Control

The big shock of #Gamergate was that, for the first time, the lock on media control did not have its intended effects for shutting down opposition to SJW convergence. The reason? They did not control, utterly, the primarily medium of communication: the Internet. It became possible to counter-signal their Narrative Warfare attacks, so that's what happened and with it came the decentralized and autonomous network of individuals who came together as if centrally coordinated- but not. #Gamergate is the world's first Real Life Stand-Alone Complex

That ability to engage directly with one another made a big difference, and often is underappreciated. Livestreams routinely went on, blogs routinely spread around, and other means of communication fostered discussion and argument without the SJWs having any way to control it. Operations arose, some of which are ongoing. (e.g. OpSkynet, the meet-and-great connection op) Now we're seeing some of us write down what happened and make it available to further prevent re-writing of history by the SJWs. (See here and here for examples.)

You cannot control a population if you do not control the flow of information. Information control is literal mind control, one step removed from manipulation of language itself. They do not control the context. So, inevitably, what we see now--the Big Social push for censorship--was the foreseeable (and it was) reaction. As I said before, this is a desperation play; they know they've lost control, and this is their penulimate way to regain it. (The ultimate being pure banking-based attacks to cut off access to credit and currency entirely, but we're not there yet.)

We would not have SJWs Always Lie or Cuckservative if not for #Gamergate, so my fellow gamers stand proud and tall. Revel in knowing we dealt the Doloros Stroke to Gawker that allowed Hulk Hogan and Peter Thiel to finish it off.

And, in particular, take pride is making 4th Generation Warfare something that can be, and often is when done properly (as per the Left's own Alinsky), a hell of a lot of fun.

The Sad and Rabid Puppies, the Superversive Movement, the Pulp Revolution, and the smarter elements of the Alt-Right have all learned from #Gamergate- to varying degrees, and showing varying success accordingly. Empire Must Fall, and its fall began when the JV squad of Empire's Thralls decided to mess with us- the gamers. People who, for fun, take on big tasks and determinedly hammer away at them until completely demolished. "Git Gud" and "Gotta Plat" for the win, motherfuckers. Shine on, you crazy diamonds, and light the way to victory for one and all.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

SJWs Always Double-Down: The Alt-Left Freakouts Escalate

The Supreme Dark Lord, Vox Day, coined the Three Laws of Social Justice Warriors:

  • SJWs Always Lie
  • SJWs Always Double-Down
  • SJWs Always Project

This past week, we've seen all three shamelessly manifest in action. The timing is suspect. I've said previously that these are freakouts, and this past week's escalation all-around is no different.

The lies primarily come from the press, who are allies of the Alt-Left cult army in the streets. The double-down is the escalation of violence by said cult army, who are already engaging in friendly fire (if the BLM-Antifa scrap is true), which increasingly targets uninvolved people merely because they "look fascist" (including pets).

Big Social's censorship move, coming as this escalation hits, is why the timing is suspect. Not only does Charlottesville look more and more like a set-up by infiltrators, it--and this past week's violence and media fraud--looks like a coordinated country-wide hit to put a stop to the Alt-Right.

They're doing it because they think they're under threat. (They're correct.) They think they have to move now or they will lose their power. (They're correct.) They think they're going to win. (That's where they're wrong, kiddos.) They--and lot of Alt-Lite blowhards--don't yet see that they've already been outmanuevered and set-up themselves.

First, the departure of Steve Bannon from his position as Chief Strategist in the White House is not a loss. People fail to properly comprehend his statement; the Trump presidency he fought to achieve is over because it did its job, and now that the strategic situation has changed the God-Emperor has to reconfigure his staff to meet the new situation. Staff turnovers are nothing to freak-out about.

Second, Bannon never left Breitbart. He IS the Board of Directors there, so he's going back there to resume active control, right that ship once more, and reconfigure it into the external media warship to fight on behalf of the God-Emperor. There's already reports of Bannon setting up an escalation of Breitbart's media operations accordingly. Now unleashed, Bannon is free to fight back against the lying frauds of the media Establishment.

Third, despite MSM media running interference, Alt-Left operatives are already being uncovered and confirmed. That information then goes on to the appropriate law enforcement agency, through trusted contacts, and will be used to prosecute offenders. Furthermore, the same Feds that likely pulled the op in Charlottesville were also present in the past week's street actions signalling to colleagues to collect DNA evidence for later use in prosecution. (Thanks to Thomas Wictor for pointing that out.) With Jeff Sessions at the helm of the Justice Department, expect arrests and prosecutions presently.

Fourth, trust the God-Emperor. This is the man who made North Korea back down with words alone, whereas previous presidents had to use force or bribery to shut them up. He's media-savvy to a degree even Cernovich and his ilk don't comprehend; they think Pence has Trump's number, only to fail to see all of the signs of a mastermind at work: Trump knows his Sun Tzu as if he wrote it. The Supreme Dark Lord hammered this repeatedly over the week's Darkstreams, and Wictor independently said the same thing- both men are far more tuned in than Cernovich on such matters.

The SJWs--and their masters--are panicking, throwing everything (including their own shit) at the wall with primal screetching in the hopes of making something stick. They hope that censorship will break-up the ability to organize for others, and when that fails they will go for financial attacks, all the while keeping at the street violence primarily to demoralize us by intimidation. It's all really a bluff; they have little, if any, substance behind their bluster and they're far weaker than they say they are.

  • They won't operate where masking is forbidden and enforced.
  • They won't operate where they don't have local government in their pocket.
  • They won't operate where media coverage isn't favorable.
  • They won't operate where their targets are likely to be armed and legally allowed to kill them.

That's the tell, folks: they only operate where they have allies in place to hobble us in the streets. The problem? We can beat them without taking to the streets. We can stream their marches, take their photos, upload them to secure cloud locations, and then encourage the shitlords of /pol/ to weaponize their autism and (as said above) pass findings to the police or the Feds and let them do the rest.

The Alt-Left enjoys being rejects raiders from a Mad Max film. The Alt-Right enjoys using their network high ground to identify those violent vandals and lose their sides when they take perpwalks and face serious prison time for their behavior. Not only does the Alt-Left make the Alt-Right inevitable, they make it fun to deal with them appropriately and get the gears of government to turn against the fools instead of for them.

We're watching Empire freak out, and send its Thralls to put down the existential threat, but God Will Not Be Mocked. We're now watching Empire fall.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Narrative Warfare: Media Domination = Language Domination

What I know will happen more and more in the coming years, as Generation Z comes of age, is that the current media establishment method of shaming-as-social-control will decline preciptously in effectiveness. "White supremacist" is already devoid of meaning, as it's been thrown around like a ragdoll every time some dissenters on the Right decide to speak in public about their opinions and argue their positions.

What else I know is that more people will begins to accept the reality that the official rules of the American polity are not the actual rules, and therefore more people will adjust both their expectations and their operations accordingly. The Establishment media continues to lie and defame for profit, just as the gaming media does, and while frustrating at times it is notable that fewer people believe these sanctioned liars with each incident. More and more of the routine deception gets exposed, as much by ineptitude caught on camera as by anything else.

The potency of the media establishment declines as the demographics shift against them. Specifically, that they fail to engage the younger generations with any approximation of the reach they possess with the Baby Boomers; as the Boomers fall out of societal power, so does the legacy media. This is an unraveling process; we've already seen newspapers collapse, and the Big 5 publishers out of New York and London are ailing (and with them the bookstore business) also. Radio's having to adapt to podcasting and livestreaming, and if they don't embrace the new they that too is done.

What this means is simple: the ability to seize control of a narrative, shape it as desired, and promulgate it uncontested is over. This is also plays into the push by Big Social to control the context; Narrative Warfare requires language control, and with the loss of media domination comes loss of language domination, as you no longer have uncontested control over what words mean- and therefore cannot control the context of events any longer.

If people are not yoked under a single dominant media establishment, then they begin to use language to establish their own contexts, and therefore can establish and maintain themselves against Empire and its objective to reduce all to Thralls- extensions of its will. Control over the mind begins with control over the language. Control over the language requires control over the contextualization of what one experiences, i.e. perception management, and if you cannot put to words what you experience then you can never see a literal shackle and still be utterly enslaved because you cannot tell others what you know. The memes are the ways Mankind spreads its knowledge, and that requires media freedom.

(Yes, this is what Hideo Kojima goes on about in his Metal Gear Solid series; most obvious in 2,3, and 5.)

And man, with the the Point-of-No-Return we just reached in the United States, seeing the freakout reactions all around will prove quite illuminating on this point to succeeding generations (wherever they are). Why? Because the mythology established in the West with the end of World War 2 is finally breaking down, and with it the symbols used as weapons by the media to shame-control people. Once that power shatters, and it will soon, we're going to see Empire fall.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

The Attempt By Big Social to Create Context is Doomed

You know the enemy is losing when they freak out and go all "SHUT IT DOWN!" in response, hoping to control the Narrative. Mister Metokur goes into it here:

He overstates the case, and it can be reversed. Just after he put out that video we got word about the Google memo, and it turns out that there is significant dissent against the SJW convergence at Google. Vox Day goes into it here. The summary is that someone within Google released an essay criticizing the SJW Convergence therein, and the predictable point-and-shriek swarm attack (organized by middle and senior managers) ensued. If this is the case at Google, count on there being similar cases at Facebook and Twitter.

And that is just internal pressures within the workforce. Once any stockholder gets their hands on the stats and puts together cause and effect, they will have reason to file suit against the company for failure to fulfill the legal mandate of fiduciary duty (in short, management is putting Convergence over legal obligations, which is illegal). Once such a suit goes to Discovery, the SJWs in that corporation are screwed; either they double-down and make their punishment worse or they cough up the goods and take their perp-walks while cutting checks to Uncle Sam.

So, while the immediate situation can be thwarted and beaten back, Metokur's cynicism does have a point. If they are not eradicated, the SJWs will regroup and do it again later, because they are ideologues committed to a cause and that cause has to have domination of the culture to succeed. It's not mere censorship, it's "creating context", something Hideo Kojima foresaw over a decade ago as being an issue.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

How Culture Feeds Politics: Literature Edition

The Supreme Dark Lord, Vox Day, has a Periscope account. He streams commentary several times a week, often going for about 30 minutes at a time. I attend them live when I can, and watch them after the fact when I don't, because I enjoy watching men who are more intelligent and knowledgeable than I am--and Vox Day is both smarter than me and more knowledgeable--explain how oft-hidden connections work to produce the perceivable effects.

This video archive (found at a fan channel on YouTube; this is NOT Vox's channel) goes over how mainstream literature works to produce the destruction of intellectual capacity in a people, and the consequences of that system of degradation upon said people.

It's been exposed recently that the "real literature" community has a widespread aliteracy problem, leading to an equally widespread posing about books not read. I'm not even talking about people hunting down spoilers to avoid crap; the books can be good, and the "literati" that shape opinion (and thus culture) won't read most of them.

Well, I think we have a reason to explain why this happened. In addition to the effects that Vox noted in the video, let's go one step further and posit that this "skimming for impression" style of literature--both creation and consumption--is what drives all of this aliteracy and posing. They aren't dealing with literature of actual substance, so they project that nothing is worth the effort at all- unless they're paid to endure it.

This contributes, directly and significantly, to the population's capacity to think and reason. When you rely on emotional reaction alone to guide your decision-making, you lose the capacity to be skeptical of ideas presented to you; you don't have the tools to take apart an idea, see how it works, and therefore to discern if it does what it claims it does. You don't have a body of knowledge that you can compare an idea against because you don't have a body of knowledge- you have a pile of word salad.

This is the inversion and perversion of a critical institution and the cultural infrastructure that it governs. The consequence is the rise of a class of counterfeit critics--fake and fraudulent feels-peddlers--and jive-talking "journalists" whose real job is to promote, promulgate, and push-push-push The Narrative! They're commissars, political officers-cum-secular priests/inquisitors out to silence heresy and punish heretics. You don't get much more literal Thralls of Empire than this; if they're also the sort to visit the Bohemian Grove, then they are literal Thralls.

And it all starts with just one simple lie: that you don't have to actually write or read for comprehension, as only skimming for an impression will do. This is some "Connections" or "Day the Universe Changed" level of revelation, folks. This is why culture matters, and why culture is upstream from politics. Empire cannot rule what it does not ruin. Empire Must Fall.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

(From Vox Popoli) AIPAC vs. 1st Amendment

The Supreme Dark Lord posted this yesterday at his blog. I am reposting this in its entirety. Direct all comments to his post, and for God's sake respect his comment rules. Whining here will just be ignored.

In case you didn't believe that immigrants have never, ever, understood literally the first goddamn thing about the Rights of Englishmen or the U.S. Constitution. Note that limiting the 1st Amendment rights of Americans is AIPAC's top legislative priority for 2017. Everything below is straight from

S.720 - Israel Anti-Boycott Act
115th Congress (2017-2018)

Sponsor: Sen. Cardin, Benjamin L. [D-MD] (Introduced 03/23/2017)
Committees: Senate - Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs
Latest Action: 03/23/2017 Read twice and referred to the Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs.

This bill declares that Congress: (1) opposes the United Nations Human Rights Council resolution of March 24, 2016, which urges countries to pressure companies to divest from, or break contracts with, Israel; and (2) encourages full implementation of the United States-Israel Strategic Partnership Act of 2014 through enhanced, governmentwide, coordinated U.S.-Israel scientific and technological cooperation in civilian areas.

The bill amends the Export Administration Act of 1979 to declare that it shall be U.S. policy to oppose:

  • requests by foreign countries to impose restrictive practices or boycotts against other countries friendly to the United States or against U.S. persons; and
  • restrictive trade practices or boycotts fostered or imposed by an international governmental organization, or requests to impose such practices or boycotts, against Israel.

The bill prohibits U.S. persons engaged in interstate or foreign commerce from:

  • requesting the imposition of any boycott by a foreign country against a country which is friendly to the United States;
  • or supporting any boycott fostered or imposed by an international organization, or requesting imposition of any such boycott, against Israel.

The bill amends the Export-Import Bank Act of 1945 to include as a reason for the Export-Import Bank to deny credit applications for the export of goods and services between the United States and foreign countries, opposition to policies and actions that are politically motivated and are intended to penalize or otherwise limit commercial relations specifically with citizens or residents of Israel, entities organized under the laws of Israel, or the Government of Israel.

Cosponsor and Date Cosponsored
Sen. Portman, Rob [R-OH]* 03/23/2017
Sen. Nelson, Bill [D-FL] 03/27/2017
Sen. Rubio, Marco [R-FL] 03/27/2017
Sen. Menendez, Robert [D-NJ] 03/27/2017
Sen. Collins, Susan M. [R-ME] 03/27/2017
Sen. Blumenthal, Richard [D-CT] 03/27/2017
Sen. Graham, Lindsey [R-SC] 03/28/2017
Sen. Young, Todd C. [R-IN] 03/28/2017
Sen. Boozman, John [R-AR] 03/28/2017
Sen. Isakson, Johnny [R-GA] 03/28/2017
Sen. Peters, Gary C. [D-MI] 03/28/2017
Sen. Hatch, Orrin G. [R-UT] 03/30/2017
Sen. Perdue, David [R-GA] 03/30/2017
Sen. Roberts, Pat [R-KS] 03/30/2017
Sen. Wicker, Roger F. [R-MS] 03/30/2017
Sen. Hoeven, John [R-ND] 04/04/2017
Sen. Cornyn, John [R-TX] 04/04/2017
Sen. Fischer, Deb [R-NE] 04/04/2017
Sen. Heller, Dean [R-NV] 04/24/2017
Sen. Moran, Jerry [R-KS] 04/24/2017
Sen. Crapo, Mike [R-ID] 04/24/2017
Sen. Cantwell, Maria [D-WA] 04/24/2017
Sen. Grassley, Chuck [R-IA] 04/25/2017
Sen. Capito, Shelley Moore [R-WV] 04/26/2017
Sen. Schumer, Charles E. [D-NY] 05/01/2017
Sen. Ernst, Joni [R-IA] 05/01/2017
Sen. Hassan, Margaret Wood [D-NH] 05/08/2017
Sen. Gillibrand, Kirsten E. [D-NY] 05/09/2017
Sen. Lankford, James [R-OK] 05/16/2017
Sen. Burr, Richard [R-NC] 05/17/2017
Sen. Donnelly, Joe [D-IN] 05/23/2017
Sen. Scott, Tim [R-SC] 05/25/2017
Sen. Cruz, Ted [R-TX] 06/05/2017
Sen. Manchin, Joe, III [D-WV] 06/05/2017
Sen. Strange, Luther [R-AL] 06/05/2017
Sen. McCaskill, Claire [D-MO] 06/06/2017
Sen. Thune, John [R-SD] 06/12/2017
Sen. Wyden, Ron [D-OR] 06/12/2017
Sen. Sasse, Ben [R-NE] 06/15/2017
Sen. Coons, Christopher A. [D-DE] 06/26/2017
Sen. Bennet, Michael F. [D-CO] 07/12/2017
Sen. Sullivan, Dan [R-AK] 07/12/2017
Sen. Cassidy, Bill [R-LA] 07/18/2017
Sen. Tillis, Thom [R-NC] 07/19/2017
Sen. Cotton, Tom [R-AR] 07/19/2017

You know what to do, people. If they vote for this, primary them when they come up for re-election. No mercy for traitors.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Let Not Beauty Perish From This Earth

I refuse to live in a world where I cannot watch performances like these be a regular thing due to some death cult's interference.

Macross Fronter, "Lion" ft. May'n & Megumi Nakajima

Gundam Wing, "Just Communication" by Two-Mix

Sunday, July 9, 2017

The Thralls of Empire's Fear of a US-Russia Alliance Manifests

All this anti-Russia hysteria since the Ascension of the God-Emperor sure seemed overdone, and now we're seeing why. Anonymous Conservative nailed it in this post here. Allow me to quote it so we can get to the point:

K-strategists like K-strategists, even when they are competitors facing each other. Whether they are soldiers, fighters, or just conservative Americans and conservative foreigners, they see things in each other.

Russia is a fierce competitor we need to be careful with. But as radical Islam threatens to take over Europe, having these two leaders leading the two dominant superpowers and having both seeing it is in their interests to not let that happen, means the West is in an incredibly strong position. That they get along so well means we may see a powerful alliance, and a lot of behind the scenes moves to save Europe from itself.

All that needs to happen is the migrants need to be suppressed to the point they cannot achieve McRaven’s concept of Relative Superiority, in terms of numbers, organization, preparations, or genetic contamination, prior to the Apocalypse. They need to be kept as separate and isolated as possible, as low in numbers as possible, as disorganized as possible, and as disarmed and unprepared as possible.

Do that, and let the Apocalypse hit, and things will resolve themselves spontaneously. With Trump and Putin leading the two most powerful nations on earth, and united behind the same cause, it should be easy as pie.

In truth, I half suspect this is why the left is terrified of a Trump-Putin alliance. It threatens their plan to Islamize the West.

It's no surprise that I find r/K Theory to harmonize with my own concept of Empire. Empire is r-selection to its extreme, and the history of its influence reliably maps to Anon's presentation of how r-selection works. He's coming at it from the effects using both biology and psychology. I came at it from a historical perspective, informed by mythology, but our results are nothing more facets on the gem. We're talking about the same thing. Likewise, what I call "Civilization" is what he deems K-selection.

And if there is one thing Empire hates and fears, it is Civilization. Real, proper Civilization is K-selection taken to maturity: a world of competing nations, each dwelling in their own states (ethno-states/nation-states), using full knowledge of competition to maintain best-possible peaceful conditions. That doesn't mean an end to war, but merely the mitigation of it- and it sure as hell means cooperating against Empire.

The Wolf Age means that lines will be drawn, sides taken, and conflict will go from cold to hot. That's unavoidable now, and so is the exposure of traitors in our midst. Now that we see that Putin and Trump do get along, and will--come Hell or high water--act upon mutual policies against mutual enemies for mutual benefit the traitors in the American, Russian, and European Establishments (i.e. the Thralls of Empire therein) will have to come forth and do openly what they would rather do covertly. Why? Because open treason is the lesser of the stressors on their brainmeats, and Thralls (being r-selected) will also go with the least resistant path to relieving that stress. Now it is crystal clear why Empire wants the Muslims and the Left to cooperate in destroying Civilization. Therefore, now is the time to destroy them.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

His Name is a Killing Word: Trump Tweets, and SJWs Shriek

Speaking of Sargon, here's his (brief) video from his alt-channel ("The Thinkery", used for hot takes and shitposting) about what the God-Emperor threw out on Twitter. It's only 5 minutes, so watch it. Then go on below.

And then the Supreme Dark Lord, Vox Day, add his commentary on the meme-posting:

He added insult to injury by tweeting it under the hashtag #FraudNewsCNN #FNN. Needless to say, the media has gone absolutely apeshit, unable to believe that a sitting president would hammer them back rather than simply enduring the abuse in dignified silence.

As it happens, I've been reading Jomini recently, which tends to make it pretty clear what the God-Emperor is doing here.

The general should do every thing to electrify his own soldiers, and to empart to them the same enthusiasm which he endeavors to repress in his adversaries.

If Twitter provides us with any sound basis for judgment, Trump's supporters are electrified and his detractors are horrified. Mission accomplished.

He ain't wrong. That's exactly what happened, especially the Social Justice Warrior death cultists in the media. They freaked out good and hard. You could hear the screeching from several time zones away, as Sargon's video makes crystal clear, and if you hit up Twitter on the day of this post you'll see more of it.

This is not only Sun Tzu, but also Saul Alinsky. #6 in his Rules for Radicals states "An effective tactic is one that your supporters enjoy.", and it is clear that the God-Emperor also has full comprehension of the principle behind both men's calls for attention to the importance of morale. It is also clear that the Democrats, their legacy media wing, and the rest of the Left still do not accept that the conditions have changed- and thus, their old tactics will not work anymore. They are as House Harkonnen, still not yet adapted to the changes that the Fremen uprising imposed, and thus unaware of their doom coming for them. The God-Emperor has their number now, and he's going to destroy them.

Considering how deranged the Left is in the U.S., Trump's name might as well be a literal killing word. At this rate, the God-Emperor may well literally become that title.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Behold the Power of Not Caring: Sargon, Sark the Shark, & VidCon 2017

File this under "It Cain't Rain All The Time".

VidCon just wrapped up. Lots of folks I follow on YouTube and Twitter attended. One of them is Sargon of Akkad. He, and a lot of others who are major shitlords (Shadilay, my dudes and dudettes!) decided to attend a panel wherein SocJus conjob Anita Sarkeesian sat on the panel. They sat in the front of the mostly-empty hall, played nice, and nothing was going to happen until Anita recognized Sargon and decided to call him a "garbage human" to his face.

If you know SJWs, you know the Three Laws: They Lie, They Double-Down, and They Project. If you know the laws, then you know how they operate: weaponized shaming, meant to attack the target's status and use his empathy against him. If you know how they operate, then you know how the shaming attacks start: using any violation of The Narrative as pretext to initiate a Point & Shriek cry that cues the cult to Swarm and Shame.

Sargon knows this. Sargon's fellow shitlords know this. Sargon might as well have said "You just activiated my Trap Card!", because he (and his pals) immediately turned this around. Using Saul Alinsky's own rules against them, Sargon and company held Anita (and VidCon) up to their own professed standards prohibiting harassment.

This was a no-lose situation for Sargon. Either he gets VidCon (a SJW-amenable, if not converged, organization) to enforce their own rules against someone who's pushed this poison, or he exposes VidCon as a corrupt and dishonest organization that plays favorites and uses their rules as weapons to do so- and, therefore, no one should give them time or money ever again. (This, in turn, pries open an opportunity for an Alt-VidCon to rise up in parallel, surpass, and replace VidCon.)

The best part? Even if he's banned for life and no one heeds his exposure of the convention, he still wins! Why? VidCon needs him; Sargon in no way needs VidCon. (Especially if larger players like PewDiePie do heed Sargon and shun VidCon thereafter.) Even if this somehow means YouTube banning Sargon, he still wins. (Indeed, retaliation by ANY social media platform at this time only makes Sargon look better.)

While the Wolf Age will soon make this mode of conflict obsolete, while it remains viable do take note of this example and see in it the lessons: Know Your Enemy, Know Yourself, He Who Cares Least Wins. Sure, Sark the Shark will spin this somehow to shirk the blame and stick it on (and to) Sargon, but there's far too much video evidence to let her get away with it. She's done. End of Line.

She just doesn't know that she's going to de-rez yet.

Well done, Sargon. Short of getting the IRS to bust her for tax fraud, this is a telling blow. If it isn't mortal, it will lead to one that is. Victory for Kekistan!

Sunday, June 18, 2017

What Part of "Chicago Rules" Do You NOT COMPREHEND?

I try not to just post something someone else did and call it a day anymore, but Stefan Molyneux nailed it in this video.

He made this video in light of the follow brilliant example of Turnabout-is-Fair-Play organized by Mike Cernovich.

I approve. Wholeheartedly with without reservation. I look forward to more such operations. Why? Because, while the enemy sets of the terms of engagement, after that it's Chicago Rules. Apparently it is necessary to remind people what that is. Here you go.

And, on fucking cue, out come the cucks crying about how doing this is a bad thing.


It's ranting time, and you're going to sit the fuck down, shut the fuck up, and listen to it from start to finish or I'll break your fucking legs.

Bullies great and small operate exactly as the Left has done. They're predators, and they care first and foremost about getting their way. They will use any rules you follow against you to get their way. That's what Alinsky's Rules For Radicals actually is: formalized, systamatized bullying intended to beat you into compliance with the bully's will.

I know, from a fucking childhood of bitter experience (a) what "cuckservatism" is and how it never works, and (b) that going on the offense and treating predators as the monsters that they are actually gets the job done. What happened at that Shakespeare production was warm-up; what's coming is exactly the escalation that Chicago Rules means. The Left, being rabbits, don't expect (and are not prepared for) actual resistance. Just this alone has already freaked them out.

And yes, the Left will escalate. They already have. Or did you not get what that shooting of the Congressman represents? What's next? Well, Anonymous Conservative already laid it out:

I don’t expect leftist shootings to become significantly more common though we will see them every so often as things go K. The reality is, the vast majority of leftists lack the balls, meaning only a small number of the most whacked will go that route. And judging by the last one, who showed up with an SKS semi-auto rifle to a field full of unarmed targets and failed to kill anyone, they won’t be all that effective. But I do expect leftist r-strategists to amp up the efforts to set in motion increased mortality mechanisms.

What is an increased mortality mechanism? It is a mechanism that increases the likelihood that savages will prey upon the innocent:

Civil War is now INEVITABLE! The Left wants it, and they're going to do what they can to get it while not taking any risks to themselves. The goal now is to ramp up the pressure past the point where the Left can think straight, and thereby force a catastrophic error that will give up all hope of winning to the Right. The Wolf Age is here. Get ready or get eaten. Empire must fall, and fall it shall.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Pebbles, The Time To Vote Has Passed

For those not paying attention to E3 this weekend, you likely heard about the anti-Sharia protests in the United States and elsewhere. While the lying whores that pretend to be news media gave cover to the pro-Sharia types, what wasn't well-covered were the violent outbursts that occurred. Antifa and their fellow travelers started shit, mostly in cities where their allies already run things, and while no injuries occurred the frequency of these attacks (and the continuing impotency of law enforcement there) means that we're now counting down the days until the shooting starts. Preventing wide-scale violence is now impossible.

For now, I recommend that you participate in the Safe Streets Project, but that will only buy time because it only delays the inevitable. Once Antifa realize that they can't rely on the masks, and they feel their brains about to burst because they can't stand the pressure, they'll cross the line and resort to unmasked violence en masse and double-down again on using their riot-threat to get cities, counties and states to bend the knee. The division of territory will become increasingly obvious.

Global civil war is now inevitable. It's now a question of "When?" and "How?". Hope for the cold war fought in courts, legislatures, and elections- messy as that is. I've studied enough history to know what the alternative, which is the traditional norm, looks like; it's not the (by comparison) clean and orderly way of the American Civil or the English Civil War. All of the dysgenic trends, and the totalitarian trends, make sense when you consider the Western Elites seeking to replace the Western Nations with more pliable peoples from elsewhere that are long-accustomed to being trampled upon by their masters. In short, the elites of Civiliation betrayed it for barbarians they foolishly believe they can yoke and rule. Fools.

The avalanche is coming. The Wolf Age is here. Get ready or get eaten.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Never Surrender Your Ability to Resist

There are times when someone else beats me to the punch and says what's on my mind better than I can. Today is one of those occasions, and the man is Ivan Throne, with his essay from January 3rd of this year: "Rifles in the Dark". What I say below presumes that you read it.

No, seriously, read it. This man deserves his reputation for intelligence and ruthlessness.

The distrust of the State, even when it is currently being used to your benefit, is justified. One need only be competent in the study of history to see that this is true. Far more often than not, the State is a tool of Empire. It is rare that this is not the case, and it is reliable to see when Empire consumes a State: when the size of the State exceeds the capacity of the Nation to keep it in check by force and culture (i.e. when the line between the people and the government is hard and fast, such that government is a subculture to itself).

So the capacity to resist, and destroy, the State must be maintained at all times. The will, the skill, and the drill are all part of that capacity; one must maintain the mindset to resist and destroy, the knowledge and practice to do so, and the tools--the weapons especially--to do so. For we Americans, this fundamental fact is explicitly preserved in the U.S. Constitution (however degraded that may be now), and as such we have a culture and tradition backing it. Other nations differ, and the quality of their cultures reflects the presence of this truth therein. But empires--being Thralls of Empire--always explicitly attack it and seek to render all nations under their heel weak by disarmament. Throne's right, and he's right because he's just giving voice to the lessons of history.

Europe's seeing this first-hand, repeating the errors of the past, because Empire demands it of its Thralls therein. These traitors threw open the gates and allowed the orcs into the West. They cover for the orcs' predations, and prey upon the Men of the West in turn. With knives at our backs and spears at our chests, it is no wonder many feel pressed upon. Yet once we see whom to act upon first, and how, the answers to "where, when, why, and to whom" will fall into place and rapidly occur. (We're beginning to see early efforts now, such as the Safe Streets Project- an effort Throne is associated with.) Resistance will escalate. This is a Wolf Age; get ready or get eaten.

Empire--and, consequently, empires--must fall. It's the only way for Mankind and Civilization to survive.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Brilliance in Rhetoric: #OrcPosting

I started seeing stuff like this over my Twitter feed this weekend, and goddamn is it glorious and brilliant.

If you want more, you know what to do: search Twitter under #OrcPosting and enjoy the hilarity.

This is brilliant and effective rhetoric in action, as the Supreme Dark Lord noted previously. There's nothing difficult to grasp here: it's using pics from the various Middle Earth films, captioned with pro-Globalist SocJus propaganda (i.e. pro-Empire) with words swapped to show just how stupid, racist, and discivic that fraudulent ideology really is- and these memes are far superior at doing what the pro-SJW memers do, which makes the rhetoric doubly-effective upon the audience.

And the best part? The aforementioned Thralls of Empire have no defense against it. They can try to cite Tolkien's letters and other peripheral works, but it will fall on deaf ears and the smarter ones know it. I know what some of the bolder ones will try to do, but we have our counter ready: READ! ANOTHER! BOOK!. Again, the smarter Thralls know this and therefore will just say to let this blow over.

Fat fucking chance. We'll make the Hoaxing Media cover this as a legit story, just like we did for Kekistan, and then apply the pattern to something else just as powerful in terms of culture. We'll meme them to death, and then meme their memory to death. Empire will fall.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Borders Bring Civilization

Boundaries are borders. Borders mean something if, and only if, you are willing and able to enforce them.

The same people who demand no borders for the movement of people or capital will fly off the handle if you challenge their social dogma (violate social boundaries), question why they go after your economic or private life (violate your economic or social boundaries), and gainsay their philosophical assumptions (violate their mental boundaries).

This does not need a long explanation. Borders bring Civilization, first by their defense and then by their respect. Barbarism, especially Empire, comes from predatory behavior of the sort that's done because the predator cannot or will not sustain themselves by themselves for themselves. (For all you r/K types, this is r-type predation because they go where the resources are and go all Locust Crusade to get them.) There is no reasoning with them; you not only build and man that wall, you get ruthless with them (regardless of the skin they wear) when found. There is no reasoning with the ravenous hordes of savages and their sweet-talking sorcerers who beguile their way to power. There is only war. War to the knife. War to the hilt.

Civilization exists only when there are hard borders held by hard men appreciated by loyal wives and dutiful children. Softness is taken as weakness, time and again, and the hordes win when the hardness is gone. Every single fucking time.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

It's The Nukes, Stupid

It's Mother's Day today, and my mother is a great cook, so I'm going to make this quick so I can and enjoy the first grilling event this year.

First, to set this up, this video from SGT Report. One of his regular beats is the fragile world economy, and how the US Dollar is DOOMED! (This is wrong, I will explain below.)

What this video, and these people in general don't want to admit (if they understand it at all), is that the world economy does not work that way. It's very frustrating because, as a group, they do know the political basis of the economy and call it out by name: The Petrodollar.

For those not in the know, the Petrodollar is this simple: The military of the United States secures Saudi Arabia's oil fields, and the Saudis return the favor by selling oil only in US Dollars. What all these wankers whining about this arrangement fail to grok is what that means.

The US Nuclear Weapons Stockpile backs the US Dollar.

The US nukes backs the US military, which backs the oil that's sold in US Dollars. The nukes fly if the Petrodollar dies. That's what all of the players in the game understand, which is why the system will go on indefinitely; until the US nukes are taken out, one way or another, the world economy will remain dominated by the US (Petro)Dollar. Yes, folks, it really is that simple and easy. All the wanking about currency, fractional reserves, and so on means nothing until they find a way to take out the nukes; it really is "Comply or Fry", and the world doesn't want to fry.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

The Global Civil War is Here

After the surprise of Trump's election last Fall, it should be no surprise to find the Thralls of Empire--the Lords of Perception--working overtime to fix future election results to their liking. Wilders, and now Le Pen, are already behind the 8-ball due to the Thralls importing a replacement electorate specifically designated to prey upon and replace the native one. Continental Europe will remains within the grasp of Empire until the native nations therein accept that their governments are traitors in league with the invaders and act accordingly. Another Brexit WILL NOT BE ALLOWED!

The governments of the West are dominated, if not wholly owned, by those who seek the annihilation of the West--of Civilization--and therefore they are at war with the very nations that they claim to serve. But they don't, observably and confessedly so, due to their false god of Progressivism (really Satan by a new name; same lie, new costume) and they threw open the gates to Civilization's enemies in hopes of using those barbarians to slaughter the native warriors with the prize of their women as the inducement. (Same scheme; different trappings.)

Political processes will continue to degrade as it becomes necessary for the Thralls to do so in order to keep their scheme in place and their plans on track. They know that soon elections and protests will cease to even seem viable Antifa running riot was the sign; the political violence can only escalate from here to full--and total--civil war across the West, and then to full total war between the countries of the West until either the Thralls or Civilization is victorious. There will be war, and only war, for the rest of the 21st century.

And no, don't think this won't damage Russia or China--who, contrary to what many claim, are not (and never have been) friends--because once the West descends into war there will be nothing to keep China from stabbing Russia in the back and restarting their old conflict. The Third World, bereft of First and Second World intervention, will descend into chaos and barbarism even faster than it is now, so any Great Black/Brown Hope is less than a fantasy.

Right now, the sole hope for there for Civilization is for the United States and the United Kingdom to (a) clean house of their own Thralls as fast as they can, (b) throw out all of the aliens and foreigners (starting with the Muslims) no less fast, and (c) reorganize their countries accordingly to no longer allow future importation of incompatible nations into their homelands. (Something like what happens in Victoria is now the best possible result.)

War is upon you, whether you like it or not, and now it's just a matter of time before the shooting starts in earnest across the West.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

The Lords of Perception Laugh at STEM

For some time now, there's been a push to get those who attend university to eschew any degree that isn't a Science, Engineering, Technology, or Mathematics degree (STEM).

The ruling oligarchy, the Lords of Perception, laugh at this. They know from generations of experience what the STEM fields really are: Skilled Labor. Outside of those studying Psychology or Economics, sweet fuck-all of the STEM fields pose a threat to the real power that runs this world--and has run this world--since the Dawn of Mankind.

In short, STEM Lords rule nothing. When push comes to shove, the oligarchy can, has, and will sacrifice them to maintain control. Why? Because the Lords of Perception DO NOT NEED THEM! There's a reason that I call "Empire" as in opposition to Civilization, and not synonymous with it: its fundamental process for feeding has no need of science, engineering, technology, or mathematics and so they are expendable luxuries. Savage barbarism works just fine for this predatory addict, and therefore the same is true of its Thralls--the Lords of Perception--that serve it.

Take a good look at the various dynasties, oligarchies, and other elites that have or do run this planet. They rely on religion, on psychology, on money-power (banking), and on maintaining the loyalty of a Praetorian class. They care about the masses only insofar as said masses remain useful to them; they use the manipulation of perception at multiple levels to do this, using methods heretofore kept secret to all but themselves. If anything, too-advanced a state of science or technology is a threat to their power because a critical mass of people catch on to their scams.

If you want to be useful to Civilization, you become a STEM Lord. If you want actual power, you go into some field of practical manipulation of perception: International Relations, Public Relations, Marketing, Law, Journalism, Political Science. You do that, and you bend the knee. You drink the demon blood. You take the Mark of the Beast. You become a Thrall of Empire, and start to scheme your way to the top (or presume that you'll get it giving to you because that's what your parents did- looking at you, Jeb and Chelsea).

Now you see why Roosh V, Mike Cernovich, Ivan Throne, and others like them get the hate from Empire's Thralls: they know what the real game is, where the real power lies, and will not bend the knee. The Lords of Perception do NOT share power!

Sunday, April 23, 2017

The Avalanche Has Begun. It's Too Late For The Pebbles To Vote.

I'm watching the results of the first round of elections in France, and I'm seeing that Le Pen made it through to the second round. The Establishment media in France and outside of it are doing as they did for Brexit and Trump: predicting Le Pen's loss. I'm expecting two things: that they're going to fix the second round, and that Le Pen will win anyway. Once Le Pen wins, the European Union will go from talking like threatened despots to acting like them and reveal by deed the true scope of the EU and attempt to "fix" the French elections in the name of preserving the Union.

The French nation and its civic adherents are starting to see that the Leftist/Globalist Establishment will not fulfill the State's duty of defense that justifies its existence. As with the American nation and its civic adherents, the French see in Le Pen a last viable option prior to taking up the duty and discharging it themselves. They will demand the removal of the aliens and the foreigners known to be hostile to them and theirs, as is ongoing in the United States and elsewhere that this has occurred. There will be no tolerance of opposition to this policy, as it is rightly seen as sedition and treason to maintain hostile populations within one's borders.

When Le Pen wins, expect the French State to do what President Trump has so far been unable or unwilling to do: declare all of the enemy organizations to be terrorists, and bring the full might of the State against them. The French State must also exit the European Union at best speed, reintroduce the Franc as its sovereign currency, seize the independent central bank and replace it with a State-owned/State-run central bank to handle all its finances (accompanied by a permanent ban on independent central banking) on the grounds of national security (which is not a lie; it IS). All of the hostile aliens and foreigners, and the traitors that aid and abet them, must be seized immediately, condemned as spies and saboteurs, and summarily executed as such.

The Establishment will screech like banshees. Fuck them. This is what it will take. Why? Because those hostile aliens, foreigners, and traitors will not admit defeat and just leave France to the French. They will double-down and become far more violent in their resistance. The State will have to resort to such measures just to fulfill its fundamental mission and duty to the French nation. This is, quite literally, a "cruel to be kind" scenario; it's what Vlad Dracul had to do, and for the same reasons. If the French nation is to survive the 21st Century, such severe measures must be taken.

Empire must fall. That doesn't mean it will be easy, pleasant, or convenient- ridding oneself of a violent, predatory addict never is. But it is the most viable option, and that's why once it is clear that this must be done that it will be done. Civilization is worth fighting for.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

The Violence Seen in Austin & Berkeley Will Continue

Normally, I'm far more serious and cerebral in my tone. After yesterday's street fight at the University of California at Berkeley, something a little more everyman is in order. Such as this:

I've been watching, along with many others, the increasing antifa activity since the Ascension of the God-Emperor. Yesterday's street fights, which included the The Strong Independent (((Woman))) What Don't Need No Man finding out the hard way that Equality Is A Fraud. If I hadn't been a regular reader of The Anonymous Conservative, this behavior would still be puzzling to me. (Read the blog; puzzle pieces fall into place, completing the big picture.)

This is not going to de-escalate. It's going to keep ramping up because the backers want the antifa to keep freaking out and acting on their cognitive dissonance. On the same day as the fight in California, Mike Cernovich got jumped at an event (and did a good job exposing the attackers as pathetic by counter-punching for effect) in Austin, Texas. While Austin is SJW-friendly, most of Texas is not; antifa that try their tactics outside of friendly zones will legally get shot, even killed, as criminals.

The Establishment Media's management of these events' happenings is telling in who they're for: antifa. The tells are in the language used in the reports, the footage that accompanies the language, and the presentation of that footage- it's all about the perception of pro-Free Speech side as being the dangerous ones, an inversion of the truth. In other words, SJWs Always Lie. Why? Because they want to escalate. Why? Because, for now, escalation serves their Narrative (or so they think).

The reality is that the perception to the contrary, where the truth of antifa being the belligerents and the police getting stand-down orders (again) from the city, is what's getting out hard and fast via the Internet. This explains many of the moves over the last year, escalating recently with demonitization and shadow-banning on multiple social media platforms: Establishment Media lost control over the perception of the younger generations, and react by locking down the Internet as best they can to force them back on the legacy media that they still control (and failing to do so, so far).

We're going to see more of this violence in the streets, and not just in the United States. European cities are long overdue for the native nations to accept that their governments have betrayed them in favor of the proven-violent invaders that they fostered. (Yes, my European friends, your governments see you as a threat to them; that's why they threw open the gates and do nothing to stop the violence against you.) Once the governments show their loyalties (by whom they use the law, as a weapon, again), that's when the game is properly afoot and we accelerate into a global civil war.

The only way to stop that from happening is for nationalist political parties and movements to peacefully seize power now, and once gotten use the Rule of Law to end Empire's use of its Thralls and the hostile barbarians that they let in through the gates- permanently. Root-and-branch, then the earth salted. Delenda est, because they want to do it to us.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Perception Management In Action

Perception management in action. That's what this thing in Syria is about. If you want to change something in the political world, the cultural world, or other world of Man then learning how to wield perception--like it or not (and no, I don't)--is key to actually getting anything substantial done. It is a key, if not the key, to power for all but a handful of people.

To that end, factual reporting alone is insufficient. It is necessary, but insufficient; most people are not, never have, and never will be persuaded by facts or evidence- this is Dialectic, and the majority of Mankind is hopelessly illiterate in Dialectic, making it useless by itself. You have to hit them emotionally, symbolically, and that means Rhetoric.

This is why the media is all about the use of narrative (and always has been; let's not lie to ourselves) to shape perceptions, with Dialectic reserved only for internal discussions (because they're already sufficiently aligned to make this useful). This is why most anti-Empire resistance fails. It's too reliant on Dialectic, and disdainful of Rhetoric. Dilbert-creator Scott Adams points this out routinely via his "Master Persuader" series at his blog

And now we come to the "in action" part: Trump and Syria.

The established expectation is that Trump will pursue an isolationist foreign policy. As much as I would like that, it is not a realistic expectation. The United States, as the current leg-breaker of Empire, has foreign entanglements all across the globe; as it does not have control over its finances, and much of the personnel--elected and appointed--comprising the Federal governments many and varied agencies (including the military) has severe incentives to comply with Empire instead of oppose it. President Trump, if he is to fulfill all of his campaign promises, has to do what everyone pursuing an agenda must do: assess, prioritize, and then act on high priority objectives first at the cost of lower ones.

Until the Syria move, Trump faced a relentlessly hostile domestic Establishment and with it a relentlessly hostile media environment. Without sufficient counter-media presence, the Establishment media's story about Trump would prevail over the voting population over time; Trump knows the value of the perception game--this is the man behind The Art of the Deal--so he knows (like Sun Tzu) when to let go of what isn't working to pursue your ends.

Now the media's become much more friendly, at the cost of antagonizing his base of support, but the media's story shifted to tell the tale of how that base of support--the same base that voted him into the White House--is marginal and irrelevant, safe for Trump to ignore in favor of "wiser voices" (i.e. them). This means that Trump got them to change their story about him, at the cost of them defaming his supporters instead.

The other thing about the Syria story is that, due to the Internet changing everything, others who know the game can intervene to steer perception to their liking. Mike Cernovich demonstrated a few weeks ago that he knows this game very well when he set up 60 Minutes in a power-play that established him as someone to reckon with, a play he followed up with his breaking the story (See? That's what this is- storytelling.) about Susan Rice that compelled a media cycle on its own, and now he's put his hand on the Syria matter by by exposing traitors in Trump's camp playing him.

Yes, Mike Cernovich single-handedly changed a media cycle. First the usual alt-media outlets (e.g. WeAreChange) picked it up, then others followed until it passed within the view of the Establishment media- who have to report on it. He's forcing the Establishment--Empire's Thralls in the media, particularly--to struggle with him (David v. Goliath story) over the direction of the on-going narrative of Trump. He's messing with their perception management scheme. Thereby he's resisting Empire far better, and far more efficiently, than anyone else.


Because he's better at telling stories, and he's telling stories that people clamor to hear.

And that is the core of perception management in action. Use the language of narrative as Rhetoric to persuade people to go as you want by getting them to commit emotionally to your desired position, short-circuiting reason and logic to get things done- the same as the masters of Mankind have done forever. As I said before: Life is a solved problem.. Empire knows this; only by obscuring the truth does it endure. Solve the problem, and Empire must fall.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

On the Importance of Perception

Three boys become apprentices of a famous magician. One boy becomes a successful and famous magician in his own right, succeeding his master, bringing joy to a world in need of it. One boy becomes a master criminal, using his skills to swindle fortunes from the gullible and buy protection from the authorities by swindling their secrets. One boy becomes a master inquisitor, using his skills to expose fraud and heresy, destroying their names before ending their lives.

What is common between them? All of them learned, at an early age, on the truth about the truth and how Mankind deals with it- in short, on what perception is, and how "magic" is really the manipulation of perception to create illusions and enchant others in order to pursue your goals. Why? Because Mankind is not a rational species, just a rationalizing one, and as such showmanship as part of a larger array of Rhetorical techniques is reliably effective.

The world that is, like it or not, is a world that is run by the management of perception. This is not new; it's ancient, and as such a lot of the "secret societies" teachings revolve around using ritual and word-salad to obfuscate their knowledge of perception to only those they find sufficiently trustworthy to be taught that knowledge. The masters of perception sometimes become the ones on the thrones of the earth, but often are just one or two steps removed; the powers behind the thrones.

The change between then and now is the Internet. For the first time, the knowledge once hidden from the masses is freely available; men like Mark Passio give away the secret knowledge, de-occuling that known as "the occult", and more prosaically you have videos of people teaching magic tricks on YouTube. The knowledge of practical techniques using perception to deceive, such as card tricks, sleight-of-hand tricks, etc. now make viable wider expansion of the principles and philosophy that make them work and give people motive to learn and master them.

I'm going to put it simply: you are wise to learn both the techniques and the means by which they work because this is how the most dangerous predators within Mankind identify prey, assess ease of predation, and go about executing their kills. Deception is key to successful predation, so knowing their ways means defending against them. Empire is the supreme predator on Mankind, so to defend against it you must know its ways; true freedom cannot come to sheep.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

The Big Lie Is Not a 20th Century Technique

Shilling--the practice of advocating a position without openly acknowledging one's status as an agent of the position's beneficiary--is not new. It's old, damn old, and it is long past time to dig into the past to see where the big ideas of the past come from.

When I went to graduate school, I focused on the origins of John Locke's philosophy. What I'm putting into this post is the TL/DR version, necessarily abbreviated for length and summarized accordingly. There's enough here for a proper book; I read several (and a bunch of letters) in making this M.A. thesis happen.

The summary is this: Locke was a poor kid who had just enough scratch to buy a proper education, got it, got status anxiety as the price for it, and decided that life as a non-clerical academic in an academia dominated by clerics was a sureshot for dealing with his life. It wasn't; got tossed when he ran afoul of the orthodoxy due to his own efforts ands got tossed out after a youth and early adulthood in the Ivory Tower of academia.

Using what few connections outside academia he made, he got into contact with the first Earl Shaftsbury and moved into his house. Over the next two or so years, everything he'd spend the rest of his life publishing and promoting got stuck into his brain by his patron. Aside from some clerical work in officialdom and tutoring the Second & Third Earls, that's what he did- he wrote down, revised, etc. the political, social, economic, and cultural philosophies that directly and immediately benefited his patron and allies thereof. The man even published using allied printers.

Why does this matter? Because the 1st Shaftsbury was the head of the liberals of the day, the Whig Party, and at one time had control of the state- a power used as one expects, to benefit themselves at the expense of enemies and rivals. Shaftsbury also had business interests that directly benefited from the very economic and political positions that Locke advocated, and the Earl (and his son and grandson) rewarded their pet intellectual for his efforts properly.

This is not to say Locke is wrong per se, but it does mean that Locke is suspect and therefore every claim he made after coming under Shaftsbury's patronage must be audited, interrogated, and either confirmed or denied. All of you that are skeptical of Modernity, you've got good reason for your doubts now.

As I said above, there's enough here for a book to properly investigate this; I'd adapt and expand my M.A. thesis into such if I could focus on it full-time.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Utopia Is Impossible. Stop Trying.

Christians, and those that know their Bible, will remember the Tower of Babel. They will remember that this a utopian scheme, meant to bind all the nations together with a common tongue under a common rule as that elite sought to unseat God by breaching Heaven to do so. Well before that could happen, God smote the Tower. He scattered the nations and confused their language.

That's a parable, folks, and far too few took the lesson. Utopia is impossible, and it is impossible because Natural Law will never allow for it.

That makes Utopia a lie, a big lie, and it is no surprise that Utopia is often found hand-in-hand with Empire. Why? Because to achieve and sustain a utopia, especially over time, you need an imperial regime to enforce it. Imperial regimes require the yoking of disparate nations under the same authority, and all of the emergent behaviors that always occur when diverse nations are put into close proximity are part-and-parcel with utopian schemes. If Empire is the hardcore junky strung out on smack, Utopia is the sloppy lush that talks nice but can't keep herself together.

Every utopia fails. They fail because the consequences of their contradictions finally hollow them out and cause them to collapse, which is exactly how empires falls, and often by the same ultimate event: insiders turn traitors and throw open the gates to hostile outsiders.

And yes, I do mean every utopia. The excuse is irrelevant; the results are the same: oppression, poverty, misery, and death- lots and lots of easily preventable, avoidable, and often deliberately-inflicted death. Its psychology is that of a willful child, insisting that it has to work despite how many times it previously failed. The politics that demand that Big Daddy handle it all, and make the meanies go away, stems from every last damned utopian scheme and scam ever attempted- and the solution is also the same: Let. It. Fall.

There is no substitution for the Father. Not in the family. Not in the household. Not in the community. Not in the culture. Not in the nation. Not in the state. Not in the individual human heart and soul. Utopia is fundamentally the psychology of a deluded woman, thinking that everything will be all right with just enough magical thinking to go with magical economics, and then going "How did this happen?!" when Natural Law--God's rod of smiting--comes up to say "NOPE!" and once more restore the lawful order of Mankind's existence.

Stop trying. It won't happen. It won't because it can't happen. It can't because Natural Law does not allow it. Stop falling for this scam. Stop being Utopia's cuck and sucker, using you for Empire's gain. Empire must fall, and so must Utopia.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

No Place for Rabbits

"The perfect is the enemy of the good."

Never has this been more obvious to me than in looking at my own side in the culture war. Both that those of my allies are not (and, I am certain, some cannot be) perfect examples of what needs to be to win, and that some are willing to do what they can here and now to make victory happen. They can't have their cake and eat it too; this is a world for wolves, not rabbits.

Empire, like any addict, is inherently rabbit-like in its psychology. When it cannot satisfy its insatiable hunger, it turns violent in an attempt to do so in the hope that the sudden spasm will terrorize the others into compliance. Why? Because it cannot avoid believing that any disruption of supply is the result of either incompetence or hostile action resulting in supply being withheld. Unable to see that there are other explanations, it presumes ill intent and acts to quash that threat by any means at its disposal.

The result, when it works, is the start of a downward spiral to ruin. It is the psychology that we see arise time and again in declines and collapses. (Which means that rabbit-thinking is addict-thinking, because the processes are the same and so are the results if left unchecked.) However, there is another aspect to this that can be and should be considered: when provided with an out, once conditions become intolerable the rabbit flees for easier conditions- and so will addicts. Empire will do likewise.

The good here is to attack the things that produce the easy conditions that Empire desires to feed its gluttonous lusts. A free people does entirely for themselves; what aid exists is entirely private, comes with eu-civic conditions, and exists solely for the purpose of rehabilitating rescues while repurposing the broken- and then, it is only for one's nation. Never for aliens or foreigners.

The perfect is to create a parallel structure and then break away from the rabbit warren to live apart until the warren collapses, and then break out to finish off the survivors. This is necessary, but not sufficient. Focusing on this alone isn't enough; attacking the sources of the rabbit-friendly conditions is required, and that means undoing all of the things done in a mistaken pursuit of compassion for parties that have proven to be incompatible with Civilization.

Star Trek will never happen because of evolutionary psychology, so stop trying to flout Natural Law. This is a world for wolves. Civilization is built by wolves for wolves, and not for rabbits. Empire is a rabbit- and rabbits are for eating.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Predators Piss On Pacifists


I understand the appeal of pacifism. Refusing to do violence, as a matter of principle, to resolve your conflicts isn't that out of line. While violence--raw, naked force--is the universal solvent, that doesn't mean that it's the best tool for the job. That said, the reason that pacifism gets the bad reputation is that it takes the general good idea of restraint and irrationally pushes that restraint to the point of being maladaptive to the threat at hand.

In short, pacifism is for prey and it signals to predators great and small that here stands a meal for the taking- and that is exactly what becomes of any unit who so embraces pacifism that it ceases to know when to stop refraining from using force and start using it good and hard to best possible effect.

Empire is a predator. It sees pacifists as fools, fuckwits, and food- as prey. A thing to consume and crap out, not something at all worthy of respect or consideration. If someone or some group refuses to defend itself and its own, so much the better; feast on their flesh, rest easy on their bones, and move on to the next prey.

That's not how this world works. It has not been, is not now, nor shall it ever be how this world works. As the old saying goes, If you want peace, prepare for war.

The same goes for cultural warfare as for physical warfare. Predators will use whatever means work to sucker prey into lower their guard; predators, by their nature, are not interested in fair fights for anything and if they can sucker you into pacifism they'll do it- and then they'll eat you. Dead is dead- how you die is not relevant.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Without the Father, Nothing Endures

I've spent some time recently renewing my acquaintance with The Godfather and its sequels. The reason I did so was that a recurring theme came to mind, that of loyalty to the family (and Family), with the attendant duty to refrain from behavior that outsiders are not to witness. This behavior serves to undermine the Godfather--the patriarch--as he executes his supreme duty to safeguard and pursue the family's interests, making him seem other than capable and powerful- and thus not to be preyed upon (i.e. disrespected). It is also what drives Michael's sister, Connie, to push his son to supersede him in the third film.

These dynamics are not purely fictional. Change the context, and it becomes the story of a political dynasty navigating the treachery seas of dynastic politics. Change it again, and you get House of Cards. The reason that context merely changes the trappings without changing the behaviors is because of this: the family is the natural unit of Mankind, and all else that is lawful in Mankind's existence is an outgrowth of it.

We are now, globally, observing that this is true. We call this "identity politics", but it is really the reality of Mankind's existence in all of recorded history and most of the current world. The West's deviation is an aberration, and renewed exposure is going to put an end to this heresy--and it is a heresy--soon enough, because if it does not then the West shall cease to exist. The nations currently exploiting the West (with the help of traitors in the states of the West) have no qualms about putting the West to the sword for no other reason than that they are not Westerners and shall not preserve it.

Nations arise as outgrowths of families, through the mechanisms of extended kinship in clans and tribes, and kingdoms emerge when a single father-figure must emerge for the smooth execution of the duty to preserve the nation-family from predators without as well as fools within. (There is such a thing as too much talk at the wrong time.) The issue thereafter is the formalization and ossification of an emergent lawful hierarchy into artifice that does not reflect the shifting circumstances that life imposes; who is king must change when the circumstances shift too severely for the current crown to meet them, something ordinarily done with the simple passage of time and encounters with hostiles taking their toll.

The limit of an authority to respond effectively to predatory threats is the actual boundary condition for any authority, be it the lawful authority of a family (at any scale) or the artifice of a state (similarly, or subset thereof, such as a military). The question of legitimacy turns on this capacity, and people will accept many hardships and restrictions on individual agency so long as their father-figure is seen to effectively execute the duties put to him. It is no accident that political thought equates the people to children, for without the wisdom of the father too many too often are little more than children- and this very well-known phenomenon is proof of a fundamental quality of Mankind's nature, one that cannot be changed.

The answer to the matter of Empire is to acknowledge this as Natural Law, and to abandon everything that denies it in favor of reforming one's communities and societies into lawful reflections of this fact. Patriarchy is Natural Law.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Life is a Solved Problem

I have reason to believe that all of life is a solved problem.

The reason I say so is that all of the issues Mankind faces today are problems faced before, sometimes successfully and sometimes not. The causes are the same, the phenomena through which these problems arise and proceed are the same, and therefore so are the solutions. We already know what to do to solve the problem. This is the definition of a solved problem.

So we are dealing with a lack of will coupled with a lack of clarity caused by deliberate deception. Those pushing the problem (for whatever reasons) are lying to the rest of us for their own benefit, which makes what they are doing fraud and thus inherently predatory. The problems are solved; all that needs be done is to apply the solution.

Ultimately, what this means is simple: to declare clearly what the problem is, who is responsible for it, and execute them all for their predatory behavior. Zombies, et. al., are not real: corpses cannot (and therefore do not) reoffend, so killing those who do you or yours harm is not wrong, not a crime, and not even offensive. It is laudable, necessary, and expected of anyone seeking to get and remain free from Empire.

Apply the solutions. Empire cannot withstand Natural Law, which is what that means. Empire must fall.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

The Rules That Exist Are Those Enforced

(Note: This post follows on from last week's post.)

The thing that distinguishes the Law of Nature from the Law of Man is that the latter does not enforce itself. Even children grasp this fact, summarized so brilliantly in this playground retort: "Make me."

Government is about control. You can proclaim all the rules you want, but if you cannot compel compliance then your words are senseless blather and what respect you have soon drains away. When speaking of self-government, starting with the individual, we term this "discipline" and rightly regard a lack of it as a mark of poor character. Individuals do what they do not want to secure benefits or necessities they want or need. As it is for individuals, so it is for groups of any size.

The difference is that enforcement externalizes in groups. The rule-maker relies on enforcers to compel compliance. This is true when the rule is reasonable, right, and proper as when it is not; the reason it is so is because the power to compel compliance means removing the power to act from those one seeks compliance from.

This is why competent rule creation rests upon shaping the ability of those targeted to comply, instead of relying upon argument of any kind; if the capacity to disobey is crippled, depreciated, or eliminated then you need not rely on enforcers as often or as severely to gain compliance. Use technical means over other options whenever you can, because their opinion of the rules is irrelevant is they lack the means to defy it.

Go back to that retort: "Make me". That's what has to be kept in mind when you go about making rules; if you can't make them comply, then your rule will be defied. It is the same if the defiance is reasonable or not, because you lack the means to enforce your will. Control over others necessarily requires possessing the means to destroy what they value most, for otherwise you have nothing to negotiate with.

Make no mistake; enforcement is negotiation. You're using violence (actual or the threat thereof) to say "Compliance is your better option." If you are unable to do this, then your rules--for all intents and purposes--do not exist. Being unwilling is the same as being unable, with the sole difference being the speed of remedy.

This is the practical part of power being in the ability to act, and never in deliberation or judgement. There are plenty of people deliberating on anything and everything; they lack the ability to act, so their opinions can be (and often are) ignored as they can't act on them. Plenty of people make judgments, but also cannot act on them, and are just as impotent so they too get ignored. The open hand and the closed fist matter far more than tomes of law or the councils of the wise, as every man whose dealt with the unruly and predatory knows to his cost.

And it is because human predators exist that the rules must be enforced--and seen to be enforced; invisible enforcement is no enforcement--for them to have their desired effect. The unruly can be cowed; predators must be exterminated without mercy or hesitation, as they brook no other limit to their predation, and they regard non-resistance as weakness (and weakness as consent to their predations).

Fortunately, this is a solved problem. The issue now is the unwillingness to apply the solution.