Sunday, April 15, 2018

Status Matters: Why Dr. Gender Studies Defeats Master Plumber in Life

People laugh about, and lament at times, being pushed into a university degree over other options like Trade School. They talk about how they know people who did so and now live debt-free. For all those folks, necessary as they are, I always see the same result: they still end up under the boot of a university graduate.

It's about status.

The plumber who has no debt, his own home free and clear, same with his late-model truck AND car, is always inferior in status to Dr. Gender Studies ringing him up at the gas station.

You think not? Wait until Dr. Gender Studies gets political and starts playing the hustle. NOW that degree pays off; the grants, the patronage, the media deference, the sudden employment in office jobs with minimal work for maximal pay (plus benefits)- all of that comes from that PHD, and once that gravy train starts it only goes up from there.

Frame Game Radio calls this "The Diversity Industry", but you older folks known this as the "Sharpton Shakedown" racket, and it is how Dr. Gender Studies translates the potential to the real. That is why the smarter ones get into organizing, read Saul Alinksy, and participate in lefty agit-prop; they're learning their trade- how to weaponize empathy to shake down suckers and marks for profit.

There is no way that Master Plumber can out-status Dr. Gender Studies, and Dr. Gender Studies knows it. Soon the Dr. has that plumber by the balls, extracting money and other concessions (e.g. diversity hire slots, which goes to the Dr.'s friends, family, and allies) via lawfare and media manipulation (the real trade skills).

Frame Game Radio even has a name for this: The High Sparrow Strategy.

Now watch. Watch to see which of these college kids starts that hustle; they're the would-be Sparrows, and where one pops up a lot more rally in hopes of getting in on the racket somehow. That Hogg kid? He made his first go of it; he's had a taste, and he'll come back for more.

That's what we're producing now: High Sparrows and their cadres of Useful Idiots to throw at shakedown targets. Don't say it's not a thing, or you wouldn't be wondering why the culture industry is so full of them. Not all of them will reach the coveted status of a High Sparrow, but many of them will do just fine being the right-hand hench-things of a High Sparrow. They acquire status to attain power, and through power they take the wealth via the State of Master Plumber to first satisfy outstanding debts and then become stupidly wealthy.

The smarter ones don't necessarily have (SJW tag) Studies degrees. They have Public Relations, Marketing, Journalism, Communications, etc. degrees and network their way into becoming a handler for front-things like Dr. Gender Studies. The smartest go into traditional professions--Banking, Law, Medicine--with a secondary study in media so they can work the Talking Head and PR games as required but otherwise stay behind the camera. Nonetheless, they have the real skills needed to seize and hold power now; sending kids to the trades may get them a more-or-less debt-free adult life, but always in servitude to people who wield real power- and that is one way that Empire keeps its parasitic life going. Until you can upend the status game, Empire can't fall.

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