Sunday, July 1, 2018

Narrative Warfare: Vox Day, "Don't Talk to the Media"

This Darkstream is vital for anyone, regardless of your politics or where you live, who is not in lock-step with the media.

This here is the core point:

"It doesn't even matter what you do or what you say, the narrative is already written, the story has already been laid out. All they're doing now when they talk to you is getting kill quotes and getting words that they can then spin to claim that they've given you a fair shake. You see, when they contact you, what they tell you is that they want to give you your chance to tell your side of the story, and the thing is, the clear implication is already there! You know, they're already signalling what they're going to do to you because the other side of the story, the story that is not your side of the story, is the narrative."

Listen to the whole thing. It's worse than it's ever been, so I now accept the same position of total non-contact. This is not idle posturing on my part; if my literary ambitions take off, then I'm going to attract more media attention from the same vultures and I do not want those rancid frauds anywhere near me or mine. (And, in Minnesota, I can and will file criminal charges if they try this crap; "Criminal Defamation" is a thing here.)

This is Narrative Warfare 101, folks. The media has the platform with the reach to shape public opinion, and while they are in the downward spiral now that doesn't mean they are not dangerous. Don't feed the beast. It's no different than not giving money to those who hate you. While I have legal recourse that doesn't require civil suits to leverage, most of you don't; by freezing them out entirely, not even responding to requests, you force them to work with weaksauce Wokeness word salad to attack you. That makes dealing with them much easier.

(Of course, if you can nail them with criminal charges, do so and enjoy the perpwalks; turn that "process is punishment" back on them.)

Vox lays it out here:

"And what they want you to do is they want you to play defense to their prosecuting attorney. That's the whole idea! You are there to be the subject of the interrogation and they are the stars who are prosecuting you. Now, of course that's why they want to talk to you! They don't need you to verify any facts, they will completely ignore anything that you say if you manage to somehow miraculously defang and conclusively disprove an assertion that was part of their narrative."

Editing is a hell of a drug. The power to make anyone say anything you want is a potent one when talking media, and far too many take what they see and hear in the media as factual without question. However, the more people become aware of Narrative Warfare and how it works the less effective this basic approach becomes. Just pretend that the media is that hot chick with the crazy eyes: stay away- it's never worth it to get with that. Stay clear; Empire is falling.

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