Sunday, November 4, 2018

Narrative Warfare: The Push Against Free Speech Online (SGT Report)

This video got released on SGT Report's YouTube channel this past Monday. It features an interview with the CEO of Minds, and it talks about Big Social and the SJW push to deplatform Wrongthinkers via both public and private measures.

As Vox Day stated a week ago via the Darkstream, corporations are creations of the State and therefore are subject to regulation by the State; the creation is always subordinate to the creator. The same can be said of any legally-recognized business, which is indeed the basis for regulation of private enterprise by the State generally.

Once that fact gets out there, LOLbertarian fuckwittery about Muh Private Business (and the SJW bullshit that appropriates it) goes out the window. If you're relying on a State-granted licenses to do business, then the State can order you to do business as it commands on pain of revocation of that license (whatever that entails), up to and including big stompy men with big fuckoff guns smashing your shit in.

And that, ultimately, is what it's going to take: the unapologetic use of State force to compel Big Social and its allies to play nice or be destroyed- and then to follow through and obliterate, literally and metaphorically, however many institutions and individuals are required to put this down for good. This is practical sovereignty legitimately employed to protect the people from predators, and it is right and proper to kill and destroy those that prey upon you and yours.

I fully expect this to be part of the post-election action from the God-Emperor, as Big Social is a key element of the Deep State's oppression of the American people.

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