Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Fraud That Is Debt

There is no debt. This is the big secret that the global banking system doesn't want to let it, but it follows logically from the following:
  • The claims of debt stem from unlawful loans. A lawful loan is a lawful contract. A lawful contract requires two things that all loans lack: both parties signatures, and both parties' providing valuable consideration. No loan has both parties' signatures, and the lender never has valuable consideration; the "loan" principle doesn't even exist before the lendee signs the document, as it is created out of nothing as a bookeeping entry and then lent into existence. The lender risks nothing, and therefore offers nothing of value to consider. By Natural and Common Law, the loans are all fraudulent, and therefore the obligations are null and void.
  • All currency in existence today is a true fiat currency. It is backed by nothing real, has no intrinsic value (by definition; otherwise it would be money, not currency), and therefore subject to manipulation by parties and factors that have nothing to do with reality; the only difference between the paper money in a Monopoly set and the paper money recognized as legal tender by governments is that very recognition. Whenever governments fall, that paper (and its electronic counterpart), you might as well wipe your ass with it because that's about all it's good for anymore. The real insiders always transform their paper currency into real assets--land, gold, silver, etc.--when they can't run and instead have to hide their wealth through such situations.
  • The notes created by these loans are bought and sold so much that lawful custody cannot be proven. The original holder often sells their note to another party, signally or bundled with others, and the new owner assumes the duties of the lender. However, if challenged many of these claimants do not prove that they actually hold the note; the chain of custody broke, and confidence cannot be re-established. A lawful claimant has to produce the original note, produce proof of a lawful chain of custody from the original owner to his ownership, and then prove that the contract itself is lawful; no lender or claimant can do all of this, so all debt claims are null and void- don't bother complying with their criminal actions.
  • The claims of there being insufficient funds is a lie. Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (contrary to the claims made at the linked article) do prove that most petty and great entities of government are actually quite healthy financially, but hide this wealth to scam we the people out of more and more of our own material wealth via fraudulent claims for taxation as well as fee levies (when they're not slapped do in court or legislative venues). As the video below shows--recorded in 2000--this has gone on at all levels for a generation, if not longer. No agency or level of government is broke.

There is no debt. The claims of debt that you have are bullshit. The claims that governments--all of them--have are bullshit. The reasons do vary, but the results are the same: the claims of others to your wealth are founded on lies, and those lies demand defiance and retribution by us upon them. Empire must fall, and this is a vital step to that goal.

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