Sunday, January 26, 2014

Ukraine: The Media Coverage Exposes The Need For Multiple Sources

The media coverage regarding what's going on in Ukraine is a rather telling thing in its own right, and it demonstrates why no one should rely on just one source or set of sources and instead should maintain as diverse a set of media outlets as one can find and manage.

The Anglo-American Establishment (whom some refer to as "the globalists") uses its media outlets to promote a media narrative about the Ukraine protests as that of a population deeply desirous of tighter ties to Western Europe through the joining of the European Union and shying away from its established ties to Moscow (and thus its presence in the Russian sphere of influence), and the government's violent response is inspired by would-be Czar Putin using the pro-Moscow government of Ukraine as a cat's paw in throwing Russian imperial might around. Russian media promotes a narrative of an imperialist West subverting a prosperous traditional ally and poisoning it against its old friend and big brother, and the protests are actually a Western Intelligence operation run by the C.I.A. with aide from MI6 and other Western agencies and militaries intending to usurp Ukraine's government and making it a pawn for Western imperial ambitions.

The problem is that both narratives have traction, and they have traction because past similar incidents--going back at least into the 19th century--did actually happen for the reasons claimed in this current incident. The problem is compounded because the target audiences for these outlets are primed to accept the proposed narratives without any critical thought, and then prompted to act on those uncritically-accepted narratives upon the agencies most capable of changing the targeted groups' actions. (In this case, it would be the Ukraine government that's being fought over and the pressure groups are governments, celebrities, and non-government organizations with ties to Ukraine.) There has been precious little independent analysis of the events in Ukraine to date.

"Precious little", is not none. Boiling Frogs Post has an article that, unfortunately for those wishing that this was a true uprising against an evil Putin, exposes the origins of the protests as stemming from a Western intelligence operation. In other words, the Russian narrative has actual substance to it. The article's publishing date of the 7th, well before the current violence, makes itself even more credible now that we've seen that the claim--that this Ukraine thing is really an externally-organized and supported operation meant to place a pro-West puppet in charge--be substantiated in recent days. The Anglo-American media is, quite frankly, lying about the Ukraine just as they did about Egypt (the previous big success for this group, now known as Canvas and formerly as Optor, using Tahrir Square as its staging ground to replace one expired puppet with the new hotness: the Muslin Brotherhood).

If not for these independent sources, doing actual journalism and using open sources of information to process data into useful reports and producing their citations so we don't have to take their word for it, we'd soon be paralyzed by competing propaganda machines (which work well enough for Empire and its Thralls; if we don't fight, why we don't doesn't matter). This thing in Ukraine is part of a larger geo-political campaign by the West against Russia (mirrored by Western maneuvering against China; Joel Skousen is right: this is a conflict between three global powers), and we should keep this in mind as it goes towards its conclusion.

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