Sunday, April 27, 2014

Net Neutrality Is Critical to Human Freedom

So, the FCC is set to allow Comcast to play favorites in Internet traffic.

Since three of the FCC's key members are nothing more than slave-agents to Comcast and its allies, it should be no surprise that they acted on behalf of their true masters to seize control of the Internet and attempt to turn it into a vast collection of walled gardens with velvet ropes and VIP sections. This is nothing more than an outright power grab on a global medium under the color of "free trade". Everyone, worldwide, is immediately and directly affected by this scam- and everyone needs to threaten bloody murder (literally, as in "Anonymous will find where you fuckers live, tell everyone, and then mobs will descend on you and butcher you like the pigs you are") to stop this because that's what it will take to stop this.

Do you like being able to set up your own little online business and engage in international commerce with the entire planet? This decision will FUCK YOU IN THE ASS. Do you like being able to buy from those businesses? FUCKED IN THE ASS. Communicate with the entire planet, about all sorts of topics? FUCKED. ASS.

Do you like being able to get information about something happening in someplace distant from you from people who are there, that you trust, without have to deal with some bullshit "official narrative"? You, buddy, are GOING TO GET FUCKED FIRST. That's what is in Comcast's sights, since Comcast is a media company that's deeply embedded with the Anglo-American Establishment through chains of corporate ownership; no more RT, no more PressTV, no more Dude On The Ground w/ a Reddit Account doing AMAs, no more citizen news reporting, no more of any of that. Why? Because those outlets are going to get throttled to oblivion, and when folks resort to the Dark Net to compensate the next step will be to make use of a VPN a criminal offense in itself using piracy and terrorism as their covers; more people get nailed, jailed, and then nailed while in jail. The first step in a police state crackdown is to choke uncontrolled information conduits.

Comcast WILL play favorites, by that I mean that Comcast will run a protection racket. "Nice business you got here. Sure would be a shame if you lacked the bandwidth to handle it." Comcast will pick winners and losers, and take bribes to influence its picks. It intends to fully adapt to the Internet Age by making the Internet into Cable, and that's putting it nicely; putting it bluntly is to say that Comcast fully intends to control what you see, how you see it, when, where, and how- and take bribes to influence each and every one of those steps. Like Raw Story? Better hope they paid the protection fee. Into InfoWars? Likewise. Your favorite YouTube, Twitch, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Netflic, Hulu, HBO Go, or other video/streaming sites? Better hope that they can somehow pay more per month (or whatever) than the MPAA and RIAA over throttling their connections. Like buying the latest Gundam model straight from Japan? Better hope that Paypal and Hobby Japan are current on their payments. Are you into Bitcoin or its competitors? Each and every one of them will have to cough up the protection money or get fucked. Like buying PC games over Steam or Origin? Ditto.

Your autonomy, your freedom of association, your power to direct your life in all things is DIRECTLY UNDER ATTACK by this move.

Your online banking, if it's not one of the Too Bigs, will get throttled to death if Comcast gets its way. Your ability to make use of services like LegalZoom, or your county/city libraries, or your university services, are also under attack. It does not matter if you think you have nothing to hide, or if you're within legal limits. You are being treated like a child here, as if you are too fucking retarded or insane to handle your own affairs, and until you stand up and defend your natural rights by any means necessary you will be treated like a retarded child by those who think themselves your masters.

So, for those inclined to stay within the bullshit systems of government increasingly revealed as nothing more than leg-breakers for corporate-centered elite interests, lean on your national governments. Lean hard; make it crystal clear that those in office now WILL NOT STAY IN OFFICE so long as Net Neutrality is not sacrosanct world-wide. Lean on every last NGO that you can, no matter what they're about. Their ability to freely communicate are just as threatened as yours or mine by this move, so they too are directly and immediately affected by it, and therefore they too have a vested interest in seeing it taken out by the woodshed and clubbed to death with a baseball bat. They really don't want to pay protection money just to do business at all, so they're better off fighting it than going along with it. Lean on every for-profit business you can. All concerns great and small are better off fighting this than siding with it, but especially small businesses and those not favored by these mega-corporations such as Comcast: Apple, Google, Samsung, Toshiba, Sony, Smith & Wesson, Winchester, Gollanz, Amazon, Kodak, and so many more are ALL better off with Net Neutrality as a sacred pillar of world civilization.

Lean, people. Lean good and hard. Especially those of you outside of the United States, LEAN DAMMIT. The Obama Administration will fold faster than Superman on laundry day if a critical mass of foreign governments, especially European and Far Eastern ones, turn out for Net Neutrality as an untouchable principle of both world trade and world civilization. (Sure, hypocricy abounds, but that's a post for another day.) Translate and spread this post everywhere you want to link or repost it. (Just link it back here and attribute properly; credit where credit is due.)

But we need a Plan B, and that plan is this: take advantage of the accelerating velocity of technological development, especially where the Internet is concerned, and support ALL efforts to take this capacity for a thing like Comcast (or a government, for that matter) to acquire and use such control. Render the threat obsolete. Internet technology moves far, far faster than governments can legislate or regulate and we need to exploit this fact to ensure the continued survival of a free and open network. We must see this move as damage, and route around it ASAP. Cut out the bastards, and continue out without them.

The logical consequence of this is an increased movement towards a practical global anarchy as the ability for people to organize themselves to fulfill their needs and express their desires will show more and more people just how irrelevant corporations and governments really are- and that we need to kick both of them to the curb if Mankind is to move on to its full maturity as both a species and as a collection of free and independent individuals. This move is a direct threat to world freedom; it is slavery in action.

We can't fulfill the increasing trend towards decentralization of all human life, and the empowerment of common people, if this goes through; it has to stop, NOW, just like SOPA and PIPA got stopped or everyone that is not Them loses. Empire must fall.

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