Sunday, March 2, 2014

Ukraine: Not This Shit Again (or "The Media Failed To Do Its Fucking Job")

1854 called. It wants its imperialist geopolitical bullshit back.

Fuck John Kerry. This is not a "new Cold War". This is a repeat of the bullshit that lead up to the Crimean War of the 1850s, only now featuring the Michael Bay upgrade of thermonuclear warfare and World War 3, so it's hardly some petty little regional thing that can be safely ignored if you're not there or doing business with someone that is. If this isn't diffused, there's a non-trivial chance of the nukes flying and no one sane wants that.

Yes, the Establishment media in the United States proves itself completely useless at best. Their counterparts in the United Kingdom, the rest of the Commonwealth (chiefly Canada and Australia), on the continent and even RT are far better at handling this Ukraine matter than the worthless twats led by the New York City and Washington D.C. bureaus. However, there is an emerging media narrative out of the Western outlets that the Eastern (Russian, really) outlets gainsay (for obvious reasons): the Russian move into the Crimea is a de facto invasion akin to the annexation of the German Sudetenland by Nazi Germany prior to World War 2. The Russian media narrative is that Russia has an existing treaty with Ukraine permitting Russian military presence and movement around its military (naval, really) bases, that the troops are not new units from Russia moving in but existing ones reorganizing for better installation security, and that this is all within the treaty allowances- and, therefore, Western criticism is out of line.

Guess what? The Russian narrative is technically correct, which is why legal moves in the United Nations will fail; there is an existing contract in place, and Russia's actions are in accord with it. The Western narrative is politically correct, which is why a US-led NATO will push Russia to back off anyway; this is an old-school color-of-law annexation, with local popular support, so not only does it make sense but it will succeed in the short and likely the medium-run (the long run is too far out to see clearly). However, Obama is a proven incompetent in foreign affairs and Putin will play him like a fiddle to make this move in the Crimea stick. (No, no one else in the West is good enough to stop Putin either.)

So, since the Establishment media is no help here, let's review what the alternative media has to say?

Infowars: Bring on Joel Skoulsen, have him push his World War 3 scenario (where Russia and China turn on the rest of the planet using nuclear warfare before they turn on each other and once worn down the Globalists suddenly reappear using Area 51 supertech to conquer the planet) while arguing that this Ukraine destablization is actually a Russian Intelligence false-flag scheme using a gang-countergang operation (i.e. controlled opposition) to scam the world into thinking that the West is behind the Ukraine government turnover in order to justify annexation of the Russian-dominant section of the region, using Russian control over energy sources that Eastern Europe depends upon as blackmail to ensure compliance. Not helping.
Buzzsaw: Bring on Helga Zepp-LaRouche to push the LaRouche Cult's usual doomsaying over Putin while talking up FDR and a New New Deal or NUKE FLY EVERYONE FRIES!. (Excuse me while I roll my eyes. Sean Stone, you biffed it this time, majorly. You might as well have brought on a Scientologist.)
RT: In the tank for the Kremlin. Can't trust it to be reliable in this matter.
Everyone Else: The better ones are still processing information that is available, and the rest are echoing Infowars to varying degrees. Barf.

No one competent is paying fucking attention to the real echo from history here, and that's the Crimean War of 1851-54. The bulk of it was imperial maneuvering over Russian access to war-water ports, using various entangling alliances compelling the intervention of various imperial powers (Russia and the U.K., really, but the others of the day kept a hand in) using then-novel notions of nationalism and ethnic identity as excuses for imperialist land-grabs, economic system-wrangling, and influence-peddling. Look at both the present issue and the Crimean War as examples of rival crime families trying to muscle each-other out of a promising territory to run their rackets and you've got a sound basis to properly examine the who, what, when, where, why, and how of this entire bullshit in and around Ukraine.

And shame on the alternative media for utterly biffing it. Aside from guys like Ben Swann, who's got enough sense to just ask questions and report facts for now until he's got something solid to run with, and other very small outlets who's leadership are similarly sensible, it's a massive pile of fail right now and folks ought to be shaming them all into shaping up and flying right. Incompetence of this nature can't make Empire fall.

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