Sunday, March 16, 2014

Venezuela's Current Sitation: Another Screw Job.

The other day, the Venezuelan government decided to bitchslap John Kerry verbally.

The accusation levied--that the Obama Administration is involved in supporting the protests--has weight because this is the Anglo-American Establishment way of doing things, and has since Kermit Roosevelt installed the Shah in Iran during the 1950s. In Central and South America, American imperialism has a generations-long history of intervention into the internal affairs of those states, routinely for the benefit of American interests. Greg Gandin's book, Empire's Workshop, lays this out quite clearly. Do not be surprised to read that this is what is going on in the days to come; it's so blatantly a part of the playbook.

No, really, it totally is. Sanctions are the first step. The rest, as John Perkins made clear in Confessions of an Economic Hit-Man. is "regime change" by various means of increasing directness. Backing the protests through deniable cat's paws--Non-Governmental Organizations, usually--that exploit extant sentiment for imperialist ends is a well-established practice. This application of the Hegelian Dialectic, controlling opposition to achieve an as-yet unseen (but desired) result regardless of who wins, is the hallmark of Anglo-American imperialism.

So watch for slick media manipulation like what we've seen out of Ukraine, covering up Western use of Neo-Nazis to unseat pro-Russian factions and place pliable puppets into place instead, should it become necessary to do so at all. (Right now, Venezuela is an also-ran in Western media attention due to both historical trends of resistance being futile--seriously, those Venezuelan military cadres are beneficiaries of the School of the Americas, and thus will not hesitate to butcher those college kids if given orders to do so--and a lack of pressing geo-political importance. Once the Establishment picks a winner, this will end.) Nothing will change once it's resolved; some people will die, a de facto blood sacrifice to the inhuman gods that keep the Establishment running, and like Brazil it will be suppressed because the true resistance lacks both the means and the will to actually fix their problems for good. (Hint: Trying to Gandhi your way out of this will just result in your own death.)

So, expect the resistance to be infiltrated, subverted, betrayed, and ultimately exploited to keep Anglo-American interests there safe and secure from that pesky population demanding to be treated like human beings whose lives have value. This is no way to end Empire, and until enough of the people down there realize it's either walk away from Omelas or reduce Carthage to salted ruins this cycle of violence and despair will persist. No downtrodden folk are going to become free without paying a price in blood, bone, and fire- and no one will retain it without paying that price again periodically forever after. Total pacifism's time has come and gone; we're back to the mean now, and that means putting the pointy end in the other guy- the other guy, who is also the one preying upon you, your family, and your world without mercy or remorse. Freedom requires the death of Empire, so make it fall.

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