Saturday, March 22, 2014

Uncorking Conspiracy - Beard World Order 1

Tom Secker's involved in another podcast. Here's the copy from the YouTube upload: "Welcome to The Beard World Order: Tom Secker, James Corbett, and Guillermo Jimenez are back, better, and more bearded than ever. On today's episode we "uncork the bottle of conspiracy" and discuss what Tom refers to as "nihilism within the truth movement."
How far does the rabbit hole go for you? Where is your "crazy line" in the sand? We talk movie magic, "fake drills," the crisis actor meme, the "Hollywoodization" of reality, the "government shill" smear, the "who should I trust" conundrum, and all sorts of other weirdly interesting phenomena within this world of "conspiracy."
Oh, and also: James Corbett is exposed as an actor secretly living in Arizona."

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