Sunday, September 6, 2015

[Bonus Post] (Corbett Report) Shemitah 2015 - Prophecy or Quackery?

(And from the Woo files...)

(Originally posted on Sep 2, 2015. SHOW NOTES AND MP3:

Today James is joined by Jeff Berwick of to discuss his viral video "Shemitah Exposed: Financial Crisis Planned For September 2015" and his new book on the subject. They share their views of what the Shemitah is and isn't and discuss the value of promoting this prophecy as a warning for the coming financial chaos.

(Corbett Report) The Eyeopener: Syria Invasion Watch - Sibel Edmonds on Turkey, False Flags and the Timeline to War

(Originally Published on Aug 13, 2015)

Syria is once again the centre of attention with Washington and Ankara agreeing on "ISIS-free zones" that each partner is interpreting in its own way. Joining us to explore those interpretations is Sibel Edmonds of, just back from the region with intel on a possible timeline for increased military action in the country. In this conversation James and Sibel discuss Turkey's battle against the Kurds and how the Kurdish population are being used by the US and Israel as pawns in a complex chess game. We also examine the recent bombing in Suruc and signs that it was a false flag provocation.