Sunday, November 27, 2022

On Legitimacy And The State

The following, abridged, is taken from a conversation Beige Shiba had regarding the FTX situation. Irrelevant elements were edited out. Emphasis added by me.

I actually listened to a rather good podcast taking on this whole FTX thing, it's just that it's a leftie podcast analysing it through a Marxist lens...

Basically, IMO it's as good an analysis as it's possible to do while avoiding the elephant of the room in terms of how all the bad actors (bankers, regulators & press/PR goons) all hang out together at the same place on Saturday.

(Since lefties can never admit this because that would mean admitting that righties are correct about something, which their delicate egos cannot allow. Also admitting it means being cut off from the banking and finance systems which these people totally don't control in a cartel-like fashion)

But as long as you're willing to tolerate that glaring blind spot, it's a good take. At the very least the lefty podcasters are able to acknowledge the systems are completely and utterly corrupt, even if they refuse to admit who is behind the corruption.

Meanwhile apart from outliers like us, righties simply refuse to admit that institutions are horribly corrupt and illegitimate. They'll simp for "Law and Order" even as the boot crushes their windpipe.

The problem is that we're low key surrounded by either boot tasting enjoyers, or libertarian losers whos reaction to learning that the government is basically just another gang is to go "Well clearly, I need to set out on my own and be a super inviting target for organised predatory gangs"

Lefties are mostly profiting off the corruption so their objection to it is mostly just performative and righties mostly refuse to admit the corruption exists or even if they do, refuse to engage in any actually effective mitigation strategies.

There are some folks on the Right that talk about Legitimacy and the State. Not enough people listen to them.

This needs to be hammered as if it were by the fist of an angry God. You are not obligated to serve or obey that which preys upon you and yours. A State that betrays the purpose that justifies its existence--for the West, under the nation-state, that is to serve and protect the nation that granted its existence and benefits from it--is not legitimate and therefore is owed neither obedience nor allegience.

Yet Western states do just that.

They are captured by Empire. Who, or what, do those captured states serve? That is the Imperial party of the West; cut that head off and Empire in the West falls.

Sunday, November 20, 2022

On Antifa

Antifa showed up again recently to protect another Drag Queen Story Hour event.

People showed up to meme on them. Certain people, like Mystery Grove Publishing, objected to this as ineffective. I pushed back, pointing out that Antifa showing up as an armed milita is not a leading indication of Death Cult convergence and subordination to the Globohomo Regime, but rather that it was a lagging indicator; by the time stunts like this go down, the enemy already seized control of the area.

TLDR: You don't see this-

-without this preceding it.

That is Minnesota Attourney General Keith Ellison. You'll find his son in government in the Twin Cities, and said son boasts of having been on the street.

As Beige Shiba explains:

They're basically a paramilitary, most of the people commanding them are literally plain clothes cops. Just about everyone involved knows this and is totally cool with it.

Again, anything the US Government isn't able to do themselves legally, they just spin up some sort of non state actor to do it on their behalf. Sometimes it's an NGO, sometimes it's a tech company, sometimes it's a crustpunk paramilitary group.

That's what Antifa is: a deniable paramilitary asset to be used for murking opposition that Globohomo can't use the State to eliminate. For you WW2 fetishists, think of the various deathsquads that followed the military advances and genocided Desiganted Demographics because the sponsoring regime said so. That's why Antifa is a lagging indicator; they have to have State protection to function as intended, and when this is not in place you find Antifa failing spectacularly.

What does this mean? If Antifa is anything but a joke, then where you live is Enemy Territory.

Using Lawfare against Antifa means getting smacked with Federal hate crime issues, media hitpieces that excuse being unpersoned online and your bank accounts seized (remember the Canadian trucker convoy), and tortious interference in your business affairs no matter what they are--jobs lost, clients drop you, contracts cancelled, etc.--because they don't want that attention on them.

There is something to note, however. Like all paramilitary death squads--which is what Antifa is; just as Kyle Rittenhouse--they are prepared for, and train for, open opposition against forthright (and often naive) targets. Against targets that make the trees speak Finnish, the jungles speak Vietnamese, or the mountains echo in Pashtun they either run or die.

That, dissidents, is what you have to accept when you confront Antifa: you are dealing with a State-supported death squad. You are already defacto criminalized if they show up to fuck with you. You do not deal with them by being the Sheriff. You do not deal with them by being Rambo. You deal with them by not being seen or heard as you make them disappear into your compost pile, because they are a Counter-Insurgency Death Squad so you better be a better insurgent if you want to deal with them.

"But that's illegal!"

Again, Beige Shiba in a one-two punch:

You are not voting or suing your way out. Your existence is illegal. Deal with it, do what it takes to win, or suffer the boot.

Sunday, November 13, 2022

A Look At Globohomo's Best Narrative Warrior

I'd been looking for sometime for a Globohomo perspective that articulates its objectives in clear language, the sort that one used with friendly audiences. Peter Zeihan has proven himself to be that mouthpiece.

For all the explanatory power that we have from men like Richard Grove their media creations that synthesizes source documentation into digestible intelligence, hearing those same sentiments from the enemy's own mouth has far more power and that's why finding Zeihan was a boon for me.

It does not matter if Zeihan is a practicing cultist, a mere true believer in the secular materialism he speaks of, or a cynical opportunist that's playing a very long con; the result is the same regardless of the motive- he is the most effective speaker for Globohomo that there is at this time. The biggest tell that he's The Guy, as it were, is in the sheer number of low-effort YouTube channels that make money off taking audio clips of him and setting them--often with poor auto-generated subtitles--to stock footage.

The result is that his take is now widely distributed and readily available. What is below is typical of this sort of thing.

Because of the Ukraine War and the Taiwan situation, he's been asked a lot about both countries this year. They are both big players in BRICS, the association set to counter Globohomo, and men like Vox Day have long said that these two countries will team up to take down Globohomo. What that neglected was geopolitics and intergenerational logistics, the things Zeihan is good at. Below are Zeihan on Russia and China on these matters. TLDR: They're screwed, so Globohomo can just wait them BOTH out.

What I want you to get is not just that Zeihan is conducting Narrative Warfare, but that he is one of the best at it and that the anti-Globo side has no one countering Zeihan.

Zeihan, far more than anyone else, is effective at communicating a narrative of Globohomo victory. Like many competent Narrative Warriors, he uses facts to spin a narrative. The trick? His are independently verifiable, which means that they are not just disconnected facts but a body of evidence. That additional credibility is what puts Peter over the top and allows his mask slips to not harm him and instead paint George Galloway, The Duran, New Atlas, and other anti-Globohomo counterparties as incompetents to be ignored.

Narrative Warfare is about credibility because credibility is what allows you to build a solid narrative frame. Zeihan, whether he knows it or not, is effective because of this; he tells a tale without going into spewing bullshit because he knows that anyone serious about rebutting his claims can't get past his evidence. To counter him you either have to get better evidence or you have to build an alternative frame, and so far Globohomo's enemies can't get the former at all or succeed with the latter without massive hard info control that is also easy for Globohomo to use against them- and it does, just look at how the CCP gets knocked around for its propaganda regime.

So what is that Globohomo narrative that Zeihan explains? It has to do with The Great Reset.

"The US is all set to go it alone."

That's not just geopolitics, that's Globohomo's intent now that the leap to China is a no-go. (That, by the way, is what Xi Jinping really did; he stopped Hu and Jiang from letting that happen.)

The idea is to wreck the globe again, reindustrialize the US, reinforce Canada and Mexico as its bitches, clear out Asian and European influence in the Americas and then repeat the post-WW2 rebuilding process. That is the Great Reset.

To ensure that there's enough cheap labor at home, the borders are down and in they come- and are dual-used as street thugs against the American nation that hasn't already taken the ticket. This is why the anti-White stuff is going on here and in Europe; once the US is secured, the rest of the West will be Brazilified into a racial caste system with Loyalist (((Fellow))) Whites on top and any non-Whites will be similiarly comprised of ticket takers like Sunak in the UK.

They're anticipating the population crash and the loss that goes with the Boomers dying off. Globohomo seeks to use this period of retrenchment and global chaos to complete the foundation for a new, globalized, Tower of Babel with themselves on top and the United States as the metropole that is both the base and the pinnacle of the Tower- a Tower that is also a temple to Baal and Molech, so it is built upon and fueled by human sacrifice from infants to the elderly.

And Zeihan--who, in one of his mask slips, has dismissed this global elite class as a thing--is the man that sells it to the world.

Empire does not care what its host is. It can be Globohomo, Red China, a revaunchist India, a revivalist Aztec empire that emerges out of the drug cartels of the Americas, or whatever else you can imagine so long as it persists and can strive to fulfill its Satanic ends. Therefore Empire has a bias only insofar as it favors what it knows over what it does not, all else being equal.

And after what went down in the United States this past week, and Brazil before that, don't think that Globohomo is done yet. The cunning adapt.

BRICS just lost "B". If "R" goes down, "C" is next (and "I" doesn't get along with it) by which time "S" and "I" will see the writing on the wall and get back into line.

Logistics and demography--political ecnonomy--is the thing that can't be bullshat for long; you can't long-con this stuff. That's what Zeihan relies upon to make his calls that Russia and China can be waited out, which he explains with that aforementioned evidence to friendly audiences around the world and is why despite all sorts of fuckery out of D.C., London, and Brussels Globohomo remains the favor to win the present global power struggle.

It also explains all of their domestic fuckery--what they do, how they do it, and to what end--because the Tower of Babel needs cheap labor in abundance to get built in acceptable time frames (including all the sacrifices) and if they can also be used to take out domestic resistance then so much the better.

What you need to take away from this is the following: (1) if you want to beat Empire's best Narrative Warrior, study him and learn how to beat his best moves; (2) Man alone is insufficient to beat a demonically-empowered enemy; (3) Don't take what you hear at face-value, especially if you're inclined to like it, but test it to see if it is true lest you be deceived.

Empire falls. Just not on your timeframe.

Sunday, November 6, 2022

Narrative Warfare: Twitter Turnover & The Moment At Hand

No one denies that Twitter falling into the hands of Elon Musk isn't a major sea change in the realm of Narrative Warfare.

The question is "To what extent does Elon's seizing control change Twitter's direction in terms of Narrative Warfare."

Some, such as Vox Day and Anonymous Conservative, are pessimistic and not without reason.

Social media platform Twitter has made good on its warnings and slashed 50% of its workforce, the company’s head of safety and integrity Yoel Roth announced in a tweet on Saturday.

“Yesterday’s reduction in force affected approximately 15% of our Trust & Safety organization (as opposed to approximately 50% cuts company-wide), with our front-line moderation staff experiencing the least impact,” he tweeted, emphasizing that the team responsible for monitoring and preventing misinformation and harmful content on the platform has remained largely intact.

According to Roth, battling misinformation on the platform will remain a top priority for Twitter. The same goal was emphasized by the company’s new owner, billionaire Elon Musk, in his own tweet.

In short, while Elon excised a lot of the cancer--in the form of the sheer hordes of SJW Death Cultists enjoying sinecures or adult daycare fake jobs getting the boot--key agents remain in place and there is no reason right now to believe that they won't get turfed out in turn or otherwise brought to heel.

That said, there is a real fear among those same Death Cultists that got fired this past week such that many turned to Mastodon as a replacement without knowing what the Fediverse is or how it works. This has been hilarious to watch.

Furthermore, Elon's open push to turn Verification--the blue checkmark--into a paid subscription service that anyone can access (and prorated by location; it's cheaper in cheap countries) has freaked these street-level Narrative Commissars something fierce.

Consider the possibility that Elon can break Twitter out of Globohomo control.

The freakouts and the threat of financial deplatforming--threatened in the form of advertising revenue being cutoff, and the implied threat of payment processing access also being cutoff--are not theater. Those are the exact same gangster-style threats that we see being done to Kanye West and others who have, in a way that's as real as it is metaphorical, off the plantation.

What I am not seeing from other commentors--I'll embed Auron MacIntyre's podcast today below--consider is that Elon would resort to forging backchannel alliances with one or more of the major players lining up against Globohomo: China, Russia, BRICS as a whole (and thus the Gulf States and India). By using setting himself, and Twitter, in the liminal space between these players Elon could easily play them against each other and thus guarantee Twitter (and his) autonomy.

There is a moment--a window--where the efforts of ordinary people can nudge Elon one way or another with equal weight to far bigger persons due to how Twitter works.

Doing this successfully breaks Globohomo hold on a major Narrative outlet. Doing this supremely also keeps rivals with similar motives--such as the Chinese Communist Party--from turning this into "Meet New Boss, Same As Old Boss".

We are stupid to not seize this opportunity and put in some work to help make Empire fall.