Monday, November 29, 2021

God Bless The Chans For Spreading The Truth About How The Pandemic Works

Yes, it's another more-than-usual post for Empire today. Too good to not immediately share.

The Anon that posted this quoted a blog post from John Michael Greer in its entirely. This is indeed how Wu Flu is playing out.

Save that image and host it locally, or find the original post and archive that. You'll want it handy when you inevitably have to deal with a Narrative-believing Normie.

How The Jab Leads To Global Plantation Slavery

Catherine Austin Fitts explains how the Wu Flu and Jab Passports are leading to Global Plantation Slavery. (LOLBert Nods BTFOed.)

In this second interview we conducted with Catherine Austin Fitts, we dive deeper. Learn how the central bankers are using governments around the world to implement a new system that will ultimately lead to slavery. Once you see this, you will understand the importance to resist now, before it's too late.

Original Rumble post is here, with the links to follow on from there.

Note the major element: "We don't have to obey the law. We are answerable to a higher authority."

That's Moral Vision in action, folks. These people are not petty self-interested narcissists. They serve something greater than themselves, and they know that this is so. They believe what that greater thing is about, so they willfully and willingly support and promote this scheme even if they personally suffer from the effects (which is rarely the case these days, but it does happen), and they benefit from their servitude so long as they remained compliant.

This is a cult. The Death Cult is real.

This cult is a front of Empire, one of many.

It is necessary to accept the rejection of the system Empire controls. It is necessary to build a parallel to that system and work within that whenever possible. It's going to suck. It's going to hurt. Not all of us will make it. Fitts talks about practical actions everyone can take inside the United States to move that way.

There is another, and it's a big one: cash and precious metals, not crypto. Digital currency is part of the Thralls' system; shun it as best you can.

And this parallel system needs to be international. That means private transit, alternative international banking networks, global private and home-focused education systems, and the embrace of religion.

There is a limit to using lawfare against the Thralls, but until that limit is pushed and they are forced to go mask-off about it where it can't be ignored, so lawfare is advisable. Where lawfare is not viable, warfare resumes its natural state of supremacy; act accordingly.

Empire falls, but it aims to take us with it. Be ready to get out of dodge.

Sunday, November 28, 2021

Shiba Inu of Color, What Is Your Wisdom?

Folks are still enjoying the Thanksgiving's Day weekend with their families and friends, so I'll be brief and quote a certain Shiba Inu of Color I know (from Discord):

This is the thing, nobody wants to admit that we're as bad as, possibly even worse than our enemies.

Except I keep seeing more and more evidence that is the case.

You've been told you're free. Except, you know you're not.

Now, perhaps there's a case to be made that only being allowed freedom within very strict limits set by your leaders is an agreeable state of affairs if they're benevolent.

Except, we all know they aren't.

This isn't being done for our own good, it's for their own enrichment.

Empire lies. The lies work so long as they cannot be revealed. They are being revealed. Empire falls.

Sunday, November 21, 2021

On The Acquittal of The Hero Kyle Rittenhouse

The Kenosha Kid, Kyle Rittenhouse, got acquitted on all counts this past Friday about midday. The reactions were as you would expect from the Thralls.

Which, after much mirth, prompted this reflect from everyone's favorite Good Boy Beige Shiba (via Discord):

Honestly, I don't think leftoids understand how much of a bullet they dodged as a result of Rittenhouse being acquitted.

Retaining self defence was actually the lesser evil for them.

Because if self defence just got yeeted out, the logical conclusion would be for dudes at the end of their rope to just show up to protests, loaded for bear and just go full score attack mode.

And I'm pretty confident that's what would have ended up happening.

The entire point of self defence is that it puts limitations on lawful violence. If you remove those limitations entirely, either way, you forget the matter of what people do when they don't want to live any more.

(Continued after an aside about Glowie ops)

I'm saying that if people were denied legal protection in the event of self defence, that is a potential "Welp, terrorism it is" moment.

I wouldn't expect it to be any kind of coordinated or effective resistence or insurgency.

It would just take one dude in the vicinity of each riot to go "Fuck it, I have nothing left to live for and I am fucking sick of these people".

And right now the system is creating an abundance of such people. And I think most leftoids haven't understood that because they cannot into politics.

Shiba ain't wrong, but that's the half of it.

The instant this touches off, you get a pair of mutally-reinforcing Stand-Alone Complex issues.

The Thralls, being programmable NPCs, will get Order 66 relayed to them and they'll go all Zombie Horde well past their heretofore acceptable boundaries into the suburbs and exurbs where Designated Enemies are known to reside. Despairing Normies, seeing no way out, give no fucks dumping mags into the horde--which, sooner than later, returns fire--and smarter players on both sides begin avoiding the masses in favor of scouting High Value Targets (such as journalists and media outlets) to shoot-and-scoot. Assassinations and drive-bys by both sides against those targets that don't immediately hunker down like Third World politicos get yeeted, and no the Feds won't be able to do much to keep it under control even if they wanted to (and yes, they do, for very cynical reasons).

If the Thralls got what they wanted, we'd be in a countdown to Civil War, because that's exactly what this scenario would turn into and it would be the Bosian or Yugoslavia sort of neighbor-v-neighbor score settling that gets nasty and brutal at lightspeed. The responses to the initial fighting would guarantee that Civil War would happen, and the United States would be useless internationally until well after its conclusion.

Not that the enemy won't try again, either by siccing the Feds on him or some other means, because they cannot let this affront to their amygdala--their mentality--stand; if they don't kill Kyle, they'll murder someone else--like what they did in Portland--to settle the score in their minds.

Therefore the best way to protect Kyle is to faciliate his diappearance from the scene and keep him out of sight for the time being. Let him enjoy Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's in peace with his family and friends and not worrying about some Antifa/BLM hit team or mob ambushing him out of the blue somewhere to get revenge for a pedophile, a wife-beater, and a perfidious felon. If nothing else, pray for his safety and his healing; we'll need men like him in the hard times to come as Empire falls.

Sunday, November 14, 2021

Narrative Warfare: When You See The Man Behind The Curtain

Where I agree with Vox Day yet again. In his post today, he cites this Unz article:

Tucker kept asking him why Americans should go fight and die for democracy in the Ukraine, and he just kept saying that it’s our duty to defend democracy. He also said that Joe Biden isn’t doing global democracy hard enough, and that the failure to establish democracy in Afghanistan is proof that we need to go to war with Russia.

He further said that he is not actually talking about going to war with Russia, he just wants to send troops to the Ukraine to stop a war with Russia.

It’s all just such bullshit. As any long-time reader of this site is aware, the democratically-elected president of the Ukraine was overthrown in a coup organized by the US State Department and the EU in 2014. These people were literally paying Ukrainian thugs and neo-Nazis 50 euros a day to riot and attack the cops. Then there was a conspiracy involving the shooting of ZOG-backed rioters by a secret assassin who was never arrested. The people organizing the protests said that the government had ordered the assassinations, and the rioters rushed the government buildings and overthrew the elected government. Then a new entirely Jewish government was established by the West.

Everyone knows this happened. Everyone knows that the current government of the Ukraine was not put in power by elections. But they just lie about it.

To which Vox said: “Democracy” now means “Globo-satanry“, just as “America” now means “an identity with which anyone can identify” (...) This word-witchery is how the globo-satanists can declare, with a straight face, that the US military must defend the borders of a) Taiwan, b) Ukraine, and c) Poland while simultaneously being prevented from defending the borders of the United States.

Okay, let's build this out.

Last week I posted that DW hitpiece on nationalists worldwide. This linked article shows what that Narrative Warfare is meant to faciliate in action. By engaging in Sophistry, they redefine ala 1984 anything they wish to use as a Rhetorical killshot into the form they deem suitable to grease the cognitive wheels required to provide the optics they need to do what they want to do with minimal resistance.

Thus was "Democracy" redefined into "Globohomo Death Cult Hegemony" in all but name. They do the same thing to provide Narrative cover for everything else, notably the attack on sovereign borders that we see by this promotion of unchecked migrations of peoples that are inevitably hostile--violently so--to the native nations so targeted. Belarus and Poland are fighting using this as a smokescreen, and other hidden warfare operations are going on elsewhere at this time but the breakdown is always Globohomo vs. Nationalists because we can reliably measure these things by their effects and the responses of certain actors.

This is a Clown World, operated by intelligence networks driving by a Death Cult, and therefore things are not as they seem. Knowing who benefits from what, how, and why is your best toolset to nagivating more-or-less blind- and yes, this includes things like the 10 or so explosions in West Taiwan prior to the ChiComs elevating Winnie the Pooh to be equal to Mao and Deng (as a more obvious example).

Empire falls, but it is very tall and so its fall is both long and will hit very hard.

Sunday, November 7, 2021

Narrative Warfare: When They Tell You What They Fear (Deniably)

This is a typical Globohomo Narrative Warfare attack.

The source is Deutsche Welle, Germany's international broadcaster and thus part of Germany's Establishment. Think of DW as being part of the international media Establishment and thus on par with the BBC in the UK (and its counterparts in Canada and Australia, CBC & ABC respectively), France 2 (duh), and the entire legacy broadcast media scene in the US.

In short, it's a long-ago converged media arm of Empire and thus exists to advance media narratives favorable to Globohomo.

The purpose of this documentary is not to inform Normies. This documentary exists to signal to fellow travelers that existential threats to Empire are not trivial, despite recent success in putting down those threats in the heart of its raw and soft power (US) and good news out of a breakaway province (China), and that they need to program the Normies under their control to weaponize them against these threats.

You can see this in the language used. "Democracy" is present a priori as an unalloyed good, along with all of the atomized grey goo cosmopolitan urbanite bugman social norms Globohomo promotes for Empire's totalitarian collectivism to work. The sly slights against anything contrary to Globohomo's presumptions of allowing nations to actually run their own affairs, using Muh Environmentalisms and Muh Feminisms as excuses to act and Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) as front organizations for their Intelligence operations aimed at these targetted nations.

They even slyly admit that the NGOs are fronts, in the usual manner of inversion by (a) citing a clear example of a typical Glowie op and (b) doing a DARVO move at the accusation of being a front for a hostile intelligence operation.

At no point do they deny that they are supra-national bodies taking offense as authentic nationalist moves to assert and defend its own existence and with it the right to conduct national affairs for the good of that nation first and foremost. They just don't admit it explicitly; they do so implicitly by attacking the idea that proper nations are indeed entirely homogenous populations and thus "democracy" works as literally defined, asserting instead that "Democracy" is instead how they wield power by dividing populations against themselves and using electoral mechanisms to seize and hold power for Globohomo and thus Empire.

They presume without question that they have the right to go into any country on the Earth and enforce Globohomo norms by any means necessary, and this documentary is proof of this ideological and identitarian positions. They say they favor national self-determination, but when that actually happens and it runs contrary to Globohomo that self-determination is attacked, undermined, and destroyed in favor of Globohomo imperialism- for Empire. And because they control the narrative, Globohomo media hegemony can and does frame issues to its advantage; breaking this Frame Game is required to destroy Empire.

Once you see the tells, you can't unsee it. If you can see it, you can counter it. If you can counter it, you can defeat it. Thus Empire Falls.