Sunday, August 30, 2020

This "War" Talk Is Not Serious

Most of the time I try, at worst, to be jovially edgy when I post here. Not today. Today this is a very angry rant and it won't be short. No offense offered to Mike here; he's just the guy who said the quiet part loud the other day.

This barely counts as a war, and only because one side's LARPing about it while the other side's been in fucking denial or complicity for decades on end. No one is serious about this.

"What? People are dead. Property's been destroyed."


If the Commie faggot LARPers were goddamn serious about waging war against their enemies, this country would not be able to function AT ALL. Every last thing that your 2nd Amendement sorts routinely point out on forums and chatrooms and the counters of gun stores across the United States are also known to Tankie leadership cadres. It is well known that the United States could be broken by disrupting just a handful of key Interstates, crippling a few key bridges, and taking down a score or so of power stations; due to Just In Time delivery systems for fucking everything all it would take would be to shut down the trucking industry--which the aforementioned would do--for just ONE FUCKING WEEK.

That's just for starters.

Remember my spicy post on the main blog from this past week? The one where I ranted about what guns are, how they actually work, and how people ought to be using them properly? If either side was actually serious about waging a fucking war for the United States it would make the civil warfare going on in Mexico look like fucking Amateur Night.

Imagine not being able to walk the streets or roll down the main drag in a contested area because a firefight between Antifa and Patriot militia could break out at any time. Partisan warfare gets that ugly, and it gets that ugly very fast, especially once one side starts taking out the local government agencies' personnel- and yes, that's a thing, and it will happen. Don't expect the Feds to be much help; they're still outnumbered, and they can't be everywhere at once, so you're now dealing with partisan/guerrilla/irregular warfare between two competing groups of irregulars and there's sweet fuck-all for Rule of Law going on.

And no, once any such "war" jumps off, you can kiss all those rules, regulations, laws, etc. goodbye. Those ARs will become select-fire as soon as they can get and drop in those full-auto sears. Those AKs will also. That BAR the C&R collector has? If he doesn't know how to restore proper (select-fire) functionality, he knows someone that does, and there's going to be someone ready and able to not only reload the ammo but also the belts.

In short, that peacetime law-abiding militia with codex-compliant loadouts can and will transition to a World Is A Fuck pragmatist bushwackers also Rambo if it survives the first month or so. If you want proof, go look south to Mexico as well as other Central and South American examples of war breaking out. In Europe, I remind you of the 90s wars in Eastern Europe as the Warsaw Pact broke up. (That's what This War Of Mine is about.) All the drones and other high-tech wonderweapons ain't going to mean shit once the grid loses its integrity, so that's a non-issue after the first month or so.

(No, Wictor, your strategic commandos won't be cleaning this up. They're going to take a side and struggle with overcoming the goat-fucking of their logistics train before they can actually do shit. I should not need to tell you this.)

And when it's over? "I just want to grill" will be the mantra of men with thousand-yard stares, and that's from the side that wins.

The losers will be exterminated down to the last man, woman, and child.

That is what a war in this country means now. No one is pushing for it, for now, but once either side hits a critical mass of amygdala stimulation it'll be no different than an avalanche touching off: it will be too late to stop it.

That's why it's all been Frame Game faggotry up to this point. It's LARPers doing dominance displays to flex on their enemies because they don't have the balls or the means to properly eliminate their enemies, and that's all about the optics. Once this touches off, optics cease to matter. It's Total War, war to the knife, knife to the hilt, 24/7 until you win or you're dead.

"But the cops will-"


"But the media will-"


"But the government will-"


It's the African genocides, the Balkan wars, and more of the 1990s--the fucking 1990s--all over again. Ain't no one that's see that shit, or anything like it, ready to handle that shit. NO ONE is.

Yeah, I've seen some shit. Didn't even have to leave the fucking schoolyard for it either.

And if you aren't terrified of that prospect, you aren't tall enough for this ride.

So fuck off with this "war" talk. None of you motherfuckers are the least bit serious. We'd have mass death events making Waco and 9/11 look pussy weak on the regular if we were.

You know how I know?

Real fuckers just do it. No displays. No theater. No bullshit. They just get shit done.

If Antifa were serious about killing Rand Paul, they would have swarmed in from the sides as soon as he and his escort cleared the gates. They would have had two elements. One comes in to cut off retreat back behind the gates. The rest move in, seize the escorts first and tear them away, then mob Rand and kill him on the spot. No slogans. No cries. No puffing themselves up or trying to incite him or his escorts. They just attack and eliminate. Once the kills are confirmed, they take their photos/video, and they leave.

Same with all the fuckers running around the residences. They aren't serious. They're flexing for the Frame Game. If they were serious, they would just roll up quietly and start firebombing their target. An element would go around to cut off flight from the backdoor. Then this happens.

And that's the sloppy way. The hardcore way is to surround the house, breach it with explosives or ramming a car through a wall, then rush in and BRRT everyone inside. Over and done within a minute. Take photos or video and go.

Seen those Knockout Game videos? That's as close to serious as you get right now. If they were serious, those would happen scores of time a day and they would run up to gun or knife targets dead before scattering.

See what I'm getting at? That's why I find the Commies to be LARPing faggots, and what went down at Kenosha shows it- especially by the reactions from the Commies. Once they can't rely on the Frame Game to win, they're going to have to go hard or go home.

War is not a Frame Game. If they want to learn the hard way, it won't be just them that suffers for it.

I pray that this doesn't happen, but it can and damned be the fools that made it so.

Sunday, August 23, 2020

Narrative Warfare: The Mask Is More Than Just Camouflage

The cultural cancer has elements--components--and it is good consider each of them. First, the structural element that Empire's thralls (SJWs) exploit.

Those SJWs didn't invent the structure that they seize control of. That was another's creation, and that creation came about because of the Mammon Mob. The psychology described in the Retroblasting video have signature signs of cult psychology, chief of which being the obsession with their own superiority cognitively dissonating with their stated pursuit of maximizing corporate profit, and then the institutionalizing of the means by which they simultaneously defend their self-perception from harm due to their own failures when they shift the responsibility and accountability for their actions to others.

Yes, I am making this plain: Corporate Life is a goddamn CULT.

And it is a front, as Pop Culture is a Cult front, for Empire and its thralls that run the SJW Death Cult. Because the Mammon Mob is a degenerate rejection of Christianity given a secular cover with apologetics taking the form of economic-based philosophy, it had no defense against actual Satanic actors; when the time came--as it has recently--the Death Cult would move in without difficulty to take direct control of their fronts to push their Narrative Warfare and directly assault Christendom and Civilization.

Here we are.

What some astutely describe as "The Bugman Life" is the demoralization end of Empire's destruction. The turning of men into zombies, converting people into Cybermen or Borg drones, and similar body-horror degenerations of Man into Monster is the allegorical transmission of the truth behind how Empire operates. The Corporate Drone is this very demoralized figure. Stripping away Christianity from both public and private life is what made this possible.

Strip away the protection against evil, and you have a vessel ready to be filled with it. That is what the Mammon Mob has done, and now the Death Cult fills the vessels.

This transition explains the "Get Woke" part. The "Go Broke" part, while reliable at present, should not be presumed to always follow. This is not a group of morons. This is a cult that has moved into its fronts across the West. You see them in government at all levels. You see them in Academia. You see them in the media. You see them in the Banking sector.

It is that last element that will prove to be the backstop. Some fronts will be allowed to collapse, but the collapse means further centralization into organizations--corporate and government--that they control. Centralization of power is required, but that centralization is diffused in its operation because it doesn't follow Western conceptions of organization. It follows Eastern--specifically, Chinese--conceptions; the Han concepts of "Mianzi" and "Guanxi" that are the key components of Eastern Face cultures are how the Death Cult runs its operations in the West (and why the cohort running it are in conflict with the Han elites at this time for control, since they are also a Face culture).

We think of this as networking. It's more than that. It's the actual control system for the Death Cult.

The Supreme Dark Lord, Vox Day, has commented on the School-of-Fish nature of how the Death Cult works. Communism formalizes this, but it works best informally as Face cultures do. There is a shot-caller; they are in the best position to administer Face. They send the signals. Those signals transmit down the hierarchy--and there is one--of the Death Cult that those wishing to gain Face must echo in word and deed those signals or suffer the consequences. This system also shows who is able to do what favors, through which Face is able to be garnered (or lost). Failure to keep up with the signalling results in loss of Face and others cease to do favors for you, or approach you for what you can still do, until you humiliate yourself to restore your Face (if that is allowed).

Does this make sense now?

You had, in the Corporate West, a ready-made structure and paradigm to establish and maintain a non-governmental paradigm of power based on Eastern instead of Christian principles. This has since become the norm in all Western institutions, public and private. The Death Cult, which also runs on those Eastern principles, easily moved in and took over because it is not that different; it's a conflict more like having Koreans take over a Japanese corporation. Just different enough to cause significant issues, but not different enough to be truly epistemic, since both cults serve the same master ultimately.

The result is how Empire actually operates. There is an illusory system meant for the masses that Empire preys upon to sustain itself. It is allowed to function just often enough to maintain that illusion, but it is still the illusion. The actual system runs invisibly in the background, uses entirely different principles to function, and maintains control over all the actual levers of power.

Man alone cannot defeat this. Only through God can this be done.

It has to remain concealed even when it has absolute hegemony because being too open has always resulted in the destruction of its current form. Sometimes this is very direct, as was the case with the Tower of Babel. Often an otherwise unlikely man is chosen to be the tool by which God shatters that abomination, as we're seeing today with Trump, and I am increasingly confident that this insight into how the enemy actually operates stems from the need to hide from God to operate at all- hence the corruption of Man's cultures to emphasize Perception and Pose over what is True and Real.

Empire is falling.

Sunday, August 16, 2020

The Desperate Get Violent

Taking a prompt from Duane Cates here.

This is not idle talk for me. I live just outside of Minneapolis, albeit on the opposite side of where the violence went down, but we all know it was just a matter of time before this broke containment.

It broke containment.

Hugo, Minnesota is not a suburb. It's a small town that's become something of a bedroom community for those willing to communte stupid distances to the Cities, so it's gotten that same Too Sensible mentality in its residents that we see in suburbia. What we see here is a hostile enemy rounding up a war party and assailing the home of an enemy leader; today it is hostile social action. It won't be much longer, and everyone here in Minnesota with eyes to see and ears to hear now see that they can't rely on running from the Cities and hiding out in small towns.

This incident went without lethal force. It won't last any longer. The threat--and John-boy here did threaten to torch his enemy's house and burn the man and his children to death--was not just received by the target, but by every last White man, woman, and child in Minnesota. Color definitely sees them, like it or not--and being Minnesotans, they (we) don't--and the sober-minded among us accept that this will not be resolved reasonably.

Expect a future incident to result in one or more of them getting shot and killed. You need see this only once to realize that you can't let this happen twice.

Sunday, August 9, 2020

Narrative Warfare: What Offensive Looks Like

If you're not reading Anonymous Conservative, you should. The daily briefings alone are worthwhile. This past Friday he announced this:

Surveillance has difficulty understanding two premises. One, everything about surveillance is about seeking the easy path. Surveillance/intelligence’s whole purpose is not fighting, or making things as easy as possible. To that end, they are going have difficulty understanding people who actually prefer fighting and really don’t care how disadvantageous the path becomes.

I am doing a Q-book. The cover is below. Surveillance probably doesn’t like it, but I write books, Q needs books out there for the normies now, that aren’t misdirection from some mainstream Cabal publisher, so here we are. I believe I actually had some dumbass (who was watching my work on my computer in real time, probably from an observation post down the street, and saw I was doing a Q-book) come on here telling me about somebody who did a Q-book who got killed – hint, hint.

As if they can just tell me that, and I will back off and give them what they want. Not only am I doing the Q book, I am mulling a broader work devoted to the entire Domestic Surveillance Infrastructure, and have already been gifted by God with the title – Boogaloo Interrupted – Understanding and Operating Against the Modern Domestic Intelligence Infrastructure.

Surveillance is the single biggest threat to our republic, and the common good, and I think if Q fails, I can leave something behind that without which, our kind will have zero chance of ever reclaiming freedom. If you think threatening me is going to work, get off my surveillance case now, because you have no idea who I am, and you are totally incompetent at what you do.

I took the liberty of breaking up the original wall of text.

Oh, and the cover.

The book's a primer. If you want an idea as to what to expect from an AC book, get his previous one on Evolutionary Psychology; it harmonizes with everything Roosh (et. al.) ever wrote about Game, everything Vox Day did about the Socio-Sexual Hierarchy, and gives structure and context for those other explanations of the same exactly psychology as well as how it applies outside of male-female and male-male relationships.

Sunday, August 2, 2020

The Epstein Case: It's Always Been A Satanic Cult

Brian Niemeier is right, and here's the validation.

And it is also my validation of using religious language to describe Empire and its Thralls. It is a religion--the anti-religion--and the Thralls are the cult's high priests who forge dogma and implement policies based on it, thereby defining and enacting the praxis of the cult's dogma.

And it's falling.

This week the Ghislane Maxwell papers came out. This verified all of the previous Jeffery Epstein claims, and it specifically and emphatically cleared one man said to be part of the network: Donald Trump. This is because the released documents were improperly redacted, making it trivially easy to remove the black bars and reveal the whole document once it was officially released. The girls' interviewers specifically asked if Trump partook, and multiple times those girls specifically denied that allegation.

Yeah, Cernovich. So what? He's good on this matter.

And, like clockwork, the Thralls in American media have gone on the attack to smear it all as "Muh Conspiracy Theory".

It's all coming out. The God-Emperor will prevail where Alex Jones and so many others did not. But, because normies are notoriously hard to wake up, this has to be done in a slow drip. First is this. Then comes the child trafficking--prepubescent children and not adolescent minors--and its ties to this Epstein-focused network. Then will come all of the medical ties to this network involving child defilement, which we're already seeing with the Planned Parenthood revelations on harvesting aborted babies for medical components. It will all build up to confirming Pizzagate as real, and that in turn will expose the religious element driving all of this.

If you think the Establishment is insane now, you have seen nothing yet.

And yes, the Narrative Warfare is getting very obvious now. You'd be freaking out too if you had a weak amygdala and a crushing existential threat crashing down on you.

N.B.: Thanks to SGT Report for staying on this beat all this time, as well as those he often interviews as part of walking this beat.