Sunday, July 25, 2021

Narrative Warfare: Known Problems Usually Are Solved Problems

The news about California suing Blizzard put this to mind.

If you have persistent problem, going on for over a century, and you have every single recorded generation reporting the same issues in the same sorts of circumstances and all of the legal and social prohibitions put down still do not fix the problem then any reasonable observer would conclude that another solution should be implemented. That solution should come at the problem from another perspective, a perspective that stands on a clear analysis of how the disfavor behavior operates--as if analyzing a malfunctioning machine--and directly addresses that malfunction.

Remove that which causes undue friction, and you remove the friction.

Remove the prey from the field, and there is no predation because there is nothing for predators to prey upon.

Keep things apart that have no need to be together.

Our ancestors figured this out millenia ago. It is one of the many lies of Modernity that created this sort of persistent problem. Therefore this is a solved problem and all we need to do is to restore--reimplement--the proven solution to the known issue and the problem goes away. The problem, therefore, is a problem of politics and culture--ultimately of narrative and religion--and until that changes there is no will to restore the proven solution to the known problem.

Sunday, July 18, 2021

Narrative Warfare: They Don't Care About Material Profit, Only Power

I did not expect to see this in my feed today, but here it is.

For those of you familiar with Wizards of the Coast, a Hasbro subsidiary, now you know why that company's Social Justice Warriors--Death Cultists, pawns of Empire--act like they're untouchable. Their parent company is also held in thrall by the Death Cult, so those SJWs are untouchable so long as the parent company can cover for them.

Among the many reasons for why they seek to subvert and converge organizations founded by others is that it simultaenously grants them power and resources while denying them to their enemies. As I have said so often here, that is most important with cultural and financial organizations; they are in this for power, not mere profit, and those two places are sources of power in the world. The former creates the politics, the latter greases the wheels that makes its all go.

When dissidents like myself say "There is nowhere to run" this is what we are talking about. This is how it works. They use trusted institutions as skinsuits, hiding until they believe they are untouchable, then go masks off and say "You have no alternative. Submit or die."

We were not believed by a lot of normies. This video begins to address that disbelief, despite their own revealed preference to reject Death Cult media offerings whenever they can find alternatives that satisfy them. (e.g. the utter domination of Japanese comics among young Western audiences in North America, and their serious contention in Europe with local titles, now being followed by Korean and Chinese counterparts) It also show that the Death Cult isn't taking their position for granted, as they feel threatened by Far Eastern media.

The silver lining here is that the revulsion a lot of Westerners feel towards SJW-converged media and toy companies, because it has access to alternatives the Cult does not control, have a way to escape from the Death Cult's aims of total thought control. This, coupled with individuals coming forward like our man in the video, demonstrates that the Death Cult's claim of hegemony is not what actually is. It is, in fact, weak and the masters know it.

If you want to know why the Death Cult seeks to corral, control, and choke off Far Eastern media now you have your explanation. While not explicitly for us in the West, Far Eastern media and creators are not against us; they merely seek to entertain, and we happen to be a nice secondary audience to have after their own kinsmen back home are satisfied. That alone is enough to prompt hit-piece after hit-piece, subversion attempt after subversion attempt, and warning after warning about this heresy being issued to them by we that appreciate them.

That the Death Cult seeks to seize and turn your children as early as possible may surprise the normies, may shock them, and that is good. Be ready to tell them that these people hate them, so stop giving them money and have alternatives on hand to point them to as replacements for whatever it is that shook them.

And, inevitably, when they ask why, tell them the truth: they don't care about profit, only power. The sooner they decide to act to save themselves and their children, the sooner Empire falls.

Sunday, July 11, 2021

Narrative Warfare: The Central Pillar of the Death Cult's Narrative Edifice

Alexander Macris's blog at Substack should be on your blogroll. This post from late May came to my attention last night thanks to The Last Redoubt and Men of the West Let me whet the appetite.

In the introduction to his magisterial opus After Virtue, Alasdair Macintyre describes postmodern society as having fallen into a dark age, a post-apocalyptic state. But this is not the apocalypse of Mad Max. The apocalypse has destroyed, not our technology, but our morality: “We possess simulacra of morality, we continue to use many of the key expressions. But we have… lost our comprehension of morality,” he explains. Postmodern society does not know what good is.

Being unable to understand good leaves society unable to understand evil; and so instead society pathologizes it. Evil becomes a psychological state that results from personal trauma, from some crucial moment when the world failed to show someone compassion, empathy, or trust, or left them exposed to the world’s cruelty. Every postmodern villain is a victim. Behind every figure of terror we find a terrorized figure.

Darth Vader appears as a towering tyrant in Star Wars IV. But the prequels reveal that Anakin Skywalker was a victim: enslaved as a child, separated from his mother, forbidden to marry the woman he loved, rejected in his aspirations by the Jedi council, dismembered by his former mentor, and then involuntarily made into a cyborg by his new one.

Alexander goes on to talk in terms of the villains of Antiquity, the Medieval era, Modernity, and Post-Modernity and how a culture's capacity for Good depends on its ability to comprehend what Evil is and how it works. This is a very good article, and its applications beyond the political will be apparent before you finish it. Bookmark it, along with his post on Marcuse's Repressive Tolerance, to see how Post-Modern villainy gets applied in practice.

Yes, this is the load-bearing narrative structure behind the Death Cult.

Every religion must have a Devil. For the Post-Modern, this is Muh Oppreshun and the oppressor is the Devil of the Death Cult. Whomever the Cult's high priests declare to be Muh Oppressor is that Devil and--in strict accordance with Carl Schmidt's Friend/Enemy Distinction--all manner of predation may be done without guilt or shame thereupon.

This comes in the form of Repressive Tolerance, which is the machine the Death Cult employs to purge Enemies from all that they control. Piece the picture together, and you will see how this machine operates. See how it operates, and you can see how to break it: make them say the name of the authority they usurp. Empire falls.

Sunday, July 4, 2021

Narrative Warfare: When The Judiciary Runs Amok

Bill Cosby got out of prison the other day. The Execellence of Elocution cut a rant you ought to hear.

The TLDR is that Cosby got screwed for political reasons due to conflicts between members of the Judiciary in Pennsylvania. The damage is done, of course, so there is naught but cold comfort to be had here.

The entire thing felt like a set-up from the get-go, as it had all the tells of a scam driven by media hit-pieces and professional victims, but being reversed on appeal and released doesn't mean that Cosby will have either the will or the means to go after the parties responsible. No, what we see here is not Cosby as a man with agency. What we have here is a man reduced to a pawn for an existing internecine fight, one he got stuck into in an opportunistic manner by his enemies, and thus made to endure the spectacle in exactly the manner explained by the saying "the process is the punishment".

It does not matter what Cosby is actually guilty of, if anything. What matters is that folks with their own agenda decided to use a pop cultural insanity to destroy enemies and help friends. Count on a lot of these high-profile prosecutions to be similiarly compromised or corrupt if they are seriously and competently examined, and count on encoutering yet more judicial corruption when you do so.

These things always start with politically-disfavored targets because of that status. Makes it easier to justify to parties inclined and able to stop it, and after that's done a few times you begin to creep closer and closer to screwing ordinary people in the same manner. Past a given point, you reached a critical mass of momentum and you can't stop it without a similiarly organized and dedicated effort to seize and hold power.

There are other tells of corruption, and one of them is judicial manipulation of the jury- which is what happened both here and in the recent Chauvin case. You cannot rely on the jury being properly impartial, so you can't rely on a well-reasoned argument being any benefit to you; the corruption of juries fixes the results before trials begin, which reliably turns the trial itself into a ritual humiliation of the target. It is being tricked into wearing the Devil Horns for a Death Cult ritual execution.

And because these are all driven by Friend/Enemy distinction, using this lens reliably exposes political prosecutions and does so for what they are: ritualized performance of aid to allies and execution of enemies, using the power of the state to enforce the results and (with media aid) disguise the reality of the situation behind a fraud of civil impartiality.

When the judiciary realizes that they have the power to do this on their own behalf, they always run amok, and that is what happened here. Cosby getting out isn't necessarily fixing a corruption mistake; it is far more likely that he served his purpose so there was no point in holding him any longer, and the damage done to him by this prosecution will be significant enough to keep him down hereafter. In short, getting released isn't a win for him.

Which means that savvy dissidents are realizing that they need to avoid the courts as best they can, and get savvy in dealing with it when they must.

However, judicial corruption is late-stage decadence. It relies on a compliant enforcer class--these lawspeakers ain't handling the arresting, confinement, and punishment themselves--and once that class turns it's over. Because this is a late-stage affair, that comes sooner than later, so far from this being a lasting status it's a tell of collapse being on the table. Plan accordingly. Empire falls.