Sunday, March 29, 2020

The God-Emperor, Master of Narrative Warfare

I have not seen a more brilliant practitioner of Narrative Warfare than Donald Trump in my lifetime.

The genius of Trump is this: he starts with the end result, and he works back from there on what needs to be done to get to that end. Answering "What has to happen to make this come about?" is the basis of his action planning, and once he's worked back all the way from the end to where he is then he's got his plan and he puts it into action.

It's this simple: to achieve a desired result, you create or subvert another's scheme to create the conditions best addressed by the result you seek. This is Empire's go-to play, and it has been for generations; it's well-documented in dissident literature by now, so the intelligence community had to have known (as they are key practitioners), and thus the faction behind Trump could have easily decided to surveil and subvert Cabal plots to their ends because timing matters in making these things work as intended.

This process explains counter-intuitive actions that nonetheless achieve the desired results. Trump is taking Cabal ops, turning them against Cabal, and using them for his ends. The results speak for themselves, and the tells come in the panicked reactions of his enemies; he's gotten inside their OODA Loop and seize the narrative from them. The media-literate are noticing the tells all over the place now, and it's getting increasingly obvious that this is the case.

Yes, this includes the recent Stimulus Bill. What's left out of all the freakouts about it is that Trump has the emergency power to take all funding put to him and use it solely at his discretion, no matter what Congress says. That's how he finally got the funding for the border wall sorted, and that's why the trillions here will indeed turn out to be the means by which the scourge of the Federal Reserve is brought to heel exactly as Bloomberg panicked about the other day.

So how can they do this? The Fed will finance a special purpose vehicle (SPV) for each acronym to conduct these operations. The Treasury, using the Exchange Stabilization Fund, will make an equity investment in each SPV and be in a “first loss” position. What does this mean? In essence, the Treasury, not the Fed, is buying all these securities and backstopping of loans; the Fed is acting as banker and providing financing. The Fed hired BlackRock Inc. to purchase these securities and handle the administration of the SPVs on behalf of the owner, the Treasury.

In other words, the federal government is nationalizing large swaths of the financial markets. The Fed is providing the money to do it. BlackRock will be doing the trades.

This scheme essentially merges the Fed and Treasury into one organization. So, meet your new Fed chairman, Donald J. Trump.

Now we see the means by which Trump drains the Swamp. He's mapped out the organization. He's assessed the network's flow of operation. He's figured out what element drives those in Cabal network nodes and has started constricting access to it covertly. (This is the trafficking angle; the pedophilia and child murder is all about Adreanochrome, which Cabal uses as a life-extension drug.) He goes about getting public support for actions by forcing his enemies to openly work against the American people, and then he turns their ops against them openly. He does this simultaneously on multiple levels. (Right now he's exposing enemies in high office in state and local positions as well as enemies close to him; they will all be turned or taken out by the end of the year.)

When he makes a move, he ensures he has narrative control when he does it. Right now he's ensuring he controls the narrative surrounding the Wu Flu by letting his enemies go about obstructing him but forcing them to do so in public, where everyone can--and he ensures they do--see them do it. Then he acts. It's all brilliant operational work, as what would otherwise take civil war and massive unrest can be done quietly and mostly on the dow-low; this failed bioweapon attack out of China has been successfully turned to his tool to wield against them.

There is no concern of civil war if everyone's more or less off the streets. There is no concern of unrest if support arrives in time. There is no worry about mass arrests if those arrested are turned into assets against Cabal, or if the arrests are masked as something else like severe illness, or if they are tracked and placed under a high-tech form of House Arrest. (Yes, this is possible, and not just with some ankle monitor; they can use your phone just fine.)

And there is no panic if he displays, both in word (style) and in deed (substance) the leadership needed to guide the American people specifically and the world generally through this global pandemic in a calm manner with minimal disruption of civil social function and economic disruption. For those abroad, expect something like this in the months to come: assistance that works like this, "We'll help your logistics, but YOU have to do ALL the actual work for YOUR people to solve YOUR problems for YOURSELVES BY YOURSELVES."

And we can expect Trump to win re-election in November due to this being a display of his master of Narrative Warfare- something that will be studied for generations to come. Empire will fall.

Sunday, March 22, 2020

Narrative Warfare: Corona-chan Destroys Muh Diversity

Black Pigeon Speaks on Corona-chan, Japan, and why Diversity is not our strength.

Japan has not had to lockdown the country, impose massive quarantines, or do other draconian measures to keep Corona-chan contained. She's not made a mess of Japan, and BPS makes the argument the lack of Muh Diversity is a big factor in explaining why Japan got missed while Italy, China, etc. are looking like scenes from Resident Evil.

This squares. Because Japan is a country that is a true ethnostate and as such it is a country without diversity of nations within it. That means cultural and political will exists to push strong prevention now, and should Corona-chan come again in force that will exists to do what is necessary to put Corona-chan down. Wherever Muh Diversity took hold, Corona-chan ran rampant because institutional incompetence is correlated to Muh Diversity strongly. Why? Best explanation is that the ideology necessary to keep this scam going is also one that devalues technical and administrative incompetence over office politics (necessary to seize and hold power for Muh Diversity) and cult dynamics.

And I fully expect Muh Diversity to take further hits as Corona-chan makes it more and more obvious that Muh Diversity is a scam meant to serve Empire and not ordinary people.

And I expect more effects of a similar, ultimately beneficial, nature to come as Corona-chan burns off the mold and rot that Empire's Thralls deliberately set into our lives. Empire must fall.

Sunday, March 15, 2020

Narrative Warfare: This Is Why The Narrative Matters

I could be wrong, but if there was ever a time to execute massive covert action it is now. The #QAnon folks have taken notice, and they're watching events unfold like hawks.

And if this is that "Storm" those aforementioned folks mention then it came about through some brilliant manuevering of the territory. In short, Go and not Chess.

Most Western people think like it's Chess. The plays are all well-documented, the game is focused on tactical moves to take out enemy pieces--attrition--until the enemy king is either in checkmate or voluntarily yields.

That's not what's going on. This is Go, and Go is all about control over the territory. Chess is about removing targets between you and a goal. Go is about taking and holding land by shaping that land as you design, and Go--not Chess--is the superior model for political. Rather than use state power and influence to direct target enemy figures, Trump and his allies have shaped the battlefield by relentless Narrative Warfare- and the Narrative is the territory in play here.

This is why I don't take Metokur whining about Trump seriously. This is why I don't take Cernovich's attacks on Trump seriously. They're both thinking in terms of Chess, while the God-Emperor is doing like his Chinese counterpart and thinking in terms of Go.

At this point, the origins of Corona-chan are irrelevant. What matters are the effects.

  • Population restrictions or lockdowns worldwide.
  • Globilist policies and institutions discredited for facilitating Corona-chan's swift spread.
  • Muh Antiracism/Antifacism/SJWism increasingly discredited for the same thing.
  • Most of the officials afflicted are Globohomo/Cabal shitbags.
  • A clear association of Nationalism with Safety is coming to the fore.
  • Countries with homogenous populations (e.g. South Korea) are recovering faster than others, further crediting Nationalism.
  • Heretics are getting it too more than the faithful.
  • Hoarders and other bad actors are getting the stick with public approval.

That last part is the big one. Using this public health crisis to (a) shape the narrative against Globalism, against Empire and its Thralls, allows the God-Emperor to (b) act against them with public approval and he wins effortlessly because he's got the people behind him. It's making the arrests stick after the fact that's tricky, and that means cleaning out the courts. This is the reason it's been so long since Jaunary 2016, but now that he's got that critical mass in critical areas it looks like it's Go Time.

And all of this happened out of public sight, for the most part, because--like any master general--Trump distracted and dissembled so his enemies would not see his plans. Guys, you should read your Sun Tzu again; this is some Cao Cao tier shit he'll pulling off.

This is what the rallies were about: maintaining the Narrative. (Yes, morale matters, but that's part of the Narrative.) Cutting out the media (who hate him) and going directly to the people (a) doesn't let the media set the Narrative and (b) lets the attendees see first-hand that Trump's take is the right one by letting them see the enemy in person act upon them. You honestly think Trump's supporters are going to NOT vote for him now? Nope. Now with his well-timed manuevers, he's turned this crisis into an ally and he's using it to move- and with, again, public approval.

He's shaping the battlefield so that the enemy has no choice but to yield. That's Narrative Warfare. That's Go. That's why Empire Must Fall. Video demonstrates the God-Emperor's superior acumen by illustrating the principles behind it.

P.S.: The Supreme Dark Lord has also noticed that #QAnon is not a mere LARP.

Sunday, March 8, 2020

Noticing How Civilization Is Emergent

Today, we're building on something I mentioned a few weeks ago here.

The question: "What does a true Civilization look like?"

The answer is this: "Civilization is a macro-level expression of the natural and ordinary pattern of family life and organization."

There is no absent throne.

A cannot be not-A. Therefore, A.

Civilization is the organization of families, each lead by their Patriarch who acts with supreme authority over his kin and has ultimate responsibility for the well-being thereof. Most people better recognize this position as "King", or "Chieftain" or some similar title but the actual lawful function is that of a family's father. His power is confined to those of his blood, their wives (i.e. the women who marry into the family), and their (unmarried) daughters. His domain is confined to the land that his kin holds, and his wealth confined to that he and his kin either produce in-house or trade with others to acquire.

As I stated previously, this is a fractal pattern. The household is the smallest unit, and therein we see the organization in practice. The head-of-household is the patriarch; even if he is a widower and his brothers and their collective sons are grown men with wives and children of their own, they are subordinate to him for as long as he lives. He administers the household for the benefit of his children, and they execute his directives, just as God instructs His people and expects obedience to His will.

Relations between households of differing families means treating the heads thereof as equals, giving and receiving due respect accordingly. Rules for households are meant to vary to account for specific circumstances demanding specific solutions. Differing families residing in the same area are to entreat each other to administer their joint domains as necessity requires to prevent outsiders from doing harm to them; over time this usually means intermarriage to form lasting kinship bonds, and the lines merge into one, resolving issues of Prisoner's Dilemma games by ensuring emotional, ethical, and factual bulwarks against defection to said outsiders.

This is why I say "You already know what Civilization looks like. You just had to be brainwashed to believe otherwise."

The problem arises with formalization of larger-scale versions of this basic fractal pattern, coupled with believing that the obligations within a specific patrilineal line do not scale up to that within clans, tribes, or nations and the countries wherein they reside. This is the lawful role of religion. Religion exists so that this connection is made and the upscaled operations perform as intended, instead of allowing myopia to set in or to allow heresy to flourish- both of which are sources for the dysfunctional behavior we call "barbarism" and associate with uncivilized tribal peoples.

The best part of the system is this: we know what the failure states are now, so devising protocols to detect and intervene immediately is practical.

Low costs to start up. Low coast to maintain. Scales up without much problem. Easily established in any environment imaginable wherein Mankind can exist. Reliance on emergent phenomenon make recovery after disaster easy, and course-correction easy to implement. It's as if this was a deliberate design.

Because it is. We have the blueprint to restore Civilization. Get to work. Empire Must Fall.

Sunday, March 1, 2020

Noticing The Irony Of Emerging Results of Corona-Chan's Love

Corona-chan's becoming quite popular world-wide. While the expected instances of panic-buying and so on are going on, I want to point something out for your consideration. The following comes from Anonymous Conservative.

Trump’s statement that this would go away all of a sudden, like a miracle, was curious. Suppose it did. How might that happen? There is a way to interfere with gene expression using a snippet of genetic material. And I am sure somewhere there is a minor virus out there which could be modified to spread through the community and have snippets of RNA added to trigger RNAi of Corona virus genes. It makes me wonder if some of that hidden tech we are hearing about might contain a way to trigger RNAi interference with viral genes, in a transmissible form, using a harmless virus that will spread through the population asymptomatically. No way to tell, that is all entirely theoretical, with no basis in any evidence, but it is one interesting theory which could fit the evidence, and jibe with a stable, practical genius’ statements that this will just disappear. What is interesting is, if it is out there, why wouldn’t it be released or acknowledged” Perhaps it could be weaponized in some way, or perhaps more likely, this was a Cabal tech in some Cabal database which has just shifted hands, and which Trump is putting to use on the fly to adapt to changing circumstances.

The other alternative is what we are seeing is theater, China helped Trump by staging their panic and letting all those videos and reports “escape,” and the reality is there is a minor Corona virus going around, they pumped up the rumors of mortality with fake stories and videos, and now members of the deep state Cabal, from Iran to the Pope, can be exterminated at will with the deaths blamed on the Corona virus. When they are done, it will all evaporate like a miracle. Trump usually has some ace up his sleeve, hopefully he is about to pull something like that out.

It's been theorized that this is a bioweapon. Accidental release or deliberate is alternative proposed and discussed, but to date this has been believed--and I among them--as being done by the black hats, by Empire.

What AC asserts above is a possible counter-scenario, that this is actually the white hats at work. Look at the major power centers adversely affected so far. The government of Iran has already suffered serious degradation, the Vatican is now seriously affected, China remains in a crisis situation, and most of the afflicted areas are dominated by Thralls of Empire.

And all of what's been said of this being used to cover the removal of dissidents also applies to removal of Thralls. Tools are amoral; the morality derives from the user.

If #QAnon is not a LARP, and there is a Storm, then an event like this--a fake Black Swan event turned against the original users--would be something used to begin delivering on it. Like it; we'll see what comes soon enough, so there is no need to call it so or not. In any event, we can expect political actors to take advantage of this pandemic to advance their agenda. Might as well use it for good. Empire must fall.