Sunday, March 27, 2022

Narrative Warfare: A Dissident Explains How Empire's Thralls Are But Ruined Men By Design

In the midst of the on-the-ground updates on the Ukraine War, Gonzalo Lira (aka Coach Red Pill) took just under over an hour to explain the concept of "The Cathedral" that Mencious Moldbug had to struggle so hard to accomplish heretofore.

And, courtesy of a certain Shiba Of Color, a summary (that I'm editing for clarity):

In the words of Diogenes of Sinope "The foundation of every state is the education of its youth."

CRP goes into detail about how the structure and methods of the education system select for an elite who are risk averse, conformist, dogmatic and often sociopathic.

Near the end he goes into how this isn't even unique to our present civilisation and is a very frequent cause of the downfalls of empires and high cultures. None of what he's saying is really doomer shit. It's just very enlightening and good quality information about better understanding the methods and functioning of the system.

Please stick on through the bizarre digression he does in about the 40 minute or so mark about the "ethical child porn" thought experiment as an example of the ruling class's amorality in action. It's a poorly phrased and distracting example and if you stick through that low point, the rest is just absolute fire.

To which I will add the following observations:

  • The system actively and severely punishes failure from the very start. The result is an entire social class that never had to deal with failure or its consequences for what they were, but rather only two results are acceptable: An Heroing yourself, or making certain everyone else goes with you. As it is the lesser members of this class that end up doing "games journalism", you now see how and why they regard "Git Gud" as if they were demons commanded to confess that Jesus is Lord and God raised Him from the dead. They are--as a class--fragile as fuck and cowardly to the core; they know it deep down, and they resent it with white-hot fury.
  • Schools of fish still have shotcallers; someone coins Accepted Opinion, and CRP identifies who within this group rises into that spot unwittingly- the Sociopaths. The prevalence of psychopathy and sociopathy among the elite is FAR out of proportion with the general population, even in pro-social nations, and this system not only turns most of them into compliant incompetent flunkies but it selects for high-functioning psychopaths and sociopaths and they get to the top. This is not a social class run by emergent behavior; the stakes are too high for that. It is the conflicts within this handful of people that really matter, and we see their conflicts echo in the media put before us.
  • The combination of 1 and 2 creates a perfect environment for Satanic influence to take root and start building power, as the system's structural incentives reward Useful Idiots as well as future cult leaders- and this class always turns into a cult when it reaches maturity, which it did over a century ago and not after WW2 (see Richard Grove's many videos and podcasts breaking that down).
  • This process in the West began no later than the Enlightenment, and it too was built on earlier iterations.
  • This psychological profile is very womanly in its character, and we have already acknowledged this as fact via memes.

The meme:

Note also that the institutions that comprise Globohomo's Managerial Ruling Class--the Technocrats--also share an ideological unity far beyond social class norms and we are seeing them become naked as the fanaticism of Empire's Thralls consumes their reason utterly and drives them to destruction- taking the nations they've got subjugated with them.

That, alas, includes most of you reading this.

Their ideology is religous in its character because it is a religion--author Brian Niemeier was the first in my circles to call it "The Death Cult"--and this religious is a Satanic one because it inverts Christian virtue and dogma and considered Christanity, Christendom, and Civilization to be its eternal and existential enemies. This is because Empire is, as I explained years ago, a parasitic entity that cannot persist unless it prey upon Creation- a fact that it hates as surely as it hate Creation. It is a fallen entity, and these days I think it is the fallen one that is Empire. Therefore, Empire is Satanic because it is Satan at its root.

It would be more honest of them to openly glorify their master than the usual bullshit, but that mask will come off soon enough.

Whole men cannot be Thralls. They need to be broken, ruined, before Thralldom seems acceptable; more and more people are seeing those that took the ticket being revealed as being ruined early on--that Early Life section reveals more than you might think--and Lira's stream today about the harpy running the Globohomo war on Russia via Ukraine, Victoria Nuland, proves this quite conclusively.

That which was ruined is that which was broken, and that which is broken cannot help but to shatter when stressed by an opponent not itself ruined. This is showing itself now yet again. Empire falls.


Below I'm linking to some YouTube channels I've added to my regular rotations for Ukraine info. The Duran and its individual channels post daily; Michael when he can.

And finally, the last living grandmaster of American literature John C. Wright has a new episode of The Last Crusade.

Make yourselves and your households whole. Empire falls.

Sunday, March 20, 2022

The Empire Of Lies Builds Upon A Lie Of History

Recently author J.D. Cowan delved into the background of the Globohomo ideology that drives the Death Cult of Empire at this time.

Using a video by the QuQu as the starting point, he delved into "Fandom"--the term used by Death Cultists in adventure fiction publishing for their "Science Fiction/Fantasy" propaganda regime.

He found its roots in Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, roots confessed to by prominent figures of generations past in Fandom. He followed that up by citing their own leading figure of inspiration: author H.G. Wells and his manifesto The Open Conspiracy, which was the blueprint for how "Fandom" arose and came to dominate the Western culture industry.

In reverse order of publication--most recent first--here they are:

And, of course, the video. Nevermind the furry avatar; this is good information.

This is a case study in how Empire uses Culture to achieve and maintain Power. Let me piece together the core elements into an executive summary:

  • Utopian Socialists created "Science Fiction" from nothing as an explicit medium of propaganda for the explicit purpose of socially engineering a subject population into becoming "properly educated" Progressive individuals that would adhere without question to the opinions of a ruling Expert Class that possessed defacto global hegemony.
  • They murdered the indigenous form of American popular literature--of adventure and challenge--in order to seize its infrastructure and repurpose it towards their propaganda ends.
  • They have been extraordinarily successful despite being individually incompetent through sheer persistence, spite, and fanatical zeal. This formed the pattern for today Social Justice movements, incorporating Frankfurt School concepts of Critical Theory as reinforcement to an already successful toolkit of conquest.

I invite you to watch and read the cited materials, and compare what you see and hear against what you see in the schools, in the boardrooms, on television, etc. across the West today. You are welcome to expand upon this work at your leisure, so long as you share your contributions.

The only comfort that I can give you to is that there are limits to Narrative Warfare. Sooner or later, the material conditions of reality make themselves known, and the mirages of power that these fanatics deal in dissipate. Just as you can't bullshit your way to victory against an enemy that runs you over with a tank, neither can you claim victory when the publishing empire--the media empire--you swindled into your hands falls apart due to your insanity and incompetence.

As author Brian Niemeier noted some time ago, "Wokeness" only comes about when a thing they converge is already dying or dead as death swiftly follows convergence every single time; the appearance to the contrary is illusory, and examination always reveals some hidden factor propping it up- the removal of which always results in collapse thereafter.

The collapse of Empire's ability to lie correlates with its ability to exist. Empire falls. You will find this pattern repeating in other endeavors, so look for it.

Sunday, March 13, 2022

When The Dragon Squares Up Against The Hydra

One of the LOLberts in the Digital Nomad/Nomad Capitalist sphere cut a brief video about the economic consequences of the Ukraine War.

He's right. This is a win for China, and will contribute to the CCP's aim of replacing the US Dollar as World Reserve Currency.

China has its own replacement for the SWIFT system in the Cross-Border International Payment System (CIPS), which uses its own network of processors and so on to replace Western institutions while using the same syntax as SWIFT. China has alternatives to Mastercard, Visa, and American Express as well as payment processors to push the currencies around digitally.

In short, China stood to gain big from Globohomo economic sanctions against Russia and gain it has. Other countries--such as India, another emerging power--have wisely decided to remain neutral and thus will also faciliate trade with Russia. This is the emerging middleman niche I've talked about previously, and as the stupidity of Globohomo breaking its global power base out of spite becomes apparent and the population at-large realizes that we're reverting back to the mean of a multi-polar world order, you're going to see this felt in everyday life more and more.

This is, however, a Let Them Fight scenario. We have two very nasty parties, neither them good to their own people or those they claim to represent, squaring up to fight over who gets to be the big dog on the block and put the boot to the face of all of us for the foreseeable future. The practical advise I can give is to do what you can to (a) get out of the way and then (b) ensure that this fight goes on long enough to exhaust both sides utterly into collapse. You want to be in the liminal spaces between and about them, and not firmly within either sphere.

Empire is falling. Take your own side, and push it off the cliff.

Sunday, March 6, 2022

A Perspective On The Ground: Coach Red Pill's Wartime Experiences

Gonzolo Lira, better known online as Coach Red Pill, is an expatriate living in Ukraine. He is married with children, so he's tied to the nation and the country. This past week he was in Kiev to handle bureaucratic matters when he got into trouble. What happened? He cut videos about his situation, put them up on YouTube and Telegram, and they went viral; these got the attention of people fighting the infowar online and Russian media put them up on Russia news media with entirely predictable results.

Last night he appeared on a livestream with Black Pigeon Speaks and a few other regular contributors to talk about this. I am sharing it because he recounts his story, as well as contributing to the situation report going down, and despite his opinion of the soon-to-fall Ukrainian regime he is an indepedent perspective as a man on the ground seeing it first-hand.

Being a man able to see reality, CRP sees--correctly--that Russia will win this war. He also sees that Russia being sanctioned will not do more than short-term pain to Russia; he sees what Dr. Steve Turley below sees, and what subsequent action has shown to be correct.

First, Russia has a native alternative to SWIFT in its own NSPK system (official site here). Second, Russia has made public its connection to China's UnionPay system after Visa and Mastercard abandoned Russia, completely invalidating that move. Russia has its own media establishment, capable of entertaining its own population and attracting foreign audiences, just as China has; this means that generating soft power as well as hard power is well within this emerging Sino-Russian axis- all to be ultimately handled by the CIPS System.

Combined, we have an entire alternative economic structure to Globohomo's system centered around the US Dollar and SWIFT with the international banking system as the real power.

Empire is falling, here and now, in real time and all you need to do is get away from all mainstream media to see and hear from independents to find out for yourselves. Get ready for the world to come.