Sunday, July 29, 2018

Narrative Warfare: Force To Reestablish Control Was Always on the Table

Last week I talked about how order trumps all other concerns. I described Empire as the entity that lies about providing that order while yoking the chaos necessary to maintain the illusion justifying their rule. Here comes Sargon of Akkad (still a believer in the Enlightenment and Civic Nationalism) with a video to prove the point (against his aims for doing this video):

This is he Thralls of Empire claiming to provide order while actually wielding chaos as a weapon against dissenters to preserve their power- power unlawfully gained, unlawfully sustained, and impossible to maintain indefinitely because Natural Law won't allow it.

No, this is not confined to the United Kingdom. The push to do this is everywhere; you may not notice, but it is present. Watch the segment where the feminist uses double-speak to mask her wielding of chaos to maintain a facade of order. Mark the measures that the UK government wants to impose in order to re-establish Narrative Control on behalf of their media allies (especially the BBC); they will be pushed everywhere.

Notice how the measures proposed here are no different than the willful and intentional weaponizeation of Codes of Conduct by SJWs to turf out wrongthinkers in an organization. This is why the SJWs are the grunts that the Leftist Death Cult uses to handle ground-level operations (including Antifa as their shock troops). This is Empire in action.

And notice just how closely these frauds are to authentic and sound policy as historically instituted across the West; replacing Christendom with a synthetic counterfeit is the beginning of the fraud, and now we see how this is the source of the degeneracy simply by noticing the effects of this substitution and subversion over time.

How can any honest observer not see the Satanic root of Empire now?

I'm not able to sweep away the political corruption, but I can stand at the shield wall to wage war to retake the culture. This past Thursday I launched a crowdfuning campaign to finish the work on my debut novel, first of a series of nine, called "The Star Knight Saga". Today I report that it is already 51% towards the initial goal, and with the help of common people everywhere I can ensure that I deliver this cultural counterattack at best speed. Please go here and contribute to my participation in the struggle to save Civilization.

And I present a future where that lawful and necessary order--Christendom--is once more restored as the norm of Civilization.

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Order Trumps All Other Concerns

What most people want is order. To that end everything else is subordinated, in order of preference. "Freedom" means "Order" because it means that they are about to go about the daily business of doing what is necessary to produce and maintain the conditions by which people for families and keep the line going. This Twitter rant is worth reading because it nails that topic hard. It starts here:

It goes on for quite a thread, but here's the big points made:

Now you can see how Civilization can vary from place to place, time to time, nation to nation and still be Civilization. It's sole justification for existence is to protect lawful human existence. It is not there for power tripping. It is not there for glory-mongering. It is not there for sating base needs or making others suffer your degeneracy. It is there to protect the things that Mankind requires to survive and thrive- material and spiritual alike. Everything destructive to that end gets destroyed.

Thanks to the Internet we know now what a lawful Civilization looks like: homogeneous nation-states. One nation, one domain, one culture, one religion. A world of kingdoms living as good neighbors, not a world of empire and its necessary evil just to exist.

Empire is Chaos lying about being that necessary Order. Empire the perversion. Empire must fall. Deus Vult

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Narrative Warfare: This Coordinated Hitpiece Volley Is Familiar

Fake journalists in entertainment media are not the only ones who run private email lists to coordinate Narrative-shaping hits.

The hacks got it from their betters, the higher-status hacks at the "papers of record" (glorified blogs now), and this is the proof: first, that there's a pre-existing term for the practice ("astroturf") and that it follows the exact same pattern as that infamous "Gamers Are Dead" volley of bullshit that lead to #Gamergate. Short take: all of the mainstream media has no ethics.

This is pure propaganda, bought and paid-for, and reveals by behavior both the preference of those buying the propaganda as well as the true nature of "journalism" as a profession. Streewalking whores have higher ethical standards than what we've seen today out of the media.

What makes this instance notable is two-fold: that is it so blatantly obvious as a coordinated hitpiece volley, and that it is a laughably pathetic one that works only to members of the SJW Death Cult. The most this will do is signal to the ever-anxious school of fish which way to turn, and therefore whom to savage for stepping out of line.

This past week the Supreme Dark Lord, Vox Day, joined comicbook veteran Ethan Van Scriver on the latter's channel for a live talk on #Comicsgate, #Gamergate, the SJW menace and what to do about it. While long, it's a wealth of wisdom from both men on the matters at hand- particularly how Vox Day compares the SJW Death Cult to a school of fish in its psychology. It's worth your time. Embedded below.

And that's not all; because Vox Day has plenty of experience with SJWs he's figured out why they do what they do, which explains things like the reliance upon secret email lists and coordinated media attacks on targets that appear vulnerable (some of which hit, as we saw with Scarlett Johansson and Papa Johns this week). But the days that they can keep on doing this successfully are numbered.

They continue to use the same playbook, even as more people see it in ation and thus can't unsee it thereafter, because they are constitutionally incapable of doing anything else- it doesn't work to relieve the stress that their existential terror wreaks upon them. It's not about logic, reason, or even dogma- it's about sheer existential terror, and the propitiation thereof (because they are powerless to actually destroy what threatens them so).

How do you deal with this? The way the God-Emperor does: go on the attack, and go for maximum pain. That's the only way, short of crippling or killing them, to reliably shut them down. Watch the God-Emperor no-sell this hitpiece attack and then keep hammering them with "Fake News". It's brilliant, and it shows in how they fall over themselves to flail ineffectually in response. He's making Empire fall, and showing how fun it can be. Who wants to pass that party up?

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Narrative Warfare: This is What "Fork & Replace" Looks Like

Today Vox Day gave another commentary on how the shit grunts of Empire, the Social Justice Warriors, routinely end up showing their ass when they attempt to BadFeel their enemies into compliance by throwing "alt-right" at them like it's a bad thing. Enjoy yourself, folks. It's amusing, but the serious news is buried well into the post:

Two weeks ago I signed an agreement with a movie producer. We've since had a number of meetings with various organizations and I can state with some confidence that we will be skipping the whole "option" phase and go directly to making the movies and/or television shows ourselves in partnership with people who know what they are doing. Some of these scenarios involve crowdfunding and backer participation, others do not. We are also discussing the creation of a major new comics imprint with one or two partners and are in the process of completing Chuck Dixon's Avalon #1, after which we will launch our comic store campaign with the assistance of the VFM and the Dark Legion.

I expect that there will be a full press release when the details of the agreement are final, the contracts signed, and the move gets into motion- at which point it will be far too late for the Thralls of Empire to do a goddamn thing about it that's actually going to work.

What I want to bring to your attention is what this move is: Fork & Replace in action.

With the launch of Alt-Hero and Arkhaven Comics, Vox Day launched an attempt to fork the Western (North American, at this point) comicbook industry and its cultural influence off of the dying Big Two of Marvel and D.C. (and the also-rans in their shadow) which have long ago fallen to Empire and are now zombie concerns riddled with the maggots known as SJWs doing their very best to spread the memetic disease that Empire must maintain to be able to sustain itself.

The goal of the Fork is to create an alternative to the diseased branch and grow it into a competitor ready and willing to fully fill the void created when Empire's Thralls consume their host and make it collapse into ashes and dust. This is Replacement, and it is the explicit and avowed goal of the enterprise.

There is more to the overall operation than just the comics business, as we are now seeing come into view. Forking and Replacing the Western film and television business is a far greater undertaking, and will take longer to accomplish, but so long as this course can be maintained and the discipline to see it through holds fast then that will happen. As noted in the linked post, that sector is also collapsing and will fall into ruin soon enough of its own accord. (Fools like Culty Kathy at Lucasfilm just accelerate it.)

And I am pleased to see this happen. It signals that there is a breach in this front of the Culture War, one that we'd be fools to not exploit, and I'm already acting on that opportunity on both individual and collective ways. The days of Debbie Downers drabbing all dour and depressing are done; it's time to form up, lock shields, and break the enemies upon the shield wall- and then we advance, as one, crushing them underfoot as we impale them on our spears- all while singing joyful songs of brotherhood and victory.

We've been shown the way, folks. Time to get on with saving Civilization at the moral level. Now we shall turn back on them their cry: "We Shall Replace You!"

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Narrative Warfare: Vox Day, "Don't Talk to the Media"

This Darkstream is vital for anyone, regardless of your politics or where you live, who is not in lock-step with the media.

This here is the core point:

"It doesn't even matter what you do or what you say, the narrative is already written, the story has already been laid out. All they're doing now when they talk to you is getting kill quotes and getting words that they can then spin to claim that they've given you a fair shake. You see, when they contact you, what they tell you is that they want to give you your chance to tell your side of the story, and the thing is, the clear implication is already there! You know, they're already signalling what they're going to do to you because the other side of the story, the story that is not your side of the story, is the narrative."

Listen to the whole thing. It's worse than it's ever been, so I now accept the same position of total non-contact. This is not idle posturing on my part; if my literary ambitions take off, then I'm going to attract more media attention from the same vultures and I do not want those rancid frauds anywhere near me or mine. (And, in Minnesota, I can and will file criminal charges if they try this crap; "Criminal Defamation" is a thing here.)

This is Narrative Warfare 101, folks. The media has the platform with the reach to shape public opinion, and while they are in the downward spiral now that doesn't mean they are not dangerous. Don't feed the beast. It's no different than not giving money to those who hate you. While I have legal recourse that doesn't require civil suits to leverage, most of you don't; by freezing them out entirely, not even responding to requests, you force them to work with weaksauce Wokeness word salad to attack you. That makes dealing with them much easier.

(Of course, if you can nail them with criminal charges, do so and enjoy the perpwalks; turn that "process is punishment" back on them.)

Vox lays it out here:

"And what they want you to do is they want you to play defense to their prosecuting attorney. That's the whole idea! You are there to be the subject of the interrogation and they are the stars who are prosecuting you. Now, of course that's why they want to talk to you! They don't need you to verify any facts, they will completely ignore anything that you say if you manage to somehow miraculously defang and conclusively disprove an assertion that was part of their narrative."

Editing is a hell of a drug. The power to make anyone say anything you want is a potent one when talking media, and far too many take what they see and hear in the media as factual without question. However, the more people become aware of Narrative Warfare and how it works the less effective this basic approach becomes. Just pretend that the media is that hot chick with the crazy eyes: stay away- it's never worth it to get with that. Stay clear; Empire is falling.