Monday, March 31, 2014

Fun with FOIA - ClandesTime 025

Tom Secker's adventures with FOIA: "I have recently been filing a lot of Freedom of Information requests and so in this episode I talk about Tony Blair's statements that the UK FOIA was one of his worst mistakes, before pointing people in the direction of the most interesting material released under FOIA in this country. I outline some of my recent requests and one surprising and pleasing success that is a spy culture exclusive -- a list of all the films the US DOD has ever been involved with. I round off by making a call to action to you, the listeners, to get involved with this research and in using the Freedom of Information Act to contribute to the open sourcing of information."

Sunday, March 30, 2014

(Syrian Girl) EXPOSED: Kerry Implicated in Turkey False Flag Using AlQaeda To Start War With Syria

Mimi Ah-Lahan, the Syrian Girl, has her own take on this matter. She's confirming what other outlets have already reported, as she--through her family and friends--has her own network that she can call upon to check this shit. Operating on a relative shoestring, and reporting out of her bedroom at home, she's doing better journalism that RT, Al-Jazzera, MSNBC, CNN, Fox, Sky, and many more mainstream outlets. Expect further confirmation over the week as others double-check this story.

On Property

The anarchist community remains divided over the question of property. The more visible Anarcho-Capitalist wing is all about private property, unaware or unwilling what that term means in practice, while the Anarcho-Socialist (etc.) wing doesn't really unpack that term properly and thus gets tripped up when attempting to argue for their form of anarchism.

I will attempt to unpack that term.

"Property" is the word, in English, that we use to refer to items or locations of a discrete nature that can be accounted as belonging to one specific individual or group. The laptop I'm using to compose and publishing this post is property. The blog that I published this post at is property. The body I used to transmit my thoughts from my mind to this post is also property. The house I reside in, the food that I consume, the books that line my shelves, and so on- all of this is property.

"Private" is the word, in English, that we use to refer to items or locations that are specific to an individual or group and not available without pause to the population at-large. The above property? Private, all of it. The roads I travel on, however, are public property. The airwaves over which I'm using WiFi is also public property. So are the parks I live nearby, and visit as I wish, and so are the libraries.

The issue is not "public" vs. "private". The problem is "personal" vs. "private."

"Personal", in English and referring to things, means that the item or location is particular to a specific individual or entity. In practice, we use this word to refer to items that one holds, wears, uses, or occupies. Anything more abstract in terms of ownership trends over to "private", in practice, as we see when talking of patents, copyrights, trademarks, offices, and so on.

What all anarchists agree upon is that personal property is a self-evident thing. One can, and usually does, own those items that one holds, uses, wears, or occupies. The clothes that I wear are my personal property. The laptop I'm using is my personal property. The knives I carry and use are also my personal property, so is the bed that I sleep upon. Therefore, what these two camps fight over is not about personal property. They fight over what is beyond the personal; they fight over what is "private" property.

In short, they're fighting over what is otherwise deemed "capital". They're fighting over mills, kitchens, workshops, hospitals, laboratories, and other places where work is done--something is made or a service provided--as well as the tools (including abstract ones, like theorems and algorithms) used to make that work possible. It's a fight over what is actually personal and what is actually public, for all intents and purposes; it's a fight over those goods and services, and the systems used to distribute and administer them- specifically, over an individual vs. collective paradigm of anarchy and how to make it work.

The problem, as I see it, is that both sides are ignoring their respective fatal flaws. The An-Capitalists want a system that, whenever it arises (and it has, albeit unknowingly so most of the time), inevitably produces a new feudalism; this is the experience of American colonialism in what is now the Southern Atlantic states (including Florida, eventually) as well as Carribean colonies. Because power and influence, in practice, stems from wealth and that is derived from ownership of private property it means networks of socio-economic tension between haves (landowners, ultimately) and havenots (everyone else). This leads to the creation of a State by the haves to create a barrier between them and the havenots. The An-Collectivists want a system that, whenever it arises, turns into a snitch-cum-police state as a body inevitably arises to "adminster" things and that becomes a power base in itself; the "anarchist" society becomes Statist when this body reaches critical mass and uses propaganda and leg-breaking to enforce conformity.

In short, the former produces Facism or Inverted Totalitarianism. The latter creates classic Totalitarianism. (Or, if you will, Abusive Father-as-State vs. Abusive Mother-as-State; both are toxic and democidal.) Neither of these creates a sustainable anarchy. The fight over property, quite frankly, that they do cannot end any other way. That doesn't mean that there isn't another way out.

Acknowledge the difference between "personal" and "private". Personal property is self-evident manifestations of Natural Law. Private property is the fiction shat out of Man's ass, and inevitably requires the creation and perpetuation of the State to keep the illusion up and running; it has sweet fuck all to do with Natural Law. A strict individualist stance on what property is, and therefore how to deal with it, is how you navigate these seas between Scylla and Charybdis. Disavowal of both Capitalist and Collectivist ideas will go a long way towards putting down the problems that exists in Anarchism right now; instead, stick to the personal- "If you don't hold it, then you don't own it." is a very useful guideline to follow.

Working towards an alternative paradigm for when Empire falls.

Friday, March 28, 2014

StormCloudsGathering: This is Why Turkey Blocked Youtube - Leaked Audio With Full Transcript

Our friends at StormCloudsGathering put together a report on Turkey's YouTube ban, and why it matters to the rest of us. It has to do with Syria, and Turkey's scheme to exploit Syria for its own ends; I recommend that you read the article and--if you can understand the language--watch the video embedded therein.

There are similar reports about this same clique wanting to exploit the Crimea situation, playing into the Twitter ban. These bans are not as effective as it seems, due to widespread dissemination of the IP addresses needed to get around the blocks as well as VPN services growing in size, but Erdogan's core supporters are tech-illiterate true believers and thus easily fall for media propaganda. (Sound familiar? It should.) More of this can be expected everywhere as the system collapses.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Confronting Cognitive Dissonance - The Eyeopener

James Corbett, for BoilingFrogsPost, says: "Are you irate, irritable and irrational when presented with evidence that goes against your preconceived notions of how the world operates? Looking for a solution to your stress? Join us this week on The Eyeopener as we examine the theory of cognitive dissonance and how it stops people from confronting the uncomfortable truths about the way the world really works."

Pedophiles, Drugs and Money in the New World Order - #NewWorldNextWeek

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

China's Bin Laden - The Asia-Pacific Perspective

This is what James Corbett wrote (w/ links omitted; you can get them from the video page):

"Welcome back to The Asia-Pacific Perspective, that monthly show where James Corbett of and Broc West of break down all the latest news and headlines from the Asia-Pacific region. In this month's conversation:

  1. Asia-Pacific Protests: And Now....The 'Anti-Protest' Law in Australia; Thousands drawn to Australia-wide protests against government policies; Taiwan protesters occupy parliament over China trade pact; Tokyo rally against reactor restarts draws over 5,000; Thailand to lift Bangkok state of emergency.
  2. Military Maneuvers: Philippines: Ban on foreign military bases not absolute; Japan Draws Up Overhaul Of Arms-Export Ban; China announces military spending increase; Australia to buy U.S. Triton drones to secure Indian Ocean resources; North Korea test-fires missiles amid tensions.
  3. Kunming Attack Blame Game: From Pakistan, Uyghur Separatist Vows Revenge on China; Uyghur militant's support for Kunming knife attack 'proof of China's terror threat'; Suspected Uyghurs Rescued in Thai Raid of Human Trafficking Camp; Sibel Edmonds on Gladio B.

Monday, March 24, 2014

The Intelligence Industrial Complex - ClandesTime 024

Tom Secker is back: "James Corbett of the Corbett Report joined me to talk about the privatisation of intelligence and the development of the intelligence industrial complex. In this typically wide ranging conversation James began by breaking down the different layers in the existing discussion on this topic. We looked at the history of private intelligence, how 9/11 turned it into a massive industry, Edward Snowden, Anonymous, so called cyberterrorism and much more."

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Tom Secker: An Ally Against Empire

For some time now I've followed and linked to ClandesTime, a podcast founded and hosted by Tom Secker and based out of the United Kingdom. (Yes, I will have the latest episode up tomorrow.) He runs SpyCulture, where the podcast originated from, and Secker's thing is the intersection between the Intelligence community and the Entertainment community; he notes that there's been a lot more overlap that what is often known, and it's far older than Washington's affair with Hollywood. Secker's a realistic sort, not dealing in the whackado of Icke and the Crazytown end of things, but--like James Corbett (of the Corbett Report, another trusted outlet here) and BoilingFrogsPost (ditto)--stays firmly within the real world and does his best to back up his claims with verifiable evidence. This is a one-man-band effort, and clearly not his day job, which is why the updates on the site (as oppossed to the podcast) are sparse and irregular. While the site may not be worth bookmarking, the podcast is worth so doing; Secker's a guy who's worth watching.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Uncorking Conspiracy - Beard World Order 1

Tom Secker's involved in another podcast. Here's the copy from the YouTube upload: "Welcome to The Beard World Order: Tom Secker, James Corbett, and Guillermo Jimenez are back, better, and more bearded than ever. On today's episode we "uncork the bottle of conspiracy" and discuss what Tom refers to as "nihilism within the truth movement."
How far does the rabbit hole go for you? Where is your "crazy line" in the sand? We talk movie magic, "fake drills," the crisis actor meme, the "Hollywoodization" of reality, the "government shill" smear, the "who should I trust" conundrum, and all sorts of other weirdly interesting phenomena within this world of "conspiracy."
Oh, and also: James Corbett is exposed as an actor secretly living in Arizona."

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Gnostic Media: Michael Dean & Derrick Slopey -- "NameCoin and Meowbit -- Fighting Internet Censorship" -- #195

As Jan put it: Today Michael Dean and Derrick Slopey join the Gnostic Media podcast to discuss "NameCoin and Meowbit -- Fighting Internet Censorship". This episode is being released on Wednesday, March 19, 2014, and was recorded yesterday.
Michael Dean: Michael is a tech writer, first adopter, documentary filmmaker, musician, and libertarian talk radio host on The Freedom Feens and Michael Dean After Dark. Many years ago he was in a band on Warner Brothers called Bomb. He lives in Wyoming and loves cats. Michael was on the team that released FreeSpeechMe, the first-ever user-friendly software for viewing Dot-Bit websites.
Derrick Slopey: Derrick runs Alienseed Software and developed the Silver Calculator App for Windows Phone."

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

How to Steal an Airplane: From 9/11 to MH370

As they put it: "Now that the MSM is flirting with the idea of "cyber hijacking" in the increasingly desperate search for MH370, many are left wondering how long the possibility of a remote control hijack has been possible and why the public hasn't been warned of this threat. Join us for this week's Eyeopener report as we examine the cyber hijacking issue and its connections to 9/11."

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Gnostic Media - Adam B. Levine -- "Bitcoin and Metacoins -- the New Frontier" -- #194

As they say: "Today Adam B. Levine joins the Gnostic Media podcast, to discuss "Bitcoin and Metacoins -- the New Frontier". This episode is being released on Thursday, March 16, 2014, and was recorded yesterday.
Adam B. Levine is the Founder & Editor-in-Chief of the LTB Content Network and He is also the Chief Visionary Officer at the consortium. Adam believes in the transformative and empowering potential of decentralizing everything, and views Cryptocurrency as the most important vehicle driving that change."

Monday, March 17, 2014

Predictive Programming Edward Snowden - ClandesTime 023

Tom Secker's back. As he says: "This followup to episode 14 looks at art and media that predicted the Edward Snowden story -- either his personal story or the political discussion surrounding it. From Catch-22 to Enemy of the State, James Bond to Spooks to Star Trek, this show reviews the ways in which our perceptions of Snowden and his 'revelations' were shaped and conditioned long before the leaks began. I also touch on the public image of the NSA and how this differs from that of the CIA, and round by emphasizing how we need to get beyond the truth messiahs, the idea of omniscient whistleblowers, if we are to adequately respond to the mass surveillance state."

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Venezuela's Current Sitation: Another Screw Job.

The other day, the Venezuelan government decided to bitchslap John Kerry verbally.

The accusation levied--that the Obama Administration is involved in supporting the protests--has weight because this is the Anglo-American Establishment way of doing things, and has since Kermit Roosevelt installed the Shah in Iran during the 1950s. In Central and South America, American imperialism has a generations-long history of intervention into the internal affairs of those states, routinely for the benefit of American interests. Greg Gandin's book, Empire's Workshop, lays this out quite clearly. Do not be surprised to read that this is what is going on in the days to come; it's so blatantly a part of the playbook.

No, really, it totally is. Sanctions are the first step. The rest, as John Perkins made clear in Confessions of an Economic Hit-Man. is "regime change" by various means of increasing directness. Backing the protests through deniable cat's paws--Non-Governmental Organizations, usually--that exploit extant sentiment for imperialist ends is a well-established practice. This application of the Hegelian Dialectic, controlling opposition to achieve an as-yet unseen (but desired) result regardless of who wins, is the hallmark of Anglo-American imperialism.

So watch for slick media manipulation like what we've seen out of Ukraine, covering up Western use of Neo-Nazis to unseat pro-Russian factions and place pliable puppets into place instead, should it become necessary to do so at all. (Right now, Venezuela is an also-ran in Western media attention due to both historical trends of resistance being futile--seriously, those Venezuelan military cadres are beneficiaries of the School of the Americas, and thus will not hesitate to butcher those college kids if given orders to do so--and a lack of pressing geo-political importance. Once the Establishment picks a winner, this will end.) Nothing will change once it's resolved; some people will die, a de facto blood sacrifice to the inhuman gods that keep the Establishment running, and like Brazil it will be suppressed because the true resistance lacks both the means and the will to actually fix their problems for good. (Hint: Trying to Gandhi your way out of this will just result in your own death.)

So, expect the resistance to be infiltrated, subverted, betrayed, and ultimately exploited to keep Anglo-American interests there safe and secure from that pesky population demanding to be treated like human beings whose lives have value. This is no way to end Empire, and until enough of the people down there realize it's either walk away from Omelas or reduce Carthage to salted ruins this cycle of violence and despair will persist. No downtrodden folk are going to become free without paying a price in blood, bone, and fire- and no one will retain it without paying that price again periodically forever after. Total pacifism's time has come and gone; we're back to the mean now, and that means putting the pointy end in the other guy- the other guy, who is also the one preying upon you, your family, and your world without mercy or remorse. Freedom requires the death of Empire, so make it fall.

Friday, March 14, 2014

(Bonus Post!) Buzzsaw: Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Mystery, CIA Spies on Congress + NSA Ask Zelda

Their words: "Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 has gone missing and everybody is scrambling to get their stories straight, while Dianne Feinstein has called out the CIA for spying on Congress investigating their shady ways. We discuss Comcast bribery in the government, as the NSA gets a new advisor in "Zelda," and Oregon takes a stand on behalf of bees. Plus, a special message to the Buzzsaw audience from host Tyrel Ventura and producer Tabetha Wallace."

The Neoliberal Neo-Nazi Coup in Ukraine, w/ Michel Chossudovsky

James Corbett, for Global Research, did this: "Violence and bloodshed continues to rock Ukraine as factions compete in the power vacuum of last month's coup in Kiev. As the country struggles to find its way forward, however, it finds itself in the crosshairs of a NATO war agenda that has been unfolding for years. This is the GRTV Feature Interview with our special guest, Professor Michel Chossudovsky."


Thursday, March 13, 2014

(Bonus Post!) Ukraine Crisis - What You're Not Being Told

Our friends at Storm Clouds Gathering produced this video.


The Snowden SXSW Speach

From RT America's YouTube page: "Courtesy: The Texas Tribune.

Speaking remotely from Russia on Monday, former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden told attendees at the SXSW Interactive conference in Austin, Texas that encryption is still a powerful deterrent against government surveillance."


Wednesday, March 12, 2014

100 Years of War Lies DEBUNKED

James Corbett says, in the video description: "When Secretary of State John Kerry made his now infamous statement about Russia's actions in Ukraine, the hypocrisy was immediately apparent to all but the most clueless of viewers. But perhaps Kerry wasn't so wrong to expect the public to let him get away with such a transparently hypocritical statement. After all, the public have always been happy to go along with every pretext for war presented to them for decade after decade.

Find out more about the lies that have lead the world to war time and again over the past century in this week's Eyeopener report."


Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Gnostic Media: An Interview with Thomas Hunt - "Mad Bitcoins" - #192

Jan Irvin's Gnostic Media podcast recorded the embedded video below on March 6th.

Here's what he uses to describe it: "What's with all the mainstream media hype lately over Bitcoin? What is Bitcoin? What is Mt. Gox? Is Mt. Gox the same as Bitcoin? Or is that equivalent to saying Enron, or Bernie Madoff, or Al Capone, is the dollar? Is Bitcoin really only used by drug smugglers and pornographers? Is it really a government conspiracy for a global digital currency? A Ponzi scheme? Is it really unbacked by anything? Is it something we should fear because it's not supported by the Government, which brought us the dollar that's lost most of its value through usury and inflation? (Note: This is the same government that bailed out the banks in 2008 - the failed banks. The same government that prints the money and then takes 1/3rd of it back each year.)

You've probably heard most, if not all, of these exaggerations.

What if, instead of believing and spreading propaganda and fear, we got informed on what Bitcoin really is? I've personally done over 6 months research in preparation for doing some shows on this topic.

Today Thomas Hunt joins us from Mad Bitcoins. Mad Bitcoins is a daily YouTube news show covering the exciting world of cryptocurrency. Watch and Subscribe at YouTube. Host Thomas Hunt also moderates a more serious weekly Bitcoin panel discussion entitled "The Bitcoin Group" available at and is hard at work on the new"

Monday, March 10, 2014

Robocop: The Remake - ClandesTime 022

Tom Secker's back, and this is his description: "Aaron Franz of the age of transitions joined me to discuss the remake of 1987 dystopian techno-thriller Robocop. We compared the original to the remake and discussed the similarities and differences. Obviously we looked at the involvement of the security state in the production of the film, though the subject of state sponsorship of culture was itself explored in the movie. We concluded that the film is ultimately telling a story that is anti-transhumanist and anti-security state, and applaud the filmmakers for a rare example of a Hollywood movie that adopts such a moral perspective."

Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Corbett Report: The Enemy of My Enemy

Y'know, I had a nice ol' essay ready to go about Ukraine and how no one--not one motherfucker involved--is a good guy and how none of the outlets could be wholly trusted on any of this, and then James Corbett puts out the first Corbett Report podcast of 2014 about just this subject (complete with links to sources and the usual high quality work he's famous for) so I'm going to let him tell you how it really is instead. Enjoy, and if he doesn't do the same thing next week I'll be back instead.

Fuck yeah, James Corbett. Throw him some cash; he's one of the few independent journalists out there that I do trust wholly anymore.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

America's Long War Against Humanity - Michel Chossudovsky

Below I'm embedding Michel Chossudovsky's address, wherein he goes into detail about how the Federal Government of the United States (and, by extension, the American end of the Anglo-American Establishment) plays the role of a latter-day Roman Empire in the pursuit of what John Perkins rightly labels as "the corporatocracy"- the Globalist Fascist Empire. Michel does not mention the full and true extent of the empire, mistaking the visible enforcement arm for the shot-calling/purse-holding arm (which is the financial system, based out of the City of London), but he accurately nails what he does describe and therefore is worth your time to watch this video.

Here's what Global Research has to say about it: "Rosa Luxemburg Conference, Berlin, January 11, 2014.
The event was organized by the German daily "junge Welt". This year, the Rosa Luxemburg Conference marked the commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the First World War.
Worldwide militarization is also part of a global economic agenda, namely the application of the neoliberal economic policy model which has led to the impoverishment of large sectors of the World population.
The world is at the crossroads of the most serious crisis in modern history. The US has embarked on a military adventure, "a long war", which threatens the future of humanity.
This "war without borders" is being carried out at the crossroads of the most serious economic crisis in World history, which has been conducive to the impoverishment of large sectors of the World population.
The Pentagon's global military design is one of world conquest. The military deployment of US-NATO forces is occurring in several regions of the world simultaneously.
The concept of the "Long War" has characterized US military doctrine since the end of World War II. Worldwide militarization is part of a global economic agenda.
The text presented at the conference, Imperial Conquest: America's "Long War" against Humanity, is available on Global Research:"

Thursday, March 6, 2014

(Bonus Post!) Ben Swann's Truth in Media: "End Partisanship" (S2E1)

As he puts it: "Ben Swann explains how the new coalition of is working to break the 2 party hold on primary elections, which currently lock around 50% of voters out of the process. Plus, Ben details a lawsuit that has now been filed in the state of New Jersey to break that hold. To learn more about the effort visit or".

(Bonus Post!) Buzzsaw: What To Do In Crimea, Abby Martin Under Fire & Whistleblower Protection

The main show is back, with 100% less LaRouchie cultist bullshit. (Seriously, Sean, did you lose a bet or something?)

Here's what they say: "The conflict in Crimea and what the US ought to be doing there, plus criticism of RT and Abby Martin for their reporting is looked at in this special episode of the Buzzsaw News. We also discuss electronic codes being broadcast through radio stations, whistleblower protections being upheld by the Supreme Court, and the ongoing water pollution in West Virginia."

Tom Secker Interview, Alt Media Series, Trans Resister Radio

It more of Tom Secker from, this time as a guest on another podcast (which you can find here), and here's what Tom says about it: "In the final episode of Aaron Franz's alternative media interview series we discussed the present and the future, the good and the bad of the alt media and my hopes for what the truth movement could turn into as it matures.".

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Foreign Intervention and the Ukraine Crisis

James Corbett's latest work for Global Research is embedded below. Here's what he's got to say about it: "As the Ukrainian crisis continues to unfold, the foreign funding and backing for the current destabilization becomes more apparent. Now geopolitical analysts across the board analyze the roots of the situation, and whether this conflict is sowing the seeds of the next major war. This is the GRTV Backgrounder on Global Research TV."

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Why Do People Believe Stupid Things? - BFP Roundtable #04

Another BoilingFrogsPost Roundtable: "From the official story of 9/11 to the drug war narrative to Omidyar's hope and change, people allow themselves to believe the most transparent lies and propaganda. But why? On this edition of the BFP roundtable, James Corbett, Guillermo Jimenez and Sibel Edmonds ask (and attempt to answer) the question of why people believe stupid things."

Monday, March 3, 2014

ClandesTime 021 - Wag the Dog

Tom Secker, the host, puts it this way: "Pearse Redmond joined me again to discuss the 1997 film Wag the Dog, a black comedy about a White House spin doctor and a Hollywood producer faking a war with Albania to cover up a presidential sex scandal. We dug beneath the comic overtones to find a much darker subtext, talking about the total absence of moral values in the film, how the tone of the movie develops from a very light beginning to a very dark ending, and how both of the two main characters are probably based on very real and very significant people."

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Ukraine: Not This Shit Again (or "The Media Failed To Do Its Fucking Job")

1854 called. It wants its imperialist geopolitical bullshit back.

Fuck John Kerry. This is not a "new Cold War". This is a repeat of the bullshit that lead up to the Crimean War of the 1850s, only now featuring the Michael Bay upgrade of thermonuclear warfare and World War 3, so it's hardly some petty little regional thing that can be safely ignored if you're not there or doing business with someone that is. If this isn't diffused, there's a non-trivial chance of the nukes flying and no one sane wants that.

Yes, the Establishment media in the United States proves itself completely useless at best. Their counterparts in the United Kingdom, the rest of the Commonwealth (chiefly Canada and Australia), on the continent and even RT are far better at handling this Ukraine matter than the worthless twats led by the New York City and Washington D.C. bureaus. However, there is an emerging media narrative out of the Western outlets that the Eastern (Russian, really) outlets gainsay (for obvious reasons): the Russian move into the Crimea is a de facto invasion akin to the annexation of the German Sudetenland by Nazi Germany prior to World War 2. The Russian media narrative is that Russia has an existing treaty with Ukraine permitting Russian military presence and movement around its military (naval, really) bases, that the troops are not new units from Russia moving in but existing ones reorganizing for better installation security, and that this is all within the treaty allowances- and, therefore, Western criticism is out of line.

Guess what? The Russian narrative is technically correct, which is why legal moves in the United Nations will fail; there is an existing contract in place, and Russia's actions are in accord with it. The Western narrative is politically correct, which is why a US-led NATO will push Russia to back off anyway; this is an old-school color-of-law annexation, with local popular support, so not only does it make sense but it will succeed in the short and likely the medium-run (the long run is too far out to see clearly). However, Obama is a proven incompetent in foreign affairs and Putin will play him like a fiddle to make this move in the Crimea stick. (No, no one else in the West is good enough to stop Putin either.)

So, since the Establishment media is no help here, let's review what the alternative media has to say?

Infowars: Bring on Joel Skoulsen, have him push his World War 3 scenario (where Russia and China turn on the rest of the planet using nuclear warfare before they turn on each other and once worn down the Globalists suddenly reappear using Area 51 supertech to conquer the planet) while arguing that this Ukraine destablization is actually a Russian Intelligence false-flag scheme using a gang-countergang operation (i.e. controlled opposition) to scam the world into thinking that the West is behind the Ukraine government turnover in order to justify annexation of the Russian-dominant section of the region, using Russian control over energy sources that Eastern Europe depends upon as blackmail to ensure compliance. Not helping.
Buzzsaw: Bring on Helga Zepp-LaRouche to push the LaRouche Cult's usual doomsaying over Putin while talking up FDR and a New New Deal or NUKE FLY EVERYONE FRIES!. (Excuse me while I roll my eyes. Sean Stone, you biffed it this time, majorly. You might as well have brought on a Scientologist.)
RT: In the tank for the Kremlin. Can't trust it to be reliable in this matter.
Everyone Else: The better ones are still processing information that is available, and the rest are echoing Infowars to varying degrees. Barf.

No one competent is paying fucking attention to the real echo from history here, and that's the Crimean War of 1851-54. The bulk of it was imperial maneuvering over Russian access to war-water ports, using various entangling alliances compelling the intervention of various imperial powers (Russia and the U.K., really, but the others of the day kept a hand in) using then-novel notions of nationalism and ethnic identity as excuses for imperialist land-grabs, economic system-wrangling, and influence-peddling. Look at both the present issue and the Crimean War as examples of rival crime families trying to muscle each-other out of a promising territory to run their rackets and you've got a sound basis to properly examine the who, what, when, where, why, and how of this entire bullshit in and around Ukraine.

And shame on the alternative media for utterly biffing it. Aside from guys like Ben Swann, who's got enough sense to just ask questions and report facts for now until he's got something solid to run with, and other very small outlets who's leadership are similarly sensible, it's a massive pile of fail right now and folks ought to be shaming them all into shaping up and flying right. Incompetence of this nature can't make Empire fall.

(Bonus Post!) Anthony Lawson: "Syria: The Crime and the Criminals"

Anthony Lawson describes his newest video as follows: "The Syrian civil war, insurrection, rebellion, revolt, uprising, call it what you will, was not home grown in Syria by Syrians with differing outlooks as to how their nation should be governed—as the mainstream media would have you believe—it was part of a strategy preplanned by vicious, sociopathic foreigners called "Neocons" and they began their planning in 1991, following the first invasion of Iraq, code-named: Dessert Storm. To date, the major beneficiary of their diabolical planning has been Zionist Apartheid Israel, but that maybe coming to an end."