Sunday, September 26, 2021

Narrative Warfare: Tribe Up Or Get Picked Off

This past week, Black Pigeon Speaks (on his Felix Rex channel) put out this.

There's no way around it now, much as CivNats wish it were not so. Muh Individualisms are now the same play as those picked off in this scene.

You will be picked off if you're going at it alone and you are not deeply dug in, and if you are that only buys you time before you either make a run for it or get overwhelmed. Find yourself a group, get behind a competent leader, and remain loyal to him--and it will be him--against the hordes now rolling upon the shores in service to the traitors within the gates.

(Oh, and since this is a well-known thing in the circles I monitor, be wary of grifters looking to exploit this--you--only to leave you when the test comes. Also, Glowies.)

This is the consequence of Empire.

Civilization only thrives when nations are arrayed like orderly neighborhoods: each to their own domain, socializing in the commons to trade and on ocassion to assist in common matters, but otherwise keeping to themselves and neither coveting nor minding that of their neighbors.

Empire, being parasitic and predatory, upends all of this to ultimately destructive ends. The drug-addict quality forces those afflicted to turn criminal and prey upon others, yoking them to the will of the addict--to the Thrall--in order to compel sustainance from the subjects for the addicts to (vainly) satisfy their cravings.

The end result, that of overreach and collapse, leaves worse than nothing behind. Scores--great and small--get settled and lots of people don't survive the sudden shift out of the very comfortable lives they thought would go on forever because they never believed that it could happen to them.

Time indeed to review the lives of post-collapse Romans and similar imperial collapses, like the fall of the Soviet Union, because it's about to hit in the West and that does include the entire globe due to global interdependence. Empire is falling.

Sunday, September 19, 2021

Narrative Warfare: When The Enemy Quietly Secures The Enforcers' Loyalty

Time to get something in front of the YouTube Lawyers, because this one is nasty as it gets. Quoting the article:

"Does a federal badge allow a police officer to violate your constitutional rights with absolute impunity? The answer is “yes,” according to two U.S. Circuit Courts of Appeals in three different cases brought by a Somali refugee who was in her teens, a 70-year-old Vietnam veteran and a small business owner/mechanic. Nearly 60 million Americans now live in states where the courts offer absolute immunity to federal officers who violate someone’s constitutional rights. As one federal judge recently lamented, “Private citizens who are brutalized—even killed—by rogue federal officers can find little solace” in the current accountability framework.”

The linked article goes on to explain the cases in depth, but the reality is exactly as stated: the US Federal judiciary just turned all Federal agents into the sort of corrupt Judges that Dredd loathes.

The US has, by judicial fiat, turned these agents into executioners and thus given them the protected status that a Praetorian caste requires to remain loyal to an endangered regime. This does not yet apply to the agents of the several states or to city/county agents, but if it is not stopped now it will soon be the case and at that time an already informal practice of law enforcement thinking itself above the people--"Thin Blue Line" and all that--will be fully formalized and a status hierarchy among them with it- with the Feds again at the top.

This, by the by, is another reason for why there is no voting your way out of this mess. Any electoral process insufficiently fixed to produce the desired result can be sued into irrelevance in the courts while loyalists in the Executive sandbag to buy time and otherwise sabotage reform attempts.

This only works wholly as intended so long as it remains concealed. Exposure, even of this sort, is damaging because it hurts their narrative.

These rulings wouldn't be necessary if the Thralls of Empire remained secure in their power. They are doing these rulings out of weakness, to shore up what they see as an eroding base of power, and they want to guarantee their enforcers' loyalty by formalizing the already-informal separation and elevation of that caste away from the general population.

And for you honest cops and Feds out there, for the love of God watch your six and get clear as soon as you can. You know this is going to turn into a shitshow the instant a Fed does something that gets local or state cops imprisoned (e.g. George Floyd) and skates with aplomb citing this exact ruling, and no amount of "I'm an honest cop!" will save you or your family. Get out now, while you can, and then get clear before this blows up.

And it will blow up. This ruling signals not only the desperation of the regime, but also where they think their preparations are for moving from covert to overt totalitarianism is- which necessitates a culling of the herd to get and keep them down to a managable state in tightly-controlled confines (i.e. imprisoning entire populations).

It's encouraging because it's a sign of weakness. It's dangerous because cornered rats are viscous and violent with no restraints whatsoever on their use of force. Empire falls, and it tries to take its enemies with it.

Sunday, September 12, 2021

Narrative Warfare: Twenty Years of Narrative Warfare

Yesterday was September 11th.

That date means different things to different people. If you want the American (and, to a much lesser extent, Western) Establishment's view, you couldn't escape it; Didactic Mind's post really hits how it feels like ashes in one's mouth for many in the US and elsewhere. Some others, usually aging leftists or born in South America, remember Pinochet's coup in Chile on this day. Nationalist dissidents will remember, in September, when Vienna was freed from the theat of Ottoman conquest. There are other events of note that I won't mention here.

But you're wondering what I think, yes?

I shall summarize: Alex Jones was right. /pol/ was even more right.

It is clear now that these are true:

  • It was an inside job.
  • Establishment intelligence--US and others--materially benefited from the attack and had their narrative ready to go before the fact, shown by the speed with which they deployed it via their Operation Mockingbird assets like Anderson Cooper (and their counterparts in allied countries).
  • Yes, Saudis were involved; factional fighting inside their ruling family account for this involvement and later opposition via Trump.
  • Bin Ladin may or may not have actually masterminded the attack, but he most certainly was not killed as stated.
  • The official narrative is a box car full of turduckens of lies. The only true statement is that World Trade Center 1, 2, and 7 went down due to terrorist violence.
  • Only now, well past the point where justice would inflict any real harm on the network of actors responsible, is the truth being officially acknowledged in the least- and then, only as a means of protecting itself from bigger, more pressing, threats. In other words, a Limited Hangout.
  • Narrative control has proven vitally effective at keeping up the charade for as long as it has, and now that its usefulness is ending they are letting it go piece by piece deliberately as demoralization and humilation operations. Not a big of waste allowed for so vast an undertaking. To this day, Normies believe the official narrative because they believe the authority of the mainstream media and refuse to go out of their way to find independent media- too much like work.
  • The Establishment has successfully moved a lot of their control mechanisms into the private sector by exploiting public-private partnerships, formal and otherwise, resulting in the erection of the very totalitarian state Alex Jones and his cohorts (current and former) warned us about back then. Aaron Russo's "Freedom to Fascism" is proving particularly prophetic now.

Yes, even the Afghanistan pullout ties into this.

The claim, made years ago, was that 9/11's American relevance was, indeed, the signal that the party was over.

The party being American general prosperty and liberty, and now we transitioned to a deliberate and willful looting and degradation of both the American nation and its various institutions. While the goal to do so and then fuck off to China got thwarted, the "do so" part remained in play and here we are.

The problem, as you may notice, is that the Establishment--the Thralls of Empire--have nowhere to go to escape the consequences of their looting and degeneracy. Empire itself is now trapped in the very host it parasitized, something not seen outside wholesale civilizational collapses like that of the Bronze Age collapse that took entire networks of trade and communication--and thus people--out of commission and forced peoples to make do with local resources.

No, bolt-holes (however gilded) in New Zealand don't count. Bolt-holes anywhere don't count, especially not against vengeful and spiteful barbarian hordes that will inevitably arise to seize by force what is horded in those bolt-holes- often lead by the very security personnel the owners hired and then treated like shit because they could not help themselves.

Empire survives by jumping from host to host, from civilization to civilization, because it cannot exist without Civiliztion--without the power, prestige, and prosperity thereof--to sustain it. It is very womanly, very much a wanton and viscious gold-digging whore, in that respect; think of it as Lilith writ large if you like, or the Whore of Babylon, and so the shit will flow until back to God we go.

The reason, therefore, for the masks coming off and the acceleration of the Globohomo lockdown of populations is to stave off the palpable threat of Empire's destruction due to being unable to escape the destruction they've wrought. They want to lock people down not out of strength, but weakeness; not out of confidence, but fear. They want to cull people due to wanting to eliminate hordes before they form first and foremost; any religious aspect to these actions is important, but not primary- it's all out of pants-shitting terror of the very people they preyed upon for generations on end.

Of us.

And is it not curious how they've not done the more obvious and necessary things yet? Maybe they can't.

Despite the narrative control, the Thralls don't have what they require to make good their desperation play; their behaviors show it. The Normies do sense that bad shit's going on, and they're tuning out entirely to deal with the bullshit they sense is coming at them, but--again--baby steps. First they stop reading the papers and magazines, then they stop watching the TV or listening to the radio, and next they get off Facebook/Twitter, etc. in favor of alternatives that give what Normies want (e.g. Marvel/DC collapsing vs. Manga blossoming). Step by step, and faster as the Boomers die off, the noose slips.

And, at the core, the Thralls sense it and yet can't react fast enough or well enough to deal with it.

This is why, as I see it, the Afghanistan pullout isn't having the impact it was meant to have or that yesterday's Narrative reinforcement didn't take like it was meant to; the subjects are increasingly just not listening, not caring, and turning away. If there is any good news to be had, there it is; if there is any useful action to take, it is to have alternatives shoved before them that give them what they want here and now.

Empire, unlike Epstein, killed itself.

Empire falls.

Sunday, September 5, 2021

Narrative Warfare: When The Hit Pieces Get Too Obvious

You don't do this unless you're on the back foot. Rolling Stone's hit-piece on Ivermectin got debunked.

The hospital McElyea worked for, NHS Sequoyah, located in Sallisaw, Oklahoma – just issued a statement disavowing McElyea’s claims.

Although Dr. Jason McElyea is not an employee of NHS Sequoyah, he is affiliated with a medical staffing group that provides coverage for our emergency room.

With that said, Dr. McElyea has not worked at our Sallisaw location in over 2 months.

NHS Sequoyah has not treated any patients due to complications related to taking ivermectin. This includes not treating any patients for ivermectin overdose.

All patients who have visited our emergency room have received medical attention as appropriate. Our hospital has not had to turn away any patients seeking emergency care.

We want to reassure our community that our staff is working hard to provide quality healthcare to all patients. We appreciate the opportunity to clarify this issue and as always, we value our community’s support.

The media lies. They are not merely incompetent. They are enemy actors. This is blatant Narrative Warfare. They are deliberately making up pure bullshit, using professionals to do so, to gaslight and scaremonger people into line, but they're getting too obvious about it. That means (a) it's not working because they wouldn't need to double-down if it did, and (b) enough of us aren't buying it to have them worried.

Folks are getting the memo. Spread the word. Empire falls.

Sunday, August 29, 2021

Narrative Warfare: When The Enemy Gives Away The Game

The Supreme Dark Lord, Vox Day, posted today about some feminist whining about dissident men taking inspiration from the Taliban's victory in Afghanistan.

The whine:

"These alienated men hate all of it – the whole woke world view, from racial tolerance to LGBT rights to feminism. And they’re lionising the Taliban as heroic anti-woke freedom fighters."

"They’re looking at images of gun-waving men in a violent, war-torn wasteland where women can be beaten with impunity. And they’re not horrified. They’re envious."

The response:

"Of course we have no patriotic love for the frauds that feign to fly the flags of our cultures and nations. Clown World isn’t our culture. Mixed-race multiethnic multireligious transgendered diversity isn’t our nation."

"The nations will rise. The neoclown empire will fall. Christendom will return. And feminism, which is the only political ideology in history more stupid than Communism and more evil than National Socialism, will be eradicated."

Again, the SDL isn't wrong here. Twenty years pushing Globhomo faggotry ended in failure because the Taliban, whatever else may be said of them, provided not only a more imminent presence of force but also a superior moral vision as well as the will to see it done.

Globohomo, being a Death Cult, only works against an opposition that it has already gaslit to accept its implicit premises. That's what the Long March was really about; getting the insitituional power was the manifestation of that gaslighting. It is no surprise that it would fail against opponents that it had not taken a century or more gaslighting their way into power.

This this what dissidents are noticing, and it is this very fact that our whining feminist bemoans. She knows, and she's afraid that these dissidents will get the memo and begin focusing their efforts on--to invoke Alex Jones--break the conditioning.

In short, the feminist is warning that they need to ramp up the open seizure of totalitarian power before the Narrative Warfare turns totally impotent.

In typical fashion, said whiner is doing so when it is too late to do it. The dissidents are noticing, and thanks to this moron saying the quiet part aloud they'll get the memo faster than they would otherwise.

Now the narrative will begin to shift against them in ways that they will perceive.

That doesn't mean that we'll see it right away, unless you're good at reading mainstream media pieces for the Narrative Warfare angles they're pushing; watch for hit-pieces on all forms of alternative media, more finacier-based attacks thereupon, and the ratcheting of media access controls so that dissidents are further corralled and controlled (all the while ignoring that there are means they cannot control at the disposal of dissidents).

This is why pagan LARPing will not work. This is why proper nationalism is not sufficient--necessary, absolutely, but not sufficient--because Empire's Thrall gave away the game:


Sunday, August 22, 2021

Collapse Starts Within, With Character

This news item tells you all that you need to know about the regime's character.

If this were a true and legitimate issue, you would never see this happening. They would be acting as if it were going to kill them if they didn't comply. Instead, they wish to humiliate you with the truth by letting this be seen, confident that they will face no consequences for it.

Well, none that they would acknowledge as such.

If you shave away at a granite column grain-by-grain, it will take years but inevitably it will fail and collapse. If you neglect to do maintenence on a machine, inevitably it will seize up and cease functioning. So it is with the machinery of governance, and the lubrication of governance is legitimacy. Without that, you can only use fear and force, and that is short-term at best because sooner or later you either wear out their fear or you over-extend your force and then you are done.

With each humiliation reveal, they shave away at their legitimacy. They are relying more on fear--especially fear--and trying (and failing) to over-extend their force, both of which are also now reaching the end of their effective use- you'll know it when they openly gun people down in the streets en masse and let it be seen in the media.

This is not a regime in ascendency. This is a regime--a global empire--in collapse, as these are all moves you use to (a) assuage your own fears of impotency (humilating the enemy) while (b) demonstraing that you still have power (the rest).

And I would hold off on cheering the other would-be global player. The Chicoms are nothing more than another Imperial Chinese dynasty, and already they too show signs of decline and collapse, something their predecessors would find worthy of ridicule. Even if they make a go at Taiwan, they stand a good chance at blowing it without American intervention, because their own internal institutions are too riddled with corruption and incompetency to do more than play Frame Games weaponizing Face and trying to out-do Globohomo at its own game of debt-based enslavement.

This will be neither another American nor a Chinese century. It won't be Russian either; they don't want to be Global Hegemon. Empire's falling, and only those of strong and proper character will be able to rebuild after it's done. Be ready.

Sunday, August 15, 2021

Narrative Warfare: The Fake Vax Narrative Isn't Working

The Fake Vax is fake, and more people are realizing it and refusing it. Hence the push to mandate it, but that too is a bluff, as this report seen at Vox Day's blog (note the new URL; I'll explain below) demonstrates.

I’m in a senior position at a Fortune 500 company, and I can tell you that leadership is highly, highly stressed about the number of people refusing mandatory vaccinations. They are currently betting that employees will blink before management, but if the unvaccinated employees stand firm in their convictions, this company will be fucked. If the company follows through on its threats and fires all the unvaccinated employees, the company will be decimated and will not be able to function.

Don’t give up. Don’t give in. There are more of us than there are of them.

This is indeed the case across the board. The military cannot function if most personnel refuse to comply. The intelligence and security agencies cannot function if most refuse to comply. The bureacracies cannot function if most refuse to comply. Private entities of all sorts and sizes are likewise crippled.

There will inevitably by a rush to declare exemptions so as to make it easier to focus attention on more bothersome dissidents, but this is nothing more than arranging a Kill Order prior to focusing fire, and the wise would be as serpents to point this out as soon as it is announced.

The first exemptions will be for the Praetorians, because their muscle will be required to make everyone else fall into line, so watch for their exemption being made- once Law Enforcement and select Judicial figures get exemptions, that's when you know (a) they don't have the logistics to punish everyone and (b) they're making that Kill Order list. You may notice Snitches--doctors, teachers, etc.--get exemptions also at this point, the better to get them to snitch due to their public-facing positions and bureacratic interfacing.

This is yet a realm where lawfare can work, for now, so use it and be aggressive with using it. This is also a realm where social media--already weaponized against you--will ramp up its Panopticon potential; be as the Grey Man online in the major places, if you can do so, and use expendable alternative accounts to spit real talk on that turf. (And you may want to stick to using psuedonyms everywhere else, if you are vulnerable, since the enemy also scours dissident media for targets.)

Which brings me to Vox's blog.

This past week, Google shut down Vox'd Blogger version of his blog. That phrasing is not accidental; he has actually mirrored his blog in more-or-less real time for years, and within a hour or so of seeing that Google did that he had an interim mirror live and a URL out there while he finished migration to a more secure alternative--the URL for the site above-linked--and smiled as the trap closed on Google.

Yes, a trap.

Vox Day is not stupid. He knew Blogger was enemy territory. He also knew that Google's lawyers are idiots, as are most Silicon Valley lawyers. What is about to happen, now that the Legal Legion is on it, is that Vox Day is about to wage lawfare on Google. As he did with Patreon (for and with Owen Benjamin) and Amazon (for Castalia House), he is about to make Google double over and cry for mercy. All it will take is to get to a real threat of Discovery to see this pain produce results, and it will not matter if Google goes for Arbitration or a civil suit.

And remember, Vox Day is in Italty, so he can leverage Italian and European Union law and courts if necessary. The EU may be trash, but Empire is fractious and its Thralls love to in-fight for status, something more dissidents should be exploting to their advantage. Making Google fight in a place that they cannot win at will be key to not only beaing them, but--and this is key--humiliating them on the public record.

You'll know Vox wins when Google hastily changes its Terms of Service several times over the next year or two as a result of his team's successful moves against them. Hail oh Supreme Dark Lord, make Empire fall.

Sunday, August 8, 2021

Narrative Warfare: On The Afghanistan Withdrawl

Vox Day commented over the past week on the announced retreat of the US military from Afghanistan.

He, and others, should not be so quick to enjoy the schedenfraude. There is another way for the Globohomo elite to pursue their Afghanistan agenda militarily without using formal state militaries to do so: Private Military Contractors, i.e. mercenaries.

More of the real work is being moved out of the public sector--out of military and intelligence agencies--and into their private counterparts. This is a consistent trend that's been going on for decades, and these corporate cutouts for the elite sidestep formal government oversight at both nation-state and super-state levels- and with it, any possible hope of their power being checked in the slightest.

In addition to dodging government oversight, it also permits massive looting of whole populations by funneling tax revenues from government agencies to private counterparts to use off-the-books for whatever the Globohomo players want done, starting with laundering money to assets necessary to keep operations working as intended (e.g. astroturfed groups like Antifa and BLM) and ending with silently murdering enemies and rivals both in "foreign lands" and "at home". (In quotes because for these corporations they make no such distinction.)

With regard to Afghanistan, I think the removal of US military presences there is primarily to give a narrative cover to the removal of media attention to the country while PMCs move in on behalf of Globohomo multinationals to secure the desired resources--mineral and otherwise--they want for their own operations, fair and foul alike. This necessarily will mean things usually called "war crimes" and "human rights violations" like wholesale slaughter of entire villages and trafficking of people to and from the country (along with opium, rare earth minerals, and more).

In short, far from being the end of Globohomo imperial ambition I have good reason to believe it's a shift in the regime running things, no different than what you see in Dune when Arrakis goes from Harkkonen to Atredies (and back again) because of how the elite want the resources--the Spice--to keep flowing without bothering them with the details.

For us in the US, much like Vietnam, it's going to be Out Of (Media) Sight/Out of Mind; in reality, on the ground it's going to from Private Pile on patrol to Operator Pile doing black bag ops or wetwork detail on selected high-value or high-threat targets and getting paid fat sacks of cash (maybe even literal fat sacks of cash) to do it that made his former military pay look pathetic. For the Pashtun, they'll soon see that the only change is the patch on the uniforms.

And the media will never report on any of it. Not the Globohomo media in the West, not the Russian media, not the Chinese media- no one but independents with balls of steel and reliable intel networks of their own to draw from. If you think the blackout on Syria is bad, watch Afghanistan get memoryholed in real time.

In addition to literal and metaphorical looting of the imperial periphery now continuing without any unwanted attention, the PMCs can also metaphorically loot the imperial centers by charging them handsomely (with the help of compliant allies in government they give kickbacks to, deniably) as well as assist in keeping dissent at home impotent via services they are all too ready to render- often as "consultants" or "trainers", the same grift the Critical Race Theory cultists use.

Don't be so quick to cheer formal government collapse; that's just shedding the skin for Empire. They have parallel structures in place; we should too, beyond their control.

Sunday, August 1, 2021

Narrative Warfare: Welcome To #Brand Zero

Today's post is about something you can do here and now. You can do it, and you can easily explain how to do it to your friends and family. Welcome to #Brand Zero.

#Brand Zero came about as a strategy to deal with converged corporations wearing IPs as skinsuits so that the Thralls of Empire within can use nostaglia as a spoonful of sugar to make the poison go down. What you see above is the core of it; it is a strategy not of love, or of hate, but of deliberate and cold-blooded indifference. This is a strategy of turning one's heart harder than stone towards those corporate skinsuits.

This is because the corporate cult centers figured out that outrage works just as well--if not better--than lovefests for remaining in the public eye, and coupling this outrage with maintaining a sense of power over the audience induces a learned helplessness in that population. This manifests as "I hate you (Company), but I'll buy your next product anyway."

The drama channels on YouTube, therefore, are suckers playing into this trap.

The answer, therefore, is to cut the converged out of the IP altogether. These skinsuits, in entertainment media of all sorts, are disposable, expendable, and fungible; they can be ignored, and the solution is to do just that- and thus cut them out of the loop, and thus the scene, entirely.

They need you. Specifically, they need your time and attention more than they need your money, love, or hate. They cannot exist without it. Don't talk about the converged skinsuits at all. Certainly not in public, and try your best to refrain in private.

For every game, every hobby, every pursuit you can work around the skinsuits and deny them time, attention, money, and energy. Replace them--never leave a void--with something else, preferably something you can do by yourself for yourself that fills that same niche. If you play that epic gothic space opera wargame, buy or print models from another source, use paints from another company, and get the rules you need for free from online sources. Ignore the company entirely and enjoy the game as the hobby it is meant to be.

You'd be surprised how far this is being applied, coupled with home manufacturing breakthroughs, to pursuits far beyond hobbyist entertainment of all sorts.

We don't need Empire's thralls. Empire falls.

Sunday, July 25, 2021

Narrative Warfare: Known Problems Usually Are Solved Problems

The news about California suing Blizzard put this to mind.

If you have persistent problem, going on for over a century, and you have every single recorded generation reporting the same issues in the same sorts of circumstances and all of the legal and social prohibitions put down still do not fix the problem then any reasonable observer would conclude that another solution should be implemented. That solution should come at the problem from another perspective, a perspective that stands on a clear analysis of how the disfavor behavior operates--as if analyzing a malfunctioning machine--and directly addresses that malfunction.

Remove that which causes undue friction, and you remove the friction.

Remove the prey from the field, and there is no predation because there is nothing for predators to prey upon.

Keep things apart that have no need to be together.

Our ancestors figured this out millenia ago. It is one of the many lies of Modernity that created this sort of persistent problem. Therefore this is a solved problem and all we need to do is to restore--reimplement--the proven solution to the known issue and the problem goes away. The problem, therefore, is a problem of politics and culture--ultimately of narrative and religion--and until that changes there is no will to restore the proven solution to the known problem.

Sunday, July 18, 2021

Narrative Warfare: They Don't Care About Material Profit, Only Power

I did not expect to see this in my feed today, but here it is.

For those of you familiar with Wizards of the Coast, a Hasbro subsidiary, now you know why that company's Social Justice Warriors--Death Cultists, pawns of Empire--act like they're untouchable. Their parent company is also held in thrall by the Death Cult, so those SJWs are untouchable so long as the parent company can cover for them.

Among the many reasons for why they seek to subvert and converge organizations founded by others is that it simultaenously grants them power and resources while denying them to their enemies. As I have said so often here, that is most important with cultural and financial organizations; they are in this for power, not mere profit, and those two places are sources of power in the world. The former creates the politics, the latter greases the wheels that makes its all go.

When dissidents like myself say "There is nowhere to run" this is what we are talking about. This is how it works. They use trusted institutions as skinsuits, hiding until they believe they are untouchable, then go masks off and say "You have no alternative. Submit or die."

We were not believed by a lot of normies. This video begins to address that disbelief, despite their own revealed preference to reject Death Cult media offerings whenever they can find alternatives that satisfy them. (e.g. the utter domination of Japanese comics among young Western audiences in North America, and their serious contention in Europe with local titles, now being followed by Korean and Chinese counterparts) It also show that the Death Cult isn't taking their position for granted, as they feel threatened by Far Eastern media.

The silver lining here is that the revulsion a lot of Westerners feel towards SJW-converged media and toy companies, because it has access to alternatives the Cult does not control, have a way to escape from the Death Cult's aims of total thought control. This, coupled with individuals coming forward like our man in the video, demonstrates that the Death Cult's claim of hegemony is not what actually is. It is, in fact, weak and the masters know it.

If you want to know why the Death Cult seeks to corral, control, and choke off Far Eastern media now you have your explanation. While not explicitly for us in the West, Far Eastern media and creators are not against us; they merely seek to entertain, and we happen to be a nice secondary audience to have after their own kinsmen back home are satisfied. That alone is enough to prompt hit-piece after hit-piece, subversion attempt after subversion attempt, and warning after warning about this heresy being issued to them by we that appreciate them.

That the Death Cult seeks to seize and turn your children as early as possible may surprise the normies, may shock them, and that is good. Be ready to tell them that these people hate them, so stop giving them money and have alternatives on hand to point them to as replacements for whatever it is that shook them.

And, inevitably, when they ask why, tell them the truth: they don't care about profit, only power. The sooner they decide to act to save themselves and their children, the sooner Empire falls.

Sunday, July 11, 2021

Narrative Warfare: The Central Pillar of the Death Cult's Narrative Edifice

Alexander Macris's blog at Substack should be on your blogroll. This post from late May came to my attention last night thanks to The Last Redoubt and Men of the West Let me whet the appetite.

In the introduction to his magisterial opus After Virtue, Alasdair Macintyre describes postmodern society as having fallen into a dark age, a post-apocalyptic state. But this is not the apocalypse of Mad Max. The apocalypse has destroyed, not our technology, but our morality: “We possess simulacra of morality, we continue to use many of the key expressions. But we have… lost our comprehension of morality,” he explains. Postmodern society does not know what good is.

Being unable to understand good leaves society unable to understand evil; and so instead society pathologizes it. Evil becomes a psychological state that results from personal trauma, from some crucial moment when the world failed to show someone compassion, empathy, or trust, or left them exposed to the world’s cruelty. Every postmodern villain is a victim. Behind every figure of terror we find a terrorized figure.

Darth Vader appears as a towering tyrant in Star Wars IV. But the prequels reveal that Anakin Skywalker was a victim: enslaved as a child, separated from his mother, forbidden to marry the woman he loved, rejected in his aspirations by the Jedi council, dismembered by his former mentor, and then involuntarily made into a cyborg by his new one.

Alexander goes on to talk in terms of the villains of Antiquity, the Medieval era, Modernity, and Post-Modernity and how a culture's capacity for Good depends on its ability to comprehend what Evil is and how it works. This is a very good article, and its applications beyond the political will be apparent before you finish it. Bookmark it, along with his post on Marcuse's Repressive Tolerance, to see how Post-Modern villainy gets applied in practice.

Yes, this is the load-bearing narrative structure behind the Death Cult.

Every religion must have a Devil. For the Post-Modern, this is Muh Oppreshun and the oppressor is the Devil of the Death Cult. Whomever the Cult's high priests declare to be Muh Oppressor is that Devil and--in strict accordance with Carl Schmidt's Friend/Enemy Distinction--all manner of predation may be done without guilt or shame thereupon.

This comes in the form of Repressive Tolerance, which is the machine the Death Cult employs to purge Enemies from all that they control. Piece the picture together, and you will see how this machine operates. See how it operates, and you can see how to break it: make them say the name of the authority they usurp. Empire falls.

Sunday, July 4, 2021

Narrative Warfare: When The Judiciary Runs Amok

Bill Cosby got out of prison the other day. The Execellence of Elocution cut a rant you ought to hear.

The TLDR is that Cosby got screwed for political reasons due to conflicts between members of the Judiciary in Pennsylvania. The damage is done, of course, so there is naught but cold comfort to be had here.

The entire thing felt like a set-up from the get-go, as it had all the tells of a scam driven by media hit-pieces and professional victims, but being reversed on appeal and released doesn't mean that Cosby will have either the will or the means to go after the parties responsible. No, what we see here is not Cosby as a man with agency. What we have here is a man reduced to a pawn for an existing internecine fight, one he got stuck into in an opportunistic manner by his enemies, and thus made to endure the spectacle in exactly the manner explained by the saying "the process is the punishment".

It does not matter what Cosby is actually guilty of, if anything. What matters is that folks with their own agenda decided to use a pop cultural insanity to destroy enemies and help friends. Count on a lot of these high-profile prosecutions to be similiarly compromised or corrupt if they are seriously and competently examined, and count on encoutering yet more judicial corruption when you do so.

These things always start with politically-disfavored targets because of that status. Makes it easier to justify to parties inclined and able to stop it, and after that's done a few times you begin to creep closer and closer to screwing ordinary people in the same manner. Past a given point, you reached a critical mass of momentum and you can't stop it without a similiarly organized and dedicated effort to seize and hold power.

There are other tells of corruption, and one of them is judicial manipulation of the jury- which is what happened both here and in the recent Chauvin case. You cannot rely on the jury being properly impartial, so you can't rely on a well-reasoned argument being any benefit to you; the corruption of juries fixes the results before trials begin, which reliably turns the trial itself into a ritual humiliation of the target. It is being tricked into wearing the Devil Horns for a Death Cult ritual execution.

And because these are all driven by Friend/Enemy distinction, using this lens reliably exposes political prosecutions and does so for what they are: ritualized performance of aid to allies and execution of enemies, using the power of the state to enforce the results and (with media aid) disguise the reality of the situation behind a fraud of civil impartiality.

When the judiciary realizes that they have the power to do this on their own behalf, they always run amok, and that is what happened here. Cosby getting out isn't necessarily fixing a corruption mistake; it is far more likely that he served his purpose so there was no point in holding him any longer, and the damage done to him by this prosecution will be significant enough to keep him down hereafter. In short, getting released isn't a win for him.

Which means that savvy dissidents are realizing that they need to avoid the courts as best they can, and get savvy in dealing with it when they must.

However, judicial corruption is late-stage decadence. It relies on a compliant enforcer class--these lawspeakers ain't handling the arresting, confinement, and punishment themselves--and once that class turns it's over. Because this is a late-stage affair, that comes sooner than later, so far from this being a lasting status it's a tell of collapse being on the table. Plan accordingly. Empire falls.

Sunday, June 27, 2021

Narrative Warfare: The Medium Isn't Just The Message, It's The Battlefield

Blonde in the Belly of the Beast isn't as active as she used to be--marriage and young children take up your time--but she does continue to do long livestream interviews with folks we dissidents ought to know of and they talk about things that matter to us.

Even if you don't care for the guest or the subject, mark this: doing livestreams like this is one of the most fundamental forms of alternative media available to us.

It is by directly connecting like this, and having both a live chat as well as an archive available after the fact, that dissidents can and do circumvent a hostile Establishment in Thrall to Empire.

Yes, being on YouTube is a weakness, which is why the more resilient and radical dissidents treat YouTube as a funnel mechanism at best and don't rely on it alone anymore. The catch is that YouTube remains where normies go for video and streaming by default; the app is a default app on smartphones and tablets, and being integrated into Google's larger network means that everyone with a Gmail account has a YouTube account.

In short, you're doing yourself a disservice by shunning it entirely at this point, and if you've just started out--or you stay under the radar--you can make YouTube work for you until you're ready and able to begin moving off of it to a more secure alternative and repurpose your channel as an archive or restream host (as former Killstream co-host Flamenco does; he multi-streams to YouTube, Twitch, DLive, and Trovo).

And, as Vox Day found out the hard way, most normies DO NOT READ. They rely exclusively on video for information, much like their Boomer forebearers rely entirely on TV, so shunning video out of some retarded sense of Muh Artistic Purity is as surely a path to becoming a Cuckservative as any other Muh Principles bitchfest excuse for failure is. You have to fight where the action is. This is what lead him to create Unauthorized.

(Oh, and for you authors out there, as soon as you can get into audiobooks; most normie book consumption is still audio-focused.)

Success in video is more difficult than in written work, takes more to get started, and requires mastery of skills and concepts some of you still find disconcerting--the Thralls are dominant for reasons other than the failure of good men to act--but nonetheless are true and objective facts of reality. However, as our enemies demonstrate--as our more successful dissidents demostrate--the rewards are well worth the work required.

That we are already at the point where someone like me talking about this being something for most to seriously consider speaks far more to the true nature of the situation being in our favor overall than any glib recitation of schoolyard Rhetoric or the dry recitation of facts one expects from typical Dialectic discourse. If you can, act on this now.

Empire falls.

Sunday, June 20, 2021

Narrative Warfare: On The Memory-Holing of Stewardship

Over at the blog of the Supreme Dark Lord, Vox Day, he put up another post criticizing the Baby Boomers and their generational guilt in destroying the West. On this Father's Day, this post is most apt because it shows what the Boomers failed to do: properly execute their duty of stewardship, which turned out to be easier for them than their fathers. Quoting the aforementioned:

  • Stay married. 48.9 percent of Boomers who ever married had been through at least one divorce by 2014. That number is almost certainly over 50 percent by now.
  • Bear children rather than murdering them. As many as 30.4 percent of Boomer pregnancies ended in abortion. Now that Boomers can't get pregnant anymore, the abortion rate is lower than it was when it was first legalized in 1973.
  • Pass your houses and second houses on to your children instead of selling them to foreigners and corporations.
  • For middle-class and upper middle-class women, raise your children instead of working. As the wealthiest generation in human history, Boomer mothers had less need to work than any women in all of human history. And yet, female participation in the workforce doubled.
  • Call that which is good, good, and that which is evil, evil.
  • Pass on your knowledge and your skills rather than hide them from your children.
  • Advise the younger generations to avoid the wide and easy path you walked.

This is a failure of stewardship, and since that terms may be alien to some of you here is the definition: " ethic that embodies the responsible planning and management of resources." This, in Western culture, has its roots in the Bible as Man is called to be a steward of what God bestows upon him, but the concept is truly global and ancient.

Stewardship means that our concept of ownership needs to be rectified to the historical and divine norm, which the Boomers and their enablers have done a great job at burying down the memory hole. The good kings of old were stewards, and every story of bad princelings succeeding good kings is a story of a father failing to raise his son as a worthy successor by failing to impart the importance--and truth--of stewardship. The reason? The princeling thinks he owns what he inherits, when he does not; he is no more than the man entrusted to oversee it, to safeguard it, and to cultivate it so that it prospers.

The sovereign of a country, the patriarch of a nation, is no more in truth an owner than the Pope owns the Church. What he receives is passed down to him by his predecessors, and he in turn is obligated to pass what he inherits to his successors--his posterity--and during his time in control of it the lawful limits of his actions are those that damage what he is to bequeath. The Boomers' sins are exactly that failure of stewardship--of land, of blood, of nation, of Civiliztion, and more--and all in the false notion of ownership that their enablers lied into their ears as a whore lies to her John.

As much as it is correct to crticize the Boomers we should be sharing that blame with their parents for failing to enforce compliance by any means necessary, which is the lawful right of a steward because it is his duty to do so. More than a few fathers saw what their sons were becoming and failed to correct their error, choosing cowardice over necessity as surely as their sons would in time, and more than a few mothers coddled their children in those errors likewise.

Once can, rightly to a degree, say that the post-WW2 prosperity of the US in particular and the West generally brought on an r-select shift to its present peak; that does not excuse the Boomers or their fathers for their failures, but only give an explanation of the forces wielded to shape the field against by those same enablers--the Thralls of Empire--that are now looting the very West that they sought to exploit.

The consequence is that stewardship isn't even taught now, because it has been--to quote the vanished Frame Game Radio--"unthought" via media and academic manipulation of the population, and as such the very idea is yoked to "slavery" or "oppression" because r-select psychology has no concept of delayed gratification or non-emotional reasoning (as befits the rabbits that "r" stands in for). Only when there is scarcity and conflict does stewardship become thinkable, because only when a thing is necessary do men commonly even conceive of it at all.

As Empire is falling, so too are the Thralls' ability to suppress the truth of reality, and stewardship is one of them. Rather than wait for grim necessity to force men to relearn what was once common knowledge the hard way, better that it be relearned now while it is still painless to do so and return to the historic norm of life: that one is not an atomized individual with naught but what he possesses, but one of a kinship bound by blood (family) whose master its its father (patriarch) called to lead his people and thus to management men and material to best effect for the long-term good of that kinship. This is lawful governance, AND IT SCALES AS IT IS FRACTAL.

Sunday, June 13, 2021

Narrative Warfare: Videogames Are Part of the Narrative Warfare Battleground

This weekend saw the beginning of the annual E3 showcase series. Major and minor publishers and development studios make presentations at this conference, which this year is entirely online. Videogames are a multi-billion dollar segment of the global entertainment industry, and as such they have attracted the attention of those seeking to shape the thoughts, opinions, and beliefs of the masses in as many ways as they can get away with. This is a Narrative Warfare battleground.

While there is increasing sensitivity to obvious SJW Death Cult propaganda in videogames, what is often lost is more subtle corruption by Empire's Thralls. Chief among these is the deliberate muddling of language, and in this we are talking about the very definition of what a game is. For those coming in late, this is what makes a game:

  • The player has a Win condition.
  • The player has a Loss contition.
  • The player struggles over a point of contention.

All of the classic games meet these criteria: Chess, Go, Poker, Baccarat, RISK, Diplomacy, etc. So do all sports, since you are literally competing against active opposition (other players) or passive ones (a hostile environment, natural or not) to determine the result of a challenge. All wargames are games, obviously, but a lot of videogames made after Cultural Ground Zero (1997) are not and most of them are made by folks we now call "SJWs" or "Death Cultists" because the Thralls of Empire rely on the rabbit end of r/K Psychology to win and rabbits are conflict-avoidant and reality-denying in their psychology. ("Muh Subjective Reality!")

You can see how it is advantageous for Empire and its Thralls to redefine what a game is to promote the concept that simple amusement without achievement is a good thing. Once you go that far--to accept toys as games--then it's easy to take it further warp the definitions to insist on including a strong narrative focus and degrade actual gameplay more and more until it is a vesitgial legacy put in to avoid being reclassified to something else.

In short, fraud. They promote fraud, because they are lying about the goods and services offered to customers.

This is how you get obvious propaganda like Life Is Strange. It is also through the development of technology like motion-capture that allows Hollywood to transplant their entire production methodology--including all of its bloated budgets and disguised money-laundering and other abuses--into videogame production, as seen this year with products like Far Cry 6 (being promoted nigh-exclusively as if it were a movie). Now you have interactive movies, not real games, and all of the SJW Death Cult propaganda already extant in Hollywood and OldPub can just walk right into videogames (and has) without missing a beat.

This, by the by, is one of the avenues that Seattle-based SJWs used to move from tabletop gaming to videogames and Seattle-based writers are pozzed Death Cultists using tabletop as both launching pad and fallback position- just look as the trainwreck that is Jessica Price.

While non-pozzed countries like Japan remain resistant in their comics and film/TV media, because videogaming is global it is one of the prime vectors for SJW infection and spreading thereof into heretofore clean cultures. Figures like Hideo Kojima would not be open to being assimilated into the Death Cult if it weren't for Konami's reliance upon a global financial and technical infrastrucutre to get its (former) videogame productions into the hands of customers outside of Japan, and it is through videogames that the Death Cult can perform entryism into outgroup organizations and converge them into the Cult's control; Nintendo is an example of (at present) failure, while Sony is one of success at doing just this.

Watch as Eastern European studios get converged--RIP CD Projekt Red--and turned into poz vectors. Watch as Russian studios will be pressured to drink the demon's blood or get frozen out of the global market, a market the Death Cult dominates if not controls. Being independent is no sign of cleanliness; plenty of SJW bullshit to be found here, but as it is now it's pretty obvious which ones are pozzed as the signs are usually obvious. Only a ruthless and hostile opposition can guarantee staying clean of the poz.

For that to happen, the masses must be lead into being in opposition, and that's not as hard as it looks. SJW videogames usually suck harder than a black hole, so most of the work is in simply identifying the bad product out there and shitting on it until it is shameful to be seen or heard with it.

After that, it's in being militant on what is actually a game. The three points above are true and reliable. You don't need a narrative at all--Pac Man doesn't, and people still play it--so keep the arcade classics availabe, up to and including pirate ROMs, to keep what games really are available to future generations and show them what you actually need and what you don't. Story and narrative is a luxury in gaming, and one to be purged as soon as they get in the way of gameplay because they are not necessary.

No narrative means no means of spreading pernicious ideas and concepts upon an unsuspecting audience, and it means reducing budgets and team sizes down to only what is actually needed to get the product done and shipped, killing the backdoors into the business- and with it, the posuers and griftersleave as there's no status to suck out of this scene.

Empire can be driven out. Empire falls.

Sunday, June 6, 2021

Narrative Warfare: The World Wars Are The Murder of the West

The Didactic Mind has a good post about today's D-Day anniversary, including some notes on the Russian perspective of the war, that you ought to read. You can find that here. This past week also saw Vox Day talk about Stalin's War, a historical work mining Soviet archives to get that very perspective and how that challenges the Official Narrative here in the West (and with good reason). That post is here.

Due to the basis in World War II that the Globohomo mythology our current incarnation of Empire has, it is no surprise that it is taking this long before the Official Narrative finally shows signs of cracking and the truth begins to seep out in uncontrolable ways. The Narrative cracks because it is a lie sitting atop a pyramid of lies, fragile as the sugar glass used to make prop glass for film and television stunts.

What is going to come out is going to lead to not only the two conclusions Didact mentioned--that WW2 was both unnecessary and inevitable--but to a third: it was deliberately staged by the parties that benefited most from it, and the war before it, to generate the very Globohomo insanity we see now.

It is not disputed in serious places, or by serious people, that the West was a stronger, healthier, more vibrant and vital place before 1914 than after 1945. The contrarians on Official Media are the same people that tell you that the Wu Flu is legit, Fauci isn't a lying shitbag, and the US 2020 elections were not stolen. (Substitute similar local versions as you wish to get the point across to others.)

There was no accident, no hubris, etc. that made the first World War--and thus the Second--inevitable. The system of entangling alliances that lead Pricip's murder of Archduke Franz Ferdinand to end with Europe butchering its finest men across France's fields in the West and the entire Baltic region in the East, that lead to entire paradigms of social order being cast down and replaced by outright Satanic substitutes, that struck the Doloros Stroke for the influence of the Church in the West, all of this was no accident of history. This was murder, cold and calculating premeditated murder with malice aforethought, and the beneficiaries today are the inheritors of the murderers what did it.

Until they are named, shamed, and put to the flame there is no future for the West or its surviving sons. The naming has begun. The shaming will follow, and so shall the flames and with all routes of escape to the East now closed the only truly inevitable thing now is that Empire falls.

Sunday, May 30, 2021

Narrative Warfare: A Micro-Level Demonstration of The Process In Action

The other day, The Pundit put out this follow-up on Wizards of the Coast's Woke defiling of Ravenloft. Don't worry, this post isn't about the game. This is about what the move signifies

And yes, "defiling" is the right word here, though I hold no particular attachment--certainly not an idolatrous one--for the setting I know my scene well and therefore I know that this is what the Death Cultists running Dungeons & Dragons are doing.

The dogma of the Death Cult requires running down and destroying the culture that is seeks to conquer. This is no different for hobby subcultures; by looking at the micro, we can identify the pattern at work and apply it to the macro level of operation because culture is fractal in its nature.

What is going on here? By seizing control of D&D, and steadily changing what D&D is and how it works, they are normalizing their dogma and othering the former culture in exactly the same way that the ancient world would go about this process with regard to religious practices: the mythology of the conquered is changed to denigrate it as weak and low-status as a flex while portraying the mythology of the conquerer as superior and high-status

Changing the rules of the game, and using social media to denigrate objections and objectors as low-status losers in the minority, is the exactly same flex.

Maintained over a long-enough period of time to churn out those that remember, and therefore practice, the old ways you can achieve that very normalization of the changes. This is not controversial; corporations do this as ordinary practice, such that it is itself accepted as normal that when a new CEO--especially in entertainment--takes over everything the outgoing CEO did gets trashed and replaced by the pet projects of the new guy.

This, by the way, is why the Death Cult seized control of Academia and the media: they don't need their own children when they can steal yours and turn them against you.

Therefore what you should take away from this is that this is not about anything other than humiliation and demonstration of power, whether real or not in the moment, because if you do not annihiliate it upon first detection then it will become real sooner than later.

Do not think that this specific example is irrelevant; D&D already exercised outsized influence by changing what "Fantasy" is between 1980 and 2000 via having a generation of videogame designers and authors take the D&D mold and adapt it to other--far more popular--media, which began feeding back into D&D between 2000 and the present, such that many of the things people think is normal actually is completely and utterly WRONG.

No, the Pundit saying "They taught you wrong on purpose" isn't hyperbole.

Now scale that up. What are they lying to you--to your children--about in the schools? On TV? In feature films? On streaming services? Videogames? Why are you paying them to shit on you and yours?

Narrative Warfare is real, it's been going on a long time, and much of what you were taught about the present and the past is a bald-faced lie.

And that includes what they say about religion and God.

Fix that, for these are flesh-and-blood people with names and addresses, and Empire falls.

Sunday, May 23, 2021

Narrative Warfare: Paper Dragons Make For False Hegemons

This is one of the many reasons I do not fear the possibility of the ChiComs taking over.

The issue with Chinese construction is symbolic of Chinese practices across the board: control is made via exclusivity driven by intelligence-powered corruption operations, and not by any actual merit in the practice in question.

This is not a new issue. ADV China, and the individual channels of its members, document it and other manifestations for years before they got out. Check the dates; they've been documenting it for years, and it's been going on for generations before they film these videos.

ADV China, as with China Uncensored, can be relied upon to show you how it is with the ChiComs.

You can count on similar corruption-driven shoddy work to be the case in other areas of the economy, and their acumen with narrative craft shows in their popular entertaiment. Instead of the gangster-dominated scene of old Hong Kong, you have the government-as-gangster-dominated scene of Beijing, and so long as a critical mass of Chinese are able to live like the Westerners they envy they don't care. They are some of the most Normie of Normie in psychology around, and Aeoli Pera describes that psychology best:

If you thought the truth would wake people up, then I’ve got news for you: they did. Everybody knows Epstein’s suicide, masks, elections, stonks, and white supremacist terrorism are fake. Everybody. That’s all normie-tier shit now. They’re plenty awake and they still aren’t gonna do shit because they think it’s not their job. They’re coping and waiting for dad to rescue them. People don’t need to wake up, they need to GROW UP. (Emphasis mine)

Summed up succinctly as "Can't be helped", a shrug-it-off-and-work-around-it coping attitude to things falling apart due to incompetent creation and neglect of maintenance--a child's attitude--when things fall apart. You'll see it in the linked videos above.

In short, this doesn't make for a real hegemony because you rarely have a proper Patriarch in control of such a regime due to those given over to corruption disallowing any threat to their gravy train getting cut off--the Chinese pattern is court enuchs getting too big for their britches, but it plays out in other ways--and such a weak sovereign makes for an easy target for stronger competitors to rip them apart. That's the 19th Century experience of China, and the ruling dynasty--and yes, the CCP is the ruling dynasty; change the trappings, keep the substance--remembers it like yesterday, which is why it does its womanly worming into weak Westerner ears to extend its control overseas.

Because there is no substance there, any serious resistance can crush it. Sure, the US isn't quite so capable, but Russia is and Beijing knows it. Either way, the Dragon is made of paper and unlike Vox Day I hold no concerns of this being a Chinese century. If it's not a second American century, then it will be Russian or it won't be anything at all. In any event, no matter what, Empire falls.

Sunday, May 16, 2021

The Meme That Makes The Medicine Go Down

This is funny, but it points to a larger problem.

The problem is two-fold: the pay for menial jobs is abysmal and the conditions are tolerable at best, and there is increasing political support for just paying people to stay home--call it welfare, UBI, or whatever--instead of having them get out and go work for either themselves or an employer.

This is compounded by the facts that foreign invasion via immigration--legal and otherwise--vastly inflated the labor supply at all levels, depressing compensation (wages, salaries, benefits), while Uniparty Death Cultists increasingly use that flush to not only keep the native plebs in line but also to keep their own foreign mercenaries in line via internecine competition for favor with the Cult's political fronts.

The result is that both native and foreign plebs are doing what is not unexpected by senior management--by the Uniparty fronts--and staying home if they find that the payoffs are better than working a shit job.

No form of Modernist governance can defeat this manipulation, so the only way out is what is already emergently happening: people are (re)forming identity groups--families,clans, tribes, nations--and the more successful ones root that identity in something transcendant, usually religious or cultish in nature, because when you remove that from a people they turn into nihilist self-destroying degenerates full of insanity and depravity that would make Cthulhu blush.

This is the root of sayings such as "Come out of Babylon", as it encapsulates that wisdom in a single phrase: you can't fix it within the system, and you can't change it from without, so the only option left is to leave it, shun it, and keep from it until it collapses and dies from its own folly. Then, after burning the corpse to ash and salting the remains, you can safely build anew.

We tend to forget the salting part, which is why it keeps coming back. Remember this time. Empire falls.

Sunday, May 9, 2021

A More Perfect Summary of the SJW Does Not Exist

Vox Day commented on this the other day. It is satire, but it is satire that captures the foot soldiers of Empire--the SJWs of the Death Cult--so completely and concisely.

The government’s new “Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities” has issued a report intended to gaslight us into believing that we are not living in a fascist state. My lived experience tells me otherwise, and that is surely far more reliable than “facts” or “evidence”.

As critics have noted, the report makes the astonishing claim that racism no longer exists in the UK. I mean, it doesn’t technically say that (it actually says that “racism still exists in the UK” and “has no place in any civilised society”) but we all know what the report’s writers were secretly thinking.

Anyway, the substance of the report is beside the point. Unless it confirms everything that I have already decided is true, it has absolutely no value whatsoever and all copies should be destroyed.

Don't tell me that you've never run into this. You have. You just didn't have the words for it.

Now you do. Weaponize it. Refine it. Turn it into a Rhetorical Killshot and deploy without fear of reprisal or mercy for the heretics. Empire falls.

Sunday, May 2, 2021

Who Owns The Land?

One question to consider going forward: "Who owns the land?"

You no doubt have heard reports of Globohomo figures buying up arable land, whole island, and other land acquisitions. Yes, "acquisitions"; I doubt that cutting checks is the sole consideration made for these transactions, as we'll see soon enough.

For all the talk, for and against us, Mankind as a whole remains a species tied to the land. Therefore control of fertile land, land-based natural resources--wood, minerals, etc.--as well as otherwise marginal land that acts as a chokepoint for land or water transit matters. One of the necessary concerns of any state is to manage the land it holds as sovereign territory; how this is done, at the level I'm talking, is detail. It must be done, so it shall be done, by whatever means and justification necessary.

Do not think that this is above your pay grade. Even if all you seek is to establish a homestead far away from all the madness, you cannot escape this question. If you are unable to defend what you claim to own, then you don't own it; you manage it for someone else, and that someone else can defend it because they can take it from you at any time.

No, I'm not talking about ink jizzed on paper, or electrons spewed on a screen. I'm talking the cold iron and hot lead that backs those claims and records up.

You can bet that those buying all that land are also buying the gear and hiring the henchmen to hold that land against all comers, and they certainly seek to put workers on that land to do the actual labor of making it productive in return for living on it.

That, friends, is feudalism. All you're lacking is the pagentry of nobility.

Consider, therefore, that feudalism never ended. Rather, it became obscured as the actual owners changed their costumes and their mechanisms for exerting ownership and control; we called it something else, and we made a show of it not being feudalism, but it really was when you strip away the exterior and looked at how--in practice--we actually lived. We substituted formal social bonds for financier-based monetary economics, but the mechanisms were the same.

Instead of your master being Lord Shitcock XIII, it's his descendent Dr. Shitcock XXXI who runs the Shitcock Family Trust when he's not part-timing for the Shitcock Institute of Social Policy and guest-lecturing at the Shitcock School for Social Justice while evaluating candidates for the Shitcock Scholarship Fund's annual grant awards and raising money for his grandson Colonel Shitcock, Republic Marine Corps (Ret) in his race for a seat the Republic Parliament.

We still have an aristocracy. It is no longer confined to military affairs, but instead to socio-economic domination of a society.

So I ask you again: Who owns the land?

Start stripping away the trappings, find how the machine actually works, and you'll find out how to break it. Empire falls.

Sunday, April 25, 2021

The Future Belongs To Those That Show Up

I am going to make this week's post very short because it is my mother's birthday and therefore family time is going to be had. First, a quote:

It sounds as if the Chinese are reacting swiftly to save their society and civilization by banning feminism, something that Americans should have done back in the 1970s once it became clear what the fruits of feminism...were.

The first rule of societal survival is this: have children. Any ideology that stands in the way of the first rule is not going to last very long.

You can find Vox Day's full post here.

I will now repeat what other observers have said: "Whoever installed feminism as state ideology in the West desired that outcome. How is this not almost too obvious to mention?"

Sunday, April 18, 2021

Narrative Warfare: They Aren't Telling You The Real Odds

Milo Ynannouplous witnessed an adverse reaction to the not-a-vaccine:

My roommate just called me. He was at Kroger buying food. Said they had a place set up where people were offering the vaccine. My roommate watched a man get the jab and sit down, 3 minutes later the man says he can't breathe and falls over. They gave him CPR until the paramedics arrived but the man was already dead. He's fucking dead! Less than an hour ago, he was probably buying cookies for his children.

His wife was with him. She watched him die, as she screamed for someone to help.

So far neither my sister nor my mother have been so effected, but one of my sister's friends got both shots and still caught the WuFlu. Nevermind the effects, it doesn't work!

It's supposed to prevent catching the bug. It is not a vaccine if it doesn't confer immunity, and it is not permanent. One-and-done. Everything else is bullshit, and you should all know by now how corrupt the medical field is with willfully turning conditions into cash cows to milk instead of problems to exterminate. Fake vaccines for a flu is exactly the sort of scam these bastards would pull.

This American Thinker article relates an eyewitness account of adverse reactions to the Moderna version in particular.

Tuesday morning between 8-10am I went to Spring Texas. I dropped someone off to get a shot and got stuck in the line. I couldn't leave because of where I was so ended up going through the process with him.

Right at the end they make you wait for 15 minutes before driving off. 5 minutes later, two cars down my left driver started shaking. We didn't know what happened but I heard them yell and you can hear it to in the video "he's having a seizure"

The guy in the red car is like myself just confused at what's happening. Little did he know 2 minutes later boom he goes down even harder. Now my friend is panicking.

With Pfizer, Astra Zenica, and Johnson & Johnson all getting shitcanned by various government agencies around the world that leaves Moderna--the mRNA treatment that fucks with your genes--as the dominant option in the WuFlu Con Job. Feels like some wheel-dealing behind the scenes finally settled down and rivals are getting put into their place by the big dogs.

To which I shall quote the Supreme Dark Lord, Vox Day:

The lesson: don't permit people to inject things in your body that are provided by lunatics who want to depopulate the Earth. The damning thing is the way the administration system is set up with an enforced 15-minute post-injection waiting period and CPR-trained medics on hand. This proves those administering the mutatives know there is a not-insignificant chance of very serious adverse effects that don't involve developing superpowers.

The shot is more dangerous than the gun. Refuse. Resist. Already demand is dropping thanks to Florida and other places saying "Fuck it, it's the flu and we can deal with the flu" and wildly succeeding. Soon more will follow, refusing the shot, the masks, the distancing, and so on and just outright seizing back normalcy instead of waiting for Big Daddy Government to do it for them.

It's a flu. Cases happen. People get sick. It's not the Plague. It's not the T-Virus. You stand no chance of dying if you're not already overloaded with morbidities or you were on the planning committee for dirt. Stop freaking out about the fucking flu, get on with life, and don't let self-important faggots get in your way. Empire falls.

Monday, April 12, 2021

Narrative Warfare: A Preview of the 2021 Riot Season

Over the weekend, a cop in a Minneapolis suburb shot and killed a black man. The rioting commenced immediately. This is from Alpha News, Minnesota's only based news outlet.

The suburb is Brooklyn Center, a former working class bedroom community in the first ring of suburbs--those directly bordering Minneapolis and St. Paul--that transitioned over the last 30 years into becoming an extension of the northside ghetto of Minneapolis due to blacks moving into the expansion of cheap housing there during the 80s and 90s. Where the rioting takes place is in the outlet area of what used to be the Brookdale Mall.

The feckless Democrat leadership in the Governor's Mansion continue to espouse the party line on such matters:


I am closely monitoring the situation in Brooklyn Center. Gwen and I are praying for Daunte Wright’s family as our state mourns another life of a Black man taken by law enforcement.

10:02 PM · Apr 11, 2021


Replying to @LtGovFlanagan

The trauma of yet another Black man dying at the hands of law enforcement weighs heavy on our state.

10:58 PM · Apr 11, 2021·

This is hardly the only violent interaction between a black suspect and Law Enforcement since last May. It's only because the suspect died violently during an arrest that this is being used to justify rioting, with the real target being the rest of the Twin Cities area. As I said, the Chauvin trial is fixed to acquit and those not yet clued in on this are trying to intimidate the jury with this rioting.

In other words, we just got a taste of what is about to go off across the Twin Cities next month or so when the verdict comes in. The rioting will be worse than last year, and that feckless fat fuck will call out the National Guard to occupy the Cities to put the rioting down or he's going to get yeeted from office by his enemies in the Legislature- and so will his Lt. Governor.

The exploitation of the childlike narcisism of the black community as a weapon to wield like a club against the rest of the state is absent from normie discourse here, as one would expect, but the failure of local media to so much as issue warnings to avoid the area--despite having personnel or working near there--shows that this is not just marching orders from above, but also Boomer-style head-in-the-sand denial of reality at work. I know that my General Practictioner and his peers working out of their office between my place and the rioting will have words to say, quietly, when I see them later this week for a regularly-schedule checkup.

And yes, if I didn't need to stay put for medical reasons, I'd already relocate outstate far from this mess. Rural Minnesota's strength and weakness lies in its distance from the lunacy of the state's cities.

Sunday, April 11, 2021

Narrative Warfare: We Knew, But Not How Bad, Until Now

The God-Emperor was right. 2020 was fixed. Now there is proof, and it's the worst scenario: they chose winners before the fact and rigged the machines to get it. The following is from Anonymous Conversative's blog from yesterday.

Michigan election forensics report for nine counties is in, and it shows just in those nine counties, there were 66,194 ballots which lacked registrations.

Also, there were more registered voters than they have population, and he estimates 15% of all voters at least will either not exist or will be fraudulent registrations for a false address. And again everything was pre-calculated by computer predictably according to a sixth degree polynomial, as they are finding in multiple other states. The county graphs on the youtube video, which are all like Mike Lindell’s, are damning, because they show the algorithm with the Census result is like a cookie cutter with a dent in it, and each graph it produced for registered voters, and votes cast, has that same dent in it. This means in the 2020 election all the results, likely across every state, were completely fraudulent and computer generated, and the only question is, how many elections has this been the case for, going back? We all went out and voted, and they proceeded to tell us the candidates they chose for us had won. Even in my paranoia, I never thought it was that decisive a mechanism, wholly unaffected by actual voting results. I told you, if I was a child molester, there is a fair chance I could have been a Governor or a Senator. That blackmailability was the qualification for office. And this is why Soros spent so much money targeting Secretaries of State for so long.

Also, they found modem chips installed in voting machine motherboards, with SIM cards. I assume the SIM means it was running off 4G and would not be on the local network at the voting center. The Youtube at the top of the previous link paragraph says there is evidence Antrim County purchased modems in the form of a purchase order from Dominion. There is a court hearing on it Monday on this and Antrim county’s attempt to stop any investigation. A twitter feed showing details of the fraud evidence is here.

From Patrick Brynes’ Telegram: “The SoS of Michigan has told people that ASOG (the firm who did the Antrim audit) actually planted a backdoor in the machines (as a way of prophylactically spinning the truth that will be revealed, by saying they planted it). I think that is grounds for ASOG to sue, don’t you?” So the Secretary of State knew there was a backdoor into the voting machines, and now that it has been revealed, they are trying to claim it was totally proper, because their firm did it.

You know they were scared when they go to these lengths to rig things.

That's why we got all the crazy anomolies; the results exceeded their expectations, and thus were beyond their rigging configurations, so they had to yank it all offline until they could get it back under control.

And they know it's fragile. That's why they turned DC into an armed camp, and they're going HAM on fucking Americans over now while they can. Yes, including ginning up wars to kill off those they cannot purge from the military while wasting material as a means of covering up renewed money flows into the arms industry- paying off the NeoCons in the process.

They also have a question that are confident will not be answered against them: "So you exposed it. What are you going to do about it?"

They are confident because, at this moment, they feel like they have won and they can keep their enemies--us--at bay long enough to secure their position. This is Empire in its Threat Display Mode, where it puffs itself up to be more threatening than it is. The reality is that its power is already being challenged and its moves countered. Once enough see that they can ignore it, a Preference Cascade kicks off and everyone will.

All the pomp and circumstance means nothing if the masses ignore it and there is no effective means to compel compliance. Empire falls.

Thursday, April 8, 2021

Narrative Warfare: I Told You It Was A Set-Up

I said when it was announced that the Chauvin trial was fixed, but for an acquittal, and now that is coming to pass.

Apparently, no one is watching the trial of Derek Chauvin, the former Minneapolis police officer on trial for the murder of George Floyd. Otherwise, the media couldn’t get away with their spectacular lying to the public about how the prosecution is killing it.

It’s quite the opposite. In fact, in less than a week, the prosecution’s theory of the crime has subtly shifted from MURDER! to “failed to provide what we would say, in retrospect, would be a full and complete duty of care during the one- to three-minute interval between Floyd’s resisting the police to his dying, as a hostile crowd screamed obscenities at the police officers.”

The defense hasn’t even begun to make its case, but the prosecution’s witnesses keep helping Chauvin. (The only exception to the wild media lying is Headline News, where the lawyer commentators go the extra mile by watching the trial.)

Week One was chock-a-block with weeping bystanders wailing about how they felt watching Chauvin restrain Floyd. This would be tremendous evidence if the charge against Officer Chauvin were “first-degree upsetting bystanders.” But that’s not the charge. That’s not even a crime.

One especially distraught witness, Charles McMillian, an elderly black man, testified to seeing “foam” coming out of Floyd’s mouth.

QUIZ: Is foam coming out of the mouth a sign of:

a) a head wound?

b) strangulation?

c) a drug overdose?

ANSWER: c) a drug overdose.

Apart from that crucial fact, McMillian’s evidence only pertained to “first-degree upsetting bystanders.” Which, again, is not a crime.

My favorite witness — and the media’s favorite, too! — was Genevieve Hansen, Feminist Hero. She appeared in court in her firefighter dress uniform and a belligerent mood — though not as belligerent as the day Floyd died, when she showed up in sweats and began shrieking at the officers.

The headlines are along the lines of “Firefighter: I Could Have Saved Floyd’s Life, But Police Wouldn’t Let Me.”

Yes, apparently, Genevieve would have invented a time machine, gone back, and stopped Floyd from ingesting three times the lethal dose of fentanyl. I take it back: Chubby girls make the best firefighters! (Don’t get snippy with me: It’s beyond outrageous that fire departments have abandoned all physical fitness requirements solely in order to hire more women.)

According to Genevieve, the police on the scene unaccountably refused to step aside and take direction from her, despite her full ONE YEAR of experience as a firefighter.

Genevieve was totally on top of the situation. In her statement to investigators shortly after the event, she described Floyd as a “small, slim man.” Floyd was at least 6-foot-4 and weighed 230 pounds. The largest police officer on the scene was Chauvin, coming in at 5-foot-9 and 140 pounds. Genevieve missed nothing!

Even in the calm setting of a courtroom, with no agitated bystanders yelling at her, here are the things Genevieve says she would have done to save Floyd’s life!

In order:

“I would have requested additional help.”

“I would have wanted someone to call 911.”

Remember that this man is the Attourney General for the State of Minnesota, and therefore is the shot-caller for this politically-charged case.

That photo was taken at a local Commie bookstore, Mayday Books, and his son is an open Antifa comrade sitting on the Minneapolis City Council. He's Antifa. He's a Glowie asset, and he's allied to Governor Tim Walz who remains embattled over his Emergency Power abuses in this state.

There are already professional rioters agitating the local ghettos and college suckers here. They need political cover to execute their riots, and the Governor needs political cover to crush his enemies. Riots erupting that cause massive damage to the Twin Cities solves both problems.

Sure, Biden and the national players will exploit this for their gain, but they are not the primary beneficiaries here. It's a state and local power play, not a national or international one, and it is far more defensive than offensive. If there is a silver lining to be found in this clusterfuck, there it is: they're pulling gay ops to cover their asses, not to execute attacks.

Either way, it means I'll be watching the rioters again soon enough. I give it a few weeks before it's warm enough for the riots to touch off, at which time the case will be put down and Chauvin gets his acquittal. No, I doubt the jury will convict even if they want to; I have no faith in any independent actors being in that jury box. This entire case glows.

Sunday, April 4, 2021

He Is Risen

It's Easter. Today is the day of the Ressurection, where Jesus rose from the dead. Edwin Boyette reads from the Gospel of Mark.

Enjoy the Good News. Empire falls.

Saturday, April 3, 2021

Clown World and Rabbits

Count on the Supreme Dark Lord to succinctly summarize Clown World.

Clown World is built upon a series of intellectual pillars that range from Darwin, Diderot, and Freud to Einstein, Keynes, and Foucault. The first thing that rapidly becomes apparent when one regards them as a set is first, that they are all frauds. The second thing one realizes is what a collection of seriously evil sexual deviants they tend to be:

Which leads to this quote from a linked article:

A French-American professor has accused fellow intellectual Michel Foucault of being a "paedophile rapist", a report by The Sunday Times said.

In an interview, Guy Sorman said he found out about Foucault's behaviour after visiting the late philosopher in Tunisia where he was living in 1969.

"Young children were running after Foucault saying 'what about me? take me, take me'," he said to The Sunday Times. "They were eight, nine, ten years old. He was throwing money at them and would say 'let’s meet at 10pm at the usual place'. He would make love there on the gravestones with young boys. The question of consent wasn’t even raised."

Sorman argued that Foucault was able to get away with this because of the racial element of his affairs.

"Foucault would not have dared to do it in France… There is a colonial dimension to this. A white imperialism," Sorman said.

In the interview Sorman said he "regrets" not reporting this "extremely morally ugly" behaviour to the police. He added that the press had been aware of Foucault’s conduct but were reluctant to publish stories due to his status as France’s "philosopher king" alike to that of a "god".

The philosopher who died in 1984 signed a petition in 1977, which sought to legalise sexual relations with children aged 13 or above.

And, again, a succint summary from the SDL: "Don't be misled. Whatever aspect of Clown World rhetoric happens appeals to you, be it free trade, freedom of expression, libertarianism, judeo-christianity, equality, tolerance, or respect, it's really all about pedos and human sacrifice. It's literally all designed to lead there in the end."

We're looking at multiple routes to the same shared end of Clown World. Each of these are mutually reinforcing and therefore strands of a web with redundancies in place should there be any difficulties.

What neither the SDL nor the write he quotes accounts for is the basis for Clown World's psychology. No, I don't mean the spiritual dimension--it is clearly of the Enemy--but rather its material foundation: the psychology of rabbits. In short, Clown World is r-select psychology fully manifest and put into action.

r-select select psychology presumes eternal abundance AND a lack of consequences, be it from predators or from their own actions. Hence why this is called "rabbit psychology" in some quarters, when the actual effect is that of a locust swarm, because it is the mindset that prompts the behavior and and we're talking mindset here.

Clown World presumes eternal abundance AND a lack of consequences, be it from predators or from their own actions. However, unspoken but acknowledged is that abundance is subject to logistics. It is unspoken because it is presumed, and it is presumed because it has already been weaponized in the form of Cancelation; the consequence for Wrongthink is cutting off access to the abundance.

Yes, this is contradictory. That's not a bug; that's a feature.

Tne of Clown World is to bring forth open worship and adoration of the Enemy as himself, as if he were God. It is a short step from the disintegration of all the institutions established by God as necessary and proper for Man to thrive to open erection of anti-forms meant to openly mock and challenge Him, and thanks to the escalation of past attempts to a truly global scope and scale in this one we can see the perversion of Man's innate need to worship being bent to this end in short order.

We shall see sooner than later all the attempts to police thought soon become compelled thought and action: you will say and do X, or your access to food/water/housing, etc. gets cut off. No, you won't be able to flee into the wilderness because those will be closed off under Climate Change regime policies; you'll be confined to a rat maze city, where everything is abundant- so long as you comply. In time, the end result is the erasure of Free Will and the final degradation of Man into a self-replicating drone race of servitors for the Enemy.

You don't have to imagine this hellscape. Someone has already done it for you.

And the only way out is to come out of that hellscape, because sooner or later what was done to the Tower of Babel will come to this new attempt. Walk away now if you can. Empire falls.