Sunday, March 10, 2019

Narrative Warfare: The Captain Marvel Reviews Are 2020 Dry Runs

It's been a while. I've been laid up; if you want more on that, my post at the main blog covers it.

Remember what I said about The Last Jedi? It's the same move at play here, for the same reason, and ultimately by the same actors. They just aren't bothering to give so much as a fig leaf of a pretense to this not being a Social Justice attack vector this time, thinking that they have--and shall always have--the cultural high ground.

While this is the sign that it's time to bail on the Marvel Cinematic Universe, taking one's leave after the upcoming Avengers: Endgame, the warning tells have been all over this franchise's Phase 3 films. All Captain Marvel did was stop being at all subtle about it. But that's not the big change this time around; this time it's in the attempts to control the narrative surrounding the film that sank The Last Jedi. Rotten Tomatoes blatantly cooking its books, and other sites getting pressure to do likewise, are the big part of it. Smaller ones include shadowbanning or deplatforming dissenting media outlets such as YouTube channels (e.g. The Quartering/Unsleeved Media) and blogs like this one so as to reduce or eliminate their power to influence audiences away from the film.

This technocratic pivot of control is going on not just to aide the pozzed culture conduits. This is all following up on culling Alex Jones from most of NormieNet, greatly reducing his ability to influence the masses and their opinions. That it's being rolled out and refined for culture offerings means that they're serious; they want to fail here so they succeed next year during the U.S. Presidential Election. President Trump won with a lot of Internet-based influencers wielding memes on his behalf to influence the people to vote for him over Sick Hillary.

Lots of reasons exist for Fake News to get Silicon Valley on board with doing this, the least of which being a fat government subsidy by whatever name they wish to mask it. (Which, of course, makes competition irrelevant; if you're funded by the state, who cares about serving the people?) Controlling the narrative requires not only locking people into the approved walled gardens, but also ensuring that those same people are unpersoned so they are not only trapped but also silenced. Nowhere to go and not able to act? As far as the Thralls of Empire are concerned that's almost ideal; sure, they'd rather that you were dead so that you couldn't innovate around them somehow, but this will be good enough until they can just kill you and be done with it.

That's what this is about, your power to gainsay their mythology narratives and replace them with your own. They can't keep control of the culture if they can't control what information circulates regarding that culture. Cooking the reviews, silencing opposition, and constraining those they can't destroy are all dry runs for the power grab they aim to make next year. This is all practice for Empire, and that means we've got to be on top of things lest we get swept up by their schemes and turned into Soylent Green for Empire's soyboys to sup up like the lapdogs they are.

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