Sunday, May 31, 2020

The Death Cult's Creation of an Inverted Moral Order

This was originally a Twitter thread posted on Thursday of this past week by academic James Lindsay starting here. Reproduced in its entirety without edits.

I haven't done an adequate job explaining to people that what the Critical Social Justice scholars and activists have been building isn't a new intellectual order, it's a new alternative moral order. The intellectual stuff just tries to make that project look serious.

When you intuit that Critical Social Justice is like a new religion, what you're intuiting is that it is a moral order. This is actually explicit in their literature at pretty much all levels going back as far into its historical roots as you might want to go.

The functional moral impulse (or axis) is "liberation from oppression," so it's a liberationist moral order/religion. One point of Critical Theory formally from the beginning was to bring moral analysis into the otherwise amoral sciences and "neutral" processes of law.

The objective from the start of the "Critical" project was to replace liberal democracy with "ideal democracy" where oppression didn't limit people's capacities to participate in the full measures of democratic society. This meant evaluating morally on what causes oppression.

One of the fundamental axioms of the Critical approach is that there are no neutral processes and there are no amoral methods. Therefore, everything must be analyzed according to some (meta)-moral standard, and they chose liberation from oppression. That's its faith.

Say whatever you want about the reasons people do things like get involved in looting (there are many reasons). The *feeling* for many of them and for nearly all the intelligentsia who will rationalize and justify it is that society is oppressive and thus needs dismantling.

People feel their morals. They intuit them and then rationalize them after the fact. When someone has been *programmed* (not just indoctrinated) into a particular moral order, they will feel and react according to those intuitions, and they will then rationalize them.

The set of rationalizations for the Critical Social Justice "liberation" moral order is called "Theory." In a faith system, that set of rationalizations gets written down and codified into doctrine or scripture. Theory is that scripture.

You can say that any society is the result of an underlying moral order. Sure, fine. This includes liberalism (with liberal ethics). The question is what kind of societies different orders produce. Theocracies tend not to be great ones, and we can judge on a lot of standards.

The "Critical" game is to point at the flaws in advanced liberal societies and say "well, no one would want to live in liberal societies because look how bad they are." This is what critical theory is, ultimately, doing this. Learning to do this. It's completely wrong. Most do.

Liberal societies are also fundamentally different than ones predicated on a particular moral order because they arrange a system of conflict management that can handle pluralism, which no particular moral order can accomplish (they have to use repression instead).

Liberal societies therefore open themselves up to means of self-reformation. Not just self-reform. Self-reformation. Remaking themselves continuously to better achieve the ideals of liberalism, which make room for literally any particular moral order including anti-liberal ones.

If you had to break it down to ONE observation that shows the superiority of liberal systems, it is that liberal societies tolerate explicitly anti-liberal moral orders within them. They let them exist, let them speak, let them agitate for reforms to the liberal order.

In liberal systems, you're allowed to be a fundamentalist religious person, you're allowed to be an anti-state libertarian, you're allowed to be an anti-liberal critical theorist, you're allowed to be an anarchist. Liberalism will take it all and glean the best from each.

n Critical Social Justice particularly, "tolerance" explicitly means "repressive tolerance," which is to say the kind of sectarian "tolerance" that exists in theocracies and polices blasphemies. It sells itself as being more tolerant but absolutely isn't.


  1. "Theory is that scripture" is linked to this article at New Discourses.
  2. "Tolerance" is expanded upon here.

Furthermore, an addendum:

That's a lot of language to say the following:

Cults Enforce Blasphemy Laws Based On Cult Dogma

And Empire's Thralls work via cult dynamics, so they are going to create and enforce an inverse of the proper moral order and use state power to do so.

Sunday, May 24, 2020

Narrative Warfare: Of Course It's An Inversion of a Godly Thing

Twitter's full of stupid and worse, but you get some gems if you curate your feed correctly and today I scored one.

Skull & Bones is exactly the sort of funnel front into the network Anonymous Conservative calls "Cabal" and I call "Empire" that gets talked about a lot. To join you have to submit yourself to ritual humiliation and voluntarily surrender blackmail material. Then you are required to adhere to a behavior code that includes the usual secrecy clauses as well as preferring your fellow Bonesmen over others for whatever organization you get into, which means that this is exactly the sort of nepotistic network of mediocre midwits you'd expect. The leaders are the genuinely brilliant bastards, who stay in the shadows, while the mediocre members take the more-or-less front-facing positions.

And being formed from and forged in perversion and predation, it should surprise no one that this continues to be the method of operation for both rewarding members as well as to recruit (compromise) more nodes into the network.

And it's all coming out, slowly, being dripped out so it can't be easily ignored. A lot of survivors, or their estates, will be owned apologies as will those who'd been blowing the whistle to no avail all these years. And you can bet it's tied into the surveillance network that the Flynn case is revealing in official documents.

Flynn lawyer Sydney Powell just revealed on Fox Business that Obama had a massive and widespread secret surveillance system called the Hammer. I’ve always said, surveillance rolls out as a package. If you get database pulls, you get tech deployment and monitoring. If you get tech deployment and monitoring, you get observation posts. If you get observation posts, you get physical coverage. If you get physical coverage, you get infiltration into your social circle. If she is right and the Hammer is getting revealed, it will be more than just a boring computer screen with meaningless databases amassed in one place. It will basically be a domestic CIA with operations divisions, tech divisions, logistics, direct action, data centers, slush funds, and all the parts of an intelligence outfit, times one hundred – and ultimately run by a foreign power, and present in almost every nation, cataloging everyone.

No, everyone involved is not a Bonesman. Everyone involved didn't go to Bohemian Grove. Everyone involved is compromised like Bonesmen and Grovesmen are, and how it works is often less about some dude threatening to release your nudes (as it were) and more about you deciding that letting someone have your nudes and do some favors for others in the network in return for whatever their network can provide that you want is worth it.

It's a perversion of the family dynamic, and it becomes an inversion. Instead of a father's loving governance of a family's resources, including its people, for the good of the entire family it's a predatory loan-shark sort of scam (like that of a central bank) whose beneficence is done at a usurous price and there is no loyalty by the boss to you and all the obligation to the boss from you. Those who take the deal benefit from the Network Effect in return for allowing those that run the network to have their way with anyone in the network on pain of death or worse, including allow them access to your children.

These people are sick. They are evil. They made their choice, and unless they repent they deserve the flames that await them. Empire is falling.

Sunday, May 17, 2020

The God-Emperor Reveals Many To Be Fools Or Traitors

Journalist Brian Cates cut a lengthy Twitter thread on the God-Emperor's strategy now coming to fruition. Reproduced here; emphasis and linking mine.

Almost every narrative you've been told for 3 years that begins with "Trump had no idea what he was facing when he was inaugurated, he didn't know they were spying him or his team, he was caught by surprise by all of this & he's been struggling to catch up ever since!" = WRONG.

He **acts** like he was surprised, yes. He puts out a cover story that he was SHOCKED to discover Obama was spying on him. "Wow I **just found out** that....!!!!" Yes he does.

He will put out a cover story. He's very good at it.

Here's what every single Conservative pundit needs to pay attention to when it comes to trying to read Trump and what he is or isn't doing. You **can't** go by the surface of things because TRUMP HIMSELF has demonstrated he will launch cover stories & make fake leaks.

Think I'm joking about that? I'm not. Trump himself boasted at his very first official press conference as President that he had just fed the media a fake leak. And then he rubbed their faces in it. He told them: "The leaks are real...THE NEWS IS FAKE." Did he not?

The more time passes by, the more obvious many of these fake leaks & cover stories become. But most people don't remember what the cover stories or fake leaks were from last month, let alone three years ago. I do. I research this stuff. Trump has launched MANY cover stories.

What's that hand I see there? Ask your question. "Are you claiming Trump will deliberately mislead the media, even Conservative reporters?" Absolutely that's what I'm saying. Trump does not owe these people the truth. Many of them would actively sabotage him if they could.

I wrote this for UnCover DC last year, and it's still timely. Media people got the vapors when @CLewandowski_ bluntly testified he didn't owe the news media the truth. And he was 100% right to say that.

From the column: "Understand this well: the DNC Media Complex will deliberately present disinformation given to it by its political masters to trick the public and place their political opponents at a disadvantage."

They use long-practiced Alinsky tactics with relish. It’s not about the truth – it’s about power. Trump knows the true nature of this, how the Democrats use the partisan media to lie about and attack their political enemies with lies, smears and disinformation.

AND TRUMP AND HIS PEOPLE GIVE IT RIGHT BACK TO THEM. So HELL YES. Trump and his team will deliberately give the news media cover stories and rabbits to chase to keep them out of their way so they can get stuff down & nobody can leak or sabotage it.

And the biggest cover story of all is that the incoming Trump team had no clue they were being spied on, Trump & Sessions & Pompeo & Flynn & Co. why they just pranced into their respective offices in January 2017 like innocent babes lost in the woods, no idea at all.

I'm OK with the cover story. It's useful. That's why Trump put it out there. The best way to disarm an enemy trap is to pretend your not aware of it while you carefully walk around it as you lay traps of your own for the people trying to trap you.

And they TRAPPED the leaker of the Flynn call three years ago. I'm going to belabor this point. They've known who it was for 3 years. Due to very serious & crucial national security reasons, they've had to keep that & the investigation of it classified until now.

This is what is going to blow people's minds when the indictment is unsealed. People are going to look at the DATES. The Fake News Media and the Conservative News Media are going to have their jaws hit the floor at the same time. They knew for THREE YEARS and it DIDN'T LEAK.

As I have said for 3 years now: The Silent Professionals are in charge of this. They don't leak classified information themselves as they investigate and prepare to prosecute leakers of classified information. You didn't like that? You have no idea how much I don't care.

My **very first** column for Epoch back in 2018: The Great Leak Hunt. And from September 2018, here's one of my best: The Silent Professionals.

From the column: "In stark contrast to the Mueller special counsel team and the strategic leakers at the FBI are the federal investigators and prosecutors that I like to refer to as the Silent Professionals."

Far from seeking constant attention and leaking to drive media narratives that can be weaponized against specific targets, these silent professionals just go about their jobs in the shadows. You don’t even know they are there, and that’s what makes them so lethal.

Washington has a leak culture. It is nothing short of astounding that someone of McCabe’s stature could be the subject of a federal prosecution using a grand jury for more than six months, and the investigation didn’t leak.

All those media people wailing “nothing’s happening” for the past year are wrong. Plenty is happening. It’s just that the people making things happen aren’t ready to tell you or their targets about what they’ve found and what they’ve really been doing just yet.

Remember, Durham was investigating classified leaks out of the FBI **long** before AG Barr tapped him publicly to lead the TEAM of US Attorney's looking into the origins of the RussiaGate Hoax. You didn't know Barr had sent Jensen into the DC USA's office until he announced it.

back to the column: "As I wrote in an earlier column, every single top person in the Trump administration came into office after the inauguration in January 2017 knowing what they faced in the SpyGate plot."

"Trump knew, Sessions knew, Rosenstein knew, and so did Mike Pompeo. The narrative that Trump and his team came into office clueless about the SpyGate plot is, quite simply, nonsense." [This is me in September of 2018.]

Trump & his team came up with a plan to counter SpyGate involving a lot of deception & stealth investigations. No matter what you think about that plan, or how you feel about it, whether you think the strategy is right or wrong, Trump had his reasons for doing things this way.

In the end, it comes down to whether you trust Trump or not, that he knows what he’s doing. A whole lot of people who call themselves Trump supporters don't trust him. Deep down, they think he's a blithering idiot. It's as simple as that.

So once again, I go on the record, showing you what I was saying in 2018. Trump had a plan he was implementing to simultaneously

  1. get control of the government
  2. root out saboteurs & spies & prepare to prosecute them
  3. implement his MAGA agenda

No idiot could've done it.

And then at the end of it all he has to get reelected. He's going to accomplish THAT also, even as the usual loud voices from the public gallery wail he's doing nothing about vote fraud and Democrats are going to steal the election while he uselessly stumbles around.

The economy hasn't even come roaring back yet following this massive black swan event of a worldwide pandemic. When it does, imagine what these current numbers climb to. All liberal hopes this CCP Virus & their relentlessly attacking Trump would destroy him are now dashed.

Trump did it HIS way. Rejoice, little flock. Because victory is assured. They can't stop a thing that's coming. I wouldn't want to be the Flynn leaker right now for all the money in the world.

And, as is his wont, he capped that thread with this image.

Nice Rhetorical killshot there.

Mike Cernovich, Michelle Malkin, VDare, Red Ice, Adam Townsend, Scott Adams, etc. are all fools if not traitors because they fall for this "Trump is a bumbler" fraud and thus they think that they (a) are smarter than the God-Emperor, (b) know more than the God-Emperor, (c) have better people around them than the God-Emperor, and (d) would make far better decisions than the God-Emperor. See the above bolded comment on surface-level thinkers; that's all of them. They run their mouths using only what Trump allows them to see, never doing what Wictor or Cates or the rest of that crew do and analyze deeds vs. words to any depth. Their reactions reveal to Trump that he is right to disdain them as anything other than summertime patriots and therefore to shut them out of serious matters until it is time to gin up the hordes for mass action- which is all that most media figures and outlets are actually good for anyway.

Yes, even the Supreme Dark Lord is prone to this error (though for his this is mostly with regard to China surpassing the US as the world power; that ain't happening, and Thomas Wictor opines with evidence at length as to why every day on Twitter). It's why I don't listen to him about everything, anymore than I listen to Wictor about firearms or Cates here about anything other than current politics.

What is clear here is that, contra what they say, they do act as part of the #QAnan operation; this is one way that info initially spread via the Chans in drops gets filtered into the mainstream and eventually pushed above the fold. Whether they are active agents or passive assets doesn't matter; they do the job, ergo they are part of the network. The tell? Everything Wictor, Cates, et. al. rant about on Twitter or YouTube are taken from Qdrops on 8kun's boards. They all disavow #QAnon in public, as they do all known conspiracies, but mouth what's said by Q in public; that's how you know they're assets, at the least.

This is what it takes to save Civilization. Empire is falling.

Sunday, May 10, 2020

We Won't Be Told How We Won Before We Win

Journalist (and Trump supporter) Brian Cates said this on Twitter last night.

You think Trump doesn't know the Democrats staring at the shit hand they're holding, plan to cheat?

Because he does know.

He knows better than you do.

He has a counter-strategy.

He's just not gonna TELL YOU what it is.

Did Trump or Barr TELL YOU they were about to send in a Special Prosecutor into the DC US Attorney's office back in January?

Why would they have?

It would have tipped off the enemy & thwarted everything they were trying to do.

I was able to accept a long time ago that Trump is NEVER going to tell us in advance what he's really doing on a lot of this kind of stuff.


Over 1/2 of Conservative punditry is people is people insisting Trump needs to 'come clean' & tell them what he's really doing.

This is why I find all the bitch-made bellyaching by Mike Cernovich and other complaining about the God-Emperor so damned annoying. They're failing to comprehend that politics is war, literally, and as such you don't play by the same gentlemanly rules that you do when playing a game of Chess with a friend. They're saying on one hand that the whole thing about the Deep State is real and so on, then turning about and doing the Cuckservative thing where they demand Trump do the Honorable Loser thing against an enemy that hates him (and us), wants him dead (and us), and wants to rape his children (and ours) and thinks it's funny.

It's fucking retarded, and I'm out of patience with it. Cates, Wictor, Saul Bradley, etc. are all getting what the deal is; we're not going to be hearing what's really going on in our lifetimes because this is a literal matter of life and death and as such the truth gets its bodyguard of lies. There is not much we can do, but that which we can do does matter.

We won't be told how we won. It will just happen, and we'll learn after the fact. Until then, only those who need to know get to know- and if you're reading this, you don't. Empire is falling, and all we need to do is to enjoy the show, notice when things get into Normievilee and point at it so the normies pay attention to it. They'll handle things, and I have no fear of anything but a second Trump term being had when this year is over- not even if they try to steal it when the Electoral College meets in December to cast the only vote that actually matters. (Yes, I expect faithless Electors.)

God bless Corona-chan for making all of this possible. Unlike many, I have no fear of what comes after her world tour is concluded. It won't be the same, and I expect that I will find it more to my liking- and I'll know when Empire and its Thralls are hoarse from crying about it.

Sunday, May 3, 2020

The Fake American Identity Has Cracked

This is more for my fellow Americans, so up front I'm going to lay out some information for my foreign readers.

The United States is a Federal Republic. The core concept of Federalism is that the several States, not the Federal government, is to be the day-to-day focus of citizen attention and therefore of government policy. The several States, in turn, are intended to see the fractal nature of this structure and devolve things further to the counties, who in turn are meant to let local towns handle local matters. The resources, and powers, of the higher levels of structure are intended to be utilized only as required to facilitate lower-level functionality and protect the citizenry when officials or officialdom therein goes bad.

The American Civil War began upending this conception of American governance. Until this time, American identity is summarized by one saying "These United States", demonstrating that they were first of their state and then of the Republic. After Lincoln won the war (and got assassinated), that changed to "The United States", signalling the shift to seeing the Republic as the primary source of identity.

You act on what you believe.

If you want a people to embrace centralization, then you need to convince them to believe in it and putting their identity on a central institution is therefore required. It is no surprise that American centralization, across the board, accelerated greatly in the wake of that war despite all of the Westward expansion and spreading of population; the myth of the American West relies on that centralization power--expressed as the railroads and companies coming out and pacifying the frontier--to drive that myth.

Which leads me to Corona-chan. Fellow Americans, I'm talking to you.

If you want to successfully break a central power's hold, then you need to break that belief in a centralized identity, and to do that you need to act on that belief. This has, as a necessary requirement, the demonstration of that belief by clearly-observable action where everyone's attention can be seized and held. That means media attention, and Trump's handling of this pandemic is in accordance to how the American Republic is intended to operate.

That means using the power and resources of the Federal government to advise and assist the several States in their efforts to handle the location-specific situations therein, not to centrally command and control things from a war room in the White House. This also means that the governors of the several States, and under them the county commissioners and local mayors, are required to step up and take responsibility for their (in/mis)actions in carrying out the duties of their offices.

This has been a wise decision on the part of the God-Emperor, as he is forcing these officials and officialdoms out into the spotlight and they've revealed who they truly are in no uncertain terms. Despite social and mainstream media narrative controls, the support for locking the American nation and its citizenry is fading fast and we're already seeing outright defiance in places heretofore written off as hopeless.

And now the God-Emperor, through the Attourny-General, is giving these officials and officialdoms the warning required to rein in their abuses before Federal action comes down; Trump gave them all the rope, and some decided to hang themselves with it.

Are you getting mad about the fools using this pandemic to push through policies that harm your businesses? Good. What are you going to do about it? That's the other thing the God-Emperor has done with his decisions; he's forcing us to remember that we, as Americans and citizens, are required to participate in the affairs of state beyond voting every two or four years. I am pleased to see armed protests at state capitals. I am pleased to see mass civil disobedience in parks and at beaches. So far it's harsh words, some pushing and some shoving; I know there are lawsutis coming, and I would like it to stop at lawfare, but I suspect it won't and things will turn violent in some places.

But one thing is certain: when this is done, the centralized American identity will be cracked as it is now apparent that no, we're not all in this together- and we never have been so. This is a return to our proper form, when we were of our States first and the Republic second, and a step towards returning to the true and lawful form of governance.

Empire is falling.