Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Fatal Flaw of Anarcho-Capitalism: It's the Psychopaths, Stupid

I have an issue with the anarcho-capitalists (and, by extension, libertarianism), one that does not get acknowledged, above and beyond the matter of structural violence (and their denial of it): their conception of a free marketplace and a capitalist economy cannot possibly happen so long as psychopaths exist.

Stefan Molyneux, Adam Kokesh and the rest of that camp refuse to acknowledge that the psychopath problem is the sticking point that makes their paradigm a non-starter. They refuse to acknowledge that predators exist, that these predators--being cunning folk--know better than to fight fair; they can, and they will, shape the terrain to their advantage every single time. In plain terms, they fetter the market and seek to centralize power in their hands- they seek dominance and authority, which means that they are the shitsacks that create the State whenever it doesn't exist because that's what criminal masterminds do- first the gang boss, then the godfather, then the lord major, then king, then emperor and eventually god-emperor of all Mankind.

This is because A-Cs erroneously conceive of what Capitalism really is. They think it's a sport, where competition is restrained by good character via the ethics of sportsmanship; psychopaths, anarcho-communinists, anarcho-syndicalists, the Zeitgeist Movement and the Venus Project all acknowledge (in their own language) that this is bullshit- that Capitalism is really War By Economic Means, which is why the end-game of it always involves the creation of the State and the rise of either Fascism or Inverted Totalitarianism (i.e. Corporatism of one form or another) and finally a full-on manifestation of a Feudal system of masters and serfs/slaves. In other words, Capitalism--so long as psychopaths exist--cannot be ANYTHING other than Empire given a non-Mannish form; violation of the Non-Aggression and Self-Defense Principles (Sacred Feminine and Masculine, respectively) is inevitable, and thus the A-C paradigm is doomed to fail.

This is why I can't go along with Thomas Sheridan's "no contact ever again" solution; it just pushes the problem on to someone else (which he does admit) and does not actually solve the predation problem, yet I share his concern over the very real possibility of a witch hunt so I can't scream "EXTERMINATE!" like I'm a Dalek (IRONY!) either, which is where I'm stuck. I don't know what solution can be had that is both effective and moral, yet, other than to deal with each individually as they prey upon we common people (whereupon the Self-Defense Principle legitimates retribution via force). I'd rather find a solution that works at the highest possible level, yet meets those moral requirements, such as a gene treatment to kill the genetic root of psychopathy; once the born-that-way cohort (who cannot be fixed conventionally; it just makes them better predators) are gone, the secondary strain--the ones abused by the primaries into this dysfunction--can be repaired conventionally and thus their predatory culture wiped out of Creation forever.

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