Sunday, December 29, 2019

This Is Why Anarchy Is Impossible

The following is from an article posted online today at The Atlantic:

The resounding message in the Pew report is this: There’s no way the problem in public discourse is going to solve itself. “Between troll attacks, chilling effects of government surveillance and censorship, etc., the internet is becoming narrower every day,” said Randy Bush, a research fellow at Internet Initiative Japan, in his response to Pew.

Many of those polled said that we’re now witnessing the emergence of “flame wars and strategic manipulation” that will only get worse. This goes beyond obnoxious comments, or Donald Trump’s tweets, or even targeted harassment. Instead, we’ve entered the realm of “weaponized narrative” as a 21st-century battle space, as the authors of a recent Defense One essay put it. And just like other battle spaces, humans will need to develop specialized technology for the fight ahead.

Researchers have already used technology to begin to understand what they’re up against. Earlier this month, a team of computer scientists from Stanford University and Cornell University wrote about how they used machine-learning algorithms to forecast whether a person was likely to start trolling. Using their algorithm to analyze a person’s mood and the context of the discussion they were in, the researchers got it right 80 percent of the time.

They learned that being in a bad mood makes a person more likely to troll, and that trolling is most frequent late at night (and least frequent in the morning). They also tracked the propensity for trolling behavior to spread. When the first comment in a thread is written by a troll—a nebulous term, but let’s go with it—then it’s twice as likely that additional trolls will chime in compared with a conversation that’s not led by a troll to start, the researchers found. On top of that, the more troll comments there are in a discussion, the more likely it is that participants will start trolling in other, unrelated threads.

“A single troll comment in a discussion—perhaps written by a person who woke up on the wrong side of the bed—can lead to worse moods among other participants, and even more troll comments elsewhere,” the Stanford and Cornell researchers wrote. “As this negative behavior continues to propagate, trolling can end up becoming the norm in communities if left unchecked.”

Using technology to understand when and why people troll is essential, but many people agree that the scale of the problem requires technological solutions. Stopping trolls isn’t as simple as creating spaces that prevent anonymity, many of those surveyed told Pew, because doing so also enables “governments and dominant institutions to even more freely employ surveillance tools to monitor citizens, suppress free speech, and shape social debate,” Pew wrote.

To which Vox Day had this observation:

We're already seeing how companies like Facebook and Google have weaponized the concept of "fake news", and now entire countries are following suit. In what is a crushing refutation of libertarian theory, the Internet and the devolution of what were once civilized anonymous discussion spaces on bulletin boards and CompuServe have clearly demonstrated that Man cannot handle the freedom of a perceived lack of accountability.

There are deeper philosophical aspects to this, that lend additional clarity to traditional thinking about morality and ethics. Even the most devout atheist should be able to recognize at this point that Man was not made for, nor can he reliably handle, even the perceived absence of a Lawgiver to whom he knows he will be held responsible for his actions.

Which lead to one of the commentators in Vox's post stating the obvious:

Freedom to be workable requires that the free be held responsible for their own conduct. Fail to do that and the social disruption will mandate government intervention. That is why oppressive governments tend to treat people like they are children. The irresponsible have to be reigned in, and that justifies the government intervention.

Allow me to make one of my own: "Government" is nothing more than the family patriarch scaled up to cover the whole of the people on the patriarch's (government's) land.

This greatly simplifies "what is good government", because the answer for the home--a strong, mature patriarch--is also the answer for the nation and the kingdom. Stewardship, duty to posterity, and an unrelenting commitment to good order and obedience to divine sovereignty--that's why Man can never be truly "united" under one state; it already HAS a universal sovereign in God and saved via his only begotten son Jesus--and it is also why anarchy is impossible: most people never grow up, and so must be dealt with as children.

And yes, Empire knows this. That's why it relies on exploiting childish foolishness to gain and keep power, why the regimes--whatever their nominal forms--always turn into decadent and degenerate abattoirs run by a Death Cult executing mass human sacrifice (however disguised; abortion counts, and so do needless wars as well as allowing other forms of predation to persist) while actively persecuting Christians and Christianity (including the faithful predecessors thereto).

We are neither machines nor animals, but something else entirely. I am convinced now, by mere observation of the presence of a strong patriarchy vs its absence as well as a strong Christian presence vs its absence, that anarchy is impossible because there must always be a ruler. If it is not your loving Father, then it shall be an abusive stand-in- much as it is in far too many households across the world. Empire desires this, as it is the first abusive step-father. Empire must fall.

Sunday, December 22, 2019

Narrative Warfare: How The Pop Cult Works For Empire

I call this two years ago.

The failure is complete.

The Devil Mouse is taking a serious bath on Episode IX. Compare and contrast the per theater performance of the most recent excrescence with three other films:

  • Avengers Endgame: $25,534 3-day avg, 43% decline from D1 to D3
  • The Force Awakens: $19,994 3-day avg, 49% decline
  • The Last Jedi: $17,328.67, 3-day avg, 51% decline
  • The Rise of Skywalker: $13,278 3-day avg, 58% decline

In other words, despite Episode 9 opening to barely half of the Avengers finale, its audience is dropping off more rapidly. This points to a domestic box office that will be less than three-quarters of its predecessor, or around $450 million.

Between this and the failure of the Galaxy's Edge theme parks, no wonder Disney's debt is skyrocketing.

The Pop Cult focused upon Star Wars has noticed that the Death Cult masters running their cult now do not care about them, but instead view them as useful idiots to milk for cash or weaponize into propaganda agents. They demand respect from the masters, or they will--and have--reject the masters in service to the object.

This did not go unnoticed within Lucasfilm and Disney. What we've seen has been an internecine conflict between the Death Cultists and the not-so-crazy Corporates, the latter of which merely wants to bilk the Pop Cultists for cash forever, and the crash of this film combined with the Pop Cult's acceptance of the new TV series has given the Corporates the victory required to drive out the Death Cultist faction. So far as the Pop Cult is concerned, this is a win.

I give you another perspective: what we've seen is what happens when Man's primal need to give worship God is denied and diverted to a fraudulent substitute, and then those running the fraud momentarily threaten to destroy the scam by incompetent management. Corporate, therefore, is not apart from the Death Cult; it is the Cults' Management. The reason? Its psychpathic character results in ruthless pragmatism in service to materialist absolutism, and as such is nihilist and therefore Satanic. The SJWs are the activist wing, meant to push degeneracy and perversion via cultural subversion; Corporate handles the economic end of the Cult- and the Pop Cult is the front through which the population is intended to be propgandized.

Meant to. Doesn't always work as intended.

What Corporate knows that sometimes the SJWs miss is that you have to sell. SJWs don't do selling; they're used to taking power and then wielding it like a club to force compliance, so cultural operations like this tend to be beyond them and the result is reliably that of crashing the business into the ground. If not propped up by another entity, such a business will fold faster than Superman on laundry day.

This is why Corporate won the office politics fight at Lucasfilm; outgoing Head Bitch In Charge and her man-hating fellow witches are SJW cultists, and despite being handed a big win by virtue of Head Bitch managing to seem like a loyal lady to George Lucas, they pissed it away by deliberately alienating the audience--and customers--that Lucas handed to them in favor of pushing their cult (cat lady) crap. This sudden shift in the Pop Cult was a Frog Boil Fail. They didn't bother trying to sell it; they thought it was beyond any need to do so.

Corporate thought otherwise. Corporate challenged the SJWs. Corporate won. Corporate sided with their Pop Cult revenue streams over what they (rightly) saw as a threat. They don't care about the cult idol anymore than the SJWs do, but they do care about exploiting that cult worship for their own benefit and that's why they shanked She-Devil, and they have proof of concept that their more moderate approach sells better- hence why the team behind the TV series are going to take over formally in 2020.

But the Pop Cult remains.

The Cult is loyal to the brand; the identity of the brand is their idol, around which they form their own identity, so this is idolatry. The Cult will open or close their wallets, and if pushed enough they will open and close more forceful means of removing elements contrary to what they value out of their devotion to the Pop Cult's idol.

And idols, not being true things, are easily used to manipulate those who devote to them.

Why? Because if you can make them accept that your idol--your brand--has X as a core element of its identity, then you can sell them on anything related to that brand and thereby shape their beliefs via shaping the narratives you sell to them. Advertising and Marketing are the de-occulted recognitions of this fact in action.

And this is how the Pop Cult serves Empire: by giving you a pleasing, dopamine-hitting means to sell you your own enslavement.

Search your feelings. You know this to be true. Turn away from the Pop Cult. Empire must fall.

Sunday, December 15, 2019

The Nationalist Tide Cannot Be Stopped

In what promises to presage the 2020 Trumpslide, the Tories under Boris Johnson won the UK's General Election this past week. I concur with Friend of the blog Didact's Reach that this win is premised upon getting Brexit done.

It has to happen now. Boris campaigned on it, and in his desire to be remembered like Churchil we can expect him to push for it. The question now, in light of the coordinated media attack upon him alongside Antifa rioting in reaction, is how the UK branch of the Death Cult will sandbag Brexit further- and how Prime Minister Johnson will handle it. He should wield the full might of Her Majesty's Government against this seditious conspiracy, but I doubt he will.

In part this is because the UK's elites, up to the Royal Family, is steeped in the Death Cult. Even if some adherents, being more cynical and sober-minded about it, would be willing to cut the more chaotic elements (including bothersome royals) loose, this still would stop short of facilitating Brexit because their counterparts across the Channel in Brussels are too enamored of recreating Babylon in Europe to allow it.

God Wills It, Prime Minister. Get Brexit Done.

And as for why, I leave you with this Tweet by James Kirkpatrick. While originally for the American context, the point made applies to the United Kingdom as well as every other country that is, was, or shall be.

If England is not for the English, Scotland for the Scots, Wales for the Welsh, and Ireland for the Irish--if these parts of the UK are not for the British--then no, you don't have a country. You have a goddamn mall--not a High Street, a mall--and some company town housing. That is Empire in action, and Empire must fall.

Sunday, December 8, 2019

The End of the Age Comes

Just as you cannot stop an idea whose time as come, no more than you retain an idea whose time has gone.

I wondered for years exactly how this works. Then I began reading Anonymous Conservative's blog and found r/K Theory. The theory, laid out as if one were to put out all the parts of a rifle or PC build before assembling, creates a working machine by which one can read those very currents in the social mood and discover what drives them. Once you see how r-select psychology and K-select psychology works, and what drives each, then it's a short step to figuring out how to deliberately manipulate it--to weaponize it--for one's own ends.

Guess who knows, and has? Empire

The time for "liberal democracy" is gone. The lies behind its creation are coming out, and the majority of the world's nations (I mean peoples here, not governments.) never wanted anything to do with it anyway, so it was a creation built upon sand- and now the sands shift. Those who have bought into this belief are going to have an increasingly bad time as the forces that will do away with the world they want gain power and begin abolishing it piece by piece at both ends- ultimately at the barrel of a gun.

It is at this time that, ordinarily, Empire would reckonize the failure of yet another attempt at creating a permanent solution to the problem of its existence and seek to jump hosts. Ordinarily. That is not a forgone conclusion now, and AnonCon's publication of r/K Theory is a key reason as to why; what the theory explains was once a secret held to the realm of mystery cults and similar elite cults. Now you can by it on Amazon, and it's only a matter of time before a critical mass read it, comprehend it, see its validation in the historical record, and decide to wield it against those heretofore wielding it upon them.

I cannot tell you what will arise next. I can only tell you that "liberal democracy"--and everything that is normative within it--are going to be gone and increasingly forgotten by the end of the 21st century, if not disdained and despised. The dreams of Melnibone cannot go on forever, and they shall not. No empire does, and once an empire--once Empire--is revealed for what it is, it is not long before it is set upon. It may go on for a time, but always harried thereafter, and sooner or later the wounds are too much and it expires.

And it is being revealed. Empire must fall.

Sunday, December 1, 2019

Narrative Warfare: And The Reapers Will Rejoice In Their Reaping

To no one's surprise, the ones who intend to do the culling in the walled gardens of social media are eager cult acolytes.

This woman ain't part of the brain trust running the show. She's one of the many college-indoctrinated disposable cogs in the cult machine ready, willing, and eager to slit the throats of the cult's enemies and get all the headpats for doing so because that's what the cult demands of its disciples. She might as well be wearing a hood and screaming "BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!"

But look at the disgust she has for normal people, and the joy she takes in damaging their ability to participate in public life. This is the Death Cult of Empire, folks. This is what it does to people. She cannot be reached with facts or logic; she is a Believer, Believers run on faith, and faith is immune to facts and logic. Now you see how and why Cuckservatice Inc. is utterly impotent; they are trying to use weapons that do not work on the monster. (Nevermind being complicit with or even part of the Cult; even if they weren't, their disbelief in Belief is why they fail.)

Look for this. Be ready for it. Today it's deplatforming, shadowbans, and permabans. They'll kill us if they could, and the steps to that end are being pushed now. Forking and replacing the infrastructure is not optional any longer. Empire must fall.