Sunday, April 28, 2019

Narrative Warfare: Lawfare Counterattacks

The Thralls of Empire have their own hierarchy. Social Justice Warriors are the goblins of the hierarchy, individually weak and cowardly but dangerous in numbers when whipped up to swarm against unready targets. Some of them are smarter than the average goblin and these act as shot-callers, pointing and shrieking to direct swarms upon targets. Many of them possess institutional positions as a result of Gramsci's Long March, producing poison-pill dispensers like this degenerate academic.

The worst threat they possess is in relying upon the targets' bewilderment at why they're being disemployed, made unemployable, denied access to the system of public and private economy/government recourse, etc. due to SJWs in the media (and their superiors) giving these goblins cover. The means by which these goblins operate is to interfere, successfully or not, with the ordinary affairs of the targets. Specifically by targeting their business/employment affairs. In the law, this is known as "tortious interference" and it is grounds for legal action.

We now have some targets that just last year would've folded faster than Superman on laundry day standing up and fighting back. One of them is North American voice actor Vic Mignogna, who's been the target of a coordinated campaign of such interference and defamation by those who heretofore claimed to be friendly, if not friends, of Mignogna. Lawyer Nick Rekieta began covering this affair, known as #KickVic after the attackers' Twitter hashtag, and a direct consequence of this was Vic retaining legal counsel and beginning a civil suit in Texas against the Texas-based elements of the swarm attacking him.

The usual cheap attempts to silence opposition by complaining to an amenable authority able to fire the target don't work against Rekieta; he owns his law firm, and the SJWs have found out the hard way that complaining to the relevant licensing board results in polite responses to fuck off. Unable to shut up Rekieta by cutting off his income, they fell back on silencing him on social media by successfully getting their allies in Twitter to banhammer him; as of this post, his intern's account--currently being targeted--is how he gets the word out on his livestreams.

The reason for targeting Rekieta was that he was not only effective in spreading the word about Vic's situation to a wider audience, but that he successfully raised funds for Vic's legal action. The SJWs thought that by shutting down Rekieta's Twitter account they would affect the fund-raising efforts; they were wrong. I expect that next will be a go at Rekieta'a YouTube channel, where he does most of the livestreaming; he has an account at Twitch if that goes down, so the swarm will go there next.

Once the word on Vic's legal resistance took off, more suits came forth. Todd Haberkorn has retained the same firm Vic did because the same SJWs going after Vic are now after him, and we now known that tabletop SJWs are going to finally face the music because Frog God Games has done the same. The firm, Beard & Associates, is known for being ruthless; the SJWs--one and all--are in denial as to the severity of their difficulty. They've tried and failed to shut down Beard via complaints as they failed to do with Rekieta, and as the firm (and its members) are low-profile online there's nothing to deplatform.

The goblins are at a loss. This is all they can do to attack the legal efforts resisting them. This is the whole of their playbook, outside of those with Antifa ties, and these SJWs lack such ties. Desperation leads to dangerous action, however, once those in denial manage to face up the to the threat and do something about it that isn't in their usual playbook.

In short, Lawfare works. For now. Use it while you can, and get ready for the alternative when it fails.

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Narrative Warfare: Christendom Is Civilization. Defend It Or Lose Both.

Ivan Throne pinned this to his Twitter page today.

No one assaults the Middle Kingdom like we see being done to Christendom. It is clear what Empire considers a threat, and it's not the latest in a long line of imperial ruling dynasties run out of the Orient.

Like it or not, Christendom is Civilization. The Greco-Roman tradition and the European nations are necessary, but not sufficient, for Civilization; the final point of that trinity, echoing the Trinity, is Christianity itself. Material development, likewise, is a necessary--but not sufficient--requirement for Civilization. You need a vision of the future held by an entire nation and its culture, and that requires hope in a better tomorrow that you may never see; long time preferences develop under Christian influence, and without it we see swiftly how quickly Man--regardless of nation--reverts to the mean (and mean) of his fallen state.

This maps out to pre-Christian kingdoms and empires rarely pass 300 years in a given form before degeneracy and collapse from within or conquest from without. The Chinese get around this by replacing dynastic lines from time to time, justified by the Mandate of Heaven, either in minor forms (within a house) or major forms (when entire dynasties are replaced), and yes I do count the current Commie-in-name-only regime as a major form change. The inability to sustain institutional long time preferences or hope for tomorrow due to a lack of spiritual or philosophical strength permitting it makes this so every single time; as soon as "What about me?" Boomer-style degeneracy arises, that regime is done.

That "It's about me!" short-time preference thinking is Empire's opening into corrupting individuals as well as institutions. Christianity, properly practiced, does away with that wrong idea; scaled up, you get Civilization prospering and Mankind thriving. The Enemy uses blindness to chain and enthrall for that reason; this is why Empire is always evil, and thus Empire must fall.

He Is Risen. Now to defend Christendom and Civilization from the traitors within and the hordes without, and that starts with cleansing our own and repenting of our errors. War is upon us, like it or not, brought by Empire. Deus Vult.

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Narrative Warfare Examined: The Good Fight TV Spot

It happened. Open calls for political violence by the Thralls of Empire happened. This came from the Leftist side.

Of course this is plausibly deniable as advertising for a television series. That's how this works; you use something as a cover for the actual objective, which in this case was to signal to fellow travelers that the time for violence has come. In addition, the continuing UnThinging of "white nationalism" as its own thing, instead deliberately confusing it with white supremacy, is another Narrative Warfare element found in this TV spot.

Now, let's take another element that some of you might have missed: the vests. The rioters are wearing red vests, like those worn by road crews at work, mimicking the Yellow Vest protests by the French in France against Macron. This is no accident; it's meant to co-opt an anti-Empire, pro-nationalist effort (that, to be fair, arose out of an anti-tax protest) against a nakedly treasonous state and use it as cover for the aforementioned violence.

In short, we're not talking about a signal to just repeat what happened to Richard Spencer. We're talking about inciting mobs to go after groups, swarming them as we see so often in Colin Flaherty's videos about American black violence; it's just going to start with increased episodes of high-profile sucker-punch attempts. Yes, "attempts", as we shall also see more incidents of attackers getting checked, injured, or killed doing so when they go after targets willing and able to defend themselves. The consequences of this escalation is intended.

This is intentional polarization. The reaction is intended, and not to sic the cops on those reacting, though that will happen. No, the objective is to destabilize further an already uneasy American public. The tells are in the turnovers in major city governments; SJWs assuming mayoral or prosecutor positions are changing policies and regulations to inhibit honest residents' ability to legally handle threats while protecting predators from reprisals. This is mirrored at the state and federal level whenever possible. Some of the Thralls think that it's time to signal to their pets that it's Hunting Season, hence this TV spot and similar recent things such as Representative Illhan Omar's remarks on 9/11 followed by a Somali man throwing a visiting white boy down to the ground from the 3rd floor at the Mall of America.

What this spot reveals is that someone's not reading the social mood to cynically draw eyeballs to a TV program, but rather attempting to program the social mood in order to begin the elimination of resistance to Empire. The Thralls, like their master, are prone to under-estimating the enemy as well as over-estimating themselves--classic Dunning-Kruger--so this isn't going to be the robotic roll-up they imagine. At best they duck out once the chaos kicks off and take over once it's passed, imposing order upon survivors too weak to resist.

They think they've run the gas long enough. Now they're looking for a spark to set it off and ignite an explosive inferno. I doubt they have it right. Empire must fall.

Sunday, April 7, 2019

Narrative Warfare: The Reboot Madness Didn't Stop In Hollywood

Today this came over my Twitter feed.

Jeff's not wrong. The rise of Hitler's Third Reich is a direct reaction to the degeneracy and failure of the Weimar Republic and the onerous surrender terms imposed at Versailles in 1918. In retrospect, the inevitability of this reaction is obvious. Furthermore, I posit that many observers at the time also concluded that this reaction had to happen if these conditions weren't removed.

The failure of the Republic is a direct result of the degeneracy fostered, and not just sexual degeneracy, despite that being the most notorious part. Every foul aspect we in the West ascribe to Hollywood specifically and to the entertainment business generally found its first contemporary flowering in Weimar. It's why "Weimar" is a by-word for "late stage degeneracy" in right-wing parlance. The sex trade, in all its depravity, flourished. Drugs, crime, corruption, and economic instability coupled with foreigners exploiting the native Germans--often with the aide of German elites, echoing the present--all combined to make the resentful reaction happen.

And we all know what happened after 1932. I won't repeat it here.

What's bugging me is that the Thralls of Empire are not, as a class, stupid or ignorant- not the ones that run the show. The generation that made our current condition are well aware of Weimar. They are sufficiently intelligent to figure out how Weimar led to Hitler, in large part due to having men like Carroll Quigley on their side to document affairs for their benefit. They have to know, and yet they're doing it again.

If it weren't for the fact that the preceding generation attempted to run Hitler for their benefit, I'd chalk this up to stupidity. Instead, I'm wondering if this isn't yet another case of Let's You And Him Fight with the Thralls waiting to see who's going to win before committing, only it went wrong. "You" went after the wrong target first, and the Thralls had to commit too early to "Him" to compensate.

Today we see the God-Emperor routinely framed as a would-be Hitler. We see today's media idiots routinely defaming the nationalists and other parties resenting the rampant degeneracy and its knock-on effects. We also see those same idiots framing a US-v-China conflict with Russia playing the foil, but so far it looks like shenanigans behind the scenes intended to push that into happening aren't working as intended. It's almost as if someone's trying to repeating the staging of a past episode with a new cast.

Nah, I'm skipping this political theater. I recommend that everyone else refuse also. They can't have a war if no one shows up to fight.