Sunday, May 29, 2022

Meanwhile, There's Trouble Brewing In Pakistan

The following is taken from a Telegram channel, originally by George McMillan. Edited for clarity as required (which isn't much at all):

The recent Imran Khan rallies since his ouster 3 weeks ago needs to be placed into the ongoing historical significance of the Shia Revolution of 1978-9 in Iran, the Sunni Revolution manifested by the Grand Mosque Seizure of November 1979 in Mecca, the Russian invasion of Afghanistan in 1980, and the subsequent US CIA SOF support of the Mujahideen in the 1980s as portrayed in the movie Charlie Wilson’s War which put everything in the perspective of Great Britain’s great game of preventing the Russians from gaining a war water port since the Catherine the Great era of the Russian Empire of the 1800s.

The Pashtun's original territory was "from the Amu Darya (Oxus) River to the Indus River in Pakistan before the 1921 Durand Line of Control. The Durand Line became a national boundary with the end of the British Raj and the creation of Pakistan, India and East Pakistan which became Bangladesh in 1956.

The Punjabs and Sindhs ruled Pakistan for decades while the Pashtun were illiterate tribesmen living in the mountains of Western Pakistan and Eastern Afghanistan.

After the Shia revolution of 1978-9, the Sunnis in Mecca wanted a theocracy also where the Caliph is selected by a vote among the Imams.

Read everything about the Grand Mosque Seizure of November 1979. It explains how people from the Arabian Peninsula started funding radical Sunni Salafist/Wahabist madrassas and mosques all over the world, but they started in the Pashtun areas of AF/PK border because they are 7/10 lost tribes of Israel. In other words the Arabs, descendants of Abraham are uniting the other descendants of Abraham who "correctly" followed the right prophet path and accepted Islam.

Since 1980 people from the Arabian Peninsula funded the Sunni Salafist/Wahhabist mosques and madrassas in AF/PK in order to encircle the Shia Persians from the East side of Iran.

It was at this juncture that the Russians invaded to stop both Shia and Sunni radicalism from spreading North into the moderate Muslim Southern Republics of the USSR.

The Russians were not there to get the "warm water port" that the Anglosphere media purported and the movie Charlie Wilson's War portrayed it. The Anglosphere media portrayed the problem in terms of Peter Hopkins The Great Game 1990 perspective, which is in gross error.

The real reason why the Soviets were in Afghanistan was to stop the Sunni vs Shia rivalry from spreading into the Southern Republics as it did in Chechnya and Dagestan.

Because of the "Warm water port" theory the US and the UK started training the Pashtun Mujahideen fighters in 1980. The combination of the CIA and SOF training the Pashtun tactically and people from the Arabian Peninsula building the Sunni Salafist/Wahhabist K-12 Madrassas and adult mosques is what became The Taliban.

Since the Aran Al Qaeda was involved in helping the CIA and SOF train the Pashtun while also indoctrinating them into Sunni Salafism and Wahhabism it changed the culture from a more moderate form of Islam to a more radical Form.

But it also turned the illiterate Pashtun's of the pre 1980s into a literate and militarily and politically organized movement that now seeks to "have more children" and "out vote" the Punjabs and Sindhs in Pakistan.

The ouster of Imran Khan by the US, even though he is incompetent, might be the trigger point of causing the Pashtun uprising where the Taliban not only have control of Afghanistan, but have control of Pakistan as well.

(Omitted: A side conversion that includes George slagging off his fellow analysts for telling the shot-callers what they want to hear in order to advance their careers, instead of doing their job of providing reliable intelligence, resulting in US specifically and Western generally being incompetent in this area of the world due to being willfully blind.)

The Indians have been referring to Imran Khan as "Imran 'the Taliban Can' Khan for about a decade now as he went from being president to Prime Minister.

WION did a few shows last year after Biden announced the US withdrawal explaining how Imran Khan talked as if he was a spokesman for the Taliban. He was that much of a Taliban apologist.

It is in that context, along with fiscal mismanagement that Daleep Singh et al pressured the ISI to remove Imran Khan as the US supported Shariff the younger.

So if you know that Imran Khan is a Pashtun Taliban apologist, then it is not difficult to anticipate that he would immediately go to the Taliban stronghold for support to get back into power. Especially since it has been taught in the madrassas and mosques that it is a matter of time to outbreed the Punjabs and Sindhs and win a "democratic" election. In the four decade period since the mass funding of the Sunni Salafist/Wahhabist mosques in the Wazirastans, FATAS/KPK I do believe the Pashtuns have way more than doubled their population. I think they have the majority now in Pakistan, just like they do in Afghanistan. That is why this was predictable that the US administration's ouster of Imran Khan would predictably backfire.

But since Pakistan is an English speaking society as well as Hindi/Urdo, many of the radical Islamists have youtube videos in the topic in English.

"Let the Koran speak" is such a channel off the top of my head. Once you start watching this genre of videos on youtube then the algorithms will make more suggestions.

Black Flag of the Khorasan is another channel. There are a bunch on this topic in their own words.

The Indians can listen in both English and Hindi/Urdu. Plus they no doubt have plenty of Pashto speakers as well and monitor the situation as best they can.

There are Indians on this chat and this is an ongoing discussion with them as the US keeps making the situation worse by trying to make things better.

And I don't want you to "believe me," I encourage everyone to double check my sources even though it sounds like I am assigning "homework."

I figure the more people doublecheck and share sources the more we can all share information and learn together.

In context, the Pakistan and Afghanistan policies of the US have backfired over a four decade period, the recent Daleep Singh visit to India last month backfired and pushed Modi closer to Putin instead, the Ukraine and Georgia gamble to take over the Russian and Caspian Sea country pipelines will backfire, and al together the number of "backfires" will eventually add up.

Okay, let's put all of this into context. First, a map.

Look at who is on Pakistan's boarders: China, India, Afghanistan, Iran, and Tajikistan. That's two of the BRICS countries (China and India), the heart of Shia Islam (Iran), and Russia's backyard (Tajikistan). This is geopolitically important territory.

Therefore it is no surprise that Western spooks, especially the CIA, have had a presence here since Pakistan emerged after Indian independence post-World War 2. The ISI is, for all intents and purposes, a CIA appendage installed locally as a backdoor should the government in Pakistan get ideas about slipping out from the yoke of Globohomo.

It is also no surprise that Russian and Chinese intelligence, as well as Indian and Iranian, have presences therein. This is part of the Great Game's traditional playing ground and as such anyone with regional or global ambitions has a presence here.

That Globohomo has managed to completely screw things up here does mean that other parties, who have their own reason to control Pakistan, have an opening to take control.

No, being wholly independent of external influence is not in the cards; the reality is that the Pakistani Establishment is too weak to eschew external parties exerting power and influence over them because those parties are necessary for the Establishment to maintain their own positions. It's the same situation a lot of 2nd and 3rd world states are in; you can, at best, keep competing blocs' influences in check to maintain autonomy by playing one against another- and Pakistan is too weak to do that.

Whatever becomes of Imran Khan's attempt to nullify his recent ejection from power, what is clear is that multiple imperial parties will be manuevering for advantage in this important region of the world- a scramble that will go unnoticed in most of the world due to attention being directed to Ukraine or Taiwan.

It's been almost 80 years since the end of World War 2 and the establishment of the Globohomo world order. That's Fourth Turning territory, meaning that this disruption is not trivial nor divorced from the larger trends of such changes. Couple this analysis with the impact of the Ukraine War on global supplies of food, fuel, medicines, and other vital goods and you have a situation ripe for spiraling out of control and escalating into a major regional or global crisis- even a war.

We're in Guns of August territory, folks, and chances are good that we already had our Franz Ferdinand moment. Empire falls.

Thursday, May 26, 2022

The Windup Toys Glow In The Dark

As yet unconfirmed, but these facts are breaking out into the Normiepshere and that disrupts the Narrative Warfare attack that's clearly going down. Expect both of these shooters and their killings to get memory-holded just like Waukesha was in short order once the impotency is made apparent.

Tuesday, May 24, 2022

ADV China Having Special Podcast On New Genocide Proof Today

Speaking of the ADV boys, they're having a podcast today to cover new information about the genocides in China. About 40 minutes from this post.

Sunday, May 22, 2022

China's Rabbits Got Cut Off

The ADV China boys were one of the first to talk about this, followed by channels that regularly show what's going on in China. TLDR: They're locking Chinese in.

This is C-Milk's video on what is now CCP policy, using Wu Flu as the excuse: no one leaves. The official policy says it grants exit to those with "essential" (i.e. CCP approved) reasons, which means if what you're doing doesn't serve the Party you get shut down.

No, being rich is no longer sufficient to leave. Passports are being seized and cut up--invalidated--on the spot even if they have legal residency abroad, and those residency cards are also being destroyed- which is itself scandalous as those are often the property of the issuing government, and not that of the holder. Only aliens and foreigners are being allowed to leave, and only after considerable bother with local and national authorities due to having to dance around Wu Flu restrictions that have no relation to reality but instead--as is typical--is just a power flex on the population to remind them who is boss.

This not a move by a power confident in itself. This is what you do when you're weak and needing to shore up weak spots. This move in particular is meant to lock down human and financial capital so that the CCP has it available for its needs, and you can bet that its foreign operations are going to ramp up pressure on overseas Chinese to repatriate- up to and including outright abduction, even in places thought to be safe like the Five Eyes countrires.

The internal power struggles within the CCP are also ongoing, and a lot of the attacks on Xi Jinping of late via rumors and media coverage of health issues stems from such rivals, and this border closer and exit ban is Xi's countermove; a lot harder to coordiate with foreign allies when you have no backchannels abroad in the form of Chinese overseas, which reduces the workload of Xi's counter-intelligence considerably.

The end result is that, if Xi holds on to power, the odds of Taiwan being invaded--successfully or not--goes up drastically. All that human and financial capital at his disposal and put to a singular mission--the breaking of Taipei to the CCP yoke--will keep him in power for years and allow him all he requires to clean house at home in the name of national security. If he succeeds, so much the better for him and his faction; if not, dodging the fallout will be bothersome, but if he terminates his enemies first then it's a trivial matter.

C-Milk talks about this as something unique to the CCP. It's not.

The problem that the CCP faces--namely, economic collapse and the power struggles that come with it--are coming to the West also, and they're coming on like a runaway train. I have no reason to doubt that Western regimes will not want a similar restriction of movement, for the same reasons, and ultimately toward the same end: to use a war as a way out of the crisis situation and use that crisis to expand their power further over their subject populations.

The only difference I foresee is the means. In typical Globohomo fashion, there will be little or no explicit and overt policy; it will be done informally via economic manipulations reinforced with Narrative Warfare and a few well-prepared episodes of Security Theater by various state actors. This is already happening. Soon Western rabbits will find themselves as shocked as their Chinese counterparts, wondering how and why they can't just run away anymore, just before they get eaten.

Empire falls.

Sunday, May 15, 2022

The Running of the Rabbits Shall Draw To A Close

Filed under "Alex Jones Was Right".

This is what was done, and to varying degrees has succeeded. The open borders are primarily run on the White nations of the West specifically with the purpose of destroying those nations via replacement migration that is in turn weaponized against them politically and legally. We've now seen first hand the very same financial controls that formerly were said of places like China, which went cashless years before, and everyone quickly cottoned on to the real reason for such a thing. The same goes for healthcare; centralization of a vital infrastructure is as critical a vulnerability as money, and used for the same end.

Again, China is an example of what Empire wants for all the world- even the stations in the Antarctic.

Using whichever cause is convenient, the CCP is (a) sorting out internal power disputes (Shanghai is the headquarters of the Jiang Gang, which opposes Xi) while moving into preparations for some massive operation, likely the long-awaited invasion of Taiwan, in the hopes--not without reason--that even a less-than-successful operation will still yield gains for the CCP. It will take something completely beyond the CCP's ability to control, narratively or otherwise, to make them weak enough to throw down and replace.

We see something similiar in Europe. The political class, especially the Eurocrats, are openly hostile to the European nations. Elections are rigged at multiple levels to keep nationalists out and keep them down, while the criminality of the invading migrants is weaponized against those nations by those elites. Resistance is slowly organizing, but too many yet remain deluded by the belief that their enemies will ever allow them to vote them out. The same "anti-terror" powers are the cover to defame the natives and destroy their capacity to resist financially and otherwise.

In the Five Eyes countries of the Anglosphere, it's the same playbook as Europe.

Of course, there's those who believe that what they see at home is more or less localized therein and thus think they can flee to safety. They are wrong; most of the world is in one or another imperial bloc, with only a few places that function as liminal spaces truly able to exist, and those places are not open to everyone by design.

Naturally, those who deem themselves rich or wealthy think--not without reason--that they can use that wealth to buy their way out of wherever they deem dangerous and into wherever they deem safe. Those that can are making use of entirely legal Citizenship By Investment programs to buy additional citizenships and their passports. (See the note below on what that scene is about.) These people flock to the liminal spaces as bases to operate from, thinking that they will always be able to stay one step ahead of whatever they do not want, shifting as the borders do to maintain that practical sense of freedom.

As I said above, they are wrong.

These people, like the technocrats and Party princelings they flee, fail to comprehend that other nations are not theirs, other countries are not theirs, and having a given legal status with regard to a state means a damned thing when the political economy of a location goes down the shitter. Even those liminal spaces won't be so liminal once the pain of shortage hits, and at every turn those cosmopolitans will find themselves thrown out because they're not one of the locals and the locals--not being stupid--favor their own over outsiders.

Then, inevitably, they will have nowhere else to go but back to their homelands to face what they attempted to flee. Many of these people, rather than resist at home, will turn their coat in return for being able to maintain their lifestyles because these rabbits are incapable of thinking about using the power of force to do what needs be done; they cannot because they conceive of the very thing they claim to fear as akin to the weather- something one can only avoid or cope with, not defeat.

The future belongs to the wolves. Empire falls.


  1. Citizenship By Investment: The people who use these programs are not looking to just move to that country. They are purchasing the access that this citizenship provides, usually in terms of visa-free travel access, financial or business regulatory access, or something else other than relocating to that country. The majority of clients come from places like Syria, China, Iran, or some similar country with a very poor passport or under sanctions; the new passports allow them to dodge all of that. This is now changing. More Westerners are becoming clients, seeking a flag of convenience that will allow them to operate globally due to not being yoked to one imperial power or another. For many, relocation isn't even considered; the buyers never even go to that country outside of whatever regulatory requirements (if any) impose.
  2. The Emerging Liminal Spaces: In this context, I'm talking about the spaces between blocs. Dubai in the United Arab Emirates is a perfect example of this. It's a cosmopolitan city, with a well-established freezone for international business (that the new corporate tax rules do not touch; still 0% there), and the high cost of living is increasingly deliberate policy to keep unserious people and troublemakers out. Singapore, if it can avoid being sucked into Beijing's orbit, will remain such an example in the Far East.
  3. Rabbit/Wolf: Refers to Evolutionary Psychology and r/K Theory, which is briefed here. Anonymous Conservative literally wrote the book on this.

Sunday, May 8, 2022

Faith Defeats Empire

You might be familiar with Yuri Bezmenov, the man who defected to the West decades before the Cold War ended and did this now-famous interview.

Would you like to hear what he determines as the remedy? Of course you do.

This is akin to Saul--now Paul--telling the early Christians (a) how their enemies think and believe, (b) why their paradigm inevitably falls apart, and (c) what is the only sure shot to destroy that which oppresses them. A former enemy agent spilled the beans back in the 1980s about all of what we deal with here and now. We did not listen.

So we're here.

We don't have to stay here. We have a remedy, a way out, if only we would listen and apply it- and it is clear that more of us are now than were formerly, if the outrage over the leak regarding the Supreme Court of the United States and that terrible Roe v. Wade ruling (so bad even Ginsberg trashed it) is anything to go by.

Monday, May 2, 2022

Wokal Distance On The Power Of Naming The Enemy

Originally posted to Twitter yesterday by Wokal Distance, collected here and edited for clarity.

This is the game the woke are playing:

  • Don't call it "woke" that's racist
  • Don't call it "Critical Social Justice," that termnis made up
  • Don't call it "Critical Race Theory," that's incorrect

They don't want their ideology to have a name. Let's talk about why.

The people who say terms like "Critical Social justice," and "woke," are pejorative, made up, meaningless, or substitutes for the N-word, are playing a rhetorical and linguistic game in order to undercut and subvert your ability to criticize their ideas.

Here's how it works:

I'm going to explain this using Zebras as an analogy. Trust me, this will explain it perfectly.

Many animals have fur, feathers, skin or skin that matches the colour of their environment. This acts like camoflouge so they can blend in and hide. This owl is a fine example.

Zebras are different. They're covered in black and white stripes even though the environement they live in is mostly brown and green. If you see a zebra by itself, it's very easy to see. It's like they have a neon sign over them saying "lions, please eat me".

But the zebras' stripes don't help them blend into the environment, they help it BLEND INTO THE HERD. Zebra camoflouge works by making zebras blend with the herd so that lions can't focus on any one zebra and target it. If lions can't pick a target, the Zebras are safe.

Scientists discovered this as they studied Zebras and got confused about which zebra was which... because the zerbas look alike and blend into the herd.They tried to fix this by taging a zebra with red paint so they could recognize it from the others.

Guess what happened?

The Lions killed the tagged Zebra. A tagged zebra stands out from the herd so lions can tell it apart and focus the hunt on it. The lions don't catch weak zebras, they catch the IDENTIFIABLE Zebras they can focus on. This is a great analogy for the game the woke are playing

The reason the woke attack any and every term you use to try to name their ideology. Once a worldview can be named and defined, it can then be pointed out, highlighted, and subjected to criticism. Once you can *IDENTIFY* a worldview or set of ideas you can focus on it.

The woke don't want anyone to be able to give a name or label to their ideology because if that happens we can "tag" examples their ideology with a label when we see it. This allows us to highlight it, point it out, and examine it when we see it. They don't want that.

Once a worldview can be named, labelled and defined, it can then be pointed out, highlighted, and subjected to criticism. You can't criticize something you can't focus on.

That is what the woke want. They want to make their ideology, their WORLDVIEW impossible to focus on.

Because we label things and name them in order to help us "tag" them, so we can point them out and focus on them, the woke are trying desperately to destroy all of our linguistic "tags." They know once we tag them we will be able to examine thier idea and criticize them.

Woke ideas really can't withstand proper rational and logical analysis. The Lions of Reason--evidence, logic, rationality, etc.--will eat the Zebras of Wokeness, CRT, and Critical Social Justice for lunch- if the Lions of Reason can focus on and identify the woke Zebras.

And this is what the woke want to avoid. The woke think our criticisms our criticisms are not legitimate; just an attempt by us to protect our ideolog so we can hold on to "power and privilege." For thst reason the woke seek to insulate themselves from our criticism.

So, to avoid getting eaten by the Lions of Reason the woke want to mix their ideology into society and have it blend in so it becomes just another part of the social fabric. They don't want wokeness to be, seen, pointed out, highlighted, or (in woke parlance) "made visible."

They want hide their worldview by making it impossible to focus on and impossible to tag, label, or name. so they can say they are "just doing history" or "just dicussing gender," and "blend in" as though they fit right alongside reason, evidence, logic, and rationality.

Using labels like "woke," "CRT," AND "Critical Social Justice," allows us to tag woke ideas so we can hold them up to the light and examine them. It also lets us point out wokeness to other people so they can see it too, and reject it. This is what the woke want to avoid.

They want to act liks all the bits of woke activism we see are unconnected phenomena spontaneously springing fourth in the name of justice in an undefineable way. When in fact woke activism is the fruit of a well thought out and clearly defined academic ideology/worldview.

This is why they are so desperate to discredit any word, term, or phrase we use to names, label, point out, or highlight the woke ideology. Do not let them do this. Do not let them play games and use linguistic and rhetorical sleight of hand to hide their worldview.

Label, name, highlight, and point out their ideas. Label fairly. Use labels from their literature. But label those woke ideas and then subject those woke ideas to the bright light of rigorous criticism and analysis.

Gee, this sounds very familiar. Lots of stolen moral authority here. I wonder what would happen if you hit them with the Witch Test?

Sunday, May 1, 2022

When You Notice Who Censors Better

The ADV China boys are very good about the Chinese Communist Party and how things really work over there, and today they released a video on the latest happening: the lockdown of the big cities and Xi's push to purge foreigners from the country.

What Winston and C-Milk are not good about is in thinking that the West is really any better. This is Globohomo-held territory, and Globohomo is Empire. The CCP learned all that they do from Globohomo, which has not been slacking on the social control techniques or the population manipulations--just ask Anonymous Conservative--and thus Globohomo is as guilty as the CCP and they're better at doing the same things. The media control is far more sophisticated, but the end result is just as it is in China; real, factual information is censored and those promulgating it are punished- eventually destroyed if persistent enough. I've had to resort to channels like this one below and The Duran for regular reports that aren't complete bullshit (in addition to AC's link roundups)

The thing you need to comprehend is that Narrative Warfare is practiced by all sides now, but not at equal proficiency or sophistication, Remain skeptical of all institutiional media, and even independents need to prove themselves before you can rely upon them--Redacted is still in its trial phase with me--because influence (often via financing and placing personnel) can be concealed.

The CCP just browbeats, beats, and imprisons its enemies. Globohomo gaslights on multiple levels, using deniable means to exercise real power and a class of expendable fantatics to do the dirty work--SJWs, Antifa, BLM, etc.--instead of formal authorties most of the time. Instead of formal state power, it's corporate Establishment management that does most of the heavy lifting of power pushing; the governments are kept (mostly) clean.

People like Winston and C-Milk, being unfamiliar with the full history of the CCP, have Gell-Mann episodes when facing this reality and even if they were to accept that they still cope with "But we can still do something about it with voting".

That's when the real cognitive dissonance hits as you show them the evidence of systematic fixing of results, starting well before the vote with population manipulations and ending with ballot fuckery of all sorts and legal fuckery to shit down court challenges.

The only good news here is that Globohomo sees that its position is weakening to the point where they have to resort to more open means and the past week's announcement of a new Ministry of Truth sort of office by the Biden White House shows this to be the case. Expect there to be parallel developments across Globohom-occupied Western regimes.

This is good news because Empire's Thralls are being forced by a combination of external resistence, personal incompetence, and internal conflict to admit that their usual means of Narrative Warfare are losing effectivness. To maintain Narrative Warfare control, they have to resort to this Orwellian method that the CCP openly employs.

As Globohomo more and more resembles the CCP, watch people like the ADV China boys or China Uncensored; if they're legitimate, they'll pivot into open criticism and feel the heat accordingly--China Uncensored already did, as "America Uncovered", years ago--and if they somehow turn into Globohomo shills you know they were always fake.

Empire falls.