Sunday, September 29, 2019

Narrative Warfare: The Authorization Fraud

I am Unauthorized.

The Thralls of Empire that run the Globohomo Death Cult known today as "Social Justice" do possess institutional power, power that they gained through theft-by-swindle, which makes their claim of authority false as it came via usurpation. Nonetheless, they have it and they use it. Through possession of these institutions they decide what is and what is not allowed within their reach; that is "authorization", and to submit to their rule is required to be Authorized.

To be Authorized is to be admitted to their network of power, and to gain that access one must compromise oneself in a fundamental manner, which is what is always used to keep you in line unless and until either you are of no use to the Cult or you decided that the cost of Authorization is no longer worth paying. However, so long as you pay that price, you are allowed to use their network of institutional power for your benefit. You can sell in their stores, present at their events, get others to shill for your stuff, and gain via sweetheart deals that eliminate the risk of competition. Sure, you will need to return favors in kind, but that's part of the bargain.

And part of that bargain is that you can never go outside what is Authorized to present in public, in word or in deed.

This is the world you must endure so long as Empire alone holds the power of the institutions.

But it does not.

Man, being made in the image of God, is a Creator. What one man creates, another can create. It is as true of institutions as it is of hand tools.

It is this that Empire fears, because Authorization loses its effectiveness when there are rival networks of institutions for a man to work through. The genius of God is that, in making Man in His image, He recreates in each man the capacity to build for himself and own what he builds--to distribute the institutions so that no one controls too much, yet instead is driven to cooperate for common benefit--and so the Authorization of Empire is yet another illusion based upon a lie from the Father of Lies.

Build your own institutions. Cooperate with others to build what you cannot do alone. Vox Day has done this very well. Ivan Throne has also done this. Other men, many of whom are friends of one or both of these men, will also testify to the truth of what I say. I am, as yet, a small man with threadbare means but even I work with other men to build the little I can in preparation for the day when I can build the institution I envision.

For when the Authorizers come, they come as a Priest class and speak in stolen morality, seeking to drown you in despair so you bend the knee to them. They say they alone have the means for prosperity and will exile you to the wasteland beyond their walls if you do not submit. What they don't tell you is that this wilderness is not desolate, as there is all a man needs here to build for himself, if he be humble himself and as God for guidance.


Because that wilderness isn't filled with trees. It's covered in crosses. It is God's Country, and they--being Thralls of Empire--hate and fear God. They would rather feed their master blood and flesh to maintain their unholy existence one day longer; Omelas is their creation, and they actually fear those who would walk away from it. Predators require prey and out in God's Country, there are no rabbits- only wolves.

Empire Must Fall

Sunday, September 22, 2019

Narrative Warfare: The Witch Test (Works)

When he is not writing award-winning science fiction novels, or schooling new authors on how to not fail at indie publishing, author Brian Niemeier drops wisdom on Twitter.

That thread ends with him talking about The Witch Test.

I can confirm that the Witch Test works. I've used it, twice, and got the exact result Niemeier describes. Previously glib degenerates suddenly shut up and flounce out, having been found out. Blocked, muted, fled behind seven VPNs, you get the idea.

Time to spread it far and wide. Hit 'em at the root and see what shakes out.

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Narrative Warfare: The Matrix Ain't That Allegorical

I read Anonymous Conservative daily. You should too. His daily News Brief posts are better news feeds than anything else, and just as worrisome at times. This is one of the less-disturbing items from today's post.

Democrats frown on targeting gang databases with ‘red flag’ laws. I’ve said street gangs were protected under Obama. Why would Democrats ever, ever try to get in the way of disarming gangs, if they support disarming law abiding citizens? Those gangs are recruited, ground-level muscle for the conspiracy, and like everyone else in the Secret Society, the Political leaders know the secret and somehow keep it from everyone who is on the outside as they carry out their orders.

The more you dig into how this world actually works, the more Occam's Razor cuts away from incompetence and coincidence and towards conspiracy and malevolence. This is the part where you need to be competent-but-malevolent, because you need to be able to foresee the consequence of putting such rules on the books and actively enforcing them against target populations while shielding favored criminals from those same rules. While some of the public-facing elements can be incompetent, the shot-callers are not and know full well that what they are doing constitutes Treason and Sedition; they are fully aware of their 6th Column status in throwing open the gates to the barbarians and allowing them to massacre the people they are supposed to serve.

That's because they don't truly serve those people. They serve Empire, and Empire demands blood and souls be fed to it OR ELSE. It's human sacrifice disguised as criminality, and that's why all means are taken first to demonize the very idea of self-defense and then to punish those who do so anyway, using known principles of human interaction as both the sacrificial knife and as the veil to conceal their Satanic intent. No need to wear robes and wield a knife when you can just import savage aliens and let them slaughter the locals for you while you remain secure behind tall walls in enclaves where only your own are present.

Again, this is the lesser end of the items today. The attack on the Saudi oil fields, likely by Iran via its Houthi proxies, are far more worrisome. The abortion revelations keep getting worse, as do the ties between LBGBBQ Crew and the Pedo Networks. The takeaway is this: The official version of events is always wrong, and almost always a deliberate lie. This doesn't stop with government and Establishment narratives on current events. What is remarkable is how things formerly confined to Crazytown are now finally breaking through into the mainstream, and that's something we can--and should--attribute to the Ascension of the God-Emperor.

Something big is coming. Something Empire doesn't want to come out. We can only hope this is, at long last, the beginning of the end of Empire and we'll see it fall.

Sunday, September 8, 2019

Signal Boost: SGT Report

SGT Report has been on the ball this past week and change. These videos alone should have you rushing to subscribe to him on every channel he's got an account for.

The Han are not our friends. At best, they're rivals to Empire's current favored Thralls, but they are paper tigers and not the world-crushing threat they want to be.

Google and company are not our friends either. They are eager Thralls to Empire.

As some learned the other day in another context, don't count on the courts.

Yes, he pitches products and services; this is his business, and he's got bills to pay. He's upfront and honest about it, something that the news media establishment still will not do, which makes him miles more ethical than the Thralls' best day.

He's another guy who's been walking through Crazytown for over a decade, so expect him to do videos about gold and hidden history and all that stuff, but nonetheless he's been a relentless seeker of the good, the beautiful, and the true and that's enough for me.

Sunday, September 1, 2019

The Electoral College: A Useful Check On Empire

In the United States, the land vote for President of the United States- not the people. We hold, as a matter of convention, 50 simultaneous elections when we conclude a Presidential Election year. That's right, each state is actually holding a seperate and distinct election for President on that day. The results of those elections are not certified in fact until the College meets, at which time the actual elector count is tallied. Each of the 50 states of the Union then casts their vote, ensuring proper representation of the land in determining who shall be responsible for executing the laws of the land, and regardless of what any state may say in their regulations it is the electors who make the final call.

It's not a perfect system, but it does work as intended; it would work better by removing distortions of proportion due to population and reduce the College down to just 50 Electoral votes- one per state. This would kill the gaming we see in Presidential elections now. We can--and should--reserve population representation for the one body explicitly reserved for that: The House of Representatives. In all other areas, it needs to be ruthlessly purged as the attack vector for infection that it is.


One need only see who wants a true popular vote to see why it needs to be expressly forbidden. Out-of-touch urbanites, coastal elites, and those who want to court favor with said elites wish to wield a dependent urban underclass as a weaponized polity to seize and hold power over the rest of the country and compel the farmers, ranchers, miners, lumberjacks, long-haul truckers, and others who live and work in a widely-dispersed rural community spread over the land--the 20% that does 80% of the core physical economy that a sovereign country requires--and use a High Sparrow moralistic narrative strategy to do so, often with a complicit media establishment.

In short, Empire. Globohomo imperialist Thralls who think themselves Dark Lords, the urban underclass their Orc Hordes, and resent the rural communities for being willing and able to live without the cities- and thus without them. Rather than accept that healthy countries have to embrace subsidiarity as a fundamental principle, and live in the local in all things, they become rapacious satraps demanding tribute on pain of death and recklessly wield sword and swarm to make it happen. This overreach always creates resentment, leading to resistance and rebellion- and the rurals need succeed only once to win. especially now. The College is a key element is retarding this trend, and will be key in reversing it.


First, by defend it from current attack by calling those attacks what they are: treason and sedition. Second, by pushing for a fracticalization of the College by getting each state to replicate it at the state level, putting under it contests for Governor and Senate. (On a side not, the 17th Amendment needs to be repealed; the Senate was meant to be the state's representation in Congress, separate and distinct from the population, not a second popular body and any repeal amendment needs to make this purpose and duty brick-to-face explicit.) Each county need to have exactly one vote; the state College then decides who is Governor, reflecting the several county election results, forcing Gubernatorial elections to actually go to the whole of the state and not to shun some areas due to sparse population or shit on the rural population with stupid governance by incompetent urbanites.

Until the cities can be reduced from their bloated, cancerous size back down to a healthy weight this will have to do to check the rapaciousness and stupidity of Muh Popular Vote morons playing Useful Idiots to Empire's Thralls. If you have the College, preserve it; if you don't, get one established and use it to protect your people from globohomo Empire.