Sunday, September 1, 2019

The Electoral College: A Useful Check On Empire

In the United States, the land vote for President of the United States- not the people. We hold, as a matter of convention, 50 simultaneous elections when we conclude a Presidential Election year. That's right, each state is actually holding a seperate and distinct election for President on that day. The results of those elections are not certified in fact until the College meets, at which time the actual elector count is tallied. Each of the 50 states of the Union then casts their vote, ensuring proper representation of the land in determining who shall be responsible for executing the laws of the land, and regardless of what any state may say in their regulations it is the electors who make the final call.

It's not a perfect system, but it does work as intended; it would work better by removing distortions of proportion due to population and reduce the College down to just 50 Electoral votes- one per state. This would kill the gaming we see in Presidential elections now. We can--and should--reserve population representation for the one body explicitly reserved for that: The House of Representatives. In all other areas, it needs to be ruthlessly purged as the attack vector for infection that it is.


One need only see who wants a true popular vote to see why it needs to be expressly forbidden. Out-of-touch urbanites, coastal elites, and those who want to court favor with said elites wish to wield a dependent urban underclass as a weaponized polity to seize and hold power over the rest of the country and compel the farmers, ranchers, miners, lumberjacks, long-haul truckers, and others who live and work in a widely-dispersed rural community spread over the land--the 20% that does 80% of the core physical economy that a sovereign country requires--and use a High Sparrow moralistic narrative strategy to do so, often with a complicit media establishment.

In short, Empire. Globohomo imperialist Thralls who think themselves Dark Lords, the urban underclass their Orc Hordes, and resent the rural communities for being willing and able to live without the cities- and thus without them. Rather than accept that healthy countries have to embrace subsidiarity as a fundamental principle, and live in the local in all things, they become rapacious satraps demanding tribute on pain of death and recklessly wield sword and swarm to make it happen. This overreach always creates resentment, leading to resistance and rebellion- and the rurals need succeed only once to win. especially now. The College is a key element is retarding this trend, and will be key in reversing it.


First, by defend it from current attack by calling those attacks what they are: treason and sedition. Second, by pushing for a fracticalization of the College by getting each state to replicate it at the state level, putting under it contests for Governor and Senate. (On a side not, the 17th Amendment needs to be repealed; the Senate was meant to be the state's representation in Congress, separate and distinct from the population, not a second popular body and any repeal amendment needs to make this purpose and duty brick-to-face explicit.) Each county need to have exactly one vote; the state College then decides who is Governor, reflecting the several county election results, forcing Gubernatorial elections to actually go to the whole of the state and not to shun some areas due to sparse population or shit on the rural population with stupid governance by incompetent urbanites.

Until the cities can be reduced from their bloated, cancerous size back down to a healthy weight this will have to do to check the rapaciousness and stupidity of Muh Popular Vote morons playing Useful Idiots to Empire's Thralls. If you have the College, preserve it; if you don't, get one established and use it to protect your people from globohomo Empire.

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