Sunday, January 21, 2018

Frame Game Radio: A Master of Narrative Warfare

Frame Game Radio is one of the more relevant channels on YouTube right now, as he explains how and why SJWs (and their masters, the Thralls of Empire) do what they do. As his channel title says, it's how you frame the narrative that allows you to win the fight before you make a single argument. While his Twitter feed is where he drops a lot of wisdom, here's one of the videos making plain what SJWs deliberately obscure in bullshitting their way to victory.

Many of his original works are examples of the principles he lays out in videos like this, either as things being done to us or as proposed courses of action, and his mirroring of Murdoch Murdoch shitpost videos are hilarious absurdities masking painful truths on how the real world actually works. No one explains the mechanics behind the mindfucking of the Socjus Death Cult better than this man does. Follow him on Twitter and the other socials, subscribe to his channel, and learn how to defend yourself rhetorically before you even get to the point of argument- nevermind violence. Take your allies when and where you find them.

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