Monday, March 29, 2021

They'll Never Be On In Prime Time

It's good to remember that not all of the men in the institutions are Thralls of Empire. Meet Father James Altman, a Catholic priest in Minnesota.

He's a regular at Minnesota's Alpha News, which is where this video is from, and you'll find more like this between news report of the Thralls wrecking my homeland.

No, I don't have more to say today. Just a reminder that men dedicated to Logos are out there, but you're going to have to go out of your way to find them because the Thralls won't promote their enemies--your allies--for you.

Sunday, March 28, 2021

Gun Control Is Now Impossible

Do not fear gun control.

The means to control firearms production and distribution is now obsolete and impossible. The means to produce firearms in the home with easy and convience--two things heretofore making control a threat--are now here and are increasingly cheap as well as end-user friendly.

One of these machines, focusing on maintaining price while increasing value, is Defense Distributed Ghost Gunner home CNC machine. For the price of a high-end rifle, you can get one of these and begin manufacturing the frames and receivers to build your own up from parts out of the box. But, impressive as that is, it's not the reason for today's post.

No, it is the breakthrough in the development of home-accessible polymers to use in 3D printers like this sub-$300 machine you can get at Amazon with some of those Biden bucks (and a few dirt-cheap addons) that makes it possible to print all-new frames in polymer as strong as what the boys at Glock, CZ, H&K, etc. use for their polymer frames that make the difference. You can also make the magazines required to keep those pistols and rifles fed with these machines also.

3D Printed Browning Hi-Power Mag Dump Thursday from r/guns

Yes, this also means we have the capacity to ressurect discontinued firearms from the trasheap. That video uses a 3D printed frame to host a parts kit from a junked Browning Hi-Power. As the combinations of home CNC and 3D printing advance, we'll be able to take old shotguns and restore them with ease. Triggers and other small parts? Easily copied as it is with small tools and a competently-equipped home shop. MidwayUSA's playlists exhibit this in spades with their various gunsmithing projects. Yes, this now including rifling barrels at home.

Don't think that ammunition will be left behind. Reloading is already a thing; all that's needed is a means to safely and easily manufacture smokeless powder to fit a load and to make primers to fit a shell casing, as we already have the means to cast bullets and pellets (for shotguns) as well as new shells/casings.

As for the information, it's already being archived and rehosted off YouTube. Some are in accessible sites like Full30. Others are dark--not searchable by the Goog--and prefer to stay that way as part of their OpSec procedures. Remember, this is a technology so old that we were making SMGs in backyard workshops during World War II--see the Grease Gun--so we could teach partisans how to do it.

So what if they ban shit? Unless and until they are willing and able to break down every last door and seize all manufacturing equipment, they can't stop people from making their own firearms and ammunition. All this does is inspire contempt and hatred for the institutions foolish enough to implement them, and the fools enforcing such a ban deserve what they get for being retards thinking "I just followed orders" won't save them from judgement.

Empire falls.

Sunday, March 21, 2021

A Reminder On The Reality Of Government "Duty To Protect"

Few Tweets get the point across like this one does.

For your convenience, let me link those US Supreme Court cases and their relevent decisions:

  • Warren v DC: The Court explained that "[t]he duty to provide public services is owed to the public at large, and, absent a special relationship between the police and an individual, no specific legal duty exists."
  • Castle Rock v Gonzales: A town and its police department could not be sued under 42 U.S.C. §1983 for failing to enforce a restraining order, which had led to the murder of a woman's three children by her estranged husband. No enforcement mandate exists. They can just ignore you.

You will find similar results, if not by the same paths, in the legal rulings of every country on the planet. You are on your own, pal. Never expect the State to protect you unless and until you are important to the State, and if you're reading this you are not at all important. Plan and execute accordingly.

And yes, you should be preparing for emergencies. Backup power, stocked shelves/pantries, means of defense--including firearms if you can--and means of transporation all locked down and squared away. Nevermind violent hordes of rioters; think more in terms of stupidly severe weather events and you'll be more useful in your preparations. There's plenty of people that focus on prepping, so spend some time using the search engine of your choice to find them and follow their recommendations.

But I will mention one thing: know how to cook over an open flame, and not just meat on a stick. It can--and will--save your life.

Sunday, March 14, 2021

Bug Hunters: Boogeymen Haunting Bugmen

Empire's primary legion of Thralls in this incarnation of its system of control are commonly known as "bugmen". This is a deracinated, cosmopolitan cohort of urbanite technocrats from across the globe and are thouroughly in the grips of the human locust insanity that is r-select psychology. In short, this guy as a demographic cohort.

Their female counterparts are masculinized feminists of all sorts. Male and female alike, they adhere to nominally Leftist politics and are devotees of the Death Cult that use Social Justice as their primary means of employing friend-enemy distinction for political and cultural domination and control.

The militant arm is Antifa. Most of their members are the losers of this cohort, those unwilling or unable to be the minimally-competent technocrats that their cohort demands to access any material security, but their leadership core--the professional organizers and rioters that roam from city to city--are not the losers. They're competent at their job, which is logistics and optics, but they can't be everywhere at once and they are not true Intelligence operators- at best, they're disposable assets that may be assimilated into the network if they prove more valuable than the rest.

Enter the Bug Hunters.

The problem that opposition to the bugmen have is that they are invested. They have normie-facing employment that bugmen can readily attack. They have dependents that bugmen can readily attack. Bugmen have attacked both, denied doing so when caught, and then smugly said the targets deserve it anyway Because Teh Ebil.

Not all opposition, however, is that vulnerable.

Among the opposition are a cohort that are like their enemies--disinvested, protected, autonomous--and therefore can move among them without being detected. As the reality of the situation becomes clearer, more of these people recognize their position and decided to exploit it. They disappear, so to speak, scrubbing whatever needs it before returning--so to speak--as if nothing happened.

The reality is that these people turned their real lives into cover identities because they are now devoted to hunting bugmen. You won't find them at rallies for Nick Fuentes, or even Donald Trump. You won't find donations from them to any political or charitable cause that bugmen would not approve of. They won't espouse counter-Narratives in public. They are entirely Grey Men, especially the women.

The bug hunter now operates as if they are under surveilance at all times, even in the privacy--such as it is--of their domicile. Therefore they are as grey online as they are in realspace, so you won't find them maintaining blogs like this one--or even reading them from home or work--and they won't be seen doing things that flip radars like buying AR-15 parts under their real name or joining gun clubs. (So you can count me out as being such a thing; too public by far.)

They will work jobs that allow access to their targets in the homes thereof: plumbers, electricians, carpenters, home-care nurses, nannies/au pairs, home-instal techs for ISPs or big brand electronics companies, property inspectors, etc. so they can learn names, faces, routines, etc.

The intelligence gathered is rarely acted upon by the best of them. Rather, using old-school and basic tradecraft procedures, they will compile the information and dead-drop it in a realspace location where they know that others will retrieve it. Online information access outside of cover will be done well off-site, with care taken to conceal travel to and from the realspace location of access.

The goal is to force errors. Drawing up full profiles of targets' activities, behaviors, etc. means knowing their patterns and thus having the inside track on dealing with them; this makes it easy to get inside their OODA Loop. The bug hunter gathering intelligence and the one acting on it are not likely to be the same; this provides deniability to both actors, enhancing the ability to force errors.

The intelligence can then be used to engage in targetted manipulation. Exploit known animosities to compel a conflict where one need not be, especially when a conflict would open up second and third-order vulnerabilities to exploit further. Release financial information that would be detrimental to a target's affairs, especially when it involves money not going where the target says it is and the deceived would not approve of where it went. You get the idea.

The reason this approach works is that it involves exploiting the known habit of bugmen eating each other when no outgroups are around to prey upon with proxy violence. The reason you don't hear about this much--and why I can neither confirm nor deny that these people exist--is because, by its nature as covert and clandestine action, success means that no one ever knows this is how it happened. At least, not until generations after the fact, by which "too late" is an understatement.

Yes, this is a real concern that smarter bugmen have; this is why the smarter bugmen don't do things like use Alexa or Google Voice, keep their smart devices tucked away when not needed, and otherwise likewise try to observe some basic operational security protocols. They are aware of the threat, so they safeguard against it; it's the dumber ones that those smarter bugmen have to work with that will be the downfall of the entire cohort- the ones that do shit that people like Project Veritas capture on video.

And this is done by people with no intelligence training or backing. Imagine what they could do if they had.

Empire falls.

Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Narrative Warfare: The Chauvin Trial, Or "Burn ALL Of It Down This Time"

The Chauvin trial--the trial for the cop that's accused of killing George Floyd--began today. The prosecution has already demonstrated that they're fucking retards.

They're going to sandbag this prosecution, and Antifa--already present again in force in Minneapolis--is already planning to riot when (not if) the cop gets acquitted.

I say "when" because the riots will give the embattled Governor of Minnesota, Tim Walz, the political cover he will need to put down the threats to his power from within the state's institutions as well as clamp down on popular dissent against his rule-by-decree that the Wu Flu enabled heretofore.

The rioting this time will be targeted at the Governor's rivals within the Minnesota DFL as well as his party's enemies, which means it will not be confined to a narrow strip across the south side of Minneapolis with a few jabs into St. Paul. It will range further, specifically to exhaust an already depleated and demoralized Minneapolis Police Department and force those states on the adjacent suburbs as well as the Hennepin County Sheriff's Department and the Minnesota State Patrol.

This past week's warm-up, and attendent melt-off of the winter's snowpack and ice buildup, made this the earliest viable go time for rioting to go down. If the trial goes for the rest of March, and this weather holds, then by the time the acquital hits and the burnings start we'll be firmly into the Spring and fair-weather professional rioters will have no issue coming into town to do their thing.

The only uncertain thing is how fast they will spread their rioting into the surrounding suburbs, where they know the political support for Chauvin resides, because those same suburbs are full of the very shitlibs Antifa recruits from- they sure as shit don't recruit from working class neighborhoods or the ghettos. (The latter is a BLM preserve.)

Watch the Rhetoric surrounding this trial, and if you can monitor Antifa comms then check on what they're planning. If they think they can get away with raids on the suburbs that they can get away with smearing as being for Chauvin, they'll do it; if they can get some martyrs out of it, assurdly so, because they know the MN AG is one of their own (and that is why I say this is a sandbag job to give cover for rioting).

I foresee some very late nights ahead.

Sunday, March 7, 2021

Narrative Warfare: The Economics You Know Is Fake

This Tweet prompted today's rant.

To which I say the following: SO FUCKING WHAT?!

Let me make this crystal clear for the folks in the back: THE ENTIRE SYSTEM IS FAKE AND GAY!

That's right, it literally does not matter what any government decides to do with their currency. It's all made up, so it doesn't matter; all that matters if what you can do with your fake-and-gay funny money.

There is no "money supply", not since they moved all accounting of it from in-hand to of-account. The books have been cooked ever since, making up numbers without regard to how much--if any--currency is actually in circulation. They have been picking winners and losers ever since, regardless of Muh Market, just as surely as you running a command economy is what actually happens when playing a Real Time Strategy game; the real world economy is nothing more than IRL Starcraft 2.

They don't have to obey Muh Economics anymore than they obey Muh Criminal Statutes; they can--and do--lie about how much is in curculation, nevermind how much everything costs, so it really is the case that this economy can go on forever so long as the technical infrastrucutre that enables it does so. Since how it actually works is not what they say, or what they taught you, they can easily keep this bullshit going indefinitely.

All they have to do is fix the system to produce the results they desire, and that is exactly what they do and have been doing for so long no one remembers what a non-fixed economy is anymore because it's well out of living memory for most people. This is a global issue; the Russians and Chinese and Japanese and Koreans and South Africans and every other motherfucker on the planet.

To fix the system all they need to do is to addd zeroes here, subtract there, and fuck with literal variables in the equations--adjust cogs in the machine--and now they get the outputs they want from the system, the machine, because that's what an economy is- a machine, a tool, a thing to be used to get what cannot be done by one's hands alone.

This is why Money Printer Go BRRRR is a real thing. There is no inflation because the priests of the money cult say there is none; they will say there is when they want it, and they want it only when it either protects against threats to their power or when it increases their power, and never any other time, after which it is magically go away again.

You want freedom? Destroy this satanic cult. Empire falls.

Monday, March 1, 2021

Narrative Warfare: They're Beginning To Believe

As Mike Cernovich noted last night, guys like James Lindsey are Johnny Come Latelys to the Culture War and as such aren't used to seeing how Fake Righties like Cathy Young pull off their gatekeeping function, but once they see it they soon find that they can't unsee it. As Mr. Lindsey says:

This also means that, because this exchange between Lindsey and Quilette's Claire Leahmann prompted the latter to perform the same gatekeeping routine on Lindsey for pointing this out, Quilette is confirmed as Fake Right also.

It's the same scam used to sink the Sad Puppies that forced the Rabid Puppies to activate, and to actual resounding success. It's how they responded to Gamergate, and it's the go-to playbook for keeping the Right on the reservation that Fake Righties are there to do. If not for extensive gaslighting as well as extensive blackmailing of every potential Right player that can't be destroyed or shut out, more people would have already seen through it.

ZeroHPLovecraft has the correct response to the Death Cult: "James blocked me when I told him that the best way to stop a rapidly metastasizing new ideology is with zero-tolerance persecution, the way the Tokugawa shogunate prevented Christianity from taking root in Japan." (Emphasis mine.)

Don't sit there and gainsay that. The Thralls are doing exactly what this popular Dune quote says.

The next step is to realize that "Free Speech" is that very ploy sold as a principle to suckers. It's a weaponized error, and error has no rights. Empire falls.