Sunday, February 2, 2020

The Big Lie: "This Life Is About You"

Settle in, folks. This is a long one.

Dragon-award winner and nominee Brian Niemeier, followed by friend of the blog Jon Daker, set the tone for today's post.

The world we were told, by all the authorities we were supposed to trust, does not exist. It never did. We are in a Promised Neverland.

Brian's identified several things over the last year or so. The ones relevant here are the acceleration of generational cohort shifts, and the anti-Christian cults working to invert and replace Christianity.

The various cults, and the generational aspects to them, have a common root- a common lie: "It's all about you!"

Each cult, and the other aspects of them, rely on the single lie that you--the individual--are what this life is all about. This life is all about you, doing what you want, and damned be anything in service to anything else. Boomers are the most notorious cohort alive exhibiting this behavior, but it is not new to them; the generation that mentored them, those who were Flappers in the 1920s and maybe had elder brothers blown apart in France (or sisters whoring with them), were no less self-obsessed.

Each of the three cults Brian identifies takes this atomized individual solipsism and uses it differently. The Pop Cult expresses this in an infantile manner, and many caught up in it exhibit a sort of Peter Pan fantasy of perpetual childhood. The Death Cult goes for a rebellious adolescent mood to attract Pop Cultists into it, and then the usual narrative we see with testimonials of former addicts and criminals plays out here most of the time- and the rest goes into cult escapee narratives. The Mammon Mob is the net that gets those that the Death Cult misses; it pretends to rational maturity, but its narrative of cowboy-style rugged individualism results in the Fuck You-Got Mine narcissistic behavior we see dramatized in films like Wall Street and Margin Call.

Each cult sells the same lie: "This life is all about you." That's because it's a slant on the original lie: "God doesn't want you to know what He knows, because He knows you won't obey if you do, because He wants this to be about Him- not you." Yes, The Lie--that God is the Enemy, and this life would be Heaven if you denied Him in favor of yourself--is the basis for These Lies.

This is where the failure of Western churches comes in. The cults arose because the churches failed. The churches failed because they accepted The Lie. I know this because I grew up in one of the most converged Protestant sects around: the United Church of Christ. I didn't have the words then, but I recognized that the system of belief they told me did not work; I was a gamer from a very young age, and running D&D campaigns before I hit puberty, so world-building was second-nature by that adolescent phase, and creating settings that worked is part of the deal. What I was told did not work, so I rejected it; I just didn't know it was heresy I rejected, and I had no idea where to go so I drifted for years.

When you hear nothing to contradict the lie, it's very difficult to not believe it, especially if you have no habit of thinking things through.

This is by design. The institutions are purposefully reconfigured to funnel people into the cult apparati, ultimately serving the Death Cult, and thereby conquer and destroy a targeted nation without firing a shot. The Lie exists as lubrication for the machinery of malevolence, while simultaneously working as a cognito-hazard to keep you from seeing the truth until it's too late and--like the children of the Promised Neverland--you're seized, butchered, and devoured by the Enemy.

If this life is not about you, then what is it about?

If A cannot be not-A, then it is A.

This life is about you in service to your Creator. It is about Him- not you.

What is the praxis for this? As the Supreme Dark Lord revealed, SJWs Always Project, and in that projection they reveal the truth. In their insistence that A is not-A they reveal what A is; it is by this process that, without realizing it, I'd been finding my way back over the recent years. I am no theologian, but I would not be surprised to find that my attraction via this process isn't far off from what proper orthodox (if not Orthodox) Christianity actually is if put into practice as a practical system.

There is then the question of where the individual's place is, and that I find to be answered with this: "It's fractal". The whole is reflected in the part, and the practical expression of this is found in the formation of households. One comes of age, married, and produces children within a household co-formed with one's spouse and aided by one's family. You become like your father, your sons are as you once were; the whole reflected in the part. As such, what affects greater expressions of the whole come to appear in the lesser parts and vice-versa. This is why the Mammon Mob, and its spiteful attitude to their offspring, is ruinous in one direction while the Pop Cult is in the other.

And yes, from there we can expand the fractal on a lateral degree to go from Household->Community->Nation->Country. Our elders knew this and expressed this via parables such as The Parable of the Spoons. We see this expressed in the fact that we are capable of far more when we work together in concert than we do as individuals, and we who care for individuals as a team are more effective in improving the lives thereof than we can by ourselves. This recognition that there is boundary between one and all is a critical distinction to make, as it prevents predators from using our good nature against us as Empire has before.

And via that exploitation, that is how this lie came to prominence. First the exploitation, then the denigration, then the denial, and now the disintegration and substitution of an inferior counterfeit that is nothing more than making free men into free-range man-cattle. Until we confess that this is a lie, disavow this way of non-life, and repent of it we shall not escape its consequences- we shall be butchered and devoured.

Repent we must, for Empire must fall.


  1. "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law."

    Aleister Crowley

  2. Yes, it is a fractal structure. Thank you for that important insight!