Sunday, September 25, 2022

You Do Not Have The Luxury of Ignoring Foreign Affairs

This is your reminder that being a working class pleb in the middle of nowhere doesn't save you from the consequences of events in places you can't find on a map.

In practice, this means that becoming familiar with--and competent in--geopolitics and international affairs is necessary to navigate a globalized world, and required to thrive within it.

Yet there are so many people that refuse to accept this fact, and when something happens overseas that directly impacts their daily lives--supply chain disruptions, food export bans, potash and fertilizer shortages, chip shortages, displacement of entire populations, etc.--they are left wondering why their bills go up, why people they know disappear from their lives, why governments do sudden U-Turns in policy, and other detrimental changes to their circumstances that can only be mitigated or avoided if you see them coming.

This mistake is understandable for those whose entire life is bound up in their locality, at most their nation-state. For those claiming to operate on a global scope or scale, incompetence in geopolitics and international relations is inexcusable.

Most of you have some awareness that there are people who specialize in global investment, international relocation, assisting client through Residency or Citizenship programs, and related services.

Most of these people, as the representative sample on social media reveals, are utterly incompetent on geopolitics and international relations; these are people that sold Ukraine as a place to live and invest right up to the day the Russians invaded. This is despite eight years of constant geopolitical tensions between the two, despite decades of international fuckery of Russia by the West post-Cold War, despite plenty of other signs that all of the cited reasons for Russia's military actions were actually going on and people were warned that what went down in Ukraine was on the table.

Yes, including the "Nomad Capitalist" and "Digital Nomad" set.

You cannot afford to ignore what is going on half-a-world away. You cannot ignore what is going in within the borders of nation-states that provide vital goods and services that you, your neighbors, your employers, your governments rely upon to maintain their--your--way of life.

You cannot afford to dismiss foreign affairs, alien nations, and other things that you do not directly and immediately deal with day-to-day as irrelevant because they are not. You mistake the lag time from when a thing goes down to the impact hitting you as evidence of their being not related, when a facile examination confirms that they are.

You Europeans are going to learn this the hard way in a few weeks when the leaves are off the trees and the snows falls across Europe.

Everyone that deals in Internet-related technology knows about this due to the supply chain issues caused by the Wu Flu disruptions of Chinese exports.

And absolutely everyone is going to feel it when next year's food crop is much smaller than this years is now, again due to war-related supply disruptions.

I've been slapping around the Nomads for months now about this, telling them that their "Plan B" locations are not good options due to internal politics, poor economic stability, the inevitable ethnocentrism that declining economics promotes (that inevitably means pushing outsiders out no matter their legal status), shit-tier governments and infrastructure, and so on.

TLDR: No, Nomad Anon, your pasty ass ain't going to ride out World War 3 in a sex tourism hotspot or a tropical (tourist) paradise or whatever.

If you can see the bad times coming, you stand a far better chance of surviving--and even thriving as a result of--them, so pay attention.

Sunday, September 18, 2022

The Technocracy Is A Satanic Empire

Auron MacIntyre on the current Globohomo elite, the present Thralls of Empire.

He had a podcast going more of this and how it's played out in the United States in the last few years.

The video describes the theory and paradigm of the Managerial Technocracy. The podcast discussions practical application as a tool of power.

Let me summarize both in a phrase that will soon become a Red Flag for all dissidents hereafter: "Best Practices".

The United States military outright refuses to obey orders from a sitting President. Why? "Against Best Practices". IRS refuses to stop targetting political enemies. Why? "Against Best Practices". Elections continue to be "fortified" because "Best Practices".

This outside of law, and sometimes outside of rules and regulations, but instead relying on Consensus Option (which exists solely to avoid responsibility by diffusing it; this will not work when someone retaliates by means of Collective Punishment) and--as Gonzolo Lira has send in his videos and livestreams--this "consensus" forming begins during one's prison term in the state-managed school system.

Yes, this means that Managerial Technocracy is a foreseeable--and desireable--outgrowth of Prussian Schooling; turning 19th century plebs into industrial cogs to be consumed in mills, mines, and factories when they aren't needed as meatshields in war is no less a grand-scale concealment of an equally-grand-scale regime of human sacrifice to please Molech and all that's actually been done since then is the refining of the Technocracy as it eats away at the cultural capital that it simultaneously despises while it relies upon it to function as intended.

I call this a Satanic Empire because of the tell--the same tell--that one sees regarding Abortion bans is also seen regarding everything else that gets in the way of turning children into deracinated, deculturated, athetstic, rootless cosmopolitans consumerer cogs fit only to mindlessly consume when not mindlessly working.

That is such a through defiling of God's plan for Man that I cannot conceive of anything worse given what means are currently available.

Now, again, "Best Practices".

"We can't let this site go on. Against Best Practices."

Which also means that the perfect Mangerial Cog is a Troon. They are disposable, expendable, and fungible cogs that nonethless are eager servitors of this Regime. Remember Keffals and KiwiFarms?

You want to read this thread to see "Best Practices" applied in another context, one more applicable to you reading this.

Josh Moon has not only had his technical protection stripped away with no Due Process of any kind due to Keffals, with state support (via journalists, which we all know are state actors), using social pressure--"Consensus Opinion"--against DDOS protection companies to constantly rip away DDOS shields and thus brute-force the Farms down. Why? To conceal the evidence of Keffels' own preying upon vulnerable children and grooming them to become just like him: a miserable Troon parasite.

I fully expect that this will be applied to his legal representation. If that succeeds, railroading him in court via frivolous lawsuits will be the next step; if that doesn't work, ginned-up criminal accusations will follow and no being in a foreign country won't protect Josh from these attacks anymore than it has to date.

"Because it's against Best Practices".

This is Empire--a Regime where a dominant group yokes all others to its will and compels their servitude. The Troon is the perfect Thrall, a ruined man with no roots or future and no other outlet for the misery so suffered but to inflict it on whomever his masters permit or direct him to attack.

However, like all such womanly regimes it has the distressing tendency to undermine its load-bearing pillars to assauge fears of usurpation and we're well past the point where such efforts could be stopped. It's no longer a matter of "if" but "when this Regime falls, and once that vulnerability cannot be ignored the freakout will be apolcalytic- get ready. Empire falls.

Sunday, September 11, 2022

Narrative Warfare: The Defilement Of Culture Continues

I said this on this blog almost five years ago.

Anciently, when a conqueror completes a conquest one of the things done to cement control and establish dominance is to change the mythology of the conquered nation. Their heroes get degraded, their deeds defiled, and the conqueror's heroes supersede them in all ways- often with ease. To the generation surviving the conquest, this is insult added to injury, but left unchecked the generations that follow will accept this degenerate mythology as normal- and if the conqueror is wise, they leave an out for the subjects to go all the way and buy into their control. It's the mythological equivalent of killing a man, taking his wife for oneself, and slaughtering his children by her before seeding your own to both remove loose ends and make her accept the conquest as inescapable.

Today we have independent observation of this process well in progress.

Rather than post every Tweet in the thread, I'll quote it all below.

As the years advance and the culture accelerates even further, even the most benign aspects of older media becomes increasingly untenable. Even the most seemingly innocuous classic movies become inforhazards to our current framework.

The Ghostbusters remake was a good example of this. A lot of the reasons people gave for why that was made like it were reasons like stilted corporate culture, tastes of the director etc.

But a reason that becomes more apparent with time and with the influx of more movies similar to it is because they wanted to created a copy cat movie that completely contradicted the ethos of the original movie.

They know of course that there is a legion of loyal fans who will loudly criticize and call to reject these replica movies, but these movies aren't being made for any current audience. Their job is to pad the algorithms of content platforms for audiences yet to even be born.

These movies are intentionally named identically to the originals so that they will have algorithmic priority, and the distinction of the classics will be left only to an eventually opinionated minority as 'content' platforms dictate the entire cultural intake of future audiences.

When you think Hollywood is just being lazy when they create a bunch of remakes of older classics with identical titles but actually they're creating replicas to take the place of all these beloved works

Let me give you the TLDR:

The Thralls working as the shot-callers behind all this spewing of cultural poison are the few that actually comprehend what I and others have said for years. The ones getting the blame for doing it? Some are, most are not; Kathleen Kennedy knows only that she's getting to shit all over the men that made her career possible as a sort of petty revenge, and she is protected by far more powerful people in the business, so she doesn't need to comprehend the true depth of her deeds and neither do those she hires and puts into position to do the actual wrecking.

You'll see this same organization emerge in OldPub, where even some of the senior editors and executives are so far into their own luxury cult dogma that they lack awareness of what they are doing- they are operating on pure Friend/Enemy Distinction and make no apologies about doing so.

This is not so for those at the Money Printer, the cohort financing it all and arranging political and legal protections. They stay out of the limelight, but you feel the effects nonetheless in the form of "Environmental Social Governance" regimes at all these companies forcing top-down implementations of the SJW Death Cult dogma in corporate as well as public practice.

It is the inversion of how Christianity spread through to the West: convert the kings, and the people followed.

If you doubt that it is the plan, look at the rapid spread of Transgenderism in Western youth. That is not at all organic; that's obvious grooming not only by specific people but those people are enabled by cultural denegrations and degenerations that cultivate the poisonous environment wherein those groomers can prey upon the vulnerable--such as your children--and reproduce as any parasite (or vampire) does: by fusing force and fraud to transform one's enemies into one's thralls.

Empire, for reasons that have no explanation outside of religion, demands this of those in its thrall. Therefore its Thralls do such things to please their master, who rewards them with whatever they desire in this world, and it is a lot easier to get away with such vileness when the Thralls hold the culture in their hands and thus gaslight the people into accepting it- or at least their authority to do so.

Both are lies. They do not. They did not in times before measure. They did not in antiquity. They did not in the recent past. They do not now. Not here, not anywhere.

If you deal with this, Empire falls. If you do not you fall to Empire. Simple as that.

Sunday, September 4, 2022

The Bugman Asasult On The Farmlands Began Metaphorically

Narrative Warfare has, as a core objective, the ability to control what is said about the Narrative.

This means that outlets which disseminate information that questions, contradicts, or provides altneratives to the Narrative must be either subverted, destroyed, or--as a last resort--access to it choked off.

This is should be obvious, but in practice people start missing it when you go away from the ordinary theater of partisan politics and you deal instead in the cultural realm.

They also start missing it when it targets something on the margins.

This is where the Frame Game starts to show its relevance. Successful Narrative Warfare begins by erecting a cognitive framework that defines what is and is not legitimate, and the idea is to make social pressure so great that certain ideas cannot be thought due to fear of the social pressure put upon them, making it easier to justify action against whatever is targetted.

Theory? No. It happened this weekend. The target. Kiwi Farms. The point-thing leading the charge? A troon known as "Keffals", using weaponized victimhood--fake, of course--to lead a campaign against Kiwi Farms in order to keep that site from disseminating information contrary to his preferred Narrative. That campaign picked up supporters of others who do the same thing for the same reasons, such as author Patrick Tomlinson and an Internet Bloodsports sperg so hair-trigger with his temper that mentioning his name prompts volleys of cheap bitchmade psuedo-legal attacks (and is known as "The RagePig").

The weekend attack got the Frame Game foreplay setup by exploiting a very convenient SWATTing of U.S. Representative Margorie Taylor Greene and suckering the woman into attacking Kiwi Farms on the air, which should have tipped everyone off that there was going to be something with the backing of the State coming down the pipe presently thereafter.

The move was on the provider of the Farm's DDOS protection, Cloudflare. The CEO, Matthew Price, boldly proclaimed defiance. Being that they already bent the knee once-

As of this post, the details behind the about-face are unknown, but Cloudflare's reputation is irreperably damaged. Site owner Joshua Moon has since migrated the site to a new URL-- there is a thread therein on the incident started by Moon. Perhaps you should go read it.

While the immediate objective is thwarted, let's consider the fact that a contra-Narrative center has been forced into the protection of an anti-Globohomo state--i.e. an Enemy--which makes it even easier to frame Narrative attacks against it even it if is now, for all intents and purposes, out of reach for DDOS attacks. Furthermore, the banking system is still in Globohomo hands and we already know that pressure campaigns against ameniable targets like processors are hardly out of the reach of someone like Keffals- especially with the right backing.

Therefore I predict the next attack will be against the ability of the Farms to maintain its fianances. I suspect that Moon, being prepare for this present situation, is aware of that vulnerability and either has contingencies in place or will in the near future; if Russia can route around Globohomo sanctions, Moon can.

As for that backing, Keffals picked up the notice of a few professional press whores that call themselves "journalists", and I suspect it is this institutional presence--bolster by Greene being suckered--that gave enough substance behind whatever Cloudflare go get the snack tray while they fucked Cloudflare's client. In that respect, it is marginally better that Cloudflare blocked the URL itself- but only marginally so.

Information control is key to Narrative Warfare, and while Kiwi Farms seems small it is precisely on the margins that methods and tactics are tested before being deployed on bigger targets or at scale- like against the Dutch farmer protests in the Netherlands over the Dutch state's attempt to steal their land (and thus destroy the Dutch capacity to grow fucking food that all of Europe needs and eats) in favor of building housing for foreign invaders who will serve as defacto Jannissaries for Globohomo against the Dutch nation.

That land grab, that attack against the rural and the nation, is being repeated in different forms--all with deliberate Narrative suppression--across thw West.

And it is naysaying, gainsaying sites like Kiwi Farms that disseminate this dissent across the world and allows shitposters and dissidents alike to communicate and tell the truth about Globohomo and its agents- including bitchmade disposal troons like the one running point against Kiwi Farms.

This is the Face of Empire, and Empire must fall.