Sunday, February 28, 2016

(Corbett Report) How the West Lies About NATO's Expansion

Late last year NATO granted a formal membership invitation to Montenegro. How did the New York Times respond to this development? "Russia’s Fury Over Montenegro and NATO." But what do the people of Montenegro think? Joining us today to give us the missing part of the story is Dr. Filip Kovacevic, chairman of the Movement for the Neutrality of Montenegro and a senior analyst for

In addition to being exactly what it says, this video at The Corbett Report is a demonstration of what value Newsbud offers to you. The mainstream media in the West is an international syndicate of liars and frauds pulling a gaslighting operation against us on behalf of their owners and those owners' friends and associates. If you want to be properly informed about those who seek to shape the culture that creates the political forces so intended to produce results that benefit them and fuck you and I in the ass without lube, then back independent outlets like The Corbett Report and Newsbud. Support ethical, independent journalism operations as best you can. Why? Because IT'S ABOUT ETHICS IN JOURNALISM!

(Corbett Report) Declare Your Independence with James Corbett

Today James joins Ernest Hancock for his regular bi-monthly appearance on “Declare Your Independence.” Topics discussed include the hundred trillion dollar bankster climate swindle, the latest from Syria and how “The Big Short” almost got it right. (NOTE: audio ends abruptly due to the way this radio broadcast is segmented/archived)

Additional links and sources are in the source video's Description, and from there to the landing page at Corbett's site.

(Corbett Report) Fake Campaign Supporters Exposed As Paid Actors - #NewWorldNextWeek

Welcome to New World Next Week — the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. In this week’s episode:
  1. Story #1: Flint Residents Paid America's Highest Water Rates

  2. Story #2: Kerry: If Ceasefire Fails, Partition Of Syria Is ‘Plan B’

  3. Story #3: "Concerned Citizens" At Town Hall Meetings Exposed As Paid Actors

Additional links are in the Description of this video's YouTube page, and from there to other places.

(Corbett Report) Making Sense of the Syria "Ceasefire" with Pepe Escobar

Sunday, February 21, 2016

(Truthstream Media) Davos Elite Reveal Orwellian Plan to Decode Your Brain and Read Your Mind

Still think we aren't living in the Matrix? Sadly, this isn't science fiction but science fact and it's coming in the next decade as part of the Internet of Things smart surveillance grid they want everyone swept up into. Technology is about to openly bring us an era where government authorities can read people's minds without their permission and use it against them including in court, pre-crime, thought police/thought crime and labeling people including children as potential criminals based on their brainwaves... and all of this was discussed casually at Davos this year like it'll be a rip roaring roller coaster of rose-colored awesome instead of the Orwellian Nightmare 2.0 we all know is coming under the technocrats in charge. Hey, why watch a horror movie when you can watch a panel at Davos instead? Philip K. Dick and George Orwell are spinning in their graves...

(Corbett Report) How To Become A Billionaire (and what to do with it)

So you want to be a billionaire? Easy. Just come from a well-connected, eugenics-obsessed elitist insider family and steal, swindle and scam your way to the top. Getting rid of your billions in a way that benefits you and helps to depopulate the earth, however…now that’s the hard part. Join us today as we study the master of billionaire-fueled, eugenics-driven philanthropy of our times: Bill Gates.

(Corbett Report) Elaine Dewar on Maurice Strong’s Cloak of Green

In the early 1990s Canadian author, researcher and journalist Elaine Dewar had the chance to meet and interview Maurice Strong for her book, Cloak of Green: The Links between Key Environmental Groups, Government and Big Business. Today she joins The Corbett Report to discuss Strong’s career and her discovery of the business and political interests behind the NGOs shaping the environmental movement

Sunday, February 14, 2016

(Corbett Report) Feds Admit the "Internet of Things" is for Spying on You - #NewWorldNextWeek

(Corbett Report) Zika Hype Spreading Panic Pandemic - #NewWorldNextWeek

(SGT Report) DISCLOSURE & THE SECRET EMPIRE -- Stephen Bassett

Join us for the single longest interview I've ever conducted as we go down the rabbit hole to discuss the UFO issue with Stephen Basset, Executive Director of Paradigm Research Group. Stephen's number priority is to get the United States government to come clean on the UFO issue once and for all. And he'll stop at nothing short of full DISCLOSURE. Are we being visited, or not?

(Honey Badger Radio) Fireside Chat 19: Blaire White

Join us as we sit around the campfire with anti-feminist YouTuber Blaire White!

(Honey Badger Radio) Honey Badger Radio 42: 10 Worst Experiments on Men and Boys

Join the badgers as they discuss the 10 worst experiments conducted on males, and male disposability.

Oh, and there's a quote that nails the ongoing theme here, from the Comments on the video:
allison expressed in the beginning what i (sort of ) felt about the issue but i couldn't put into words what made me so uncomfortable about the whole "islam rapeculture" thing. saying that feminists are ridiculous to call the western world a rape culture and then in the next step because of some shocking events in cologne to turn around to other men and to say "you're from an islamic rape culture with bad ideas about women and your repressive culture is the catalyst for your behavior in the west" because of our natural tendency to look out for women seemed hypocritical. i'll have to do some more soul searching on that

Sunday, February 7, 2016

(Corbett Report) The Truth About the Zika Virus: Jon Rappoport on The Corbett Report

You may have heard of the wave of birth defects that is ravaging Latin America as the globe gears up for another pandemic panic. But do you know how many of those cases of microcephaly have been confirmed? Or how many of those confirmed cases are said to be "related to" the Zika virus? Today Jon Rappaport of joins us to separate the truth from the hype with the Zika virus panic and discuss whether the WHO and the CDC are merely crying wolf yet again.

(Sargon of Akkad) Sweden's Migrant Crisis - A Discussion with Angry Foreigner

(Corbett Report) How Will Newsbud Reinvent Journalism?

How will Newsbud report the news? And what stories will the new outlet cover? What could a fully-funded, independent investigative media outlet do, anyway? Today Sibel Edmonds, Bill Conroy and Guillermo Jimenez join James Corbett for a roundtable discussion on the forthcoming Newsbud site and how it will operate.

(SGT Report) We Are Getting To The End -- Nomi Prins

Nomi Prins, the Best selling author of All The President's Bankers, joins me to document the collapse of the western banking and economic systems. Nomi says, "We're getting to the end of what's possible in terms of stimulation, I would have thought the end should have happened years ago. But the reason it didn't was because of the epic coordinated efforts between the major central banks... and that element has left markets with the APPEARANCE of health they haven't actually had because of true growth. And there's only so much you can do of that. These are desperate actions."