Sunday, December 27, 2020

Narrative Warfare: This Is The Time To Rest Before Battle

What did I tell you?

You're watching a massive campaign of complete bullshit going on in the media, and none of it can be trusted. You're better off noting what's claimed, and then round-filing it to go about your business as if nothing happened at all. Giving any attention to what's said in the media is only going to lead to a bad time.

Yes, this includes most dissident media, because they pay attention to the mainstream also and get caught up in the hysterical bullshit. Some do so cynically for their own benefit, some due to honest but flawed perspectives that don't allow them to see that it's literal propaganda campaigns contradicting each other.

You are literally better off spending that time playing World of Warcraft than paying any attention to the news media. If you must know, go to /pol/ and Lurk Moar there; they are upwards of several months ahead of what the news media will ever report.

Everything I said last week is still operative now, and will be until the God-Emperor's second term begins at the very least. Don't worry about the 6th. The battle will come soon, and you'll be called upon when it comes, so for now rest and prepare. Empire falls. You don't want to miss it.

In the meantime, Wictor's videos are worth watching. He's on the ball, and here's today's video.

Sunday, December 20, 2020

Narrative Warfare: Camped At The Rubicon

Wictor's been going again with daily videos. This is yesterday's and you ought to see it.

I'm going to summarize what Wictor emphasizes time and again:

  • Trump read and mastered The Art of War.
  • Trump understands that Narrative Warfare is Warfare.
  • Trump understands that most people ostensibly on his side are unreliable because they are easily suckered by enemy Narrative attacks and a lifetime of conditioning to conform to enemy behavioral norms that are counter-productive.
  • Trump uses misinformation and disinformation--lying and bullshitting--against enemies and unreliable allies as a matter of routine.
  • Trump actually reads the rules of the game he plays and masters them, know that the rules matter- not what someone says they are.
  • Trump comprehends that Narrative Warfare requires showmanship, so his Narrative campaigns are structured as a big production- like a movie.
  • Trump uses enemies to his advantage routinely, often putting them into positions where what they do actually benefits him ultimately.
  • When Trump wins, it's because he's suckered his enemies into letting him win and win decisively.

This means that what you're told about him being rooked by enemies in his cabinent, or in his advisors, etc. is bullshit. (So stop whining about Kurshner, you faggots.) He knows exactly what he's doing, and those enemies are in those positions so he and his allies can surveil them, feed them disinfo, and curtail their activities all the while providing the optics Trump will require when the hammer comes down.

As Wictor and the Cates brothers routinely state, Trump's administration has no leaks that it did not deliberately initiate- and those are to find disloyal elements to plug up or turn to their advantage.

So don't panic. The overall narrative here is "See how the entire system is so corrupt, so treasonous, that it has to be cleaned out the hard way from top to bottom? Well, as Your Favorite President, who loves this country, I cannot stand by and let this insurrection succeed. I gave everyone that could have stopped it the chance to do that, but they all just let it happen, so they leave me with no choice. By the power invested in my as President of the United States, I hereby invoke the Insurrection Act effective immediately and I shall use the powers under this Act, as well as the Emergency Powers I already have, to clean up this mess once and for all. God bless you, and God bless the United States of America."

Expect to see regular active-duty military in the streets this January. Expect to see military tribunals. We'll avoid a second civil war, but just barely, and Trump will remain as President. Empire falls.

Sunday, December 6, 2020

Narrative Warfare: The Optics Are Complete, Peace Rejected, Now The Hammer

The Supreme Dark Lord has been on the warpath, but this post in particular is going to be telling.

Ware County, Ga has broken the Dominion algorithm: Using sequestered Dominion Equipment, Ware County ran a equal number of Trump votes and Biden votes through the Tabulator and the Tabulator reported a 26% lead for Biden.

37 Trump votes used in the equal sample run had been "Switched" from Trump to Biden. In actual algorithmic terms this means that a vote for Trump was counted as 87% of a vote and a vote for Biden was counted as 113% of a vote.

Those conducting the test were so shocked that they ran the same ballots again. The same results appeared. ONE PIECE OF THE PUZZLE SOLVED. (It is worth noting that this was one County, and on one Tabulator alone. Dominion Tabulators could have been configured with different algorithms in different Counties or States.) The point is there is now hard evidence of electronic manipulation of the Election.

The use of illegal and/or fabricated ballots is an additional issue altogether, but this is sufficient evidence to question the validity of the ENTIRE Election in the 28 states that used Dominion software.

They can demonstrate, on command, that the fix was in. Game. Over.

This, right here, is sufficient grounds to void the results in every state using Dominion software and instead command their State Legislatures to wield their plenary powers under Article II to determine electors instead. (Follow Alexander Macris. He too is on fire lately.)

The gig is up. It no longer matters if the Supreme Court of the United States cucks and runs or not. This level of fraud, across the Republic, means that we have a Federal emegency of national security at stake. Given the presence of hostile foreign powers, officially and otherwise, in this affair and it is quite clear that military operations are justified to resolve the issue.

It's not a question of "If", but "When" for martial law now- and that too is beyond the enemies of the God-Emperor to stop. Trump knows it; that's why he had those 700 SpecOps personnel repatriated from Somalia.

The hand was extended. "Surrender, and I shall help you save face so that you may live in peace with me." But no, the peace was rejected. They chose destruction, and destruction they shall receive. I feel neither pity for them nor regret for what retribution is about to come. Empire falls, and its Thralls fall with it. Let none survive.

Friday, December 4, 2020

Narrative Warfare: CNN Proves It's About Narrative Warfare

Project Veritas got to lurk on a CNN conference call where they literally fix the narrative for the day. This is the raw audio. No commentary by me. This is all you ever need to hear to realize that the news media is in the Narrative Warfare business and therefore are--at best--propagandists for your side (and more often, for your enemies) and never to be trusted.

Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Narrative Warfare: The God-Emperor At The Banks Of The Rubicon

Make no mistake, this speech is a notice that Trump is prepared to cross the Rubicon via the Insurrection Act (or some similar Act) and he gives his enemies a final opportunity to recognize their defeat and accept it while saving face with their supporters.

It also reminds the Supreme Court of the United States that they are not the final word on the matter. The United States remains under a State of Emergency in all 50 States, which means that the emergency powers that the President of the United States enjoys are his to wield.

The bulk of this speech is for Normieland. As Q has said "You have to show them." No, this is not just the figures and other evidence. It's also showing that this is a widespread and organized criminal conspiracy aimed directly at them to make their vote null and void regardless of who you voted for, and that this can be--and was--done to races other than for POTUS.

Right now, this is meant to bypass Establishment media blackouts (see Project Veritas's CNN expose), but it is also a test-run for what is going to be necessary if the pressure put on the key state legislatures to revoke their delegated powers and slate their own approved set of Electors does not work and SCOTUS fails also.

We are looking at the imminent imposition of Martial Law in the United States, from coast to coast.

Unlike David Hines, who poo-pooed the idea, I've been paying attention to people who actually have Trump figured out. He can do this and succeed. General Flynn's pardon not only freed up lawyer Sidney Powell to pursue civil attacks in state and Federal court, but it also freed up General Flynn to do his job as an irregular operator; his echoing of Lin Wood's call for Martial Law is a clear signal that this is now ready and on the table.

The shift at the Department of Defense, putting a former Special Operations man in charge and putting SpecOps directly under his command, was the other clear signal that this was always regarded as an option. (Or did you not notice that Trump saying time and again that he rebuilt and refurbished the military not catch your notice?)

I fully expect that operators are already in position to move, as they were this past Summer in assistance to Law Enforcement. (I too noticed how the Antifa shot-callers in Minneapolis disappeared without a trace, leaving only a car behind, as if snatched.)

And I expect that a lot of people will be caught off-guard if those operators do move.

Right now, some people are either in a room or on a conference call discussing this speech and what it really means. One of them is a minder for their masters, and this one will be sufficient to keep anyone from defecting. Other possible defectors are also being giving The Talk right now. (Whips are not just for legislatures.) They will reject the offer to save face. They will reject the offer to surrender at all. If the legislatures fail and SCOTUS fails, then they will be seized by the military and seen next at a Tribunal before they are executed for treason and sedition.

Because that's what this talk of fraud really means: "We caught you selling us out." The military system allows for executions, and if that goes down then the hangman will not be cheated.

Rejoice. Empire falls.

Sunday, November 29, 2020

Narrative Warfare: Now We See The Path To Trump's Victory

I remind you that Thomas Wictor is active on YouTube, posting daily. You should be listening to him. He is accurately describing what's actually going on.

(Note: Most of the Wictor video above is raw video of Iraqi Special Forces in action; useful to see what he describes in action in a literal sense, but not neccesary here.)

Wictor's talk of how the Saudis and their allies operate is relevant to us in the United States because this is the methodology Trump uses against his opposition. Notice how he constantly shifts his tactics, rope-a-doping his enemies time and again, before he gets yet another win out of them. If you imagine weaponized storytelling as a warfighitng method, as I do, then you see how he constantly lulls his enemies into thinking they got him before he shifts tactics yet again and blindsides them with a telling blow. Enough of those and you are as Nate Robinson fighting Jake Paul: knocked out face-first on the floor.

And like a master magician, Trump's method relies on commanding the enemy's attention. This is what all the media push on the lawsuits is for, until this past week; to conceal the telling blow of various state legislatures exercising their power to directly appoint Electors to the Electoral College regardless of what the vote result is.

That's right. It does not matter what the result is, and it never did. All that mattered was that it was a legitimate result. The actual goal was to dispute the results, which is what this entire operation is aiming for: de-legitimizing the results.

Once that is done, the legislatures can--with good optics--step in and reclaim what they delegated (because it's their property to lend out; they can reclaim it at anytime for any reason) to directly appoint Electors. (Which is how it should be anyway, but that's for another post.) This is 100% legal with Supreme Court precident due to Bush v. Gore 20 years ago, where Chief Justice (at the time) Reinquest explicitly pointed out that this was an explicit power of the legislatures of the several states under Article II of the U.S. Constitution- and as such trumped (hah) all state law and regulation to the contrary.

SCOTUS will not overrule itself if challenged on this, not with a firm 5-4 Conservative majority and Trump's watchful eyes on them.

The state legislatures can give their Electoral College votes to Trump. He wins. If this is denied, them no one has 270 and it goes to the House of Represenatives. There it is One State, One Vote; Republicans have the majority of states, so Trump wins. SCOTUS has good reason to fuck Biden, so they're going to ultimately rule for Trump and so he wins. It is increasingly obvious that Biden (and thus the Thralls of Empire behind him) have no path to victory but the last one.

Expect an assassination attempt before New Year's Eve.

Yes, Trump's ready for that also. That will fail, and in its wake Trump gets the optics he needs to cross the Rubicon and invoke the Insurrection Act. Trump wins.

So don't worry. Empire falls.

Sunday, November 22, 2020

Narrative Warfare: It's Going To End Dramatically

We are watching a master strategist ply his trade before our very eyes.

A strategist begins with the result. That is the objective he pursues. He then assesses the material, personnel, and morale thereof at his disposal. He then assesses the terrain wherein the contest occurs. He seeks to spend his resources as little as possible to attain his objective. He assess his opposition, especially those likely to command the opposing forces.

With these preparations in place, he maps out--literally and figuratively--the threats arrayed against him and plans how to defeat each threat. This is the wargaming phase, and it occurs before a single move is made.

Simultaneously, he has engaged spies to ensure that his information is accurate and counter-spies to deceive his enemies. In most conflicts, the actual fighting is won or lost at this stage and open military operations are a formality.

All of this is basic Art of War, and if you have not read this seminal work then you are wrong and you must recitify that flaw immediately. (Click the image to buy a copy in print; click here for a free Kindle version.)

Sun Tzu explicitly states that morale is paramount in warfare. This means that Optics Matter, and Narrative Warfare is part-and-parcel to the problem being solved. Having control over morale makes it easier to get your supporters to back difficult plays, and that means that moves must be timed for maximum optics impact both to boost friendly morale and crush enemy morale. Successful strategiests understand Narrative Warfare.

And that means making a show of things.

The Thralls of Empire, as a class, believe that they have iron-clad narrative control and wield it accordingly. They have been relentless about demoralization propaganda since the night of the General Election on November 3rd, down to blatant lies such as promoting Biden as "President-Elect" when no such status has been conferred.

Trump has countered this media control by going directly to the people. The addition of friendly media companies such as One America and Newsmax is good to see, but ultimatley not necessary; Trump can and does directly address the people via livestreaming and other social media, despite the efforts of Big Tech to silence him, and if that fails the Emergency Alert System is at his disposal.

And that does not include Trump's surrogates--acknowledged as such or not--such as Thomas Wictor and the Cates brothers, who have accurately reported and explained what's going on to anyone that is willing to heed them.

What Trump is doing now is to destroy, piece by piece, the credibility of the media--removing their power over the Narrative--by successfully gainsaying their Narrative Warfare moves at every turn. The tell? How the press addresses Trump's press events; when their "questions" are actually blatant commands to conform to their narrative framing, that's how you know the attacks are working.

Now comes the legal front. The evidence gathered by the legal crew under Trump's command will soon be entered into Federal court. The aim is to get the cases before the Supreme Court of the United States. That means deliberately taking losses in lower courts knowing that friendly Justices will fast-track appeals and grant Cert when that comes. Once SCOTUS rules (likely 5-4) for Trump, that ends things and the fun begins.

But that is not the only route.

As Wictor explains, another route is the Electoral College. Several states allow for state legislatures to directly appoint slates of Electors, regardless of election results. Many of the states concerned have Republican-held legislatures; pressure can be presumed to be applied, for and against, slaiting pro-Trump Electors. If the College doesn't have enough votes to give to Biden, that's still a win for Trump; it goes to the House of Representatives, where it becomes One State->One Vote and Trump wins that way.

And as the evidence is admitted on the record into Federal Court, where people like Nick Rekieta can read the filings and talk about them on their live shows, we're going to see the full extent of not just criminal behavior but outright treason and sedition be exposed. Trump will put his enemies into a panic state once it becomes clear to them that not only does he know, but that he's going to expose all of it.

Trump knows his enemies. He knows how they think and why. That means he knows how to provoke them, and this is the biggest provocation yet.

They are already signalling via their double-speaking comms that assassination is on the table. (Remember that they adhere to SJW psychology, and SJWs Always Project.) All the talk of "stopping a coup with the military" means that they are openly making ready a plan to do just that. The tell? Their freak-out over Trump cleaning house at the Department of Defense this past week, and cutting Special Operations out of the usual command chain and instead reporting directly to the Secretary of Defense- a former Operator himself (i.e. SpecOps).

As the realization of exposure reaches unbearable levels, the freak-outs will culiminate in their deliberate attempt at assassinating Trump and as much of his Cabinent (and their families) as they can get. Assets and allies are not going to be spared, but they are not primary targets; they are going to attempt to stop Trump by killing him, and they are going to fail spectacularly.

Trump read their book.

This failed assassination attempt will be the opportunity Trump needs, being handed all of the optics required for Trump to successfully invoke the Insurrection Act and get all of the public support required to call out the militia--that's us--to secure the country while his loyalists in the government clean house.

GITMO remains operational for a reason. It's all building to this, folks. It's going to get worse before it gets better, but when it does it will be Biblical. Empire falls.

Sunday, November 15, 2020

Wictor Is Active On YouTube

Thomas Wictor may be banned (again) from Twitter, and not present on Facebook, but he is on YouTube and he went active there again a week ago. Daily video posts, doing what he formerly did on Twitter, in addition to his co-hosting of various pro-Trump podcasts out of QuodVerum.

Yesterday's video is below, and you can subscribe to his channel there. He's confident of Trump winning, as usual, so don't bother with blackpilling on his videos.

The most infuriating thing about Wictor, so far as his critics are concerned, is that Wictor is consistently right. VDare routinely gets Trump wrong, as does Cernovich, Coulter, and so many others in various positions on the Right; Wictor dismisses them as unreliable at best for good reasons, and that's through his noticing that they read Trump wrong and he does not so he trusts his own assessments over theirs and comes out ahead routinely.

And being correct is why I still follow him, despite his errors in things aside from Trump. So long as he's on Trump, he's golden.

As this is now all about morale, I recommend giving him your time as part of your daily morale building routine so that when Trump comes out on top again you'll be ahead of the curve. Until then, keep at it. They know they're screwed so long as we persist, which is why they're trying so hard and obviously to demoralize you with fake news from all angles (including fake Trump leaks).

Believe nothing in the media.

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

War As Human Sacrifice

"War is a Racket" is U.S. Marine General Smedley Butler's classic treatise on why wars are conducted, who profits from them, and who pays the price. Few people are as qualified as General Butler to advance the argument encapsulated in his book's sensational title. When "War is a Racket" was first published in 1935, Butler was the most decorated American soldier of his time. He had lead several successful military operations in the Caribbean and in Central America, as well as in Europe during the First World War. Despite his success and his heroic status, however, Butler came away from these experiences with a deeply troubled view of both the purpose and the results of warfare.

The sort of war General Butler describes is imperial gangsterism. This is the corruption of war to install and protect satraps loyal to the Imperial power. (And I mean "power", not "state", because the sort of imperial organization here is not tied to a specific state.) It is a new form of the Persian model of Empire, one that John Perkins would describe in detail with Confessions of an Economic Hit Man.

This criticism, however accurate it is, has ignored the spiritual dimension and can lead critics astray (as Perkins was). This model of war is not merely a racket. This model of war is nothing less than the scaling up of human sacrifice to a massive scope and scale, where all combatants on all sides are considered (and treated as) sacrifices upon the blood-caked altar to their god Empire (in reality, Satan).

And yes, I do mean "all". Your dead, maimed, and crippled relatives are as much sacrifices as the enemy combatants and all of the civilians affected. They have no qualms wielding symbolism to do virtually what formerly had to be conducted literally. They take your sons, your brothers, your fathers from you and your homes. They put them into stylish costumes called "uniforms". They invoke sacral power to justify the wars, and they reap great power and wealth by the wholesale slaughter of men and willful destruction of material that these wars involve; the consumption of the sacrifices results in something rewarding them as desired beyond all reason.

This has yet to be brought up from the depths of the Internet, as it would break Normieland. This world is not what we were told it is. It exists solely because something that otherwise would not be is propped up; Empire is that thing, and the Thralls prop it up by feeding it in return for power and wealth. Take that away and Empire falls.

Guess what's happening?

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Narrative Warfare: The Mask Turns Black Shirts Into State Agents

Anonymous Conservative mentioned this yesterday in his News brief:

One of Joe Biden’s first priorities as president-elect would be implementing mask mandates nationwide. I hate to say it, but that is an Antifa-protection plan, designed to help them protect their identities by preventing anti-mask laws. This may signal the plan was he’d take office, and then Cabal would amp up the Antifa intimidation of the populace. Exactly like Nazi German, right before WWII. We’ve got a hostile insurgent army that hates our people embedded in our nation, and a leadership following the pre-WWII plan.

This is how the Thralls intende to get around Defend The Police problems: they defacto deputize Antifa.

The mask mandates will coincide with lockdowns, trapping targets in their homes and making them reliant on delivery services as much as possible while shutting down whatever can be sacrificed to achieve the new regime of control and lock it into place. "Comply or we cut you off. Keep it up and we burn you out"--fully-weaponized Cancel Culture--would become the actual state enforcement regime.

No, fleeing the cities won't help. They'll "diversify" your small towns and farming counties, bringing those systems of control and actors therefore with them. You will have nowhere to run and no place to hide.

And all those "environmentalist" policies are designed to destroy your power to live independently and hardwire you into a grid that they control and force dependence upon, a grid that they will use to make you comply while they steal your children--homeschooling will be banned where isn't already--and zombified them into replacing themselves instead of you.

Don't think it can't happen. You've see those before/after feminism memes; they can do it to your kids too.

The rioting we've seen, aided and abetted by Antifa in office, is the trial run of a Rule By Terror regime that you have to study foreign revolutionary regimes to see previously. Furthermore, in the case of the Eastern terror regimes, they worked and broke the subject populations permanently by severing historical continuity from them via slaughter of their aged and learned cohorts- the young and ignorant are very easy to indoctrinate and convert, which is what happened.

Thank God that our own Red Guard are playing their hand now, when they think they've won and can take their masks off, because once they lose they will have good reason to fear that what they deserve is what they're about to receive.

Monday, November 9, 2020

Narrative Warfare: He Was Ready For This

Independent journalist Brian Cates explains how the God-Emperor will use the fraud exposure to prevail and win his second term. Bear with the man; he's got a hell of a speech impediment.

If you want a TLDR, this should do:

Last time he snuck up on the Democrats who run key battleground states. This time they let him know for **months** in advance they were ready for him. They used CCP Virus hysteria as cover for draconian lockdowns to set up massive mail-in voting fraud. But because this voting fraud was on such a massive and cartoonishly blatant scale, Trump and his legal teams will have no problem whatsoever proving it in federal court and having judges rule for recounts in many of these battleground states.

There will be federally supervised recounts with armed federal agents on scene to ensure poll watchers aren't kept 100 feet away or even tossed out of the building. Trump will be declared the winner and then we'll get election reforms to ensure these Democrat goons never try this stupid trick again.

Brian, along with Wictor's anon alt-account, got nuked from the Twatter. Fortunately, his brother from another mother is now relaying his info to Twatter on his behalf. You'll find that account here. The Cates Brothers and Wictor have been fantastic and keeping things grounded in the real for a people so long afflicted by media gaslighting that they can be manipulated and demoralized with ease.

And that's what this is about now: morale and discipline.

That's something that the faith which made American possible is very good at when it is practiced properly. This is a 30 Days In The Desert scenario, and we're being told that all the world is ours if we but kneel.

I know what Jesus did when he had that put to him. Do the same.

Sunday, November 8, 2020

Narrative Warfare: They Don't Believe Their Demoralization

Vox Day shared an anonymous email on his blog today. I reproduce it below.

I am not claiming to have truly inside information, only nearness to certain banking, business, and diplomatic circles. I also do not claim to share your political views entirely, but I am sympathetic and a long-time reader, and this can at this point be published hardly anywhere else.

In short, Trump outplayed the left, on a global scale: he absolutely will become President and there will be an unprecedented exposure of corruption throughout the US, EU, and Russia, and a massive wipeout procedure of it all – along with a reset of national debt, which amounts to wiping out the most criminal banks, institutions, and political parties across the world.

The key to this is what’s happening in Europe at this very moment: As of yesterday, all borders on the continent have been sealed; militaries are engaged for “contact tracing” in England, France, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland; a friend of mine with both Swiss and EU passports is now stranded in Berlin because they are not even allowing departures from EU nations. Hotels have been ordered “not to take new reservations” until November 30. (Note: not “to close.”) There are massive, spooky-as-hell, fully empty “apartment complexes” (i.e. prison complexes – literal bars over the windows) already built in remote places in Europe. But these are not for normal people: they are housing built by and for the elements of corruption in Europe, at least, that will be exposed. I expect something similar to follow in America.

The Great Reset is underway but not quite, or not entirely, what Archbishop Vigano thought it was in the open letter posted by Q on October 30.

Let's break this down.

For normies, this is best folded up and put in a back pocket; don't worry about it unless and until things seen here start showing up elsewhere. This is a Big Ask sort of take, and as such deserves a salt brick of skepticism.

Yes, I share the Supreme Dark Lord's opinion that this email should not be accepted without verification. That is not to say it should be dismissed out of hand; the reactions of foreign states have been telling as to where they lie for Biden (and Empire) or Trump (and against Empire), and the timings of new European lockdowns concurring alongside American events is worth noting and following to see how coincidental they really are. (Don't count on it.) However, the hotel element has not been confirmed and the concealed prisons have yet to be corroborated.

Similar lockdowns are coming or have come to other Western states, also coinciding with the American election and showing by deed belief that Trump gets that second term. The talk in the media gloating about "a return to normal" is gaslighting by a desperate network of corrupt child-trafficking Satanists. That Biden has put Dick Cheney on his team as a foreign adviser shows how the Thralls are against Trump and what he represents.

They are but men. They rely on secrecy to win. Exposed, they lose; that's becoming brick-to-face obvious now such that normies are noticing and can't unnotice it. This is why they banned Wictor from Twitter (again; it's amusing that he's still pretnending "Carlos Osweda" was his alt), and Brian Cates, but both are on YouTube still along with Duane Cates and Saul Bradley.

What is clear is that (a) Trump saw this coming, (b) he prepared for it, (c) he is executing that plan, and (d) he will win yet again. The fair-weather friends, grifting faggots, and blackpillers have outed themselves as surely as the Thralls have. Trump's second term is not one where he needs to keep enemies closer to use them for strategic deception uses (that's why he had them, folks; easy to use leaks to fool the enemy and map their networks when you control the inputs into their leak machine). This is a counterattack like people have not seen in generations, and it's going to be glorious.

Pay attention to the timing and tone and you can see that those pushing the demoralization don't believe it. They're trying--try-harding--so badly to scare you into quitting, and the about-faces we see in the fraud going down once it became clear Trump is fighting is the biggest tell. They're realizing that he knows, he saw, and he's got multiple routes to put them out. Now comes the "Please don't kill us, Mr. Trump!" and that ain't happening. He loves his revenge, and that time's come.

Empire is falling. The demoralization will backfire when Trump wins.

Wednesday, November 4, 2020

The Narrative Warfare Is Crude & Blatant

I'll quote the man himself:

Last night I was many key States, in almost all instances Democrat run & controlled. Then, 1 by 1, they started to magically disappear as surprise ballot dumps were counted. VERY STRANGE, & the “pollsters” got it completely & historically wrong!

The media last night were very consistent. They would call a state for Biden as soon as possible, and refuse to call for Trump until they had no other choice.

They are still doing this now, insisting that because they--as a class--didn't say so that it didn't happen.

I expect that if these fraud attempts are not rendered moot now that it will go to Federal court, at which time it will make its way to SCOTUS and they will rule for Trump.

It's the 2000 race again, only this time the fraud is blatant and so is the media gaslighting.

The GOP holds the Senate and made gains in the House, but isn't--at this time--likely to take it. At present, we're on course for a second Trump term but due to the circumstances the Dems will go with a deletimization narrative and attempt another round of House fuckery to get in the way.

I want the gloves to come off now. It's time for retribution now that the enemy within is flushed out of hiding and revealed, and that means all of us will have a role to play over the next few years.

Sunday, November 1, 2020

Narrative Warfare: Soon All Will Know If It Was All A LARP

Anonymous Conservative's briefs for today includes the following under his headline brief.

The National Guard has deployed across 12 states. 3 years ago, in the first posts he wrote, which people now think were predicting the events surrounding this election, Q predicted massive unrest and riots in the street, and wrote, “Why is the NG called up across 12 cities?” It is states and not cities, but three years ago, I remember thinking back then the idea of unrest and riots, using Antifa and Blacklivesmatters as ground troops for the conspiracy, sounded a little nutty. Now, not so much. Anons were going back and looking at Q’s older posts, including this, from Nov 1.

Q Clearance Patriot

My fellow Americans, over the course of the next several days you will undoubtedly realize that we are taking back our great country (the land of the free) from the evil tyrants that wish to do us harm and destroy the last remaining refuge of shining light. On POTUS’ order, we have initiated certain fail-safes that shall safeguard the public from the primary fallout which is slated to occur 11.3 upon the arrest announcement of Mr. Podesta (actionable 11.4). Confirmation (to the public) of what is occurring will then be revealed and will not be openly accepted. Public riots are being organized in serious numbers in an effort to prevent the arrest and capture of more senior public officials. On POTUS’ order, a state of temporary military control will be actioned and special ops carried out. False leaks have been made to retain several within the confines of the United States to prevent extradition and special operator necessity. Rest assured, the safety and well-being of every man, woman, and child of this country is being exhausted in full. However, the atmosphere within the country will unfortunately be divided as so many have fallen for the corrupt and evil narrative that has long been broadcast. We will be initiating the Emergency Broadcast System (EMS) during this time in an effort to provide a direct message (avoiding the fake news) to all citizens. Organizations and/or people that wish to do us harm during this time will be met with swift fury – certain laws have been pre-lifted to provide our great military the necessary authority to handle and conduct these operations (at home and abroad).

POTUS will be well insulated/protected on AF1 and abroad (specific locations classified) while these operations are conducted due to the nature of the entrenchment. It is time to take back our country and make America great again. Let us salute and pray for the brave men and women in uniform who will undertake this assignment to bring forth peace, unity, and return power to the people.

It is our hope that this message reaches enough people to make a meaningful impact. We cannot yet telegraph this message through normal methods for reasons I’m sure everyone here can understand. Follow the questions from the previous thread(s) and remain calm, the primary targets are within DC and remain at the top (on both sides). The spill over in the streets will be quickly shut down. Look for more false flags – stay alert, be vigilant, and above all, please pray.

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. Love is patient, love is kind.”

God bless my fellow Americans.


I should add, in Q’s posts today, he clearly states we are at the endgame.

I have maintained that I don't care if #QAnon is a LARP or not, as its morale-boosting effect is justification enough for its existence. However, in light of events over this year and especially in recent weeks I see that it's far more likely than not that it is real; folks misread the dates, thinking that what was posted years ago was to happen then and not now- it is the occurence of such events over this year and not the previous years that have me convinced.

I have no doubt that a Trumpslide comes on Monday. The only reasonable play is, as Scott Adams said on Twitter, to attempt a rehash of Operation: Valkyrie and manufacture a fake victory while they attempt a literal coup- complete with Internet killswitches being used and other media controls alongside emergency martial law declarations and movements.

That, by the way, is a Hail Mary pass and if attempted it will fail; it doesn't help at all that violence is telegraphed all this week for next week.

The tell that something is certain to go down is that Europe is going into a hard lockdown all this month of November. Those governments know, and they're using Corona-chan (again) to cover up for what the real reason is for yet another round of Fuck The Citizenry.

And I fully expect our media to dutifully gaslight the population as to what's going on, as well as I expect Trump to not divulge a word until it's too late for anything to go wrong--and by then it is done--so we will neither see nor hear any action on his part until after the fact, just as was the case with the Wall going up (over 400 miles now) and all his Middle-East and North Korean peace deals.

I also expect our enemies that control local and state governments to double-down on the anarcho-tyranny. They're not going to handle this well at all.

But all this is soon to subside. The crazy season is reaching a climax, after which it is spent and cleaning up the mess begins. The reason things are so slow is that Trump had to deal with an enemy that had upwards of a century or more to entrench itself. That's not something even a bloody-minded man like me can do in a year or so, especially if you (a) don't want to get offed like Kennedy did and (b) want it to stick after you're gone. We're talking a scrubbing so complete that you'll compare it what Rome did to Carthage, or the Greeks to Troy, or Rome to Scythia: cease to exist utterly.

And that sort of operation against a deeply entrenched target takes time. This first term was, in fact, Reconaisance In Force. The next term will see a shift to full operational status now that the threat map is complete and resources are in place; Trump knows himself, his enemy, and has his forces prepared while his enemy is in the dark- time to fall like a thunderbolt. (Again, read your Sun Tzu.)

By 2024 we won't be talking about how to endure a post-Trump Globohomo world. We'll be talking about how the God-Emperor will continue his reign. Empire is falling, and Q is real.

Monday, October 26, 2020

Narrative Warfare: Corruption Ain't Just A Presidential Thing

Following up from yesterday's post, the Excellence of Eloquetion that is Razorfist cut a rant on the Hunter Biden issue and includes ChiCom corruption.

I have got to figure out how to do "Fuck You, I Was Right!" in a wheelchair.

Now this is, so far, focused on said Biden and the dementia patient that is his father. I do want to know how this ties into the political corruption we see being exposed by Project Veritas, since all of the deceit and corruption they exposed and continue to expose materially and directly benefits the Bidens, Pelosis, Obamas, Clintons, et. al. that are at the top grifting like mad and cutting blackmail tapes like it was nothing.

Speaking of Project Veritas, there's a new video.

It is as Anonymous Conservative said. This is a hostile enemy network, it works from the shadows, it has multiple elements comprosing it (and they are rivals; infighting happens), and it cannot succeed if exposed before it seizes control of an area. (Where it does seize control, it often struggles to hold it due to gross incompetence.)

This is how the Thralls work. It's corruption and management of assets all the way down, ensuring that the illusion persists to sucker the rubes while behind the scenes a handful (at most) of people, and very likely only one man, call the shots. The rest of the network's operations are all about extending and maintaining the network's reach and power; that in doing they commit horrific violations of the innocent as sacrifices--"the cost of doing business"--is how the supernatural elements are satisfied.

Yes, this means it is--and always has been--a Satanic cult. They just got savvy about how they did the culty shit.

And it's all coming out right as the God-Emperor smashes it. Empire is falling.

Sunday, October 25, 2020

Narrative Warfare: This Is How They Compromise Targets

Anonymous Conservative had some good insights regarding the revelations gained from Hunter Biden's laptop. How Empire gets its Thralls is going to mirror how the Thralls get thralls of their own. (Edited to break up the original Wall O' Text.)

I have said previously it has appeared one thing Cabal required to advance people to the highest levels was a willingness to prove fealty by giving their children to the machine.

Now, I suspect it was not so much a request they made. Rather, the surveillance was always on the lookout for families like this. Fathers molesting children, sons molesting sisters, drugs, debauchery, and on and on.

Remember it is highly likely almost everyone gets a few days of being followed and them listening in your house every year or two, and some may get much, much more.

I thought they were on the lookout for threats, but now I think they were probably primarily looking for this. When they found a family like this, how high they rose was only a measure of how degenerate they were. The worse their behavior, the more blackmail Cabal would get, and the higher they would rise. Biden is a complete imbecile, but he is just a smidge away from being President, and if Cabal was in full control, he would be.

There's more like this, and you read it on his News Brief for today here.

This is not going to stop. More material will be released, drip-drop, over the last 10 days before the election. I would expect it continue until the Electoral College meets in December, just to be certain. It is after this that we can start the countdown to perpwalks.

Remember the lie at play here: "I see things your way, so let us cooperate so we may both benefit. I will support you, so you can proceed without fear." The lie here is that the support is conditional, and can be withdrawn at anytime, such that lacking the support is sure to result in exposure and destruction.

The revelation here is not just how corruption, in the ordinary sense, operates. It is the confirmation that there is a second cohort, one far more functional than those we see here, that is actually calling the shots and running the operations. This cohort is not confined to a specific race or nation; the Han are not the only spymasters. No doubt that there is a Western cohort--more than one--capable of running operations like this.

And yes, it is as #QAnon said: these people are sick.

Expect more exposure of ChiCom operations to come, thanks in part to Taiwan taking the opportunity to stick it to the Party (GTV is Taiwanese, and they're leaking the tapes), and now that the Daily Mail reported on it the Globohomo blackout has cracked; it will widen and break very soon, after which the Narrative Warfare will become the flood that washes away the filth.

Empire is falling.

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Narrative Warfare: The US Department of Justice Sues Google

The United States Department of Justice announced an anti-trust lawsuit against Google.

You can thank Project Veritas for the timely release of their expose of Google to make this story carry weight while going viral.

And this is not Trump's October Surprise. That role goes to exposing Joe and Hunter Biden's criminal activities and their threat to national security because it's not just the Bidens, and it not just corruption; it involves human trafficking, pedophilia, and every single other party that benefited from or facilitated the Bidens' criminal activities.

This is the move against Big Tech that everyone on the right has called for all this time. What I would like to remind my fellows is that matters of law, by necessity, are matters of intelligence and as such operational moves follow lengthy and tedious intelligence gathering that goes on for years at a time. These moves have to be done in secret, and thus they cannot appear before the cameras--the same cameras that Big Tech's allies use to gaslight the population as they fight against the God-Emperor--so there will appear to the foolish that nothing is happening.

Now you see that this was not true. The court filings show that DOJ was investigating Google for some time before this, gathering intelligence before deterimining to go operational or not. That decision got made, and here we are.

Don't expect a swift conclusion either. The Microsoft case went on for years, so this will also, but unlike Microsoft this time DOJ can make use of social media to leverage social pressure to compel settlement. This is not the DOJ of the past; don't put it past Barr to wink and nod at that or something like it since Google certainly will do the same.

What you can expect is that the censorship Veritas exposed will ramp up now that it is directly targetted. (This won't help at all.) You can expect mainstream media attacks to ramp up in support. You can also expect more and more craziness from Twitter and Facebook as they too scramble to cover Google. They're all in this together, and if Google falls then all of them follow and they know it. The gaslighting will be thick and obvious, and ultimately prove counter-productive to the gaslighters.

This is not confidence in power. This is desperation over weakness exposed. Empire is falling, and the narratives aren't going to save it.

Sunday, October 18, 2020

Narrative Warfare: Susan Fails The Streisand Effect

You knew it was coming. So did all of the folks mentioned in this article below, so don't be sad that it happened. Look for their backups and rebookmark those.

YouTube has scrubbed many popular “QAnon” and independent news channels from its platform after announcing new rules that prohibit what it deems to be “harmful conspiracy theories.” The channels collectively had millions of subscribers and some of the many channels that were removed during this purge include:

  • X22 Report (952,000 subscribers)
  • SGTreport (630,000 subscribers)
  • Edge of Wonder (467,000 subscribers)
  • Praying Medic (391,000 subscribers)
  • And We Know (385,000 subscribers)
  • Amazing Polly (375,000 subscribers)
  • Joe M (367,000 subscribers)
  • Dollar Vigilante (304,000 subscribers)
  • Mouthy Buddha (296,000 subscribers)
  • JustInformed Talk (281,000 subscribers)
  • RedPill78 (269,000 subscribers)
  • The Patriot Hour (248,000 subscribers)
  • In Pursuit of Truth (242,000 subscribers)
  • Destroying the Illusion (238,000 subscribers)
  • TRUreporting (215,000 subscribers)
  • Alice Down The RabbitHole (174,000 subscribers)
  • Spaceshot76 (159,000 subscribers)
  • World Alternative Media (154,000 subscribers)
  • McAllisterTV (127,000 subscribers)
  • Sarah Westall (125,000 subscribers)
  • Radio-Québec (120,000 subscribers)
  • Truth and Art TV (113,000 subscribers)
  • Dustin Nemos (113,000 subscribers)
  • Blessed To Teach (109,000 subscribers)
  • Woke Societies (108,000 subscribers)
  • Stroppy Me (83,400 subscribers)
  • Patriots’ Soapbox News Network (80,000 subscribers)
  • Angel Wallace (63,000 subscribers)
  • Titus Frost (44,400 subscribers)

YouTube claims that it’s introducing this new policy to remove conspiracy content that’s “used to justify real-world-violence” – a claim that’s similar to those used by several other tech giants when justifying their arbitrary QAnon bans. For example, Facebook framed its QAnon ban as a crackdown on “potential violence.”

Under YouTube’s new policy, content that “targets an individual or group with conspiracy theories that have been used to justify real-world violence” are banned. Of course, YouTube doesn’t explain how it determines when a conspiracy theory is being used to justify real-world violence.

Note that this happened, and yet the pro-pedo channels are still there as are the pro-ISIS and similar violent actors, so again I must tap the sign.

Big Social has designated #QAnon as an Enemy, and this move is meant to cull the enemy from territory Big Social controls because it undermines its allies and their common cause. If that is what you take away from this, then you're already ahead of most normies.

Of course, #QAnon saw this coming. A while back the word started coming out that to maintain operational presence in enemy territory (e.g. YouTube), it will become necessary to go gray (drop the #QAnon tag) and resume disseminating the information under other monikers as part of a more general Truth Movement scene. Do not be the least bit surprised to see a new suite of channels rise up in the vaccum left that does just this: talks about the info without mention Q, showing Q drops, mentioning /8kun/, etc. by citing and linking to cutouts.

As for those nuked, you'll find that many of them have their own sites and more of them are doing as the Supreme Dark Lord Vox Day did and set up their own subscription-based video streaming sites in addition to having backup channels for free viewing at places like Bitchute or LBRY. That's what SGT Report did, and it's why they'll survive--even thrive--despite YouTube doing this; it will drive organic traffic to their sites instead.

Susan seriously underestimated the audience for these channels. They have newsletters. They have sites. They have backups on other social networks. Word spreads on where to go and how to access it fast, and these people--unlike the corporate oligarchs--have a far more human approach to content sharing. She thinks she sunk a threat just as the election was about to climax; all she did was break containment. Nice job breaking it, Villain. This is why Empire is falling.

Friday, October 16, 2020

Narrative Warfare: The Polls Are A Big Ball of Biden Cope

Today's Friday. Time to have a chuckle going into the weekend. First, here's Razorfist reminding you that the polls pushing Biden are bullshit.

The Supreme Dark Lord concurs and expands on this here.

And then there's Stonetoss, who captures in panels what otherwise takes one or more articles to get across.

Context is here, and it just amplifies the burn.

As Wictor says, be happy warriors. The God-Emperor isn't perfect, but he's ours and he deserves--and will--win. They know, so be sure to vote to stick to the folks that hate you, want you dead, want to rape your kids, and think its funny so Trump can finish the job. Empire is falling, and the freakouts on Trump are all the proof you need that he's for us.

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Narrative Warfare: This Is What Political Media Looks Like

There really isn't much more I need to say to set this up, other than "For those coming in late, pay attention."

And this is why:

  • Swiftly Dated Content: Timely political references age like milk, souring swiftly as the circumstances that the media refers to disappears and with it the power of the punch. Just a few years later, it hits like a wet fart and about 10 years later you have to start explaining it to that were not there at the time, and if you have to explain the joke then you failed. This is why you see all the signs, shirts, buttons, etc. made for campaign season disappear almost immediately after the election is over; the time of relevance expired, and the same is true with politicized media of any other sort like TV shows.
  • Disdain For Plebs: You don't politicized media for any othe reason other than to propagandize and brainwash them, and that means eschewing whatever it is that the media is meant to do- usually entertain, sometimes to instruct (as in a technical manual), and that means expressing contempt and disrespect for the audience that justifies the media's existence. They resent this, so they walk away; "Get Woke, Go Broke" is what results of keeping this up. (As for why this keeps happening, that's for another post.)
  • Demolition Of Goodwill: While those making it may be True Believers, those benefiting from the results tend to be cynical power-seekers scheming to take out competition. One way to do that is to subvert threats and trash their good name by doing things as them--true or not--so the public is demoralized. (This, arguably, is the real objective for all such politicization.) By removing all positive association between that media and the audience, you remove it from their control and put it under yours, enforcing a Monopoly of Organization.

As for how they keep doing it, take a look at how these productions get organized, green-lit, and financed. You'll start finding your answers there.

Monday, October 12, 2020

Sunday, October 11, 2020

Narrative Warfare: Wokal Distance Talks Trump, Post-Modernism, & Narrative Gaslighting

Wokal Distance cut another thread. It starts here.

I'll carry on from there with mild editing.

Each side has a story they want you to believe. So they take the available information, slice it up and edit it into clips, soundbites, and images; then they cherry pick the bits they like and reassemble them in a way that tells the story they want you to hear. Editing allows them to add or remove information, change the context, and decide which facts they want to FOCUS on (IE: using closeups to show one thing while leaving other things out of the frame). This is how the same facts can be used to tell two VERY different stories.

Here are two tweets about Trump preparing to go to the hospital. The first account says Trump might not even be able to walk to the helicopter. The second says Trump is completely fine, and this is just Trump the master showman. Continuing on with our two narratives, here we have two blue checks attacking the credibility of Trumps doctor because he's a DO (osteopathic doctor) and not an MD (allopathic doctor), followed by two doctors claiming DOs (osteopathic doctors) are actually great doctors.

And of course the supporters follow right along in spreading these two utterly different takes on reality. A man on the left claiming Trump is "gasping". A Trump supporter on the right is shocked at how Spry Trump looks and thinks he could do cartwheels. If you want to know how bad it got, there was actually a moment when people were getting their information off of tik tok from Claudia Conway the 15 year old daughter of Trump 2016 campaign manager Kellyanne Conway.

That's what happens when doctors, who should respect the privacy of patients and not do armchair diagnoses, put out absurd hot-takes which get 100K retweets. They light the credibility of the medical establishment on fire in exchange for the warm glow of retweets and likes. So why is this happening? Why are we seeing one set of information give rise to 2 entirely different narratives, narratives which tell utterly different stories? The answer is that this is postmodernism.

Modernist thinking said there objective truth exists, that there are statements which are true regardless of what anyone thinks. Modernism also believes in science, individual rights, democracy, and due process of law. You see, science, democracy, and due process of law all depend on the idea that there is an objective truth that is out there which we can know to be true, and that we can create processes, like science, like the legals system, which can help us get to the truth. But this is Post-Modernism.

Postmodernism denies that there is objective truth. Postmodernism says that the only thing we are able to fully grasp is our own experience. That's it. Postmodern thinking says that since everyone of us has biases so deep that we can never get around them. That means that we can't ever get to the objective truth about reality. We can only see what we are trained to see through the interpretive lens that we get from our culture. It also believes that there is no lens which is better or more true then any other lens.

Postmodernism says the lens that says Trump is healthy is no better or worse than the lens that says he isn't. The lens that says science is the best way to know truth is no better or more true then the lens that says feelings and emotions are the best way to know truth. Postmodernism also says that who decides what is true is about power. The postmodern philosophers say the person who determines what a society thinks is true is a person who gets to have a tremendous amount of power. That is partially true. However, they go further.

They think that because the person who determines what society thinks is true gets power, that anyone who claims that anything is true, is only doing that as a way to try to access the power that comes with deciding what is true. In other words, they think anyone who claims to know the truth is only making that claim so they can get power for themselves. This means they trust nobody, and consistently accuse other people of hiding their true motives. As such they dismiss any claim they don't like as just another lie meant to control people.

The result is exactly what we see in this thread. Everyone thinks that they can use whatever lens they want to interpret whatever facts they want and come to whatever conclusion they want. Whoever says otherwise is accused of having ulterior motives. They act like truth is a matter of opinion, and the goal is to get "your truth" to be declared the official opinion of society.

This is nonsense. Reality is what you run into when your beliefs are wrong, and it does not care about "your truth" or "official opinions." We need to bring back the idea objective truth and start acting like serious people again. If we don't, if we keep going like this, we are going to run into reality very quickly, and it is NOT going to be fun for us.

The answer, of course, is to bring it back to the immediate and viseral. If they claim that reality is subjective, shoot them. Then argue that they didn't get shot because you don't feel like you shot anyone, and your feelings are as valid as their sucking chest wound. Keep that up; don't let them call for help, because they don't need it because they weren't shot and that's valid because you feel it is and that's as valid as their shitting their pants and crying for Mama as they bleed out is.

Not politic, but I've run out of fucks to give and it destroys the premise in a manner both the subject and the observers cannot ignore and will not forget. Substitute with stabbing, beating, throwing off heights, or any other visceral and immediate confrontation with objective truth--the laws of physics in particular--and don't let them get out of it; smear their faces in that bullshit until they--metaphorically or not--choke on it.

Lather, rinse, repeat every time they get back on that bullshit until they stop doing it, they stop being around you, or they stop being.

Here's the real value of knowing about this, and that means I tap the sign yet again.

You can reliably use Post-Modernism as a sign that you face someone that is, at the least, friendly to the enemy and unfriendly to you. They usually are flat-out enemies and when proven so you are free to dispose of them appropriately.


Because this philosophical bullshit is all an elaborate way to redefine gaslighting as morally neutral at worst, and justified in the main. Using classic DARVO Rhetoric, they project upon their targets what they explain as standard operating procedure to enact upon designated targets- both individual and collectives. You can see it when you listen to their rally speeches, you can see it when they confront their enemies on campus and on the campaign trail--Dems do this routinely and have for over 30 years, and so do their European counterparts--and you're now seeing it in corporate training seminars and public school classrooms.

The long-term effect is that a country that relies on a heavy technical infrastructure will see it decay and collapse within 20-30 years, as we've seen in South Africa, because those put in charge of it will be incapable of properly managing it and ensuring that it continues to work as intended. Actual improvement? Not on the table. As the Supreme Dark Lord is want to say, such a country will be lucky to retain indoor plumbing.

That is the consequence of tolerating this heresy--and yes, it is heresy; insert "Burn Heretics" here--instead of suppressing it by all means available (not necessary, available) and putting the leaders down for good (be it prison or the grave; I don't care which).

The objective reality here is that unreality is a fundamental aspect of Empire. It cannot attain power without it. It cannot sustain power without it. It cannot flit from host to host like the parasite it is without it. Those in thrall to it, and becoming its Thralls in turn, are akin to the sorcerors who think they can wield power forbidden to Man and not be yoked by them instead despite all the warnings given because they already gave themselves over to unreality in their hearts, and unreality is Rebellion born of Hubris.

Empire is falling because unreality cannot sustain itself when oppossed by reality. Stand in what is real--in what is Real, in Him--and you cannot lose. You can only die.

Saturday, October 10, 2020

The Monarchist Reading List

This came over my Twitter feed the other day. Looks like I've got plenty of non-fiction to read and digest in the near future.

I have some of this already, such as the complete works of Shakespeare and Machievelli's The Prince, so I'll start there. I welcome others gifting me copies of the rest, preferably in print but electronic will do.

"But what bent you this way?"

Reading John Locke did. No, not just his political philosophy, but the biographies that ground those works into their historical contexts. I did this for my Master's Degree, and I found that he was so insecure due to being a fatherless son in a downwardly-mobile family surrounded by boys of like status but superior means that he turned out Gamma. He was so afraid of failure that he clung to university life well past the "Shit or Get Off The Pot" point, and when he inevitably got the boot he collapsed. If not for meeting Sir Anthony Ainsley, the first Earl Shaftsbury, he wouldv've died a pathetic and wasted end futilly pinching pennies as a petty landlord barely doing better than his tenants.

Instead, he whored himself out to Shaftsbury in return for patronage and provision within the Earl's household. Said Earl was the leader of the Whig Party in Parliament, had so many mercantile interests that flourished due to corrupt dealings, used those revenues to back a party-aligned press (later publishing Locke's works), and turned Locke into being the mouthpiece pushing the philosophical arguments supporting Whig policy and government accordingly.

If this sounds familiar, it should. It's how every single step towards Clown World got made. Culture->Politics in action right here.

And Locke, to this day, remains influential because people don't know how or why he wrote what he wrote.

That's right, doing my Master's is what lead to me becoming disenchanted with the Enlightenment.

And following my long-standing practice, if a path turns bad or dead-ends then the first thing you do is turn around and go back the way you came. You keep going back until you unfuck yourself completely. Then you sever that false path and go another way.

The Enlightenment has proven to be a bad path. It led to Empire, and Empire must fall.

Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Wokal Distance On The Convergence Of American Churches

Taken from today's Twitter thread and quoted below with mild editing.

The Wokeness and postmodernism have come for Christianity. The conservative Southern Baptist Convention passed a resolution allowing the use of Intersectionality and Critical Race Theory as tools for theology. So how did we get here? Two words: Emergent Church

The Emergent Church movement gained popularity in the late 90's early 2000's. They were young, cool, and artsy. But they were also proudly, and openly postmodern. The movement began to go mainstream when this book on Postmodern Ministry by Brian Mclaren came out in 1998.

While Mclaren eventually proved to be the leader of the movement, he wasn't the first to bring postmodernism in to the Church. The first one to do that was very likely John Caputo in 1987. With a book on DECONSTRUCTION in Hermeneutics (fancy term for biblical interpretation).

In "The Prayers and Tears of Jacques Derrida" from 1997, Caputo attempts to bring deconstruction further into Christianity. Those who saw my thread on deconstruction (I'll link below) will recognize the importance deconstruction to postmodernism.

In 1996 Christian Theologian Stanley Grenz saw all this tried sounding the alarm with his book "A Primer on Postmodernism," in which he predicts the coming of postmodernism and says Christians need to be ready for it. (turns out he was right, and 20 years ahead of his time).

Now, because Grenz saw postmodernism coming He worked with John R. Franke to build a framework that would allow Christianity to survive in a postmodern world without being completely deconstructed. Grenz wanted to deconstruct-proof Christianity. Unfortunately it didn't work.

Why did it fail? Because Brian McLaren and John Caputo worked tirelessly to bring postmodernism into Christianity. Remember WWJD? What Would Jesus Do? Here's the postmodern version from a book by Caputo (forward by Mclaren): What Would Jesus DECONSTRUCT? Read the description.

McLaren wrote many books, including "The Secret Message of Jesus," where he deconstructed traditional Christianity while substituting postmodern Christianity in it's place. Here @RaviZacharias exposes McLaren's nonsense as only Ravi could. It's beautiful. I miss you Ravi.

That @RaviZacharias clip from is from 2007 when the deconstruction was the sort that attacks meaning and questions truth. But the Emergent church switched their focus from Meaning to Power. Martin Van Steenwyk explains the shift he helped facilitate in this interview from 2009.

Where deconstruction comes from Jacques Derrida, post-colonial theory gets its main ideas from Michael Foucault. Deconstruction attacks truth by blurring the MEANING of texts and ideas. Post-colonialism attacks truth by saying claims of truth are thinly veiled claims to power.

I'll explain postcolonialism another time, but the 3 main ideas are

  1. people only claim things are true when it suits them
  2. people are so biased no objective assessment of truth is possible
  3. The winners of the "what is true" game are determined by who has the most power

Add post-colonialism to deconstruction and you get a scenario in which anytime anyone says something is true either (a) their claim gets deconstructed or (b) they get accused of trying to make their ideas dominant in society so they can get power. Sound familiar?

In 2011 the first academic book on evangelical Christian postcolonialism came out. It has some familiar names. That's right, both Brian McLaren and John Franke (the man Stanley Grenz thought would help him protect Christianity from postmodernism) went full on postcolonial.

McLaren actually very clearly explains why it is that he blends his deconstructive postmodernism with postcolonial theory. It's because the deconstruction is used to dismantle the ideas of colonialism. Again, does any of this sound familiar?

Also, notice that John Franke writes his postcolonial article with Megan Defranza. well, who is she? She's a former board member for Q-Christian. What's that you ask? it's an organization that fully embraces postmodern gender theory in the name of Jesus. Deconstruction indeed.

Now, You'll remember we began with the Southern Baptist Convention adopting Critical Race Theory and intersectionality. Wouldn't it be nice if we could tie the intersectionality to the postmodernism of the Emergent church? Wouldn't that wrap things up nicely? Well, Kimberlee Crenshaw invented intersectionality in her essay "Mapping the Margins." In that essay she says intersectionality was created to link politics and Postmodern theory. Intersectionality is a Trojan horse for Postmodernism and the Southern Baptist Convention adopted it.

Who else likes intersectionality? The Emergent Church! Rachel Held Evans, who joined the "Emergent Conversation," tried bringing intersectionality into Christianity before her unfortunate passing. Note she mentions Brian McLaren.

So as you can see, the Emergent Church of the late 90's and early 2000's has it's fingerprints all over the Social Justice Christianity that we see today. This is no surprise those are both fruit of the same poisonous tree of postmodernism. What do we do now? Fight.

  1. Get the word out.
  2. Tell you pastors, remind them of the Emergent Church then show how Social Justice Christianity connects to both postmodernism and the Emergent Church
  3. Push back. Don't let them take over.
  4. Be informed and warn the other members of the congregation

This is a fight for the soul of your churches. If you won't take a stand here, where will you draw the line? Time to fight. Let's go!

Let's make this easy. It's HERESY! What do we do with heretics? Do we tolerate them? Do we argue with them? What do we do?

That's right, we ELIMINATE them.

There is no "fighting" to be had, not as Wokal implies. You identify the heresy, call it out, demand compliance, and eliminate everyone that doesn't repent. No need to raise your voice. No need to dispute. You stand in the authority of God and demand obedience to His Word, and you smite every last motherfucker that gainsays you. Yes, even those who dare call themselves "pastor" or "minister" or "priest".

Witch Test them immediately if they dare come at you with invocation of Scripture or similar sophistry. Eliminate those that fail on the spot.

There cannot be peace between the Faithful and the Wicked. Those that push this are wicked, so expose them and cull them without fear for you are doing what not only needs be done, but what is good for your people.

We certainly do not let them come into our lands, enter into our churches, and drive us out of what is rightfully ours. We throw out the invaders and the traiors, those that do not end up fertilizing our crops.

This is harsh, but it is true that Evil fears a militant Good. Godly Men must be Hard Men; every single time things go wrong, it's because men cease being Hard.

The Thralls will not tolerate what they cannot control. Convergence is how they seize control. Heresy is the poison used to sell it in the Church. Burn the heretics.

Sunday, October 4, 2020

Narrative Warfare: On Monopoly Of Organization

Taken from Twitter, today.

There's not much to unpack here if you proper comprehend what "monopoly" and "organization" mean in terms of definition. The Death Cult pursues a policy of covergence because it wants to guarantee that you have no escape from their dogma and the propaganda it uses to gaslight and brainwash you into believing their narrative, embracing their culture, and thus supporting their politics.

When I say "monopoly", I mean it. You have no ability to engage in anything that the Thralls of Empire do not control when they are dominant. They run all workplaces. They run all social organizations. They even run your families, such as they are. Your hobbies--those they allow at all--are theirs to control. Not one book, one film, one game, one thing you can do outside, nothing at all is outside their control.

This why you see SJW bullshit, by whatever brand they're pushing, in every little thing however small or petty it seems. Critical Race Theory, Reparations, Social Justice: all brands pushed by the Thralls of Empire and their Death Cult.

And that is why they freak out whenever they detect any organization they don't control, freak out when it successfully resists its convergence (however partial or short-lived), and freak out when you build alternatives that they can't touch- up to, and including, lethal force (usually by proxy via the state).

Empire must have this, and ruthlessly maintain it, to succeed. It is that fragile.

That is why Empire is falling.

Saturday, October 3, 2020

Wokal Distance Explains Why The Death Cult Converges Orgs

Wokal Distance started another Twitter thread yesterday. Mild editing exercised. Collected below.

The woke are not trying to win the culture war against liberals intellectually, they are trying to win SOCIALLY.

The woke don't fight academically with evidence and reason.

They fight SOCIALLY using power moves to take over institutions and bullying tactics to shut us up.

The woke do not want to merely participate in liberal democratic society; allowing their ideas to be carefully scrutinized by our academic, cultural and democratic institutions.

The woke want to SEIZE POWER in those institutions, and mutate them into institutions of wokeness.

So the tactics adopted by the woke were developed for seizing institutional, cultural, and political power, not for discovering the truth. If it works to send social media mobs after people to get them fired so woke people can take their jobs works, then that is what they do.

Since the goal of the woke is to seize social and political power so they can wield it in the name of their ideology, they are not interested in being kind, civil, or "nice."

In fact Robin DiAngelo actually says "niceness" is bad, and claims it reproduces white supremacy.

The result is that when the woke try to get into positions of power, they do not typically do so by demonstrating they have the MERIT to be in those positions. They are not, to be frank, interested in meeting the standard of merit that liberals use in selecting their leaders.

This is because the woke think liberals and other non-woke groups don't really care about merit, and just use merit as an excuse to keep "marginalized groups" out of positions of power. The woke think leadership requirements are little more than poorly disguised power hoarding.

As such they think meeting liberal standards accepts the logic of liberalism, which they reject and want to replace with wokeness.

So, rather than follow liberal rules of civility, merit, reason, and democracy; they follow woke rules and play cynical social power games.

They will accuse, imply, and insinuate all kinds of things about anyone in order to socially destroy whoever dares to get in their way.

They're not going to tell you you're wrong, they're going to tell everyone else you're a racist, sexist, homophobe.

That's how it works.

Here, Bret Weinstein explains how false accusations of racism were used to try to intimidate him into going along with a woke takeover of College where he was teaching at the time. Please pay close attention.

In this clip Reihan Salam responds to comments by Eddie Glaude and while he is talking Eddie interrupts him to insinuate that Reihan is not being genuiune and is merely trying to score political points in a debate. This is a typical woke tactic.

The point is that if you think you're going to push back on wokeness with arguments according to the rules of civility, fairplay, evidence and reason you are sorely mistaken.

This is not how this works.

The woke don't play that game. Theirs is a contest for power, and they use cynical social tactics in order to try to browbeat people into doing what the woke want them to do. Push back requires we recognize what game the woke are playing, and make that clear to everyone else.

Wokeness has a vulnerability: being understood.

When people understand the game the woke play, they stop going along with it and the woke lose power.

So make their game clear, make it transparent, and call it out. The sooner you do the sooner the woke lose power.

First, let me tap the sign yet again.

Second, another reminder: Wokeness is a Christian heresy, which means I tap the other sign.

You're dealing with a cult, a Satanic cult, one with Will To Power as a central tenet of their ideology. Yes, you can use the Three Laws of SJWs to deal effectively with them (and you should), but there is more that needs be done and knowing how their mindset operates is vital to breaking their playbook. They go straight to Power and don't give a damn about what it takes to get and keep it.

The reason they converge organizations is because they believe in Monopoly of Organization. Not just on Force. They converge every last little group, formal or not, because they are deathly afraid that some enemy will recognize them for what they are and rally opposition to them; this means organizing against them in order to put them down for good, so they are totalitarians of the most ruthless sort.

This is not a rational belief. They cannot be reasoned out of it. They are emotionally committed; they have to be broken at that level or higher.

So make this what it is: a struggle against an evil Satanic cult.

Empire is falling.

Sunday, September 27, 2020

Wokal Distance Explains The Death Cult Corruption of the Academy

Wokal Distance posted a thread this past Monday on the Death Cult's corruption of the Academy. That thread on Twitter started here. Reposted below.

Ever wonder why Universities produce so much Wokeness?

The answer is 'Activist Scholars': Woke professors who have decided that the goal of a University is to ideologically indoctrinate students and spread activist propaganda.

They admit this, and I have receipts.

See, the problem is NOT merely that some professors have blind-spots that need to be corrected by having lots of other professors with different views. That issue is important, but that is not what I am talking about.

Activists Scholars are an entirely different problem.

The Scholar Activist sees their job to do activism in the classroom including using their classroom in the University to train more Woke activists.

This Paper by Kia M. Q. Hall is about activities for training Black Lives Matter activists in the classroom.

You see, the Scholar Activist does not even attempt to teach from neutral ground. They have an ideology, and use their classroom to train students to become activists on behalf of that ideology.

Here Deborah Lowry suggests a way to teach that "supports student-activists".

This isn't bias and blind-spots, this is activists deciding the classroom is a place for them to teach and train activists to agitate on behalf of Woke ideology.

But it goes further; many of these professors explicitly admit they no longer care about telling the truth.

Here, Kelly Oliver says the quiet part out loud.

She says Feminist theories do NOT have to be true or false. They have to be STRATEGIC. The truth does not matter, strategy does. This is because, she says, Feminism has to be revolutionary; and she means *REVOLUTIONARY*

Not to be outdone, Professor Joan Scott tells us that they seek a theory that will be relevant for political practice, and Sociologist Raewyn Connell seeks a theory of Gender that takes politics into account.

These professors are saying, very explicitly, that they are publishing in academic journals, and teaching in University classrooms, a set academic theories which exist ENTIRELY for the purpose of doing woke activist politics.

This isn't bias, it's indoctrination.

You see the fruit of this sort of activist training in the situation that occurred at Evergreen State college when student activists took over the Campus.

Here, students tell the faculty of the college they just took over they learned their activism FROM THAT SAME FACULTY.

The faculty of Evergreen turned their students into activists, who turned around and used their activist training to take over the college and demand the already Woke college become even more Woke.

Woke professors caught in a feedback loop of wokeness of their own creation.

I hope thus far you have seen that there is a good sized segment of the University that has decided that rather then pursue truth and seek to be a neutral in the classroom as possible, they are going to pursue politics, and use the classroom to indoctrinate the students.

So how did they manage to do that?

To understand that you need to understand what Tenure.

Tenure means that a professor can be terminated only for cause under extraordinary circumstances. It is almost impossible to fired once as a professor if you have Tenure.

Woke academics who have gotten tenure, use their positions to help as many other Woke people get tenure as possible.

Here, Henry Giroux explains how he helped **100** people get Tenure, and how he sees doing so as being an important "political intervention."

This means a couple of things. The first is that these professors can publish Woke papers in academic journals, which makes their ideology look legitimate. This is like laundering money, except in this case the thing being laundered is activist ideology. The second is that a professor with Tenure is nearly impossible to fire. Even if they get caught teaching activist ideology they can't be fired, and that means they are free to propagandize and indoctrinate without fear of being fired.

Are we beginning to see what's happening here?

The Woke are taking over Universities by helping each other get Tenure, so they can keep indoctrinating students in the classrooms while publishing their Woke ideology in journals so it gets treated like real science, scholarship, and knowledge. (Ed: Refer back to last week's post; this is using Enlightenment Liberal Epistomology against itself.)

What gets left out by the Woke is the truth, because the Woke are not interested in trying to find out and teach about how the world really is. Here, Kelly Oliver talks about how to divorce science from nature, so that Feminists can take over science with Feminist ideology.

They are telling us what they are doing, and they are being clear about it. They mean what they say, and they say what they mean. We need to take these people at face value and start believing us when they tell us who they are and what they are doing.

There are no easy answers here but we can start by showing people what is going on and sharing this information widely. Then we can start figuring out a strategy to counter Wokeness in the University. Let's get to work.

(Editing and emphasis by me.)

You start by calling what it is: Heresy, Treason, and Sedition.

You continue by calling them what they are: heretics, traitors, and Satanists who cover for pedophiles and worse with their ideology.

There is no value in continuing to pretend that this is a civil matter. This is infiltration and subversion by hostile aliens and foreigners in league with treasonous nationals all of whom are in thrall to a hostile enemy power. That's not grounds for debate and argument. That's grounds for summary execution upon detection.

If the God-Emperor were not in charge, I'd be in favor of wholesale doxing and disapparance of our enemies. Yes, they're already doing the former to us; the latter is being openly warmed up to, or have you not noticed all of the BLM/Antifa mobs sorting as far out as to small towns close to the big cities specifically to menace targets residing there? The firebomings and home invasions are on the table, folks.

The Death Cultists are screaming this at you, and so many of you willfully refuse to accept it.

The reason I'm not calling for preemptive strikes is due to the God-Emperor's efforts to neuter BLM/Antifa. While casualties and fatalities happen on our side, nonetheless that is happening and the Feds--increasingly, this means local or state agencies deputized by a loyal Federal agency and thus delivering targets to Federal custody--and the upcoming Trumpslide will allow the God-Emperor to release what holds he's keeping in place. (e.g. the Insurrection Act)

Remember that the entire United States remains under Emergency declarations, and that the Stafford Act is in effect. Military personnel can be employed in a law enforcement capacity under the Stafford Act. Remember his method of operation: to keep things completely concealed until it's too late to stop it. In short, the most severe of Operational Security is maintained until the results are at hand. You won't hear or see shit until it's over. The recent peace deal is the evidence you require to see that this is how it is.

Because you will neither see nor hear anything, you had better not expect to see or hear it in the press or on social media. Trump works invisibly; the best thing we can do is to stay out of the line of fire and highlight targets for him to send Feds at.

For now, that is.

Empire is falling.