Sunday, August 25, 2019

Narrative Warfare: The Mask's Slipping Reveals The Monster

Thralls deny it from one corner of their mouth, only to taunt with it from the other.

This is what they're playing for in the U.S., as they are across the West. They want to run out the clock knowing they can seize power permanently once the demographics are in their favor, and they know they have the new electorate firmly in their control via gibs and other degenerate dependency schemes. This is what the God-Emperor is up against, and why he's got to move before his second term--and he will get it--is up or the American nation will get genocided just like the Boers are in South Africa right now.

This is what--as the QAnon folks say--the Storm is about: clearing out the network enabling this invasion. It has to come in waves, taking out key nodes enabling operations, and that's why some say it's already here and we're only now seeing results because its effects can't be so easily covered up by the media nodes. Yes, this means Epstein's murder--and yes, he was murdered; this "suicide" is too much like other suspicious "suicides" for it to be actual suicide--had the effect necessary to get more people to pay attention to the reality of the situation.

And the reality is this: it's all about feeding a monster-- a thing that has no business being here--with human sacrifices in return for power in this life, because if it's not fed, then it dies and it threatens to take all of us with it. It threatens. Its ability to do so remains unverified. Starve the beast. Empire must fall.

Sunday, August 18, 2019

Narrative Warfare: When Foreign Warfare Comes Home

The Member of the House of Representatives for Minnesota's 5th Congressional District, Ilhan Omar, is getting into more trouble. Her ties to a foreign power of dubious intent, Qatar, are coming out in the media of other Middle-Eastern states and through dual-speaking people those media exposes are coming West.

Sunday, August 11, 2019

Narrative Warfare: Brick To The Face

We all know one thing for certain: the official story regarding Jeffery Epstein's apparent death is a bald-faced lie so insulting it's got everyone noticing.

Some, such as Ivan Throne, regard this as a challenge. It's saying "And you're going to do what, exactly, punk?" Under other circumstances, I would entertain this notion. Not this time, and here is why: because it made no difference regarding the prosecutions of the rest of the pedophile ring, other than to give sufficient cause for continued action on doing so. The investigations continue. The prosecutions continue. And, now that Barr's made the commitment, it merely ensured that the cell tied to Epstein's prison gets all the eyeballs on it.

In short, this wasn't amused mastery. This was desperation.

Sunday, August 4, 2019

Narrative Warfare: Wind Up Toys Gone Wild

Those of us who watch what's going on knew this was only a matter of time. No sooner than the God-Emperor gets some traction and out come the wind-up toys to give the Thralls in the media an excuse to distract, dissemble, and deflect away from the real matters and back towards the Narrative. As was seen at the #QAnon boards:

Bitch all you like about #QAnon. The effect is what matters, and that effect has been to consistently and systematically undermine Empire's demoralization regime by injecting hope back into a population aching for it, and then once that attention is given to direct it down paths to teach normies things that a lot of us who's run around Crazytown for a while have long since become accustomed to.

One of those things? MKUltra and its role in winding up vulnerable boys--almost always white boys with absent or abusive fathers, psychological issues that require medication, no Christian faith (if not hostility), low-status and failures at life--to deploy as killbots when the Narrative needs something to use in times of slipping control. Dig into the background and you'll see many of these media darlings fit this profile to a high degree.

What do they want to distract you from? Whatever it is the God-Emperor's been putting on display, or was about to force into the media. What do they want to distract you to? "What do you mean, 'to'?" Dragon award winner Brian Niemeier, rising master of the storytelling craft, lays out in the below Twitter thread what the practical end of these wind up toys being deploys is. Click through, read it, and come back.

But that's not all they do. By using these slaughters as the basis for selling the Narrative, they are enacting human sacrifice rituals disguised as media events to work ritual magic; it's blood-powered wizardry--sophistry--meant to employ the most powerful Rhetoric while the targets (you) are at your weakest in order to maximize the effect.

And it's failing

That's what I want you to take away from this. It's been failing as a tactic for years now, only working reliably on Boomers and Millenials- and on the latter, to a lesser degree. Gen X is cynical as fuck, so it's been waning in effect for decades. Gen Y took a while to catch up, but once they saw how the magic trick worked it's stopped working. Gen Z? You've seen Soph, right? Not even close.

That's the real reason the Thralls hate that the God-Emperor flipped their "Fake News" ploy back on them. It opened the door to widespread normie rejection of the Narrative, and not even three wind-up toys doing the mass slaughter in the usual no-gun zones over a weekend will get the gun control agenda the support the Thralls want- or any other. Not when Google and Facebook routinely get caught bullshitting their users. Not when people increasingly tune out the mainstream in favor of independents. Not when folks stop reading the papers, stop listening to the radio, stop watching TV news, and rely only on independent sources they can trust.

In short, information control is lost. The ability to create--and thus control--context is lost. The Thralls in Silicon Valley are apoplectic about this, as are their allies in the news media, which is why they are so desperate to do anything--illegal or not--to get it back. This is the first major upset in Narrative Warfare since its modern form took shape between 1890 and 1920 via Yellow Journalism and WW1 propaganda, as revealed in Edward Bernays' Propaganda. Once the Narrative control machine is broken, it'll take a long time to replace it. Don't blow this opportunity; Empire Must Fall.