Sunday, August 28, 2016

(Lionel Nation) How the CIA Invented and Weaponized the Term "Conspiracy Theory"

“Conspiracy theory” is a CIA-coined term that since the 1960s has become a well-used and effective disciplinary device that has been overwhelmingly useful in defining certain events and areas of inquiry off limits to debate and imputing insanity on the part of the proponent. Especially in the United States and today raising legitimate questions about fanciful "official narratives" is deemed a major thought crime that must be cauterized from the public psyche at all costs. Infra, please find the official document and directive that got the how shebang roaring out of control.

CIA Document 1035-960 Concerning Criticism of the Warren Report

Language policing is not just something that Social Justice cultists do. They got it from far superior practitioners, and the Intelligence Community (with its long-standing ties to Wall Street and Madison Avenue) is one of them. Shaping how populations think by shaping what words are used and how, culling the propagation of some ideas while supporting others, is literal mind control (via control of information, particularly how one is able to process and pass on such). Memetic warfare allows one to shape the field for control over the Moral Level of War, through which all lower levels becomes much easier to wield.

By using kill-terms like "conspiracy theory", the memetic poison works to tip the memetic level to the advantage of the poisoner, acting in metaphorical terms to the language-triggered parasites of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain- to put the speaker into a Sophie's Choice of silence to survive or (socio-political) death for speaking out. "Thought Crime" is hardly a non-issue now, and this video shows how this became a thing in the US (and, you can count on it) the rest of the West; what was formerly said to be only a tell of a cult (such as Social Justice) is now revealed as something the Globalists did first (and A/B tested since World War 1 into its current form).

And yes, the Internet did wreck shit for the Globalists; that is why they want control over it so bad.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

(Newsbud) Incirlik Nukes Out, Russian Air Force In. Is Turkey Leaving NATO?


In a bombshell development, Turkey and Russia are considering military ties and even floating the idea of opening Incirlik to the Russian Air Force. Is Turkey preparing to exit NATO? Or pushing to see how far they can take their alliance with Russia? Or about to be pushed out? And what does it mean if they are? Are the Incirlik nukes in play? And what about Turkey's role in Syria? Join us today for a fascinating edition of the Newsbud roundtable as Sibel Edmonds, James Corbett and Spiro Skouras dissect the latest developments in one of the world's most volatile regions.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Mike Cernovich & Stefan Molyneux Talk Mindset & The World's Crisises

Mike Cernovich runs Danger & Play, through which he has gone on to become one of the emerging independent journalists, has done several interviews with Stefan Molyneux now. He's the author of Gorilla Mindset, a fantastic book because what he says you can actually act upon. Practical and pragmatic in pursuit of his objectives, and positioned such that he's immune to the usual pressure tactics meant to tame people like him, Mike goes out and uses the latest technology to directly connect to his audience. By cutting out the middlemen, Mike (like Stefan) makes the mainstream media gatekeepers and kills their power to shape narratives. He is now one of a handful of alt-media actors who are compelling the MSM to play defense in this Narrative Warfare season. Watch the most recent video on Hillary Clinton's health if you just want one, but the full list is worth your time.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

(Corbett Report) Revolution Impossible?


As the economy collapses and the police state noose cinches tighter, revolution is on the tip of everyone’s tongue. But what kind of revolution is necessary…or even possible? On this episode of The Corbett Report podcast we look deeper into the revolutionary fervour of our times.

(Freedomain Radio) Culture Wars: The Battle For Western Civilization w/ Vox Day and Stefan Molyneux

Politics are downstream from culture and there is a massive propaganda war underway which is determined to undermine the foundations of Western Civilization Vox Day joins Stefan Molyneux to discuss examples of propaganda within media and the distorting effect it has on the perception of reality.

Multiple-time Hugo Award nominee Vox Day writes epic fantasy as well as non-fiction about religion, philosophy, and economics. He is a professional game designer who speaks four languages and a three-time Billboard Top 40 Club Play recording artist.

Vox Day maintains a pair of popular blogs, Vox Popoli and Alpha Game, which between them average over 2 million pageviews per month.

First: If you want links and such, click through to the YouTube page and scroll down to the Video Description. All of it is there.

Nevermind the rest. I'm still cool with Max Egan, even if he's been saying the same thing for years now, and Mark Passio's still on point (even when he goes well into Crazytown, because he grounds that shit in the real), but both of them are going to get pushed aside (and are being pushed aside, most recently by me) because their arguments and proposals and concerns have a pre-requisite that is now manifestly obvious in its absence: no clear, present, and immament threats to life, property, or posterity (i.e. an existential threat).

Theirs is for peacetime, and we are now at war. Wartime requires far more concrete levels of thinking and acting than what Max & Mark do.

While Vox and Stefan aren't talking about war as such, they are talking on those concrete levels that Max & Mark avoid. They talk about that which the common man can grok and act upon right fucking there and then. They talk about things that can be readily, independently verified (and thus proven as true). They are not always pleasant, but they are real and you either get with it or get killed by it.

By comparison, talk about the relationship between government and the individual really pales. None of that matters in the face of invasion by hostile aliens aided by traitorous 5th columnists in high places seeking to kill you, take your stuff, and laugh at you in the process. Security of life and limb is paramount, security of property and posterity one step behind, and takes precedent over philosophical matters that ordinary folks aren't able to see like an oncoming train.

It only takes one to start a fight, and once begun it's impossible to stop before it runs its course. Or a war, for that matter. You can sit there and talk about oneness and unity all you want; it won't stop that guy from trying to kill you with a knife, or blow you up with a bomb. You can either let them kill you and take your stuff, or you can come back to reality and kill that fucker first. Once you're secure, then you can get back to worrying about the curious connection between known human psychology and Sumerian Mythology. Until then, it's wartime and you've got far more important things to do.