Sunday, December 25, 2022

We Need Not Face Empire Alone

Yes, this past week kept piling on the evidence of Rule By Spook, such that it is becoming hard to argue against the position that the difference between Globohomo and the CCP is purely down to the specific means and ways both factions make puppets of corporations in their sphere to use as instruments of their will.

This can be demoralizing. Fortunately, there is a savior and today marks the day of his birth.


Empire falls.

Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 18, 2022

The Secret Kings Are Weak And Frail

I ended last week with a mention of the Secret Kings.

That is not a formal group. It is an idea, an archetype, an abstraction.

It is the concept that there are people who exert power covertly, whom you do not know and therefore would not recognize if you encountered them in everyday life.

They want to think of themselves as this:

Those more accepting of what they really are see themselves as this:

In reality, they are this:

Because real kings are like Alexander and just come at their objectives openly, rather than scurry about like rats, and when they become aware of Thralls in their midst then what Theoden did to Wormtongue is the best that can be expected. Instead, more often, you get this:

This is why they act like rats, focus upon corruption and blackmail, and are so big on surveilance. The smarter among them know that a network of mediocrities who know that they succeed only because they do what the Spooks tell them is far easier to cultivate, curate, and control than trying to plant a Wormtongue into every true king's ear.

They know that, compared to the masses, they are few and ready to be purged good and hard if they are exposed. They know that only so long as they can mantain superiority of information that they can maintain power, and that means the core staying in the shadows while working through disposable cutouts to work the levers of power, but due to the spiritual root of their power they have to pay tribute to their master and that's how you get mask-off moments like this.

Many over the years said that those who rule the West adhere to a weird code where they have to tell you what's up before going hard on it.

Think of it as being like someone that expects you to read their minds and just know what they are thinking as they hint and gesture while you are focused on doing something useful, then get mad at you when you don't do what they want so they find some way to punish you.

That's this concept in action as the Spooks do it; they use symbolism, knowing that you're not literate in their symbolic language, to tell you and then when you don't do anything they punish you and say "But you consented" when you point it out.

If that sounds like an abusive spouse or parent gaslighting a victim, that's because it is.

They give you illusions, making you think you have a real choice, then fix the outcome to whatever suits them best.

There are no markets, only rackets. There is no democracy or republicanism, only a shadow oligarchy that operates as a dictatorship. There is no truth, only propaganda.

If you think this sounds like live under the former Soviet Bloc or the present Chinese regime, you're not wrong- it's just that the Spooks of Globohomo do all of it better.

And yet, for all their glamor and tale-telling, they can no more change reality than they can defy gravity- and reality always breaks through.

The Rule of Spooks is fragile, and their need to more overtly flex what power they have is a defensive move of weakness. Going hard, despite popular opposition, to control over movement and capital in the name of "climate regulation" or whatever bullshit it is this week--complete with media blackouts that make said Communist regimes look tame--and as such their Invisible Empire is shuddering just as their counterparts elsewhere are.

Empire falls.

Be ready.

Sunday, December 11, 2022

Rule By Spook

This past week, Elon Musk began releasing heretofore private information about Twitter's operations through a handful of mainstream Western journalists.

Collectively these are "The Twtter Files", and what they reveal is confirmation of what dissidents across the board have suspected and claimed for years about how the Twitter censorship regime worked.

Former CEO Jack Dorsey had no real power. He was a figurehead. The real power was "Trust and Safety", which directly liased with Globohomo assets in various governments and corporations as well as their counterparts in the Chi-Com sphere of influence. We can, reasonably, conclude that other parties at least maintained contact with this ruling cabal at Twitter.

The many rainbow-haired Thralls that Elon fired recently were the Commissars--the political officers--charged with enforcing the Twitter Politburo's diktat--and their recent purging pointed in the direction of this revelation's confirmation, pressaged by the immediate turnaround of Twitter Japan's Trending Topics from Globohomo faggotry to far more wholesome and Normie-friendly J-Pop talk of pop music, anime, manga, TV shows, etc. in the blink of an eye.

What this points to is the confirmation of a claim made by Anonymous Conservative: Rule By Spook.

AC claims that this happened in the United States about a century or so ago, and similar forensic historical analysis by Richard Grove (Peace Revolution, Grand Theft World, Tragedy & Hope Podcast) extends this to the founding of the American republic itself. (I will not expand on this further here; I direct you to Grove's many years of podcasts to pursue this.)

But you are not yet interested in that history. You want to know what this means here and now.

Imagine Twitter under Dorsey, but for all of the West. The politicians you elect are not the power-wielders, and are not elected by you; they are selected by others, and they are actors playing out a pantomime of power for a deliberately deceived population intended to be used as cattle- to be herded as useful, and culled as necessary.

There is no need to talk about supernatural creatures. There is no need to speak of extraterrestrials, or hidden civilizations. All that is necessary for this to be valid is to recognize the following:

  • There is power in deceit.
  • Those that recognize power in deceit come to recognize the power in rigging the outcomes of life by deceit in their favor.
  • There is absolute--but utterly fragile--power in ensuring that all operations of life are controlled by those that deceive.
  • Therefore there is no other outcome but to conceal oneself while assuming control over all nodes of power within a civilization, and destroying all that cannot be controlled or denying access--including, in time, acknowledgement--of what it can neither control nor destroy.

This results in the policy of "TINA": (T)here (I)s (N)o (A)lternative.

The end result of Rule By Spook is Rule By Fraud, which requires ever-increasing unreality and a constant shifting of what is and is not acceptable to keep would-be opposition off-balance and permitting easy pretexts for Spooks to enforce their rule in the deniable fashion that they require.

That may explain Clown World in a general sense, but not the civilizational suicide.

No, this is not mere "Rule The Ashes" thought. Nor is it "Manage The Inevitable Decline". Both of these are due to the Spooks' actions across recent generations over the last century or so, which means that something other than secular rationality--if you believe in such a thing--is driving this.

It is not a surprise that a lot of the roots of tradecraft and the game of espionage derive from the temple cults of Antiquity. Egpyt in particular was lousy with them, with priests using their position to establish information ratlines to create intelligence reports, reports that would be weaponized due to disparities in information to put all of those priests into a superior position of power over others- sometimes even over the Pharoahs.

(Side Note: This is what the Aten Incident was really about.)

This practice continues to this day. That's what the child abuse is about, and why the Spooks are lousy with pedophiles and pedophilia; it's not just a tennat of their faith that they must ritually defile life to satisfy their immortal master, but also grants them power over others they lure into participating in such acts where they can be seen doing it. This awareness of the prevalence of such predators is finally getting popular notice, such that it is now suspected that many supporting Globohomo are either partakers or covering for them.

The Spooks may not be vampires, aliens, or killer robots but they are predatory cultists in thrall to an evil spirit that claims mastery over the world and has enough power to make that claim seem real. That much is clear in the outright demoralization of any society and nation that comes into their power--look at Poland--and so is the clear disconnect of "elected" officials from those they claim to serve.

"We are better than you" is what the Spooks' actions say, "for we are possessed of Secret Knowledge and by dint of that knowledge we alone know what must be done, and we cannot trust you to do it so we do it out of your sight so that we need not fear your interference. We are The Secret Kings, we see all, we know all, and We Rule You."

Alas, Anonynous Conservative is also right about the only way forward: ruthless, totaly, and complete exposure followed by a more ruthless purging by fire and blood.

Empire is not stupid. It knows it should not be. That's why it hides. Rule By Spook is the inevitably outcome of its nature expressing itself via its Thralls, and in that it sows the seeds of its destruction, and Empire Falls.

Sunday, December 4, 2022

The Rise & Fall Of The Boomer Founding Myth

This needs no further explanation. Behold! The Foundting Myth of Globohomo.

This myth is the cornerstone of the Death Cult that dominates and rules the West.

You will map the strength of this mythology to the living memory of World War 2 in the West. As the Baby Boomers--the children of those who lived through that war--start dying off in huge numbers, the power of this mythology will wane and the compensation for that loss via outright hard power of the State using open and brick-to-face obvious repression as if this were China will increase.

One manifestation of this shift has already become obvious: The Boomer Furnace.

This is the practice of tying all public and private policy to serve the desires of Baby Boomers regardless of the consequences.

Know this, then: this mythology will not outlast the Boomers, and will follow everything else into the Boomer Furnace. Once the Boomers lose a critical mass of power and influence, this mythology is done--this week reminded everyone that cracks already exist in the facade--and with its power spent so will be those that depend upon it.

Sunday, November 27, 2022

On Legitimacy And The State

The following, abridged, is taken from a conversation Beige Shiba had regarding the FTX situation. Irrelevant elements were edited out. Emphasis added by me.

I actually listened to a rather good podcast taking on this whole FTX thing, it's just that it's a leftie podcast analysing it through a Marxist lens...

Basically, IMO it's as good an analysis as it's possible to do while avoiding the elephant of the room in terms of how all the bad actors (bankers, regulators & press/PR goons) all hang out together at the same place on Saturday.

(Since lefties can never admit this because that would mean admitting that righties are correct about something, which their delicate egos cannot allow. Also admitting it means being cut off from the banking and finance systems which these people totally don't control in a cartel-like fashion)

But as long as you're willing to tolerate that glaring blind spot, it's a good take. At the very least the lefty podcasters are able to acknowledge the systems are completely and utterly corrupt, even if they refuse to admit who is behind the corruption.

Meanwhile apart from outliers like us, righties simply refuse to admit that institutions are horribly corrupt and illegitimate. They'll simp for "Law and Order" even as the boot crushes their windpipe.

The problem is that we're low key surrounded by either boot tasting enjoyers, or libertarian losers whos reaction to learning that the government is basically just another gang is to go "Well clearly, I need to set out on my own and be a super inviting target for organised predatory gangs"

Lefties are mostly profiting off the corruption so their objection to it is mostly just performative and righties mostly refuse to admit the corruption exists or even if they do, refuse to engage in any actually effective mitigation strategies.

There are some folks on the Right that talk about Legitimacy and the State. Not enough people listen to them.

This needs to be hammered as if it were by the fist of an angry God. You are not obligated to serve or obey that which preys upon you and yours. A State that betrays the purpose that justifies its existence--for the West, under the nation-state, that is to serve and protect the nation that granted its existence and benefits from it--is not legitimate and therefore is owed neither obedience nor allegience.

Yet Western states do just that.

They are captured by Empire. Who, or what, do those captured states serve? That is the Imperial party of the West; cut that head off and Empire in the West falls.

Sunday, November 20, 2022

On Antifa

Antifa showed up again recently to protect another Drag Queen Story Hour event.

People showed up to meme on them. Certain people, like Mystery Grove Publishing, objected to this as ineffective. I pushed back, pointing out that Antifa showing up as an armed milita is not a leading indication of Death Cult convergence and subordination to the Globohomo Regime, but rather that it was a lagging indicator; by the time stunts like this go down, the enemy already seized control of the area.

TLDR: You don't see this-

-without this preceding it.

That is Minnesota Attourney General Keith Ellison. You'll find his son in government in the Twin Cities, and said son boasts of having been on the street.

As Beige Shiba explains:

They're basically a paramilitary, most of the people commanding them are literally plain clothes cops. Just about everyone involved knows this and is totally cool with it.

Again, anything the US Government isn't able to do themselves legally, they just spin up some sort of non state actor to do it on their behalf. Sometimes it's an NGO, sometimes it's a tech company, sometimes it's a crustpunk paramilitary group.

That's what Antifa is: a deniable paramilitary asset to be used for murking opposition that Globohomo can't use the State to eliminate. For you WW2 fetishists, think of the various deathsquads that followed the military advances and genocided Desiganted Demographics because the sponsoring regime said so. That's why Antifa is a lagging indicator; they have to have State protection to function as intended, and when this is not in place you find Antifa failing spectacularly.

What does this mean? If Antifa is anything but a joke, then where you live is Enemy Territory.

Using Lawfare against Antifa means getting smacked with Federal hate crime issues, media hitpieces that excuse being unpersoned online and your bank accounts seized (remember the Canadian trucker convoy), and tortious interference in your business affairs no matter what they are--jobs lost, clients drop you, contracts cancelled, etc.--because they don't want that attention on them.

There is something to note, however. Like all paramilitary death squads--which is what Antifa is; just as Kyle Rittenhouse--they are prepared for, and train for, open opposition against forthright (and often naive) targets. Against targets that make the trees speak Finnish, the jungles speak Vietnamese, or the mountains echo in Pashtun they either run or die.

That, dissidents, is what you have to accept when you confront Antifa: you are dealing with a State-supported death squad. You are already defacto criminalized if they show up to fuck with you. You do not deal with them by being the Sheriff. You do not deal with them by being Rambo. You deal with them by not being seen or heard as you make them disappear into your compost pile, because they are a Counter-Insurgency Death Squad so you better be a better insurgent if you want to deal with them.

"But that's illegal!"

Again, Beige Shiba in a one-two punch:

You are not voting or suing your way out. Your existence is illegal. Deal with it, do what it takes to win, or suffer the boot.

Sunday, November 13, 2022

A Look At Globohomo's Best Narrative Warrior

I'd been looking for sometime for a Globohomo perspective that articulates its objectives in clear language, the sort that one used with friendly audiences. Peter Zeihan has proven himself to be that mouthpiece.

For all the explanatory power that we have from men like Richard Grove their media creations that synthesizes source documentation into digestible intelligence, hearing those same sentiments from the enemy's own mouth has far more power and that's why finding Zeihan was a boon for me.

It does not matter if Zeihan is a practicing cultist, a mere true believer in the secular materialism he speaks of, or a cynical opportunist that's playing a very long con; the result is the same regardless of the motive- he is the most effective speaker for Globohomo that there is at this time. The biggest tell that he's The Guy, as it were, is in the sheer number of low-effort YouTube channels that make money off taking audio clips of him and setting them--often with poor auto-generated subtitles--to stock footage.

The result is that his take is now widely distributed and readily available. What is below is typical of this sort of thing.

Because of the Ukraine War and the Taiwan situation, he's been asked a lot about both countries this year. They are both big players in BRICS, the association set to counter Globohomo, and men like Vox Day have long said that these two countries will team up to take down Globohomo. What that neglected was geopolitics and intergenerational logistics, the things Zeihan is good at. Below are Zeihan on Russia and China on these matters. TLDR: They're screwed, so Globohomo can just wait them BOTH out.

What I want you to get is not just that Zeihan is conducting Narrative Warfare, but that he is one of the best at it and that the anti-Globo side has no one countering Zeihan.

Zeihan, far more than anyone else, is effective at communicating a narrative of Globohomo victory. Like many competent Narrative Warriors, he uses facts to spin a narrative. The trick? His are independently verifiable, which means that they are not just disconnected facts but a body of evidence. That additional credibility is what puts Peter over the top and allows his mask slips to not harm him and instead paint George Galloway, The Duran, New Atlas, and other anti-Globohomo counterparties as incompetents to be ignored.

Narrative Warfare is about credibility because credibility is what allows you to build a solid narrative frame. Zeihan, whether he knows it or not, is effective because of this; he tells a tale without going into spewing bullshit because he knows that anyone serious about rebutting his claims can't get past his evidence. To counter him you either have to get better evidence or you have to build an alternative frame, and so far Globohomo's enemies can't get the former at all or succeed with the latter without massive hard info control that is also easy for Globohomo to use against them- and it does, just look at how the CCP gets knocked around for its propaganda regime.

So what is that Globohomo narrative that Zeihan explains? It has to do with The Great Reset.

"The US is all set to go it alone."

That's not just geopolitics, that's Globohomo's intent now that the leap to China is a no-go. (That, by the way, is what Xi Jinping really did; he stopped Hu and Jiang from letting that happen.)

The idea is to wreck the globe again, reindustrialize the US, reinforce Canada and Mexico as its bitches, clear out Asian and European influence in the Americas and then repeat the post-WW2 rebuilding process. That is the Great Reset.

To ensure that there's enough cheap labor at home, the borders are down and in they come- and are dual-used as street thugs against the American nation that hasn't already taken the ticket. This is why the anti-White stuff is going on here and in Europe; once the US is secured, the rest of the West will be Brazilified into a racial caste system with Loyalist (((Fellow))) Whites on top and any non-Whites will be similiarly comprised of ticket takers like Sunak in the UK.

They're anticipating the population crash and the loss that goes with the Boomers dying off. Globohomo seeks to use this period of retrenchment and global chaos to complete the foundation for a new, globalized, Tower of Babel with themselves on top and the United States as the metropole that is both the base and the pinnacle of the Tower- a Tower that is also a temple to Baal and Molech, so it is built upon and fueled by human sacrifice from infants to the elderly.

And Zeihan--who, in one of his mask slips, has dismissed this global elite class as a thing--is the man that sells it to the world.

Empire does not care what its host is. It can be Globohomo, Red China, a revaunchist India, a revivalist Aztec empire that emerges out of the drug cartels of the Americas, or whatever else you can imagine so long as it persists and can strive to fulfill its Satanic ends. Therefore Empire has a bias only insofar as it favors what it knows over what it does not, all else being equal.

And after what went down in the United States this past week, and Brazil before that, don't think that Globohomo is done yet. The cunning adapt.

BRICS just lost "B". If "R" goes down, "C" is next (and "I" doesn't get along with it) by which time "S" and "I" will see the writing on the wall and get back into line.

Logistics and demography--political ecnonomy--is the thing that can't be bullshat for long; you can't long-con this stuff. That's what Zeihan relies upon to make his calls that Russia and China can be waited out, which he explains with that aforementioned evidence to friendly audiences around the world and is why despite all sorts of fuckery out of D.C., London, and Brussels Globohomo remains the favor to win the present global power struggle.

It also explains all of their domestic fuckery--what they do, how they do it, and to what end--because the Tower of Babel needs cheap labor in abundance to get built in acceptable time frames (including all the sacrifices) and if they can also be used to take out domestic resistance then so much the better.

What you need to take away from this is the following: (1) if you want to beat Empire's best Narrative Warrior, study him and learn how to beat his best moves; (2) Man alone is insufficient to beat a demonically-empowered enemy; (3) Don't take what you hear at face-value, especially if you're inclined to like it, but test it to see if it is true lest you be deceived.

Empire falls. Just not on your timeframe.

Sunday, November 6, 2022

Narrative Warfare: Twitter Turnover & The Moment At Hand

No one denies that Twitter falling into the hands of Elon Musk isn't a major sea change in the realm of Narrative Warfare.

The question is "To what extent does Elon's seizing control change Twitter's direction in terms of Narrative Warfare."

Some, such as Vox Day and Anonymous Conservative, are pessimistic and not without reason.

Social media platform Twitter has made good on its warnings and slashed 50% of its workforce, the company’s head of safety and integrity Yoel Roth announced in a tweet on Saturday.

“Yesterday’s reduction in force affected approximately 15% of our Trust & Safety organization (as opposed to approximately 50% cuts company-wide), with our front-line moderation staff experiencing the least impact,” he tweeted, emphasizing that the team responsible for monitoring and preventing misinformation and harmful content on the platform has remained largely intact.

According to Roth, battling misinformation on the platform will remain a top priority for Twitter. The same goal was emphasized by the company’s new owner, billionaire Elon Musk, in his own tweet.

In short, while Elon excised a lot of the cancer--in the form of the sheer hordes of SJW Death Cultists enjoying sinecures or adult daycare fake jobs getting the boot--key agents remain in place and there is no reason right now to believe that they won't get turfed out in turn or otherwise brought to heel.

That said, there is a real fear among those same Death Cultists that got fired this past week such that many turned to Mastodon as a replacement without knowing what the Fediverse is or how it works. This has been hilarious to watch.

Furthermore, Elon's open push to turn Verification--the blue checkmark--into a paid subscription service that anyone can access (and prorated by location; it's cheaper in cheap countries) has freaked these street-level Narrative Commissars something fierce.

Consider the possibility that Elon can break Twitter out of Globohomo control.

The freakouts and the threat of financial deplatforming--threatened in the form of advertising revenue being cutoff, and the implied threat of payment processing access also being cutoff--are not theater. Those are the exact same gangster-style threats that we see being done to Kanye West and others who have, in a way that's as real as it is metaphorical, off the plantation.

What I am not seeing from other commentors--I'll embed Auron MacIntyre's podcast today below--consider is that Elon would resort to forging backchannel alliances with one or more of the major players lining up against Globohomo: China, Russia, BRICS as a whole (and thus the Gulf States and India). By using setting himself, and Twitter, in the liminal space between these players Elon could easily play them against each other and thus guarantee Twitter (and his) autonomy.

There is a moment--a window--where the efforts of ordinary people can nudge Elon one way or another with equal weight to far bigger persons due to how Twitter works.

Doing this successfully breaks Globohomo hold on a major Narrative outlet. Doing this supremely also keeps rivals with similar motives--such as the Chinese Communist Party--from turning this into "Meet New Boss, Same As Old Boss".

We are stupid to not seize this opportunity and put in some work to help make Empire fall.

Sunday, October 30, 2022

China Got Taunted & Millennials As Bombs

This week I don't have a single topic, but rather two to hit upon. I shall do each briefly.


I follow The China Show (and its hosts separate channels), China Update, and Lei's Real Talk for most China Watch needs. Respectively, these are channels by people who've been on the ground for 10+ years, somehow still on the ground, or a native that defected and so they know the reality of the CCP and Mainland China that CCP propagandists constantly deny.

(Yes, including you Vox Day.)

Lei in particular has done fantastic work this past week analyzing what Xi did last weekend how it shook out over this past week. I recommend hitting up her channel, but what I want to point your attention to is the series of reports on the United States changing its regulations on American citizens and Green Card holders working for Chinese (Mainland) chip companies. Specifically, they banned it; keep your job or your citizenship/residency- and everyone chose the latter.

That decapitated Chinese chip capabilities overnight. Chips are a high-status, high-value economic pursuit; the US just forced a significant loss of Face upon the CCP and thus upon Xi Jingping. It's not the chips that matter here; it's the loss of Face. That, moreso than anything else, is what is going to push China to invade Taiwan even if it turns out to be a pointless endeavor because that cannot go unanswered- not after Pelosi's trip earlier this year forced a similar loss of Face.

"Whadda gonna do about it, Winnie?"

Is it Globohomo goading? Probably. It's also a reasonable bet.

"But hypersonics!"

My brother in Christ, Mainlanders can't even make gear for the PLA with consistently competent quality; their battle rifles keyhole constantly, their fleet is more for show than ready to go, and those missiles are made with the same shoddy work that makes Taurus engineers freak out over how bad quality control is.

In short, coupled with the relentless bullshitting out of the CCP, we can't take that those missiles even exist- nevermind that they work, or are in vast numbers. We can say that what they have, they likely got from the Russians because Moscow does have them and we know because Moscow USED them.

I don't buy that a US-China War is an auto-win for China. I also don't think that the US military getting its clock cleaned early on is undesired by Globohomo; throw just enough meat into the grinder to get a massive propaganda win out of it, then use that pretext to funnel unlimited funds to the Military Industrial Complex to speed-run new production of new gear while using Emergency Powers to scoop up enough personnel to man them. We're about 80 years past WW2, so it's about time for another world-reordering global war; count on something like this to happen within the next few years now that Russia's Ukraine War is going to prove to be contained.

Generational Theory

Taken from a Discord server I am in.

Boomers & Millennials.

Some say that Boomers made Millennials in their image in order to be their Designated Heirs. I have come to think this is half-correct.

The reason it is correct is because all of the Boomer psychology traits are present. The missing part is to what end because the Boomer Furnace exists.

Consider this: Millennials are not the Boomers' Heirs. They are the Deadman Switch.

Take someone with the exact same psychological profile but deny them the ability to satisfy the narcistic urge that defines the Boomers and what do you get? Millennials. As there are no Boomers left to rage at for getting screwed, they take it out on everyone else instead.

All that the Boomers cannot shove into the Furnace will be theirs to finish off in a generation-long orgy of narcistic rage.

("Boomer Furnace": The practice of shaping all laws, rules, regulation, etc. around the wants and needs of Baby Boomers without care for the consequences because they must be satisfied OR ELSE due to the outsized power and influence they wield and fuck everyone and everything else both before and after them.)


As Boomers run Globohomo, Boomers are deciding to throw it all in the Furance while simultaenously promising Millennials that they get to take over. Due to how Millennials were brought up as meme-clones of the Boomers, they bought this bullshit as a cohort; the tell is how they treat Gen X, Gen Y, and Gen Z (like shit).

You can only run a con for so long. Sooner or later the conman has to pull his vanishing act if he wants to avoid the consequences for his scamming, and for Boomers that means making certain that there's nothing left after they're gone- it all goes to feed their entitlements.

By 2030 this will be brick-to-face obvious to Millennials, but by then it will be too late and Millennials as a cohort will fulfill their function as bombs tied to Deadman Switches by their Boomer progenitors.

You think it's bad now? It's nothing compared to what happens when a generation in their prime gets mad as a hive mind at being played- a generation that now holds power (because the Boomers handed it to them).

Wars within and without are going to go down. The Boomers will start them, but the Millennials will ensure that they get played out.

Yes, including the civil wars.

As Beige Shiba put it:


Because the Millennials are unable to be humble about themselves. The Boomers made them in their image, so the Millennials cannot admit that they were wrong. Gamma Male/Entitled Karen Rage as a cohort is a disaster for one and all.

They will blame EVERYONE ELSE, and because they will be in power they will make this EVERYONE ELSE'S problem.

Brightburn wasn't a creepy anti-Superman film; it was a fucking warning.

Sunday, October 23, 2022

All Hail Emperor Winnie (Ignore The Burning Hundred-Acre Wood, Pleb)

To no one's surprise, Xi Jinping emerged from the annual National Congress at the head of the Party for a third term.

Everyone knows now that Xi's aim to become a second Mao, and thus be a true Neo-Emperor of China, is all but achieved at this time. While this may be alarming to some, it is going to be necessary for Xi to deal with the imminent threats to the Han nation, to the Chinese state, and to the Party- and this is clear to anyone with so much as a cursory comprehension of the Chinese--Han--tradition of statecraft.

Xi Jinping seizes nigh-total power at a time when the Chinese state faces several natural crisis born of Party--and therefore state--incompetence.

  • China's freshwater supply is in a state of near-collapse as well as unfixably polluted due to industrial policies long in place. This in turn made China dependent upon fertilizer for its meager and small amount of arable land, which meant dependence upon Ukraine and Russia for potash and fertilizer. Whoops.
  • China imports most of its food from abroad, as its incompetence routinely ruins its own capacity to generate its own food supplies as well as wasting what it stores for emergency use due to such incompetence and corruption. (See its pig culls due to preventable disease and grain wastage due to poor storage policies and capacity.)
  • China cannot keep the lights on due to so much need for hydroelectric power, power decimated by the very same droughts wrecking its farmlands and making them vulnerable to the flooding that washes what good soil China has away. This in turn means more coal-fired plants coming online, but not fast enough or run well enough to fill the gap as well as promoting dependency on foreign coal such as from Australia.
  • China prioritizes high-status industries such as Electric Vehicles over guaranteeing its populations basic needs; Tesla gets power before homes in the cities. This has not gone unnoticed.
  • The real estate corruption via a nationwide Ponzi scheme--Evergrade and company--has tipped into collapse and now various tiers of government are intervening directly to keep the plates from crashing. Meanwhile, people aren't being housed in apartments that they paid for because work isn't being done.
  • The factional infighting has taking priority over political economic policy, such that nonsensical moves like Zero COVID continues despite it driving foreign talent and capital out of the country in a frightening exodus- making a shaking economy into a fragile one. (This policy, by the way, is directed at Xi's CCP enemies in Shanghai and the provinces as a way of flexing on them and centralizing power in Beijing.)
  • Earlier this year, Chinese nationals are banned from leaving the country unless the Party (via the state) explicitly permits it; no discretionary travel allowed. Passports are cut up by agents at the airports, and they are also cutting up foreign-issued residency cards (which is a problem because those are property of the issuing foreign state, not the holder- a diplomatic incident waiting to happen). This has not been lifted.
  • The anti-Taiwan Rhetoric has escalated while Russia's war with Ukraine has kept a lot of Western eyes fixed elsewhere. Leaders have moved to negate any possible advantage for such a move, such as control over Taiwan's chip manufacturing (which is superior to the Mainland by a country mile), and the PLA as well as the PLA Navy remains a less than credible opponent for a Western counter-attack (because if you believe that the CCP has working hypersonic missiles, let alone in the numbers needed, I have a bridge to sell you). They may do it, despite the price, if it relieves internal pressures on Xi regardless of the outcomes.
  • The demographic crisis is going to force the CCP to even more draconian measures to reverse that trend and quickly, none of which will sit well with outsiders or look good in foreign media, but Xi doesn't care about them. All he cares about is internal politics and his hold on power. All else can be, and will be, thrown into the furnace to power that ambition. This is the reality of Chinese statecraft.

We are not looking at a strong, confident China that will surpass the West. We are looking at a weak, fragile China that's one wrong step from falling into its own footprint at a speed that makes 9/11 look slow. If it were not for the weak, stupid, and feckless Thralls of Empire in Western governments that freefall would be happening right now followed by that favorite of Western Molech cultists, "the humanitarian intervention" that involves occupying key locations and making certain that what is needed to keep the looting (and the grift) going gets put into place to do just that.

What we shall see over the next five years is if Xi Jinping is ready to be more than a new Mao, but a new Qin Shi Huang Di. That is what it will take to survive what is to come, hold on to power, keep the Chinese state able to function, safeguard the Party through this mess, and when it's over the butcher's bill make Le Holocaust look like a schoolyard brawl (as is often the case in China).

But that's the best case scenario, and that best case still leaves the world with an exhausted China that is unable to exert power abroad and likely suffering the full effects of that very demographic collapse. China's neo-Imperial ambitions are DONE.

That just leaves Globohomo and Russia. Empire doesn't care which party wins, so long as it has a viable host to dwell within. Ensuring that all possible hosts collapse is how Mankind gains the opportunity to end Empire forever, and if it does Empire falls.

Sunday, October 16, 2022

Narrative Warfare: Wielding The Power Of Cool

We have ourselves a Big Think to talk about, thanks to a post on Twitter this past week.

Go ahead, tell this guy that he's wrong.

He just gave you the cheat code for how Empire used its Thralls over succcessive generations to get, keep, and expand control over the nations that these Thralls dominate.

This is why the Culture War matters. It is wielding the power of social pressure via manipulation of what is High Status and what is Low Status in a given society in order to make the Death Cult morality acceptable to a population.

Yes, this means that the Moral Majority of the 1980s and 90s were entirely correct. Not only that, but their predecessors that decried unregulated social mixing in soda parlours over a century ago--leading to the genesis of contemporary "dating" (i.e. hook-up) culture--were also entirely correct.

The enemy openly acknowledged this power almost a century ago when Edward Bernays, Father of Contemporary Weaponized Psychology (and nephew of Sigmund Freud) that is Public Relations, said this in Propaganda:

The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. ...We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of. This is a logical result of the way in which our democratic society is organized. Vast numbers of human beings must cooperate in this manner if they are to live together as a smoothly functioning society. ...In almost every act of our daily lives, whether in the sphere of politics or business, in our social conduct or our ethical thinking, we are dominated by the relatively small number of persons...who understand the mental processes and social patterns of the masses. It is they who pull the wires which control the public mind.

That was 1925, and said with the benefit of his time as an official propagandist for the Federal Government of the United States during World War I (along with Walter Lippmann).

What does Vox Day consistently say? "Most people only understand Rhetoric.", which is him paraphrazing Aristole. This is validated time and again by review the histories of Greece, Rome, China, and many other past cultures from around the world.

Men follow status and sentiment, not ideas; if you ever witnessed someone successfully steal credit for an idea that someone else expressed moments before, chances are good that you saw Status and Sentiment in action. The originator was lower in status and held in no or poor esteem by the crowd; the creditor held superior status and positive sentiment, so the same idea gets accepted when it was previously ignored.

This, by the by, is why optics matter.

You want to know what #Comicsgate succeeds? It's cool and its enemies are cringe. You want to know why the #OSR succeeds? It is cool and its enemies are cringe. #PulpRev is cool and enemies are cringe.

This also explains why Empire and its Thralls are so censorious. They cannot out-cool, so they use information control to artificially create the illusion--to maniupulate populations, almost all of which are only moved by Rhetoric--of them being cool and their enemies being cringe.

This explains so much seeming insanity. (Not all of it, but a lot.) Find out what a people deems cool and cringe, and you can hack their society and seize control of it. Get into that position and you can shape over time, like a potter shaping clay on a wheel, that society into whatever you want it to be.

Make Empire cringe, and Empire falls.

Sunday, October 9, 2022

You Are Already Paying The Price For Ignoring Foreign Affairs

If you cannot foresee second and third-order consequences to actions taken, you are not going to make it.

Since there are people, like the Balding God of Twitch--the slacker millionaire Asmongold--who claims that things which do not directly affect him do not matter, it is time to start making this clear to those people how such effects are screwing them harder than an IRS auditor to a political dissident.

First, for those that are all about following the money, this little report from TFI Global.

This report focuses on those second and third-order consequences. Making energy costs prohibitivesly expensive in Europe has corporations of sufficient size, none of which have any loyalty to any state or nation, casting about for cheaper alternatives to do business at least inconvenience and sure enough the United States is right there to take up that slack.

Offices close. Factories shut down. Employment craters, spending drops, causing a cascade of failure to ripple through Europe as the effects spread from major industry down to retail and local commerce. The economic collapse turns into a housing crisis as more people are thrown out of their residences or domicles, which turns into a humanitarian crisis due to increased stress on emergency services--already run down to a lack of funding and other resources--and people that can flee while those that remain get upset and start causing problems for the several European states.

The refugees flooding abroad spread the problem to other states and start imposing on the nations therein, making things worse there and threatening to spread the failure cascade wider, unless the states concerned start sinking the damned ships and instead cause international incidents that may instead take another route to international unrest if not outright war.

In such a scenario, apathetic slacker millionarires like Asmongold quickly find out that they are not as isolated as they think they are and therefore are not as insulated as they think they are either. Their lack of diligence in public affairs results in government officials deciding to weaponize those refugees against people like him in order to settle local political scores (and yes, oh Balding One, there are such officials that hate you enough to do it and you didn't have to say or do a damned thing to earn their ire; they hate you because you exist).

This sort of collapse is what went down in Weimar Germany, among other places post-World War I, and we all know what happened next.

Next, let's talk about the Retard In Charge in Ukraine and his insistence upon Poking The Bear. It is now known that Kiev takes credit for the bridge attack. Not that it did much good.

As the Didatic explains at length, this is meant to pressure Putin to over-react; the Russian population is furious and easily provoked right now, and Putin is the moderate in this situation keeping things calm and measured instead of going right into overdrive and allowing emotion to overrun reason- and thus be easily lead into traps. Putin's hold on power is iron-clad and his institutional support is solid, so this has not worked nor will it work in the near future.

War is a political act, but it is also an economic operation- and between the two, economics always wins. You can't fight with what you don't have.

The resorting to terrorism by Ukraine, including direct murder squads against civilians, is not the sign of a strong and victorious power. The well-known strategy of reducing Ukraine's military to dust by attriting it has had its desired effect; the tells are the ever-widening consription calls, including conscripting young women and old men, and if the Kiev regime is not overthrown the Ukrainian nation will cease to exist.

That madness, faciliated by Globohomo because Zelensky is a Thrall of Empire and thus takes orders from senior Thralls based out of the DC-London-Brussel axis, is summarized as "Fighting to the last Ukrainan".

Money, supplies, and weapons are sent to Ukraine; most of that goes right back out due to corruption and only a fraction actually gets used. Stockpiles are drawn down and need to be replaced, meaning more work for arms suppliers (in the US in particular) with political connections- especially as European options are forced out of business or out of Europe.

People flee the region, with the effects I point out above.

We all know about the lack of fertilizer and potash, which will screw over already bad wheat supplies further while other crop yields get kicked down the well and leading to a famine cascade over the next year- and that means more refugees flooding into an over-burdened West (because the East will sink the damned ships) and increase the stress therein, likely pushing it over to collapse and the cascade continues.

By this time next year, the Balding One will be complaining about everything being so expensive and inconvenient and he'll be wondering why when he isn't banning people in his chat telling him that it's directly due to foreign affairs that he steadfastly ignored because he didn't think it affected him when it already has here and now.

Even if you have no power to force officials to stop screwing over the nations they claim to serve, you still have the power to protect yourself by not being where the blow(s) impact because that is what the Thralls in the West seek to do with this course of action: slough off the consequences from themselves so that their internal enemies suffer all of the consequences while they get none at all.

This is now the revealed preference for how the Thralls in the West operate: they exploit the consequences of foreign affairs to rewards friends and punish enemies, and if you read this you're one of their enemies.

Those that pay attention to foreign affairs see these coming and are in position to avoid getting hit by them. If you can, you owe it to you and yourse to do the same, and thus those consequences will come back to the Thralls that provoked them because those effects have go somewhere. Remove yourself as a target, and they become it by default- and thus they own themselves, and in time Empire falls.

Sunday, October 2, 2022

This Is Why You Cannot Ignore Foreign Affairs

What did I say last week? You do not have the luxury of ignoring foreign affairs. This past week we saw why.

If you missed Friday's speech, here's Earl Grey's reaction to it.

While NATO refused Ukraine's accelerated accession request, that doesn't mean this train's hitting the brakes.

Now that Russia has formally annexed those four regions, the Russian Federation is free within its own legal framework to treat Ukraine's aggression against them as direct attacks on Russian sovereignty. However, we now see that the Thralls of Empire serving Globohomo are indeed--to use an old street saying--high on their own supply. The sabotage of Nordstream 2 is clearly a Globohomo operation because no one else benefits from its destruction- especially when the Norway-Poland pipeline came online that same day.

Germany, already waivering, is now locked in and locked down within Globohomo's control and there's nothing that can be done about it short of mass violence by and against the German state by and against the German polity. This will be repeated across the European Union, with a few exceptions on the Eastern side where certain EU members wisely remained open to Russia all this time and thus will be in a position to avoid the worst of the oncoming collapse.

While Globohomo media--including their Anglophone social media influencer agents--has made a big deal about public reaction to Russia's partial mobilization, the reality on the ground is that this is overwhelming favored by the Russian nation and--again--Globohomo is gaslighting the Western nations about what is really going on. If not for men on the ground like Earl Grey or some others in Moscow, St. Petersberg, etc. we would have no eyes and ears to call upon- just two sets of State Propaganda and a lot of bullshit to sift through like 19th gold panners in California.

What does this mean? Nuclear war is on the table.Total war is on the table. Globohomo is already positioning to open up more fronts, and those fronts include against China (Russia's biggest geopolitical ally). World War 3 is already here.

What does this mean to you? All of the Wu Flu government overreach is going to continue with new trappings and new justifications as things get worse. Supply chains of all sorts of goods, not just luxury goods but core capital goods like the chips needed to run every last fucking things anymore and the fertilizer to keep up crop yields (as well as the food so produced) will be choked or cut off. Financial markets will An Hero en masse, making today's inflation problems look weak. All of this will cause civil unrest across the board, meaning that Nomads will soon find that (a) that friendly foreign country suddenly is not and (b) a lot of get-along shitlibs will find out how real race and nation really is in a heartbeat when they find out that their skin is their uniform as angry mobs come for them.

If you cannot foresee second and third-order consequences to actions taken, you are not going to make it.

If there were anyone but committed Death Cultists in the hall of power in the West, there would be people in those halls openly talking about suing for peace right now. There are not. Not in Washington D.C., not in London, not in Brussels, not in Kiev. (There are in Moscow, but go figure that no Death Cultist is listening.) They have no regard for the lives of the Western nations in whose name they act. They hate the Russian state and its nation.

Not even the recent Italian elections will be sufficient to put a stop to this drive for immolation of the West by its own purported leaders, and I doubt that the upcoming American elections--or any other elections--will have any such effect either. Real power in Western countries is rooted in the unelected institutions, public and private, and those across the board are firmly in the hands of the Cult- and they are already cognizant of, and attacking, attempts to erect parallels that they don't control while choking off ways out of their dominion.

Empire always sees war as a reset button, and it slams that button when it senses that control is slipping from its grasp. War is on the table. It is a risk; it is time to do what can be done to make that a risk too high to do anything but produce a Pyrrhic victory and thus ensure that Empire falls.

Sunday, September 25, 2022

You Do Not Have The Luxury of Ignoring Foreign Affairs

This is your reminder that being a working class pleb in the middle of nowhere doesn't save you from the consequences of events in places you can't find on a map.

In practice, this means that becoming familiar with--and competent in--geopolitics and international affairs is necessary to navigate a globalized world, and required to thrive within it.

Yet there are so many people that refuse to accept this fact, and when something happens overseas that directly impacts their daily lives--supply chain disruptions, food export bans, potash and fertilizer shortages, chip shortages, displacement of entire populations, etc.--they are left wondering why their bills go up, why people they know disappear from their lives, why governments do sudden U-Turns in policy, and other detrimental changes to their circumstances that can only be mitigated or avoided if you see them coming.

This mistake is understandable for those whose entire life is bound up in their locality, at most their nation-state. For those claiming to operate on a global scope or scale, incompetence in geopolitics and international relations is inexcusable.

Most of you have some awareness that there are people who specialize in global investment, international relocation, assisting client through Residency or Citizenship programs, and related services.

Most of these people, as the representative sample on social media reveals, are utterly incompetent on geopolitics and international relations; these are people that sold Ukraine as a place to live and invest right up to the day the Russians invaded. This is despite eight years of constant geopolitical tensions between the two, despite decades of international fuckery of Russia by the West post-Cold War, despite plenty of other signs that all of the cited reasons for Russia's military actions were actually going on and people were warned that what went down in Ukraine was on the table.

Yes, including the "Nomad Capitalist" and "Digital Nomad" set.

You cannot afford to ignore what is going on half-a-world away. You cannot ignore what is going in within the borders of nation-states that provide vital goods and services that you, your neighbors, your employers, your governments rely upon to maintain their--your--way of life.

You cannot afford to dismiss foreign affairs, alien nations, and other things that you do not directly and immediately deal with day-to-day as irrelevant because they are not. You mistake the lag time from when a thing goes down to the impact hitting you as evidence of their being not related, when a facile examination confirms that they are.

You Europeans are going to learn this the hard way in a few weeks when the leaves are off the trees and the snows falls across Europe.

Everyone that deals in Internet-related technology knows about this due to the supply chain issues caused by the Wu Flu disruptions of Chinese exports.

And absolutely everyone is going to feel it when next year's food crop is much smaller than this years is now, again due to war-related supply disruptions.

I've been slapping around the Nomads for months now about this, telling them that their "Plan B" locations are not good options due to internal politics, poor economic stability, the inevitable ethnocentrism that declining economics promotes (that inevitably means pushing outsiders out no matter their legal status), shit-tier governments and infrastructure, and so on.

TLDR: No, Nomad Anon, your pasty ass ain't going to ride out World War 3 in a sex tourism hotspot or a tropical (tourist) paradise or whatever.

If you can see the bad times coming, you stand a far better chance of surviving--and even thriving as a result of--them, so pay attention.

Sunday, September 18, 2022

The Technocracy Is A Satanic Empire

Auron MacIntyre on the current Globohomo elite, the present Thralls of Empire.

He had a podcast going more of this and how it's played out in the United States in the last few years.

The video describes the theory and paradigm of the Managerial Technocracy. The podcast discussions practical application as a tool of power.

Let me summarize both in a phrase that will soon become a Red Flag for all dissidents hereafter: "Best Practices".

The United States military outright refuses to obey orders from a sitting President. Why? "Against Best Practices". IRS refuses to stop targetting political enemies. Why? "Against Best Practices". Elections continue to be "fortified" because "Best Practices".

This outside of law, and sometimes outside of rules and regulations, but instead relying on Consensus Option (which exists solely to avoid responsibility by diffusing it; this will not work when someone retaliates by means of Collective Punishment) and--as Gonzolo Lira has send in his videos and livestreams--this "consensus" forming begins during one's prison term in the state-managed school system.

Yes, this means that Managerial Technocracy is a foreseeable--and desireable--outgrowth of Prussian Schooling; turning 19th century plebs into industrial cogs to be consumed in mills, mines, and factories when they aren't needed as meatshields in war is no less a grand-scale concealment of an equally-grand-scale regime of human sacrifice to please Molech and all that's actually been done since then is the refining of the Technocracy as it eats away at the cultural capital that it simultaneously despises while it relies upon it to function as intended.

I call this a Satanic Empire because of the tell--the same tell--that one sees regarding Abortion bans is also seen regarding everything else that gets in the way of turning children into deracinated, deculturated, athetstic, rootless cosmopolitans consumerer cogs fit only to mindlessly consume when not mindlessly working.

That is such a through defiling of God's plan for Man that I cannot conceive of anything worse given what means are currently available.

Now, again, "Best Practices".

"We can't let this site go on. Against Best Practices."

Which also means that the perfect Mangerial Cog is a Troon. They are disposable, expendable, and fungible cogs that nonethless are eager servitors of this Regime. Remember Keffals and KiwiFarms?

You want to read this thread to see "Best Practices" applied in another context, one more applicable to you reading this.

Josh Moon has not only had his technical protection stripped away with no Due Process of any kind due to Keffals, with state support (via journalists, which we all know are state actors), using social pressure--"Consensus Opinion"--against DDOS protection companies to constantly rip away DDOS shields and thus brute-force the Farms down. Why? To conceal the evidence of Keffels' own preying upon vulnerable children and grooming them to become just like him: a miserable Troon parasite.

I fully expect that this will be applied to his legal representation. If that succeeds, railroading him in court via frivolous lawsuits will be the next step; if that doesn't work, ginned-up criminal accusations will follow and no being in a foreign country won't protect Josh from these attacks anymore than it has to date.

"Because it's against Best Practices".

This is Empire--a Regime where a dominant group yokes all others to its will and compels their servitude. The Troon is the perfect Thrall, a ruined man with no roots or future and no other outlet for the misery so suffered but to inflict it on whomever his masters permit or direct him to attack.

However, like all such womanly regimes it has the distressing tendency to undermine its load-bearing pillars to assauge fears of usurpation and we're well past the point where such efforts could be stopped. It's no longer a matter of "if" but "when this Regime falls, and once that vulnerability cannot be ignored the freakout will be apolcalytic- get ready. Empire falls.

Sunday, September 11, 2022

Narrative Warfare: The Defilement Of Culture Continues

I said this on this blog almost five years ago.

Anciently, when a conqueror completes a conquest one of the things done to cement control and establish dominance is to change the mythology of the conquered nation. Their heroes get degraded, their deeds defiled, and the conqueror's heroes supersede them in all ways- often with ease. To the generation surviving the conquest, this is insult added to injury, but left unchecked the generations that follow will accept this degenerate mythology as normal- and if the conqueror is wise, they leave an out for the subjects to go all the way and buy into their control. It's the mythological equivalent of killing a man, taking his wife for oneself, and slaughtering his children by her before seeding your own to both remove loose ends and make her accept the conquest as inescapable.

Today we have independent observation of this process well in progress.

Rather than post every Tweet in the thread, I'll quote it all below.

As the years advance and the culture accelerates even further, even the most benign aspects of older media becomes increasingly untenable. Even the most seemingly innocuous classic movies become inforhazards to our current framework.

The Ghostbusters remake was a good example of this. A lot of the reasons people gave for why that was made like it were reasons like stilted corporate culture, tastes of the director etc.

But a reason that becomes more apparent with time and with the influx of more movies similar to it is because they wanted to created a copy cat movie that completely contradicted the ethos of the original movie.

They know of course that there is a legion of loyal fans who will loudly criticize and call to reject these replica movies, but these movies aren't being made for any current audience. Their job is to pad the algorithms of content platforms for audiences yet to even be born.

These movies are intentionally named identically to the originals so that they will have algorithmic priority, and the distinction of the classics will be left only to an eventually opinionated minority as 'content' platforms dictate the entire cultural intake of future audiences.

When you think Hollywood is just being lazy when they create a bunch of remakes of older classics with identical titles but actually they're creating replicas to take the place of all these beloved works

Let me give you the TLDR:

The Thralls working as the shot-callers behind all this spewing of cultural poison are the few that actually comprehend what I and others have said for years. The ones getting the blame for doing it? Some are, most are not; Kathleen Kennedy knows only that she's getting to shit all over the men that made her career possible as a sort of petty revenge, and she is protected by far more powerful people in the business, so she doesn't need to comprehend the true depth of her deeds and neither do those she hires and puts into position to do the actual wrecking.

You'll see this same organization emerge in OldPub, where even some of the senior editors and executives are so far into their own luxury cult dogma that they lack awareness of what they are doing- they are operating on pure Friend/Enemy Distinction and make no apologies about doing so.

This is not so for those at the Money Printer, the cohort financing it all and arranging political and legal protections. They stay out of the limelight, but you feel the effects nonetheless in the form of "Environmental Social Governance" regimes at all these companies forcing top-down implementations of the SJW Death Cult dogma in corporate as well as public practice.

It is the inversion of how Christianity spread through to the West: convert the kings, and the people followed.

If you doubt that it is the plan, look at the rapid spread of Transgenderism in Western youth. That is not at all organic; that's obvious grooming not only by specific people but those people are enabled by cultural denegrations and degenerations that cultivate the poisonous environment wherein those groomers can prey upon the vulnerable--such as your children--and reproduce as any parasite (or vampire) does: by fusing force and fraud to transform one's enemies into one's thralls.

Empire, for reasons that have no explanation outside of religion, demands this of those in its thrall. Therefore its Thralls do such things to please their master, who rewards them with whatever they desire in this world, and it is a lot easier to get away with such vileness when the Thralls hold the culture in their hands and thus gaslight the people into accepting it- or at least their authority to do so.

Both are lies. They do not. They did not in times before measure. They did not in antiquity. They did not in the recent past. They do not now. Not here, not anywhere.

If you deal with this, Empire falls. If you do not you fall to Empire. Simple as that.

Sunday, September 4, 2022

The Bugman Asasult On The Farmlands Began Metaphorically

Narrative Warfare has, as a core objective, the ability to control what is said about the Narrative.

This means that outlets which disseminate information that questions, contradicts, or provides altneratives to the Narrative must be either subverted, destroyed, or--as a last resort--access to it choked off.

This is should be obvious, but in practice people start missing it when you go away from the ordinary theater of partisan politics and you deal instead in the cultural realm.

They also start missing it when it targets something on the margins.

This is where the Frame Game starts to show its relevance. Successful Narrative Warfare begins by erecting a cognitive framework that defines what is and is not legitimate, and the idea is to make social pressure so great that certain ideas cannot be thought due to fear of the social pressure put upon them, making it easier to justify action against whatever is targetted.

Theory? No. It happened this weekend. The target. Kiwi Farms. The point-thing leading the charge? A troon known as "Keffals", using weaponized victimhood--fake, of course--to lead a campaign against Kiwi Farms in order to keep that site from disseminating information contrary to his preferred Narrative. That campaign picked up supporters of others who do the same thing for the same reasons, such as author Patrick Tomlinson and an Internet Bloodsports sperg so hair-trigger with his temper that mentioning his name prompts volleys of cheap bitchmade psuedo-legal attacks (and is known as "The RagePig").

The weekend attack got the Frame Game foreplay setup by exploiting a very convenient SWATTing of U.S. Representative Margorie Taylor Greene and suckering the woman into attacking Kiwi Farms on the air, which should have tipped everyone off that there was going to be something with the backing of the State coming down the pipe presently thereafter.

The move was on the provider of the Farm's DDOS protection, Cloudflare. The CEO, Matthew Price, boldly proclaimed defiance. Being that they already bent the knee once-

As of this post, the details behind the about-face are unknown, but Cloudflare's reputation is irreperably damaged. Site owner Joshua Moon has since migrated the site to a new URL-- there is a thread therein on the incident started by Moon. Perhaps you should go read it.

While the immediate objective is thwarted, let's consider the fact that a contra-Narrative center has been forced into the protection of an anti-Globohomo state--i.e. an Enemy--which makes it even easier to frame Narrative attacks against it even it if is now, for all intents and purposes, out of reach for DDOS attacks. Furthermore, the banking system is still in Globohomo hands and we already know that pressure campaigns against ameniable targets like processors are hardly out of the reach of someone like Keffals- especially with the right backing.

Therefore I predict the next attack will be against the ability of the Farms to maintain its fianances. I suspect that Moon, being prepare for this present situation, is aware of that vulnerability and either has contingencies in place or will in the near future; if Russia can route around Globohomo sanctions, Moon can.

As for that backing, Keffals picked up the notice of a few professional press whores that call themselves "journalists", and I suspect it is this institutional presence--bolster by Greene being suckered--that gave enough substance behind whatever Cloudflare go get the snack tray while they fucked Cloudflare's client. In that respect, it is marginally better that Cloudflare blocked the URL itself- but only marginally so.

Information control is key to Narrative Warfare, and while Kiwi Farms seems small it is precisely on the margins that methods and tactics are tested before being deployed on bigger targets or at scale- like against the Dutch farmer protests in the Netherlands over the Dutch state's attempt to steal their land (and thus destroy the Dutch capacity to grow fucking food that all of Europe needs and eats) in favor of building housing for foreign invaders who will serve as defacto Jannissaries for Globohomo against the Dutch nation.

That land grab, that attack against the rural and the nation, is being repeated in different forms--all with deliberate Narrative suppression--across thw West.

And it is naysaying, gainsaying sites like Kiwi Farms that disseminate this dissent across the world and allows shitposters and dissidents alike to communicate and tell the truth about Globohomo and its agents- including bitchmade disposal troons like the one running point against Kiwi Farms.

This is the Face of Empire, and Empire must fall.

Sunday, August 28, 2022

Narrative Warfare: On The Trail Of The New Black Hand

Over the last week, the Russian Federation identified their primary suspect in the assassination attempt on Alexander Dugin that got his daughter instead. She was a Ukrainian woman by the name of Natalya Vovk.

Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) has made public a video of Ukrainian national Natalya Vovk, identified as the prime suspect in Saturday’s car bombing that killed journalist Darya Dugina in Moscow. The footage published Monday shows Vovk and her teenage daughter entering Russia, inside the building where Dugina lived, and leaving the country in haste.

Vovk, 43, was named by the FSB on Monday as the prime suspect in the assassination of Dugina. The Ukrainian national arrived in Russia on July 23, using Donetsk People’s Republic license plates to avoid scrutiny. While in Moscow, she swapped the plates on her Mini Cooper to those of Kazakhstan, a friendly former Soviet republic. On Sunday, after the bombing, Vovk drove to Estonia with Ukrainian plates, the FSB said.

If you were expecting the hitter to get hit by a cleaner, you'd be correct.

However, this is disputed as of this post. (If confirmed before next week, I will edit this post to reflect confirmation.) Until such confirmation is made, the smart move is to presume Vovk is alive and on the move.

Now I turn your attention to the hit.

Put plainly, she had help, and by "help" I mean some form of Western Intelligence assistence- likely through another cutout to maintain plausible deniability. The videos that were released showed that she barely had enough going on between her ears to push through a border crossing without getting into trouble. If not for the incredibly fortunate turn of being lodged in the victim's home--talk about implausible--there was no way this car bombing would have worked at all.

Someone got just inside enough to get access to the car. Being next door or across the street would do, so long as you could arrange access to the car for a long enough time to install the charge and the detonator.

Whether or not she did the planting or set the charge off--by timer, by remote detonation, whatever--is irrelevant. She's been fingered, and she's likely involved materially in any case regardless of being the triggerman or not.

Which means that the Russians want her alive, and her handlers want her dead. She's now a loose end, and a disposable asset needs be disposed lest things go wrong.

The problem, in the short to medium term, is that it is unlikely to matter to most if she tells the truth or not due to the entire mental space being flooded with Narrative Warfare chaff due to (a) who has the material interest in keeping up a favorable narrative and (b) the fact that the truth benefits a party hostile to Globohomo and thus Empire.

Even if Vovk is taken alive, even if she reveals all that she knows, and even if what she reveals is independently confirmed it will not matter because the Thralls' command of the attention of the Western masses is sufficient to drown out the signal in a mess of cognitive noise for the forseeable future.

This would not be the first time that Thralls have done this. It would not be the first time this year.

Yet that noise must be pushed through, because--like the Black Hand's assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand--this could still turn into a World War. Empire falls (but it doesn't have to kill most of it to do it).

Sunday, August 21, 2022

Narrative Warfare: This Time They Missed The ArchDuke And Got The Duchess

Fucking Guns of August, man.

I do not know who did this. I do not care who did this. All that matters is the most likely consequence, which is that Russia takes the gloves off and goes HARD-ASS MOTHERFUCKER on Ukraine.

The truth will sort itself out, as it always does, and I give even odds of this being Glowie faggotry and being an inside job at this point; as details come out and get verified independently, those odds will shift one way or the other, but it's not likely to matter either way.

If this angers the Russian nation, and if the Russian government take it as such, then said government has the pretext needed to escalate its involvement from a Special Operation to open war and with it full mobiliation of the military and the state to a wartime footing.

That, boys and girls, means World War 3.

Sunday, August 14, 2022

When Two Different Things Turn Out To Be Complimentary

Taken from Anonymous Conservative's blog post for today:

Republicans are coming under fire for opposing the creation of 87,000 heavily armed IRS agents tasked with auditing the population, and the media is leading the charge against them. Growing up I had a neighbor. Nice guy to my family, I considered them close family friends. He is the really successful one who suddenly got paranoid about cars driving by, then his house burned down a couple of times, he put up fences, and security cameras and security systems and went to this renown place to get a trained German Shepherd, where it cost an arm and a leg. Ultimately, years later, when I encountered the surveillance, I called him, because he was plugged in and I thought he might know something, and he would not say a word on the phone, and later was trying to get info out of me. I realized later, they had sent him in once before to get close with info he shouldn’t have had, so apparently he eventually gave up and joined them. But the point was he had IRS troubles back around when his house burned down, and his accountant told him he knew the agent, and an envelope full of cash could make it all go away, and lo and behold, it did. I assume now it was part of the recruitment process. You have to be careful out there. They are everywhere.

I have good reason to accept that AC is correct about the presence of an international surveilance network, one that straddles the East/West line, and is not centered in any one official agency.

I also have good reason to accept Gonzolo Lira's explanation that the appearance of conspiracy is explained by having insitutional capture ensure that those credentialed for Empire's key institutions--public and private--are indoctrinated into Thralldom from an early age.

The two positions are complimentary, not contradictory.

The proof comes from Richard Grove and his circles, who have gone deep into the primary resources of Thralls now very old or long dead such as Edward Bernays or Klaus Schawb. There is an elite cohort that know what they are doing, and why they are doing it, and they go so far as to publish the beliefs driving their decisions in full knowledge that most people will never read them- and that not all that do read them will comprehend what they read.

In short, the Thralls' age-old contempt for Mankind as a herd of cattle to be yoked and managed is not hard to find. What is galling is to see confirmation of Yuri Bezimnov's statement about demoralization: you can show people the very words of the elites to them, in full and complete context, and they still will not accept it.

That's solid proof of the "secret masters" angle.

Now the "surveilance network" is harder, because while people will readily accept it when presenting as a thing done Over There or Long Ago, there is stubborn resistance to it being a thing Here and Now- until you point out that people can and do pull this shit off for far more petty and personal motivations on a depressing basis.

From that basis, it becomes easier to show people how something so simple as outright nepotism and corruption can easily be formalized into an intelligence network that functions across vast territories and across generations- such as how CCP officials have already become the new aristocracy of mainland China, hold entire institutions as personal fiefdoms, and recruit/intermarry among themselves to lock down power and extract disgusting amounts of wealth via corruption of all sorts.

That CCP example? Not hard to find Western mirrors. Not from the right family? Never getting that acceptance into the intake insitutions for elite power or wealth, and if you have actual talent or potential and they find you unable to be suborned into their network, you're derailed and shut out permanently. If the indoctrination and profiling didn't filter you out--which is Lira's explanation for Western elites--then being from the wrong class, family, etc. can do it as those are tiebreakers. There is no meritocracy under Empire.

Now you have a couple more things to consider when you see inexplicable stupidity like abolishing SAT requirements or how some pants-on-head retard got to be Secretary of State.

No serious power network is going to allow itself to be so easily mapped; that's why a key aspect to dealing with rival powers is to map out their actual power networks prior to conducting operations to defeat that network. The combination of networks and institutional capture is part of those actual power networks, so you have reliable start points for a mapping operation, but you may be surprised to find that the man who is installed as the head of an institution isn't the actual shot-caller for it. (e.g. Victoria Nuland is the true shot-caller for American foreign policy, despite not holding that position formally; she has power without authority).

This unwillingness to accept this is a major problem with dissident resistance.

Until dissidents accept this as reality and start acting accordingly, results will always be mixed at best since you're not hitting the actual point of importance.

Correct this, and Empire falls.

Sunday, August 7, 2022

A Tiger That Roars Often Has No Muscles

This past week, it became clear to observers that the CCP is Globohomo East and they are nothing more than a rival power center striving for control of Empire. It also became clear that, aside from being relentless about its propaganda and speedy in cozying up to prospetive suckers for scamming, it's not that good at anything but beating the shit about its own population.

The reality is that the CCP is a paper tiger. If it wasn't for its savvy at subversion, it would be as the 19th Century Manchu Dynasty or the very weak Republic governments were, and that "Century of Humiliation" would be approach the plural. That's still in the cards.

For all the bluster about Speaker Pelosi and her Taiwan visit, the CCP did not do the world a solid and make good on their threat to take her out. That's because the central power of the CCP is not stupid. Petty, corrupt, venal, and greedy- but not stupid. Those old men know damn well what killing Pelosi, or even so much as forcing her out of Taiwan, would mean and they do not want this.

Gonzolo Lira, like many dissidents, fails to account for the fact that the CCP (a) has absolute control over all media in China and (b) maintains a propaganda network modelled upon the old Soviet model of influence agents. This is why he has no problems going on George Galloway's shows (he's a CCP asset, as he's tied to CGTN, a CCP-controlled outlet) and uncritically parrots CCP positions on Chinese economic and military capabilities despite evidence to the contrary- something that ADV China (now "The China Show") has shone, along with other China watcher channels. Such as this:

That "rifle" has no rifling. That's why those bullet holes look wrong; the bullets are tumbling in flight, are not stable, and might as well be oddly-shaped musket balls. In Close Quarters, like indoors, that may not matter. It does at any distance greater than the effective range for a pistol or shotgun pellets, which is what any rifle or carbine is meant to perform at. We call this problem "keyholing", and it's a reliable tell that the firearm in general is shit quality and can't be presumed safe to use.

In other words, "tofu-dreg" applies to the Chinese military too.

That means that those impressive carriers aren't that impressive. Same with their jets; they don't engage enemy air forces for reasons beyond politics, folks. Those vaunted hypersonic missiles? Don't expect the Chinese to make reliable ones anytime soon, if they can actually make them at all.

Remeber that this is the military that got its ass kicked by the Vietnamese after the Americans left Vietnam, when the NVA were depleated and rebuilding. Not their best, folks, and as such I'd still put the American military above the PLA despite how bad the Americans have gotten.

There is another consideration, which I'll quote the thread-starter for, and involves the Sino-Japanese War (and how badly Japan wrecked China).

The CCP, being somewhat like previous dynasties and thus insular in its thinking, is likely thinking in terms of the Sino-Japanese War. Sure, that war ultimately brought the CCP to power, but those that began in leadership did not benefit from it- and the current CCP leadership, being keenly aware of this fact, are also aware that they are now in the same positions as those their predecessors replaced.

They do not want this. Any war, even a war they win, is Pyrrhic as far as they're concerned since they have good reason to believe that they'll get taken out early by either conventional or nuclear means. The dead cannot enjoy wealth, power, or privledge, so they are unwilling to risk losing theirs; a conflict has to be truly existential for them to overcome their fear of mortality.

This applies to both the Jiang Zemin and the Xi Jinping factions. The loss of Face is too much for either side to bear, and as generational turnover churns out those unsavvy about Face culture and the CCP in the West (and Western Thralls see their Eastern counterparts as rivals to put down, not allies to collaborate with) we'll see this "Pivot to Asia" not only accelerate but actually become effective.

The result is that, unlike Russia, China will be revealed to be a fragile paper tiger for all to see and with this loss of Face the CCP's internal divisions will shatter and the long-theorized collpase will occur. There may or may not be civil war in China, but there will be unrest and with it a massive migration wave; dissidents with foresight will move to seize power as soon as possible and close their borders to mainlanders and those sympathetic to them, as this will amount to defacto colonization, as we see in Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Canada, Australia, the United States, and other countries with significant mainlander intake. It is for the best to force the mainlanders to sort their shit out instead of letting anyone run from their problems.

As for what dissidents should do with this? Again:

Instead, exploit this opportunity to seize as much power as possible and begin push the Thralls in your area to focus on their rivals while purging them from whatever you took from them. They did this very thing to us; turnabout is Fair Play.

Let Globohomo exhaust itself with infighting, then fall upon them when whomever is left is at their lowest. It is a strategy that Sun Tzu would approve of. Empire falls.