Sunday, May 15, 2022

The Running of the Rabbits Shall Draw To A Close

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This is what was done, and to varying degrees has succeeded. The open borders are primarily run on the White nations of the West specifically with the purpose of destroying those nations via replacement migration that is in turn weaponized against them politically and legally. We've now seen first hand the very same financial controls that formerly were said of places like China, which went cashless years before, and everyone quickly cottoned on to the real reason for such a thing. The same goes for healthcare; centralization of a vital infrastructure is as critical a vulnerability as money, and used for the same end.

Again, China is an example of what Empire wants for all the world- even the stations in the Antarctic.

Using whichever cause is convenient, the CCP is (a) sorting out internal power disputes (Shanghai is the headquarters of the Jiang Gang, which opposes Xi) while moving into preparations for some massive operation, likely the long-awaited invasion of Taiwan, in the hopes--not without reason--that even a less-than-successful operation will still yield gains for the CCP. It will take something completely beyond the CCP's ability to control, narratively or otherwise, to make them weak enough to throw down and replace.

We see something similiar in Europe. The political class, especially the Eurocrats, are openly hostile to the European nations. Elections are rigged at multiple levels to keep nationalists out and keep them down, while the criminality of the invading migrants is weaponized against those nations by those elites. Resistance is slowly organizing, but too many yet remain deluded by the belief that their enemies will ever allow them to vote them out. The same "anti-terror" powers are the cover to defame the natives and destroy their capacity to resist financially and otherwise.

In the Five Eyes countries of the Anglosphere, it's the same playbook as Europe.

Of course, there's those who believe that what they see at home is more or less localized therein and thus think they can flee to safety. They are wrong; most of the world is in one or another imperial bloc, with only a few places that function as liminal spaces truly able to exist, and those places are not open to everyone by design.

Naturally, those who deem themselves rich or wealthy think--not without reason--that they can use that wealth to buy their way out of wherever they deem dangerous and into wherever they deem safe. Those that can are making use of entirely legal Citizenship By Investment programs to buy additional citizenships and their passports. (See the note below on what that scene is about.) These people flock to the liminal spaces as bases to operate from, thinking that they will always be able to stay one step ahead of whatever they do not want, shifting as the borders do to maintain that practical sense of freedom.

As I said above, they are wrong.

These people, like the technocrats and Party princelings they flee, fail to comprehend that other nations are not theirs, other countries are not theirs, and having a given legal status with regard to a state means a damned thing when the political economy of a location goes down the shitter. Even those liminal spaces won't be so liminal once the pain of shortage hits, and at every turn those cosmopolitans will find themselves thrown out because they're not one of the locals and the locals--not being stupid--favor their own over outsiders.

Then, inevitably, they will have nowhere else to go but back to their homelands to face what they attempted to flee. Many of these people, rather than resist at home, will turn their coat in return for being able to maintain their lifestyles because these rabbits are incapable of thinking about using the power of force to do what needs be done; they cannot because they conceive of the very thing they claim to fear as akin to the weather- something one can only avoid or cope with, not defeat.

The future belongs to the wolves. Empire falls.


  1. Citizenship By Investment: The people who use these programs are not looking to just move to that country. They are purchasing the access that this citizenship provides, usually in terms of visa-free travel access, financial or business regulatory access, or something else other than relocating to that country. The majority of clients come from places like Syria, China, Iran, or some similar country with a very poor passport or under sanctions; the new passports allow them to dodge all of that. This is now changing. More Westerners are becoming clients, seeking a flag of convenience that will allow them to operate globally due to not being yoked to one imperial power or another. For many, relocation isn't even considered; the buyers never even go to that country outside of whatever regulatory requirements (if any) impose.
  2. The Emerging Liminal Spaces: In this context, I'm talking about the spaces between blocs. Dubai in the United Arab Emirates is a perfect example of this. It's a cosmopolitan city, with a well-established freezone for international business (that the new corporate tax rules do not touch; still 0% there), and the high cost of living is increasingly deliberate policy to keep unserious people and troublemakers out. Singapore, if it can avoid being sucked into Beijing's orbit, will remain such an example in the Far East.
  3. Rabbit/Wolf: Refers to Evolutionary Psychology and r/K Theory, which is briefed here. Anonymous Conservative literally wrote the book on this.

Sunday, May 8, 2022

Faith Defeats Empire

You might be familiar with Yuri Bezmenov, the man who defected to the West decades before the Cold War ended and did this now-famous interview.

Would you like to hear what he determines as the remedy? Of course you do.

This is akin to Saul--now Paul--telling the early Christians (a) how their enemies think and believe, (b) why their paradigm inevitably falls apart, and (c) what is the only sure shot to destroy that which oppresses them. A former enemy agent spilled the beans back in the 1980s about all of what we deal with here and now. We did not listen.

So we're here.

We don't have to stay here. We have a remedy, a way out, if only we would listen and apply it- and it is clear that more of us are now than were formerly, if the outrage over the leak regarding the Supreme Court of the United States and that terrible Roe v. Wade ruling (so bad even Ginsberg trashed it) is anything to go by.

Monday, May 2, 2022

Wokal Distance On The Power Of Naming The Enemy

Originally posted to Twitter yesterday by Wokal Distance, collected here and edited for clarity.

This is the game the woke are playing:

  • Don't call it "woke" that's racist
  • Don't call it "Critical Social Justice," that termnis made up
  • Don't call it "Critical Race Theory," that's incorrect

They don't want their ideology to have a name. Let's talk about why.

The people who say terms like "Critical Social justice," and "woke," are pejorative, made up, meaningless, or substitutes for the N-word, are playing a rhetorical and linguistic game in order to undercut and subvert your ability to criticize their ideas.

Here's how it works:

I'm going to explain this using Zebras as an analogy. Trust me, this will explain it perfectly.

Many animals have fur, feathers, skin or skin that matches the colour of their environment. This acts like camoflouge so they can blend in and hide. This owl is a fine example.

Zebras are different. They're covered in black and white stripes even though the environement they live in is mostly brown and green. If you see a zebra by itself, it's very easy to see. It's like they have a neon sign over them saying "lions, please eat me".

But the zebras' stripes don't help them blend into the environment, they help it BLEND INTO THE HERD. Zebra camoflouge works by making zebras blend with the herd so that lions can't focus on any one zebra and target it. If lions can't pick a target, the Zebras are safe.

Scientists discovered this as they studied Zebras and got confused about which zebra was which... because the zerbas look alike and blend into the herd.They tried to fix this by taging a zebra with red paint so they could recognize it from the others.

Guess what happened?

The Lions killed the tagged Zebra. A tagged zebra stands out from the herd so lions can tell it apart and focus the hunt on it. The lions don't catch weak zebras, they catch the IDENTIFIABLE Zebras they can focus on. This is a great analogy for the game the woke are playing

The reason the woke attack any and every term you use to try to name their ideology. Once a worldview can be named and defined, it can then be pointed out, highlighted, and subjected to criticism. Once you can *IDENTIFY* a worldview or set of ideas you can focus on it.

The woke don't want anyone to be able to give a name or label to their ideology because if that happens we can "tag" examples their ideology with a label when we see it. This allows us to highlight it, point it out, and examine it when we see it. They don't want that.

Once a worldview can be named, labelled and defined, it can then be pointed out, highlighted, and subjected to criticism. You can't criticize something you can't focus on.

That is what the woke want. They want to make their ideology, their WORLDVIEW impossible to focus on.

Because we label things and name them in order to help us "tag" them, so we can point them out and focus on them, the woke are trying desperately to destroy all of our linguistic "tags." They know once we tag them we will be able to examine thier idea and criticize them.

Woke ideas really can't withstand proper rational and logical analysis. The Lions of Reason--evidence, logic, rationality, etc.--will eat the Zebras of Wokeness, CRT, and Critical Social Justice for lunch- if the Lions of Reason can focus on and identify the woke Zebras.

And this is what the woke want to avoid. The woke think our criticisms our criticisms are not legitimate; just an attempt by us to protect our ideolog so we can hold on to "power and privilege." For thst reason the woke seek to insulate themselves from our criticism.

So, to avoid getting eaten by the Lions of Reason the woke want to mix their ideology into society and have it blend in so it becomes just another part of the social fabric. They don't want wokeness to be, seen, pointed out, highlighted, or (in woke parlance) "made visible."

They want hide their worldview by making it impossible to focus on and impossible to tag, label, or name. so they can say they are "just doing history" or "just dicussing gender," and "blend in" as though they fit right alongside reason, evidence, logic, and rationality.

Using labels like "woke," "CRT," AND "Critical Social Justice," allows us to tag woke ideas so we can hold them up to the light and examine them. It also lets us point out wokeness to other people so they can see it too, and reject it. This is what the woke want to avoid.

They want to act liks all the bits of woke activism we see are unconnected phenomena spontaneously springing fourth in the name of justice in an undefineable way. When in fact woke activism is the fruit of a well thought out and clearly defined academic ideology/worldview.

This is why they are so desperate to discredit any word, term, or phrase we use to names, label, point out, or highlight the woke ideology. Do not let them do this. Do not let them play games and use linguistic and rhetorical sleight of hand to hide their worldview.

Label, name, highlight, and point out their ideas. Label fairly. Use labels from their literature. But label those woke ideas and then subject those woke ideas to the bright light of rigorous criticism and analysis.

Gee, this sounds very familiar. Lots of stolen moral authority here. I wonder what would happen if you hit them with the Witch Test?

Sunday, May 1, 2022

When You Notice Who Censors Better

The ADV China boys are very good about the Chinese Communist Party and how things really work over there, and today they released a video on the latest happening: the lockdown of the big cities and Xi's push to purge foreigners from the country.

What Winston and C-Milk are not good about is in thinking that the West is really any better. This is Globohomo-held territory, and Globohomo is Empire. The CCP learned all that they do from Globohomo, which has not been slacking on the social control techniques or the population manipulations--just ask Anonymous Conservative--and thus Globohomo is as guilty as the CCP and they're better at doing the same things. The media control is far more sophisticated, but the end result is just as it is in China; real, factual information is censored and those promulgating it are punished- eventually destroyed if persistent enough. I've had to resort to channels like this one below and The Duran for regular reports that aren't complete bullshit (in addition to AC's link roundups)

The thing you need to comprehend is that Narrative Warfare is practiced by all sides now, but not at equal proficiency or sophistication, Remain skeptical of all institutiional media, and even independents need to prove themselves before you can rely upon them--Redacted is still in its trial phase with me--because influence (often via financing and placing personnel) can be concealed.

The CCP just browbeats, beats, and imprisons its enemies. Globohomo gaslights on multiple levels, using deniable means to exercise real power and a class of expendable fantatics to do the dirty work--SJWs, Antifa, BLM, etc.--instead of formal authorties most of the time. Instead of formal state power, it's corporate Establishment management that does most of the heavy lifting of power pushing; the governments are kept (mostly) clean.

People like Winston and C-Milk, being unfamiliar with the full history of the CCP, have Gell-Mann episodes when facing this reality and even if they were to accept that they still cope with "But we can still do something about it with voting".

That's when the real cognitive dissonance hits as you show them the evidence of systematic fixing of results, starting well before the vote with population manipulations and ending with ballot fuckery of all sorts and legal fuckery to shit down court challenges.

The only good news here is that Globohomo sees that its position is weakening to the point where they have to resort to more open means and the past week's announcement of a new Ministry of Truth sort of office by the Biden White House shows this to be the case. Expect there to be parallel developments across Globohom-occupied Western regimes.

This is good news because Empire's Thralls are being forced by a combination of external resistence, personal incompetence, and internal conflict to admit that their usual means of Narrative Warfare are losing effectivness. To maintain Narrative Warfare control, they have to resort to this Orwellian method that the CCP openly employs.

As Globohomo more and more resembles the CCP, watch people like the ADV China boys or China Uncensored; if they're legitimate, they'll pivot into open criticism and feel the heat accordingly--China Uncensored already did, as "America Uncovered", years ago--and if they somehow turn into Globohomo shills you know they were always fake.

Empire falls.

Sunday, April 24, 2022

Happy Easter, Orthodox Brothers!

Happy Easter to my Orthodox brothers. He Is Risen! Instead of commentary, I'll point you to stuff to watch or read later.

Gonzolo Lira did some longer post-abduction interviews. Here's a couple of them:

The Supreme Dark Lord, Vox Day, points out the obvious in Ukraine:

Why hasn’t it happened? Because many, if not most, of the people in the affected areas view the Zelensky regime as the enemy, not the Russians.

Now, the observations above could be dismissed as pro-Russian disinformation, were it not for the fact that the Zelensky regime is clearly alarmed by the possibility that Russia will permit the people of liberated/occupied Ukraine to freely vote on whether they would prefer to be governed by Moscow or Kiev. Which means that the information is legitimate, and the Special Military Operation is genuinely popular with the majority of the people of southern and eastern Ukraine.

If you think that's something, his post on the EU surrendering to Russia on the gas sanctions is even more pointed in its commentary. So is his post on the French colonies' election results.

Oh, and proof that God works in mysterious ways: OnlyFans quits Russia.

Sanction the US, Globohomo. Maybe we can get that for us.

Finally, this week's Voice of Reason video. Add this to your Sunday listening, since the video is just John C. Wright reading his script.

Friday, April 22, 2022

Gonzolo Lira Is Alive

Gonzolo Lira, better known to some as Coach Red Pill, is alive. He was held by Ukraine's SBU for five days. This stream happened a few hours ago, and he explains his present conditions therein.

Until he recovers his previous Twitter account and his other social media accounts, he's on a backup Twitter account which you can find here.

Sunday, April 17, 2022

A Note On Cynicism In An Age of Universal Deceit

Today's Easter Sunday. I won't get into theology here; I'll leave that to folks better verse in the field. What I want to point your attention to is a movie most of you know, and a lead actor many of you may have forgotten.

The lead actor is Jim Cavizel, who played Jesus. This experience changed him profoundly, and despite getting the male lead in Person Of Interest it would eventually lead to him coming out of the Hellmouth.

It's very easy to be cynical about this. He is an actor, and a fine one at that- easily one of the best of his generation. The business he is in specializes in illusion and deceit, and it is notorious for using those capacities for illicit and immoral purposes. The enemy he faces has institutional and supernatural expertise going back eons regarding how to do exactly that. It is not unreasonable, for the disbeliver and the unbeliever, to conclude that he is lying to the gullible as a grifter.

Until, of course, you realize that (a) he's not acting alone now anymore than he was on stage or screen and (b) his deeds post-Passion are consistent with a sincere conversion and repentance.

Either he's a better actor than any man in history, or he's the real deal, and even by Fedora-Tipper norms (i.e. Occam's Razor) the reasonable conclusion at this point is that he is sincere and earnest in what he says and does.

Consider that, by undergoing a facsimile of Jesus' bodily death and ressurection, he put himself in a position whereby God may show him the truth of the real thing in a manner most would never comprehend. Consider what profound effect that experiencing a replication of the Passion would have on those with the will and fortitude to undergo it and come out intact. The man that began filming The Passion died during production, and a new man arose in his place, and only those overcome by despair would blind themselves to the proof before their own eyes.

That we are relentlessly gaslit by Empire and its Thralls about what really went down at Cavalry should be a clamourous warning bell to alert us to a vulnerability for us to exploit. There is a limit to the usefulness of cynicism, and that limit is when the evidence of its presumptions being rebutted becomes too obvious to ignore and thus to hold on to them becomes self-deceit.

No, Jim is a sincere Christian. The Passion is the point where that happened, and his life since has been to bring his life on Earth in harmony with God and God's charge to the Church. You need not go to the extreme that Jim, however inadvertently so, went but don't be surprised that you too must suffer a death and rebirth before it finally clicks.

Empire falls.

Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Narrative Warfare: Google Makes It Clear It Is Not Neutral

Received in my Inbox today:

Dear Publisher,

Due to the war in Ukraine, we will pause monetization of content that exploits, dismisses, or condones the war.

Please note, we have already been enforcing on claims related to the war in Ukraine when they violated existing policies (for instance, the Dangerous or Derogatory content policy prohibits monetizing content that incites violence or denies tragic events). This update is meant to clarify, and in some cases expand, our publisher guidance as it relates to this conflict.

This pause includes, but is not limited to, claims that imply victims are responsible for their own tragedy or similar instances of victim blaming, such as claims that Ukraine is committing genocide or deliberately attacking its own citizens.

The Google AdSense Team

You don't do this if you are not desperate to maintain a false narrative. We can tell by this communication how things are really going, and that Google is briefed on the war. Google, by this communication, exposes itself as an arm of Globohomo in a manner it has not done before--this is brick-to-face obviousness--therefore is beyond remedy by merely making a hostile corporate takeover and purging Thralls from the ranks.

Sunday, April 10, 2022

Narrative Warfare: Definition Of A System Pig

(Originally posted here. Edited for clarity.)

What’s a System Pig?

He’s someone who works to shore up the Empire of Lies — in exchange for an occasional treat, a condescending pat on the head. He is perfectly aware of all the lies and horrors that the Empire carries out — he is aware, he’s no innocent.

Don’t confuse a System Pig with a useful idiot. The useful idiot praises the regime because he’s just stupid, lacking the IQ points to see through the lies. But the System Pig is smart. He knows that the currency of the Empire of Lies is half-truths and outright deceptions.

And the system pig is happy to traffic in lies — he thinks that’s how he’ll get ahead. He’s the journalist who twists the truth to please his editors. He’s the military officer more worried about diversity, equity and inclusion than about being combat effective.

He’s the pharmaceutical company executive who nods along to the presentation “Is Curing Patients a Sustainable Business Model?” He’s the member of Congress who becomes a multi millionaire in just three or four terms in office.

She’s the school teacher who knows her students have learned nothing — yet gives them a C grade and lets them become someone else’s problem. She’s the skinny Vogue editor who nods at the Fat Acceptance activist and agrees to put a heifer on the cover: “Fat is Healthy!”

The System Pig makes a living, sometimes a very good living — but he’ll never make real money. He’ll always be striving. And he’s never going to make it to the top circle — he will only ever be a servant of the top circle. Their little pitbull. Their little slave.

The System Pig is resentful of his masters in the top circle — but he’s terrified of becoming one of the masses. He hates the masses with all his might, because he fears he is not really any different from them. So he mocks them, belittles them, calls them bigots—he SEETHES.

The System Pig is trapped between resentment at his betters, and fear of becoming one of the lessers—and forever telling lies: To everyone, but most of all to himself. He knows that things are fucked up, that things are falling apart — like I said, he’s not blind or stupid.

But the System Pig doesn’t have the imagination to see things any other way. He truly believes that the Empire of Lies is the epitome of human civilization — even as he realizes (if only secretly to himself) that it is collapsing on all fronts with remarkable speed.

The System Pig knows that the regime he is so much a part of is rotten to the core — and collapsing. So he’s going to fight like hell to keep it going for as long as he can. And if that means telling more outrageous lies, killing more innocents, breaking more rules—so be it!

All the lies, murders and horrors will have been worth it, if the Empire of Lies endures. Because now that we are coming to the end, the truth of what the System Pig believes in is becoming horrifyingly clear: Survival is all that matters—whatever the cost to the soul.

Sunday, April 3, 2022

Narrative Warfare: The Western Media Circus Is Increasingly Incoherent

The Duran and its hosts have been on the nose this past week. Below are two of its main channel videos; watch those, and those of the hosts on their personal channels. Then follow that up with reading The Saker's situation reports and you'll be far better informed that anyone not directly involved or on the ground.

I will sum up the week's developments.

  • Russia defeated Globohomo sanctions utterly by linking the Ruble to gold and demanding payment from "unfriendly" countries in Rubles or Gold. Russia has followed up by shutting off Europe-bound gasflows for non-payment. The Ruble has already recovered back to pre-war strength and is only getting stronger.
  • Russia has cemented bi-lateral trade deals with both China and India to settle transactions outside SWIFT and the Petrodollar, further nerfing the sanctions regime.
  • Russia has issued tacit Letters of Marque & Reprisal by permitting digital piracy--making them privateers--of Western IPs from countries or corporation deemed "unfriendly"; cutting Russia off from Western/Globohom-friendly gaming, tech, etc. has been weaponized against them by this action. VPN usage now free to launch like a rocket.
  • Video footage of Ukrainian personnel--said to be Azov or someone of similiar status--committing warcrimes against Russian soldiers taken captive have propelled the Russia nation to wholesale support for Putin and the war.
  • The Russian armed forces have locked down Eastern (Russophone) Ukraine and completed their encirclement of the Ukrainian forces therein--Azov, et. al.--in a cauldron that will now be tightened as those forces are exterminated as war criminals.
  • Russian deployments elsewhere have been revealed as feints meant to fix Ukrainian forces--such as they were--in place and are now being redeployed Eastward to assist in the mopup/grind-down.
  • Most of the world has refused to go against Russia. Furthermore, some that did are walking back their deeds. OPEC and other oil-exporters aren't going along with Globohomo, seeing their opportunity to get out from under Globohomo control.
  • Western media is reporting seriously about the Biden Laptop.

You won't hear this in mainstream Western media. They're doubling-down on the anti-Russia bullshit. Furthermore, a lot of channels online are revealing themselves as being incompetent to address this matter or are compromised to push that narrative- much like you see shill channels for the Chinese Communist Party and other Narrative Warriors.

The extent of this influence network far exceeds what CCP counterparts have accomplished to date, and the CCP has done a pretty good job.

The concern here is that the CCP is, in practice, nothing more than a more honest form of Globohomo. Globohomo does everything that the CCP is accused of, and verified as, doing- they just do it better and with far superior sophistication.

The laptop issue is not trivial. This is, as Anonymous Conservative would say, comms within Globohomo that it's time to begin building a narrative that gives cover to removing the Resident of the United States in favor of a more useful replacement--by default, that's Kamala Harris, and I doubt that she's getting in--and depending on where the media goes with the laptop story and how they spin it they can possibly remove other figures that failed to deal with Russia and China as desired.

Yes, this means Boris Johnson in the United Kingdom, Macron in France, and so on.

The only real moves that the Thralls can do is punish Western nations harder with yet more taxes and accelerating demographic replacement of the West's nations by aliens and foreigners.

And that means Civil War.

Empire falls.

Sunday, March 27, 2022

Narrative Warfare: A Dissident Explains How Empire's Thralls Are But Ruined Men By Design

In the midst of the on-the-ground updates on the Ukraine War, Gonzalo Lira (aka Coach Red Pill) took just under over an hour to explain the concept of "The Cathedral" that Mencious Moldbug had to struggle so hard to accomplish heretofore.

And, courtesy of a certain Shiba Of Color, a summary (that I'm editing for clarity):

In the words of Diogenes of Sinope "The foundation of every state is the education of its youth."

CRP goes into detail about how the structure and methods of the education system select for an elite who are risk averse, conformist, dogmatic and often sociopathic.

Near the end he goes into how this isn't even unique to our present civilisation and is a very frequent cause of the downfalls of empires and high cultures. None of what he's saying is really doomer shit. It's just very enlightening and good quality information about better understanding the methods and functioning of the system.

Please stick on through the bizarre digression he does in about the 40 minute or so mark about the "ethical child porn" thought experiment as an example of the ruling class's amorality in action. It's a poorly phrased and distracting example and if you stick through that low point, the rest is just absolute fire.

To which I will add the following observations:

  • The system actively and severely punishes failure from the very start. The result is an entire social class that never had to deal with failure or its consequences for what they were, but rather only two results are acceptable: An Heroing yourself, or making certain everyone else goes with you. As it is the lesser members of this class that end up doing "games journalism", you now see how and why they regard "Git Gud" as if they were demons commanded to confess that Jesus is Lord and God raised Him from the dead. They are--as a class--fragile as fuck and cowardly to the core; they know it deep down, and they resent it with white-hot fury.
  • Schools of fish still have shotcallers; someone coins Accepted Opinion, and CRP identifies who within this group rises into that spot unwittingly- the Sociopaths. The prevalence of psychopathy and sociopathy among the elite is FAR out of proportion with the general population, even in pro-social nations, and this system not only turns most of them into compliant incompetent flunkies but it selects for high-functioning psychopaths and sociopaths and they get to the top. This is not a social class run by emergent behavior; the stakes are too high for that. It is the conflicts within this handful of people that really matter, and we see their conflicts echo in the media put before us.
  • The combination of 1 and 2 creates a perfect environment for Satanic influence to take root and start building power, as the system's structural incentives reward Useful Idiots as well as future cult leaders- and this class always turns into a cult when it reaches maturity, which it did over a century ago and not after WW2 (see Richard Grove's many videos and podcasts breaking that down).
  • This process in the West began no later than the Enlightenment, and it too was built on earlier iterations.
  • This psychological profile is very womanly in its character, and we have already acknowledged this as fact via memes.

The meme:

Note also that the institutions that comprise Globohomo's Managerial Ruling Class--the Technocrats--also share an ideological unity far beyond social class norms and we are seeing them become naked as the fanaticism of Empire's Thralls consumes their reason utterly and drives them to destruction- taking the nations they've got subjugated with them.

That, alas, includes most of you reading this.

Their ideology is religous in its character because it is a religion--author Brian Niemeier was the first in my circles to call it "The Death Cult"--and this religious is a Satanic one because it inverts Christian virtue and dogma and considered Christanity, Christendom, and Civilization to be its eternal and existential enemies. This is because Empire is, as I explained years ago, a parasitic entity that cannot persist unless it prey upon Creation- a fact that it hates as surely as it hate Creation. It is a fallen entity, and these days I think it is the fallen one that is Empire. Therefore, Empire is Satanic because it is Satan at its root.

It would be more honest of them to openly glorify their master than the usual bullshit, but that mask will come off soon enough.

Whole men cannot be Thralls. They need to be broken, ruined, before Thralldom seems acceptable; more and more people are seeing those that took the ticket being revealed as being ruined early on--that Early Life section reveals more than you might think--and Lira's stream today about the harpy running the Globohomo war on Russia via Ukraine, Victoria Nuland, proves this quite conclusively.

That which was ruined is that which was broken, and that which is broken cannot help but to shatter when stressed by an opponent not itself ruined. This is showing itself now yet again. Empire falls.


Below I'm linking to some YouTube channels I've added to my regular rotations for Ukraine info. The Duran and its individual channels post daily; Michael when he can.

And finally, the last living grandmaster of American literature John C. Wright has a new episode of The Last Crusade.

Make yourselves and your households whole. Empire falls.

Sunday, March 20, 2022

The Empire Of Lies Builds Upon A Lie Of History

Recently author J.D. Cowan delved into the background of the Globohomo ideology that drives the Death Cult of Empire at this time.

Using a video by the QuQu as the starting point, he delved into "Fandom"--the term used by Death Cultists in adventure fiction publishing for their "Science Fiction/Fantasy" propaganda regime.

He found its roots in Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, roots confessed to by prominent figures of generations past in Fandom. He followed that up by citing their own leading figure of inspiration: author H.G. Wells and his manifesto The Open Conspiracy, which was the blueprint for how "Fandom" arose and came to dominate the Western culture industry.

In reverse order of publication--most recent first--here they are:

And, of course, the video. Nevermind the furry avatar; this is good information.

This is a case study in how Empire uses Culture to achieve and maintain Power. Let me piece together the core elements into an executive summary:

  • Utopian Socialists created "Science Fiction" from nothing as an explicit medium of propaganda for the explicit purpose of socially engineering a subject population into becoming "properly educated" Progressive individuals that would adhere without question to the opinions of a ruling Expert Class that possessed defacto global hegemony.
  • They murdered the indigenous form of American popular literature--of adventure and challenge--in order to seize its infrastructure and repurpose it towards their propaganda ends.
  • They have been extraordinarily successful despite being individually incompetent through sheer persistence, spite, and fanatical zeal. This formed the pattern for today Social Justice movements, incorporating Frankfurt School concepts of Critical Theory as reinforcement to an already successful toolkit of conquest.

I invite you to watch and read the cited materials, and compare what you see and hear against what you see in the schools, in the boardrooms, on television, etc. across the West today. You are welcome to expand upon this work at your leisure, so long as you share your contributions.

The only comfort that I can give you to is that there are limits to Narrative Warfare. Sooner or later, the material conditions of reality make themselves known, and the mirages of power that these fanatics deal in dissipate. Just as you can't bullshit your way to victory against an enemy that runs you over with a tank, neither can you claim victory when the publishing empire--the media empire--you swindled into your hands falls apart due to your insanity and incompetence.

As author Brian Niemeier noted some time ago, "Wokeness" only comes about when a thing they converge is already dying or dead as death swiftly follows convergence every single time; the appearance to the contrary is illusory, and examination always reveals some hidden factor propping it up- the removal of which always results in collapse thereafter.

The collapse of Empire's ability to lie correlates with its ability to exist. Empire falls. You will find this pattern repeating in other endeavors, so look for it.

Sunday, March 13, 2022

When The Dragon Squares Up Against The Hydra

One of the LOLberts in the Digital Nomad/Nomad Capitalist sphere cut a brief video about the economic consequences of the Ukraine War.

He's right. This is a win for China, and will contribute to the CCP's aim of replacing the US Dollar as World Reserve Currency.

China has its own replacement for the SWIFT system in the Cross-Border International Payment System (CIPS), which uses its own network of processors and so on to replace Western institutions while using the same syntax as SWIFT. China has alternatives to Mastercard, Visa, and American Express as well as payment processors to push the currencies around digitally.

In short, China stood to gain big from Globohomo economic sanctions against Russia and gain it has. Other countries--such as India, another emerging power--have wisely decided to remain neutral and thus will also faciliate trade with Russia. This is the emerging middleman niche I've talked about previously, and as the stupidity of Globohomo breaking its global power base out of spite becomes apparent and the population at-large realizes that we're reverting back to the mean of a multi-polar world order, you're going to see this felt in everyday life more and more.

This is, however, a Let Them Fight scenario. We have two very nasty parties, neither them good to their own people or those they claim to represent, squaring up to fight over who gets to be the big dog on the block and put the boot to the face of all of us for the foreseeable future. The practical advise I can give is to do what you can to (a) get out of the way and then (b) ensure that this fight goes on long enough to exhaust both sides utterly into collapse. You want to be in the liminal spaces between and about them, and not firmly within either sphere.

Empire is falling. Take your own side, and push it off the cliff.

Sunday, March 6, 2022

A Perspective On The Ground: Coach Red Pill's Wartime Experiences

Gonzolo Lira, better known online as Coach Red Pill, is an expatriate living in Ukraine. He is married with children, so he's tied to the nation and the country. This past week he was in Kiev to handle bureaucratic matters when he got into trouble. What happened? He cut videos about his situation, put them up on YouTube and Telegram, and they went viral; these got the attention of people fighting the infowar online and Russian media put them up on Russia news media with entirely predictable results.

Last night he appeared on a livestream with Black Pigeon Speaks and a few other regular contributors to talk about this. I am sharing it because he recounts his story, as well as contributing to the situation report going down, and despite his opinion of the soon-to-fall Ukrainian regime he is an indepedent perspective as a man on the ground seeing it first-hand.

Being a man able to see reality, CRP sees--correctly--that Russia will win this war. He also sees that Russia being sanctioned will not do more than short-term pain to Russia; he sees what Dr. Steve Turley below sees, and what subsequent action has shown to be correct.

First, Russia has a native alternative to SWIFT in its own NSPK system (official site here). Second, Russia has made public its connection to China's UnionPay system after Visa and Mastercard abandoned Russia, completely invalidating that move. Russia has its own media establishment, capable of entertaining its own population and attracting foreign audiences, just as China has; this means that generating soft power as well as hard power is well within this emerging Sino-Russian axis- all to be ultimately handled by the CIPS System.

Combined, we have an entire alternative economic structure to Globohomo's system centered around the US Dollar and SWIFT with the international banking system as the real power.

Empire is falling, here and now, in real time and all you need to do is get away from all mainstream media to see and hear from independents to find out for yourselves. Get ready for the world to come.

Sunday, February 27, 2022

The End of Empire Comes From The East

The Neo-Tsar Putin I has decided that he's had enough of Globohomo's fake-and-gay regime in Ukraine and the endless bad faith provocations upon Russia using Ukraine as a pretext. He directed the Russian military (a) support the breakaway sections of Ukraine along Russia's border that are actually Russian and (b) invaded Ukraine to put down said regime. What follows is Putin's speech in English, in its entirety, taken from the Bloomberg article because fuck paywalls and fuck them.

Citizens of Russia, friends,

I consider it necessary today to speak again about the tragic events in Donbass and the key aspects of ensuring the security of Russia. I will begin with what I said in my address on February 21, 2022. I spoke about our biggest concerns and worries, and about the fundamental threats which irresponsible Western politicians created for Russia consistently, rudely and unceremoniously from year to year. I am referring to the eastward expansion of NATO, which is moving its military infrastructure ever closer to the Russian border.

Sunday, February 20, 2022

The Only Danger In The Chinese Military Is Its Incompetence

You can put aside any fears of the Chinese Communist Party conquering any additional territory. The military at their command is unfit for purpose.

I guarantee you that, as corrupt and decadent as Western militaries can be, they are still actually sufficiently competent to do their jobs when called upon. This cannot be said of the People's Liberation Army. It has never won against any other military in war after the CCP took power in 1949; Vietnam cleaned its clock in the '70s, and India does so today, as the policies surrounding recruitment and retention are as stupid as any you see in the West- and that's before the blatant corruption.

Furthermore, not only is the CCP incapable of doing their own research--they steal and copy everything--what they do make is terrible in quality and cannot be relied upon. The "tofu-dreg" issue with their infrastructure extends throughout their economy, and the source of that problem is in the character of the Mainlanders themselves. At all levels, what you see is someone getting a budget and a job, pocketing most of the budget and sending the rest on to the next step in the chain as a subcontracting bid, where it ends in some piss-poor peasant getting a pittance for the task and deciding "Fuck this" and half-asses it out of spite.

That same thing goes on in their tech industry, their manufacturing exports, and even within households and families. Makes certain parties also known for being notorious misers and cheats look downright wholesome at times. In short, West Taiwan is a Paper Tiger as well as an enemy of both Globohomo and the Men of the West; let Globohomo fight it out with Beijing and leave the Han on the mainland to their well-deserved fate.

For you dissidents out there--and especially those of you that consider yourselves thought-leaders--you will find nothing but pain and disappointment in China. Shun China, abjure China, reject China- especially if their intelligence agents and assets approach you looking to support your efforts because will demand in turn that you turn into propaganda outlets for the Party, and all that means is that you Took The Ticket from another vendor. China is just Eastern Empire, and Empire Must Fall.

Sunday, February 13, 2022

Narrative Warfare: Make Everything A Cult

In Crazytown, there's a concept called "Revelation of the Method". This is taking somethig of the Occult and normalizing it. Example below.

That image came from a presentation on marketing, and it is now standard pracice worldwide. It has been implicitly for about a century (as any history of Public Relations will reveal, in coded language), and explicitly for about 20 years at the least.

This concept is usually said in the context of explaining Predictive Programming, but in this context we're talking about implementing formerly secret practices.

Using the techniques by which cults induce subjects into the psychological state necessary to make them into cultists as marketing techniques, and letting it be known that this is the case, fulfills the Occult definition of "consent".

This is the concept that Empire and its Thralls must inform you of what they intend to do before they do it, and they take silence as consent to their aims, but "inform" using coded language and symbolism that targets are unlikely to correctly perceive if they perceive at all (yes, this is fraud; no, they don't care)--and thus has become the backbone for their Narrative Warfare machine.

However, their power is that of the illusionist and the mezmerist; once it is seen, it cannot be unseen and thus it is broken.

And as we see now, that power is very fragile indeed--honk, honk--and if not for the Thralls being loud, determined, persistent fanatics as a group they'd be no threat at all.

The need to tell on themselves is their weakness, and is one of the reasons why Empire falls.

Sunday, February 6, 2022

Narrative Warfare: They Will NEVER Leave You Alone

Yeah, I hate it, but that's how it is so suck it up.

We who would prefer to be left alone have no other choice but to fight to win, for Total Victory, or be conquered by those that would rather see us conquered or destroyed.

This means, oh fellow dissidents, that you are already at war and you had better start acting like it or you're going to get steamrolled by the enemy- and if it's one thing I have not seen much of until recently it was exactly this realization turning from thought into action and thus into consistent behavior.

No, you aren't going to escape this by relocating out of the West; you don't belong anywhere else, so even if you do resettle outside the conflict zone it will be a temporary respite at best due to the reach of Empire via Globohomo.

It is as the Supreme Dark Lord, Vox Day, says: Conflict is in the air we breathe. We have no choice but to embrace the fight, and that is not merely limited to getting fit, engaing in training and forming up with others near them. Logstics and intelligence is vital to success. Those unable to be up front and doing public operations are still able to contribute by providing the means for those able to be at the front to do what needs be done.

And yes, until now I have not seen anyone try to do things properly like this, and now that I am I hope that it's not too late. No, not that Empire won't fall; that's going to happen. This is now about the survival of the West, about fighting for the future--a future without Empire--and avoiding being dragged into annihiliation with the fall of Globohomo, the Death Cult, and Empire.

And this is going to require a pragmatic attitude, which I will get into more next Sunday.

Sunday, January 30, 2022

Narrative Warfare: What Is Needed To Win Against Empire

I hold that victory is inevitable, but not that everyone will make it. That's because what it takes to win is what it takes to restore order to the West.

These conditions are as follows (h/t Vox Day for first specifying them):

  1. The Preservations of the Nations of the West in their homelands.
  2. The Preservation of the Greco-Roman Civil Tradition of governance.
  3. The Restoration of Christendom via the Restoration of Christianity as the center of Western life.

To which I add the following: The Rejection of the Enligtenment and Modernity in their entirety.

That clarification is important, because there is no way that you do not get the latter when you implement the former three. Every Western nation must go home and restore their homeland--the only place in all Creation where they belong without question--regardless of the cost. Every Western nation must abandon the false promises of Modernity in their public and private lives, once more bending the knee to their Creator and his only begotten son Jesus, and in His Name recontitute the only proven form of government He established: Patriarchy.

Yes, "Patriarchy", not Monarchy. The Western nations must return to Rule By The Father, which means a social order defined by the family and sheparded by the Church and no other institutions. There is no need for complex arrangements of social or material capital--states--when each family has its permanent domicile upon which its members live and toil and prosper. This--sorry WrathofGnon--is a rural-centric social order, which few towns and almost no cities- all of which are kept to the smallest possible size to fulfill the explicitly-stated function justifying its existence; most people will be farmers, ranchers, woodsmen, etc. living village life.

The family will replace the state, the corporation, and all other secular institutions- save banking. That goes to the Church, as does the university system. There is no democracy, because NO ONE votes. The eldest patriarch rules his family as a father rules his household, as confirmed by the Church, and thereby sets the rules for his bloodline (with the caveat of not being contrary to dogma or otherwise heretical or treasonous). There is no "inheritance" as such, so Son does not automatically succeed Father, but if Son lives long enough he gets his turn in the big chair.

It is reasonable, therefore, to expect (a) the Church to check families that get out of line by admonishing their patriarchs prior to authorizing faithful families to intervene and (b) for the families to ensure that the Church doesn't fall to heresy by ensuring that its ranks are replenished with their most faithful sons and daughters who--in their paternal wisdom--would best serve God, Nation, and Family by foreswearing secular life for the sacred.

"But this is impossible!" you say.

Wrong. We've done it before. It's the Middle Ages, and contrary to what Empire's thralls would have you believe it was a very good time for the Nations of the West.

The only flaw was perpetuating one of the Great Errors of Israel: the adoption of Monarchy. Rather, a resurgent West should embrace the Christian principle of Subsidiarity and thus eschew Monarchy as it too is a centralizing force- and a resurgent Church would definitely check against that.

We don't have to crash and burn before we rebuild. We can begin changing now, before it's too late to make this transition mostly painless, but it means that a lot of people in the dissident sphere need to admit their error and repent. The White Nationalist folks need to be disabused of all forms of Modernism and rectify their ignorance of Christianity, for otherwise they will be surely crushed by Empire due to lacking the moral foundation necessary to win. The Christian dissidents need to be disabused of their refusal to accept the realities of race, sex, and nation--themselves lies of Modernity--as we are not the same, and should be in our own homes; being brothers in Christ doesn't mean living in the same house literally.

And the LOLBerts need to have their demons exorcised; they are too much in the thrall of Mammon, Molech, or both.

Empire falls. It's just a matter if we go with it or not.

Sunday, January 23, 2022

Narrative Warfare: Don't Believe The Hype About China

Certain dissidents are prone to thinking of China as a bulwark against Empire. Vox Day, in an unusual display of bad judgement, is one of them.

This is a mistake, and the events of the past year have done much to dispel the illusion of China as a rising country and Xi Jinping in particular as a competent leader. Instead, what I have found is a man that is blindly emulating Chairman Mao and heedless of the consequences that Mao's policies, politics, and personal predilictions had upon China. (I am not yet convinced that Xi does know and expects to benefit as Mao personally did.) What I embed below is video evidence of China's chronic mismanagement and kleptocracy.

The result is that you have a criminal federation masquerading as a sovereign republic, and like all such organizations you have far more vicious in-fighting than anything meant against external targets; their chief enemies are their own people, not you or I.

Criminal organizations are not interested in risking their necks in direct confrontations, but rather in ensuring that what territories they hold are firmly held and producing revenue for the gang. It takes either displays of vulnerability to provoke predatory instincts to action or a dominating leader to get them to do so. This attitude is noticable and in time filters down to the street, which is one of the reasons for the cheapness of both life and property in China; it's gangland-style narcissism and short-sightedness writ large.

This means that Mammon rules China, and war is bad for business when the target is ready, willing, and able to fight. The PLA is not a warfighting organization; it is a gang, at best, in uniform and usually just a bunch of LARPing bullies and legbreakers hustling their way up and out. This organization is not capable of doing anything but wasting lives and resources, usually their own, and therefore if put to the test it will fold faster than Superman on laundry day.

Taiwan, India, Japan, and Australia are perfectly capable of coordinating defense against China and they're making it happen. Meanwhile, Vietnam again bloodies China's nose (they previously defeated China in a war in the 1970s) and other parties--including Russia--conspire to isolate China and keep it contained while it wrecks itself.

And then there's the financial and industrial collapse. With so much bound up into real estate in China, the collapse of that sector (and the lukewarm attempts to shield the population from the consequences, because the CCP doesn't care about the population) threatens to wreck the country right there but it gets worse. Manufacturing has fled from China over the last two years, the electricity grid is decaying due to the same poor quality construction as the rest of its physical infrastructure (such that they can't keep the lights on or the heaters running in some provinces), and working the people like dogs means that already shaking demographics are speed-running off the cliff.

Not that China takes these hits to its image--to its Face--lying down, but it can't do much and what it can do runs off playbooks that are outdated. Internally they're all but turning the country into an open-air prison (and using Hollywood dystopias as a blueprint because ChiComs have no imagination).

Chinese spook operations still work on the old Soviet playbook, which is one of the reasons Empire's agents in Globohomo have successfully overturned many nodes in schemes like the Belt and Road Initative, as the ChiComs are trying to ape Globohomo while not understanding how to make it work. It's the cheap Chinese knockoff effect in action, and it's very embarassing--a severe loss of Face--for their moves to be so easily thwarted. Therefore, it is more due to Globohomo not having its shit together that they get wins at all than anything else.

Every single time Globohomo or Russia decides to stick the shiv into China, it has done so successfully and without any real opposition.

And I would be remiss if I did not again give attention to the American-Afrikkar duo of ADV China, who had a combined first-hand experience with China of 30 years and have no problems sharing the reality of China and how that country works at all levels with the world. Below is yesterday's podcast.

These two, by the way, are the folks who first popularized the reality of the paper tiger that is China. "Tofu-dreg" construction, ghost cities (that are already falling apart) and more got known in the West due to them. They also exposed the core of Chinese propaganda towards the West: White Monkey Jobs, and it turns out you can become one unwittingly if you're not careful.

Yes, this is the ChiCom version of "taking the ticket" (i.e. selling out to Globohomo), and if one's pride is sufficient to overwhelm one's reason then you can fall into this without any real benefits being garnered; that's what Vox Day did, and why--once he finally accepts that he's wrong--he'll be able to extract himself from this own-goal of a mess.

This error comes from an observation some years back that, during the Deng and Jiang days, Globohomo approached the CCP (the whole "Elders of Wye" episode) with the offer of becoming the seat of Globohomo's empire--to make Beijing the metropole of the world--but slyly tried to play down that it would come at the cost of accepting the same second-class status as the current Professional Managerial Class with regard to who rules this empire. The ChiComs--being Han, and therefore Han supremacists--are as low-trust as the current rulers of Globohomo and thus did see through the scam.

They refused. A few years later, Xi Jinping rose to power and the fight was on. However, Globohomo is winning in China. If they are as fiercely nationalist as dissidents like Vox Day claim, and as sufficiently savvy as claimed, why this clear case of crushing defeat that will soon culminate in a Second Century of Humiliation?

Simple: both sides serve Empire, and Empire plays favorites. Once Xi is gone, one way or another, expect what Globohomo wanted--and almost got--out of China to return and the present situation to reverse, resulting in the Chinese population against being utterly subjugated in their own country to foreign interests despite whatever any Chinese state may claim.

Nationalists, in China you are watching a colossal failure unfold in real time. Pay attention, dismiss the lies of the CCP's mouthpieces as surely as you do Globohomo's, and listen to those with ears and eyes on the ground. If you want to avoid this fate for your own people, then you do not have the luxury of not learning from the failures of others; observe, analyze, learn, and implement for with every victory Globohomo gains they sow the seeds of their eventual fall.

And what that victory must use for its cornerstone will be addressed next week. Empire falls.

Sunday, January 16, 2022

Narrative Warfare: John C. Wright Calls The Last Crusade & I Announce A New Direction

Below I'm embedding the playlist from The Last Crusade, a channel by the only living grandmaster of Science Fiction, veteran author John C. Wright.

The Last Crusade takes up arms against a fallen world. In which are given the causes, warrants, an aims of the crusade. All souls may be joined in the cause. The sole requirement to join is the willingness to serve.

Listen for yourself.

This I offer to you for two reasons. The first is that Mr. Wright is an erudite Christan and a reformed fedora-tipping atheist. He knows the arguments of the Death Cult and the Thralls of Empire that master them for Empire's benefit on its behalf, and he will address them as only such a man can; he is our own Paul, having had his own Road to Damascus moment, and few are as potent against an enemy as one who once led them. The second is that I want to start talking more about taking action, going on offense, and what victory will require of those that claim to seek it. To that end, Mr. Wright's videos are of like mind if not the same route to the objective.

This past year saw some action emerge on the fringes, and while I am glad of it I also see holes so large one can fly the Death Star through them. I am no theologian; I shall refer you to such as I can. I instead will focus on factors and matters far more concrete, and you'll see more of me talking so in the days, weeks, and months to come.

I want the Nations to win over Empire. This has very real, very concrete, very palpable, and very inevitable requirements--costs--that must be met and I am not seeing those who claim such a victory even begin to address these requirements. That changes, and I will not be soft in my criticisms of those wishing to achieve Nationalist victory.

And as a parting note, I remind you to direct comments regarding the words of others to those others; it does no good to tell me when your words are meant for the ears of another.

Sunday, January 9, 2022

Narrative Warfare: The Coof Cops Learn That You Can't Stop The Signal

Thankfully this got archived on Odysee. This is the full podcast episode with Dr. Malone, the inventor of the mRNA tech used in the worst of the Coof Jabs.

Throw this on whatever you use to watch or listen to podcasts and enjoy at your leisure. Save, archive, and clip out the best bits to share as best you can.

Sunday, January 2, 2022

Narrative Warfare: 2021 Proved China a Paper Tiger

This past year we saw the myth of the Rising Power of China to be shattered thanks, in large part, to Xi Jinping making executive decisions aimed at kneecapping his enemies within the Chinese Communist Party by way of attacking the sectors of the Chinese economy wherein Jiang Zemin's allies source their power, money, and influence. The consequence is that China's economy is collapsing, and nothing either the central government or any of the provincial or local subordinates will do will succeed in arresting this freefall.

The collapse of the economy swiftly moved out of the financial (and adjacent stuff, like Tech and Entertainment) sectors and moved into the physical economy. We've all see the Ghost Cities, thanks to ADVChina and China Uncensored, but now more people outside of the mainland are seeing how terrible Chinese construction is in general; "Tofu Dreg" quality is apparent across the country, resulting in collapsed bridges and roads on a regular basis as well as new buildings that are unfit for purpose within a year of being finished.

Now the government bureaucrats--including cops--are getting pay cuts, causing losses of Face for all concerned, as the power grid keeps browning or blacking out and northern areas have their Winter heating supplies curtailed or cut off on top of having their annual harvest season cut short with a bitterly cold early Winter.

And this is the world-striding collosus that will conquer Taiwan? Hardly. Those hypersonic missile claims are bullshit propaganda; their internal tech is as terrible as what they export, so even if they can launch them the build quality is crap and the quantity is insufficient- don't believe the hype.

That also presumes that the People's Liberation Army wants to fight. They don't. India rountinely kicks the crap out of the PLA in border skirmishes, the PLA has never won a war--fucking Vietnam has kicked their ass--and their navy is even less tested than the army. Be it Taiwan, India, or elsewhere the only way the PLA gets anywhere is if it pulls sucker punches after using honeypots to sucker guillible corrupt officials into debt traps.

That game, by the way, is not one they're particularly good at. Globohomo has been better at it for longer, and Globohomo wants to take China down now that the ChiComs rebuffed Globohomo's previous offer of world hegemony in return for bending the knee. Guess who's been behind most of the recent upendings of Belt & Road projects? It ain't Russia (though they have screwed Beijing here and there)?

Chinese Face Culture is the driving factor behind all these Own Goals, and it's continuing to get worse. Imagine a Gamma Male as manifest in a government and that's the CCP; it's all about image no matter now delusional or non-functional, there's nothing but 24/7 lying going on (especially within), followed by doubling-down and projection that could be used to launch payloads into orbit.

And here's a news report that hammers that bit home.

Contrary to what Vox Day and other dissidents may want to believe, China is a dysfunctional country run by an incompetent state comprised of Gamma Males from top to bottom; it's like you handed losers like John Scalzi or that Jack Murphy guy a government and let them promptly crash the state and those within it nose-first into the ground. Vox doesn't screw up often, but this is one of them, and he really ought to know better than to cite literal government propaganda outlets as reliable sources when you know damn well he'd never do that--and has not done that--when it's a Globohomo regime pulling some bullshit.

He'll come around sooner or later, and when he does he'll admit his error, and I hope the others that erred like this do likewise- and sooner than later. The only thing China is good at is the same thing Western thots are good at: conspicuous consumption, social media bullshit, and outright lying. There's no Nationalist example to be gained there; the best thing we can hope for out of China is its conversion to Christianity and a reform of the state to conform to Christian principles of proper governance. Empire falls.