Sunday, October 28, 2018

Narrative Warfare: The Supreme Dark Lord Writes Ab(out) Jordan Peterson

Saturday's Darkstream came late, but its not worth skipping because the Supreme Dark Lord has a book to talk about and it's the culmination of his inquiry into and exposure of the quackery of Jordan Peterson. Milo Yiannopoulos wrote the foreward, so if he's on board then I am confident that Vox Day sufficiently explains his position to the target audience: Peterson's audience and those concerned about him.

I followed Vox Day as he went from "Stop talking to me about this guy I don't care." through "Fine, I'll take a look." and went swiftly from "No, you're wrong and this is why." to "This man is a mental case with delusions of adequacy working as a snake oil salesman, a Wormtongue in your ear, and he has to be stopped."

He's a Babylonian, a servant of Empire, and he does need to be stopped for that reason alone. He's a Thrall of Empire, and Empire Must Fall.

Narrative Warfare: Yes, The God-Emperor Seeks To Repeat Jackson's Great Deed

That is, Trump seeks to kill The Bank- the Federal Reserve. And that means that those behind the Fed are targeting him, as we've seen repeatedly since Trump won in 2016. Black Pigeon Speaks covered the immediate matter late this past week in the below video.

But for ongoing coverage the X22 Report's daily posts--the "a" halves of each episode--are the ones to follow for all things Fuck The Fed, especially as it relates to Trump. (As for the threats to him from them, that's what the "b" halves routinely cover.) Unlike Jackson, and others, who've gone against the Banksters we now know to be core to the Cabal (as the current parlance puts them, accurately) Trump has not only a plan but far superior allies in the form of our military spook section (i.e. Military Intelligence, DIA) and its no-less-lengthy networks. We're seeing displays of acumen that make it clear how badly the "C" in "CIA" stands for "Clown".

Independent Central Banking is the machine by which Empire invisibly operates, using debt deliberately and maliciously manufactured to enslave nations and make countries into open-air prisons (and states into prison wardens). Sovereign states must be sovereign in their finances, and that means state controlled central banks or none at all; don't lie to me and say it can't be done, because North Dakota's done Public Banking for years and succeeds admirably for it. In very real, very hands-on, very concrete and practical terms doing Empire a Doloros Stroke means killing the Bank.

The God-Emperor seeks to do this, and he's making Empire do it to itself as easily as he's making its Thralls do so. Making joyful a work of necessity is truly a miracle. Empire must fall.

A heads-up: I will put out a second post here today. I don't usually do this, but Vox Day announced last night something sufficiently noteworthy to merit me doing so.

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Narrative Warfare: The Frauds Finally Fumble

On Monday this past week, Elizabeth Warren tried to sell her DNA results confirming that she's white as the driven snow as being True Indian. The God-Emperor need not worry about getting the personal checkbook out anytime soon, but that doesn't mean the traitors in the Mainstream Media aren't selling it anyway. Red Ice Radio had a good take on this matter.

Despite the media spin, no one's buying it. The Dems will have to obviously steal her election to keep her in office.

Speaking of incumbent bullshit artists, Senator McCaskill also got found out as a double-talking douchebag- this time by Project Veritas. She's as much of a gun grabber as the rest of the party, but due to the demographics of her state she has to keep that quiet or risk getting voted out of office. Time for that to happen.

The programmed and scripted reactions of not only the SJWs in the media but generally have now been noticed sufficient to generate a meme of its own: The NPC. Frame Games Radio did a podcast about it and it's worth the afternoon or evening spent on this instead of whatever NFL/Premier League/etc. match you had planned.

This is a time of revealing, when the frauds of old are exposed and their methods for fooling us meticulously broken down so that we may preserve that wisdom for future generations to learn from (and be immunized against). This is the time of Empire's exposure, removing its power, the time before which Empire must fall.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Narrative Warfare: Project Veritas - "We don't say that out of these walls."

Project Veritas exposes Phil Bredesen as a liar and a fraud, a move deliberately planned well before the fact by his campaign. Lying for gain is fraud, fraud is a crime, and crime had better be prosecuted by the State or it will be punished by the Nation by extra-judicial means (and fully justified in doing so). Phil had better be arrested and disqualified from the race over this.

"But Muh Politics!" is no excuse for fraud, and politicians are not allowed to lie; this is theft-by-swindle and it has to be punished with arrests, trials, and hard time (if not execution) in solitary confinement at maximum security prisons. Every campaign worker who aided and abetted this swindle should meet the exact same punishment- if they knew, then they are complicit and must be punished severely and with maximum display. This is Empire, and Empire must fall.

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Narrative Warfare: Peterson Is No One's Ally

Today's my birthday, so I'm going to go enjoy it, but I won't leave you hanging. This past week we not only saw Brett Kavenaugh confirmed to the Supreme Court of the United States (another Q proof), we had Jordan Peterson out himself as a mentally ill confidence artist in its wake. At last, what the Supreme Dark Lord said months ago became clear to normies: Peterson is no one's ally; he's a tool of the Enemy.

Walk away from the incompetent insane leafman, folks. He's just Controlled Opposition intended to be used to Discredit & Disqualify when he melts down.