Sunday, October 29, 2017

Success Against Empire: The #AltHero Campaign

The future of Civilization requires that we embrace our strategists and architects. We need them to identify opportunities where Empire is weak, go in there on the offensive, establish a fork that exploits those opportunities and build anew where the weak crumbles and collapses. This is not idle talk. Vox Day, of Castalia House, just concluded a crowd-funding campaign to attack Empire in the realm of (Western) comics books: #AltHero.

The response was phenomenal. What was quite modest in its goals exploded over its month-long campaign period to a final result of about ten times what was requested, and even after the Stretch Goals kept getting revised the result is a comic book project that has the Thralls of Empire in DC and Marvel--those wretched frauds, those SJWs that always lie--assmad beyond all ability to cope.

Vox kept the world abreast via his personal blog, via his man Jeffro Johnson at the Castalia House blog, and live-stream via Periscope (archived at YouTube). Below is the October 28th Darkstream.

Note that he's exhibiting the traits that will lead to success going forward:

  • He came into this with a clear, concise plan.
  • He knows exactly who his enemies are and how to attack them successfully.
  • He made his plan flexible so as to respond to events as they happen- and did so effectively.
  • He had a crew ready to go before the campaign launched.
  • He made the effort to know what he's dealing with and altered plans to account for what he learned.
  • He recruited known players to attract attention when and where he needed it.
  • He didn't rely on an outlet that Empire controlled or could easily intimidated into compliance.

The only thing that he had as a point of failure is that he has to rely on Empire's banks and banking system. This is also the biggest weakness that any resistance against Empire has to cope with at this time, and the first successful alternative to it will explode because (a) it has globally-accepted cash and (b) globally-secure digital transfers that are not globally controlled. (You think this is a pipe dream? You don't know the history of banking; we had this before electricity and lost it in the 18th century.)

Granted, that's a far nit to pick, but if I have to go that far then you know that the man's done it right and done it properly. You should expect as much from a man who's been a regular on the need to build your own platforms for years now- and, by his deeds, shows that he knows what he's talking about (doubly-so due to succeeding so well at it).

The best part? You don't need fantastic resources to do what he did. You'll need some--don't delude yourself--but you can make what he did happen for you on a fraction of what Empire's media whores and useful idiots. And if you don't have them, then you can work your way up to them; this is the man who published SJWs Always Lie and SJWs Always Double-Down, so he knows what Empire is and how to deal with it. I would heed his words, and watch his examples if I wanted to learn how to win against Empire.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Civilization Requires Defense to Endure

The culture doesn't fix itself. Neither is this a spectator sport. You want it fixed? Get in the game. As Theodore Roosevelt said:

It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.

Find something: comics, film, television, games, sports, the arts, religion- something you care about. Master it, and protect it against the Thralls--usually SJWs--who would see it degraded and ruined. If you don't, that is what will happen to it and you'll be standing there, witless cuck that you'd be, wondering how this happened instead of actively preventing it.

Empire is a Locust Crusade, consuming all in its path. Neutrality is not an option. Fight Or Die.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Win The Moral Level & You Win The Culture

By now it is increasingly obvious that the high ground in conflicts is the moral level, and the moral level is found in the culture. Culture is the High Ground, from which all else derives its context, and those who fail to comprehend this will never succeed against those who do. The Thralls of Empire get this, and they always have; it's why they targeted priesthoods in eras past, any they are all over the media now- set the culture, and the politics will follow.

The Cuck Right is so because they don't want to admit that they failed to fight at the level of culture, and have too much invested--in terms of ego--to every admit that they are wrong so they can make the necessary changes. They refuse to adapt and overcome, so they are now the Washington Generals to the Thrall's Globterotters.

That's changing. The start was Gamergate, when a bunch of gamers pushed back--successfully--against the JV Squad of Thralls (the SJWs in that cesspit of suck that is "games journalism") pushing their invasion by concern-trolling via Muh Sexism, Muh Harassment, and all that bullshit. (They're still at it; they learned nothing.) Gamers, taking umbrage at bold-faced lies, told them to get out. They blunted the attack, and ended up wounding Gawker enough for Hulk Hogan to finish it off. Gamer culture endures, and those who witnessed and participated in what some (not seriously) call "The Great Meme War" would go on to apply what they know to follow-up events.

Those events included the Ascension of the God-Emperor (Trump's election) and Brexit. The post-election impact of the Thralls' loss, sourced in part to their losing control over a forced meme (#FakeNews) to their opposition (us), is the first large-scale recognition that the Right has a cohort that comprehends culture and its paramount importance. This is why the alt-media outlets are all under attack. The Thralls know that if they can re-establish media dominance, they can wrest back control of the culture, from which the political domination becomes inevitable.

It doesn't seem like the culture of the West is in play, but the reactions to YouTube channels such as Diversity & Comics, Capt Cummings, Stefan Molyneux, Mike Cernovich, Dave Cullen, The Honey Badgers, and Sargon of Akkad show by deed the acknowledgement of this being the case. But, from my perspective, the most effective for ordinary people is the man known as Vox Day. The reason is due to his creation of the publishing company known as Castalia House.

The purpose of the company was to publish books for audiences heretofore unserved or underserved as a deliberate political decision by those publishers, a decision made to deliberate shape the culture towards the Thralls' master: Empire. I call this "Fork and Replace", because that's what Vox Day did: create a fork in an existing niche (publishing) with the intention to overcome the rivals and replace them as the dominant party therein. It's a plan to build and supercede, not to infiltrate and hollow-out into a vector for spreading mind-poison (which is how Thralls operate, by whatever name).

As the Hard Right continues to follow this strategy, resistance grows; Castalia House's recent comic project, "Alt-Hero", has already raised four times the capital requested via its crowd-funding campaign. The reaction from the Thralls in the comics establishment in the pozzed West indicates that they see this as a very real threat, one that stands a good chance (now that it's gotten a prominent professional on board) of succeeding in publication as it did in fund-raising, so they want to kill this in its crib.

They will fail. They will fail for the same reason that the NFL will bend the knee to the God-Emperor and why Hollywood will throw one of its own after the next to the wolves; the culture slipped out of their grasp, and is now turning (ever so slowly) against them. Not just in the United States, but also elsewhere in the West, and the Thralls know it- hence the increasing political moves to institute thought-policing while unleashing their savage pets upon the West's nations.

It's desperation, but that doesn't mean victory is ours yet. Cornered animals are dangerous, even a frenzied warren of rabid rabbits. Nonetheless, Empire Must Fall. Its existence is defiance of Natural Law and the God that is its source, so fall it must, and the culture is the best option for a mostly-peaceful revival of the West. Civilization is the lawful consequence of obedience to God and his Natural Law.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Burn the Witches in Academia or Lose It Entirely

Sargon of Akkad, a YouTube user out of the United Kingdom, does a weekly video series called "This Week in Stupid". Below is the video for this past week. You will want to put this on as you read what I have to say as I am following on from this video.

What Sargon leads with is the confessed fact that faculty at American (and also at British, Canadian, Australian, etc.) universities are openly engaging in fraud in order to deceive students (and their parents, by proxy) into drinking the demon's blood and becoming Social Justice Warrior death cultists. They are using deception to push a political agenda, which is how and why this is fraud. They are committing criminal acts to advance their agenda!

This is hardly the only place where this criminal behavior carries on, but it is one of the most important examples because those successfully indoctrinated into this Satanic death cult (and not de-programmed out of it, by whatever means) will go on to become part of the cohort destroying Civilization in the decades to come.

This is not up for debate. The guilty have confessed to it. Deal with these mind-rapists accordingly, or deal with the consequences of their spreading of their meme-virus like the zombies that they are. They are Thralls of Empire. PUT. THEM. DOWN!

Sunday, October 1, 2017

The Invasion WILL End

The doomsaying about demographics in the West willfully ignore that these trends can, and have, been suddenly reversed through the use of force. That use of force is already being employed, first by the invaders and the the traitors allied to them, but the Men of the West are now using it themselves.

For now, this use of force in defense of the West is to arrest and deport. It's just putting them on The Bus and telling them to Get The Fuck Out. This is not the only option on the table. The Bullet is still there, waiting to be loaded and fired. Invaders have already resorted to The Bullet to augment their efforts, and their allies threaten to use it on their behalf, but the time for both parties being the only users runs short.

When the Men of the West open fire, it won't be lone wolves or small cells yelling Aloha Snackbar as they shoot up some soft target. It will be organized, autonomous groups using disciplined displays of force to clear out invaders one location at a time. Some will be government agents. Some will be private citizens. All of them will remove the hostile aliens from their presence; those that aren't killed will be thrown on to the bus and deported beyond the wall.

And when it's over, no one will have a damned thing to say about it. The traitors will go when the invaders go, as by then it will be blue-sky clear that they cannot be trusted and therefore must be dealt with as one deals with all traitors. They don't get the merciful option of the bus; they just get the bullet. The Men who survive will be rightly hailed as heroes, and even if they as an individual don't get remembered for generations to come, being part of the cohort that did the deporting will be enough.

Now, to the point: The Bus is the preferable, merciful option. The Bullet is the backup. You don't want The Bullet.

So which way, Alien Invader: The Bus or the Bullet? Because The Men of the West will remove you, one way or the other. You are Thralls of Empire, and Empire Must Fall.