Sunday, July 28, 2019

Narrative Warfare: Revising Strauss & Howe's Generational Theory

This past week, Dragon Award winner and nominee Brian Niemeier put out a good post analyzing Strauss & Howe's Generational theory. In short, he posits--correctly, I say--that S&H failed to account for accidental or deliberate changes to the cycle of 20 year generational archetypes. Instead, by halving the intervals to 10 years you get a correct view. He's going off about it on Twitter in this thread starting below:

In short, the conclusion is that the Boomers have successfully cloned themselves--in generational terms--with the Millenials. However, I posit that they are not perfect copies, and so does Brian; Boomers aren't known for their incompetence as such, despite being so in many respects, but Millenials are. Egotists creating Narcissists means making moronic knockoffs of themselves- but hey, the Boomers will be either dead or insulated, so they don't care. Still.

Gen X got betrayed by our parents. Gen Y got gaslit. In both cases, they were damaged such that their core character was thwarted- but not annihilated. It can be rehabilitated, but it won't be easy and so it can't be done alone; both will need more help than Man alone can provide to make it through.

For the Ys, they need skill gap fillers; YouTube (et. al.) can do that. For X? We need hope, and there's only one way to do that- we've got to shed our cynicism and find our courage once more. It's not without reason that cultural artifacts which exhibit this trope remains popular despite our age, and burying ourselves in work like Cuckservatives is not going to do it; if the Ys need the practical, X needs the aesthetic- badly.

And nevermind waiting for things to fall into our hands; they won't. We'll have to seize it to get it, because it was stolen from us and the thieves won't give it back.

Sunday, July 21, 2019

"Going Back" Is The Merciful Option

SGT Report reposted The Conservative Treehouse's article covering U.S. Representative Ilhan Omar's alleged criminal fraud regarding her immigration eligibility, and therefore the validity of her citizenship- and ultimately her status in the House of Representatives. Treehouse, in turn, cites David Steinberg's article on the matter.

TL/DR: She lied to Federal agents regarding these matters, committing fraud at a Felony level. She did so deliberately, and with malice aforethought. She should be arrested, convicted, stripped of her citizenship and done away with.

But, and this is where I disagree with merely deporting her back to Somalia, because she did so deliberately and then went on to take elected office illegally Omar is also guilty of sedition. Because she professed loyalty to the United States--falsely or not--she is also guilty of treason. This is no idle speculation; her father was an asset for Intelligence. THis means Omar's a legacy case, and as Anonymous Conservative noted in his post:

Ilhan Omar’s father was top propaganda Official in Genocidal Barre Regime in Somalia. And there it is, a familial linkage to an agent in Cabal’s operations controlling a foreign country overseas (specializing in propaganda, no less). This is why she was brought in to the US, why she could lie on her applications with nobody calling her on it, the fake marriage to her brother (also a legacy Cabal member), her ascension to Congress, and even probably why in “The Squad,” she is the leader giving orders, who everyone looks to for support. She is playing the role for Cabal of intelligence officer, recruiting her own network of agents. They are bringing in agents. I was talking here years ago about how I saw foreigners, who barely spoke English, being run as ground level intel-gatherers for an intelligence operation. I assumed it was US government recruiting them as they came in to penetrate immigrant communities, but obviously in light of Q pointing out the US was overtaken by a foreign-originating intel operation that had tentacles in every country, and the fact that operation was seeing its grip slip in the US, it makes much more sense that the immigration-flood and that were about taking the country over by out-populating and out-voting us.

Do not forget – “State halted the [Refugee Family Reunion] program because DNA testing — primarily of Somalis — had concluded that perhaps 87 percent of applicants were fraudulently claiming family relationships.” That means 87 of the Somalis we let in under that program can be expelled for lying on their applications, and we can use DNA to do it with 100% certainty. There is a Secret Society within the US who views everything non-Secret Society members are taught, about rights, about the Constitution, about morality, about privacy, about loyalty to America first, as ridiculous, almost superstition-level stupidity. The world is Darwinian, and they know… And we were taught to think it is not. And Cabal has been flooding them into here from all over the world for some time now. I’m not sure how Q fixes that without triggering a civil war. They tried to give our country to the third world, especially immoral psychopaths like Ilhan Omar, hoping those third worlders would make them king over us. I don’t see how that is ever viewed as forgivable, or how we live together after that. Q may be counting on them having to leave based on his “They won’t be able to walk down the streets” quote.

Let me simplfy this for you: Omar is a spy for a hostile foreign power, and spies get the bullet. She only goes back if it's worth it for the patriots to let her go back. What she's entitled to is a summary execution by firing squad, blindfold optional, for the aforementioned high crimes plus espionage. Maybe by hanging instead. She should be so done live on television, across all channels, and streamed live online to make an example of her- the effect is worth the obvious fake martyr play by opposition. Then her co-conspirators should be executed in the same manner, again before a live audience. Corpses can't commit crimes, so put all the Thralls to the sword. Empire must fall.

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Narrative Warfare: "Going Broke", The Humiliation Ritual

I think Brian Niemeier is on to something. He put forth on his blog the other day a post on Humiliation Rituals. Put that together with the utter unconcern about destroying whatever business or property they acquire, such that--while true--"Get Woke, Go Broke" is less a taunt and more of an observation.

They want to go broke. They want to drive it into the ground, sully it, defile it, so fill the audience with disgust that they disavow it and walk away. They want that to be the only alternative to becoming this:


What's the point? To demoralize the targeted population. Quoting Brian:

"They knew from history that forcing people to publicly state manifest untruths demoralized them.

That's how humiliation rituals work. If you can sap the people's fortitude until they'll willingly recite patent falsehoods, they won't have the fortitude to challenge the elite."

That bugman will recite patently untrue and unreal things, and believe them, because his entire psychology collapses if he doesn't. So long as he is able to go on deluding himself that Mouse Wars is good, he can avoid admitting how badly he's unmanned himself. Welcome to the baseline psychological conditioning for even the biggest of Thralls. He loves Big Brother.

And there's another element to it. It's a scalp. "We destroyed what you love, and you are powerless to stop us." Yes, there are workarounds and other remedies to be had, but most of them require that the Thralls be purged from power to be effective. Without it there is only so much that can be done. That leads to today's message from Captain Obvious: SEIZE POWER! Take it and hold it. Then you can worry about how to do the big think fixes.

Sunday, July 7, 2019

It's Treason, Then

The mask comes off.

There it is, folks, a confession that they are traitors seeking to use aliens and foreigners to take and hold power over the rest of us. That is treason and sedition. If the fellow travelers in other Western countries haven't yet been so stupid or brazen to do likewise, count on them doing so soon. When it gets to this point, ordinary operation of the State's legal apparatus has already become insufficient to handle what is clearly a capital offense.

This has to be handled by our own hands, like it or not. The Rule of Law is not a suicide pact. These Thralls of Empire have confessed their defection from the contract that enables said Rule to operate; that means they're Fair Game now and I will refuse to convict anyone who goes after them. Use Lawfare where you can, and get your hands wet where it doesn't. Traitors don't just kill themselves; they have to be driven to do it; and efforts like those of Mike Cernovich to nail pedos like Jeffery Epstein are key to driving them all off a cliff.