Sunday, December 25, 2016

Do Not Feed Your Enemies

Stop giving to people who hate you. Your time, your money, your attention, your energy, your posterity, your property- all of it. Just stop. You know good goddamn well that all that will do is feed the beast baying for your blood.

I don't need to expound on this. It's not hard to comprehend; folks who shit on you are not for you, so stop supporting them and start supporting those people who are for you. From the Big Picture down to the everyday, this is how you start and sustain resistance to those who seek to prey upon and destroy you: stop giving to them.

That's it. Done. No need for a treatise. Go forth, and feed your enemies no more.

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Natural Law Made So Simple a Retarded Rhesus Monkey Could Grok It

I haven't given any attention to Mark Passio or Max Egan lately, so I'm embedding below two recent podcasts of Max's. Mark was a guest on one, and the other is this weekend's show. However, to grasp what Mark's saying you need to hear the solo show first so that's the order I'm going to embed them. The rest of this post will assume that you've listened to both podcasts. Also, because Long Post Is Long, a mercy cut; what I have to say will be behind that cut..

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Scrubbing, Blackouts, & Threats: #PizzaGate Is Real

The reaction to #PizzaGate is a big ol' tell that this shit is legit. You do NOT have a concerted media hit, followed by a blackout, over nothing. You do NOT have a global pattern of such behavior throughout the media over nothing. You do not have a swift and sudden tsunami of Hits upon YouTube accounts covering the matter over nothing. Not even the most dedicated trolls out there do this sort of thing, for there are no lulz to be had by doing so.

Oh no. There is something to it, and since Officialdom is (again) protecting the suspects instead of investigating and prosecuting them (we don't even have someone thrown to the wolves yet) it's up to the people to do it themselves. /pol/ at the various chans are on the case, doing the digging, from which others (such as YouTube user Reality Calls, or Jan Irvin at Gnostic Media) further analyze and popularize through their outlets until it filters down to Normieville.

The thing that folks who dig into this sort of thing learn, if they stay sane, that Normies don't is this: the people involved in something as serious as thing do not want to be exposed. Therefore they can, and do, employ all means available to quash exposure threats. That's how this massive institutional response becomes the tell that #PizzaGate is real: you don't do this unless you're spooked, and hauling ass to put down a threat.

This follows the pattern laid out in Confessions of an Economic Hitman: Media manipulation, then cooptation (which is what those "hitmen" do), followed by discrete killing ("jackals", real hitmen), and concluding with open use of state power (the military and security services)- with the worst threats murdered while "resisting arrest" and then coming back to media manipulation to gaslight and gatekeep the narrative back into line.

Yeah, that shit's scary as fuck, which is why anonymity is vital to successful investigation of this mater- and why moves to censor and lock down the Internet is rightly seen as being part of the scheme to protect the interests served by this global pedophila network and cult. (Yes, "interests served", because this cult/ring is just a tool used to achieve desired ends- it itself just as expendable as the ammunition used to end their predatory lives.

This must go on, and the full length and depth of the ring exposed, because our future and our posterity relies on it. Time to bring the bloodsuckers into the glory of the sun and watch them squirm and burn within it.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Razorfist: Abolition is Retardation: The Electoral College Rant

I see no reason to bother with a lengthy--or even brief--post on the defense of the Electoral College when Razorfist does it for me. So I'll just embed his video (a brief one) and let him do the talking. (Side of Fuck You to the Climate Hoax for additional goodiness.)

The two key points of the rant: The College keeps the rural population from being silenced, and the Hoaxing Media lies shamelessly (and has for generations) in order to keep the population suckered into voting for centralization (which urbanization is part of). Not only should the Collage be protected, decentralization--of power, of population, etc.--so that the other trends undermining the Republic get retarded or shut down needs to be done.

This is not an American issue. Every country has this urban/rural split, and this split is contributing to the political and economic problems because centralization is about control first and foremost- and control of others is a tell for Empire. The very idea that we would ever let a few population centers dominate the politics of a sovereign country means only that we never escaped the city-state era, and that the elites of the city still--after millenia--fail to see that the country does not need the city, and thus wonders when the countryside cuts them off what happened (or gets indignant and attempts to enslave them).

The College isn't a perfect counterbalance, but a mechanic need not be perfect to be effective. The U.S. would've had far more political violence than we've seen so far otherwise, and even then we did have one civil war and several regional issues over the years, but to abolish a tool that works? Madness at best, and treason at worst; either way, not to be tolerated.