Sunday, October 30, 2016

Vampires Cannot Consume The Sun

What happens when a population decides to turn away from a traitorous elite in control of the institutions and build anew alternatives that they control?

The result is now clear: that elite perceives this as insurrection and reacts as if dealing with a literal rebellion against their control.

The Brexit campaign in the United Kingdom, the Presidential election in the United States, and the rise of a decentralized network of independent actors reporting the news can successfully challenge and defeat the Establishment and thwart Empire's will. Traditional publishing in all its niches is in collapse under the weight of incompetence and Empire's cult dogma. Entertainment outlets now falter as increasing numbers turn away from them now that alternatives exist. Political dynamics are going to be realigned despite Empire's will.

The Internet made this happen. Therefore it is a threat, and now it will be attacked. The usurpation of the United Nations in terms of oversight is that attack, as it does not even pretend (as the United States does) to be concerned about free and open communication and transmission of ideas and commerce. The hope is that the desire by many actors at the United Nations to establish something akin to what the People's Republic of China did will be easier at that venue.

These actors do not comprehend the Internet. When the previous generation of Empire's pawns created it, with the intention of keeping it up and operational in the event of a nuclear war, they created a network that--by design--interprets all degradation of core functionality as damage and routes around it as fast as can be done. That was about two generations ago, and the release to the world at-large in the 1990s accelerated this ethos to become a global norm.

As part of this ethos we got Open Source software, one notable example of which runs the backbone of many Internet nodes. Its key feature is its open quality, so one can diverge and build one's own variation at-will. This is "forking", as in "a fork in the road", and it is through forking that this ethos practically manifests. As every node in the Internet is expendable, taking control of one means only that it gets severed from the network and left to rot while the network endures. Technically and socially, this is how that routing around damage is done.

This is why the move to lockdown the Internet will fail. You can't stop the forking, and yes that does scale up to the fundamentals of the Internet. (Hell, the Great Firewall has holes, so even the Chinese can't stop it.) You might as well try to keep the Sun from rising.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Sargon of Akkad: Hillary Is Bad For You, America

Sargon of Akkad, one of the smarter British YouTube users (and I do follow him there), is a man you can rely upon to reason, logic, and otherwise engage in Dialectic in good faith. He can do Rhetoric, and his shitposting videos goes to his Vae Victus channel, but being a man who still believes in the Enlightenment he's a Classical Liberal and therefore (by American standards as of this post) a centrist. He's always struck me as a level-headed guy, so when I saw him put out videos about the election I took notice. When I saw that they were anti-Hillary, I sat there astonished. Two I embedded below. See for yourself.

It seems that the revelations of the Clinton campaign's criminal actions, exposed by Guccifer 2.0 and Wikileaks (and now confirmed by Project Veritas) were what prompted this course of action. The corruption revelations exposed a contempt for the Rule of Law, a cavalier attitude towards the very American people she purports to respect and serve, and outright hypocrisy between word and deed as a matter of explicit policy by Hillary Clinton in particular, and the entire Democratic Party apparatus in general. Her taking of bribes, disguised as donations to the Clinton Foundation, that directly translate to favorable action on the part of the U.S. Federal Government reveals such practices and attitudes at a scope and scale that's gotten hundreds of thousands of people--foreign and domestic--maimed, crippled, and killed. She's directly responsible for the Migrant Crisis.

One need not be an American citizen to find this degree of corruption and criminality, covered up by assets in the media and bankrolled by Wall Street, to be something so serious that it compels speaking out against it- especially when the consequence involves the non-trivial threat of the cunning one launching a nuclear war with Russia. Yes, all of the anti-Russia propapganda dovetails the covering of Hillary's criminality, and any nuclear war scenario automatically concerns every last man, woman, and child on the face of the Earth.

By now we've seen Hillary get the Obama Administration to retaliate against Wikileaks for their release of all of these emails exposing Hillary's degeneracy, corruption, and criminality. We've seen the media establishment within AND without the United States go to bat for Hillary; every Anglophonic media establishment is covering for her, along with some in other languages. This is insane, or would be if those same exposed emails did not also reveal who's The Man Behind the Woman: George Soros.

There we have it: this is Hillary as the agent of Empire, serving under Soros as handler, and as with Brexit this is the side that serves the anti-Civilization globalist faction. The one that hates the West, hates peace, and hates the cosmic order that governs all that is, was, and will ever be. Hillary Clinton is a traitor to the United States, and must be dealt with accordingly. She not only must not be President of the United States, she should face execution for betraying her allegiance.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

The Nuclear Deadman's Switch Terrorizing the World

The power of the current Globalist incarnation of Empire rests on their control of the United States' stockpile of nuclear weapons, and their willingness to nuke the fucking planet if they don't get their way

The banking system is based on the U.S. Dollar. The U.S. Dollar is based on the Petrodollar system with Saudi Arabia, which means that the might of the U.S. military is what props up the Petrodollar. Holding up the U.S. military as a viable threat is the nuclear weapons stockpile, which the Globalists (using their agents in the military and government) wave around as a deadman's switch: You will take U.S. Dollars as we say, or EVERYONE DIES!

Well, since that works so well for the Globalists in keeping their banking system of predatory bullshit going, they're using it as the final trump for every last challenge they face, and they make that threat implicitly with weasel words about World War 3. That's the basis for so much arrogance in Globalist circles, thinking that nothing opposing them can endure and therefore it is only a matter of time before final victory is theirs.

They're not wrong. The fear of all life on Earth burning up in nuclear fire, or dying of cancer due to radiation poisoning, or suffocating in the dust, or freezing to death in the winter that follows, or starving to death, or by exposure, is in itself rational; what isn't is the fear that these Globalists have the weapons on lockdown or that they have the nerve to go through with it.

They don't. This planet is all they have--stories about NASA, secret space programs, etc. notwithstanding--and if they nuke it, no amount of Deep Underground Military Base preparedness will preserve what they value from destruction. They know that (as a class), and they're counting on enough of us shitting ourselves to never call their bluff.

Because that is what it is: a bluff. So long as you leave them an out, they will never go through with it; you can mop them up later, so ensure that this out splits them up and isolates them for easy pick-offs. You've got to neutralize that deadman's switch if you want them gone. Deal with that threat to your future and you'll end Empire for good.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Civilization Requires Fidelity to Reality

Civilization cannot endure if it is unfaithful to reality and engages in delusional behavior. The delusional behavior produces dyscivic and dysgenic results, results that always terminate the afflicted and end with extinction of those so deluded. Track the decline of historical empires, and you will see all sorts of delusional behaviors arises prior to decline and fall. In short, foolish prosperity produces disconnection from reality by removing immediate and regular routine encounters with reality. Too long and too good an isolation creates bubbles of unreality from which the aforementioned delusions and degeneracy stem.

The solution is for the leaders of a nation to deliberately and resolutely remain faithful. They must ensure that their youths have any such mistaken perceptions on what reality demands of them disabused good and hard, so that even the most stubborn get the message. Reality is king, to which all men must bend the knee, and not the dictates of men wearing crowns or miters.

That's all there is to it. The thing to take forward is to remove all of the barriers between you and reality. Reality is harsh, but it is sovereign. Be faithful to it, and all that you accomplish will endure well after you are gone. It is building on the hardest stone, certain to withstand. Iron seems stronger, but never endures as stone does.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

On Cities and Civilization

I think that Thomas Jefferson was on to something when he argued that American society should be built around the yeoman farmer.

It is no surprise to me that cities have long "enjoyed" a very mixed reputation, one entirely and wholly deserved as well as justified, as being both centers of power and cesspools of degeneracy.

The phenomenon I call "Empire", today manifest in both literal and Cultural Marxist forms, requires centralization to achieve its control. This means that cities (and towns, etc.) are key to its schemes. There is a reason for this requirement, and it is because cities have a quality that any entity seeking to create a cult must possess: the power to isolate and sever from reality those it preys upon.

Those who live on the land, such as farmers and ranchers, live in the real world. Nomads do also. You rarely, if ever, see the sort of nonsense commonplace to Empire's cult fronts (such as today's Social Justice cult) where people grow their own food or hunt routinely to get it. You don't see obsessions with pointless and superfluous things (such as fashion) when you are concerned with keeping your sheep alive long enough to sheer them for their wool so you can make cloth with it.

In short, cities are cesspools of degeneracy because they are divorced from reality. When you are not confronted with the necessities of life on a direct and immediate basis (i.e. daily), and you have no experience or memory of what they are, it is very easy to become convinced of unreal delusions because you are insulated from the consequences of those delusions.

I do NOT adhere to the insistence that cities are civilization. Cities are technologies, and when strictly confined to lawful uses they are a good thing to have, much like one uses fire for various things but only under strict control. When you allow a city to outside of the specific functions that it is good at doing, you open the door to insanity and degeneracy of a culture and thus of nations.

I say that Civilization comes from being in accord with reality. Locking oneself away in a city run amok, as Social Justice cultists lock themselves away in their "safe spaces", does nothing more than create echo chambers that produce insanity and self-destruction. Empire wants to consume that which is real, so such things are pleasing to it; reality, however, is sovereign and inevitably destroys that which is unreal.

Civilization, therefore, is best served when cities are reduced to the absolute number required, and then confined only to those functions that only a city can fulfill, and then only allowing mission-critical personnel to reside indefinitely- everyone else commutes, and only admitting those with lawful business within. Cities, quite frankly, should be treated like nuclear reactors- and when no longer required, shut down and dismantled.

You don't have Social Justice when the population is spread out and living in reality in rural communities. You don't have Marxism. You don't have many other manifestations of Empire, and what does come up is easily put down by right-thinking neighbors. Civilization, therefore, doesn't need urbanization; urbanization needs Civilization to justify its existence.