Thursday, February 27, 2014

Smart Tyranny: How to resist the smart grid

James Corbett, for Boiling Frogs Post: "Smart technology represents less of a breakthrough in power distribution and more of a revolution in complete, constant, panopticon-like surveillance of everyone. As these smart technologies begin to invade our homes, we are becoming mere nodes in a giant network that we yet but dimly comprehend. Called the "Internet of Things," the plan is to create a network that will eventually include every single object on the planet. And as the public is finally becoming aware, such networks provide golden opportunities for corporations and governments alike to collect data and spy on the population."

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Buzzsaw: The Secret Constitution and Bank Wars with Karen Hudes

Sean Stone's latest interview, as he puts it: "World Bank whistleblower Karen Hudes joins Buzzsaw to talk about the secret other Constitution, banking corruption on a global scale, and how secret orders have undermined freedom around the world. Unpayable debt, the worth of gold and the possibility of reforming a broken banking system is all discussed in this interview hosted by Sean Stone."

Monday, February 24, 2014

ClandesTime 020 - Weaponised Fiction

Tom Secker's latest episode, as he puts he: "This show is a commentary on several different works of cultural significance, primarily looking at how fiction can be used and is used to manipulate and condition public perceptions of past events. Alfred Hitchcock's Sabotage, Joseph Conrad's The Secret Agent, BBC sitcom Yes, Prime Minister, Hollywood blockbuster Crimson Tide, James Bond reboot Casino Royale and the ubiquitous Spooks are all examined for their attempts to retell and remake history. I round off looking at two documents providing concrete proof that this is a real phenomenon."

Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Idea That Empire Is An Idea Is Getting Out There

I had a big ol' rant ready, and then I listened to this episode of Max Igan's show that previously aired on The People's Voice. Start here.

Still here? Good.

What Max laid out, and has for the whole of his time doing "Surviving The Matrix", is that--independent of me--what I call "Empire" is a living thing that exists in the realm of the mind and manifests its presence in the material world through human agents that its afflicts. This is what he's talking about with his whole "pathogen" analogy.

This is, for all his faults (and my suspicions), Alex Jones is right to call this an "Infowar". Nothing in the material world manifests without it first being conceived in the mind, so fighting over the realm of the mind is vital to killing Empire. We're talking about killing an idea here; fighting it out in the material world is at best a holding action, meant to buy time or stop enemy action. The real fight is with words, images, sounds, and other means of persuasion and argumentation. It's why Empire's Thralls are so obsessed with information control in all means possible.

Max Igan's not the only one. Mark Passio also figured this out, independently of me and Max, as he demonstrated with his Natural Law seminar. As I find more examples, I'll point them out here. Once this reaches critical mass, Empire's fall becomes unstoppable.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Corbett Report: The Well-Read Anarchist - An Introduction to Pierre-Joseph Proudhon

As he puts it: "In this inaugural edition of The Well-Read Anarchist podcast, we explore the life and work of Pierre-Joseph Proudhon. From his humble origins to his bold proclamation of anarchism to his brief political career, his imprisonment and exile, and his posthumous banishment to the fringes of the canon, we take a look at the thoughts and ideas of the first self-proclaimed anarchist. Joining us to do this are Shawn Wilbur, an independent scholar and Proudhon translator, and Dr. Alex Prichard, a lecturer in international relations at Exeter University and author of Justice, Order and Anarchy: The International Political Theory of Pierre-Joseph Proudhon."

Friday, February 21, 2014

Buzzsaw: US Freedom Fail, Clapper Just Admits It & The End of Citizens United?

As they put it: "The US has plummeted in global press freedom ranking to somewhere below Jamaica, as director of National Intelligence James R. Clapper half-apologized for the spying programs he had previously denied even existing. Plus, real-life House of Cards international influence peddling through Citizens United, more mysterious deaths at JPMorgan, and the American hall monitor mentality vs. Washington hemp freedom on this week's Buzzsaw news."

Monday, February 17, 2014

ClandesTime 019 -- Is Al Muhajiroun Full of Spies?

Tom Secker's latest podcast episode is embedded below, and with it I'm including a Newsnight report from 2006 that Secker also uploaded to his channel which is related to the podcast.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

"Money" Needs to Go

Recently, for the purpose of ensuring that I comprehended what I saw and heard, I re-watched Mark Passio's Natural Law seminar. I caught something that I missed previously, and that was Passio talking about one of the cult-like taboos of Empire: the use of currency.

Passio argued, in blunt and direct terms, that there is not now--and there has never been--money as is often claimed. (i.e. a token accepted in lieu of barter, store of value, intrinsic value, etc.) In other words, he told all of the gold and silver bugs out there that they're full of shit; neither gold nor silver have inherent value, but rather are just as much fiat currencies as the U.S. Dollar, British Pound, E.U. Euro, or the Japanese Yen. What he emphasizes is that the true economy revolves around Time and Attention, and that currency--contrary to what most claim--is neither necessary nor useful; it is neither a lubricant that smooths the function of an economy nor has capacitance, but instead acts solely as a resistor- the role of currency is to enforce scarcity and thus enforce the Musical Chairs of mainstream economic thinking. Put another way, currency is there as a systematic element for the purpose of ensuring a steady flow of human sacrifices to the rapacious god that is Empire.

The reality of our current world is that material scarcity ceased to be true years ago; we actually are in a global state of material abundance, such that it is increasingly obvious that depriving individuals of the necessities of life because they have not the currency to pay to stay alive is really just a subtle form of genocide- and thus a Crime Against Humanity. There is no inherent scarcity; the illusion exists because intra-species predators prey upon Mankind, stealing from those who need and--like the dragons of legend--accruing it to themselves out of a dysfunctional psychology that always results in self-destruction.

Therefore, "money" needs to go. It is now an active contributor to the misery of Mankind, and therefore must be taken out and destroyed. The purpose it is said to serve does not actually exist; it is instead used as an excuse to place gatekeepers on the economy to enforce the common man's state of peonage to the cosmic con-men that run Empire's system in the material world. With it must be all of the gatekeeping on the productive and distributive powers of the economy; the predators stealing from the rest of us, the con-men lying and defrauding us, and the rule-speakers making proclamations that have little weight in the real world without costumed thugs using violence to enforce them.

There is no such thing as a scarcity of bandwidth, electricity, housing, food, or water. Predators are attacking the abundance that actually exists in pursuit of their aims to acquire and maintain control over others; do away with them, and you get most of the problem solved. Do away with the system of peonage that requires people to pay to stay alive, and only a small--and easily solved, now that time and attention can be devoted to doing so--minority remains. We can do all of this by and for ourselves, without the need for impersonal entities--governments, corporations, societies, etc.--getting in the way, so let's do it now. Money is Empire, and Empire must fall.

Friday, February 14, 2014

The Software That Can Predict the Future - #NewWorldNextWeek

The latest episode of this collaboration between Media Monarchy and the Corbett Report is below, covering news stories that did not get the attention that they deserve.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Against Fascism: Towards the Separation of Business and State

This is the description that Corbett provides: "The problem of the corporate/government revolving door is so blatant, so obvious, so out in the open that even its opponents readily admit to its existence. And yet it continues without significant opposition from the public. Find out more about this problem and what can be done about it in this edition of the Eyeopener report."

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Buzzsaw: Debt Illusion and Free Market Manipulation with Dr. David E. Martin

This is Sean Stone's latest interview. (The regular episode is due on Friday as usual.) Here's how they describe it: "Corruption of capitalism and the free market tailspin is discussed with special attention paid to currency manipulation, debt traps and how to subvert the status quo--here with Dr. David E. Martin. Raw materials, the root of the debt illusion, and buying influence in the modern system of finance are all explored, along with the possibility of reform and redirection of the economy, in this Buzzsaw interview hosted by Sean Stone."

A Double-Dose of Fukushima Updates

Two videos today. One from Canada-based Press For Truth, and one from US-based SGT Report.

Press For Truth: "The Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in northeastern Japan remains to this day as the single most deadly threat to face the world with the potential for radiation poisoning. Dan Dicks of Press For Truth delves deep into the issues regarding the Fukushima disaster to better understand the implications of this catastrophe while at the same time separating the facts from fiction. Joining Dan via Skype and reporting from Japan is James Corbett of The Corbett Report."

SGT Report: "Author and Pediatrician Helen Caldicott takes time out of her busy schedule to join me to discuss the unfolding events at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power station in Japan. Fukushima was devastated by a massive earthquake on March 11, 2011 which led directly to a massive failure causing hydrogen explosions which blew the roof off of at least two of the reactor buildings. Tepco and the Japanese government have understated the radiation dangers and the dire reality of the situation from day one.

Helen says, at this point there is no "best case scenario" for Fukushima, just worsening degrees of horror because it's scientifically impossible to clean up what has already occurred. And with thousands of spent fuel rods and thousands more active rods still in the fuel pools of the damaged reactor buildings, the worst case scenario - if another major earthquake hits the area - is an ecological nightmare of biblical proportions for everyone living in the Northern hemisphere."

Monday, February 10, 2014

ClandesTime 018 - Confessions of an Alt Media Host

It's Episode 18 of this fantastic podcast. Here's the description: "Guillermo Jimenez of joined me to talk about his time as a live radio host on RBN, the Republic Broadcasting Network. We discussed the problems he found while working in network radio, how and why he joined up with RBN, how and why he left, and the shows he is now doing: Traces of Reality Radio and Demanufacturing Consent. We round off with some reflections on the alt media as a whole, and offer some advice to budding podcasters and radio hosts."

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Authority is a Fraud

I could waste a good chunk of my time writing an essay about this, but that would be fucking stupid. Instead, I'll use this segment from Mark Passio's presentation last year. Summarized (taken from the uploader's Description): "Mark Passio explains how "AUTHORITY" is an ILLUSION of a diseased psyche, based entirely in VIOLENCE and built upon the erroneous and dogmatic BELIEF that some people are MASTERS who have the moral right to issue commands, and others are SLAVES who have a moral obligation to obey the Masters."

Instead, I'll spend a bit of time writing about one big ramification of this fact.

Remember Nuremberg? "I was just following orders!" was not accepted as a defense.

It doesn't stop with (now long dead) Nazis. It applies to everyone. It applies to everyone THAT EVER LIVED, IS ALIVE NOW, OR SHALL EVER LIVE.

When someone claims authority, what they are really doing is saying "You will do as I say or I will violate you. If you still exist thereafter, I will threaten you again, and I will violate you again if you fail to comply. I will repeat this until you either die or you comply." They will claim that their costume magically confers this "authority", or that some man-made words--some ink on paper or bits in a database--does so, but when pressed they will inevitably resort to violence--they will violate you--and terrorize you into compliance. "Authority" is nothing more than Terrorism.

All of the claimed good can be done just as well, if not better, by individuals voluntarily associating to achieve the same ends- no coercion needed. No claim to the contrary is valid; all of them, when examined, turn out to be unintended byproducts of a scam intended to enforce some form of slavery upon a population. Free peoples are superior in all respects to achieving these goals. Walk away from Omelas, folks, and take that forsaken child with you.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

The Rothschild Rockefeller Cartel VS Humanity / An Interview with Richard Grove

The folks at SGTReport said this of the video below: "Forensic historian, filmmaker, whistle blower and researcher Richard Grove from, joins us to talk about the enemies of humanity and the tools they use to rob of us of our autonomy and our ability to think critically. Richards says the Rothschild-Rockefeller cartel and the powers-that-be are intra-species kleptoparasites who have incrementally, methodically, and systematically destroyed our culture, education system and our news media. It's an all out WAR on humanity. Richard is one of the most well read researchers we have ever had the pleasure of interviewing, and this one is not to be missed."

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Camp FEMA 2: Enemy of the State

This is Alex Jones' follow-up to Camp FEMA film.

While I have no problems with vaccines, I do have problems with criminals under the color of government using public health as a smokescreen for achieving tyrannical control over a population- and vaccines are part of that scam. Skepticism is not unwise when those pushing a thing act more like car salesmen than anything else, or creating a scenario where they can use color-of-law coercion to get their way. The history of Empire is full of such scams, and we are fools to dismiss them out of hand. The same thing is true of "public order" excuses, such as what happened in Katrina. (Indeed, Katrina is what all of us should take as a warning of what all levels of government can and would do given the right prompting to do so.) Government--big and small alike--is never to be trusted.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Alex Jones likes his shock jock approach, and therefore is prone to sensationalism, but even so he does do good work (and did better in the past).

This is one of the films that put him on the map. Quoting the FederalJack description: "U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia told law students at the University of that the nation's highest court was wrong to uphold the internment of Japanese-Americans during World War II, but he wouldn't be surprised if the court issued a similar ruling during a future conflict. It happened once, it could happen again, if we allow it." And yes, right now if the Feds had their way they would do it again, and should they do so it will be under FEMA that it's done. (Hell, they've been wanting to openly do it since 2000.)

Monday, February 3, 2014

ClandesTime 017 - How to do what I do

This is a great episode. Here's the description: "One of the most common questions that I get asked is where I get my information from, how I know what I know. It isn't an easy question to answer, but in this episode I give it a shot. Using the 1993 World Trade Center bombing as the example I explain how I gathered all my information and documentation on the case, and briefly outline how this helped me form my conclusions about the event. From Emad Salem to Ali Mohamed, this is a tale with spies at every turn but this episode serves as an example of how to do what I do."

Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Way to Kill Empire Is Here

All of those Mark Passio videos weren't posted for shits and giggles. There was a purpose.

The reason that I posted those videos is because Passio laid out a foundation for a free, independent, and practical alternative to our current paradigm of slavery to and consumption by Empire. It is an individualist paradigm, not a collectivist one. It eschews the Pythonesque infighting amongst various cliques of Anarchism as being, quite frankly, useless bullshit. Sure, you've got Ancient Aliens and lots of other whackado to go with it, but what do you expect from a self-admitted former Satanist? The whackado is not the point; the point is the emphasis on Natural Law, our relationship to it, and how returning to a strict adherence of it will lead to Empire's fall- and with it, the healing of Mankind's long-running dysfunction.

In the Natural Law seminar Passio lays out the who, what, when, and where of What On Earth Is Happening. The Cosmic Abandonment presentation lays out the why and how. This is nothing more than the application of the Trivium, which is why--despite the whackado--his message resonates so strongly to those who have not gotten up to speed on what's really going on out here. If you're not one to agree with the whackado elements, then take them as mythology; that does not a damn thing to dilute the truth of the message, as myth is NOT a lie- it's a STORY. (Thanks to Joseph Campbell for making that clear.) Stories are how Mankind originally, and to this day, organizes and disseminates what he knows to others- especially to generations yet unborn. We dismiss them at our peril, and we have dismissed them for far too long as it is; as myth, as literature, or as misunderstood history it DOES NOT CHANGE THE MESSAGE.

Let's review the key points.
  1. There is no such thing as "authority"; it is a cult, intended to shackle your mind and keep you enslaved. No man is the master of any other man, and no man is the slave to any other man. There are no masters, and there are no slaves, so all claims of being either one or the other is a fraud. It doesn't matter what titles the claimant uses, or what ink-blotted pages they wave in your face, or what costume they wear- they're nothing more than gangsters because they have to wield weapons and threaten to violate you to enforce their claims. The only true law is Natural Law, so fuck everything else.
  2. There is no such thing as "money"; it is also a cult, with the same aim. Nothing used as currency has intrinsic value, for the reasons Passio lays out in the Cosmic Abandonment presentation. (If you can't eat it or use it as a tool, it has no intrinsic value; its value is strictly fiat and therefore can and will collapse once that belief collapses. Stop stacking silver and gold, and start stacking things you can actually use; neither of those will save your ass in an economic collapse or similar scenario.)
  3. Mankind is in this shit with Empire (the gods of the ancient world, in this case) because Empire, in the distant past, arose amongst us and attempted to use us to fulfill its rapacious demand for material wealth--gold, as the legends say--and didn't want to do the work on its own behalf to get it. This is the origin of slavery in Man's existence.
  4. Rather than outright genocide, Empire selected specific individuals susceptible to its lies and made them kings and priests over the rest of us; this, coupled with the emergence of money, marks the emergence of Man's original kingdoms and empires- pale reflections of Empire itself. This is the normalization of slavery, in a vast array of illusory and intersecting forms, in Man's experience.
  5. Until we break away from these cosmic frauds, we cannot achieve freedom and fulfill our promise in this life- both as individuals and as a species. This is a predatory threat, the ur-psychopath, and must be dealt with accordingly.

Naturally, there are further lies meant to dissuade resistance. Passio attacked the most popular ones out of the New Age Movement last year, in one hell of a podcast lasting eight hours. However, that came after a much shorter presentation lasting a mere 90 minutes, which I'm embedding below, and you're going to make yourself better for watching it and learning from it.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Mark Passio: From Suppression to Manifestation - Free Energy, Nikola Tesla, the Hidden History of Their Suppression AND HOW TO FIX THIS SHIT

On January 11th, Mark Passio gave this presentation. This is a further add-on to his Natural Law and Cosmic Abandonment seminars. If nothing else, watch from 5:00-8:30 because he lays out how practical mind control really works (and it has nothing to do with demons, drugs, psychic powers, electro-shock or other traumatic abuses; it's simple, easy, and very effective- and you'll quickly grok why he's right when you see it). If you're game for that, continue and see him lay out the oh-my-Dog-this-is-so-obvious explanation for how said mind control is still be used today. By then, you should be good for the rest of the presentation.