Sunday, October 17, 2021

The Empire Strikes Back (At Winnie)

Winnie is screwed.

Over the last couple of weeks I'd been seeking out alternative media outlets that cover the China beat. Be it indies out of the Anglosphere, Indian media outlets, dissident Chinese outlets in the diaspora (i.e. Maylay, Taiwanese, etc.), Russians, the word coming out is the same: Xi Jinping is losing his grip on power within the Chinese Communist Party and thus on power in China.

In short, the cold civil war between Xi and Jiang Zemin is going to conclude by 2024 with Jiang's faction--the Globohomo-aligned one--back in power. The reasons, ultimately, can be reduced to a single sentance: Winnie fucked with the money.

The moves against the entertainment sector and the service economy sector are moves against allies of Jiang aimed at destroying Jiang's power base. If Xi had made these moves with the full power of the military and the security services behind him, this would be a successful campaign of purging his enemies. Xi did not secure the loyalty of either the military or the security services before making this move.

Let me throw out a series of video links on all this:

This does not account for the massive damage that the dams busting due to massive flooding have wrought to an already slipshod and weak physical infrastrucutre--the "tofu dreg" projects that ADVChina covers--such that railway and highway bridges and overpasses have collapsed, making the power problems--rolling blackouts due to a lack of coal to power the plants--even worse.

With the financial sector collapsing due to the real estate bubble popping--Evergrande's shockwave is spreading fast--adding to the misery, and Xi cutting off all avenues of physical and psychological escape due to his attacks on Jiang's allies, the net result is a country filled with an rapidly declining standard of living, a rapidly collapsing economy, and a rapidly disintegrating state of political stability.

In short: Kiss the Mandate of Heaven goodbye.

He doesn't have what he needs to realize any internal or external ambitions, and like Trump here in the US he's been stymied by the very institutions he's relying upon such that they covertly--and now openly--plotted against him. If he somehow weathers this and comes out triumphant it will come at the cost of his independence; he will be forever after a vassal of a superior player, whomever that may be.

It will be interesting to compare and contrast Putin, Xi, and Trump so we can see how Putin succeeded where the latter two failed. Vox Day has said that Xi is a nationalist in the truest sense of the word, and that he and Wang are moving to stop Globohomo corruption of Han civilization and culture. That may be true, and I am inclined to think that is a motivator given Wang's experiences, but the results cannot be argued with: Xi swung at the king (of this world) and missed, and now comes retaliation.

This entire episode has lessons for dissident nationalists to learn from, and there is no discussion going on; this is a mistake, and it will cost plenty if not recitified now. Not everyone is going to make it, and some of those casualties are ultimately self-inflicted due to failing to learn from the failures of others. Don't be that guy. Be the one that survives Empire's fall and thus is around to teach the next generation how to avoid repeating the errors.

Sunday, October 10, 2021

Narrative Warfare: Consider That Monarchy Is The Compromise Position

Let's talk about this meme.

For a lot of people, this is a spicy meme. Not for me, and I can say so succinctly: "Monarchy is the compromise position."

The real order, to which Monarchy is the compromise, is "God->Nation->Family". A nation--a separate and distinct population all of the same race, speaking the same language, practicing the same religion and thus sharing the same culture--is ideally run by its Patriarchs- the senior fathers within a single patrilineal consanguinity. The eldest such man is the Patriarch of that line. The eldest within the nation rules the nation. It is not a thing to be regarded as familial property; it is an office that has simple, but strict, requirements and thus passes from one qualifier to the next regardless of who that man is.

  • Of the Nation
  • Mentally competent
  • Married (widowers allowed), with legitimate adult sons whom are married fathers in their own right (at least three), and landed such to support his entire line.
  • In Communion with the Church (i.e. neither a heretic nor an apostate) thus allowing the Church to check against a tyrannical Patriarch.

Sure, by no means a flawless or ungamable arrangement; there is no social or governmental scheme that isn't, so the simpler schemes tend to be the better ones in practice.

The reason Monarchy is the compromise is because a proper monarchy has most of these elements, but the office is familial property and the rules for succession and assumption are often anything but simple and straightforward such that average peasant children can wholly and readily comprehend it. This is also the genesis of any form of professional ruling or managerial classes that inevitably seperate from and become comtemptuous of their own common people.

By ensuring that the supreme shot-caller (a) is always a mature man of the people he rules over with skin in the game and (b) rarely going to be either the grantor or beneficiary of succession to/from such office (due to the amount of killing required) it minimizes the potential for nepotism; keep the capital moving from one family homestead to the next, and keeping the Church in the loop means that you have an actor of like power at hand to keep the old men as the wise old men they need to be.

Think like an engineer here: reduce the moving parts to the mimimum necessary to achieve desired results. Monarchy gets close, but true Biblical Patriarchy is better. Most nations are not ready for it, hence why Monarchy is the compromise- and a real Monarchy, a proper one, doesn't ever mix nations. King of the Bobs is a Bob and not also king of Jebs, Bills, or Teds. Claiming sovereignty over foreign nationals or alien races is claiming imperium, which is Empire, and Empire Must Fall.

Sunday, October 3, 2021

Why I Don't Fear Winnie The Pooh

As much as I like and listen to Vox Day on a number of things, China is not one of them. That's because of the far superior experience and expertise of these two men, an American and an Afrikkaner, whose videos on the ground exposing the ChiComs for who and what they are--and thus why China cannot overtake the West--are far superior sources of commentary and information than whatever the Supreme Dark Lord is relying upon. This is their recent podcast.

SerpentZA and laowhy86 lived and worked in China for years. They dealt with the billionaires, the officials, the street peddlers, the strivers, the petty bureaucrats, and plenty of vapid thots looking to get that bag. They went there, saw it, did it, and are now on the CCP's shitlist for showing the rest of the world how it really is--including being able to get into and out of the country as easily as they do--which does indeed cause lose of face.

It is because of these two men and their ability to show us how China really works that I have no confidence in their ability to succeed so long as they face substantial opposition. It is telling that India--not exactly a showcase for civilizational competence these days either--can effectively and persistently check China regionally and via soft power by way of its own popular culture exports. Taiwan has good reason to be confident at its power to maintain its independence, and other powers in China's sphere of influence (e.g. Japan, South Korea) aren't talking to each other about mutual defense and trade for China's benefit.

This also means that I would not regard Russia as being friendly with China either; they see in Beijing what once ruled from Moscow, especially the man that runs Russia. What I see out of countries close to China is rather a policy of containment, knowing full well that its internal situation is a ramshackle mess as fragile as taped-together shards of glass, and if it weren't for its persistent policy of foreign espionage it would be completely hemmed it.

(TLDR: The only reason any country is friendly to China is due to ChiCom fuckery, usually blackmail and bribery.)

As the Evergrande incident shows, the country's finances are a shitshow and you'll see the same lack of care in all activity in China; it's only a matter of time before something major breaks such as Three Gorges and China's ability to do anything other than be a Gamma Male writ large becomes brick-to-face obvious. Indeed, it would be more surprising if it wasn't destroyed by external actors rather than the usual ChiCom shoddy work born of corruption and incompetence.

That means that we aren't going to have a Chinese Century. The Middle Kingdom ain't coming back anytime soon, and once the critical infrastructure--already under severe strain; see ADV's rolling blackout videoes--fails there will be no hope for the Han at home until after 2201 at the earliest.

(Not that this means that we're going to get a Russian or a second American Century either.)

So, what to make of this Conservative Treehouse article that claims the Glowies set up China for the Wu Flu?

Embrace the power of "and".

The ChiComs want to be a world-striding collosus. They thought they could turn Glowies. They thought they did, and they got played in turn. Smarter CCP actors realized this and used the situation to advance their positions internally; this is the source of Winnie's current turn to crack down hard on Chinese media and entertainment, because that is where his enemies' powerbase resides and they were the party that got suckered by the Glowies. Expect Winnie to shirk all blame on to them sooner or later, call them "corrupt" and line them all up against the wall.

Winnie does not care about keeping foreign companies happy. He knows--and ADVChina confirms--that he's got a rock-solid hold on the minds of common Chinese in the country via total narrative control; he's confident that he can extend that control over any territory that he somehow manages to conquer and hold for at least a generation. I suspect that the recent anti-effiminacy pushes are defensive moves against foreign narrative attacks aimed at the long-term objectives of expanding ChiCom territory (and control).

He just hasn't yet figured out that neither he nor his key supporters have a long-term to look forward to. Once the dam breaks, the Party could easily go with it- especially if given the right push. That is what I think Globohomo--who turned on the ChiComs after the latter spurned their advances--aims to do to punish, break, and seize China for Empire.

Now if only Globohomo also figured that they they don't have a long-term to look forward to either. Empire falls, and the century to come will have no dominant power at all.

Sunday, September 26, 2021

Narrative Warfare: Tribe Up Or Get Picked Off

This past week, Black Pigeon Speaks (on his Felix Rex channel) put out this.

There's no way around it now, much as CivNats wish it were not so. Muh Individualisms are now the same play as those picked off in this scene.

You will be picked off if you're going at it alone and you are not deeply dug in, and if you are that only buys you time before you either make a run for it or get overwhelmed. Find yourself a group, get behind a competent leader, and remain loyal to him--and it will be him--against the hordes now rolling upon the shores in service to the traitors within the gates.

(Oh, and since this is a well-known thing in the circles I monitor, be wary of grifters looking to exploit this--you--only to leave you when the test comes. Also, Glowies.)

This is the consequence of Empire.

Civilization only thrives when nations are arrayed like orderly neighborhoods: each to their own domain, socializing in the commons to trade and on ocassion to assist in common matters, but otherwise keeping to themselves and neither coveting nor minding that of their neighbors.

Empire, being parasitic and predatory, upends all of this to ultimately destructive ends. The drug-addict quality forces those afflicted to turn criminal and prey upon others, yoking them to the will of the addict--to the Thrall--in order to compel sustainance from the subjects for the addicts to (vainly) satisfy their cravings.

The end result, that of overreach and collapse, leaves worse than nothing behind. Scores--great and small--get settled and lots of people don't survive the sudden shift out of the very comfortable lives they thought would go on forever because they never believed that it could happen to them.

Time indeed to review the lives of post-collapse Romans and similar imperial collapses, like the fall of the Soviet Union, because it's about to hit in the West and that does include the entire globe due to global interdependence. Empire is falling.

Sunday, September 19, 2021

Narrative Warfare: When The Enemy Quietly Secures The Enforcers' Loyalty

Time to get something in front of the YouTube Lawyers, because this one is nasty as it gets. Quoting the article:

"Does a federal badge allow a police officer to violate your constitutional rights with absolute impunity? The answer is “yes,” according to two U.S. Circuit Courts of Appeals in three different cases brought by a Somali refugee who was in her teens, a 70-year-old Vietnam veteran and a small business owner/mechanic. Nearly 60 million Americans now live in states where the courts offer absolute immunity to federal officers who violate someone’s constitutional rights. As one federal judge recently lamented, “Private citizens who are brutalized—even killed—by rogue federal officers can find little solace” in the current accountability framework.”

The linked article goes on to explain the cases in depth, but the reality is exactly as stated: the US Federal judiciary just turned all Federal agents into the sort of corrupt Judges that Dredd loathes.

The US has, by judicial fiat, turned these agents into executioners and thus given them the protected status that a Praetorian caste requires to remain loyal to an endangered regime. This does not yet apply to the agents of the several states or to city/county agents, but if it is not stopped now it will soon be the case and at that time an already informal practice of law enforcement thinking itself above the people--"Thin Blue Line" and all that--will be fully formalized and a status hierarchy among them with it- with the Feds again at the top.

This, by the by, is another reason for why there is no voting your way out of this mess. Any electoral process insufficiently fixed to produce the desired result can be sued into irrelevance in the courts while loyalists in the Executive sandbag to buy time and otherwise sabotage reform attempts.

This only works wholly as intended so long as it remains concealed. Exposure, even of this sort, is damaging because it hurts their narrative.

These rulings wouldn't be necessary if the Thralls of Empire remained secure in their power. They are doing these rulings out of weakness, to shore up what they see as an eroding base of power, and they want to guarantee their enforcers' loyalty by formalizing the already-informal separation and elevation of that caste away from the general population.

And for you honest cops and Feds out there, for the love of God watch your six and get clear as soon as you can. You know this is going to turn into a shitshow the instant a Fed does something that gets local or state cops imprisoned (e.g. George Floyd) and skates with aplomb citing this exact ruling, and no amount of "I'm an honest cop!" will save you or your family. Get out now, while you can, and then get clear before this blows up.

And it will blow up. This ruling signals not only the desperation of the regime, but also where they think their preparations are for moving from covert to overt totalitarianism is- which necessitates a culling of the herd to get and keep them down to a managable state in tightly-controlled confines (i.e. imprisoning entire populations).

It's encouraging because it's a sign of weakness. It's dangerous because cornered rats are viscous and violent with no restraints whatsoever on their use of force. Empire falls, and it tries to take its enemies with it.

Sunday, September 12, 2021

Narrative Warfare: Twenty Years of Narrative Warfare

Yesterday was September 11th.

That date means different things to different people. If you want the American (and, to a much lesser extent, Western) Establishment's view, you couldn't escape it; Didactic Mind's post really hits how it feels like ashes in one's mouth for many in the US and elsewhere. Some others, usually aging leftists or born in South America, remember Pinochet's coup in Chile on this day. Nationalist dissidents will remember, in September, when Vienna was freed from the theat of Ottoman conquest. There are other events of note that I won't mention here.

But you're wondering what I think, yes?

I shall summarize: Alex Jones was right. /pol/ was even more right.

It is clear now that these are true:

  • It was an inside job.
  • Establishment intelligence--US and others--materially benefited from the attack and had their narrative ready to go before the fact, shown by the speed with which they deployed it via their Operation Mockingbird assets like Anderson Cooper (and their counterparts in allied countries).
  • Yes, Saudis were involved; factional fighting inside their ruling family account for this involvement and later opposition via Trump.
  • Bin Ladin may or may not have actually masterminded the attack, but he most certainly was not killed as stated.
  • The official narrative is a box car full of turduckens of lies. The only true statement is that World Trade Center 1, 2, and 7 went down due to terrorist violence.
  • Only now, well past the point where justice would inflict any real harm on the network of actors responsible, is the truth being officially acknowledged in the least- and then, only as a means of protecting itself from bigger, more pressing, threats. In other words, a Limited Hangout.
  • Narrative control has proven vitally effective at keeping up the charade for as long as it has, and now that its usefulness is ending they are letting it go piece by piece deliberately as demoralization and humilation operations. Not a big of waste allowed for so vast an undertaking. To this day, Normies believe the official narrative because they believe the authority of the mainstream media and refuse to go out of their way to find independent media- too much like work.
  • The Establishment has successfully moved a lot of their control mechanisms into the private sector by exploiting public-private partnerships, formal and otherwise, resulting in the erection of the very totalitarian state Alex Jones and his cohorts (current and former) warned us about back then. Aaron Russo's "Freedom to Fascism" is proving particularly prophetic now.

Yes, even the Afghanistan pullout ties into this.

The claim, made years ago, was that 9/11's American relevance was, indeed, the signal that the party was over.

The party being American general prosperty and liberty, and now we transitioned to a deliberate and willful looting and degradation of both the American nation and its various institutions. While the goal to do so and then fuck off to China got thwarted, the "do so" part remained in play and here we are.

The problem, as you may notice, is that the Establishment--the Thralls of Empire--have nowhere to go to escape the consequences of their looting and degeneracy. Empire itself is now trapped in the very host it parasitized, something not seen outside wholesale civilizational collapses like that of the Bronze Age collapse that took entire networks of trade and communication--and thus people--out of commission and forced peoples to make do with local resources.

No, bolt-holes (however gilded) in New Zealand don't count. Bolt-holes anywhere don't count, especially not against vengeful and spiteful barbarian hordes that will inevitably arise to seize by force what is horded in those bolt-holes- often lead by the very security personnel the owners hired and then treated like shit because they could not help themselves.

Empire survives by jumping from host to host, from civilization to civilization, because it cannot exist without Civiliztion--without the power, prestige, and prosperity thereof--to sustain it. It is very womanly, very much a wanton and viscious gold-digging whore, in that respect; think of it as Lilith writ large if you like, or the Whore of Babylon, and so the shit will flow until back to God we go.

The reason, therefore, for the masks coming off and the acceleration of the Globohomo lockdown of populations is to stave off the palpable threat of Empire's destruction due to being unable to escape the destruction they've wrought. They want to lock people down not out of strength, but weakeness; not out of confidence, but fear. They want to cull people due to wanting to eliminate hordes before they form first and foremost; any religious aspect to these actions is important, but not primary- it's all out of pants-shitting terror of the very people they preyed upon for generations on end.

Of us.

And is it not curious how they've not done the more obvious and necessary things yet? Maybe they can't.

Despite the narrative control, the Thralls don't have what they require to make good their desperation play; their behaviors show it. The Normies do sense that bad shit's going on, and they're tuning out entirely to deal with the bullshit they sense is coming at them, but--again--baby steps. First they stop reading the papers and magazines, then they stop watching the TV or listening to the radio, and next they get off Facebook/Twitter, etc. in favor of alternatives that give what Normies want (e.g. Marvel/DC collapsing vs. Manga blossoming). Step by step, and faster as the Boomers die off, the noose slips.

And, at the core, the Thralls sense it and yet can't react fast enough or well enough to deal with it.

This is why, as I see it, the Afghanistan pullout isn't having the impact it was meant to have or that yesterday's Narrative reinforcement didn't take like it was meant to; the subjects are increasingly just not listening, not caring, and turning away. If there is any good news to be had, there it is; if there is any useful action to take, it is to have alternatives shoved before them that give them what they want here and now.

Empire, unlike Epstein, killed itself.

Empire falls.

Sunday, September 5, 2021

Narrative Warfare: When The Hit Pieces Get Too Obvious

You don't do this unless you're on the back foot. Rolling Stone's hit-piece on Ivermectin got debunked.

The hospital McElyea worked for, NHS Sequoyah, located in Sallisaw, Oklahoma – just issued a statement disavowing McElyea’s claims.

Although Dr. Jason McElyea is not an employee of NHS Sequoyah, he is affiliated with a medical staffing group that provides coverage for our emergency room.

With that said, Dr. McElyea has not worked at our Sallisaw location in over 2 months.

NHS Sequoyah has not treated any patients due to complications related to taking ivermectin. This includes not treating any patients for ivermectin overdose.

All patients who have visited our emergency room have received medical attention as appropriate. Our hospital has not had to turn away any patients seeking emergency care.

We want to reassure our community that our staff is working hard to provide quality healthcare to all patients. We appreciate the opportunity to clarify this issue and as always, we value our community’s support.

The media lies. They are not merely incompetent. They are enemy actors. This is blatant Narrative Warfare. They are deliberately making up pure bullshit, using professionals to do so, to gaslight and scaremonger people into line, but they're getting too obvious about it. That means (a) it's not working because they wouldn't need to double-down if it did, and (b) enough of us aren't buying it to have them worried.

Folks are getting the memo. Spread the word. Empire falls.