Sunday, December 10, 2023

Narrative Warfare: Fantasies Of Futures Impossible

Again, some folks talk "National Divorce".

The Texas Nationalist Movement (TNM) has reached the necessary signature threshold in their petition to put a proposition on the statewide primary ballot in March 2024 that will ask voters the question: “Should the State of Texas reassert its status as an independent nation?”

Under the Texas Election Code, the petition needed 97,709 signatures for the question to be placed in the Republican Primary Ballot. In an open letter to the State Republican Executive Committee (SREC), TNM President Daniel Miller states, “As of the date of this letter, we have collected the requisite number of signatures and more.”

Members of the SREC are meeting this weekend and will be presented with a sampling of the signatures. Miller states in the letter, “This weekend we brought a sample of the names, cities, and Senate Districts for over 102,000 petition signers…”

Allow me to summarize why this is a fantasy, an impossible future, not to be taken seriously.

If this actually gets on the ballot, if it gets on the final ballot, and if it passes, then comes the final question: And you will enforce this HOW?

Yes, the Globohomo Regime of Empire is not what it formerly was. It suffers from a competency crisis due to the junior Thralls suffering from the very degeneracy the elder Thralls pushed upon the West. The core of Globohomo, the United States, remains the engine of power behind this faction of Empire.

It will regard secession, however framed, as an excuse to go Base Delta Zero upon Texas. Regime Loyalists are quick to say "We settled this in 1865" with the glee of psychotic spree killer about to go off with a minigun at the Mall of America in Christmas time.

They do this because this is what they fantasize about. They want to genocide their enemies--us--and one of the ready excuses to do so is any attempt to break away from the Federal government openly and formally.

Note those last three words, and then recall that Globohomo suffers from a competency crisis.

The reality of achieving any form of separation is to exploit said crisis to coverly and informally slip away under the cover of the very creeping incompetence afflicting the Feds and their fellow travelers in State and Local institutions.

This is how the Roman Empire's collapse went down for the majority of (ex-)Romans; Imperial functions stopped working, so local potentates stepped up quietly and informally to fill in the gaps in ways that best suited local resources, aspirations, and conditions- the proto-form of Feudalism.

That is how these Texas LOLberts should have gone, but LOLberts gotta LOLbert so they're aiming to force the hands of Globohomo Thralls of Empire and those Thralls will be all too happy to throw them to show others who's the master.

Folks think that the military ain't going to turn out like the police, who showed their true nature during Corona-chan's World Tour as the System Pigs they are. They haven't paid attention to past or present realities when such notions are challenged, especially after recently signalling of what they are, which is consistent to what they've been many times over.

You are far more likely to succeed by exploiting the incompetency and apathy of its barely-functional cogs and grunts against the Globohomo Thralls. Don't talk, don't signal, don't give any tells whatsoever- just do and keep your mouth shut.

Texas should sandbag, ignore, maliciously comply, and otherwise return the bad faith it gets from the Feds while it refocuses its resources and power to the State and (loyal) local counterparts. What must be spoken of gets the "I did it 35 minutes ago" treatment; it is annouced after the fact, when it is too late to stop it, and no sooner.

This is because Laws Are Just Opinions With Guns. Laws that are not enforced do not exist, and you are not obligated to enforced demands upon you by people that hate you- make them do it themselves or do without.

In this context, that means Texas just doing what it wants without saying anything beforehand and telling D.C. "Fuck you, make me" when they complain- and be ready for when they try (far easier to do, thanks to Modern Monetary Theory, than it seems; just make a Bank of Texas and be done with it).

This is far more likely to succeed doing things this way- and ignore all complaints about Muh Legality. This is exactly the sort of situation where courts and legilatures are at best impotent and mostly boat-anchors getting in the way of necessary and proper action. A leader that cannot seize power and Get Things Done in this moment deserves to fail and made to swing from a yardarm.

Decaying imperial states will disintegrate, but they have to do so in their own time. Trying to force it like this is guaranteed to end with the separatists dead, dying, or desiring it so. You have to let the process do the work and just keep quiet exploiting it to make the transition to the new state to come until it does. Empire must fall.

Sunday, December 3, 2023

Narrative Warfare: The Return of Kings Is Nigh

As expected, the Thralls of Empire serving Globohomo that run the Occupied Republic of Ireland retaliated.

Not that this stopped this warrior. That same day, he posted this.

I remind you that this is is a champion athlete, an active MMA champion, has plenty of commercial dealings going on, and just became a father. Conor has a lot to lose by standing up for his people- for the Irish Nation. He has skin in the game.

That, so far, demonstrates a nobility of character that casual observers would never have expected of him. Globohomo media has done a fantastic job heretofore framing him as a Bad Boy with all that entails--irresponsible, disreputable, abrasive, dyscivic, and destined for destruction once he is no longer of use--but that framing is now showing itself as false.

This is not how a meathead and fist-drunk thug talks. This is how a king talks. (original post deleted; quoted below)

"This is the way Bernadette yes, but more frequently it has been seen to be not so much the case.

Example A being now convicted murderer Josef Puska.

Puska gained entry despite his prior criminal background. Not only that, he was here for 10 years without ever once gaining employment nor even learning the language.

He and his family, who are now all up on the charge of perverting the course of justice, were granted full benefits of the state, including a house.

Ten years, a house, no job, no language learned, and zero contributions to Irish society. This is not fair.

We have lost Ashling Murphy due to this lapse in security and we had 10 years to find it. We never did.

Change has to be brought in to strengthen our resources here. On the back of this. For Ashling. Once is too much.

That is a serious lapse in national security to allow this to happen. We have got to speak on it. As uncomfortable as it is.

I will not allow people tie me to racism, bigotry, or many of the things they have been trying to tie me to since I have spoken up.

Skin color does not matter to me. I am not white, I’m Irish. This must be stood for. Our system must be stronger!

Currently it is not what it says on the tin. Thank you so much for your response Bernadette. My lady is a Devlin, we absolutely love you in our house."

Millionaire Ghostwriter and Expert Hypnotist Joshua Lisec, a man who pays his bills and builds his family's fortune and future through mastery of Rhetoric, sees the obvious.

Or, as some of us say, a Rhetorical Killshot.

If he keeps this up, and he starts making it known that he's willing to step up and lead his homeland out of this genocidal occupation--something that the present regime claimed to legitimize their rule in breaking away from the United Kingdom--he'd have an army at his back tomorrow.

(Hint to Irish Nationalists: Comparing the present regime to the former British occupation may be effective Rhetoric. Check it out; see if it works.)

Because he uttered those words, Globohomo will come at him and his with the fist of an angry god- the god of this world. The arrest was the warning, and he did not shrink from the threat. The heat will be ramped up, increasing the pressure, so we'll see if his coolness under pressure in the ring translates to coolness under pressure in political and legal combat.

I'm focusing on this because it is one manifestation of a trend. The legitimacy of Muh Democracy--fake and gay as that is--is running out, and so is patience with the idea of just letting your enemies have their way with power because they won a popularity contest (voting) that they had every incentive to rig in their favor (as do you). As things get worse, and the rituals of Muh Democracy ring increasingly hollow and impotent, the nations will demand that rulers--that kings--rise up to defend them against those seeking to prey upon them. And, in turn, those demands will go from protection from to destruction of all threats.

And those seeking to rule will rise up. Some will rise up because they are men of noble character and warrior virtue, with a body of like men at their back. You want those men to win. Others will be the Hard Power versions of the Soft Power Foxes running Globohomo right now, and that's no good. For those lacking discernment, it will be hard to tell them apart at first because both will do things that the nation wants and needs. The difference is why they do it, and how they get the nation to believe what they want them to believe (true or false).

You'll see the CCP did similar things.

As the Globohomo Thralls fail to transition from Soft to Hard Power--see Auron MacIntyre's take on this--and the Competency Crisis breaks even more of what the past of the West built, the chaos that results will create the conditions for kings to seize power by their own hands.

Conor McGregor could--should--be such a man. If the Irish State tries and fails to destroy him, or anger him too much, he could easily become just that sort of man; now is the time for Irish nationalists to encourage him to do so and back him up so he can do so.

It is preferable that he does so. It does not matter if he does so or not. IF HE DOES NOT, ANOTHER MAN WILL! That is now inevitable, and not just in Ireland. It will happen in the United Kingdom. It will happen all over Europe. It is already happening in Russia (some of us call Putin "Neo-Tsar" for a reason), and Winnie The Pooh is Emperor of China in all but name (with all that entails). It will happen in Canada, Australia, New Zeland, and the United States- and rulers will stand and deliver.

"Muh Democracy" is bullshit, has always been bullshit, and is now being revealed to the Normies that it is bullshit- and as they grok it, they will call for a king.

Anacyclosis remains undefeated, and so Empire Must Fall.

Pray for Conor McGregor. Pray that God makes a Godly king of him because Ireland needs such a man. Pray that this stops being a meme sooner than later.

Sunday, November 26, 2023

Narrative Warfare: A Different Trouble Afflicts Ireland, And It Will Engulf All Of The West

This past week, an Algerian man stabbed an Irish girl to death.

Unlike too much of the West, the Irish actually did something about it: they rioted in Dublin and scared the shit out of the Globohomo loyalists and the Clients (like the killer) therein.

So far, just a more violent version of the Canandian Trucker episode, until a potential leader showed up: Conor MacGregor, the MMA champion.

He has not backed down from this statement. He has reaffirmed it, and as one expects from a charismatic leader and champion fighter, he did not mince words.

Some are calling for him to run for political office. This is a bad idea. The reaction of the Irish state, captured by Globohomo and than in thrall to Empire, makes clear why this is a bad idea- much like it is most of the Anglosphere and a lot of Europe. Globohomo is a hostile force occupying the Western nations and their homelands, intent on driving them to extinction. You are not voting your way out of this.

"But Geert won in the Netherlands!"

First, Ireland ain't the Netherlands. Different environment.

Second, Geert has to form a coalition government. That means compromise, which limits what he can get done right there.

Third, if he clears that hurdle, he then has to ensure that he has no traitors in his ranks to stab him in the back (like what happened to Trump) before he has to overcome every last legislative hurdle to get his agenda passed.

Finally, he has to beat down the bureaucracy and tame the judiciary so it actually gets implemented and enforced- and that's before the European Union and its bitch queen intervenes.

Milei in Argentina faces similiar hurdles in getting things done there.

And, we saw recently, there is open violence against ALL anti-Globohomo actors that present the least bit of opposition. Geert, Milei, etc. are hardly going to win over many in the Dissident Right but--as Imperium Press pointed out on their Telegram channel--you work with what you've got. This is something, so stop being shitters about it and get what you can while you can to move them--and everything else--away from Globohomo and towards a full and proper Nationalism.

Back to Ireland.

What the Thralls in Ireland's government made clear is that--like the rest of the Anglosphere--the law is nothing more than an opinion with a gun.


Because this is not hypocracy: it's HIERARCHY. They bellieve, openly and wholeheartedly, that they are superior to and therefore above the Western nations; they are Elect, Chosen, Very Special SMRT Boys. Therefore, when they do "Rules For Thee, Not For Me" they believe this wholly justified because THEY are not US in their eyes.

Those laws, those rules, those regulations- all of them are for US, not THEM, and that's why "Muh Hypocracy" means NOTHING to them.

So when you look back up there to see Ireland's Top Faggot react by doubling-down on Muh Hate Speech know that there was nothing that could be said or done OR NOT SAID OR DONE to prevent that. The Thralls of Empire--Globohomo, Russia, and China--all hate the Western nations (i.e. YOU) and they will take ANY excuse to do what they want, including if you say or do NOTHING AT ALL.

To quote a friend of the Shiba of Color:

Dazexiang Uprising energy.

What's the punishment for disagreeing with the government?

What's the punishment for rebellion?

The same.

"That's scary. They have a lot of guns."

You mean Hard Power.

Here's your Good News: they don't have nearly the Hard Power that they want you to believe that they do, and the Soft Power--the Narrative Warfare, the financial fuckery, the media gaslighting, the social pressures--all have HARD FUCKING LIMITS, limits that are now being hit.

The Thralls of Empire are not Wolves. They are Foxes. Foxes are supreme Soft Power divas, an entire caste of Mariah Carey hysterical divas (including the men); this is why the meme about the Longhouse took off.

The ability of Globohomo to do Waco-style slaughters of dissidents is not what it was in the 1990s, or even more recent than that; the Patrons, due to Wu Flu stupidity and the present Client Uprising, can't recruit or rely upon Clients to do that sort of wetwork and the awareness of Globohomo local regimes being fragile is more obvious by the day.

Does it exist? Yes. Can it still put in work. Yes, it can. Can it be everywhere at once? No. The Total Surveilance State is NOT here yet; that's still only in the cities of China. The ability to form ethnic enclaves, to Tribe Up, and to take up Hard Power in order to seize power from Globohomo (in those places where Voting Harder is not viable; Razorfist, you ought to know better by now than to blithely suggest this) still exists and thanks to Thralls' being retards these days they can't kill it off.

Watch how the Irish State deal with Conor.

He knows he can form an army about him. So does the Irish State. That's what makes his statements dangerous, and the wiser Dissident Rightists know it. Authority is derived from raw, naked force--from those willing to shower down blood, bone, and fire. Conor is sufficiently comfortable with violence, and skilled at it, to be a threat unto himself; he would have no problems forming an elite cadre about him, raising up a militia, and seizing power if he or someone he'll listen to can think through how to do so.

That thought is making said Top Faggot and his cabinent shit themselves right now.

The Globohomo occupations will not end with elections. We already know those get rigged when they feel the heat and believe to be under threat (which is why losses upset them so). Therefore it is necessary and proper to accept that solving the problem means seizing power from them, whatever the means. Ireland is so occupied.

And now that Conor has so much as insinuated that this is on the table, it is now inevitable. If he doesn't do it, some other man will; if the first attempt doesn't succeed, a later one will. Globohomo has to win EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. The Nations have to win only once.

Empire. Must. FALL!

(By the way, don't worry about the economic stuff; Torba's got that covered. Work with him.)

Sunday, November 19, 2023

Narrative Warfare: Weaponized "Whiteness" Institutionalized

Steve Sailer pointed out this past week, as has Auron MacIntyre, that the Patrons are being hoisted by their own petard.

There are a lot of Clients in Human Resources positions.

It's going to take a lot of Patron networking to marshal the resources necessary to counter-punch this attempt to frame them as White while pushing "Whiteness" as an existential evil to be exterminated- and Clients are chosen and groomed to do this on command like Doctor Who's famous Daleks. Rival cohorts will lead to the political version of this sooner than later.

But, while the Clients have low-level power in the institutions, they don't hold the high ground: finance.

They were reminded of this the other day when the Patrons flipped their shit at Elon Musk and began yanking advertising again from Twitter due to Elon making it policy to ban both sides if they got on the "Genocide is Good" bandwagon.

This should be giving the Clients pause, but they would not be Clients if they were capable of being shocked into pausing and reassessing their situation. Instead, it's going to lead to this--again--just as it is on the geopolitical stage.

Because the Clients forgot something that the Patrons know deep in their bones, having been on the wrong end of it several times over the centuries:

" … I was not making fun of you personally; I was heaping scorn on an inexcusably silly idea — a practice I shall always follow. Anyone who clings to the historically untrue and thoroughly immoral doctrine that violence never settles anything I would advise to conjure up the ghosts of Napoleon Bonaparte and the Duke of Wellington and let them debate it. The ghost of Hitler could referee and the jury might well be the Dodo, the Great Auk, and the Passenger Pigeon. Violence, naked force, has settled more issues in history than has any other factor, and the contrary opinion is wishful thinking at its worst. Breeds that forget this basic truth have always paid for it with their lives and their freedoms."- Lt. Col. Jean V. Dubois (Ret.), Ch. 2, Starship Troopers

And Israel, on behalf of the Patrons, is smearing the world's face in this fact.

This is what the Clients and their supporters--looking at you Syrian Girl, Keith Woods, Millenial Woes, and several others--are still unable to accept: they are impotent in the face of an enemy ready, willing, and able to use violence to get their way.

That it also shows that "Muh Human Rights" and "Muh International Law" are as fake and gay as the Modernity that spawned them is just icing on the cake.

The Patrons control the violence of the Western States. If they wish it so, and as things progress that's increasingly likely, Western State violence can and will be used to put down the Clients with ruthless efficiency- and yes, Clown World notwithstanding, State violence remains a highly efficient and effective function of Globohomo-control regimes.

There is no reason for Israel to lighten up unless it's in its interest to do so, and given the past week's progress that's obvious to figure out: they're getting ready to finish the job up north before turning about and heading south to finish the conquest and annexation- and there is nothing that can be done to stop it.

There is no political will in the Arab World to intervene with force. No one has the means to use sanctions to hurt Israel, and with the US Navy patrolling all the likely approaches there is no ability for would-be allies to do so anyway without starting World War 3 in earnest, something no one wants.

This is what the well-meaning dissidents cannot handle, as shown by their own discourse; they rely on influence and pressure tactics against those who invented, refined, and WROTE THE BOOK ON THEM. That's not going to work, and the sooner this is acknowledged the better it will be. (Hint: You will have to do things that are not allowed to be talked about on Globohomo, Russian, or Chinese social media to win against Israel- or against the Patrons. Seize and wield power or shut the fuck up- you are not helping.)

(As a side note, Globohomo also remains capable of cleaning up its own messes when it wants to- just compare San Francisco during Winnie The Pooh's visit vs. before AND after. That, right there, shows that this is all deliberate policy and not just incompetence; they can make things better if they want to- and they don't because it means helping us, their enemy.)

And yes, as I predicted last week, the native Western nations are being blamed for it all despite that being nonsencial. Tommy Robinson's stunt in the U.K. is the most high-profile example, but there are others great and small.

Fortunatley there is, at long last, a realization that maybe these Patrons aren't our friends; U.S. military recruiting is so bad that they resort to setting up at anime convensions and still fail.

As we come into the Holiday Season for 2023 in the United States, and more generally come December, we can count on the insanity ramping up and likely breaking out into general violence again during a U.S. Presidential Election year.

Globohomo knows this. The Patrons know this. The Clients know this. Their masters know this. Things are going to go off the rails, over the side, and right into the abyss.

Sunday, November 12, 2023

Narrative Warfare: Weaponized "Whiteness"

I figured that there would be some angle by which Globohomo would fuck over dissidents and the Western nations. We got it this past week.

The Clients are using established Rhetoric and Cult Cant about "Whiteness" to collaps Schrodinger's Jew into the White category, thereby forcing the Patrons into a difficult position: side with the very people they hate to survive, or surrender to the Clients.

(By the way, this is another reason to Stay The Fuck Away From All This; you will be blamed for anything that goes down even if you're just there to use the bathroom or, like the protest at Grand Central Station in New York City, trying to catch a train.)

The Patrons have already chosen; they're not surrendering- they're networking to wield power against the Clients.

Which puts the Western nations in a bad spot. If the Clients continue their street actions and escalate to violent banditry (which didn't work so well in Panama), the Patrons will have no qualms using us as meatshields for their own kind (even if present attempts are not working). Fortunately, some of their Fellow Travelers in Spain fucked up and woke up a nationalist reaction.

The spirit of Franco remains in Spain.

This is what dissidents and the Western nations are up against now: a foreign conflict, by foreign parties, who both hate the West and the Western nations are allowed to do so because they are Thralls of Empire in service to Globohomo and so long as Globohomo as a whole benefits (and its enemies--us--suffer) they don't care about some internal slapfight between Thralls.

The aim of the Clients is to set up a Narrative frame where the Patrons are "White" and thus low-status and illegitimate according to Death Cult orthodoxy, thus using all of that hostile language against the Western nations ("Whiteness") as Rhetorical ammunition against the Patrons to justify doing violence to them and seizing everything the Patrons have as "reparations". If mutual enemies also get wrecked--again, that's us--so much the better.

The Patrons use their power behind the scenes to strip Client access to power, to money, to media access, and in time to housing, food, health care, and anything else in order to bring them to heel. They will have no problems using State power against any dissident or national foolish enough to even seem to side against them (including by merely being in the area when a protest goes down). There is already talk in various State governments of outright deportation of Clients; this will escalate to actual deportations soon enough.

Which is a bit of a quandry, but this is not about rational thought on either side; this is about power, and power need not deal in rational thought so long as it is seized and held.

I repeat my exhortation: You gain nothing by getting involed; you can only lose. DO NOT TAKE A SIDE! STAY AWAY FROM PROTESTS! Get clear, get secure, get ready for what comes next.

Sunday, November 5, 2023

Narrative Warfare: For Control Of Globohomo's Patronage Networks

The conflict between Patron and Client in two Tweets.

The Patrons, as I said last week, are very good at networking and organizing. They are the incumbent party here, with control over the institutions in all of the subject states of Globohomo. They can, and they are, using State power to shut down their rebellious Clients.

The Clients are good at mass actions and attracting media attention, as we see above and observers will see on social and news media alike throughout the Israel affair. That gets a lot of sentiment, but that does not translate to seizing power.

What we are about to see is that Influence is not Power. Since so many on both sides of this internecene conflict love Martin's Shit: The Fantasy story I find it useful to use one of its most clipped scenes to hammer the point home.

The Patrons will follow a policy of Containment. The Patrons have other enemies that they seek to deal with, so they will exploit this rebellion as best they can to advance that agenda (e.g. the attack on General Pershing's statue) while slowly wrangling the Clients back on to the plantation and whipping them back into line.

The Patrons have power. Public opinion does not matter; only elite opinion does, and as the Patrons are the elites only their opinions matter. The Clients think they are elites, but they are not and their grinding down and humiliation by the Patrons will be a public demonstration of this fact as things progress.

For now the Clients get to bully the children of the Patrons, but with each display of such predatory behavior the Patrons map out exactly who turned on them and how they can put this uprising down. Soon more States will follow France's lead. Soon more will also ban divestment from Israeli businesses (the anti-BDS laws), and more parties will make support of Israel explicit for access to either elected or appointed office.

State power is real and substantial. So is banking power, and that will be next to make itself felt as the funding for these operations starts drying up and racketeering charges start showing up in their place- maybe even terrorism charges. Controlled opposition parties (e.g. the Republicans in the United States) may be allowed to push through legal changes to remove aliens and foreigners that go against Israel if this goes on, and in some places in the West that pressure is already mounting.

I caution everyone that both sides of this fight are Globohomo Thralls; this is a knife fight in the backroom over the spoils of their criminal activity, so no matter who wins we are still in deep trouble and State power can only be strengthened as a result.

The best outcome is that both sides exhaust each other, allowing the dissidents the opportunity to act and remove both from the West and send them back to where they belong. This is not likely; you have better odds of winning the lottery or getting a decent movie out of the Devil Mouse.

Instead, do the following: do not go near any protests (you will not be protected; you will be targetted), do not take a side in this matter (not your problem; them being here instead of there is the problem), and be wary of both sides using this as a pretext to further attack and surpress the nations and cultures of the West in favor of Globohomo.

Sunday, October 29, 2023

Narrative Warfare: The Patron Against The Client

Remember what I said about the Thralls serving Globohomo splitting and fighting? Yeah, one side is proving to be better at this.

And it is not the side given to launching public protests intended to escalate into riots.

What we are seeing here is that the faction with institutional power activated its network immediately and began organizing to shut out the other faction from the patronage that both parties formerly enjoyed.

This is how the dominant Thralls in Globohomo will bring their juniors to heel; Thralls are dependent upon patronage for their living in all things, so those that control the network (the Patrons) have a superior position to those that merely benefit (the Clients).

As the juniors are the Client Race Coalition and their shitlib "allies" (minders), they are the Clients and said clients are trying to seize control of the patronage network by backing Hamas over Israel. The Clients are now finding out how badly they played this hand, as it is now clear that if this is not enough to get the Clients to back down and get back into line all of those government powers aimed at Western nations (and dissidents) will be used against them.

In short, all of these protests and riots will end up having the Globohomo Thralls put away their own Clients to preserve their power and maintain control over Western governments.

Or, as Academic Agent would say "put the Woke away".

What Western dissidents should do, besides Not Being There, is to observe with great concentration and focus how the Patron puts down the Client. What will need to be done will force some errors on the part of the Thralls that dissidents would be wise to remember- first, and foremost, to observe the aplomb with which Friend/Enemy distinction allows the Patrons to turn on a dime and wield State power to destroy their revolting Clients and blame it all on the dissidents.

An opportunity to compel the Patrons to remove these hostile aliens and foreigners permanently, thus making the future task of removing all such peoples easier, is about to make itself available. Seize upon it.