Monday, September 30, 2013

More James Corbett: Corbett on 9/11

The Corbett Report has a lot of content that it puts out on a regular basis, sometimes in its own name and sometimes on behalf of a partner such as Global Research or Boiling Frogs Post. James Corbett has a lot of good stuff out there, some still in production and some not. This week, through Saturday, I'll post representative examples of his better work.

This is one of his best podcasts, and in addition to the video embedded below there is a corresponding page (linked at the YouTube video) which links to his sources and other relevant materials used for that episode. You can expect James to do this whenever he's producing under his own brand.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

An Ally Against Empire: James Corbett Exposes the IPCC & Climate Change

James Corbett, of the Corbett Report, has a new episode of the podcast out. Episode #282 addresses the Intergovernment Panel on Climate Change and how that body's proclamation regarding human activity on Climate Change is a grotesque and abominable fraud meant to push an international agenda of political economy that is meant to further centralized power and authority into the hands of a very small oligarchy. This is another attempt by Empire to preserve itself, through fostering the fraud of anthropogenic climate change and using fear of a ruined planet to return Mankind to serfdom via a new Feudalism--a Green Feudalism--that destroys Civilization (such as it is here) and puts down the rising threat of a fully awake, aware and ascendent Mankind that makes Empire shit its figurative pants in terror.

Below is the video. Sources and other relevant links are at the podcast's page, linked above, and James Corbett is very good at citing his sources for his podcast episodes. Follow up, as I have, and soon you too shall see that you can trust the Corbett Report to get it right when and where it counts.

Now, this is not to say that efforts to reduce the use of fossil fuels is not a good thing. It is, for no other reason that because no community should be so foolish as to rely solely on one source of power for all of their needs. The push to develop solar, wind, geo-thermal, etc. power sources is a net good for Mankind and should be supported. The point to keep in mind is that this is a scam meant to seize power over common people by a psychopathic oligarchy in dire fear for its own existence; they are using facts to lie, cheat and steal their way into a new secure position of power. This is why the fraud must be stopped, and thus aid in making Empire fall.

Friday, September 27, 2013

The Corporation Nation: A Documentary

Following on the final point from the previous post, I decided to give the original creators some attention.

The creators are the individuals behind The Corporation Nation. Below I embed the early version, freely available at Youtube, for your consideration.

This is why there's such an effort to keep the Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports out of public view, and to discredit those using them as a means to expose what the United States actually is--and, for the record, if your nation-state is part of the global banking system then your government is also a private corporation, so you're getting screwed also--and sometimes even this information slips out, in part. This is how the Thralls of Empire operate: deception, at all levels, backed up by raw violence under color of law.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Fraud That Is Debt

There is no debt. This is the big secret that the global banking system doesn't want to let it, but it follows logically from the following:
  • The claims of debt stem from unlawful loans. A lawful loan is a lawful contract. A lawful contract requires two things that all loans lack: both parties signatures, and both parties' providing valuable consideration. No loan has both parties' signatures, and the lender never has valuable consideration; the "loan" principle doesn't even exist before the lendee signs the document, as it is created out of nothing as a bookeeping entry and then lent into existence. The lender risks nothing, and therefore offers nothing of value to consider. By Natural and Common Law, the loans are all fraudulent, and therefore the obligations are null and void.
  • All currency in existence today is a true fiat currency. It is backed by nothing real, has no intrinsic value (by definition; otherwise it would be money, not currency), and therefore subject to manipulation by parties and factors that have nothing to do with reality; the only difference between the paper money in a Monopoly set and the paper money recognized as legal tender by governments is that very recognition. Whenever governments fall, that paper (and its electronic counterpart), you might as well wipe your ass with it because that's about all it's good for anymore. The real insiders always transform their paper currency into real assets--land, gold, silver, etc.--when they can't run and instead have to hide their wealth through such situations.
  • The notes created by these loans are bought and sold so much that lawful custody cannot be proven. The original holder often sells their note to another party, signally or bundled with others, and the new owner assumes the duties of the lender. However, if challenged many of these claimants do not prove that they actually hold the note; the chain of custody broke, and confidence cannot be re-established. A lawful claimant has to produce the original note, produce proof of a lawful chain of custody from the original owner to his ownership, and then prove that the contract itself is lawful; no lender or claimant can do all of this, so all debt claims are null and void- don't bother complying with their criminal actions.
  • The claims of there being insufficient funds is a lie. Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (contrary to the claims made at the linked article) do prove that most petty and great entities of government are actually quite healthy financially, but hide this wealth to scam we the people out of more and more of our own material wealth via fraudulent claims for taxation as well as fee levies (when they're not slapped do in court or legislative venues). As the video below shows--recorded in 2000--this has gone on at all levels for a generation, if not longer. No agency or level of government is broke.

There is no debt. The claims of debt that you have are bullshit. The claims that governments--all of them--have are bullshit. The reasons do vary, but the results are the same: the claims of others to your wealth are founded on lies, and those lies demand defiance and retribution by us upon them. Empire must fall, and this is a vital step to that goal.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Civilization is the Network

In the early days of the American Republic, there was some controversy between the group we commonly call the Founding Fathers. Thomas Jefferson became, in time, the figure associated with a position now known as "pastoralism" by some and "agrarianism" by others. (The proper term, for the record, is Jeffersonian Democracy.) While that conflict is now, without dispute, known to end in favor of Alexander Hamilton's American System of Political Economy, which in turn was supplanted by the American Tories and their allies in the City of London by 1913 (the establishment of the Federal Reserve)--whose system now enslaves the world out of the Bank for International Settlements--it is now time to reconsider the Jeffersonian ideas as we seek a replacement for Empire's system.

Jefferson's "yeoman farmer" republic, with emphasis on decentralization and autonomy, is now far more practical and practicable than it was in the 18th and 19th centuries due to the Internet. This is because of another emergent quality identified in 1981, and by explained in very specific terms by Manual Castells in a 2000 publication, The Rise of the Network Society. Cities no longer hold the privilege of position that they formerly assumed; it is now possible, at long last, to reverse the known--and, by now, obviously true--flaws of the Hamilton position (due to its corruption and usurpation by Empire) in favor of the Jefferson position. The network is the key to making this achievable.

There is no longer any need, thanks to breakthroughs in manufacturing technology, to rely so much on centralized production and distribution networks; we can, and we should, shift away from such easily-manipulated models of operation into a truly decentralized and distributed model where if an individual needs something made or built then all they need to worry about are the raw materials. There is also no longer any need to insist upon centralized office models--the current reversal of the telecommuting trend is a freak-out reaction by control-freaks, and will be shot down soon in favor of returning to the decentralization trend--for businesses or other operations whose nature does not require the literal shared presence of all engaged in the work at hand. (You need everyone in the same place to do an operation on a patient; you don't for diagnosis of that patient's problems, administration of his case, or post-discharge follow-ups. Hospitals, therefore, are open to mass reorganization towards their core functions and shedding the overhead associated with their toxic troubles.)

The network is not just the Internet. Before that, we had human networks--clusters of communities tied by personal relationships--and those will return as the city ceases to be important to fulfilling Mankind's needs and instead becomes clear to be the shackles chaining us to Empire. Those original ways we network will be augmented through the Internet, as they already are, when we get away from sharing the shallow and irrelevant in favor of sharing the vital and important. Education is already decentralizing and distributing, both specific training as well as foundational study and practice, and with it the industrial, centralized model--public and private alike--will collapse; your children are better off using Khan Academy at home under your supervision than being mind-fucked and brainwashed into a model corporate drone in the old-model Prussian-style school system. We don't need the middle-men, or the gate-keepers; we can, we have, and we shall again thrive by doing it all for ourselves.

By reducing the cities back to the strictest minimum necessary to do the specific functions that are necessary, and cannot be done otherwise, we also cut away at the environments for corruption and imposition of tyranny that is Empire at its most fundamental level. By replacing city functions with the network, we can ensure that those functions stay in line through reserving those operations to ourselves and not to other parties; all the network need do is make available information and tools required for individuals to do for themselves, and safeguard itself from those who would seek to impose control over this vital space of flows.

The Network is Civilization. This is where our next phase of development, as a species, will build upon for a foundation- as it did long ago, before Empire intervened. Let the cities go, and let Empire fall.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Empire and the City: A Tool for Domination

There is a rather unfortunate trend regarding centralization, and that trend is very simple: centralization is necessary for domination, so centralization leads to domination.

There is a very simple reason that explains this trend. The city is always used, through its power of centralization, to create a concentration of power for the purpose of establishing a dominance hierarchy and enforcing that tyranny as far and as wide as can be had- and maintaining that power for as long as possible. Empire is the inspiration for all of this, manifest through its Thralls. We are better off without all of this.

Domination, on a mass scale, is no less reliant upon infrastructure as anything else. Domination relies on centralization, which is why it is always the way that cities--when organizes into a centralized government--are the focal points for any domination: political, cultural, economic, religious or any other. Ending Empire, therefore, means not only throwing down its domination. It means throwing down domination itself, and that means destroying all of the tools for domination. It is yet another reason to rethink what cities are, and how we can get the benefits of cities (which are byproducts, and not the intended results) without the desired results of cities, which is now quite possible through a commitment to decentralization and distribution of the beneficial aspects throughout the world.

Yes, I'm talking about the Internet, but not just the Internet. I'm talking about multiple, redundant Internets that are cooperative yet independent. I'm talking about wide-spread dispersion of all forms of information, redundant production capacities localized in small communities (themselves based on multi-generational homesteads), self-sufficiency as a primary principle for human organization, and a reorganization of the entire planet as an eternal frontier- with a particular focus of spreading Mankind's reach beyond Earth's landmass, reaching deep under the sea and far into space (including other planets).

The alternative to Empire, therefore, is to reorganize ourselves back into our smaller natural-law nations in terms of physical space usage and connect instead by way of a robust, redundant multi-form Internet system. Redundancy, resiliency, self-sufficiency, decentralization and distributed capacities are the way out of Empire's centralization, domination, fragility and control. We have a better way to live, so let Empire fall.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Empire and the City: A Tool for Centralization

The city is a technology unto itself. As such, it has inherent qualities that compel certain applications and dissuade or forbid others. The primary quality, which it uses as a foundation for all of the rest, is centralization.

The city centralizes all that it can. It centralizes population, food supplies, water supplies, economic functions, political power, cultural production and diffusion, religious influence- any and all means to establish, maintain and exercise domination over others. This is what makes the city so vital to Empire.

The city exerts this centralizing influence through an expression of convenience that, after a time, feels like the pull of gravity itself upon those so much smaller than it. There is a dense core at its center, from which that pull comes and to which all it attracts goes, and into orbit around it are an increasing array and number of bodies that settle around that core. These rings, and the bodies within them, enter into relationships of push and pull with the core and each other. When these ties are stable, their cumulative power strengthens that pull and accelerates the process; when unstable, they threaten to disrupt and destroy the city altogether, rending it asunder in the hope of starting over as the core of a new city.

The city's hunger, like that of a rapacious vampire, only grows as it does. It consumes the produce of the productive countryside, first its surplus and then its produce. It consumes the people of the countryside, first its excess and then its entirety. Then it installs thralls (who are often Thralls) to transform the countryside into a meek reflection of itself, making inhuman changes to achieve inhumane ends to create farms run by automata--zombies or robots, take your pick; the result is the same--and not by Mankind for human (and humane) ends. It creates a miasmic illusion that the city is all that matters, when the city is actually superfluous and expendable, and it does this through the increasing of the perception of time in those that dwell within its clutches. Meanwhile, the city cannot feed itself, clean itself, keep itself hydrated or otherwise do what is required of any lifeform without the aid--willing or not--of the productive countryside and the natural world that it is lawfully and harmoniously based upon, yet often disdains and abuses without pity or remorse.

We never needed to live this way. We certainly don't need to do so now. We should, instead, acknowledge that freedom comes from acknowledgement that being decentralized and distributed is the proven path to autonomy and freedom due to its support for and encouragement of individuality at all levels. Empire is all about centralization, with the domination and control that comes with it; Mankind is at its best when decentralized and distributed, and remaking our world into a Civilization that builds upon this superior model is one big way to make Empire fall.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Empire and the City: A Thing Whose End Must Come

The emergence of the City as an institution marked a sea change in Mankind's history. When they arose, they quickly came to dominate the affairs of those nations that established them. Culture, economics, politics and religion--in those days, closely connected elements--soon centered on the city, and with it those who dwelt there; this perverse effect warped the perceptions of those so effected, devaluing and dehumanizing those still on the land while those in the city came to believe themselves superior to their country cousins despite their state of total dependency upon the country-dwellers for their food and other necessities of life (as well as anything their culture required). This centralization of power and influence, and the warping of perception, is an environment ideal for Empire.

In the ancient world, Empire operated through religion. The sacrifices, the prostitution, the fraudulent claims of divine authority (and the abuses that always come from such lies), the human trafficking (What else do you think slavery, corvee labor, prostitution, etc. are?), the incidents of genocide or similar mass slaughter and so much more--while they existed prior to the City--exploded in scale, scope, frequency and regularity once the City emerged and became a fixture in Man's existence. The City centralizes, and centralization is a vulnerability that psychopaths--and Empire is psychopathy in its raw form as a toxic meme--routinely exploit to wield stolen power (for all political power is stolen from the people) for their own aggrandizement in a manner that today we say is "just business". The City, I postulate, is actually a technology that enables the vampire-like parasitism of Empire and its Thralls against Mankind. Like Empire, the City cannot endure on its own; it is not, never has, and cannot ever be self-sufficient because it has no real substance of its own- what it has is what it steals from others, and it cannot replace what it consumes so it must continue stealing to fulfill its great and unceasing hunger (much like the vampires I liken it to), but when that theft stops it (like vampires) collapses into itself and becomes a ruin within weeks if not days. The City, therefore, is a deathtrap and we common folk would be wise to walk away from it.

The mainstream narrative for the emergence of the City downplays the role of religion in the ancient world, when it was both the economic and political infrastructure that unified a culture in that long-ago era, as surviving records and relics of both living and dead faiths reveal to us. This narrative does not tell the truth about the City. Instead that narrative focuses upon convenience of location, economic (i.e. trade) networks and the general effects of transitioning from a nomadic to an agricultural socio-economic paradigm. While relevant, the narrative ignores the prime place of religion as the load-bearing pillar of Man's existence in the ancient world. Economic, political and cultural activity served religion first and foremost; all other functions were there to ensure that this primary function endured and operated as intended by the cult in control. This has ever since been the function of the City: to centralize power and influence, and then wield that monopoly like a club to subjugate the nation and keep it enslaved to Empire's will. No attempt to use the City in a manner akin to the responsible use of fire, in the thousands of years of known history, has yet succeeded; I therefore conclude that this cannot be done, and therefore alternatives to the City should be made and promulgated that has the same beneficial effects but lacks the flaws that centralization presents as a threat to Mankind.

We now have the means to make this happen, instead of displaying the insanity that repeated usage of the City displays in the historical record, thanks to advances in technology. Far from going the Luddite or Amish route, we should instead take up the Internet and its decentralizing effect upon things as the backbone of our not-City alternative. We should embrace 3d printing and similar manufacturing breakthroughs that allow decentralized creation of goods. Decentralization of knowledge, with plenty of redundancies (e.g. multiple digital backups with multiple power sources, and a print catalog archived in a climate-controlled space), and the earnest spreading-wide of knowledge across the world is key to achieving this replacement of the City and its removal of the environmental effects that putting far, far too many people into far too little space has--and has had--upon Mankind. Eliminate all barriers to information creation, dispersal and application (which means ending the current Intellectual Property regime, which begins with simple and outright refusal to use it). Living as families on self-sufficient homesteads, in rural communities, is actually best for Mankind's development; until then, the City should be scaled down to the barest minimum necessary to fulfill the functions for which they are allowed to exist- and most of the functions should be stripped from them and dispersed across the countryside instead.

This is one viable course of action, a form of walking away from Omelas, that will result in Empire's fall.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

More Thomas Sheridan: In Conversation w/ James Corbett and Jay Weidner

All this week I wanted to post additional examples of Thomas Sheridan in his media presentations and interaction in the independent alternative media to present and promote his work. There are some folks who, while receptive in general, differ in the specifics. This roundtable discussion reveals one of them, which concerns what to do about psychopaths, and I will not spoil how Jay and Thomas disagree on that question. It's worth your time to listen for yourselves. (As for Mr. Weidner, I will give him the spotlight some time in the future once I feel confident in my knowledge of his position and what he argues to advocate and support that position.) James Corbett plays the host and moderator, doing work that should invite more invitations to do so by a lot of other parties. Enjoy, and come Sunday I will shift to another thing entirely and bring to your attention other ideas and people that are useful in our conflict with Empire.

Friday, September 20, 2013

More Thomas Sheridan: In Conversaion w/ Vinne Eastwood

Vinnie Eastwood is an online radio host who fronts The Vinnie Eastwood Show on Guerilla Radio, and earlier this year he received Thomas Sheridan as a guest for an extensive interview-turned-conversation. This is not an entirely serious show; Vinnie's thing is to use humor (however lacking in wit; I am not a fan) to keep the tension down, so that attempt at comic relief will jar with the gravity of the topic at hand. It's worth a listen nonetheless, as he does get to the thing most folks want to know: "How can I detect them?" and "What do I do about it?"

Thursday, September 19, 2013

More Thomas Sheridan: Gaslighting w/ James Corbett

Thomas Sheridan recently returned to the Corbett Report podcast to discuss a classic film, Gaslighting, and how the film illustrates for the viewer a phenomenon applicable both in the petty and the grand scale of things. Both men need no assistance from me so I will let this podcast speak for itself.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

More Thomas Sheridan: "Stop Being Food..."

Thomas Sheridan produced a video exploring the same theme as he did with Puzzling People: Labyrinth of the Psychopath and the follow-up Defeated Demons, under the title of Breaking the Babylon Mind. Below is a video that Sheridan released in support of this video release two years ago, where he builds upon his earlier video and written work to start putting his ideas together. Go watch the earlier videos first, and then come to this one because you'll better appreciate and comprehend it if you do that.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

More Thomas Sheridan: How to Wake Friends Up Without Losing Them

Again, this video needs no introduction or explanation, so I will let Thomas argue on his own behalf. I'm sharing this because it is useful, practical advice that can save you a lot of hassle and avoid a lot of unneeded and bothersome drama that just gets in the way of doing good work. I wish I'd seen this when I woke up, and I expect that you will benefit as I have from what he has to say regardless of what you think of his argument.

Monday, September 16, 2013

More Thomas Sheridan: Labyrinth of the Psychopath

I will, for your convenience, post below the YouTube playlist that Mr. Sheridan put together in support of his two books on psychopaths.

That's it. No need for explanation or introduction because Mr. Sheridan took care of all of that. It's a playlist of short videos, for the most part, so you can watch them at your leisure- but I expect that once you start you'll be hooked and will watch them all.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

An Ally Against Empire: Thomas Sheridan-The Psychopath as a Metaphor for Empire

During my time in graduate school, I encountered the writings and videos of a man by the name of Thomas Sheridan. His biography, and how he came to be one of the leading experts outside of the psychology profession about psychopathology and psychopaths, can be had at both of the above-linked places so I shan't repeat it here. That he has such expertise, and that he's used it to publish a pair of books (Puzzling People: Labyrinth of the Psychopath and Defeated Demons (A third, The Anvil of the Psyche, is now up at Lulu.)) is remarkable. The impact his writing and speaking had to date, while outside the notice of those slaved to the mainstream media, is significant; changes in the products and actors of the Establishment culture of late can be tracked to his work.

That said, the reason that I bring him and his work to your attention is that I think that the Psychopath and Empire are nothing more than an expression of the same toxic idea on different scales. It's known now that psychopaths concentrate themselves into hierarchies of all sorts, especially at the top of these structures, and them impose their psychosis upon the organizational culture. This is why corporations and governments can be accurately portrayed as psychopaths; they are run by such individuals, and through their control corrupt the culture such that everyone has to become proto-psychopathic if they want to stay in the organization above the foundational-cum-cannon fodder entry-level positions (nevermind advancing through it). It also explains that metaphor I used last week of infection (albeit with difficulty, which is why I also like John Nash's "archon" concept as a complimentary metaphor) for the known pattern of Empire shedding one form and taking over the form of that which destroyed its predecessor.

I encourage you to follow the links above to Sheridan's radio show, videos on YouTube, blog and books on the subject of psychopaths and psychopathy. For the most part, I concur with his reasoning and--for all but a very, very few--with his recommendation for how to deal with them once you detect them: Total Shunning. Break contact, cut them out of all parts of your life, let everyone else know that you're doing this and never contact them again under any circumstances- walk away from Omelas and take that forsaken child with you. As it is with individual psychopaths, so it is with Empire: break away, cut all ties, let your people know, never deal with Empire again and walk away from Omelas w/ said child.

Thomas Sheridan is an Ally Against Empire. Help him help the rest of us make Empire fall.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

An Ally Against Empire: Peter Joseph and the Zeitgeist Movement

Peter Joseph is a man whose effect upon recent events cannot be denied. When he released the first of the "Zeitgeist" films in 2007--Zeitgeist: The Movie--he unleashed a tidal wave in the world, albeit invisible at the time. (Don't think so? See for yourself.) What others such as Alex Jones, David Icke and G. Edward Griffith have stated within the ghetto of online radio, public-access cable TV or similar easy-to-miss media outlets for years (and often in language that made it easy for those not already sympathetic to dismiss), Peter Joseph took the same information and presented in a straight-forward manner with a sense of humor that didn't insult the viewer. His simple construction of an argument in that film is what made the genesis of the Zeitgeist Movement possible.

Joseph's two follow-ups documentaries-- and --not only made an effective argument against the mainstream, Establishment narrative of what reality is and how it works (in the everyday terms that most people deal with), but go on to attack the philosophical foundation of Empire's narrative and assert an alternative paradigm that is actually far better for Mankind should it be successfully implemented: the Resource-Based Economy ("RBE" for short). You can see Addendum and Moving Forward for yourselves and make up your own mind; if you want to know more, then the Movement has an Orientation Guide.

It is also due to Joseph that Jasque Fresco, founder and defacto leader of The Venus Project returned from total obscurity and enjoys now a renewed visibility and presence in the alternative media worldwide. While the formal alliance between the Movement and the Project ended a few years ago, the two--in general--remain friendly and individuals within each camp can and do collaborate when mutual advantage presents itself. I will write a future post that focuses on the Project and its value as an ally against Empire.

Joseph is an anarchist, but not an Anarcho-Capitalist; he's often at odds with such advocates of that perspective such as Stefan Molyneux and Adam Kokesh. He's very much a big-picture sort, as his follow-up project--Culture In Decline shows as does his contribute to Zeitgeist Media Day events. (See for yourself here and here.) Joseph, and the collection of people who joined him and now comprise key elements in the Movement (which presents itself as a holarchy). The Movement has a weekly radio show, where Joseph sometimes appears, and the Movement is increasingly capable of successful operation without Joseph minding day-to-day affairs.

Due to the very successful effect of Joseph's work in the alternative media, and the impact he's had even if it isn't obvious most of the time, it is well worth your while to become familiar with the man, his work and the movement that he co-founded. He's an ally against Empire, and we are wise to see what merit exists in not only his ideas but in how he communicates to a population that is otherwise at the mercy of Empire's Thralls in the media.

Friday, September 13, 2013

An Ally Against Empire: Stefan Molyneux and the Freedom Radio Show

Freedomain Radio is the online home base for noted Anarcho-Capitalist philosopher and activist Stefan Molyneux. I don't recommend him because I think that Anarcho-Capitalism is the way to go. I recommend him because he is intelligent, educated, charismatic and therefore has a following in the independent media that seeks an alternative to Empire. He's a successful man working in this field, and that commands respect and attention. Being an Anarcho-Capitalist, he extols the concepts of Voluntaryism and the Non-Aggression Principle in one's behavior and inter-personal affairs coupled with the promotion of the Free Market as the basis for socio-economic action and organization.

Stefan's is worthy of your attention not only because he presents ideas and principles that deny the claims of Empire and its Thralls, but also argue that there is a viable and practical reality that Empire and its Thralls pervert and corrupt for its own ends- and at our cost. His conception of Mankind as a people who organize without coercion for mutual advantage, using the Common Law and Natural Law as the sole source of community regulation, is not without merit or past experience that was not a failure; there are problems, many of which arise when debating with philosophical opponents, but nonetheless he's a man whose ideas cannot be dismissed out of hand. While he is often at odds with others, intellectually and philosophically, who come from a position that gainsays and challenges the precepts of the Free Market (as well as those who do not embrace Anarchism, however minimal, such as Libertarians) it is certain that no successful successor to Empire's reign can happen without taking these ideas and principles into account- and that means Stefan (figuratively speaking) has a seat at the table. Take the time to get familiar with him and his work; it will aid in you becoming what you need to be to make Empire fall.

UPDATE (10/6/2013): Since this post, Molyneux debated Peter Joseph of the Zeitgeist Movement. That did not end well. Molyneux revealed himself to be less-than-honorable and honest, and discredited himself and his position through his behavior. I've embedded all of the videos showing this in the linked post immediately above, so see for yourself.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

An Ally Against Empire: The Gnostic Media Podcast

Another prominent podcast that arose out of the Tragedy & Hope online community is the Gnostic Media podcast, founded and hosted by Jan Irvin. (Jan's research, podcasts and other work is online also at his own site: Gnostic Media.) Jan's focus overlaps that of Richard Grove's own work, and they have a history of collaboration because of this overlapping interest.

Jan's best work to date stems from the outgrowth of his research into the Trivium and Quadrivium. One result is a separate site--Trivium Education--and the other is his research into the history and usage of shamanism and psychedelic drugs, which produced a book (Astrotheology & Shamanism: Christianity’s Pagan Roots A Revolutionary Reinterpretation of the Evidence) and a companion documentary film (The Pharmacratic Inquisition). His interviews with controversial figures such as Dr. Andrew Wakefield are long, in-depth and goes in manners that those who know only the mainstream narrative. He doesn't do the short-and-sweet, so when you spin up an episode make yourself comfortable and turn off all distractions; you want to be ready to give this your full attention, pause to take notes and look up the sources cited for verification of his claims. (In other words, he's got the academic ethic down better than most graduate and post-graduate scholars in the official academic world do.)

There are hundreds of hours of podcasts, articles, interviews and so on at the Gnostic Media site. Take the opportunity at hand to educate yourself, and in so doing make yourself better able to resist Empire and eventually aid in its utter destruction.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

An Ally Against Empire: The Peace Revolution Podcast

The process of defeating Empire, while symbolized with the tools of external conflict, is based on an internal conflict. In other words, it's about your consciousness; freedom without begins with freeing yourself within. That's why there is so much emphasis on the free flow of information, the honing of one's skill at critical thinking, and awareness of how these things can be used against you. It is not to be taken lightly, and that is why I'm posting today about one of the best online resources out there for making this process go smoothly: The Peace Revolution Podcast.

This podcast is the flagship offering of the Tragedy & Hope community. The host, Richard Grove, takes what he experienced after his own awakening experience and presents them to you--the audience--in the form of independent academic work, both written as well as by podcast. He's made documentary films, interviewed figures of note such as John Taylor Gatto and collaborated with other figures of note on other projects. Grove, quite frankly, is one of the best individuals in the independent media world and quite capable of showing how the macro and micro levels intersect and relate. He's one of the people who are responsible for the revival as a mass movement of comprehension and application of The Trivium and how it is both the means of our enslavement as well as the tools of our liberation.

There are others. I will mention them in later posts.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

An Ally Against Empire: RT's Breaking The Set

Russian-based RT (formerly Russia Today) is a media outlet not beholden to the Thralls that control the Anglo-American Establishment. Instead, it maintains ties to the Russian Federation's government, which means that RT's coverage of issues are not wholly unbiased; whenever the Russian Federation's interests are at issue, count on RT as a whole to reflect those interests in that coverage. When it comes to RT's subsidiary, RT America, this general guideline holds. However, when speaking of a specific television show that need not be the case.

RT America's Breaking the Set is one such example. Hosted by Abby Martin, coming out of the independent and critical/skeptical media outlet that she co-founded: Media Roots, Abby and her co-workers present a perspective that--as their mission statement proclaims--goes beyond the Establishment narrative of controlled Left-v.-Right stage-managed conflict. (As former Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura once observed, the two major U.S. political parties are no different in substance than the fake factions in a professional wrestling promotion; having observed the U.K.'s system for some time, I am confident that this also applies to the U.K., Canada, Australia, New Zealand and everywhere else that the Westminster system is in place.)

As this is a television show, Breaking the Set is better appreciated by viewing it. I've embedded the playlist below for that reason.

Monday, September 9, 2013

An Ally Against Empire: The Lip.TV's Buzzsaw

The Lip is an online independent media outlet, producing full-length television episodes as well as short videos. One of the shows on The Lip is Buzzsaw, a show that presents both an alternative take on the mainstream media narratives promulgated by Empire's Thralls in the global media Establishment as well as bringing to light relevant news stories that are otherwise ignored- and yes, this includes esoteric and other not-materialist perspectives usually derived or mocked in the mainstream. The founders include Sean Stone and Tyrell Venture, along with Tabitha Wallace; Tyrell and Tabitha stick closer to the mainstream's comfort zone, and Sean is the one that focuses on the esoterica.

Buzzsaw is better appreciated when viewed than explained. Below I embedded the playlist for the full-length episodes, and I encourage you to start at the beginning; watch one or two at a time, as your schedule allows, until you become familiar with the show and each member's strengths and interests.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Welcome to the Second Incarnation of Empires Must Fall

The original incarnation of this weblog began in 2009, and Xanga hosted it. I have a friend there who had his own 'blog (addressing topics related to one of my hobbies, so why not use the account I made to comment on his 'blog for something more than that? That ended in the last week or so, when Xanga--in a move meant to stave off becoming the next MySpace--migrated its servers and took all of the 'blogs there with them. Those who paid Xanga in advance were all allowed to revive their 'blogs right away; I had little warning, and no spare currency, so I wasn't one of those who paid. Rather than wait around for something to happen on a schedule that I can't control (or even influence), or attempt to deal with XML files (as that is beyond my expertise), I decided to move Empires to the same place where I have other 'blogs about other topics. As of this post, and for the foreseeable future, Empire's previous incarnation is lost and with it the years of posts made there.

What I write about here is a combination of philosophy, history and political science with some breaks taken for current events that deal with the topic at hand: the idea of Empire, why it is--and has always been--a bad thing, and why we should seek to destroy it. While I formerly kept to a strict posting schedule of Sunday updates, now that I have an opportunity to reconsider that policy; I think now that it would be better to stay open to a more frequent posting schedule, using the Sunday updates as anchors to build around.

Now, a definition:
  • EMPIRE (noun): An idea whose very existence is toxic to those who host it, as it is a parasite akin to the vampire of legend. It feeds off of its host, inducing their enthrallment by imbuing it with some measure of fleeting (and often illusory) power in the manner of a narcotics addict, and then compelling those it enthralls to destroy themselves and all around them to procure whatever it wants in exchange for most of that false power. In time, it abandons the consumed host in favor of a new victim and repeats the cycle anew. Symptoms include rigid hierarchical institutions and cultures, adherence to dogma and doctrine that dehumanize some or all of Mankind (often to convince the thralls to then do other things to them that abhorrent otherwise), a propensity for delusional thought, cult-like behavioral patterns, an increasing alienation from nature and the inherent order of the natural world and an obsession with domination over others (including the fear of being dominated by others) with no consideration for a world without domination at all.
I will often liken Empire and its thralls to drug addicts-turned-dealers, vampires (and similar monsters) and such because these are easy-to-grasp icons that competently illustrate the larger idea of Empire to many people reading this 'blog. However, that is not the big mind-blowing concept; the big one is that there is now, and has always been, just one Empire. The apparent fall of one empire and the rise of another is an illusion; what actually happens is that Empire shifts hosts, and in later centuries maintains connections across would-be hosts to better facilitate host-shifting when it finds necessary that it do so. This is why I explain Empire as an idea, a toxic meme, that is sufficiently self-aware to act like the things we are more familiar with: parasites.

Right now, what we see is that Empire has dispensed with the concept of using individual states (or nation-states, for that matter) as a specific host; instead, we see Empire using multiple hosts as a distributed gestalt entity so that damage to one part of its manifest being doesn't fatally compromise its operations. The United Kingdom handles the financial aspect, the United States is its face and force, with France and Germany switching off as the main intellectual whores who play Good Cop to the UK/US's Bad Cop (but nonetheless benefit from, and participate in, this incarnation). Meanwhile it maintains backups links in Russia as well as the People's Republic of China should resistance to the current Anglo-American gestalt-host become too much to overcome.

Stick around. Subscribe, follow and engage- and maybe you'll get to witness more of my journey to do the impossible: to kill an idea.