Sunday, January 30, 2022

Narrative Warfare: What Is Needed To Win Against Empire

I hold that victory is inevitable, but not that everyone will make it. That's because what it takes to win is what it takes to restore order to the West.

These conditions are as follows (h/t Vox Day for first specifying them):

  1. The Preservations of the Nations of the West in their homelands.
  2. The Preservation of the Greco-Roman Civil Tradition of governance.
  3. The Restoration of Christendom via the Restoration of Christianity as the center of Western life.

To which I add the following: The Rejection of the Enligtenment and Modernity in their entirety.

That clarification is important, because there is no way that you do not get the latter when you implement the former three. Every Western nation must go home and restore their homeland--the only place in all Creation where they belong without question--regardless of the cost. Every Western nation must abandon the false promises of Modernity in their public and private lives, once more bending the knee to their Creator and his only begotten son Jesus, and in His Name recontitute the only proven form of government He established: Patriarchy.

Yes, "Patriarchy", not Monarchy. The Western nations must return to Rule By The Father, which means a social order defined by the family and sheparded by the Church and no other institutions. There is no need for complex arrangements of social or material capital--states--when each family has its permanent domicile upon which its members live and toil and prosper. This--sorry WrathofGnon--is a rural-centric social order, which few towns and almost no cities- all of which are kept to the smallest possible size to fulfill the explicitly-stated function justifying its existence; most people will be farmers, ranchers, woodsmen, etc. living village life.

The family will replace the state, the corporation, and all other secular institutions- save banking. That goes to the Church, as does the university system. There is no democracy, because NO ONE votes. The eldest patriarch rules his family as a father rules his household, as confirmed by the Church, and thereby sets the rules for his bloodline (with the caveat of not being contrary to dogma or otherwise heretical or treasonous). There is no "inheritance" as such, so Son does not automatically succeed Father, but if Son lives long enough he gets his turn in the big chair.

It is reasonable, therefore, to expect (a) the Church to check families that get out of line by admonishing their patriarchs prior to authorizing faithful families to intervene and (b) for the families to ensure that the Church doesn't fall to heresy by ensuring that its ranks are replenished with their most faithful sons and daughters who--in their paternal wisdom--would best serve God, Nation, and Family by foreswearing secular life for the sacred.

"But this is impossible!" you say.

Wrong. We've done it before. It's the Middle Ages, and contrary to what Empire's thralls would have you believe it was a very good time for the Nations of the West.

The only flaw was perpetuating one of the Great Errors of Israel: the adoption of Monarchy. Rather, a resurgent West should embrace the Christian principle of Subsidiarity and thus eschew Monarchy as it too is a centralizing force- and a resurgent Church would definitely check against that.

We don't have to crash and burn before we rebuild. We can begin changing now, before it's too late to make this transition mostly painless, but it means that a lot of people in the dissident sphere need to admit their error and repent. The White Nationalist folks need to be disabused of all forms of Modernism and rectify their ignorance of Christianity, for otherwise they will be surely crushed by Empire due to lacking the moral foundation necessary to win. The Christian dissidents need to be disabused of their refusal to accept the realities of race, sex, and nation--themselves lies of Modernity--as we are not the same, and should be in our own homes; being brothers in Christ doesn't mean living in the same house literally.

And the LOLBerts need to have their demons exorcised; they are too much in the thrall of Mammon, Molech, or both.

Empire falls. It's just a matter if we go with it or not.

Sunday, January 23, 2022

Narrative Warfare: Don't Believe The Hype About China

Certain dissidents are prone to thinking of China as a bulwark against Empire. Vox Day, in an unusual display of bad judgement, is one of them.

This is a mistake, and the events of the past year have done much to dispel the illusion of China as a rising country and Xi Jinping in particular as a competent leader. Instead, what I have found is a man that is blindly emulating Chairman Mao and heedless of the consequences that Mao's policies, politics, and personal predilictions had upon China. (I am not yet convinced that Xi does know and expects to benefit as Mao personally did.) What I embed below is video evidence of China's chronic mismanagement and kleptocracy.

The result is that you have a criminal federation masquerading as a sovereign republic, and like all such organizations you have far more vicious in-fighting than anything meant against external targets; their chief enemies are their own people, not you or I.

Criminal organizations are not interested in risking their necks in direct confrontations, but rather in ensuring that what territories they hold are firmly held and producing revenue for the gang. It takes either displays of vulnerability to provoke predatory instincts to action or a dominating leader to get them to do so. This attitude is noticable and in time filters down to the street, which is one of the reasons for the cheapness of both life and property in China; it's gangland-style narcissism and short-sightedness writ large.

This means that Mammon rules China, and war is bad for business when the target is ready, willing, and able to fight. The PLA is not a warfighting organization; it is a gang, at best, in uniform and usually just a bunch of LARPing bullies and legbreakers hustling their way up and out. This organization is not capable of doing anything but wasting lives and resources, usually their own, and therefore if put to the test it will fold faster than Superman on laundry day.

Taiwan, India, Japan, and Australia are perfectly capable of coordinating defense against China and they're making it happen. Meanwhile, Vietnam again bloodies China's nose (they previously defeated China in a war in the 1970s) and other parties--including Russia--conspire to isolate China and keep it contained while it wrecks itself.

And then there's the financial and industrial collapse. With so much bound up into real estate in China, the collapse of that sector (and the lukewarm attempts to shield the population from the consequences, because the CCP doesn't care about the population) threatens to wreck the country right there but it gets worse. Manufacturing has fled from China over the last two years, the electricity grid is decaying due to the same poor quality construction as the rest of its physical infrastructure (such that they can't keep the lights on or the heaters running in some provinces), and working the people like dogs means that already shaking demographics are speed-running off the cliff.

Not that China takes these hits to its image--to its Face--lying down, but it can't do much and what it can do runs off playbooks that are outdated. Internally they're all but turning the country into an open-air prison (and using Hollywood dystopias as a blueprint because ChiComs have no imagination).

Chinese spook operations still work on the old Soviet playbook, which is one of the reasons Empire's agents in Globohomo have successfully overturned many nodes in schemes like the Belt and Road Initative, as the ChiComs are trying to ape Globohomo while not understanding how to make it work. It's the cheap Chinese knockoff effect in action, and it's very embarassing--a severe loss of Face--for their moves to be so easily thwarted. Therefore, it is more due to Globohomo not having its shit together that they get wins at all than anything else.

Every single time Globohomo or Russia decides to stick the shiv into China, it has done so successfully and without any real opposition.

And I would be remiss if I did not again give attention to the American-Afrikkar duo of ADV China, who had a combined first-hand experience with China of 30 years and have no problems sharing the reality of China and how that country works at all levels with the world. Below is yesterday's podcast.

These two, by the way, are the folks who first popularized the reality of the paper tiger that is China. "Tofu-dreg" construction, ghost cities (that are already falling apart) and more got known in the West due to them. They also exposed the core of Chinese propaganda towards the West: White Monkey Jobs, and it turns out you can become one unwittingly if you're not careful.

Yes, this is the ChiCom version of "taking the ticket" (i.e. selling out to Globohomo), and if one's pride is sufficient to overwhelm one's reason then you can fall into this without any real benefits being garnered; that's what Vox Day did, and why--once he finally accepts that he's wrong--he'll be able to extract himself from this own-goal of a mess.

This error comes from an observation some years back that, during the Deng and Jiang days, Globohomo approached the CCP (the whole "Elders of Wye" episode) with the offer of becoming the seat of Globohomo's empire--to make Beijing the metropole of the world--but slyly tried to play down that it would come at the cost of accepting the same second-class status as the current Professional Managerial Class with regard to who rules this empire. The ChiComs--being Han, and therefore Han supremacists--are as low-trust as the current rulers of Globohomo and thus did see through the scam.

They refused. A few years later, Xi Jinping rose to power and the fight was on. However, Globohomo is winning in China. If they are as fiercely nationalist as dissidents like Vox Day claim, and as sufficiently savvy as claimed, why this clear case of crushing defeat that will soon culminate in a Second Century of Humiliation?

Simple: both sides serve Empire, and Empire plays favorites. Once Xi is gone, one way or another, expect what Globohomo wanted--and almost got--out of China to return and the present situation to reverse, resulting in the Chinese population against being utterly subjugated in their own country to foreign interests despite whatever any Chinese state may claim.

Nationalists, in China you are watching a colossal failure unfold in real time. Pay attention, dismiss the lies of the CCP's mouthpieces as surely as you do Globohomo's, and listen to those with ears and eyes on the ground. If you want to avoid this fate for your own people, then you do not have the luxury of not learning from the failures of others; observe, analyze, learn, and implement for with every victory Globohomo gains they sow the seeds of their eventual fall.

And what that victory must use for its cornerstone will be addressed next week. Empire falls.

Sunday, January 16, 2022

Narrative Warfare: John C. Wright Calls The Last Crusade & I Announce A New Direction

Below I'm embedding the playlist from The Last Crusade, a channel by the only living grandmaster of Science Fiction, veteran author John C. Wright.

The Last Crusade takes up arms against a fallen world. In which are given the causes, warrants, an aims of the crusade. All souls may be joined in the cause. The sole requirement to join is the willingness to serve.

Listen for yourself.

This I offer to you for two reasons. The first is that Mr. Wright is an erudite Christan and a reformed fedora-tipping atheist. He knows the arguments of the Death Cult and the Thralls of Empire that master them for Empire's benefit on its behalf, and he will address them as only such a man can; he is our own Paul, having had his own Road to Damascus moment, and few are as potent against an enemy as one who once led them. The second is that I want to start talking more about taking action, going on offense, and what victory will require of those that claim to seek it. To that end, Mr. Wright's videos are of like mind if not the same route to the objective.

This past year saw some action emerge on the fringes, and while I am glad of it I also see holes so large one can fly the Death Star through them. I am no theologian; I shall refer you to such as I can. I instead will focus on factors and matters far more concrete, and you'll see more of me talking so in the days, weeks, and months to come.

I want the Nations to win over Empire. This has very real, very concrete, very palpable, and very inevitable requirements--costs--that must be met and I am not seeing those who claim such a victory even begin to address these requirements. That changes, and I will not be soft in my criticisms of those wishing to achieve Nationalist victory.

And as a parting note, I remind you to direct comments regarding the words of others to those others; it does no good to tell me when your words are meant for the ears of another.

Sunday, January 9, 2022

Narrative Warfare: The Coof Cops Learn That You Can't Stop The Signal

Thankfully this got archived on Odysee. This is the full podcast episode with Dr. Malone, the inventor of the mRNA tech used in the worst of the Coof Jabs.

Throw this on whatever you use to watch or listen to podcasts and enjoy at your leisure. Save, archive, and clip out the best bits to share as best you can.

Sunday, January 2, 2022

Narrative Warfare: 2021 Proved China a Paper Tiger

This past year we saw the myth of the Rising Power of China to be shattered thanks, in large part, to Xi Jinping making executive decisions aimed at kneecapping his enemies within the Chinese Communist Party by way of attacking the sectors of the Chinese economy wherein Jiang Zemin's allies source their power, money, and influence. The consequence is that China's economy is collapsing, and nothing either the central government or any of the provincial or local subordinates will do will succeed in arresting this freefall.

The collapse of the economy swiftly moved out of the financial (and adjacent stuff, like Tech and Entertainment) sectors and moved into the physical economy. We've all see the Ghost Cities, thanks to ADVChina and China Uncensored, but now more people outside of the mainland are seeing how terrible Chinese construction is in general; "Tofu Dreg" quality is apparent across the country, resulting in collapsed bridges and roads on a regular basis as well as new buildings that are unfit for purpose within a year of being finished.

Now the government bureaucrats--including cops--are getting pay cuts, causing losses of Face for all concerned, as the power grid keeps browning or blacking out and northern areas have their Winter heating supplies curtailed or cut off on top of having their annual harvest season cut short with a bitterly cold early Winter.

And this is the world-striding collosus that will conquer Taiwan? Hardly. Those hypersonic missile claims are bullshit propaganda; their internal tech is as terrible as what they export, so even if they can launch them the build quality is crap and the quantity is insufficient- don't believe the hype.

That also presumes that the People's Liberation Army wants to fight. They don't. India rountinely kicks the crap out of the PLA in border skirmishes, the PLA has never won a war--fucking Vietnam has kicked their ass--and their navy is even less tested than the army. Be it Taiwan, India, or elsewhere the only way the PLA gets anywhere is if it pulls sucker punches after using honeypots to sucker guillible corrupt officials into debt traps.

That game, by the way, is not one they're particularly good at. Globohomo has been better at it for longer, and Globohomo wants to take China down now that the ChiComs rebuffed Globohomo's previous offer of world hegemony in return for bending the knee. Guess who's been behind most of the recent upendings of Belt & Road projects? It ain't Russia (though they have screwed Beijing here and there)?

Chinese Face Culture is the driving factor behind all these Own Goals, and it's continuing to get worse. Imagine a Gamma Male as manifest in a government and that's the CCP; it's all about image no matter now delusional or non-functional, there's nothing but 24/7 lying going on (especially within), followed by doubling-down and projection that could be used to launch payloads into orbit.

And here's a news report that hammers that bit home.

Contrary to what Vox Day and other dissidents may want to believe, China is a dysfunctional country run by an incompetent state comprised of Gamma Males from top to bottom; it's like you handed losers like John Scalzi or that Jack Murphy guy a government and let them promptly crash the state and those within it nose-first into the ground. Vox doesn't screw up often, but this is one of them, and he really ought to know better than to cite literal government propaganda outlets as reliable sources when you know damn well he'd never do that--and has not done that--when it's a Globohomo regime pulling some bullshit.

He'll come around sooner or later, and when he does he'll admit his error, and I hope the others that erred like this do likewise- and sooner than later. The only thing China is good at is the same thing Western thots are good at: conspicuous consumption, social media bullshit, and outright lying. There's no Nationalist example to be gained there; the best thing we can hope for out of China is its conversion to Christianity and a reform of the state to conform to Christian principles of proper governance. Empire falls.