Sunday, March 27, 2016

Sibel Edmonds on the Brussels Attacks

Sibel Edmonds is the founder of BoilingFrogsPost, taking her experiences working with the F.B.I. to establish a wholly independent news and analysis destination that's grown to include itself in a network with The Corbett Report, Paul Craig Roberts, and several others who've also gone independent much as she has.

The first video is what she did with James Corbett of the Corbett Report:

The second is with Sean Stone of Buzzsaw:

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Sargon of Akkad Presents This Week in Stupid (20/03/2016)

Empire, being an irrational thing, inevitably manifests as stupidity. The English YouTube user known as "Sargon of Akkad" documents, as best he can, those manifestations of the memetic cancer that is Empire via this video series. Sometimes funny, sometimes serious, always worth watching- enjoy one of the best voices of freedom, logic, and reason around. If you've got the interest, subscribe to his other channels (in particular, his Livestreams channel), and if you can spare it toss some money his way. He's in the spirit of James Corbett, albeit of a different perspective.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

(Syrian Girl) The Truth About the U.S., Saudi Arabia and Their Partnership With ISIS

This is one of the few places where you're going to get reliable information on what's really going on, and why, and it comes from a Syrian woman living in Australia working remotely as best she can.

Watch more of her videos. Subscribe to her YouTube channel, and watch the interviews she does with folks like Paul Joseph Watson. She's legit.

This is what gets routinely missed in the West, mainstream liars and alternative tryhards alike. There are clear links between the shitshow in the West regarding the invasion of "migrants" and the shitshow in Syria. It's all part of the same geo-political theater, and we're fucking retards to deal with these as separate matters instead of their being the components of a greater whole that they are.

Help the Syrians take their country back, and you help yourself and your own nation in the process. Nationalists have, by default, the interest in seeing the nationalists of other nations secure in their own homelands and countries. Why? If they're good at home, they won't come to yours, and that means a reduction of proximity amongst diversity- and that, in turn, makes peace more likely.

Diversity + Proximity = War

That's why this matters. The entire "Syrian refugee" scam is part of the larger globalist scam wherein Syria is the most recent theater to stage it. You don't have to like Assad, but you do need to appreciate that the country of Syria is for the nation of Syria and no one else. Restoring the Syrian nation to its country, and aiding them in securing it, is a right and proper thing to do.

Because the alternative is more diversity in closer proximity to where you and yours live, and you don't want that. Don't just support nationalists at home. Support them abroad. A world run by nationalists is not, and never shall be, a Utopia. However, it's the closet that Mankind will ever get.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

(Corbett Report) The Age of Authoritarianism (and How to Combat it)

Today we talk to John Whitehead of The Rutherford Institute about a pair of recent commentary pieces that he penned, “The Age of Authoritarianism: Government of the Politicians, by the Military, for the Corporations” and “Reality Check: No Matter Who Wins the White House, the New Boss Will Be the Same as the Old Boss.” We discuss the problems of the police state and surveillance state, how it has been allowed to arise by a passive and docile public, and how that public can effectively engage and counteract the abuses of liberty that are now rampant throughout the American body politic.

(Corbett Report) Meet the Bogus Technology the Government Will Use to Frame You

What happens if the facial recognition cameras get it wrong? Or the "visual microphone" detects the wrong sound? Or the emotion-reading or crime-predicting technology of the near future is just quackery, designed to frame anyone the government wants to convict? Sadly, this isn't sci-fi fantasy; it's the present and we're already living through it. Just ask Steve Talley...