Sunday, November 15, 2020

Wictor Is Active On YouTube

Thomas Wictor may be banned (again) from Twitter, and not present on Facebook, but he is on YouTube and he went active there again a week ago. Daily video posts, doing what he formerly did on Twitter, in addition to his co-hosting of various pro-Trump podcasts out of QuodVerum.

Yesterday's video is below, and you can subscribe to his channel there. He's confident of Trump winning, as usual, so don't bother with blackpilling on his videos.

The most infuriating thing about Wictor, so far as his critics are concerned, is that Wictor is consistently right. VDare routinely gets Trump wrong, as does Cernovich, Coulter, and so many others in various positions on the Right; Wictor dismisses them as unreliable at best for good reasons, and that's through his noticing that they read Trump wrong and he does not so he trusts his own assessments over theirs and comes out ahead routinely.

And being correct is why I still follow him, despite his errors in things aside from Trump. So long as he's on Trump, he's golden.

As this is now all about morale, I recommend giving him your time as part of your daily morale building routine so that when Trump comes out on top again you'll be ahead of the curve. Until then, keep at it. They know they're screwed so long as we persist, which is why they're trying so hard and obviously to demoralize you with fake news from all angles (including fake Trump leaks).

Believe nothing in the media.

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