Sunday, December 30, 2018

Vox Day: Are There Good Wizards?

In this podcast, Vox Day talks about persuasion, Rhetoric, and the nature of the hidden arts that make up "wizardry".

This isn't one of his easier podcasts to follow unless you're already conversant in the jargon he's using, a jargon shared by Owen Benjamin (who talks a lot about this in his livestreams), but it is worth your while.

Sunday, December 23, 2018

Red Ice: The 3rd Annual Red Ice Yule Marathon

Red Ice held their 3rd annual Yule livestream a few days ago. This went for about 5 hours, and was mostly guest after guest talking about the year to pass and the year to come. A lot of regulars appeared, from a variety of positions; this included Ethan Ralph of The Ralph Retort and the return of Bre Faucheux after a lengthy hiatus. This cavalcade of those on the Right that are outside the mainstream differ greatly on their perspectives, but they agree on this: the infighting has to stop.

As I see a lot of the women who were single now getting married or engaged, I expect a tone shift as they move into marriage and motherhood; the edginess will fade, the seriousness will pick up, and a focus on doing practical politics to take and hold power will develop. The scene will change because now it has a significant percentage of its most visible set putting skin in the game via children and that will compel people to start doing what it takes to win instead of being ineffectual partisans.

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Vox Day: DARKSTREAM: 4th Generation Tekno-cultural Warfare

Today Vox Day talked deplatforming, 4th Generation Warfare, and how this plays out in practice.

Vox's comments regarding Amazon, specifically how its wholesale and retail ends compete against each other, is very important. The shift on the retail side to become more hostile to the wholesale side has consequences, and that retail side includes its publishing outlets. Being an author, that matters to me, but the similar comments coming out of other subsets should matter to you. That Bezos does nothing to rein this in is telling that he approves.

Yes, there's an obvious counter: build your own platforms. That takes time, money, and skill that everyone does not have. Furthermore, if you're on Google's shit list they'll screw your visibility in searches and tank your discoverability. Countering that is an additional effort that you'll have to do to stay viable. Fortunately Vox Day has the means to deal with all this; as I'm able, I'll follow suit.

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Vox Day: DARKSTREAM: Free Trade is Evil

This is the livestream wherein Vox Day laid out his position on Free Trade. If you want to focus upon the argument itself, watch until he takes questions.

There is an accompanying blog post which I recommend you to go. Read the Comments.

I'd been mulling this over, imagining how this plays out, and he's on to something here. The implications, if played out, justify the abolition of Free Trade policies of all kinds- including "internal" trade such as between the States. Turns out that Protectionism is Godly.

Sunday, December 2, 2018

Black Pigeon Speaks: #OrcPosting Returns

Black Pigeon Speaks did a video on the return of #orcposting, and the soyboy hack who swung at Tolkien to virtue-signal to the SJW Death Cult.

As I said previously, this is brilliant rhetoric that SJWs and the other Thralls of Empire can't counter. It lays bare the truth of their lies, from intention to conclusion. They see themselves as the Black Nuemenoreans like the Mouth of Sauron, or the traitor wizard Saruman, and not Grima Wormtongue at best. Far more likely is that they get eaten by the orcs.

If you can find rhetorical wins like this, hammer them good and hard. Empire must fall.

Sunday, November 25, 2018

The Supreme Dark Lord: The Moment of Truth

Tonight on the Darkstream Vox Day talked about how the God-Emperor needs to start delivering good and hard on things that matter to common Americans.

He's right. Shit that Trump ran on has not happened yet, and it needs to start happening soon, most important being The Wall and related border issues. Trump has to deliver results where people can see it; this behind-the-scenes shit has to stop and soon or he's going to lose his base of support. Yes, I've heard the excuses for not doing so; it's fucking retarded. Trump's no idiot. He knows that it's not enough to win, but you have to be seen winning for it to count in the eyes of your supporters.

Soon we'll see if the God-Emperor is at his limit or not. While he's able to act, the Nationalists will maintain control. Once he falters, the Ultras time will come, and that's when the mean season begins.

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Narrative Warfare: We're Going To See Open Dem-On-Dem Warfare Soon

The Democrat Party will not remain recognizable to those familiar with its post-WW2 coalition much longer. The internal conflicts are coming out into the open, with the "moderate" side being opposed by the "radicals". The former is the extant white/Jew liberals thinking they can turn the U.S. into another Latin American plantation; white elite over a divided brown/black underclass. The latter is the would-be underclass saying "Nuh-uh, cracker" and coming at them for all the marbles.

In short, the Identity Politics afflicting the United States as a whole are even worse within the party pushing it good and hard, and the outcome of this civil war will see how the Dems attempt to implement their overall strategy going forward. The side-effect is that more Dems are showing their ass publicly, as we saw a few days ago when some dumbass Dem in the House decided to use the "We'll nuke the country to own the gun nuts" argument in earnest.

Everyone's favorite anon is right; they really are that stupid. Cunning, but stupid, because they thought Hillary would never lose and even now the impact still reverberates through their thinking,.such as it is.

And I think they're going to get hoisted up their own petard soon. This election aftermath isn't going as the Dems would like, media bullshit to the contrary, so I'm willing to entertain the idea that the fraud going on really is being used to trap the rotters in the act. In short, I would not be surprised if some of those who won a seat in the election never make it to January because they're arrested by the Feds for disqualifying offenses- not just Congressmen, but governors and other offices inferior to that. It wouldn't take many to have a big impact, but it would take that to make one too big to ignore in the media; that's the problem with a lot of folks right now- they rely too much on seeing things in the media to accept that anything happens at all.

The infighting will kickoff good and hard once that hits as every side tries to pass the blame to someone else. The leadership fight in Congress, the influence positions in the media, and so on, will escalate to points we have not seen in a long time; yes, I do think we'll finally see some Dem-on-Dem violence, with Antifa getting the orders to (a) reorganize to conform to the new Narrative, and (b) doing to the "moderates" what they've been doing to GOP targets like Tucker Carlson with the bonus of being clear to draw blood and burn shit down.

The factions will roll on each other, turning State's Evidence to secure the others' conviction in the hopes that proxy violence will be sufficient to remove the competition where street action does not, and those with State power will wield it first and worst on internal targets. Meanwhile, the God-Emperor will roll them up piece by piece, until the criminal element within the party is entirely in custody or destroyed; first he lets them destroy themselves, and then he sweeps up their remains.

But that won't be the end of Identity Politics in America. It will instead be the point where its banishment becomes acknowledged as impossible.

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Federalism For The Counties: A Practical Reform To Support Subsidiarity

It's time for Federalism to come to the States internally. It is time for as many States as possible to implement an Electoral College.

One county, one vote; state-wide races (including ballot measures) represent the counties' assent or rejection of the candidates, not that of the population at-large. This guarantees that one faction cannot dominate the state from one or more de facto city-states, such as in Illinois or New York. You can do this with Federal offices also, with adjustments as required. (e.g. House races only concern the counties in the district.) 50%+1 should be sufficient to start with, but to guarantee acceptance a super-majority (67%) may be necessary.

The GOP should push through this reform in the states where they have full control while they can. Coupled with reforms to tighten up voter eligibility, it will buy those already-red states more time to get their shit together. If it can be run through in a blue state, then it provides a basis for resistance against (and the eventual overthrow of) imperialist city-centric oligarchs.

This is a practical plan to push subsidiarity, making more of government more responsive to local concerns by tying the local to the bigger picture. State-level federalism is the way we can fix this, for now, while it can still be done. Mob Rule is Empire, Mobs are City Oligarch machines, and Empire Must Fall.

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Narrative Warfare: The Push Against Free Speech Online (SGT Report)

This video got released on SGT Report's YouTube channel this past Monday. It features an interview with the CEO of Minds, and it talks about Big Social and the SJW push to deplatform Wrongthinkers via both public and private measures.

As Vox Day stated a week ago via the Darkstream, corporations are creations of the State and therefore are subject to regulation by the State; the creation is always subordinate to the creator. The same can be said of any legally-recognized business, which is indeed the basis for regulation of private enterprise by the State generally.

Once that fact gets out there, LOLbertarian fuckwittery about Muh Private Business (and the SJW bullshit that appropriates it) goes out the window. If you're relying on a State-granted licenses to do business, then the State can order you to do business as it commands on pain of revocation of that license (whatever that entails), up to and including big stompy men with big fuckoff guns smashing your shit in.

And that, ultimately, is what it's going to take: the unapologetic use of State force to compel Big Social and its allies to play nice or be destroyed- and then to follow through and obliterate, literally and metaphorically, however many institutions and individuals are required to put this down for good. This is practical sovereignty legitimately employed to protect the people from predators, and it is right and proper to kill and destroy those that prey upon you and yours.

I fully expect this to be part of the post-election action from the God-Emperor, as Big Social is a key element of the Deep State's oppression of the American people.

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Narrative Warfare: The Supreme Dark Lord Writes Ab(out) Jordan Peterson

Saturday's Darkstream came late, but its not worth skipping because the Supreme Dark Lord has a book to talk about and it's the culmination of his inquiry into and exposure of the quackery of Jordan Peterson. Milo Yiannopoulos wrote the foreward, so if he's on board then I am confident that Vox Day sufficiently explains his position to the target audience: Peterson's audience and those concerned about him.

I followed Vox Day as he went from "Stop talking to me about this guy I don't care." through "Fine, I'll take a look." and went swiftly from "No, you're wrong and this is why." to "This man is a mental case with delusions of adequacy working as a snake oil salesman, a Wormtongue in your ear, and he has to be stopped."

He's a Babylonian, a servant of Empire, and he does need to be stopped for that reason alone. He's a Thrall of Empire, and Empire Must Fall.

Narrative Warfare: Yes, The God-Emperor Seeks To Repeat Jackson's Great Deed

That is, Trump seeks to kill The Bank- the Federal Reserve. And that means that those behind the Fed are targeting him, as we've seen repeatedly since Trump won in 2016. Black Pigeon Speaks covered the immediate matter late this past week in the below video.

But for ongoing coverage the X22 Report's daily posts--the "a" halves of each episode--are the ones to follow for all things Fuck The Fed, especially as it relates to Trump. (As for the threats to him from them, that's what the "b" halves routinely cover.) Unlike Jackson, and others, who've gone against the Banksters we now know to be core to the Cabal (as the current parlance puts them, accurately) Trump has not only a plan but far superior allies in the form of our military spook section (i.e. Military Intelligence, DIA) and its no-less-lengthy networks. We're seeing displays of acumen that make it clear how badly the "C" in "CIA" stands for "Clown".

Independent Central Banking is the machine by which Empire invisibly operates, using debt deliberately and maliciously manufactured to enslave nations and make countries into open-air prisons (and states into prison wardens). Sovereign states must be sovereign in their finances, and that means state controlled central banks or none at all; don't lie to me and say it can't be done, because North Dakota's done Public Banking for years and succeeds admirably for it. In very real, very hands-on, very concrete and practical terms doing Empire a Doloros Stroke means killing the Bank.

The God-Emperor seeks to do this, and he's making Empire do it to itself as easily as he's making its Thralls do so. Making joyful a work of necessity is truly a miracle. Empire must fall.

A heads-up: I will put out a second post here today. I don't usually do this, but Vox Day announced last night something sufficiently noteworthy to merit me doing so.

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Narrative Warfare: The Frauds Finally Fumble

On Monday this past week, Elizabeth Warren tried to sell her DNA results confirming that she's white as the driven snow as being True Indian. The God-Emperor need not worry about getting the personal checkbook out anytime soon, but that doesn't mean the traitors in the Mainstream Media aren't selling it anyway. Red Ice Radio had a good take on this matter.

Despite the media spin, no one's buying it. The Dems will have to obviously steal her election to keep her in office.

Speaking of incumbent bullshit artists, Senator McCaskill also got found out as a double-talking douchebag- this time by Project Veritas. She's as much of a gun grabber as the rest of the party, but due to the demographics of her state she has to keep that quiet or risk getting voted out of office. Time for that to happen.

The programmed and scripted reactions of not only the SJWs in the media but generally have now been noticed sufficient to generate a meme of its own: The NPC. Frame Games Radio did a podcast about it and it's worth the afternoon or evening spent on this instead of whatever NFL/Premier League/etc. match you had planned.

This is a time of revealing, when the frauds of old are exposed and their methods for fooling us meticulously broken down so that we may preserve that wisdom for future generations to learn from (and be immunized against). This is the time of Empire's exposure, removing its power, the time before which Empire must fall.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Narrative Warfare: Project Veritas - "We don't say that out of these walls."

Project Veritas exposes Phil Bredesen as a liar and a fraud, a move deliberately planned well before the fact by his campaign. Lying for gain is fraud, fraud is a crime, and crime had better be prosecuted by the State or it will be punished by the Nation by extra-judicial means (and fully justified in doing so). Phil had better be arrested and disqualified from the race over this.

"But Muh Politics!" is no excuse for fraud, and politicians are not allowed to lie; this is theft-by-swindle and it has to be punished with arrests, trials, and hard time (if not execution) in solitary confinement at maximum security prisons. Every campaign worker who aided and abetted this swindle should meet the exact same punishment- if they knew, then they are complicit and must be punished severely and with maximum display. This is Empire, and Empire must fall.

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Narrative Warfare: Peterson Is No One's Ally

Today's my birthday, so I'm going to go enjoy it, but I won't leave you hanging. This past week we not only saw Brett Kavenaugh confirmed to the Supreme Court of the United States (another Q proof), we had Jordan Peterson out himself as a mentally ill confidence artist in its wake. At last, what the Supreme Dark Lord said months ago became clear to normies: Peterson is no one's ally; he's a tool of the Enemy.

Walk away from the incompetent insane leafman, folks. He's just Controlled Opposition intended to be used to Discredit & Disqualify when he melts down.

Sunday, September 30, 2018

Narrative Warfare: Why Western Civilization Needs Christianity: Part II

It's been a while since we've had a Voxiversity video. Now we do, and it's Part Two of the importance of Christianity to the West. Might as well put them both here just so we know what this is about.

The result of this? That it's time to end the "Enlightenment" as its core premise--that you can have Western Civilization without Christianity--is now observably proven false.

That realization has consequences, grave consequences, as it also means that a lot of followings from that core premise also have to go if Civilization is to survive. When I described Empire as an all-consuming anti-life entity, this is what I was getting at; there is nothing good that comes of Empire, as Empire is a Satanic force- it might as well be the Adversary. The all-consuming, all-pervasive, totalitarian madness of a force whose very existence is anathema to existence trying to defy reality by enthralling and consuming to stave off the inevitable is what Vox Day's talking about here.

And it has to go, or we do.

It's the Lie of Babylon, the Hubris of the Tower, and if we don't want another cataclysm then we've got to put an end to it here and now. The Thralls of Empire have already told us what their plan is, and what it requires, and why they do what they do; they lie as they believed the lies of that they serve. Empire is Evil, and it must fall- or we'll all be 'rectified'.

(Yes, there was a Darkstream on this topic, which you can find here.)

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Narrative Warfare: Project Veritas Exposes the Deep State

Once more doing God's work, Project Veritas--this past Tuesday--dropped a video exposes anti-Trump sandbaggers and card-carrying Socialists in the Federal Government of the United States. They willfully and willingly commit sedition against the President of the United States, giving aid and comfort to the enemies of the United States, and therefore commit treason on a daily basis. This expose should result in each and every one of them being arrested for Sedition and Treason, arrests that will lead to convictions and executions by firing squad.

Each and every exposed "resister" should be impaled and left to die (and their corpses to rot) as an example to others as to the consequences of treason. Empire Must Fall.

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Narrative Warfare: And You Will Enforce This How?

The EU voted on something stupid. Razorfist has his take here.

The EU lacks legbreakers. This is very much a matter of "And how many divisions do you command?" followed by "We can make our own central bank, with blackjack and hookers." and finished off with "Fuck your agreements. I didn't sign shit, so fuck off if you don't want to get shivved."

It's literally just a bunch of fucktarded Boomer wankers thinking that words are magic. They haven't been ignored in their lives. Imagine how they'll freak out if they realize that they have to actually do something in meatspace to make it happen. Their predecessors got this; it's why Stalin and Mao and Hitler and many others all made certain to recruit a Praetorian Guard and keep them happy, because those were the legbreakers that did the wetwork when required to maintain compliance and restore it when broken.

Rules exist only when enforced.

If you can ignore an obnoxious rule, do so. If you can resist it, do so. Make them do their own wetwork to enforce shit like this. This is hardly a new idea; what the hell do you think "Stop Snitching" is about? The result of this, on the mass scale, is the end of any imperial overreach- be it by a formal empire or an informal one. Why? Because their claims of sovereignty are bullshit. "Consent" is meaningless when it is coerced; this applies to "society" as much as it does to sex.

I look forward to the collapse of the globe's empires, which is already happening, because the homogeneous nation-states that will come out of them will be far better for the future than any imperial regime ever could be. Empire is of Satan. That is why it must fall.

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Frame Game Radio: Never Forgive, Never Forget

Frame Game Radio had a fantastic livestream over this past week in the wake of the Alex Jones banning from Twitter. Before Infowars got banned from Apple's app store, this livestream happened and it's worth your time to put this on. Alas, it's not pure audio so you'll have to pay attention to the video, but that's fine; have your notepads ready to take down the key points he presents herein.

If American Football is not your thing, then this is something for you to watch instead. If it is, watch this instead of one of the other games you had on the calendar today because the SJWs are out for NFL loyalists--the folks for whom Capernick's antics are a kick to the face--and Jones is your canary in the coal mine.

It's all Identity Politics, folks, and that is inevitable no matter what you say, what you do, or what you believe. It's Natural Law, ordained by God, and you had better get used to it- or you will get wrecked by it. Heed the Supreme Dark Lord!

Sunday, September 2, 2018

Narrative Warfare: Weaponized Cult Psychology

This Twitter thread came over my feed yesterday. It explains a lot in clear and simple terms.

To which I said this:

And this:

Why would the Right turn intersectional? Because it wants to win, and once all of the Controlled Opposition gets run out of the scene the new leadership would adopt the strategy because it works and turn the Right into a weaponized cult that can go fight the Left and win. Once that polarization happens, civil war becomes inevitable--and I mean Hutus & Tutsis, Balkan Civil War, Breakup of Yugoslavia sort of war--and it won't be at all contained this time.

And yes, the threat of having to resort to that same weaponized cult mentality in order to continue existing is sufficiently distressing for me to want to find alternatives before it's too late. (And, I fear, it already is.) If nothing else, I dislike the single point of failure that such a centralized system imposes. (Hijack the controller's spot and you hijack the whole thing; it is a rabbit warren/hive mind paradigm.)

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Narrative Warfare: This Is What Human Sacrifice Looks Like

You'd think this was paranoid bullshit, until you start paying attention.

They'll do it. They have done it. This scenario that anon described is nothing compared to what has been done by Empire's Thralls to protect and expand its control. They have no problems committing horrific acts to use in Narrative Warfare schemes to gaslight people into slitting their own throats.

It's human sacrifice disguised as terrorism. Sacrifices have a purpose, and that purpose is to pay a blood price to gain the favor of a superhuman entity. The ritualistic aspect of how the Thralls treat the violence is the tell; it's not just a pattern, it's a script- a ritualized performance to carry out a ceremony in plain sight.

Watch. These slain people will be used to push evil ends, and once you see the ritualistic pattern you'll never unsee it. I'm not being hyperbolic when I describe this as human sacrifice; they are willing to kill to get their way, and gaslighting the aftermath is how they use these deaths.

Empire relies on human sacrifice to sustain itself. Civilization does not. That is the difference between the two. Empire must fall.

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Narrative Warfare: Vox Day's Darkstreams - Add To Your Blogroll

The Supreme Dark Lord's Darkstream channel is now coming forth as one to have in your blogroll for anything regarding politics or culture. This past week had several episodes of timely importance, yet had within them timeless wisdom. I'm embedding one of them.

This, in addition to the man's blog, is a great perspective to maintain in your stable of intellectual gladiators. Put both in the blogroll, and you won't regret it down the road; if you must only have one, put the blog in- his better Darkstreams get into the blog a day or so later as posts.

And if you're so interested, he uses the channel to talk commercial art and game design from time to time, so there's non-political content to cleanse the palette. Subscribe to the channel, bookmark the blog, put both in the blogroll/feed and you'll benefit from a thoroughly anti-Empire intellectual.

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Narrative Warfare: We Found Their Weak Spot, So They're Serious Now

This past week we saw a coordinated hit on Alex Jones and InfoWars intended to deplatform him so as to decrease his reach and give #FakeNews more room to shape the Narrative in the United States and elsewhere as many countries go into their election seasons with the turn of Summer into Autumn. It's not an accident that this came in the wake of the exposure of James Gunn as either a pedophile or an enabler of the same. Last night the Supreme Dark Lord, Vox Day, reminded us of this ongoing scandal in the Darkstream.

This reaction is not a coldly logical one on the part of the Thralls of Empire. This is a freakout reaction. The Dark Lord is correct; this is a display of weakness dressed up as a diaplay of might, and the anti-fragile reaction of Alex Jones shows that this is such a case. (The next step will be to banned the Apple and Android app stores, and be banned from Twitter.)

But the cooler heads behind this push know that it won't shut down Jones. Those heads will push to move against the payment processor, bank, and domain registrar; if Jones can't stay online and can't conduct commerce he's done and they know it- but that comes at a terrible risk. Even if they don't succeed, if they can shut him up through November, it may be enough.

Because that is what this is about: determining who gets to tell the tale of day, who shapes the Narrative, and thus informs the public on what to act upon and why. Frame Game Radio did a series of livestreams over this past week addressing this matter, "The Bastards" and I'll embed part one below.

He also did a big and long one about how the SJWs and their masters are attempting to do the Code of Conduct con on the big scale: to make it legally binding, as in "Comply Or Die" levels of coercion via state violence, upon the entire population in order to target and unperson entire population segments as a form of population control that is centrally controlled and coordinated- as we see in Communist Totalitarian states worldwide. This one is worth your time; there's nothing to watch, so put this on instead and brief yourself.

The take-away from this is that the Thralls realize that we found their weakspot, and as such they lost their grip on the Narrative. This assault on Free Speech and escalation of unpersoning, unthinging, and deplatforming is their "No more Mr. Nice Guy" reaction to getting caught out.

Rather than shrink back, we should hammer this weak point good and hard. The more we see how prevalent this abomination is in the mainstream institutions, the greater the urgency in wielding this as a Rhetorical hammer. This is roundabout Moloch worship, and it ought to be handled accordingly. Hammer the Pedos and Empire falls.

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Narrative Warfare: It Doesn't Matter Who #QAnon Is.

The Supreme Dark Lord, Vox Day, gets it with regard to #QAnon. I also don't care who Q really is; I care what Q does, and Q is doing good for the world by his efforts. Folks who fail to grasp this get tripped up on irrelevant details, and I'll let the smarter man do the talking here.

It's about getting the job done. Who does it, or why, is not relevant at this time; what matters is that someone does what needs to be done when, where, and how it needs to be done. So long as Q delivers--and he does--then Q can be a flying purple eater for all that it matters. You can concern yourself with those details after the fact, after the Deep State is done, and we begin recording all of this for the benefit of posterity. To worry about it now is a category error; stop sperging.

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Narrative Warfare: Force To Reestablish Control Was Always on the Table

Last week I talked about how order trumps all other concerns. I described Empire as the entity that lies about providing that order while yoking the chaos necessary to maintain the illusion justifying their rule. Here comes Sargon of Akkad (still a believer in the Enlightenment and Civic Nationalism) with a video to prove the point (against his aims for doing this video):

This is he Thralls of Empire claiming to provide order while actually wielding chaos as a weapon against dissenters to preserve their power- power unlawfully gained, unlawfully sustained, and impossible to maintain indefinitely because Natural Law won't allow it.

No, this is not confined to the United Kingdom. The push to do this is everywhere; you may not notice, but it is present. Watch the segment where the feminist uses double-speak to mask her wielding of chaos to maintain a facade of order. Mark the measures that the UK government wants to impose in order to re-establish Narrative Control on behalf of their media allies (especially the BBC); they will be pushed everywhere.

Notice how the measures proposed here are no different than the willful and intentional weaponizeation of Codes of Conduct by SJWs to turf out wrongthinkers in an organization. This is why the SJWs are the grunts that the Leftist Death Cult uses to handle ground-level operations (including Antifa as their shock troops). This is Empire in action.

And notice just how closely these frauds are to authentic and sound policy as historically instituted across the West; replacing Christendom with a synthetic counterfeit is the beginning of the fraud, and now we see how this is the source of the degeneracy simply by noticing the effects of this substitution and subversion over time.

How can any honest observer not see the Satanic root of Empire now?

I'm not able to sweep away the political corruption, but I can stand at the shield wall to wage war to retake the culture. This past Thursday I launched a crowdfuning campaign to finish the work on my debut novel, first of a series of nine, called "The Star Knight Saga". Today I report that it is already 51% towards the initial goal, and with the help of common people everywhere I can ensure that I deliver this cultural counterattack at best speed. Please go here and contribute to my participation in the struggle to save Civilization.

And I present a future where that lawful and necessary order--Christendom--is once more restored as the norm of Civilization.

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Order Trumps All Other Concerns

What most people want is order. To that end everything else is subordinated, in order of preference. "Freedom" means "Order" because it means that they are about to go about the daily business of doing what is necessary to produce and maintain the conditions by which people for families and keep the line going. This Twitter rant is worth reading because it nails that topic hard. It starts here:

It goes on for quite a thread, but here's the big points made:

Now you can see how Civilization can vary from place to place, time to time, nation to nation and still be Civilization. It's sole justification for existence is to protect lawful human existence. It is not there for power tripping. It is not there for glory-mongering. It is not there for sating base needs or making others suffer your degeneracy. It is there to protect the things that Mankind requires to survive and thrive- material and spiritual alike. Everything destructive to that end gets destroyed.

Thanks to the Internet we know now what a lawful Civilization looks like: homogeneous nation-states. One nation, one domain, one culture, one religion. A world of kingdoms living as good neighbors, not a world of empire and its necessary evil just to exist.

Empire is Chaos lying about being that necessary Order. Empire the perversion. Empire must fall. Deus Vult

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Narrative Warfare: This Coordinated Hitpiece Volley Is Familiar

Fake journalists in entertainment media are not the only ones who run private email lists to coordinate Narrative-shaping hits.

The hacks got it from their betters, the higher-status hacks at the "papers of record" (glorified blogs now), and this is the proof: first, that there's a pre-existing term for the practice ("astroturf") and that it follows the exact same pattern as that infamous "Gamers Are Dead" volley of bullshit that lead to #Gamergate. Short take: all of the mainstream media has no ethics.

This is pure propaganda, bought and paid-for, and reveals by behavior both the preference of those buying the propaganda as well as the true nature of "journalism" as a profession. Streewalking whores have higher ethical standards than what we've seen today out of the media.

What makes this instance notable is two-fold: that is it so blatantly obvious as a coordinated hitpiece volley, and that it is a laughably pathetic one that works only to members of the SJW Death Cult. The most this will do is signal to the ever-anxious school of fish which way to turn, and therefore whom to savage for stepping out of line.

This past week the Supreme Dark Lord, Vox Day, joined comicbook veteran Ethan Van Scriver on the latter's channel for a live talk on #Comicsgate, #Gamergate, the SJW menace and what to do about it. While long, it's a wealth of wisdom from both men on the matters at hand- particularly how Vox Day compares the SJW Death Cult to a school of fish in its psychology. It's worth your time. Embedded below.

And that's not all; because Vox Day has plenty of experience with SJWs he's figured out why they do what they do, which explains things like the reliance upon secret email lists and coordinated media attacks on targets that appear vulnerable (some of which hit, as we saw with Scarlett Johansson and Papa Johns this week). But the days that they can keep on doing this successfully are numbered.

They continue to use the same playbook, even as more people see it in ation and thus can't unsee it thereafter, because they are constitutionally incapable of doing anything else- it doesn't work to relieve the stress that their existential terror wreaks upon them. It's not about logic, reason, or even dogma- it's about sheer existential terror, and the propitiation thereof (because they are powerless to actually destroy what threatens them so).

How do you deal with this? The way the God-Emperor does: go on the attack, and go for maximum pain. That's the only way, short of crippling or killing them, to reliably shut them down. Watch the God-Emperor no-sell this hitpiece attack and then keep hammering them with "Fake News". It's brilliant, and it shows in how they fall over themselves to flail ineffectually in response. He's making Empire fall, and showing how fun it can be. Who wants to pass that party up?

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Narrative Warfare: This is What "Fork & Replace" Looks Like

Today Vox Day gave another commentary on how the shit grunts of Empire, the Social Justice Warriors, routinely end up showing their ass when they attempt to BadFeel their enemies into compliance by throwing "alt-right" at them like it's a bad thing. Enjoy yourself, folks. It's amusing, but the serious news is buried well into the post:

Two weeks ago I signed an agreement with a movie producer. We've since had a number of meetings with various organizations and I can state with some confidence that we will be skipping the whole "option" phase and go directly to making the movies and/or television shows ourselves in partnership with people who know what they are doing. Some of these scenarios involve crowdfunding and backer participation, others do not. We are also discussing the creation of a major new comics imprint with one or two partners and are in the process of completing Chuck Dixon's Avalon #1, after which we will launch our comic store campaign with the assistance of the VFM and the Dark Legion.

I expect that there will be a full press release when the details of the agreement are final, the contracts signed, and the move gets into motion- at which point it will be far too late for the Thralls of Empire to do a goddamn thing about it that's actually going to work.

What I want to bring to your attention is what this move is: Fork & Replace in action.

With the launch of Alt-Hero and Arkhaven Comics, Vox Day launched an attempt to fork the Western (North American, at this point) comicbook industry and its cultural influence off of the dying Big Two of Marvel and D.C. (and the also-rans in their shadow) which have long ago fallen to Empire and are now zombie concerns riddled with the maggots known as SJWs doing their very best to spread the memetic disease that Empire must maintain to be able to sustain itself.

The goal of the Fork is to create an alternative to the diseased branch and grow it into a competitor ready and willing to fully fill the void created when Empire's Thralls consume their host and make it collapse into ashes and dust. This is Replacement, and it is the explicit and avowed goal of the enterprise.

There is more to the overall operation than just the comics business, as we are now seeing come into view. Forking and Replacing the Western film and television business is a far greater undertaking, and will take longer to accomplish, but so long as this course can be maintained and the discipline to see it through holds fast then that will happen. As noted in the linked post, that sector is also collapsing and will fall into ruin soon enough of its own accord. (Fools like Culty Kathy at Lucasfilm just accelerate it.)

And I am pleased to see this happen. It signals that there is a breach in this front of the Culture War, one that we'd be fools to not exploit, and I'm already acting on that opportunity on both individual and collective ways. The days of Debbie Downers drabbing all dour and depressing are done; it's time to form up, lock shields, and break the enemies upon the shield wall- and then we advance, as one, crushing them underfoot as we impale them on our spears- all while singing joyful songs of brotherhood and victory.

We've been shown the way, folks. Time to get on with saving Civilization at the moral level. Now we shall turn back on them their cry: "We Shall Replace You!"

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Narrative Warfare: Vox Day, "Don't Talk to the Media"

This Darkstream is vital for anyone, regardless of your politics or where you live, who is not in lock-step with the media.

This here is the core point:

"It doesn't even matter what you do or what you say, the narrative is already written, the story has already been laid out. All they're doing now when they talk to you is getting kill quotes and getting words that they can then spin to claim that they've given you a fair shake. You see, when they contact you, what they tell you is that they want to give you your chance to tell your side of the story, and the thing is, the clear implication is already there! You know, they're already signalling what they're going to do to you because the other side of the story, the story that is not your side of the story, is the narrative."

Listen to the whole thing. It's worse than it's ever been, so I now accept the same position of total non-contact. This is not idle posturing on my part; if my literary ambitions take off, then I'm going to attract more media attention from the same vultures and I do not want those rancid frauds anywhere near me or mine. (And, in Minnesota, I can and will file criminal charges if they try this crap; "Criminal Defamation" is a thing here.)

This is Narrative Warfare 101, folks. The media has the platform with the reach to shape public opinion, and while they are in the downward spiral now that doesn't mean they are not dangerous. Don't feed the beast. It's no different than not giving money to those who hate you. While I have legal recourse that doesn't require civil suits to leverage, most of you don't; by freezing them out entirely, not even responding to requests, you force them to work with weaksauce Wokeness word salad to attack you. That makes dealing with them much easier.

(Of course, if you can nail them with criminal charges, do so and enjoy the perpwalks; turn that "process is punishment" back on them.)

Vox lays it out here:

"And what they want you to do is they want you to play defense to their prosecuting attorney. That's the whole idea! You are there to be the subject of the interrogation and they are the stars who are prosecuting you. Now, of course that's why they want to talk to you! They don't need you to verify any facts, they will completely ignore anything that you say if you manage to somehow miraculously defang and conclusively disprove an assertion that was part of their narrative."

Editing is a hell of a drug. The power to make anyone say anything you want is a potent one when talking media, and far too many take what they see and hear in the media as factual without question. However, the more people become aware of Narrative Warfare and how it works the less effective this basic approach becomes. Just pretend that the media is that hot chick with the crazy eyes: stay away- it's never worth it to get with that. Stay clear; Empire is falling.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

The Thralls of Empire Surge Forth to the Rubicon

Well, this sounds like sane, reasonable and eu-civic speech from a Federal elected official. And by "sane", I mean "full-tilt bozo".

There is only one response that clear communicates the quality of this development.

Look, I could spend long paragraphs full of facts, data, preceding examples, and so on but I know damn well that Dialectic doesn't reach 90% of the population so I'm going to get to the point.

Frank--that's the guy in the video--their parents are the ones that got this bullshit started. That's why it's so bad.

And the real delusion? That this is somehow a thing that only SJWs and their pals get do so, and it won't get out of control.

Yeah, this will end well. So very fucking well. If the lawfare doesn't get them, the real law will: the Law of Nature. And why should we be surprised? The birth--and rebirth--of nations always comes with a price, one paid only in blood, bone, and fire. Why in the hell should this be any different?

Bring it, morons. If you are fortunately, you will only fill the prisons well past capacity. Pray to be fortunate. Because this? This is what a lack of mercy from a lawful people shall feel like if you are not.

Bring it, heretic. We await you on the other side of the Rubicon.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

We Need Alt-Banking: SJWs in Silicon Valley Deplatform Freestartr

One week after I set up at this site, and launch my crowdfunding campaign to finish my first novel, what you're going to read below went down. I reproduce this in its entirety. Link for the doubters here.

I thought I might share a few thoughts with you on what I regard as the biggest issue of our time: tech apartheid.

Silicon Valley wants you to believe that it is a force for good but the evidence of its bias and fraudulent dealings couldn’t be more obvious even to a fair, impartial observer.

Most recently this duplicity concerns payment processing, namely the fraudulent company Stripe which canceled FreeStartr’s account despite record low chargebacks. FreeStartr wasn’t alone. All of those companies who had their accounts suspended — Bitchute (a YouTube competitor), MakerSupport (a Patreon competitor), and (a Patreon, Kickstarter competitor)– were created by Trump supporters.

This canceling of our business was done for political reasons by Edwin Wee, a Democratic political operative turned Stripe employee, and it exposes the libertarian lie that one can simply just go and create a competitor if one dislikes Silicon Valley ventures. You can’t. We need to get over that canard.

I’ll delve into the parochial issues concerning FreeStartr’s banning from Stripe later, but I am thoroughly convinced that if action isn’t taken in the very near future, our politics will be permanently titled to the far left for the foreseeable future. Ask your congressmen, your friends, to speak out on this issue and take necessary corrections.

We’ve had other discussions about the censorship and Google, Facebook, and Twitter, and yes, those trends are extremely worrisome. But what I’m talking about here as concerns Stripe and PayPal is far more dangerous both for politics and for our society writ large.

Every regime has scapegoats, and ours is no different. Whether you’ve participated in a Twitter mob and/or been its target, you know its power. Ours is a herd based species, and it is quite disturbing the speed with which mores can shift. What was once commonplace — big game hunting, smoking, corporal punishment, etc., — become frowned upon, then the province of cranks, and ultimately unthinkable. There is increasingly good social science evidence for how this process unfolds — where a small minority changes the standards of behavior in a population. Sometimes these changes are so abrupt as to be jarring and yes, even violent. Twitter mobs force you off of their platforms and begin the practice of targeting your employment, your spouse’s employment, etc. until you are ruined. There is no due process here.

This is not dissimilar from the ancient punishments of exile or death. To be fired from your job for your politics constitutes a kind of death; it is certainly a form of exile. This kind of tribalism terrorism will undoubtedly increase precisely because it is so effective at cowing the other side and the costs of the targeting are so cheap.

Stopping this violence is very important, but I fear ultimately futile if we no longer have standards.

So let me be clear about mine. What stands for is the culture that undergirds the U.S. Constitution, particularly the Bill of Rights. That culture might be elusive to the Stripe co-founders, Patrick and John Collison, who were born in Ireland so permit me to America-splain.

The First Amendment isn’t just for the loon on the street corner; it must ultimately apply to the tech companies. The Second Amendment isn’t for muskets; it must apply to AR-15s. The Fourth Amendment isn’t just for papers but for electronic surveillance.

And yes, the Sixth Amendment is useless if you don’t have the means of paying for your defense, whether through patronage, piggy banks, or your own fundraising. We Americans believe that everyone is entitled to his day in court. Our history is replete with the good winning out in court against all the odds.

Spending your money as you want is as American as barbecue on Independence Day. You have the right to do whatever you want with your consumerism or generosity. We are a generous people. It is this insight on which I built Freestartr with Stripe as a partner. I hid Stripe’s involvement with our site because Stripe asked me to and together we have raised millions for legal defenses for the marginalized. I kept quiet our business relationship because I know Stripe is colonized by far left liberals.

Stripe, by barring, is denying all of the people who have raised money and all of the people who might raise money their day in court. It’s un-American. Even the Nazis got lawyers at Nuremberg. And some of those lawyers were even Jews. But not in Silicon Valley.

Stripe’s action is likely illegal. Banks aren’t allowed to just bar customers, especially after President Trump abolished Operation Chokepoint. Patrick Collison, Stripe’s CEO, opposes Operation Chokepoint.

Stripe seems to be deliberately shutting down businesses whose politics it doesn’t like. Political orientation is a protected category in California. There have been cases brought against businesses that refuse to serve conservatives or liberals. Why not Stripe?

If Stripe’s move isn’t illegal, it is certainly fraudulent.

John Collison, the co-founder of Stripe, personally assured me once on the phone and once in the home of a Silicon Valley venture capitalist that Stripe would allow FreeStartr to operate so long as we comply with the law.

“The tech industry has to be a place where anyone of any background can thrive,” Patrick Collison, his brother, once claimed to Bloomberg on May 31st.

Not if you are a white male conservative.

The brothers Collison are frauds and liars.

Worse yet, they seem to be attracting other frauds and perhaps criminals.

Stripe, PayPal, and Square are working with the Southern Poverty Law Center, a discredited linked to at least one terrorist organization.

The way the Southern Poverty Law Center works is that they declare everyone whose politics they don’t like to be Nazis or racists.

The demand for Nazis or racists vastly exceeds their supply, so some people are caught up in the crossfire, sometimes literally in the case of the shooter who fired upon members of Congress and their staff playing baseball.

Until this group is investigated for the criminal fraud it has perpetrated on donors it will continue to harm others.

~ Charles C. Johnson, CEO FreeStartr

We need Alt-Banking. NOW.

Chuck, if you read this, you've got to get on that immediately. Of all the folks like you out there you've got the most direct experience with payment processors so you're most likely to know how to get up and running in that business. If non-SJWs can't count on the existing processors, then non-SJWs have to roll their own and prefer it over all others.

I saw this coming. The next fallback position will be banking proper, not just payment processing, forcing us to form our own credit unions and banks. The absurd extreme will be denial of access to legal tender itself, coupled with other regulations meant to strip non-SJWs of their ability to participate in the economy without bending the knee and drinking the demon's blood- the Mark of the Beast.

I'll be okay in the short term; if Freestartr can't be unfucked, I'll ask backers to seek released on the holds for their pledged money, move to another competitor (IndieGoGo seems to be the best backup option) and try again there. But as the squeeze tightens, I expect to have to resort to more old-school means of fund-raising, the sort that involves cashier's checks and Certified Mail.

I'm doing my part to make Empire fall. I won't be knocked out by backstabbers screwing over a crowdfunding site for political reasons. I'd complain to my Congressman, but my guy is the Muslim--Keith Ellison--and he's known to be just fine with this shit (as he is an open Antifa supporter), so no dice there. Instead, I'll focus on Making Space Opera Great Again because that's what I can do right now that's useful while I look out for people who can handle the need to do Alt-Banking.

Sunday, June 10, 2018

On the Power of Rhetoric: "Razorfist: Hollywood Was Always Red"

This past week, Razorfist posted a 30 minute video demonstrating that Hollywood was always a Thrall of Empire.

I talked about it on the main blog, but this bears a second post because it does something terribly needed: expose a historical fraud. So much of what we're told is not merely wrong, but a deliberate fraud- a lie promulgated to advance an agenda. In this case, the advancement and maintenance of Communist power in the United States. (Still a threat; the U.S.S.R. is gone and the P.R.C. is so in name only--it's really another Imperial regime--but Communism endures, just under one or another front.)

The Reds (these days the SJWs and fellow travelers) have always understood the power of media and culture as the bedrock of popular power, so they have always moved to seize these first when establishing themselves in a target for conquest. They know, if not in such words, that only a small percentage of people are open to Dialectic reasoning--with its focus on stats, facts, data, etc.--and so they rightly reason that mastering Rhetoric (which is what myth, legend, gossip, etc. do) is the superior form of persuasive power.

You doubt this?

This weekend is the time of the E3 event for the videogame world. Each and every pre-show conference is being streamed live, often with commentary. Pay close attention to what is persuasive and what is not; pay attention to what symbolism is used and to what end- all of it is Rhetoric. What seems to be Dialectic is really Rhetoric, because none of those trivia items has any purchase without the firm reception gained by emotional manipulation. All of that comes out of Hollywood, and far too many in videogames are Reds so you'll see that bullshit getting pushed here and there (and not as well as in the days of Old Hollywood).

Dialectic should be reserved for hammering out the details. Rhetoric is what you need to use to get to that victory and keep it once you got it. Just go talk to campaign managers and political science professors; the competent ones will confirm this to be true, which is why so much of what you see in the media is as much a work as the feuding you see at a professional wrestling event. Learning how to see through that glamor, and break that enchantment, is vital to making Empire fall.

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Signs of the Circus Coming to a Close

If you honestly thought otherwise, then you need to adjust your usage to protect your privacy. There is a way around Two-Factor Authentication, amongst other issues.

For most of you, what the popular experts recommend to deal with it will be sufficient. Why? Because the predators that would target you aren't going to be sophisticated enough to use this due to you not being worth the effort to do so. You have to worry about big institutional users such as government agencies; if you get on their radar, you're screwed and need to use other means to remain secure.

The problem going forward is that what it will take to get on the radar will diminish over time. Empire's Thralls are in trouble, and with that trouble comes the deployment of assets to protect them against hostiles- and that means you. As the God-Emperor and his allies rachet up the pain, Empire responds with its Thralls acting out where they find soft targets. You are softer than the God-Emperor or his allies, so they'll come after you because they won't be able to get them.

Be prepared to shift your behaviors and operations accordingly.

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Red Ice Radio: Somalis in Minnesota Steal Millions in Welfare Scam, Money Goes To Terrorists

Red Ice Radio released this video to its site members a few days ago, and now put this out via YouTube due to its importance.

Henrik talks about the massive daycare welfare scam that Somalis have been running in Minnesota in order to funnel millions of dollars to Islamic jihadist group al-Shabaab.

It's not just the Somalis taking advantage of the situation. The local power dynamics (dominated by the Twin Cities area) have been no less shameless in doing so.

The SJWs in the local Democratic party (DFL, for Democrat-Farmer-Labor) see the Somalis as they do the local Black and Hispanic populations: subject populations easily weaponized against the native Minnesotan and Indian populations. This means that they pursue the High Sparrow strategy, and accordingly you can find the usual suspects among the shot-callers. The local Republicans, until recently, has been entirely composed of Cuckservatives because (aside from gun control) they are now being challenged by pro-Trump insurgents on an increasing basis. You don't hear about any of this in the media. Not without the expected Narrative Warfare spin.

The urban-rural split often talked about in American politics is exacerbated by the SJWs dominance in urban institutions, especially in state government and education, which is the primary means by which they spread the poz here. This is why the state government has been hostile to the Federal government, especially after Trump's election, and maintains contempt for measures--however milquetoast and lukewarm--that would check the undue influence that these hostile aliens possess such as Voter ID regulations.

They need to go. This is an alien population of unfriendly (if not hostile) foreign nations who have neither the need nor the want to assimilate into the American Republic. They have no issues in their culture, as with other problem subcultures in the area that the DFL keeps as subject populations to weaponize, with lying to the American people and exploiting we Americans for their benefit. They don't belong, and they need to go now--peacefully via deportation--before the extant issues escalate into violence and they get removed permanently by popular force.

Yes, all of them. Yes, even the citizens; that must be stripped. Yes, they need to be banned forever from re-entry. Yes, if they resist then they should be regarded as Agents of a Hostile Foreign Power engaged in Sedition and dealt with accordingly- and summarily. Otherwise we shall go the route of Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and the United Kingdom- and unlike those countries, the violence will not be one-sided once that threshold gets breached.

Dayton is a traitor. His High Sparrow allies are also traitors. Their deeds make it plain. They also need to go, and be punished accordingly. We can't wait for Trump to do it for us. They serve Empire, and Empire Must Fall.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

The Diversity Industry Cannot Harm a Hard Target

Recently the usual cable networks ran some documentaries on notable cocaine trade outlaws such as Pablo Escobar and "El Chapo" Guzman. The narratives for these gangster figures follows the predictable pattern for such figures, so if you've seen one then you've seen all of them; you miss nothing if you haven't watch them. I'm pointing out these figures because they provide a contrast to the usual targets of the SJWs and the Diversity Industry racket they run using the High Sparrow strategy.

Gangsters, especially the infamous ones, have to become hard targets because of the violent environment that they dwell within. The sort of shakedown that the Diversity Industry built its business model upon comes from their world, and it's done as much to establish dominance as it is to produce revenue- the primary point is to humiliate the target before the relevant audience as a means to burnish the status of the dominator.

Gangsters are predators, so the status game is inherent to their environment and they become sensitive to it accordingly- a fact so well-known that it's all over the glamorization seen in gangster fiction. What is one of the common responses to a shakedown? Well, this:

"But that's violent!"

Fucking duh. That's the point. Some High Sparrow comes at you doing his best Happy Merchant impression as he lays on his oh-so-deniable extortion attempt, and you pop him in the dome? Guess what? No successor will dare do it. You're too hard a target.

For most SJWs, you don't have to go that far to be too hard a target for them. You just have to be ruthless and relentless with the counterpunching that you do execute upon them. This I did a lot on the main blog through last week:

They can't hurt you if you're hard. Get hard. Counterpunch. They are the enemy and they want to destroy you. They serve Empire, and aspire to nothing more than to become Empire, and if Empire is to fall then you must become too hard for them to shake down- and too hard to destroy. That which you leave behind must be too hard, so you must make a tradition of being hard. Fitness of the flesh is not enough; fitness of the soul is no less importance. Be true and be hard, for Empire cannot prevail against that. Do this and you shall be the cornerstone upon which Civilization shall rebuild anew.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Vox Day: Jordan Peterson is an Insane Fraud

On the main blog this past week, I did a post on how Vox Day will lead to Jordan Peterson's downfall- but not likely to do it by his own hands. You can read that here. It's gone on since that post, culminating in the chans getting involved and putting out a Darkstream episode about it.

His interview with Jesse Peterson gets into this matter somewhat, as the quote at the link shows, but the big point to hit here is how and why Peterson is a fraud who should be outed as such and pilloried as such until he can be openly and permanently punished as such. He serves Empire. Empire Must Fall.

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Frame Game Radio Explains The Diversity Tourist

This past week Frame Game Radio livestreamed a few times. This video is from one of those streams, and he gets good and deep into the Diversity Industry and the High Sparrows that run it- including what makes them tick and how to exploit to wreck their shit.

If you want something to act upon, something you can use in your daily life against the SocJus Death Cult, then you had better sit your ass down and watch this video from end to end while taking notes. He's briefing you on what the scam it, who's doing it, how they do it and what it takes to wreck it.

Watch it. Get it. Use it. I've recommended Frame Game for a reason, and videos like this is why: this is info you can use, and you'd damn well better make use of it. Get the Thralls of Empire, make them self-destruct on camera, and watch the acceleration of Empire's fall.

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Frame Game Radio: The Diversity Industry - Starbucks Edition (Part 1)

Remember the post on how Dr. Gender Studies beats Master Plumber? I referred to Frame Game Radio's "Diversity Industry" and what I mention is also known as the "Sharpton Shakedown". Here is Frame Game with the first in a multi-part series on exactly how this scam works, and therefore how Dr. Gender Studies turns that useless degree into wealth, power, and influence via superior status used as a club to beat it out of Master Plumber.

Now do you see how this works? Weaponized empathy, via Narrative Warfare, to guilt-trip victims into paying up. If the trip doesn't do it directly, then the pressure put on them via media manipulation ginning up manufactured outrage wielded like a club to bludgeon the victim into compliance comes next.

It's an optics game, and so long as optics matter this is the field of battle you're on with these criminal hucksters. If, on the other hand, you don't give a shit about optics then you can shut this shit down right quick; the Diversity Industry only works where alternatives to the optics game are difficult or impossible to bring to bear. (You can't do this to Los Zetas or any other successor to Pablo Escobar, for example; they'll just fucking kill you and display your corpse to make an example of you.)

And like any other scam playing the long con, it's really a power play- but a precarious one. As soon as they hit on a target that doesn't care about or otherwise isn't vulnerable to optics, they get crushed good and hard. This scam is fragile and dependent upon a particular set of circumstances that are not universal. If you want this weapon to crash and burn, destroying those circumstances is a key part of making this happen.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

The Politics Will Be Handled, So Focus on the Culture Instead

Anonymous Conservative today had a post where he covers a recent Q post on what came out in an interview of Devin Nunes. I'll quote what he did:

We do know that long time associates of Hillary Clinton, including Sidney Blumenthal and another person named I think Corey [sic] Shearer, were actively giving information to the State Department that was somehow making its way to the FBI. This is from two people in the State department who have now publicly come out and said this in major news publications…

“We now know that there was no official intelligence that was used to start this investigation…

As it relates to Mr Comey… The memos that he wrote, the seven memos that he decided to write on president Trump – never wrote memos on any of the other meetings he had with the other President or the AG or anyone else prior to this – four of those were classified – he decided to launder them to a friend who then leaked them to the NY Times. If those memos contain classified information, he purposely did that, he purposely leaked them in order to get a special counsel started after he was fired.

He leaked pieces of these, so we need to figure out exactly what is it that he leaked, who did he give theses memos to, and was it just the friend that leaked them to the NY Times, or were there others, I believe there were others. I think that these Comey Memos were actually given to several people, it contained classified information – the irony is the very thing that Mr Comey cleared Mrs Clinton of.

As a child, I indulged in a common pastime of skipping rocks across a pond. When that stone hit the surface of the water, the impact circles outward until the energy dissipates. Later in school I would learn that there is a natural lag between an impact and the sound of that impact reaching my ears if I'm far enough away. These shockwaves take time to go from point of impact to wherever you are, so there is lag-time between when the deed's done and when the consequences get noticed by you.

Q thinks of this interview as a Mother Of All Bombs sort of thing due to the potency of its impact. However, it will take some time before the shockwave it generates reaches Normieland- with or without SJWs in the MSM running interference and during that time things can and will go on as if nothing happened. Patience is a virtue for this reason, so flipping out over a lack of instant karma doesn't do anyone any favors.

You're not seeing or feeling the crumbling of Empire. It's still too subtle if you're not keeping up on what's going on, only to see them on the news days or weeks later, because the means being used and the method followed prioritizes attention to detail to ensure an iron-clad legal victory. Violence is depreciated in favor of turning Empire's cunning back on itself, trapping Thralls and using their own nature against them to prompt the trapped to turn on their fellows, creating a cascading momentum that--once it becomes noticeable in Normieland--is too great to stop.

So what can you do?

The God-Emperor has the politics well in hand. Focus on the culture instead, as that's where Empire is weak and vulnerable to ordinary people doing their thing- for politics is downstream from culture, so that's where you can influence things most. Dragon Award winner Brian Niemeier talks about this here, and independent author Rawle Nyzani puts the need for that commitment into clear focus with these two posts that you ought to read.

If nothing else, take JD Cowan's advice:

If you don't have the talent or drive for creating then you can promote and push good material. We need more podcasts centered around boosting the overlooked and little known and less about the Hollywood/Trad Pub machine.

My favorite channels and podcasts used to be those that centered on such things, but they always end up dying due to lack of interest. That's why I started Cannon Cruisers as an attempt at discussion of material no one was talking about. If no one's making it then you can make it yourself.

Just do something, even if it's something small.

You can change the culture for the better. Doing that is the strongest thing you can do to make Empire fall. Focus there, and commit.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Status Matters: Why Dr. Gender Studies Defeats Master Plumber in Life

People laugh about, and lament at times, being pushed into a university degree over other options like Trade School. They talk about how they know people who did so and now live debt-free. For all those folks, necessary as they are, I always see the same result: they still end up under the boot of a university graduate.

It's about status.

The plumber who has no debt, his own home free and clear, same with his late-model truck AND car, is always inferior in status to Dr. Gender Studies ringing him up at the gas station.

You think not? Wait until Dr. Gender Studies gets political and starts playing the hustle. NOW that degree pays off; the grants, the patronage, the media deference, the sudden employment in office jobs with minimal work for maximal pay (plus benefits)- all of that comes from that PHD, and once that gravy train starts it only goes up from there.

Frame Game Radio calls this "The Diversity Industry", but you older folks known this as the "Sharpton Shakedown" racket, and it is how Dr. Gender Studies translates the potential to the real. That is why the smarter ones get into organizing, read Saul Alinksy, and participate in lefty agit-prop; they're learning their trade- how to weaponize empathy to shake down suckers and marks for profit.

There is no way that Master Plumber can out-status Dr. Gender Studies, and Dr. Gender Studies knows it. Soon the Dr. has that plumber by the balls, extracting money and other concessions (e.g. diversity hire slots, which goes to the Dr.'s friends, family, and allies) via lawfare and media manipulation (the real trade skills).

Frame Game Radio even has a name for this: The High Sparrow Strategy.

Now watch. Watch to see which of these college kids starts that hustle; they're the would-be Sparrows, and where one pops up a lot more rally in hopes of getting in on the racket somehow. That Hogg kid? He made his first go of it; he's had a taste, and he'll come back for more.

That's what we're producing now: High Sparrows and their cadres of Useful Idiots to throw at shakedown targets. Don't say it's not a thing, or you wouldn't be wondering why the culture industry is so full of them. Not all of them will reach the coveted status of a High Sparrow, but many of them will do just fine being the right-hand hench-things of a High Sparrow. They acquire status to attain power, and through power they take the wealth via the State of Master Plumber to first satisfy outstanding debts and then become stupidly wealthy.

The smarter ones don't necessarily have (SJW tag) Studies degrees. They have Public Relations, Marketing, Journalism, Communications, etc. degrees and network their way into becoming a handler for front-things like Dr. Gender Studies. The smartest go into traditional professions--Banking, Law, Medicine--with a secondary study in media so they can work the Talking Head and PR games as required but otherwise stay behind the camera. Nonetheless, they have the real skills needed to seize and hold power now; sending kids to the trades may get them a more-or-less debt-free adult life, but always in servitude to people who wield real power- and that is one way that Empire keeps its parasitic life going. Until you can upend the status game, Empire can't fall.

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Narrative Warfare: QAnon Is Trump's Counter-Warfare Campaign

The real action is going on outside of public view. That's why videos like this are important.

#QAnon is legit. The posts made by the people behind QAnon are showing up in the media, demonstrating that the God-Emperor is doing what he promised. The problem is that what needs to be done cannot be achieved in the open, in large part due to a hostile media that routinely throws developments contrary to Empire's Narrative Warfare down the Memory Hole. (The YouTube shooter turning out to be a Persian Jewess with firm SJW-friendly credentials is just the most recent example, as of this post.)

The other problem is that Trump is against the Deep State. Therefore he has to resort to severe levels of deception to get things done, and as Thomas Wictor points out in many a lengthy Twitter thread he has and uses proven Military Intelligence techniques and operatives to make that happen. The combination means that we don't see him getting things done until it becomes too late to stop it, but the need for Operational Security prevents the ordinary means of keeping the people informed.

That's where QAnon comes into the picture.

This is how the God-Emperor gets the word out. The use of 8chan in this case is an asset; it provides deniability, should things go wrong or circumstances require a change of plans. It also admits by deed where the base of his support actually lies: online, among a net-savvy core willing and able to monitor the qresearch board or the many YouTube accounts that cover QAnon posts and thereby spread the word on what's going on. This undermines Empire's control of the MSM as a Narrative Warfare tool.

It also explains, in part, the SJW-led crackdown on the Internet in the West. Makes it harder to spread the word out of those channels into places where normies can see it, but we're already seeing Alt-Tech start to gain steam in its attempts to work around or outright replace the SJW-converged oompanies. The struggle over who gets control over the Narrative is real, but for Trump to win then Empire must fall.

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Narrative Warfare: The March For Our Lives is a Fraud

Today is Easter Sunday, so I'm not inclined to keep you long. Brunch and family time is a thing, and I think you'd rather spend more time eating with the folks than reading this post, so I'll get to it.

I'm not the only one thinking this recent gun control push is bullshit. Razorfist captures much of my sentiment here.

IIf you're thinking that there's something awfully convenient about this whole thing, you're not alone. Anonymous Conservative had an article yesterday about this at his blog. In short, the entire March was already set up before the shooting took place; it was in place to launch months before the fact.

At that point, you're looking at "Did they make it happen, or did they let it happen?" because no matter how you look at it this one reveal ruins any claim of the current push being anything other than a fake media-generated performance meant to sucker the gullible and intimidate the opposition into compliance.

Spread the word. Then start talking the terms the enemy fears: "How do we punish them for this fraud?"

Because, again, that's what this is about: Punishment.

Sunday, March 25, 2018

The Power To Punish Matters

It's about punishment.

You cannot keep predators away from you if you cannot or will not punish them. This is not merely scolding, nagging, or spanking; true punishment inflicts permanent catastrophic damage to the punished- it maims, cripples, or kills. The reason? Punishment removes the power to predate.

Predators know this. That's why they permanently damage prey- to remove the power to resist.

You cannot be a free man if you are unwilling to punish those who cross you. Total pacifism is for slaves and suckers; it's a fatal fantasy for fools and fuckwits feminized into thinking being meek and weak is virtuous. Free men not only go armed, but they stand ready to punish offenders instantly- and they never apologize for it.

Punishment is enforcement. Rules that are not enforced do not exist.

So when a predator wears a friendly skinsuit and promulgates bullshit rules that do nothing but make it easier to prey upon you, what they mean to do is to use the very things they decry to punish those unwilling to comply with those rules. They seek to punish you for defying their delusion, and they seek to enforce their delusion by punishing you.

This is why there is no such thing as automatic compliance with rules contrary to Nature; they have to demonstrate the power to punish non-compliance (and yes, "It's just a fine." relies on "And if you don't pay we will kill you." for compliance) before fear sets in and they gain compliance that way- the only way it ever works.

And that's why Empire fears armed populations: it punishes its attempt to impose its rule.

Those seeking to disarm you understand this. The fodder used to wield weaponized empathy against you don't, but give them no mercy anyway; they'll kill if you they get the chance. Instead, be ready, willing, and able to punish an entire horde come to enforce their rules upon you. They know only fear; make them shit their pants upon hearing your name. This is how Empire must fall.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Predators Fear Punishment

About social media and Establishment use of it.

Funny, until you see this:

Sounds like a deliberate, but futile, push to make Wrongthink bothersome by piling on the tedium, until you see this.

That's the goal for Empire: to use this to control what you see, what you hear, what you know, and how you move about. Yes, this will include financial control; "social credit" will tie into your Credit Score formally and openly soon enough, making it harder to get anti-fragile and thus outside Empire's control over your life.

So what are you going to do about it?

This is why I read and respect men like Ivan Throne. He gets it; the State is not to be trusted, even if someone friendly to you currently has his hands on the levers of power. The persistent pushes for gun control are about one thing: removing your ability to do something about it- removing your power to punish.

That's what this is about: punishment.

Rules that can't be enforced do not exist. Empire knows this. That's why Empire is the Original Gangster. Predators prefer prey to be pathetic and piss-weak, and that means being unable to punish the predator for preying upon them and theirs. This is how and why things are on this development path; Empire thinks they have an unassailable high ground, unthinking that there is another route around that position that exposes their flank to counter-attack.

If you are unable to do this, that's by design. If you are unwilling to do this, able or not, that's on you- unfuck yourself or die. That's the real world. Always has been, always will be.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Westminster Fears Bad Feels More Than Rape Gangs

Over the weekend Brittany Pettibone and Martin Seller attempted to enter the United Kingdom. She went to interview Tommy Robbinson, and he to speak at an event there. They got detained upon entry, and after an online outcry they are (as of this post) to be deported. This happens in light of an ongoing criminal enterprise and scandal--Muslim grooming gangs routinely preying upon British girls--that is officially suppressed in the media. Black Pigeon Speaks aptly summarizes both the events and the underlying issues.

I'm not downplaying this. The British government, as Vox Day noted, would rather suppress lawful speech voicing what everyone sees and hears than do the job that justifies their existence and Remove Kebab.

A brutal sex gang raped as many as 1,000 young girls over 40 years in what may be Britain's 'worst ever' child abuse scandal.

Girls in the town of Telford, Shropshire, were drugged, beaten and raped at the hands of a grooming gang active since the 1980s.

Allegations are said to have been mishandled by authorities, with many perpetrators going unpunished, while it is claimed similar abuse continues in the area.

Home Office figures show there were 15.1 child sex crimes reported per 10,000 residents in the year to September 2015.

Attempting to notice this in public is what Her Majesty's Government fears, not the predation of the British nations by hostile aliens and foreigners. Her Majesty's Government is instead using that hostile population to subjugate those nations, using both the violence aforementioned as social (media) pressure backed by government force to oppress the very peoples that government is meant to serve.

This is not idle commentary on my part. I have people there that I care about, one of whom is prime age for the gangs.

While the detention hasn't yet gotten this bad in the United States, prosecuting Thought Crime has, and I agree with the Supreme Dark Lord that it's time to get practical about dealing with it and return fire.

Since turnabout is fair play, then return fire I shall: If you lie about fundamental truths of human nature, or historical facts, or otherwise act in bad faith this is now grounds for permanent lifetime bans from all property that I own or control. Violators will be shot. This applies to all of my blogs, of course.

Sunday, March 4, 2018

In Case You Missed It: James Damore & James O'Keefe at CPAC 2018 on Censoring Everyone Not Far Left

James O'Keefe spoke on a panel about the suppression of conservative views in Silicon Valley in the wake of Project Veritas' latest undercover Twitter investigation at CPAC 2018. In addition to Mr. O’Keefe, panelists included “Google memo” author James Damore, free speech attorney Harmeet Dhillon, Media Research Center Vice President Dan Gainor and tech entrepreneur Marlene Jaeckel.

The folks who adore Fake News and Crisis Actors are also pushing for the suppression of all dissenters, starting with their most obvious opposition. O'keefe leads Project Veritas, and thus exposes the liars and frauds on the regular. Damore blew the whistle, however inadvertently so, on Big Social's convergence towards the SJW Death Cult via his rather moderate dissent.

This illustrates the need for Alt Tech to arise and build their own platforms. Big Social abandoned its neutrality in favor of serving the Death Cult Narrative, so it is not a disinterested party any longer; it is hostile territory, and should be regarded as such. Long term requires taking and holding territory, holding it utterly as sovereign, and that means building our own platforms. You can't be censored from your own stage, your own press, your own books, your own games, etc.

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Narrative Warfare: Support "This Week on the Alt Right", a Counter-Narrative Campaign

Bre Fauchex has been killing it with her video series, This Week on the Alt Right. These weekly podcasts are routinely good uses of one's time, and with multiple media options available you can put it on at work and get away with it. This past week she and her collaborators hit up on the ongoing genocide of the Boers, which is the test case for what's intended for the rest of the West, and they pulled no punches. The YouTube video is below.

Bre's solidly Our Gal, and worthy of your support; she's earned it. She (with her collaborators) is doing what Vox Day did years ago with his blog: create her own media platform. That's why I linked to her blog above; she's building, as fast as she can, an anti-fragile framework from which she can't be de-platformed. That's something others can also do, and as more do so greater alternatives do become possible. Replacements for Twitter, YouTube, and Patreon already exist; we need alternatives to domain registrars, ISPs, and banks in the years soon to follow as the lines of pressure get pushed back to more and more fundamental levels of infrastructure.